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Smart drug thread

I want to try provigil as it seems to be the ultimate drug for increasing brain function. I've tried adderall and the other amphetamines, but I found them way too harsh.

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lol @ taking amps as a "smart drug". thats the dumbest thing i've ever heard

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I've been taking Piracetam, Choline and Noopept for almost two weeks now.

I can't say there is significant increases ( dat dere mental gainz brah), but I can definitely remember more.

I can recall my entire lecture from last week, but I don't know if that's a placebo effect or not.

I've been led to believe noopept combined with Choline is the best mental stack.

You also take a micro scoop of <30 mg, and that's all you need a day.

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Are you fucking retarded?

I once did an entire Semesters course work in a day on Adderall.

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Sauce on piracetam? I can't find that shit anywhere (us).
Inb4 google...

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I googled it, and ordered from some site.

The box text is french and so was the pharmacy sheet that came with it

Hold on.... and I'll try to find my receipt

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I bought it from this site, I have the same box as in the picture.

And it wasn't French on the box, it was German lol.

The Pharm sheet is in English though.

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You have a point, taking them long term leads to tolerance and addiction in my opinion. It's easy to use them for recreation. Better than coke imo.

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Thanks based anons

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I want to take some of these shits too, but I'm really affraid it's going to have severe side effects...

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This is noopept, I included a mechanical pencil in the picture for size of the scoop.

Noopept is supposedly 1000 times better than piracetam, but I take both.

Interesting fact about Noopept, you can ingest it or directly inject it into your brain, and they both get through the blood brain barrier in the same amount of time.

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Racetams are popular because they have no long term effects and aren't toxic

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That's why you look up shit outside of what anon says you dumb nigger.

These (racetams) are insanely safe.

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Modafinil is fucking great. You have to know that it's not a standard stimulant. It's slowly absorbed and slowly expelled from the body. You generally need to take it about 3 days to really feel the effects consistently. Also, it prevents you from getting tired, so it's best to start dosing well BEFORE anything comes up.

General Alertness:
1 200mg tablet every 24 hours as soon as you wake up.

High intensity, long day alertness:
200 mg when you wake up and 200 mg 8 hours later

Balls to the wall terminator mode sleep-is-optional overdrive (not recommended for long term use because you fucking need sleep):
200 mg every 6-8 hours

Only major side effect I've noticed is a greatly reduced tolerance for alcohol. Also if you stop using it after having been on it for a while you may feel tired.

I bought mine from edandmore dawt cum. I'm sure there are a ton of other sites.

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how hard is it to order Modafinil if you live in Canada?

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Is anyone actually doing the eeg neurofeedback things
the russian CES brainstim sounds pretty cool for sleeping better but it's like $800

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>the russian CES
link please?

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On piracetam i feel like GOD, but then again, thanks to my fucked up and blessed nervous system i get hypomanic on a cup of coffe or a couple of beers.

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After amphetamines, nothing seems enough to me. Modafinil, just keeps me awake for longer hours. But its effects are not comparable with amphetamines. On amphetamines my brain capacity is beyond anything, but on modafinil it's just over average.

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>noopept feels

A little expensive, IMO, but I definitely noticed when I came off of it. If felt like everything was less colorful and less vibrant. I stopped taking it because I felt "scatterbrained." I had trouble concentrating on one thing at a time, like schoolwork. Great for grappling, though.

I'll probably start it again in the summer when I have more free time to play around with it.

Ultimately, I recommend. http://www.nurobrainfoods.com/ingredients/pure-noopept-20mg-50pk-pills-smart-drug/


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But the comedown on amphetamines is so bad. And not to mention the long term effects on your health.

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BMR for smart drugs?

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last I checked there has been no conclusive of long term effects.. care to share?

comedown sucks only if you take it infrequently/recreationally.

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does Choline actually work?

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Nope, no long term effects at all

Amphetamine users: 1
Atheists: 0
Christians: 0

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according to wikipedia
>Some sources suggest that Piracetam's overall effect on lowering depression and anxiety is higher than improving memory

2 birds with 1 stone. I think I'm finally gonna make it g-guys

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Is that.... a dick pedometer?

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Dat low bf%

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why has no one mentioned ritalin/methylphenidate?

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this equates to adderall usage how?

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in rodent models you see vacuolization of hippocampus/pfc, not yet demonstrated in humans. In humans AMPH at any meaningful dosage = cardiotoxicity + drastic increased stroke risk due to high bp

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interesting. what are the implications of vacuolization of hippocampus?

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also, I can't find anything related to rodent hippocampus vacuolization. do you have a link?

I've been on adderall Rx for many years, really curious to read about this.

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>using any drug that isn't alfa bran

do u even jobe rogman?

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6 months ago my psychiatrist told me new research linked adderall and other amps to parkinson's disease in adults over 30.

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lol wut

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yes, not sure how strong the linkage is, but it would be due to dopamine reduction.

the studies I've read evaluated rather high dosage: 1.5-2mg/kg daily

for me, that's 123-164mg per day. a fuck ton.

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What about Ephedrine? Can I get det dere brain gainz from it? Is it anything like Adderall, etc.?

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200mg every 24 hours? 200mg will keep you up 24 hours. 100 mg ever 24 hours is a better choice.

Also, taking 200mg every 8 hours will prevent from sleeping for for a long time.

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Why do so many people compare amphetamines line Adderall to meth?

1 hit of meth is like taking 100 Adderall for fuck's sake. An average person prescribed Adderall takes 30mg-90mg of amphetamine salt a day, whereas an average meth user would be ingesting 900mg-2g of amphetamine a day.

It's not even comparable.

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>line Adderall

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Hard Rhino is a great site for Racetams.

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exactly. most AMPH studies use ridiculously high dosages.

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Have you smoked meth?

They're very similar.

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I've done every ADHD med around, and smoked meth my first time two weeks ago.

Meth blew it out of the water several times over, but perhaps if I would've been taking twenty times as much it'd be the same.

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>buying high cap mags with buttcoins

Probably not your picture but,

Dude I can get that shit sent to me in California as a rebuild kit and it's fucking legal and cheaper.

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>actually trying meth

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thanks man

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>implying meth is leaps and bounds worse than Adderall
>buying into the stigma created by the government

stay pleb

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WARNING. Noopept may have some side effects.


Dizziness in the gym upon exertion, heart palpitations while jogging. Noopept has seriously fucked me up.

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>stigma created by the government

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I'm currently taking piracetam + choline as well. The memory part is especially true.

I literally only studied for my recent linear algebra mid term the night before the test, for 4 hours. I got an 88 on it. It's great

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doesn't mean shit. I know kids who can ace tests after reading the material once through.

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Psyschedelics to better the brain

DMT - Lose fear of death
Psilocyban - Improved mood for months after one dose

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Does the choline work better with piracetam or the or way around?

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I fucking hate that arrogant hipster cunt.

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are negative health effects from meth proven to be caused by the drug itself or is it from the lifestyle of drug addiction? like heroin for example isn't really that harmful to your body if you can maintain a safe dosage and use clean needles and the heroin is pure. it's the lifestyle of the addiction that fucks you up more than the drug itself.

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count your pumps bro. setting new sex PRs erry dae!

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Hamilton is great, it was stupid of him to give that one "witch doctor" all that money for what turned out to be sand, but I still think he's hilarious.

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is that the guy from vice with that horrible voice?

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fyi choline can be found in egg yolks and beef liver too yall.

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yeah his voice is pretty annoying i enjoy his vids tho

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Vice docs though man

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Choline absolutely "works" and is totally different from the racetams. It's effects when taken regularly are permanent. Read up on the neurotransmitter Acytle choline Alpha GPC is the best in terms of blood brain barrier crossing.

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