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I just found the most autistic user in the history of 4chan:


A british poster on here composed a 100 page essay on a tripfag known as UTV

this is some /b/ before scientology shit, and it may genuinely disturb you, into how far it goes

I guess it could make you think twice, if you enjoy tripfagging on here.

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To keep it /k/ related, whats the ideal way to measure a nuggets bore to determine its accuracy? it already has sharply defined lands/grooves, have digital calipers

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The fuck is UTV?

The fuck is trb?

The fuck is going on?

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so what is going on exactly?

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my god

"What is this? Since the beginning of June 2013, I have taken a great interest in the /sp/ trip
user UTV. I have archived his posts, and made these archives public, and celebrated him in
many ways, some of which I have made public, such as our 100
anniversary celebrations.
However, most of the things I have written about him have no place in the public eye. This is
a collection of private works, stories, images, and other features about UTV that I cannot
place anywhere else and am merely keeping for my own usage and viewing"

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pls respond

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What the fuck does this have to do with weapons? Huh? WHAT THE FUCK DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH WEAPONS?

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shh anon, we're trying to figure out what's going on with this holy grail of tism

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Oh my. I just opened the pdf and...oh god.

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This is the most autistic thing I have ever seen in my life.

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dear god, has anyone else got to this guy's poetry?

>How can I explain my deep seated love for UTV?
>I could compare him to an Aston Villa goal
>But unlike a Villa goal UTV enlightens me
>I want him with me always like a benign mole
>An Aston Villa goal may not always make me giggle
>Whereas Phil from Kent will always make me chuckle
>With each joke he posts and when his regens get a niggle
>Under the weight of Phil my heartstrings will buckle
>The main reason I can’t compare him to when Villa score
>Is that I don’t think of Villa goals when alone >Whereas UTV’s posts rub cream on my soul when it’s sore
>Phil turns me to softness like Medusa turns man to stone
>So long as UTV posts and his words manage to thrive
>Then I will be there for him updating the love archive.

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>Plan for if UTV and I move in together

I'm still waiting for a anons plan for Squid.

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Archive of his post:

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if we moved in with squid do you think his mom would buy us scars too?

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>The Philmarilion
this even started out good

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