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What exactly did you fuckers do to Scooby?
If you just found out his name and adress, why is everyone so fucking upset?
Is Scooby ashamed of his name or something?
And why are people leaving /fit/ ( it's been shit for a long time already and it's still one of the better boards on 4chan).
Scooby posted here maybe once a week at max.
And the threads usually went to shit because 80% of responses were ''pls gooby hav sex wit me''
So...why is EVERYONE so butthurt?
no big deal guys....

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Scooby is another in a long line of decent contributors who get trolled off the board. Every time anyone worth posting with comes here, dickheads do something terrible and make them leave.

Quad ended up in serious real life trouble just for posting here and got fined for steroid use.

Tinytrip was borderline suicidal because making fun of both someones parents dying in tragic circumstances is considered ok here.

Now scoobs. Its not just doxing him. Masturbating on his youtube feed then reporting him for sexual content? Shooping fake posts from him admitting steroids and spreading them on his facebook?

We all forget too often that we share this place with /b, and the way scooby was treated after being a decent guy is the final straw for a lot of people who've realized there are other places to discuss lifting with good communities and no feels or 16 year old /b bullshit.

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yes, but this is 4chan
if you have the balls to post here and reveal your identity partly, you might aswell be prepared that some edgy faggot will troll you / dox you / whatever

this place is shithole, but I appreciate the community to some extent

but nothing terrible happened, so why the hard feelings
people saying this place turns into /b/ are just overreacting, same as people wanting to leave etc.

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But he did use roid, it's probably legal though, being gay and doctor might prescribe you one to counter HIV.

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There's still active thread about this >>21337082

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ITT: severely bored white people problems

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That's not the point.
It doesn't matter if he uses roids, as long as he promotes natural bodybuilding.
Point is - there is basically no need to be so butthurt like the whole /fit/ is. Nothing serious happened. No one got hurt. Just....what's the matter? I'm sure scooby is used to trolling, as anyone who uses internet.

Everyone acts like teenage girl. Might aswell cry myself to sleep because someone asked me DYEL on current body thread.

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Good writeup of the atrocities /fit/ has done to fuck itself up. Legit, knowledgeable members of this community have been chased away. To what end is beyond me, but there hasn't ever been a tripfag as thoroughly knowledgeable as Quad and some idiots had to drive him off.

Where do you go for laughs and fitness related shit instead of /fit/?

I think I'll take my leave as well.

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>just overreacting
I think the things people said to tiny are terrrible, just saying IT WAS JUST TROLLING doesn't make it any better. This board is shit now and I don't know why I stay other than familiarity and nostalgia

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you're a total idiot
get help

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well that's the problem, there is no place like /fit/
even though i would like to go somewhere else, I don't know where

I know /fit/ is shit, but it's far less shit than reddit and misc, and I honestly don't mind filtering through manlet and feel threads to talk about fitness

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It's July, that's what.

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Wrong, now /fit/ is a 365 shithole. Been here since 2010, and nothing has changed, seems that /fit/ will be always be immature as fuck.

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How could /fit/ ever be mature?
Don't lie to yourself guys, 80% of you started lifting because of girls and most of you are probably under 30.

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Sorry not my case, my brother teached me about weight lifting, i liked it and im still training after 4 years 7 months.

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I remember it being better in 2011 though

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Scooby is doing a vid with Frank Zang soon

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Everyone who says people are overreacting on scobbys dox is a fucking teenage low-life cunt. Scooby's a great guy, he gives away free advice and motivates people wherever he can. He may be a little goofy but he gives good, honest and decent advice.

I won't mind doxing camwhores and the average faggot on 4chan but scooby... really? That's like going to the gym and punching a PT because he asked you to not curl in the squat rack. Fuckin immature cunts jerking off to the idea to herass people online because, let's face it, they are too pussy to step up to those who really matter irl

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>teached me

k kunt

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oh no, there is peoples who can't good into english... oh my, dis hapening on international board? make fun!

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Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face.

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>I'll just purposely butcher a sentence instead of making an effort to write properly. That will show them.

Accept it when people point out mistakes, and work on it.

~Advice from an autist~

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