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Who's more of the douche here, /fit/?

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it's either you for posting this shit or me for replying to your shitty thread.

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Faggot who took the photo.

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faggot probably lifted less when he started out

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Obviously the cunt taking the picture with an iPad. People like this seriously piss me off.

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Por que no los dos?

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Everyone involved seems douchey to me.

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even the people on facebook you want to symphatize with are incompatible to my high autistic standards

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at least hes trying
at least he aint curling in the squat rack

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the roided out pleb who took the photo naturally.

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LOLd at last comment

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the fat cunt that takes a ipad to the gym

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Reddit pls go

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the fat white trash who is lifting in his jr high gym clothes and "skate" shoes even though he would destroy any skateboard he stood on

he probably stole that ipad or got it from a government program because his mommy is unemployed and sucks cock for a living

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Lol nice tribal faggot

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Do people seriously take pictures of others to laugh at them so they can feel better about themselves? That is some serious douchebaggery, The skinny guy isn't doing anything wrong, he's just a beginner.

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Whenever I see someone with a phone in the gym I automatically assume they're goign to do some shit like this. If I ever see someone pointing their phone at me I swear I'm going to smash it, no hesitation.

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of course you are, jeremy

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anyone else think the person in the last comment looks seriously like moot haha

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no haha

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According to reddit, someone who works at that gym has seen this picture and will be "taking action" against the fag with the ipad.

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>this why DYELs stay DYELs

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lel, reddit aint so bad

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Ever hear of tumblr? Shit, its full of people taking pictures of others to publicly shame them.. with a *hint* of misandry thrown in.

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>this is why DYELs stay DYELs

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>Says the faggot that takes an iPad to the gym


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Do the Aussies have an Academy of shitposting

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>bringing iPad to gym
>big faggoty tribal arm tat
>makes fun of people who are trying to get /fit/

confirmed faggot.

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>skinny calves
>calling out someone

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i'm not jeremy, what the fuck dude?

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I just hope people like this who laugh at beginners and post about it on facebook would've gotten verbally rekt when they were starting out. Fuck, you don't go to the gym to degrade others, you're there for self-improvement. Well, douchebags like this have shit coming their way tenfold.

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The skinny kid is also being a faggot since he's standing in front of where those preweighed barbells are and he has 2 on the floor and is curling one also. If he really cared about making progress he would've done some research instead of being stupid about it.

The ipad guy is just a faggot cuz he has an ipad at the gym and talks shit about a gym guy, and posts it on fb.

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The guy taking the pic has cankles

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In austrailia, you either die a dyel or live long enough to see yourself become a douche.

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Guy with the iPad is a bigger douche. Hands down.

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The difference between this thread and current body threads when a skinny/dyel guy posts is hilarious.

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found the guy in the picture

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>fat angry manlet with ipad

He's worse.

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Aussies are the most active shitposters on /sp/

So I think they probably do train them from a young age on how to shitpost.

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Definitely the douche with tats.

Everyone starts somewhere, don't bully skeletors.

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Who the fuck takes an iPad to the gym?

Who the fuck puts down someone working out and trying to improve?

He's probably fucking Australian, isn't he? Australians are the scum of the Earth.

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>tfw on my first day in the gym some curlbro cunts laughed at me when I was benching just the bar

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Gym elitists are the biggest cunts going.
They usually aren't even big, just riding on medium muscle with fat.

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He sounds like a fucking douchebag shitposter. AU no doubt. Backwards-ass weather and backwards-ass brains.

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Wasn't this thread already made this morning? Why all the shitposting /fit/?

And only faggots take pics with iPads.

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/fit/ does this on a regular basis, but most of the time the people in the pics are doing something really fucking stupid, like the pic of killbill doing the balanced plates pushups.

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>tfw on my first day some curlbros asked me what i was doing when i was setting up for a squat

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Is that you curling ?

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Guy taking the photo

I don't get why so many people feel the need to shame new lifters. I want everyone to make it.

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Did you go into the gym on your first session (not to say its his first, but the guy's clearly not even made noob gains) knowing exactly what you were doing and what was optimal for the gains you wanted to make? If you did you're 1 of about 0.01% of people who get it right the first time

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I don't understand the reddit hate.

>join up
>unsub from all the fucking default things
>get extension
>make yourself a porn category
>maybe some of the smaller subreddits that interest you and just post science articles and shit

It's like judging 4chan on /b/, /v/, and /a/ only.

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I remember people laughing at me when I first started, benching 135 with like half range of motion. Now, I go to the same gym, warm up my bench with 225 and watch them struggle under 205.

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they're just edgy /b/tards who can't allow themselvs to enjoy reddit because it competes with their shithole for the most epic memes

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go back

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I've been here since 2005, and have been on reddit before they even allowed commenting.

Yeah, the fucking stupid LMAO RAGE PICTURE AND CAT PICTURES OMGOMGOMG and that shit is annoying, but the faggots on other boards here do it as well. I just don't go to those parts of the site.

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go back to reddit

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Lets go through the guys mindprocess here.

He sees a skinny guy, obviously a beginner, clearly struggling with his exercise. There are a number of things one could do in such a situation.
1) Ignore it, mind your own business and continue your workout
2) Go over and ask if he would like some help.
3) Go over and tell him you want to help (this will ensure the guy doesn't feel like he is imposing anything on you)
4) Laugh internally
5) Laugh externally
6) Actually point and laugh at him with your mates
7) ....
99) Bring the most useless item for a gym session along with you, use it to make a picture and then mock the guy on a circlejerk website

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I don't get it

he looks chubby-fat. What is he making fun of? and who brings an ipad to the gym? and who even does this


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Join up, unsubscribe from default bullshit, subscribe to all of these:



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that's a lot of porn

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yeah the "porn" name thing is a bit lame, but those subreddits are full of awesome content, most of it oc as well

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Who the fuck uses an iPad or any large tablet to take a picture?

Way to be stealthy

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Lel that fat manlet is angry as fuck at the 6'4 15% bodyfat master race

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I'd step on his iPad. Way to carry that shit outside around without any case or protector btw

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What a cunt

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because they're mostly faggots and the worst type of moral fags

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>isn't doing anything wrong

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iPad fag is the biggest douche. At least Chicken Man is trying and keeping to himself.

We may make fun of people doing double-grip cable gorilla swings on here, but it's different from just being outright cruel to a guy who doesn't know a whole lot, just wants to look better, and has to start out with a really low fucking weight.

Also, as has been said before, note the iPad kid's fatceps and skinny calves. Ad hominem, sure, but his superiority complex is undeserved.

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share that post with the public and link it in this thread pls?

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srs question how much are those weights? they look like they add nothing

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1.25kg is my guess

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>making fun of a guy posting a picture of another guy minding his own business by using a video taken of a third guy who was minding his own business by a fourth guy to make fun of him.

You're also a douche.

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We want as few guys and as many girls as possible to make it.

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He's just a beginner, he probably doesn't know much about lifting yet. Again, he isn't affecting anyone else, yet tribal faggot overlord 2013 decides to whip out his faggoty iPad just so he could feel better about himself.

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>15% BF
>Master race

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the skinnyfat douche who bought himself an ipad and carries it around.

>> No.21524051

dude who took the photo

>> No.21524064

The mirror


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LMAO why would you bring an ipad to the gym

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The best thing about the iPad isn't using it, it's showing everyone at the gym that I am.

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my favourite thing about the ipad is it's smooth interface and fast processing. With so many apps to find and explore it didn't take long to find one that does everything I want it to in the gym

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Why would you even bring an iPad? iPods and iPhones, yeah, I can understand because you can put them in holders and listen to music, but where the fuck do you put an iPad (apart from up your ass)? Wouldn't you be worried about it cracking or getting stolen?

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JIDF detected

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Are you on the right board?

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Because you want to show people that you bought this expensive gadget. People will think you are of high social status and class.

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The cunt with the ipad

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Say someone like myself go to the gym and this faggot or someone alike were to mock me for being skinny- would you /fit/ people even back me up?

Last few times I went to the gym it just feels like everyone looks down at you when they have to wait etc.. No fucking help recieved at all but looks

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>would you /fit/ people ever back me up?

No. Because nobody would ever go up to someone else in a gym and legitimately make fun of them to their face

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>not 4chan

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The Padhole

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What a faggot, i hate anyone who carries around their ipad and takes photos.

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links please

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maddox is a fat unfunny faggot

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Meh, I use /fit/ and reddit, been using both for a long time, never been accused for wearing a fedora.

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Anyone have that story of the curlbro watching a guy do squats and he thinks he's trying to kill himself?

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>taking iPad to the gym with you

Identifying faggot...


>> No.21526656


do you even have to ask?

the dyel faggot with the ipad. the skellington is getting his lift on

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this nigga is still around?

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Because it's a ultra-liberal, whiteknight, neo-feminist circlejerk where dissenting voices are silenced through groupthink and le downboatz.The hivemind mentality leads to retarded shit and attention-whoring garbage being posted simply because it is known to be popular and get le upboated.

Also, it's the home of SRS.

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>namecalling a guy who posts making fun of a guy posting a picture of another guy minding his own business by using a video taken of a third guy who was minding his own business by a fourth guy to make fun of him

Y..you t..too.

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>implying defence squads and disinformation tactics only apply to one board

Keep sippin' the cool-aid, goy.

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>200kg bench
Not buying it.

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this didnt even realize he had an ipad lol.

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the manlet commenting on the slightly taller chinky manlet

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There is a difference between stupid and beginner

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The bodybuilding and weightlifting subs weren't that bad last time I checked. The nfl sub is good too.

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>implying reddit is more of a circle-jerk than /fit/

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>ipad in the gym

this is worse than OHP in the squat rack

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It's like the douchebaggery circle of life.

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They literally have a sub called circlejerk because it gets so bad on some of the default subs.

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its stupid if you visit the stupid boards

just like /b/ is stupid with their NIGGER NIGGER PORN XD GORE ROFL RANDUMB LEGUN.

Good boards got good moderation, something even 4chan lacks

~sincerely someone who has been here all summer for 5 summers.

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>Because it's a ultra-liberal

Eh. Not really. Left-leaning? Yeah. "Liberal"? Maybe. Ultra-liberal? Uh, no.


I've never seen that *not* get mocked there.

> neo-feminist

I have no idea what those words mean to you. 4chan is the most girl-scared, mysoginist place I've seen. Reddit has SRS, but it also has MensRights.

> circlejerk where dissenting voices are silenced through groupthink and le downboatz

That's an inevitable result of a simple voting system.

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>Comparing srs to mensrights

One of the above can't sleep their way into moderator positions

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Hey guys!

I'm a frequent Redditor, and visit /r/fitness a lot. A friend mention you guys are really similar, and have a lot of "le" (it's an inside Reddit meme, lol) knowledge to share!

My one question is, where is le search button? I don't know how to find the old posts here!

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>Only 2 le's


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>pale white skin
>tryhard tattoo
>25% bf because "bu-bulking"
>natty physique but considering he talks about steroids and looks like a faggot who wants instant results he is a roiding napolean complex faggot
>takes an ipad to the gym
>no traps judging from his profile picture

loving every laugh

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reddit is a bunch of sheep yelling retarded shit at each other, at least 4chan is slightly funny sometimes

>> No.21529275

I hate him so fucking much.

He used to say tabbed browsers were dumb

>> No.21529315

obviously the fat guy with the ipad. what a loser

>> No.21529344

>spending $800 on Apple shit
>omg you're so rich and cool, want sum fuk?
>spending $2000 to build a high end PC
>ugh what a nerd

>> No.21529365

>everyone is a tripfag
>controversial/unpopular oppinions sent to the graveyard with down votes so no one reads them
>every comment is a shitty pun
>PC haven
>liberal haven
>devolves into a circle jerk because everyone wants karma
>any girl that is posted automatically makes it to the top (srs I was looking at r/fitness for an alternative to all the /fit/ faggotry and a girl that lost 15 fucking pounds was the top post. And all the comments were beta whiteknights trying to get some cyber pussy)

Reddit is a hellhole and is completely uninteresting

>> No.21529366

>dat Ipad
>tatted up brah!
>poor gym swag
>acts like he knows shit
>putting down beginners

God, these people should just die

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yeah man i just hate reddit so much!!!

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/r/fitness is shit, son.

>> No.21529713

> herp derp i dont know that SRS is actually an SA jimmy rustlin psyop

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>> No.21529996

the only half-decent reddit is /r/4chan/ and even then I only browse it when I'm at work and don't want a co-worker to see dick pics on my desktop

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> maxipad to the gym

the fuck brah.

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