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ha ha, oh wow


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hahaha oh god my sides

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Oh my god this cant be real. This is a parody of something right? Holy shit I hope this isnt real.

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I wish we could see paper he was missing so we can laugh at the non existent grouping.

On a side note this was running through my head as I was watching it


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Oh look, its this again.

Yes this is completely real and yes these guys rip people of with training and vip close protection.

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This is real. All too real.

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This was running through mine

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I'm crying... oh my gawd. xD

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Loving the tactical camo

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>Dat airshit
>Those vests
>All taht tacticool
>Pretending to be military
>Bitch went the wrong way.

All of my lulz.

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>that guy with the clown mask

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What the actual shit...

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The VIPERS academy channel is so ripe for trolling. I mean, "NAACP Event" "Detroit Defense Network," this is begging for it.

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Why do you think all of their videos have blocked posting?

I'd take this guy over one of those viper goons any day.

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Well yeah, that guy looks thoroughly prepared

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He's a /k/ommando too (check the whiteboard). I'd trust a diaper wearing, basement dwelling, furry /k/ommando above this joke of a tacticool school.

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Dont have time to casually take a shit in a firefight. This guy got it right, I'd trust my life with him.

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meanwhile in romania

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He gets up and carries on like nothing had happened...

>my sides

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Yeah, but then it adds drag to a high-speed low-drag combat op. You don't want to carry your shit with you while operating operationally.

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so much spaghetti!

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10/10, would operate with.
>Dat double SKS at full auto

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Soo... They just made an obstacle course from shit they happened to find on the vacant lot they rent for their crappy course?
Seems legit.
>dat tetanus

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But when you operate operationally in an operative environment you don't have TIME to stop and dispose of your fecal matter!

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24050/10 - would operate with every single day.
Crazy, fearless bastards...

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Didn't those operating operators operate their way into shit with local police at some point?

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But you don't want that rubbing and sliding around your junk while operating! Shit's distracting, yo.

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Wow, and people actually think this nigger shit gives them the right to be in a PMC, or a cop or some shit? This is a joke. Anyone who follows them will die in a real firefight.

Fuck your better off teaching yourself by torrenting video of Costa

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also related

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>Compliance level 1

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A true operator would never let himself be distracted by a poopy diaper!

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>so nobody can now she's not there
>pasta level: tagliatelle

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good for these guys they are more useful then the Detroit police


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This is painful as shit to watch. It's like kids pretending to operate operationally.

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Speaking from experience, bro? I don't think operators would be able to handle an MRE-enhanced pile of shit draggin them down.

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dat fucking head tilt

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Tactical Barrel Rolling.

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Having no police at all is more useful than the Detroit police.

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they might be retards but they seem to be doing some good work in that hell hole of an area in america they seem to be doing the best with what they have all seem to be volenters

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dat fucking head tilt

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Now imagine if the father of the baby was violent, and reacted with force. They would be fucked and it would've been a huge scandal. They got lucky.

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>mfw they go around stealing babies
Trainings are one thing, but these guys actually go out and do this kinda stuff to. For free, because a pwetty lady asks them nicely.

What would /k/ do if these guys stormed your house to take your kid?

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Her bangs shaking from recoil ever so slightly.

>10/10 would operate with (in bed)

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fukken saved

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this is what /k/ would look like if they tried to retake detroit

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What does V.I.P.E.R.S. even mean

It's an acronym so it has to mean something

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But /k/ realizes that trying to save Niggerstan, Illinois is a lost cause.

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You know, I always laugh at Chicago and the State of Illinois in general. So anti-gun and paranoid, and yet, Great Freaking Lakes training center.

It's so deliciously ironic.

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that black guy was pretty large I wonder what would have happened wonder how the group is like I wonder if the main guy is a bully

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Violence Intervetion Protective Emergency Response System

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I read that in detriot some parts the cops don't even go there so until they run into some gangs or one of them kills some one or one of them gets killed or maimed or the givernment stops them as they might look like a milita group I support them they are like an ill trained robin hood

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They should use bows.

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>Implying robin hood was anything but a common fucking highwayman

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theyre tough pest

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you know what I mean like good guys wonder what there requirements to join are

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<i>No description available.</i>

pretty much sums it up

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>Applicants must send a copy of their police clearance, 3 videos of recommendation (by mms to email stating the persons name, contact phone number and their recommendation of the applicant), along with a current photo of themselves for ID, a picture of the interior and exterior of their residency, and lastly a picture of their car, along with their license plate.

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You have to train this shit, otherwise you'll be fucked when someone ambushes you in a kids playground

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>ambushes you in a kids playground
Those child soldiers are the worst

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Is it wrong that people put scopes on the carrying handles of the AR? I've seen a bunch of Syrian rebels do that.

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from the stance at the intro I expected a power rangers moment

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>dat first comment

i could be wrong, but that smells like some delicious new pasta

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I can't imagine that the cheek weld would be good.
And it reeks of 90's tacticool.

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My name is 01Falcon which is my Viper code name. I am one of the first to have a code name and trained with Commander Brown when the system was still being developed. The training I received was invaluable and has saved my ass and my live on many occassions and in many situations. I dont really care what you armchair divas say, talk is cheap, go to the school and try the training for yourself otherwise shut the hell up

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the power rangers seem to be a major source of inspiration for modern gunfighting tactics

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The fucking optic is moving with every shot

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true operators operatan

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dat chicken wing

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>entire body reacting to 9mm AR recoil

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999999999/10 Would be operated by

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>knife throwing

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As a business owner I have to ask...


Their accounts must be laughing.

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still manages to fuck one up even tho she is 1 foot from the target. jesus

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I can't even make fun of this. I feel so bad for all the poor saps that got duped by these assholes. Shame one them. Shame.

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Yes, you can hire these guys for VIP protection for only 1500* per 12 hours.

*+ expenses

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Do the whole world a favor and video tape me holding a gun to them and watch them run out my door with their tails between their legs.

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they need that for tactical purposes, DUH

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we should all apply. I feel this is a magnificent idea.

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These guys really need to get some target stands

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i don't think dragon dildos are part of compliance level 1

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I like the vidya guy.

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don't know unless you try! You know whose application I would love to see? Hipsters.

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My name is Snake Eyes which is my G.I Joe code name. I am one of the first to have a code name and trained with Commander Duke when the system was still being developed. The training I received was invaluable and has saved my ass and my live on many occassions and in many situations. I dont really care what you armchair divas say, talk is cheap, go to the school and try the training for yourself otherwise shut the hell up

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he called a .gif a "Jiff"

so he can die and he can go to hell.

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What insurance company would touch this?

>We want to run students through a literal shit scrap yard of shit.

They obviously never have return customers unless (maybe a black guy going to the club that wants to feel special hired them a few times a year.)

With rent (even with being in Detroit), insurance, and wages they should be bankrupt in months...

Tactical themed fat camp.

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so twice that amount if fast food, apparently.

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If these guys had better training and funding they would be like real life supper heroes but I wonder where they got the money for the boat and car

>> No.12892092

if they got rid of the fat guy I would fund some black water guys to improve there training

>> No.12892097


Check these guys in streetview.

6440 WIGHT ST., DETROIT, MI 48207

Not sure if they have rent or not. Maybe the building owner is glad they are stopping it from being burnt to the ground.

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fuck where they get the money for all of this can they shoot people

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>supper heroes
Typo or fat joke? I'm gonna go with fat joke.

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> Thank you for taking a well love negro spiritual and bastardizing the hell out of it. And oh thank you again civilized white man for coming to save us uncivilized savages. We apreciate you so much....... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This is how they make money. You have to pay 10/month to fall under their protection. They dont actually do anything, you have to pay for them to come.

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>black water guys

>mfw this keeps coming up

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He's subscribed to nutfancy


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Kind of feel bad for the google guy that had to map that section of Detroit.

Why did the homeowner, and storeowner seem like actors.

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Haven't read the entire thread, but: Am I the only one that noticed the optic flopping around on the carry-handle?

>dat false sense of security in thinking you are dealing with "trained operators"

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Dat reciprocating charging handle

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Is it... supposed to do that?
Not familiar with AR10's.

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That video gave me PTSD.

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Pretty sure her scope mount is as tight as a south african whore. Look at it wiggle back and forth from the recoil. I bet she is shooting minute of barn door at 100.

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Honestly, that could have been my girlfriend and I still would have turned around and shot them until they took a dirt nap.

>> No.12892534


Someone arrest this nigger, he stole my sides!

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>minute of barn door
I chuckled

>> No.12892589


You can only hope to ever have this level of tactical skills

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no, likely the latch that holds the charging handle in place is broken. not a big deal, but a replacement is like 25 bucks

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>she failed level five, was supposed to go straight for the throat, what she did was not tactical enough.

This shotgun one. I can't breathe.
Alfredo, alfredo everywhere.

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are these mother fuckers serious????

>> No.12893517

Yes, they are completely serious.

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VIPERS is like /k/.
Especially how they're all fat fucks.

'Did you both go over that obstacle?'
'I did sir.'
'I went under'


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>Tactical Law
>Tactical Psychology

How do I become this Based

Body Guards of the Year All Years

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>> No.12893674


"Online Sir"

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jesus h. christ. I think /k/ needs to make a similar program just to steal business from these retarded hacks.

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The best part about the chick shooting the 9mm AR15 video is how fucking incredibly loose the scope mount is.

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Why Can't I Hold All This Tactical?

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God damnit. I hate that video. I wanna break that guy's dick in half.

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my sides

watch this entire video

Drops magazine; last guy is scared of falling 2 feet.

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UTG scope

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that gave me full blown aids

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Didnt these guys have a facebook?

>> No.12897442

took'em 15 minutes just to get his handgun out, and who...nevermind that video is so horrible it does enough to make fun of itself

>> No.12897451


Next you're going to say only faggots use goose necks.

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What the fuck am I actually watching?
I am a complete nogunz Britfag and this shit seems utterly pants on head retarded.
Does anyone have any actual video of how this shit is meant to happen i.e. actual tacticool training.

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>mfw watching these videos

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why the fuck is the camera-man infront of the firing line? Judging by the fact that those videos never show the shooter's groupings, I half expected him to be accidentally shot.

>> No.12898124

this guy has a corgi

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>April 11

holy fuck that was my birthday


"Never allow unauthorized access"

Yeah this seems like a fetish thing

>> No.12898332

>tfw these guys operate harder than you do
>A for effort

>> No.12898342


okay cameramayn in front of them is enough to give me douchchills, but why dont they just holster their sidearms while climbing over shit? that just seems unnecessary and dangerous

>> No.12898388


Shh, do not try to think about their methods. Lest you become dumber.

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Is this some sort of new dance craze?

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If it isn't my favorite kind of image macro.

>> No.12898461

Looking at there website, and apparently they offer a course for kids that includes:

>trauma first aid; police command and compliance communication; gun disarm; knife disarm; drug, alcohol and gang avoidance; predator psychology and evasion; fire safety; anti-abduction training; verbal articulation; elocution; instructionship and mentorship.

>> No.12898485

>goes prone
>muzzle in the dirt

This is the dumbest shit i've ever seen.

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I wonder...

>> No.12898555

Oh god I want to see the reply to that so badly.

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>> No.12898572

Forgot to put "can be anywhere, anytime".
MFW I started singing the song in my head.

>> No.12898603


this is the best one, dat hot brass, jesus.

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This amuses Hitler and Goebbels

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bumping for the reich

>> No.12898945

what is the point of rolling on your back and shooting? can that even be applied to a real situation?

>> No.12898989

depends on the compliance level

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>mfw these idiots

>> No.12899117

Well, someone just made it to the top of my Do Not Fuck With List...

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>> No.12899212

you're wasting your time, they're never online

>> No.12899237

Why are they shooting at mannequins... OH GOD FUCK THAT!

100/10: would piss pants at the sight of.

>> No.12899300

these are bullet catchers, the presidential/VIP guards, equivalent in function to the Secret Service

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Punish them.

Punish them all.

>> No.12899371

No fucking shit, I know these tools. One is a faggot Ken Block fanboy who thinks he's a rally star because he drives a Subaru Outback. The other one likes street trucks. I had gym class with him, and while we were in the middle of the biking section of the year, he left his helmet out in the locker room. It ended up getting thrown in the urinal and getting pissed on. And the hilarious thing is the kid got mad at the gym teacher for throwing out his piss-soaked helmet.

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>> No.12899430

shooting live rounds a few inches beside someones head.. im okay with this.jpg

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File: 17 KB, 559x556, pawn2.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.12899543

This shit is so ridiculous that I feel embarrassed for them. How do they not understand how absurd they look and sound?

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>> No.12899745

tacticool bowl carrying

>> No.12899810
File: 116 KB, 550x413, monkey.jpg [View same] [google]

Timmy Too Tactical


>> No.12899882

and not one /k/fan uploading his/her kewl firefighting tactics

>> No.12899953


No, but you've gotta be fucking insane to be that fucking bad ass.

>> No.12899996


we could call it "art of the dynamic nugget"

>> No.12900067

Are these real SF? Or just drunken idiots like the nignogs in OPs video?

>> No.12900555


>> No.12903901

holy sweet fuck

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File: 2.05 MB, 480x271, 1349024431762.gif [View same] [google]

don't die on me thread

>> No.12905505

good ol ori

>> No.12906384
File: 78 KB, 400x349, ori.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.12906439

This makes me so fucking angry

>> No.12906556

Are these people still around?

>> No.12906632

holy shit. I would rather go door to door in Fallujah with a team of homosexual Air Force accountants than these fuck nuts.

shit, I'd roll with 10 /k/omandos. Not even like the bro current/former combat arms guys. 10 fat neckbeard moist nugget wielding, cargo shorts wearing, virginity intacting /k/omandos

>> No.12906668

So my god, this hood life shit video.I cant even explain how much fuck is in my brain

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