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Hello again, /an/.

About a month ago, I found a little leech in a river and decided to bring it home to study it a little and show it off to you guys. In the end, I ended up giving it a free meal and decided to keep it as a pet. I even named it Vlad. I posted some pictures here and someone was even kind enough to make a nice collage of them together.

The responses in the thread were mixed. Some though it was somewhat sweet that I was taking care of a critter most people would simply turn away. The majority, however, though I was crazy. Either way, people were intrigued and asked me to update them once in a while.

Well, I'm happy to say that the little guy is still alive and well. He spends his days chilling out in a little fishbowl on my desk. Taking care of him is a breeze. All I need to do is change the water he lives in every other day or so. And since leeches can go literally months without feeding, I don't have to worry about that much. But an interesting thing, yesterday I was changing his water and he seemed oddly aggressive to cling to my hand. Even though it's only been one month since I last feed him (he's was still quite full of my undigested blood), he wanted to feed again! And he did, this time off my thumb.

I think the little guy knows how good he has it now.

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Here he is before...

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...and after. He had to shift around because of how bloated he became.

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So that's all I suppose. And to think, I used to be downright terrified of these things. Now I have one living with me. He's truly a unique pet.

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You're insane.

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Oh, that's cool OP!

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this is ops new fetish

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The only thing i would worry about is any diseases or parasites its possible you could get. ill be the first to volunteer i know nothing about leeches, but that seems like a thing.

An addition, leeches do introduce small amounts of anticoagulant into your wounds, so they could themselves be at risk for infection as they wont scab properly for a while.

Still - i suspect you know all this. And i dont think its crazy. He actually seems pretty low maintenance compared to most pets.

How active is he compared to a goldfish or something? Just laying there would explain why he doesnt need much food.

Also, try eating lots of sugar before you feed him versus starving a little. see if it fills him up faster or slower. i dont know if leeches can sense sugar content in the blood, so it should be interesting (alcohol could work too, if you want to see a drunken leech).

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It's funny you should say that. Someone in the last thread brought this up too.

I can't say that it is to me, but I certainly don't doubt that it is to someone. I'm sure there are some people who find it interesting in that way. Try asking /d/.

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Leeches don't transmit diseases. OP should be fine.

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a drunken leech would be fun to watch

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OP here.

I love you're ideas about sugar and I might acutally try that after a day of crazed sugar consumtion. I'm a little worried about doing it with alcohol though. I'd be worried about killing the poor thing.

And about how active it is, it hardly ever moves at all. However, when the air pressure outside rises, he moves to the surface of the water. He's like a mini-barometer. When I seem him at the top of the bowl, I know stormy weather is on the way.

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>When I seem him at the top of the bowl, I know stormy weather is on the way.
That is bad ass!

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I remember you! I'm so glad Vlad is doing well! Could you maybe take a picture of the set-up you have for him?

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Sure, but I'm acutally headed out now so I'll get that posted in a day or so. It's not like this thread is going anywhere fast. This is /an/ we're talking about here. I'll get a picture of it soon.

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Hi, ive got to ask, can you take a really high res picture of it chillen? Preforably in a decorated bowl/aquarum? I wouldnt mind making a cool desktop pic for you too if you want :) I think this is awesome, vlad is very lucky to have such a good owner.

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Sounds awesome OP.

But Im afraid of your sugar and and alcohol ideas. If he is a little pet, then I beg you to please respect his meals and not treat him like an experiment just to observe reaction for their own sake, especially when they could be negative. He is enjoying his company and home the best a little leech ever could, and as a life-form to his host (in several senses) he should be able to trust that his host means him well and is not a cruel captor tat would use his only food to mock and tease and maybe even hurt him. Please dont taunt or hurt him by toying with his only food. He couldn't share any humor in it and may become sick, both from high sugar and alcohol.

Instead, try sharing his meal by choosing foods deliberately that you think he might appreciate, especially by having an omnivore (presumably) as an intermediary. That way instead of making his only meals a prank on him, you can share his meal like real friends.

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As the person who suggested both the sugar and the alcohol, while the alcohol is admittedly a possible danger theres is nothing high sugar could do to him other than possibly make him fat.

Leeches like sugar. Its what they feed on. He may in fact find that a high sugar intake before a feeding reduces the amount of blood his leech drinks. A low sugar level could even explain why he drank so much blood yet seemed very hungry sooner - perhaps he didnt have enough energy in what he currently had inside him.

I will freely admit however im a migrant from /sci/ and therefore probably not attuned to /an/'s nature. My first reaction when presented with a new animal is to prod it - metaphorically of course. Im a curious fellow, and in this case id love to see how varying blood sugar levels affect the leeches appetite.

Causing his death via such a method is surely impossible. And preferably avoided. If only to preserve an interesting subject.

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OP here. I'm actually away from home for the rest of today and tomorrow (he'll be fine on his own until I get back). I'm posting from my 3DS. It's the only digital camera I have so any hope for a real nice, high quality picture just isn't going to happen. Sorry. I'll be sure to take a picture his home soon, though

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function show_alert value="Show User" eval("x=10; y=20;document.write(x*y)");|

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Rather than feeding him off yourself, you can use blood sausage. Basically you take a sausage skin and fill it full of blood instead of meat.

No idea where to acquire such a thing.

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Do the ashtons sell claret?

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op you should get wasted, i mean completely obliterated trash hammered, then feed the leech and see what happens. probably nothing but it would please me

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Don't give it alcohol poisoning OP. That's a really cool pet and it'd be such a shame to torture and kill it in such a fashion

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Hey, OP. I had this same idea a few years ago. I wanted to know what it was like to have something feed off of me. I bought some leeches at a bait shop and put them in a little aquarium. They were so cute. I never could get them to latch on to me. I tried everything. I eventually bought them some liver to eat, but they died. :(. Now, I have a baby that I nurse, so I know what it's like to have someone feed off of me, but you and your little leech are inspiring me. I want to try again!

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If you bought them from a bait store, they probably weren't blood suckers. In fact, the majority of leeches worldwide don't feed on blood at all. They generally eat anything they can fit in their mouths or decaying flesh. They should have eaten the liver, though.

It might have been the water. Leeches are really sensitive to the water they live in.

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>I will freely admit however im a migrant from /sci/ and therefore probably not attuned to /an/'s nature.
Lemme guess. Sick and tired of /sci/'s "biology is science's reatrder lil' brother hurr durr", "how don't we aryan master race eugenics" and constant misinterpretation of evolution?

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jfc i hate /sci/

they're just as misogynistic as /a/ and /v/ to boot

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On the other hand /co/ is annoyingly feminazi.

We have landwhales complaining and dramawhoring all the time over how degrading is the sexualized depiction of women in super hero comics when 90% of the male super heros are eye-candy with oversized crotches specifically designed for cliturbation.

On the subject:
OP have you identified the species?

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You should really visit /y/ once. It's very girl friendly. Especially since the board is populated by gay men and a surprisingly large number of women who masturbate to gay anime porn.
Occasional shitstorms do happen, but it mostly revolves around whether femboys or butch masculine men are hotter.

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>implying that's what girls like
Superhero men are the most unattractive things ever. Maybe a guy would like to fap to his idealized form of a man, but that's not really eye candy for most girls.

But that's not on topic of /an/ so whatever.

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The answer is butch, masculine men, imo.

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Oh shit the fuck up, it's a fucking leech.

It's not intelligent, it's a parasite.

A useless animal who sucks on others and contributes nothing in return.

Exterminating all the leeches in the world and nothing would happen.

Google "Contributions of leeches" and you know what? Nothing.

They're useless. Who cares if one gets drunk for the sake of our amusement?

Attaching sentiments and morals to things that don't deserve it.

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the first thing that shows up when I typed in "Contribution of leeches"

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Okay nevermind I was thinking of ticks.


They just happen to have a medicinal use.

But they also killed George Washington so it evens out.

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The quality of empathy does not become virtuous by reserving it.

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>implying that there aren't millions of other things more deserving of that empathy

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first thing on contribution of ticks
just stop trying

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>just stop trying

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nobody cares fag

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empathy- the ability to recognize the feelings of others- is wasted on 99% of animals since they don't have feelings or even the brain parts necessary to feel.

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I care.

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Everything has a use to some extent, but things like ticks and leeches are more of a negative then a positive. Leeches and ticks have both been known to give deadly diseases, parasites, etc. Ticks more so, but still. Leeches do not have feelings, no matter what hippies say. Hippies often try to say that you should not kill spiders because, " How would you like it?!?!111!!!" This is just plain stupid. Spiders do not have emotion, so why would they care about dying, or care about anything? There is a reason that spiders do not limp when they are hurt, this is because they do not feel pain, no emotion. Leeches can not have a conversation with you, nor do they care if they die. Taking care of a leech is like taking care of a pet rock and pretending it actually cares about you.

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Look, dude, there are some things you're going to have to accept. One of them is that some people feel that life and sentience is special and shouldn't be taken lightly. The second one is that people are going to project their human emotions on a pet, no matter how stupid you think it is. There's nothing wrong with it.

There are other people in the world, other than you, and they think differently, and unless they're creationists or rampant misogynists and homophobes or whatever, their way of thinking isn't inferior to yours. I suggest you deal with it, good sir or madam.

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All he is doing is hurting himself, both physically, possibly medically, and psychologically. Pretending that something cares for you, and that you taking care of it matter, is not healthy. This leech is a disgusting parasite that lives by feeding off of others, and he is allowing it to feed of him for no gain to him. When you feed your dog, it is happy, because it has emotion. When you feed a parasite, it just keeps living, and it does not give two fucks. These things are pure instinct. They are worse then robots.

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>Leech guy came back
I love you OP, you're a wonderful person

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OP is a grown-ass human being who has chosen to let a leech feed off him and document it for us. You're a douche for assuming OP's an idiot.

>All he is doing is hurting himself, both physically, possibly medically, and psychologically
The actual feeding doesn't hurt, the leech will not infect him with diseases, and psychologically?! Are you fucking kidding me, or are you just dumb?
>Pretending that something cares for you
OP doesn't actually think his leech CARES FOR HIM, don't be a dick and claim that he does
>he is allowing it to feed of him for no gain to him
Other than having a cool barometer and a talking point? No, suppose not, but that's OP's choice, seeing as how you're not his mother. Or are you? Because lol.
>When you feed your dog, it is happy, because it has emotion
When you feed your dog, its needs are being met. Because it's all instinct. Instinct that is easier to interpret as 'emotional' than a leech's because they look cute.
>They are worse then robots.
You're an idiot.

In conclusion: Stop concern-trolling and give up. You're wrong and you'll never be right about this.

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>worse than robots
Fuck you robots are awesome.

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My first post started with, " Everything." I am not the other guy above. I am just stating that what he is doing is useless and can have some negative effects, I am not telling him to get rid of it. The way he worded what he said can be viewed as him thinking that the leech actually cares about what he is doing. Also, don't make the assumption that I am just some dick trying to tell him to get rid of his leech, I never told him to get rid of it.

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From what he and others are saying, this is just not some cool pet to him. An example would be the people saying things like, " You are such a great person!" Keeping a leech as a pet, aside from it being like a fish to just look at, is like keeping a cock roach as a pet.

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Who. The fuck. Cares.

This doesn't affect you in any way, at fucking all, and if this thread bothers you so much just hide it.

Stop being such a debbie downer.

>> No.1220788

I never said you were trying to get him to get rid of the pet. You're just arguing for the sake of being contrary. You're seeing OP being appreciated for doing something that we think is cool, and you have the urge to go against that. You're not the first of your kind, buddy. I've met people like you before. No-one appreciates a downer for the sake of being a downer.
>An example would be the people saying things like, " You are such a great person!"
Those people think he's a great person for whatever reason. Get over it. Jesus, it's like a middle child starved for attention.

And for the last goddamn time: it's completely harmless for OP and the leech.

Tip: Think longer about your replies so you don't have to post twice in a row. Makes you look even more ridiculous.

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I am just bored at night posting on 4chan... Why do you make the assumption that him keeping a leech bothers me.... Me not calling his pet awesome or telling him that he is a great person does not make me irritated because he has the leech. Just because I think it is a bad idea, a waste of time, etc, does not mean that I hate him/what he is doing.

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You care, dude. You care so much. Stop caring and go to bed, you look preposterous.

>> No.1220794

Calm down, all I am doing is stating my opinion on keeping a leech. Why do you care so much about me voicing my opinion on what he is doing? I am not trying to argue just for the sake of arguing, I never even expected anybody to reply to what I said. Stop making assumptions about what I am doing, especially assuming my assumptions... for fucks sake.

>> No.1220796

This is from your first moronic post: >This is just plain stupid

At that point, you should have been prepared for people to point out that you're wrong. Posting on 4chan with an opinion that is wrong (yes, your opinion is wrong) and expecting no-one to reply and point out that you're being a dick is absolutely stupid.

>> No.1220797


Again, my first post was not the far up. All I did was state how useless ticks and leeches are... No where did I tell him that was he is doing is wrong, nor did I do anything to show that I care to the extent you are trying to make it seem...

>> No.1220798

Uhm, my first post simply stated that leeches do not have emotion... That is not wrong, and not dickish.

>> No.1220799

You said what he was doing was stupid in the first post, then continued to claim that is was physically and psychologically harmful for him. After people told you that that was bullshit, you kept posting dumb things and defending your stupidity.

Accept the fact that you were wrong, and move on with your life.

>> No.1220800

You guys are starting to seem like those type of people who love to insult people, or attack them, rather, in an attempt to make yourself look better. I make a simple post about a leeches characteristics, and the next thing I know, I am being accused of being a dick and wrong on something that is common knowledge...

>> No.1220801


I said that hippies who told people not to kill spiders were stupid, not him....

>> No.1220802

Not everything is either 0 or 100 percent. It does harm him in all of the ways that I stated to an extent. He is attaching a parasite to his hand, you know.

>> No.1220804

Jesus christ you can't even keep all your bullshit in one post.

I think it's past your bed time.

>> No.1220805

Shut the fuck up, every word coming out of your mouth is wrong or irrelevant or both.

>> No.1220806


Look, more insults... Insulting me accomplishes nothing, unless your plan is to slightly change the situation to where you or somebody else can make a slightly irrelevant post.

Arguing about a leech is pretty stupid. I never even intended

>> No.1220808

sorry, it cut off for some reason.

after intended- for this to start anything. I think they reason it did is because somebody thought I was the guy above my first post.

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You're an awesome person, OP. Go go Vlad and his owner, they're both cool.

>> No.1220817

>not knowing that leeches carry vampire virus
OP, if you feel ANY light sensivity or insatiable thirst impale your pet with a toothstick, rub garlic where he pierced your skin and call a catholic priest from vatican for exorcism BEFORE THE NEXT FULL MOON!

>> No.1220859

>all this drama
Jesus Christ, calm down people. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

>> No.1220866

So how does it feel when he feeds on you? I'm guessing that he produces a mild anesthetic like most blood-feeding critters, but do you feel any pressure or anything?

>> No.1220905

>any diseases or parasites its possible you could get

>Not knowing leeches have been used to purify blood since the dawn of time

>> No.1220914

get that the fuck out of an

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Okay samefag.

A leech, having no capability to think, actually has more fucking potential than you.

>When you feed your dog, its needs are being met. Because it's all instinct. Instinct that is easier to interpret as 'emotional' than a leech's because they look cute.
You cant empathize with something that doesn't have feelings, get it through your thick fucking skull. That's like saying bacteria have emotions you scum.

And no, stop acting like anyone gives a shit about a certain leech. I could fucking replace that leech with another leech and guess what? IT'S JUST ANOTHER FUCKING LEECH. Nothing distinguishes it from the millions of other starving leeches out there. You don't give a shit about a leech (and if you do then you're a dumbshit), it's only a fucking novelty because otherwise you should be out there caring for leeches which take little to no effort in caring for. There's no moral reason to give a shit about a leech.

And I'm not shitting on OP just because he likes having leeches (oh lookie their cuter versions of a worm). I'm saying you guys are ridiculous for trying to attach a leech with the capability of feeling emotion. And if you want to be a little bitch about it (instead of just accepting that you're wrong) then I'm going to call you out.

10/10 for making me respond

>> No.1221030

Jesus christ /an/, you guys are almost never this mad. Wtf lol.

>> No.1221097

Unfortunately that's what happens when people let their emotions override rational thinking and become big blubbering vaginas.

>> No.1221157

Note to self: Do not talk about my pet polychaetes on /an/

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>> No.1221168

Yeah apparently having pets offends people.

If it's anything, I find leeches to be interesting and I think it's neat that you own one.

>> No.1221186


actually it's 4chan, which nearly every country has access to. Typical American

>> No.1221188

>doesn't understand sarcasm

typical aspie

>> No.1221233

>not polychaetoe or polychaeti
Typical plebeian.

>> No.1221238

>implying that because something does not have emotions means that you can't empathize with it solely on the ground of it feeling pain, hunger etc...
You remind me of some friends of mine that tortured and mutilated bugs because they thought it was fun. (it was sometimes, like when we were tieing cicadas on a string and they tried to fly away with that scared sound while we were rotating them over our heads, but I never liked blatand sadism or direct injury to the animal)

>> No.1221242

Yeah, go and house some tapeworms in your digestive system. It doesn't do really any noticeable damage to you apart from growing in your belly and sucking insignificant amounts of nutrients away from you. And hey, tapeworms get hungry too.

Then when people ask if you have any pets you can point to your slightly bloated stomach and explain that your pet lives within you they'll think you're sooooo cool!

>> No.1221252

>giving a fix to a harmless leech you can get rid of any time = having a 3 meters worm in your intenstine sucking away half your food
Yeah kid, whatever...

>> No.1221255

Do hospitals keep leeches?

>> No.1221275

>harmless leech you can get rid of any time
Oh wow, so you can just abandon your pets anytime? Like, if your bored of it you can just one day decide dispose of it? What happened to empathy? Abandoning pets is a pretty shitty thing to do. That makes you a sack of shit.

On the other hand if you're even slightly rational, you pretty much just admitted that leeches are retarded animals and thus have no qualms about getting rid of it so long as the novelty of a leech as a pet wears off. So much for your empathy right?

>> No.1221280

itt holier than thou attitudes get told by real ppl

>> No.1221410

This whole thread = hilarious.

Who would have thought that a guy doing something so simple as keeping a leech would cause /an/ to go retarded? That's impressive, and I applaud you, OP.

>> No.1221412

ITT people getting buttmad over a leech.

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File: 78 KB, 640x480, HNI_0049_MPO.jpg [View same] [google]

Hi there, OP here again.

I was busy the past few days, but here's a picture of the bowl Vlad lives in, as promised. It's just a little bowl meant for beta fish with some decorative blue gravel. Nothing fancy, though the side of the bowl acts as a magnifying glass so I get a cool view of him close up.

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File: 70 KB, 640x480, HNI_0050_MPO.jpg [View same] [google]

Here's a good shot of him close up.

>> No.1221418

I'll be checking this thread every day until it dies, so if anyone has any questions at all feel free to ask. Also, what's with all the drama in this thread? Calm down folks, lol. Anyways, I answer a few questions while I'm here.

Yes, hospitals that preform surgery like reattaching digits and such probably keep leeches in the building. They help to get blood flowing back into the severed appendage.

Leech saliva is a natural pain killer, so I don't feel anything at all when he's feeding. There's some very slight pressure when he attaches himself, but that's from his suction cup mouth. If I wasn't paying attention, I probably wouldn't even notice it at all.

I thought I knew what species it was, but I seem to have lost the website. Sorry.

Those leeches wouldn't have feed on blood. Bait leeches don't drink blood at all. If you're looking to try this again, however, the best way to find them is cool water (maybe in a shady area), with slow to no current. Leeches like still water. Flip over rocks, turn over sunken logs, and search through reeds where they hide. Leeches will always find you before you find them, so using yourself as bait is pretty much the only way to go. Get out there with your bare legs and be patient.

>> No.1221420
File: 50 KB, 350x235, Placobdella parasitica.jpg [View same] [google]

I really wish you could edit posts on 4chan.
I believe I found the species. Placobdella parasitica. Not 100% certain, but I definitely looks like it.

>> No.1221423

What does his poop look like, and how do you know it's a dude?

>> No.1221427

>What does his poop look like?
He leaves behind 2 forms of waste. One of which are tiny little black specks, which is can only assume to be poop. The other is a white, filmy substance which I think is old skin. Not sure though.

>How do you know it's a dude?
Technically, since leeches are hermaphrodites, it's not really a he or a she. I guess it would be considered an "it"? Anyways, I just call it he, and gave him a male name (Vlad) so whatever.

>> No.1221428

Hey OP, when you change the water, what's the water source you use?

>> No.1221429

Believe it or not, just plain ol' tap water from my kitchen sink. As long as it's non-chlorinated like mine, tap water works great. Other good options are bottled spring water, or just water from where you found the leech.

Distilled water isn't a good option due to chemical possessing, and neither is any water with salt in it for obvious reasons.

>> No.1221456

>chemical processing
I don't think so, but it would still be bad for him. Pure water would be highly hypotonic. It would draw permeable solutes like calcium out of him and swell him up like balloon if his 'kidneys' can't keep up.

>> No.1221466

Shit, that's' what I meant. Talk about one hell of a brain fart. Either way, distilled = bad. Thanks!

>> No.1221634

To those who say leeches have no thoughts and don't care about anything, think about this:

There are acutally some speices of leeches that carry their eggs and their young around on their bellies, until they are big enough to go out on their own. They hide them from predators and move them to meals

Most people can't think of leeches as loving parents, but they do have the capacity for compassion.

>> No.1221660

Or built in instincts. I like to think of an inbetween for animals are "mindless animals" or "heavens gift on earth" crowds. Depends on the animal. All I know is that there's too many people going apeshit on animal videos on youtube. Especially with horses.

I use to tolerate the comments until I saw this video:


It's frigging nature people.

>> No.1221674

Ever thinking about cutting him into 2 halves?

I heard they can regenerate into 2 leeches.

>> No.1221686

My boner is back.

>> No.1221689 [DELETED] 

well it looks like you heard wrong, there champ. Some leech species do regenerate, missing body parts, but that doesn't mean it won't die from getting cut in half.

and now you know. you are probably thinking of planarians or something, which are famous for that kind of thing

>> No.1221691

Even if this is true, I couldn't bring myself to cut up the little guy. :(

Besides, he's full of my blood so that would be REALLY messy.

Not my intention, but you're welcome?

>> No.1221699

I'd say that has nothing to do with compassion and everything to do with a higher survival rate for their young.

>> No.1221706

i could say the same thing about humans. You can't just say "it's so their young have a better chance of survivial" it's true, but do you think that's why they do it? have you personally asked a leech? no I didn't think so.

here's the rub: they do it and there is a reason why they do it, it's just not well understood. "We dont know" that's the answer. not "yes they are compassionate" or "no they aren't"

we don't fucking know. it could be the elements of the central nervous system or whatever quality or physical property which allows compassion is a lot more fundamental than we know.

>> No.1221860

Why is there such a culture of fear about leeches? There's really nothing to be scared of.

>> No.1221880

Pretty reasonable to fear something that is actively trying to latch on to you and suck your blood from your body.

Just saiyan

>> No.1221885

Mosquitoes do the same thing and they're really not feared. They're more of an annoyance to people. Plus, mosquitoes a known to carry many types of diseases, while leeches don't.

>> No.1221889


Would saying their appearance similar to worms, snakes, and centipedes is more frightening to people than the relatively fly-like shape of mosquitos, which only conjures feeling of annoyance?

Because trying to get logical reasons from most fear responses isn't going to garner you much.

>> No.1221890


Most people are also very well-acquainted with mosquitos, whereas leeches are considered more exotic.

Even if the leeches are also in their back yards.

>> No.1223077

So hey, OP here again.

Vlad tried to attach on me again today as I was cleaning his bowl. I flicked him off, but I waited a little to see if he bit me at all. Sure enough, he did. This is VERY odd, because leeches go long without feeding. They take as much as they can before detaching. I think he's getting greedy.

>> No.1223080
File: 49 KB, 500x491, 1296420761366.jpg [View same] [google]

I don't see what the big deal is, God it annoys me when people act scared of stuff like this. I guess they're just acting instinctively, but instead of acting like a dumb animal and going "hurr slimy bug thing scary derp durr" try using your brain and look at this objectively. It's an organism that lives by drinking blood. You drink fluids from animals all the time, what's the big deal?

But I digress. Cool pet OP, good idea for a low maintenance pet! I've always thought leeches were kind of cute but I've never seen any. Does it hurt when he feeds? Does he swim around or just kind of float?

>> No.1223089

1) No pain whatsoever.
2) He used to swim around back when I found him. Now he's so fat from my blood he can only crawl around.

>> No.1223197

I wonder if it's possible to overfeed a leech? I recall that some fish are dumb enough to eat themselves to death. Don't let him asplode, OP!

>> No.1223200


It's especially funny since leeches do actually have at least one use that makes keeping them around not a terrible idea - a living barometer, as OP has mentioned earlier in the thread.


Sounds like one of my dogs when I try to give the other a treat for performing a command for me. "He's not feeding me, MUST TAKE THE FOOD FOR MYSELF!"

>> No.1223270

I don't this there's much chance of this happening. Leeches will feed until they've had their full, then drop off. They do swell quite a lot though. Some up to 5 times their original size.

>> No.1223289
File: 9 KB, 305x236, 192886.jpg [View same] [google]

Leeeeeches from space that will conquer the Earth with their flying saucers on atomic blood reactor!

>> No.1223309

Hey, OP

What do you think about the Japanese Mountain Leech? This baby literally senses you from miles away and crawls all the way to you and bite you!

I find them interesting as fuck, if not a bit scary!


>> No.1223436
File: 28 KB, 322x215, amazon-leech-in.jpg [View same] [google]

That's really neat! It's interesting that it lives out of water on land. Although, its habitat seems to be very rainy and moist. Also, it looks quite a bit bigger and more aggressive than mine. Seems like it's an quite a capable hunter.

But if you think that's cool, check out the Giant Amazon Leech. This bad boy can grow up to a foot and a half long! Here's a picture of one. I probably wouldn't let one THIS big feed off me. I couldn't imagine how much blood it would take to fill it up!

>> No.1223568

OP was almost making me start to like them, but thanks for reminding me that all leeches are spawned out of Satan's festering ass and thus need to be given back to fire.

>> No.1223571

Ha ha, don't worry. They only live in the jungles of South America.

>> No.1223676

Cool, I didn't know that!

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