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Hello again /an/. It's the guy keeping a leech as a pet again.

It's been about a month (month and half?) since last time, and Vlad is still alive and just fine. Still the easiest pet in the world. I just let him feed again tonight. It took about 45 for him to finish and now he's so bloated, he can hardly move at all! He's trying to crawl along the side of his bowl, but he keeps falling down. Won't have to feed him again for about another few months.

Anyways, that's all. I'll check this thread now and then if anyone has any questions. Have a good night.

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Aw, he's kind of cute. Thanks for the update!

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Any idea what species he is? Did you find him out in the wild? I've thought about having one as a pet before but never got around to acquiring one. Always was fascinated by them though.

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lol, this thread....

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>Any idea what species he is?
Placobdella parasitica, I think. 99.99% sure.
>Did you find him out in the wild?

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Have you ever considered letting him feed from your dick?

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Yes. Its really funny to see him try to drain my flaccid cock. After a few minutes of watching him suck my dick it always gets rock had though, so he eats like a king.

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Boner anon checking in, glad everything is going well.

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OP, you should get yourself to a hospital and checked for any diseases you might catch from it.

Also, leeches are really useful for fighting blood clots and bruises. So if you ever get a black eye or a painful bruise, stick him on there and let him feed, and it will practically disappear over night.

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Good to see that vlad is still doing well.

Do they need any other form of nutrition or is blood and water all they need?

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I think OP anwsered that before. The leech stops the blood from clotting and you'd start bleeding A LOT if you'd let him feed on your penis and you get an erection for any reason.

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"And I actually had to stop jogging 'cause I needed my whole body to fuckin' hate this guy with. I had to just... stand there and go 'Oh, you motherfucker. Now I have to know you exist you piece of SHIT? Fuckin', go bleed onto an AIDS leech you motherfucker!" - Louis C.K. (with modifications)

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>where people fornicate with animals, plants and even fungi.

Love without borders indeed.

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Feed him snails, leeches are predators in the wild

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Also that is the wrong species. Hard to tell id any further but the spotting pattern is all wrong for P. parasitica.

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me again, here is a link to a decent key

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This whole idea.

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Hey, OP here again. I think I need to clarify a few things before I head out for the day.

First off
This is not me. I may be weird, but I'm not THAT weird. Funny writing though lol.

To anyone concerned about diseases, don't be. Leeches aren't like other parasites like ticks. While there have been very rare occasions where some diseases have been found inside leeches, there is no evidence that leeches transmit them to their host. I should be fine and I know what little risk I'm taking doing this.

>Do they need any other form of nutrition or is blood and water all they need?
All they need is clean water, blood for food and air to breathe. I had no idea that leeches breathed air, but every site I found told me to never keep them in a sealed container or they'll suffocate. themoreyouknow.jpg

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yay, a vlad update! glad he's still doing well.

do you know how long he might live?

also, i'm pretty sure you mentioned before that you had gravel in his container originally, but took it out because he had a hard time moving around on it. but does he have any other "furniture?" do you think he might enjoy something to hide under/inside sometimes? i have this cute mental image of him lurking under a ceramic castle or something. :)

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Have you considered making a mini planted aquarium for him? I'm sure he'd enjoy it and appreciate the extra oxygen.

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What type of sicko freak keeps a leech as a pet?

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>complaining about sickos and freaks
>on 4chan

Are you for real

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Sorry for the late reply here, I've been away for a while. Better late than never, I suppose. Hope you're still around...

>do you know how long he might live?
Leeches can live up to 10 years, depending on the specie. I have no idea just how old Vlad is now and there really isn't a way to find out. If he makes it a year, I'll be happy.
>does he have any other "furniture?"
Right now, his bowl is empty besides him and water. I'm hesitant to put anything in it that isn't from nature. Some decorations would be nice, but if it's something that's painted or plastic I'm not sure how it would affect him. Something like
would be just amazing, but I wouldn't even know how to get one set up. Also, I'm sure the upkeep on something like that takes effort and I am a very lazy person.

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