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Hello /an/!

I'd just like to tell you all that today is the one year anniversary of living with Vlad the leech. It was exactly one year ago today that I caught the little guy and decided to bring him home to live with me for no reason other than curiosity.

For those who don't remember, or have never seen my threads in the past, I caught Vlad while wading in a river. He was slowly making his way towards my foot for a meal. I caught him in a bottle and brought him home to observe. I even let him have the meal he wanted so badly. That's when I decided to keep him around. I remember thinking that I'd be impressed if he lasted a year.

I can't honestly say that he has been an exciting pet. He mostly just sits at the bottom of this bowl, not really moving. But sometimes I see him crawling around. He still lives in the bowl in the pic, but the blue gravel is gone. He had a hard time crawling over it. He's grown quite a bit in size and he's awfully thin right now, meaning he's going to want to feed soon. I only have to feed him about every 6 months or so, which is nice.

I'm going to dump the pictures from his first feeding, and if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.

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He was so tiny when I first found him. It looked like he hadn't eaten in a LONG time.

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He was fairly slow moving, too.

But the second I put my hand in the water, the little guy went nuts!

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Hey! I remember you!

Damn, has it been a year already? Jesus. Time flies. His bowl is cute, I hadn't seen that before. Good on you for keeping a unique pet.

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He crawled around on my hand for about 5 minutes before deciding where to bite. I mean, it would be like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet. Where do you start?

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>has it been a year already? Jesus. Time flies.
You're telling me, man.

When he finally decided on a spot, it was in a very awkward angle to get pictures. Right under my pinky finger.

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This is 15 minutes after the last picture. As you can see, he's getting bigger!

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I remember too. It has indeed been one year today.


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does it tickle when he feeds?

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Sorry, I deleted the last pic because I was wrong.

This is just a reverse angle of
I don't think he started feeding yet.

It's been a year, cut me some slack.

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I was actually going to post that one last lol!

Nope. I feel nothing.

15 minutes of feeding here.

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how long does he feed?

how often do you change hsi water?

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30 minutes have gone by now.

When a leech feeds, they take as much as they can get. So when someone or something willingly lets them feed, they're going to get pretty bloated.

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>how long does he feed?
Anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Maybe more.

>how often do you change his water?
About every other day. Maybe third if it's still fairly clean.

This is the result of 45 minutes of uninterrupted feeding! It was also the last pic I took before he dropped off. He was really getting heavy there.

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And the final one, after he finally let go.

Compare the size of him here to before he started feeding. Dude made off with a lot of blood that day!

And I lost even more after he let go. I kept bleeding for a good 15 minutes nonstop.

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so how long until the next meal :)

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Whenever he feels like it, I guess.

He still has some blood inside of him right now, but I put my hand near him whenever I change the water to see if he wants to feed.

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D'aww i remenber u!!
I'm glad Vlad's ok.
Does it hurt before Vlad lets go?

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>Does it hurt before Vlad lets go?
Nope. The only thing I feel during the entire encounter are his suckers attaching themselves to my skin. And if I wasn't paying attention, I wouldn't even feel that.

That's why you never notice a leech on you until you see it.

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This is a fucking bizarre thing you're doing.

I like you. Keep it up.

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>This is a fucking bizarre thing you're doing.
I don't think it's that strange. It's like keeping a fish in a bowl.

The only bizarre part is feeding. Anyone can give their pet food. In my case, I AM the food!

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Awesome! Good to see you and your friend again

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Wow! I remember the first time you posted and it really doesn't feel like a year.

Is his tank heated? Do leeches like cold or hot water? It seems like he'd be more active in warmer water but I don't know shit about leeches. Is it filtered? It doesn't seem like they'd create much waste, other than taking all the oxygen from the tank.

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>Is his tank heated? Do leeches like cold or hot water?
No, no heat. Just room temperature. Leeches like cool, still water, and they hate light. I keep him covered during the day.

>Is it filtered?
The water I use is. It's just filtered tap water. As long as it's non-chlorinated, tap water is perfect to use.

>It doesn't seem like they'd create much waste
You'd be surprised. There's always crap left behind, whether it's actual crap or this gross filmy stuff. I think it might be old skin.

>other than taking all the oxygen from the tank
Every leech care site I went to told me they breathe air. That's why the say keep the container uncovered. Every so often, I seem him crawl to the surface, so I think it's true.

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Can you donate blood? I mean with having the leech "suckle" you every once in a while.

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I'd have to get tested before I do anyways, but probably. While leeches have been known to carry diseases, they aren't know to transmit them. They're actually fairly clean for parasites, unlike others like ticks. There's a reason they still use them in medicine today.

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Just curious. Thanks.

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Do you have any current pics of Vlad? My girlfriend would like to see some. Thanks for keeping us posted! Vlad threads are always a pleasant surprise.

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>Do you have any current pics of Vlad?
Yea I can take some more. Was there anything in particular she wanted to see?

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Nothing in particular; just how he's doing. How much would say he's grown in the year he's been in your care? Has the Vlad experiment led you to meeting other people who keep leeches as pets?

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Man, I love Vlad posts. Thanks for keeping us updated, I'm glad he's still chugging along fine.

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How long do leeches live for, anyhow?

How have people in your life reacted to Vlad?

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I tried taking some pics on a different camera than usual (usually my 3DS!) so I'm not entirely sure how they turned out. The lighting was bad.

>How much would say he's grown in the year he's been in your care?
A lot. Compare this to the first few pictures. Granted, he's still a little bloated from last time.

>Has the Vlad experiment led you to meeting other people who keep leeches as pets?
No, but I've seen a few others doing it on the internet. I can't say I'm a pioneer in doing this or that I'm the only one. The difference is, most others do this for some kind of fetish or something like that.

I did it because it's interesting. It's different, you know?

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>How long do leeches live for, anyhow?
Some species have been know to live for over 10 years, though I doubt Vlad is one of one of them. That's why I said I'd be shocked if it lasted a year.

>How have people in your life reacted to Vlad?
Most people don't know. My girlfriend was terrified by it at first, but isn't anymore. She had the same phobia I did. But once you get to know them, leeches aren't so bad.

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The last two aren't anything special, but I tried to take them when he was stretched out as long as he could.

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Right after I took this one, he pooped.

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Vlad is an ambassador for all leechkind. His story - and yours, OP - made me realise that leeches are not horrible monsters from the netherworld.

Thank you. I can wade in peace, now.

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Wade on, brother. Just remember though. Leeches aren't entirely harmless.

If you're allergic to bee stings, you might also be allergic to leech bites. Also, if you're a hemophiliac or are taking medicine to thin your blood, you may lose more blood than what may be considered healthy when bit.

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holy shit OP, i remember the very first Vlad threads, glad to hear you both are doing alright

will you be back in another six months for another update?
i'd say you could make a twitter or something, but i doubt it would be very active, if he only eats every six months

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Would Leechanon take a look at this thread?

captcha: thoughts tededide

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>will you be back in another six months for another update?
I'll update here whenever there's something to update, or as long as people keep asking questions in this thread. I won't keep it bumped, but I'll check it every day.

Interesting. It definitely looks like a leech. There are some species that live on land instead of in water. You'll find them in wet areas like jungles and swamps. Someone in the thread identified it as Haemopis terrestris, which seems right I think.

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Fuck yeah Vlad!!

Glad to know you both are doing well.

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man i love seeing these threads

glad he's doing well

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I didn't hear your story before. This is really cool! Vlad is a cutie, as far as leeches go.

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Yay! I wondered when we'd be seeing you two again.

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Holy cow I can't believe it's already been a year. Thanks for the update, leechbro. How much bigger do you think he's going to get?

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It's nice to see that people are taking interest, whether they've heard about it before or not.

>How much bigger do you think he's going to get?
Honestly, I don't know. All the pictures I've seen like Vlad show a size of about what he is now, so I don't expect him to get any bigger.

Then again, who knows!

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Hey this is really cool you should make a twitter or a facebook or something ive never heard of this before

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A Twitter or Facebook account sounds like more effort than I'm willing to put into.

I'd rather just stick with /an/. Simple and easy.

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Just yesterday my boyfriend was asking where leechbro was. I'm so happy now, I love reading about your leech shenanigans. You know you gotta keep us updated on this little guy.

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Damn, I remember that thread...I figured the little guy would have died by now. That's awesome he's still alive and well! I can't wait to see more recent pics of him.

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Have you ever thought about getting one of those antique urns that were for leeches? I have always wanted some leeches in one of those. Pic related.

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No shit?! I remember seeing that thread...I guess /an/ isn't a board with lots of copypasta, so wow! Great to see you're enjoying yourself and your life with Vlad, however weird it may seem to anyone.


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Just want to drop by and say hi, I remember your first threads and some in between. You and Vlad are just very interesting!

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>I figured the little guy would have died by now.
Me too. Here's hoping he can live for another year!

>Pic related
Those things are pretty awesome, but they're probably pretty expensive, being antiques. I got the bowl he's currently in for free from a friend, who bought it for about $30 bucks. I think that's good enough! lol

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Where and how did you acquire him?

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read the op

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>Where did you acquire him?
Not going to give away my location by getting too specific, but northern Ontario. Around Algonquin park.

>how did you acquire him?
I picked it up in a bottle? Not sure what you mean here.

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Why not give him some plants? Make a little pond-like environment for him to slime around in. Wouldn't be much effort, just throw some weeds from where you found him in, and would make it look a bit more interesting.

>I only have to feed him about every 6 months or so
Gosh, they're real little survivors

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>Make a little pond-like environment for him to slime around in.
I've been meaning to. I didn't think of doing that until winter had already came and froze the river up.

Then there were some massive flooding this spring and I didn't really want to get too close to the water. I have a real fear of drowning and shit.

I'll probably start collecting stuff soon. When I'm not busy with work.

>Gosh, they're real little survivors
They're hardy little fuckers. Most can go a whole year without feeding should the have to.

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