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Hello again /an/. About two months ago, I caught a little leech trying to crawl its way to my foot and decided to keep him as a "pet" of sorts. Going with the name Vlad, I keep him in a fishbowl on my computer desk. A few people were interested in updates, so I'm back once more to let you know he's doing just fine.

In fact, I think it's safe to say he's more than just fine. He seems to have grown quite a bit since I found him, as this picture shows. I let him feed again tonight, so now he's even bigger! Feeding is a bit messy afterwards, but given the fact he only eats about once a month, it's not a big deal. I took some more pictures, and if anyone is interested I'll post 'em.

He's a very simple pet and very interesting conversation starter. If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them for you. If not, I'll be checking this thread periodically so feel free to ask if you think anything later.

Have a good night and thanks for reading.

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No fucking way. More pics or it didn't happen.

Where were you? Where do you live?

Who the fuck keeps a leech as a pet, let alone let them feed on you. Can't you catch things that way?

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Sup. This is from the very first thread. If you're squeamish, don't open it fully. Someone was kind enough to take all the pics I posted and combine them into one.

>Where do you live?
Northern Ontario.

>Who the fuck keeps a leech as a pet, let alone let them feed on you?
Me. Used to be terrified of the things, but they're pretty harmless really.

>Can't you catch things that way?
Leeches don't transmit diseases like mosquitoes and ticks do.

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Oh cool! I was hoping you'd post again. I'm glad to hear Vlad's doing well.

I'm sorry if this was answered in one of your other threads, but how long do leeches live? How long do you expect to have him in your life?

When he eventually goes, do you think you'll get another one?

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Well, I have no clue how old he is right now. But I've read that some species can live up to 10 years. I know they were referring to European Medicinal Leeches, so I doubt that Vlad will live that long. I'm expecting around one or two years, but who knows.

To answer your other question, I don't know. This was sort of a "spur of the moment" type thing really. Maybe if I find another one trying to get to me, I'll keep it. But I don't think I'll actively go hunting for another.

Unless I decide to start breeding them, ha ha!

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That would actually be kind of cool if you bred 'em.

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>Northern Ontario
My man! Terrace Bay reporting in, I think it's awesome that you decided to experiment with keeping a leech as a pet.

Do people generally respond positively or negatively to Vlad?

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I've seen all of your posts and ever since the first I've been very interested in having my own leech. I did some research and they seem like they'd actually make great pets but when I tried to find them for sale online the cheapest I found was around $25 which I find rather ridiculous. What kind of area did you find Vlad in? Was it a swamp a lake or what? I'm thinking of collecting one from the wild.

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Is a leech capable of exsanguinating small mammals like rats?

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Leeches are parasites, not pets.

They're pests.

Fucking disgusting.

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What has your cat done for you lately? :\

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>Do people generally respond positively or negatively to Vlad?
It has been mixed. Some people think its cool because it's different. More people are terrified of it, like it's going to leap out of the fish bowl and attack them. One of my friends literally jumped back about a few feet when she saw it. She thinks it's OK now though.

The one's you can buy online are expensive because those are the one's hospitals use in certain procedures. If you're interested in finding one in the wild, here's some advice.

As long as it's a constant body of water, there's about a 99% chance there are leeches living in it. Leeches like calm, slow moving water with lots of places to hide. Flip over rocks, logs, and sift through weeds to see if you can find any taking cover. They dislike direct light, so shady areas are also good places to search or even try at night. Leeches sold in bait shops will not feed on blood. In fact, the majority of leeches worldwide don't. Some eat whatever they can fit in their mouths whole, while some are scavengers and eat decaying flesh. The best way to find leeches is to use yourself (or someone else if you can trick them lol) as bait. Get out there with your bare legs and wait. Just be sure to keep an eye on yourself.

I found Vlad in a slow moving river while I was out on a walk. Stopped to take a quick swim and when I was sitting on the bank afterwards I saw him crawling towards my foot.

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Maybe. Depends on the leech. Here's a video of one doing just that to another animal.
>This kills the crab. Again.

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That's really cool OP, a really different pet - I have to disagree that bait shop leeches don't feed on blood though. My dad was a live bait salesman and would reach his hand into a bucket full of them and hold his leech-covered hand in front of my face, when I was seven. When he picked them off some would leave a bit of blood flow. Needless to say I was terrified of them most of my childhood, but it went away when I learned they're far more clean of a biter than most creatures.

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Now that's something. Maybe I should have said "most", huh? I know that ribbon leeches are the ones most bait shops sell, and they don't feed on blood. They swim really good though. Very cool to see.

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This is awesome, OP!

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Have you ever let him feed from your dick?

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>find leech
>raise it to be the biggest fucking leech around
>stick it on your dick
>free BJs all day erry day

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....what will it take to make OP put leech on dick?

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Leeches secrete an anticoagulant when they feed. This keeps the blood around the wound flowing while the leech is feeding, and for some time after it has finished. Putting it on someone's dick (especially one with an erection) would be a VERY bad idea.

Although, after looking this up on Wikipedia, there are documented cases where people have had them stuck inside their noses or even in their vaginas. There are also stories of soldiers fighting in old wars stopping to drink from streams, only to swallow leeches and actually suffocate to death because of them and how much they swell off blood.


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>Some species are highly specialized—one, in fact, feeds only on earthworms. Another feeds on fish in freezing polar seas. One dwells in the nostrils of Saharan camels, another INSIDE THE RECTUM of the African hippopotamus. Another lives in New Guinea caves and sucks the blood of bats. Still another, the anaconda of leeches, inhabits the Amazon basin and grows up to 18 inches long.


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>Giant Amazon Leech
Like you needed another reason to stay the hell away from South America.

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OP here again.

It's good to see there's some interest in this thread, so I'll share a few pictures I took last night. People who REALLY don't like leeches may not want to open them to their full size.

This lighting in this picture kinda sucks, but here's Vlad starting to feed. He attached himself on my ring finger, right where skin meets fingernail.

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After about 5 minutes, he decided to give me a "hug" and curled himself up like this. He stayed like this for the rest of the time, which was about 30-40 minutes.

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Once he had enough, he just dropped right off and tried to crawl away. He was so fat though, he didn't get too far. That pink spot in the water is blood from when he let go. I bleed nonstop for about 10 minutes after, and the wound opened up later in the night, causing even more of a mess.

Anyhow, that's all for now. Have a good night!

...and no, I'm not going to put him on my dick. That would feel weird.

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Not to mention 10 minutes of nonstop bleeding from the dick is medically unsound.

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how fucking dumb can you be?

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Whatever, he's not putting himself in any danger by feeding it. It's totally harmless.

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Does it hurt to get sucked by a leech?
I've always wondered about that.

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Leech saliva is a pain killer.

You feel nothing at all.

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I guess I'm a little biased because of that leech on the eye scene from Jackass. Lol

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Pain or no pain, that was just a stupid thing to do.

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Oh yeah... i forgot about this.

I was the one who suggested doing some experiments. If you remember. Did you ever try seeing if you could alter your blood sugar content for his feeding? I think we decided alcohol wasnt a good idea for the minor risk it could cause him. But sugar should have stilll been good.

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Hey, I remember that! Next time, I'll remember to eat a ton of candy or whatever before I feed him.

Too bad he won't eat for about another month or two. I'll have to write this down. Thanks for reminding me!

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Sugar levels don't change that much unless you are diabetic. Try eating fatty food! You can increase greatly the content of lipids in your blood!

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I don't have the 'beetus, so that's good to know. Thanks!

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Here, have some more info

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>blood sugar
>red cells

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What? the reflexive surface is because of the glass lipids is the pink thing.

Oh, and some kinds of food like garlic, onions and curry might flavour your blood. Garlic and onions might be toxic to it, curry I don't know but might be toxic too and caffein is toxic for invertebrates but I don't think you can raise the caffein levels in your blood enough to kill another animal without overdosing yourself.

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The entirety of the black stuff is red blood cells.

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What kind of bite marks does Vlad leave? You ought to take a picture of it next time.

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thinking of a leech feeding on me kind of arouses me

I don't know. What do you think?

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You've been on /d/ too long.

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I actually haven't ever been on /d/, it's just arousing for some reason. I have weird fetishes.

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Hey, funny thing about that.

I saw was a parasite fetish thread on /d/ recently and I asked if something like this would be a turn on to them. Everyone said no. Guess they only like their non-fictional parasites.

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How dangerous would it be to attach a medical leech to my erect penis? Sounds pretty kinky.

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I've never had a good look, mostly because either blood was pouring out of the wound or it had already started to clot. Most leeches have three teeth and will leave bite marks that look like the Mercedes Benz logo. Pic related. That's what a medicinal leech bite looks like.

Very dangerous. Leeches secrete an anticoagulant when they feed to keep the blood flowing smoothly. Also, medicinal leeches will take WAY more blood than species like Vlad will. Given the fact that I bled for 10 minutes after it detached, something tells me that a medicinal leech would cause even more blood loss, on top of what it takes when it feeds. And erection would make it even worse. In short, just don't do it please.

>> No.1234663

So basically I could lose a large amount of blood?

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OP please put Vlad on your dong and take pics

>> No.1234668

Please OP
captcha: ontgsd cylindrical
>get it cylindrical dong

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Please fuck off to /b/. Or do us all a favor and do it yourself, somewhere far away from a 911 call.

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Uhhh, no. I don't think I'm going to do that. Sorry.

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I was thinking... penis have blood at high pressure... leech bites with anticoagulant salive and them some strong blood stream! If you are gonna do it record it!

>> No.1234677

Someone post a Vlad wrapped around their cock please

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This is what it must devolve to .

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Welcome to 4chan.

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As Squemish as this makes me this is very interesting, keep up the photos OP, love to see more

>> No.1234738

I just the name
Holy fuck I laughed

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And people ask me why I don't travel more often.
Fucking earth.

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Man, i tend to do a lot of weed (i don't mean to brag or anything)
So i wonder what would happen if i let a leech suck on my thc infused blood for a long while.

>> No.1234926


only mammals have cannabanoid receptors

>> No.1234944

Do it. Post results.

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>keep up the photos OP
More photos? Sure!

Here's an older pic of his home. It's a beta fish tank that holds about half a gallon. It used to have decorative blue gravel in it, but it looked like Vlad was having a hard time moving across it so I took it out. Cool thing about it is that the sides act like a magnifying glass, so you get this nice close up view.

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Another older pic, this time after I first fed him a few months back. That black mass is pretty much all blood.

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Just chillin'. He's not feeding. He won't again for a month or two.

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Last one. I turned the 3D on my 3DS (my only camera) on for this one. If anyone else has one, see if it came out alright.

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It fucks up spiders, man.

>> No.1235059


im guessing its more the burning smoke than the thc

>> No.1235096

Checked OP, I can see it just fine.

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Awesome. Thanks!

>> No.1235124

Try alcohol. Drunk leech would be hilarious.

>> No.1235267

Checked it on my 3DS, looks pretty good.

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Do leeches have eyes, or do they just find their way through smell and vibrations?

>> No.1236572

Guessing penis radar.

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That's actually really cool, OP. What do you do to slow the bleeding? Do you just bandage it up tight? Also, does the wound heal slower? I would rather like to have my own leech for a pet.

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Speaking of penis radar, have you ever heard of that fish/eel that swims up your urethra when it smells pee in the water? I think there's a video somewhere out there with people trying to pry it out of a guys penis. BTW, it also has barbs in its mouth to prevent such things.

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Boner anonymous checking in. Thanks for the leech update.

>> No.1236597

You mean Candiru? While it is a really entretaining story I couldn't find good sources proving it. While seems like it can get inside the vagina (without causing damage and being easily removed by the woman) the claims that it get inside the male urethra (improbable) by swimming up the urine stream (physically impossible) seems more a legend (and some people trying to get some attention).

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Oh hey OP here, I thought this thread was dead.

Leeches do have eyes. To find their prey they sense vibrations in the water and notice changes in light, like someone casting a shadow into the water. A leech will almost always find you before you find it.

The wound does heal a little bit slower than usual. I just wad up a Kleenex or some toilet paper and wait for the blood finally clot. Takes around 10 minutes. I've read there are ways to negate the anticoagulant, but meh. Unless you're a hemophiliac, I wouldn't be too worried.

Also, if you are interesting in doing this, be aware that leech bites can cause anaphylactic shock like bee stings. If you're allergic to bee stings, you may be allergic to leech bites too. Be careful.

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Depends on your definition of eye. They have light-sensing organs, but not what most people would think of as "eyes."

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What does your mother think of your hobby?

>> No.1236614

She doesn't know. I'm sure she'd freak out, though. Oh well.

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Keep it coming, OP.

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Not sure what else I can bring to the thread at this point. Every picture I take will be pretty much the same thing, and he's not going to feed again for at least another month. In all reality, this is pretty boring pet. Doesn't do tricks, and it doesn't even move much. Especially after it has fed.

It's a neat little companion on my desk though. It's unique, so I think it's cool.

I could maybe write up a guide for people if they want to start taking care of their own leech. Would anyone be interested in something like that?

>> No.1237105

I wouldn't ever actually use it since my current meds think out my blood like crazy, but hell it'd be an interesting read. Go for it OP.

>> No.1237183

You can feed the leech without letting it latch onto you by pouring blood into a raw sausage casing

>> No.1237209


This is relevant to my interests.

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i saw the first post, so i'm glad to see the update on vlad! glad you lil' leech buddy is doing well! :D

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Sup, OP here again. I finished my little guide to keeping a pet leech. I don't know if anyone is still interested, but here you go. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest writer in the world, but I think I covered the basics here.


Also, here's a good picture of what I'm talking about with covering the jar with cloth. Leeches can't get out, but air can get in. It's gotta be tight knit.

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Never thought of a leech as a pet, very cool and unusual OP. And a good name I might add.

>> No.1238495

Did you draw that? It's nice!

>> No.1238503

Ahah that's so cute.

>> No.1239312

Bumping for interesting read.

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>I finally let the little guy have the blood meal he wanted so badly, letting it feed on my hand.

"And this is how it started...my fondness of the creature grew as the days went by and I bestowed upon it a most fitting name: Vlad. Its fondness of me grew as well as its appetite. It could not longer be sated on me alone, it wanted no- NEEDED more.

And so I set out to feed it..."

This is the first entry and the initial clue as how the Great Leech Epidemic came to be

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>>1235059 im guessing its more the burning smoke than the thc
they were fed flies dosed with THC

>> No.1239515

Op, Op!
Do you guys do anything? Play around in any sort of way? Is Vladdypants at all like any other pet and he'll be affectionate in his own way.. and.. shit?

Man, you could totally write a screen play about a man and his once wild but now tamed leech.

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OP is playing russian roulette each time he lets the leech feed. he can get a really bad blood disease from the open wound or if the leech suddenly decides to barf it's gut into his wound.

use pieces of liver instead.

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Feed me, Seymour!..

>> No.1239529

My first time on /an/.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.1239536

OP, put it on your dick.

Then you can say you got sucked off by a leech.

>> No.1239564


Did you even bother to read the thread? This sort of thing happens with a lot of parasites, but not the leech, which is a very clean creature. The only threat is if the leech was made to vomit, which really only happens if a person tries to remove the leech.

OP doesn't do that. OP lets the leech eat its fill, then detach on its own.

>> No.1239569

>More pics or it didn't happen.
We had a huge shitstorm about that.

He's legit.

>> No.1239571

Have you identified the species, OP?

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Huh, I've always had a revulsion to leeches but your interactions with Vlad dispel a lot of my prior notions. Pretty cool stuff, OP.

That 18 inch motherfucker can still stay the hell away from me though. Jesus.

>> No.1239610

Aren't leeches supposed to close the wound after they're done feeding?

>> No.1239621

Op I found a typo near the middle of paragraph 28:
>Something that will fit, say, a FOOD or a hand
Pretty sure you meant foot.

>> No.1239644

sad thing is that i saw a documentary on animal planet that said the same thing.

>> No.1239645

i mean it claimed they swam up your urine stream.

>> No.1239669


I know they are attracted by ammonia.

>> No.1239675

i got a bite from a leech at my dick when i was 7 or so when playing in puddles at rest time, my school was kinda foresty, totally painless, in fact i didn't even notice it until i was taking a pee, totally freak the fuck outta me.

>> No.1239818

I like this idea OP. I will even offer my shitty drawfag services.

>> No.1239827

It feels like i'm feeling... nothing at all!
Nothing at all!

>> No.1239830

op you are boring.

piss off

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File: 27 KB, 820x820, df9d99553dd34d7f96f1992cf6011185_820x820.jpg [View same] [google]


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I always thought the story was that he was actually standing in the river to pee and the urine stream within the water was what caused attracted the fish to his genitals. If they meant he was standing on the bank and the fish actually propelled itself through up through the urine stream, then that's just weird.

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omfg I love feed me. got his signature and gave him a hug

>> No.1239918

>close the wound
How would this even work? Stitches?

>> No.1239922

not him, but coagulants. i don't know why any of them would have it though, it's not liike they need to care whether you stop bleeding or not.

>> No.1239944

From what I can tell, it's Placobdella parasitica, a very common North American leech that you'll find quite often riding on turtles.

After doing a little research, I found this little bit of information:
>They brood their young on their ventral surface protecting them there until they are big enough to feed on their own, which sometimes means transporting them to their first meal.
That's kind of sweet.

>> No.1240168

you failed about where the OP wrote he HAD AN OPEN WOUND for 10 minutes. plus, this wound was exposed to water that had been sitting around.

>> No.1240173 [DELETED] 

OP is fucking going to die.

Dude, did you ever cut yourself with a sharp tool of any sort? Did you ever heard of that little thingy called "immune system", or that a man can lose something close to a liter of blood without any medical consequences?

>> No.1240174 [DELETED] 

OP is fucking going to die.

Dude, did you ever cut yourself with a sharp tool of any sort?
Did you ever heard of that little thingy called "immune system", or that a man can lose something close to a liter of blood without any medical consequences?

>> No.1240177

OP is fucking going to die.

Dude, did you ever cut yourself with a sharp tool of any sort?
Have you ever heard of that little thingy called "immune system", or that a man can lose something close to a liter of blood without any medical consequences?

>> No.1240202

wikipedia says:

Leeches normally carry parasites in their digestive tracts, which cannot survive in humans and do not pose a threat. However, bacteria, viruses, and parasites from previous blood sources can survive within a leech for months, but only a few cases of leeches transmitting pathogens to humans have been reported. A study found both HIV and hepatitis B in African leeches from Cameroon (nehili et al., 1994).

But basically it's safe to feed a leech yourself

>> No.1240216

>Placobdella parasitica
>family glossiphonidae
>There is considerable interest in the symbiontic bacteria that at least some glossiphoniids carry in specialized compartments of the esophagus to aid in digesting their meals. Haementeria as well as Placobdelloides have Enterobacteriaceae symbionts, while Placobdella harbours peculiar and independently derived Alpha Proteobacteria.
>Alpha Proteobacteria
>The Alphaproteobacteria comprise most phototrophic genera, but also several genera metabolising C1-compounds (e.g., Methylobacterium spp.), symbionts of plants (e.g., Rhizobium spp.) and animals, and a group of pathogens, the Rickettsiaceae. Moreover the precursors of the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells are thought to have originated from Rickettsia spp.
>Being obligate intracellular parasites, the Rickettsia survival depends on entry, growth, and replication within the cytoplasm of eukaryotic host cells (typically endothelial cells)
>T-virus is an obligate intracellular parasitic anaerobe that replaces mitochondria

Thank you OP for potentially initiating the Zombie Apocalypse with your recklessness.

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