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Okay, let's try this again. This will be the general thread for /mlp/'s creative writers to give us stories about fetishes and ponies (or anthro or humanized). Pretty much anything goes, so domination, mothering, lactation, hoof (or foot) fetish, etc. It was decided that the more extreme ones like scat and gore wouldn't be allowed, but correct me if I'm wrong on that.

And since this a fairly new general, please keep any pics you post work safe (or relatively work safe). Thank you and enjoy!

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Well, I'll try posting my humanized Rarity dom story again. Enjoy!
>You enter Rarity’s beauty salon. You’re not really sure why she called you here, but she seemed rather excited on the phone. She also insisted that you bring that certain item you found outside of Ponyville.
>Rarity hears you come in, and rushes up to greet you with a wide grin.
“Oh, thank you for taking the trouble to see me, darling! I quite appreciate it. You have the item I asked you to bring?”
>You take it out of a bag you’re carrying: it’s a gorgeous, flawless, amethyst-coloured den. Such a gem hadn’t been seen in Ponyville in a long time, and the fact that you found it became quite well-known, and gave you a certain measure of popularity.
>Rarity looks at it in awe.
“Oh, yes. Oh, yes! It is absolutely perfect! I’m positive it will look wonderful on my new dress.”
>You frown at her. Wait, is she suggesting…?
>Rarity sees the look you give her, and softly shakes her head, smiling.
“Well, of course that’s why I asked you to come. You would be doing me – and really, all of Ponyville - a great big favour by giving me that gem for my dress. Why, it would be a crime for it to just sit alone in that house of yours without anyone to see it. So you will give it to me, right? Pleeease?”
>She looks at you pleadingly with puppy-dog eyes. Right now, you’re feeling too insulted to care.
“I’m sorry, Rarity, but that’s awfully presumptuous of you. I’m not just going to give you this. It’s actually become quite special to me.”

“So, you won’t do it then? Not of the kindness of your heart?”

“No, and I’ll be leaving. Thank you.”
>As you turn around and start heading for the door, you hear Rarity mutter something.
“Well, I do have other methods of persuasion…”
>Just as you start to turn back towards her, you feel a sharp whack upon your head, and you fall into unconsciousness.

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>You’re not sure how long you were out, but you groggily re-enter the land of the living. You’re shocked at your situation as you wake up, however.
>You’re lying on a large bed, completely nude except for your underwear, and you realize your wrists and ankles have ropes around them, which are tied to the four corners of the bed.
>Suddenly feeling scared, you give your arms and legs sharp tugs, but it’s no use. You’re thoroughly strapped down spread-eagle style.
>Trying to recollect what happened, you remember you were in Rarity’s shop, and then…
>As you think of Rarity, she comes into the bedroom, smiling.
>She looks completely different: she has on a black leather corset, leaving her large breasts out in the open; a black leather thong; long black gloves that go past the elbow; and tall high-heeled boots that come up to just below her ass cheeks. In short, a dominatrix outfit.
“W-what’s going on?!” you sputter.
>She walks up towards the bed and stands beside you, and softly caresses your cheek.
“Darling, when I want something, I get it,” she says softly, but with an edge in her voice somehow. “And I want that gem of yours.”
>You can’t believe it. She’d go this far for a silly gem (that’d you become fond of, mind you)? You’re in no position to fight back, though.
“All right. Take it and let me go. This is embarrassing enough as it is.”
>Rarity giggles. Uh-oh.
“Don’t be silly. I’m no criminal. I’m going to simply convince you to give me the gem,” she says as she slowly climbs on top of you and straddles you, tracing circles around your right nipple with her finger.
>As you start to let out a cry for help, Rarity’s glove-clad right hand firmly plants itself over your mouth.
“Now, now, don’t panic, darling. I promise I’ll be gentle…mostly.”

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You gonna get raped.

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I would probably just give her the gem... Then steal her doormat to fap into.

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(The doormat is symbolism)

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>She keeps her hand over your mouth and nose, cutting off your air supply. She seems to be enjoying your struggling, as her left hand clutches at her breast, giving it gentle squeezes. She lets out a moan.
“Mmm, yes, darling. Just try to breathe. Oh, Celestia, it’s so intoxicating, watching you struggle helplessly.”
>There’s no way for you to get any air through her glove, and your vision starts to blur as tears form in your eyes. Just as you slip into dreamland again, she releases her hand.
>You take giant gasps of air as you slowly come back to.
“Oh, but it’s no fun doing this if you’re unconscious. Besides, I have more entertainment in mind.”
>She gets up off your chest, and walks on the mattress towards the end of your bed where your feet are.
>Suddenly, she drives her boot into your underwear-clad crotch.
>You feel a jolt of pain rush through you, but it slowly eases as she gently eases the pressure.
>She moves her foot all around your privates, stroking them gently but firmly.
>Despite yourself, you start to feel a sensation down there. You begin to become aroused.
>She continues rubbing her foot on your penis, increasing and decreasing the tempo.
>As she feels you becoming slightly erect, she stops.
“Oh, my,” she giggles. “So you like this sort of thing? Come to think of it, let’s see what you look like down here.”
>She kneels down beside you on top of the bed. You feel a sense of shame as she pulls down your underwear, exposing your manhood to the world. She gives your penis a tap as she looks it over, and frowns.
“Goodness, you’re rather tiny, aren’t you?”
>You turn bright red in embarrassment, but then she lets out a laugh.
“Oh, relax, I’m just teasing. It’s really not too bad, darling. Now let’s see what I can do with it…”
>She delicately wraps the fingers of her right hand around your cock, and very slowly strokes it up and down.
“Hmm, it seems you enjoy this as well. Excellent!”

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>The feel of her gloved hand around your dick is better than you would’ve guessed, as she continues to move her hand all along the shaft.
>You feel even more aroused as she takes her left hand and begins to fondle your balls.
>Pre-cum starts to dribble from the tip of your dick.
>She ups the tempo of her strokes, as the pre-cum spreads all over your cock.
>With every second that passes, you feel closer and closer to climax.
>By this point, she’s pumping your cock with her hand with an intensity you never knew existed. She also keeps softly squeezing your balls as she does so.
>It must be showing in your face that you can’t hold back anymore, as Rarity looks at your face with a sense of satisfaction.
“Now, cum for me, darling! With all your strength!”
>As if on command, your semen shoots out of the top your dick, and all over your chest. Your head falls back onto the bed, and you feel exhausted.
“What a good boy you are! My, you had a lot saved up. I suppose I should let you recover a little bit while I have my own fun.”
>As she says this, she stands up and walks towards the front of the bed. She plants one foot on each side of your head, leaving you staring straight up at her thong-clad crotch.
>Not for too long, however. She pulls down her thong over her boots, giving you a direct view of her wet, dripping pussy. She’s obviously enjoying this too.
>She gradually lowers herself right over your head, with your mouth coming in contact with her pussy. She lets out a gasp.
“Perfect, darling. Now, lick it,” she commands.
>She puts her hand behind your head and shoves it towards to her vagina, as if to make her point even clearer. You have no choice but to stick out your tongue and get to work. You don’t really have practice with this, but you can guess what to do.

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>You begin by making swirls around her entranceway, and then gradually make your way to her clit.
>You softly nibble it with your lips. She seems to appreciate it, as she pushes your head in further and starts squeezing your head between her thighs.
>Your tongue begins to enter her pussy, and you taste the hot wetness inside.
>You make delicate patterns with your tongue, and the moans you hear suggest you’re doing well.
>As she shoves you deeper inside, you continue to lick the inner walls of her pussy, making patterns at random. She’s practically soaking now.
>By this point, you’re finding it hard to get air, as she keeps pushing you in further and further, and her thighs become a vise around your head.
>Suddenly, you hear an orgasmic cry, and her juices squirt all over your face and into your mouth.
>All pressure is relieved from you, as she gets off your face and lies down panting on your chest, and you try to swallow her juices.
“Mmm, that was delectable. I think I’m all ready for the main course.”
>She crawls back towards your penis, which has started to become erect again. She squats over it, her juicy pussy hovering over your cock.
>She grabs it with her hand, giving it a few strokes to stiffen it further.
“Now, watch closely as I swallow up your helpless member, darling.”
>She guides your cock past her lower lips, and into her warm pussy. She lets out a moan, and the sensation is like nothing you’ve felt either.
>She slowly raises and lowers her hips, and you feel a shudder of pleasure at every movement she makes.
>She places her hands flat on your chest, as she uses you to brace herself while she ups her speed.
>It feels so tight inside her, and she occasionally makes some twists and turns while she rides you.
>You look at her, and she seems lost in pleasure. You may just be nothing but a meat dildo to her right now, but you almost don’t care. The feeling is too incredible.

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>She moves her vagina up and down ever more rapidly, going all the way to the base of your shaft.
>Before you know it, you feel the semen welling up inside your dick once again. Your breathing and hers both get faster and more intense.
“Oh…oh, god…Rarity…I’m…”
>At that very instant, an intense pain surges through your penis. Rarity has taken one of her hands, and is using it to grip your cock tightly. So tightly that it’s impossible for you to cum.
>Rarity is still riding you, but she has a bit of a cruel smile on her face.
“Darling, surely you didn’t forget why I bound you in the first place, did you?”
>You actually kind of did, but now you remember: the gem. You knew there had to be a catch somewhere.
“Now, if you promise to give me your gem, I’ll let you cum inside me right now. If you don’t, well, you can just stay here bound to this bed. But I’ll keep teasing you, tormenting your precious dick, never ever letting you cum again, until you go mad from it,” she giggles.
>As you’re still trapped inside her warm pussy walls, the agony quickly becomes unbearable as you’re helpless. You start crying again from the pain. You don’t want to give in, but…
“O-okay, you win. You can have the gem.”

“Beg me to let you cum. Beg me!”
>Rarity is looking at you, obviously deriving orgasmic pleasure from your suffering.
“P-please, Rarity. Just…just let me cum. I’m begging you!”
>She smiles, and releases her grip on your cock.
>You immediately shoot your white fluid deep into her, as she orgasms and screams at the same time, clutching her breasts.
>As you slow down, she collapses and puts her head on your lap, resting for a while. You also lay there, gasping from the experience.
>You feel a sense of humiliation at what just happened, but at the same time…it felt kind of good.

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>posting a piece by Immelman

You disgusting motherfucker. Get out.

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>After some time, Rarity changes out of her dominatrix outfit and into some more everyday clothing. She then unties you from the bed, and throws you your clothes.
>She walks you back to the main part of the boutique, and asks for the gem. You reluctantly hand it over. It doesn’t seem fair, but you’re good on your word.
>She greedily grasps it, and walks over to the dress she’s been working on. She begins to attach it to the dress.
>She stomps back towards you, frowning, and shoves the gem back into your hand.
“For Celestia’s sake, it doesn’t even match! The gem and dress clash horribly! It’s your fault, you know. If you hadn’t given it to me earlier, I’d have given it back to you right away, and I wouldn’t have had to torture you like I did!”
>Wait, what?
>For once, you really have absolutely nothing to say.
>As you turn around to head out, Rarity calls out to you.
“Oh, darling! If you happen to find one that’s ruby-coloured, that might match! However, if you’re again reluctant to hand it over, well, I do have my ways, as you well know,” she says laughing.
>You wave goodbye, telling her it’s an offer you might consider.

And that's the end. This is my first clopfic (fapfic?) written from start to end. What did you think?

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Can we get hypnosis up in here?

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Good work, anon.

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Heh. This is EXACTLY how I pictured Rarity as a domme. I also think Applejack would be domineering, but she'd be more rough and violent.

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OP could have been better if it was Trixie and not fluttershy or am I the only pony that loves Trixie BDSM?

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Well, thank you very much! I'm not sure when I'll get around to writing more fetish stories, but I certainly feel more enthusiastic about doing more.

>> No.12339633

can we post micro? or am i being too extreme?

>> No.12339642

>implying micro is extreme
I don't see why not.

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I bet she kicks you when you're disobedient. First a warning kick in the chest, then a harder one in the stomach, and finally your balls.

>> No.12339850

>>12339633 Does anybody know of any fics, clop or not, wherein Twilight shrinks RD?

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I bet she kicks you when you're disobedient. First a warning kick in the chest, then a harder one in the stomach, and finally your balls.

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God Damn it, why do I never save my own links.
If someone could repost my Twidom story, that'd be excellent.

>> No.12340143

Would this happen to be it?
I found it in another thread.

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It sure is.
Just out of curiosity, what other thread?
Or did you just mean the old one?

>> No.12340370

well, the old one got scruffied
so I'm guessing some AiE thread or another

>> No.12340540

I find it hard to believe that it'd be in AiE, but I haven't really been there so I guess that nulls that point.
Anyway, I was thinking of maybe another dom story, but there's a twist: it's all of the mane6
My only fear is that it'll be a very long fic i'll have to put in more time than with my usual ones, but what do you guys think?

>> No.12340588

Nothing yet? God damn it /mlp/...

>> No.12340675

We don't have as many writefags as we initially thought we did. We're all working on our own stuff, you're going to have to give us time if you ever want your request finished.
Keep in mind that the more niche of a fetish your request is makes it that much harder to find a writefag to do it.

>> No.12341018

Sure, go ahead. Maybe post it in pieces to keep us interested. I honestly can't see Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie as doms, so I'm curious to see what you can do with them.

>> No.12341526

May as well post this here too, for content's sake:

A Fluttershy dom story done by someone else in the other thread. I thought it was pretty boner-inducing myself.

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>Fetishes thread

>Only dom stories

>> No.12341808

There's only been like 3-4 stories created so far, and domination is a crowd favorite.
If you'd like, give me a suggestion and I might write about it.
Otherwise, write your own stories.

>> No.12341817

The first story was an Oedipus complex with Celestia.

>> No.12341879

For extra content, here's the old fetish thread:

>> No.12342681

Preg on Preg action.
Come on, it needs to happend!

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>> No.12342864

My personal fetish? Being Spitfire's shoulder to cry on. Human Spitfire mind you. Is this even a fetish? Besides that maids.

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My complete list
Bukkake with Rarity
Golden Showers with Pinkie
Lactation with Flutterbutter
Being dominated by Celestia
Sweet gentle love with Luna
Hard fuck with Applejack
Fucking in public places with Rainbow
RPing with Twilight
Blowjobs with Big Mac and Braeburn

>> No.12342971

Any Vorefags up in here?

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>> No.12343002

There are a few.

>> No.12343015

Fuck off

>> No.12343025

Any writefags anywhere.

>> No.12343047

>inb4 thread deleted
I am one, but Vore is one of the few things I won't touch,as it's nowhere near a fetish for me. Sincerest apologies, I hope you find someone who will write it for you.

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I need a writefag or something

>> No.12343134

It's good man.
I would write a story, but I can't write to save my life.

>> No.12343178

Maids are always good.

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Practice, practice practice!
It's the only way I got semi-decent at writing, and even then I find myself in ruts sometimes.

>> No.12343283

But all those links 404.

I need more good femdom god dammit

>> No.12343303

especially non-humanized because i am a massive faglord

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>> No.12344761

Golden Showers with Pinkie sounds relevant to my interests.

>> No.12345065


This is my fetish.

>> No.12345210

>this fucking thread
Faggotry at its maximum

>> No.12345252

Just having fun during the hiatus. Better than all those best pony threads and people bitching.

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we ded?

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File: 1.57 MB, 550x450, FluttersRaving.gif [View same] [google]

U ded.

Passing writefag here, what's your fetish, anon?

>> No.12347090

I can give Pinkie Pie and golden showers a try. Pony, anthro, or human?

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>You are Anon
>One day you wake up and ponies
>Nervous at first, they eventually come round to accepting you among them
>You hang out with butter bashful a lot
>Turns out her 'talent' with animals applies to you for some reason
>Whatever, they're ponies, it makes a sort of sense
>One day she reveals her futa cock and fucks you in the ass
"Oh Futashy"
>"Oh Anon"
>You feel shame that you enjoyed it

It's my finest work.

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Eh, I've seen worse.

>> No.12347379

Anon you responded to here. Watersports (not drinking) and incest.

>> No.12347393

20/10 would fap again

>> No.12347468

Well done!

>> No.12347526

Incest is a tricky one, Anon. Are you a pony's relative? Did you and a family member get transported to Equestria and ponified?

Perhaps I could tempt you with a voyeuristic adventure in the Apples' barn?

>> No.12347557

Incest for me in the pony world would be a baby anon being found in Equestria and being raised by one of the ponies.

I know it is not "true" incest but close enough for me.

>> No.12347600

No, incest obviously won't work in an anon x pony setting. That's pretty much only for AJ x BM or Twilight x Shining Armor.

>> No.12347622

>>12347600 (me)
If it has to be anon x pony, go with just female on male watersports and skip the incest.

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>not applebloomxBM/AJ or SBxRarity so their older siblings can teach them the wonders of sex

>> No.12347706

Apple Bloom x Big Mac could work too, but I'm not really into lesbian stuff, incest or not (and it doesn't even feel like proper incest when it's same-sex). It just doesn't do it for me.

>> No.12347754
File: 182 KB, 894x894, 1373476164994.png [View same] [google]

My Little Sister: Pedaresty is Magic

>> No.12347849

I got an old story on Pastebin I could put here if people don't mind bimbozation.

Should I paste the link?

>> No.12347853

I'm writing one with Celestia finding Anon and raising him, but it's humanized. No pone.

>> No.12347887

Dat delicious sunny D?

>> No.12347907
File: 228 KB, 500x625, 1336871321694.png [View same] [google]

Ah, everyone's got their own tastes, I suppose.
>Sunny D
yes pls

>> No.12347979

Oh right, I should say that pony Twilight is in it.

>> No.12347989

Why not pony Celestia finding human anon as a baby and raising him?

>Sunny D
Yes please!

>> No.12348046

no watersports. not my thing.

because my fetish in this instance is more human than pony. Though, if you really want, I can probably edit the thing to have a human version and a pony version. I'd really just change 'hand' to 'hoof' and a few other things. It depends on how much time I have.

>> No.12348066

I like that approach. Even if it's not real incest, it still has the right "incest-like" feel to it.
Especially if that pony had a daughter (who would then be anon's "sister") he could experiment with in their teens. And then the mother pony catches you together and a threesome ensues...

>> No.12348120
File: 72 KB, 734x404, 1271711131717.jpg [View same] [google]

Fund it!

>> No.12348123
File: 57 KB, 894x894, But anon, why won't you let me pee on you.jpg [View same] [google]

>no watersports.

>> No.12348139
File: 1.10 MB, 320x240, 1343610856031.gif [View same] [google]

>not my thing

>> No.12348164
File: 168 KB, 743x1074, 1365801795500.png [View same] [google]

I was considering "sister" stuff, too. Dunno if it'll make it in, though. I mean, Twilight's in the perfect sister position if she's spending all her time learning under Celestia.

sorry. I hope you can find it somewhere!

>> No.12348196

Well, here's a quick Pinkie Pie and watersports story for those that wanted it. It's not really something I've written about, but heck, it doesn't hurt to stretch a little.
“Wowie zowie, isn’t AJ’s cider just the best, Anon!?”
>Pinkie Pie and you are walking home from Sweet Apple Acres, after indulging yourselves in vast quantities of cider. There aren’t many days where Applejack and her gang sell it, so you have to take the opportunity to drink it when you can.
“You know what? I thought my fifth mug tasted the best! It was just so…cidery! Or was it the fourth? Maybe the sixth! Oh, maybe they were all the best! Which glass did you like best? Huh? Huh?”
>As usual, Pinkie pie is chattering away. You think she’d be a little bloated after drinking all that cider, and not really in the mood for talking. You know you feel like that. Oh, well, she’s holding up the conversation well enough for the both of you.
>Approximately half-way home, you notice a slight change in her demeanour. She’s walking slower, and her hind legs are pressed a little together, like she’s struggling with something.
“Is something wrong, Pinkie?”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just…oooh, I just wish I had a bigger bladder! This happens every time! I drink and drink, and then I can barely hold it in until I get home. I think it’s worse this time around, ‘cause I didn’t even bother to go before I came here. I don’t even know if I’ll make it, and I don’t wanna go in the woods! M…maybe I could use you as a toilet instead?”
>You’re definitely caught off-guard by that.
“Eh? Well, always glad to lend a helping hand. Or mouth,” you joke.

“Really?! You Pinkie Promise?” she says excitedly.

“Uhh…I guess so.”
>You hope she’s joking too, since you’d really rather not do that if you have the choice.
>However, not long after you start walking again, she turns around and faces you.

>> No.12348217

>Not wanting to be adopted by the cakes
>No glorious twincestuous three-way that turns into family fivesome
>No hotdogging with Mrs. Cake's bootilicious ass

>> No.12348218

Yeah... Filly Twilight messes up a spell and accidentally transports a male human baby (anon) into Equestria, and because they are unable to send him back, her parents adopt him as their third child.

He and Twilight fools around as teens.

>> No.12348268

That could work too. I think I prefer the Twilight approach. No reason they couldn't get caught by Shining Armor, who then wants in (literally) too.

>> No.12348278

And then their parents catch the three of them, and it's fivesome time.

>> No.12348295

“Oh, I can’t last any longer! Quick, lie down on your back and open your mouth!”

“W-what?! You’re not serious, are you?”
>She scowls, and gives you a surprisingly hard shove with her front hoof. It has enough force behind it to knock you flat onto the ground.
“You Pinkie Promiiiised!”
>Oops. Pinkie rarely gets angry, but when you dare think of breaking a Pinkie Promise…
>You decide not to push your luck. You nervously beckon her over to you, and invite her to put her vagina right above your open mouth. Just as you promised.
“Yipee! Thanks, Anon!”
>She trots over and assumes the position. Just what have you gotten yourself into?
>In a couple of seconds, you see some yellow drops of liquid emerge from her urethra as Pinkie lets out a sigh of relief.
>Pinkie’s aim isn’t too bad, as her pee goes right into your gaping maw and down your throat.
>The flavour isn’t something you’re used to, and you gag at first, but you get used to it quickly. It’s surprisingly tasty and warm.
>Pinkie is letting loose a steady stream of urine now, and you close your mouth and let it wash all over your face, and down onto your throat and towards your chest.
>It feels almost refreshing, like a hot shower made of gold. The smell is intoxicating too.
>As it keeps on coming, you take some deep breaths and relax, soaking it all in, you’re your hair, into your eyes, into your mouth, all while watching the pee flowing from Pinkie’s gorgeous pussy down to you.
>Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. The stream starts to flow to a trickle, and you open your mouth again to get those last few drops. And then, it ends completely.
>Pinkie sighs again, and finally looks back down at you and giggles.
“Golly, you’re a sopping mess! Is my aim really that bad? Oh, well! Looks like you enjoyed that! Now it’s your turn!”

>> No.12348312

Does anyone have that one where Twilight becomes a zerg hive and corrupts everyone?

>> No.12348404

>You’re a bit surprised she’s so willing, but you liked it, so she might too. And besides, you do need to go pretty badly.
>Before you can get up, she’s already on her back, mouth wide open.
>Your bladder is a bit shy at first, but sooner rather than later, the pee starts flowing from your dick, and past her lips and into her eager mouth.
>She swallows it down greedily, and just like you, she soon closes her mouth.
>She shifts her head up and down, left and right, basking in your golden stream.
>Suddenly, she jerks her hooves up, and adjusts your penis’ aim towards her chest.
>You gladly oblige her, and you target Pinkie everywhere. She seems to be in the throes of ecstasy, with the way she’s wriggling as you continue to pee on her, the warm liquid seeping into every pore on her body.
>Alas, you reach your end soon enough as well. As you step off away from her, she stands up and shakes her head, sending drops of urine flying from her mane.
“Wowie, do we ever smell, huh, Anon? Well, wasn’t that a lot of fun? Huh? Huh?”
>You nod you head slowly. As much as you smell, you shockingly came to enjoy it.
“Truth is, Anon, I didn’t need to go pee at all! I just wanted you to do some watersports with me. You’ve never done it before, right?”
>Your mouth almost drops down to the ground.
>Pinkie gives you a huge grin, and uses her hoof to close your mouth shut.
“See, it’s always good to try new things. You just might enjoy it! We should do this again sometime!”
>She starts skipping ahead of you, singing to herself.
>You follow along behind her, shaking your head and smiling. Well, nothing wrong with doing something different. Especially if it’s with Pinkie Pie.
And I'm done. Quick, but it's more content if nothing else.

>> No.12348419

It's alright, fellow writefriend.
I need to do a Celestia fic someday anyhow

>> No.12348550
File: 479 KB, 141x141, 1372852266247.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.12348582


>> No.12348680
File: 145 KB, 905x1306, Pinkie with a Chance of Showers.png [View same] [google]


>> No.12348895

I got a boner.

>> No.12348966

Oh god someone please do this.

>> No.12349018

I second this.

>> No.12349915

Hey, thanks! Nice to know my work is appreciated.

>> No.12349976
File: 131 KB, 979x838, 1367804294496.png [View same] [google]

I guess I just wanna check but I still have nothing worth doing over the next few weeks so I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in a story about equine rape? Like, hardcore stuff, stallions all aimed on Celestia and Luna. It's an idea I've been bouncing around in my head for a while and this seems like a good enough place for it.

>> No.12350004

Maybe if it's mare(s) raping stallion(s).

>> No.12350015

Or mare(s) raping anon.

>> No.12350593

Nobody here likes spanking :(
If they do, they prefer being dominant over being submissive. :(

>> No.12350724

Actually, that's a pretty good idea! I can certainly try writing a spanking story where Anon is the submissive. Any particular character in mind?

>> No.12350836

Write a god damn futa story.

>> No.12350984


>> No.12351070

Celestia is pretty trite, so probably not her. Good luck!

>> No.12351178

Please do.

>> No.12351240

Write another
Way too much piss in this thread.

>> No.12351331

Hmm, you have my attention.
I just might do it for variety's sake.
What character, human, pone, anthro, what?
Anything specific you'd like to see as a scene maybe?

>> No.12351445

Character: Any of the main 6, or the princesses
Human/Pony/Anthro: Whatever you can write the best. Preferably Pony I suppose.
Scene: Freak accident and she has "it"/Woke up with "it" one morning/Doing it to get anon to like her/Rape
Those are some examples that could work.

>> No.12351484

>Implying you don't want a to write a story about Fluttershy adopting you into her cottage secretly after you've been run out of Ponyville for being a beast
>Implying it won't end up of Flutter getting sick of taking care of you without seeing much improvement in your attitude at all
>Implying you won't write about how she forces you down, binds your hands and legs, and gives you a lube enema with a dogtail buttplug
>Implying she won't force you in a collar and dogears, walking on all elbows and knees with a ballgag as she takes you out disguised as a dog to the dogpark
>Implying she won't take the plug out around all the "overfriendly" dogs until your backside is dripping in semen
>Implying it won't end with you sitting in her shower crying as fluttershy compliments you on how well you behaved and how much you helped her out, in the end you promise to help her with it again.
>Implying it won't become a weekly thing you start looking forward to.

>> No.12351757
File: 675 KB, 900x941, 1365347990698.png [View same] [google]


>Female on male rape

>> No.12351845

Hmm, I might do Applejack as the spanker. I should have something up sometime tomorrow.

>> No.12351866

I'll do my best. It'll probably be Luna pone Futa, is that alright?

>> No.12351867


>> No.12351939

I am not that guy, but I support this.

>> No.12351940

When I woke up and saw the first fetish gen 404'd I was quite upset

Reposting my story about smoking weed with Twilight because that's my fetish/fantasy

>> No.12351977

>You've been visiting the library pretty often lately, not to browse for books, but to chat with the beautiful purple mare who runs it
>She introduced herself as Twilight Sparkle
>At first it started as just casual conversations
>Now she always rushes to greet you whenever you walk in
>One day you're finally feeling bold enough to ask her out
>"Yes Anon! I-I mean...yes. I would love to"
>You plan it out, tonight she's going to come to your house and go out for dinner
>Later that night, you're at your house, nervous as fuck that you've managed to coax this geeky but adorable librarian into having dinner with you
>She's going to be here in 20 minutes
>You go into your room and under you bed you pull out your cigar box
"I just need a little something to take the edge off..."
>The contents of this box include a lighter, a baggie of weed and a glass pipe
>You pack a small bowl, not wanting to get too stoned, but just enough to get a buzz
>You've just taken 1 hit when suddenly you hear hooves knocking on your front door
>You panic, quickly shoving everything back in the box and running out of your room
>You rush to the door and open it, where a nervous looking Twilight is standing
>"Sorry Anon, I know I'm a little early..."
"It's okay Twi-"
>You just realized you never blew out the hit
>Smoke comes out with every word you speak
>Twilight notices, inhaling deep and giving you a look of confusion before gasping
>"I-is that what I think it is?" she quietly asks
>You just nod your head in shame, waiting for her to just walk away and never talk to you again
>She doesn't
>"I've...I've always been kind of interested in it...I wouldn't mind trying it"
>You can barely believe what you just heard
>A light bulb appears over your fucking head
"Do you want to try?"
>Twilight looks around; making sure no one is watching the two of you
>She nods her head
>You escort her in your house, locking the door as she comes in
>You lead her to your room

>> No.12351982

As a Cellyfag, and despite Celly in the running for being the 'mascot' of this general, I think it's only fair to give her sister her time in the moon

>> No.12351988

>Your room is kind of messy, she doesn't seem to mind
>You sit down on the edge of your bed and motion for her to do the same
>She manages to smile at you as you reach back under your bed
>She gets a little fidgety as you re-open the cigar box
>The smell from just the baggie is overpowering
>You grab your pipe, which still has plenty of greens left
>"Maybe this is a bad idea"
>You look over at the purple unicorn, who's rubbing her shoulder with an anxious look on her face
"We don't have to if you don't want to Twi"
>"Are you sure it's...safe?"
"You'll be fine...I just don't want you feeling uncomfortable"
>She fidgets around on the bed
>You're just about to put the pipe back when she speaks
>"Okay Anon, I'll try it"
>You give her an encouraging smile as you grab your purple lighter
"Look Twilight, it's the same color as your beautiful coat"
>She tries to laugh but is still way too nervous
>Noticing this, you run your hand through her silky smooth mane, reminding her that you'd never let anything bad happen to her
>You lift the pipe up to her mouth
"Just breathe in, okay? Don't inhale too much or you might start coughing"
>Deep breath
>"Okay Anon. I'm ready"
>She presses her lips to the pipe
>You light up the rest of the greens, keeping your thumb on the carb
>She takes a hit, not too big, not too little
>You take your thumb off the carb
>Smoke fills her lungs
>She closes her eyes and holds it in for a few seconds before blowing it out, lightly coughing
>She starts to chuckle to herself
"See, Twilight? I told you it's fun"

>> No.12351998

meant to say moonlight, oh well.

>> No.12352002

>You and Twilight have passed the pipe back and forth a few times now
>It's close to being ashed
"Twi I'll take the last hit so you can have greens"
>She can't stop laughing
>Finally manages to speak "W-what are greens Anon?"
>You just smile at the innocent unicorn
>You begin to pack another bowl as Twilight looks around your room, staring at all your posters and out the window
"Twilight, wanna hear some tunes?"
>She laughs and nods her head
>You grab your phone from your pocket and begin playing Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb
>Her face goes blank as she listens to the soothing melody
>You've finished packing the bowl
"Here Twi"
>You're holding the pipe up for her so she can take greens
>She giggles and you light it for her, she takes another hit, closing her eyes and smiling, holding the smoke in much longer this time
>David Gilmour's part of the song where he sings "I have become comfortably numb" plays right as she blows out the smoke
>Twilight isn't laughing anymore, she's totally spaced out
>"Anon what do you think he means? Is it like being happy or sad or somewhere in the middle?"
>She trails on about the song as you finish up the rest of the greens

>> No.12352011

>You and Twilight have smoked 3 bowls now
>You’re feeling better than have been in a long long time
>Glancing over at the purple mare on your bed, you notice she’s begging you with her eyes to load another one
>You just grin at her and she busts up laughing
>You start loading a 4th bowl
>Suddenly Twilight lies her head down in your lap
>You smile and start rubbing her chest and belly
>She’s giggling uncontrollably
>”S-stop Anon! Oh my gosh!”
>New song starts on your phone
>All Along The Watchtower, Hendrix version
>You can’t help but grin, remembering your times back in the human world when you and your friends would blaze to this song every night
>Twilight notices
>”Hey. Heyyy. Hellooo”
>She giggles again
>”You were all spaced out”
>You stare into her glossy eyes
“Haha…I was just thinking about how much this song reminds me of back home”
>Twilight stops laughing as she looks into your eyes
>”Did you have a marefriend Anon?”
“Yeah. She wasn’t nearly as amazing as you are though”
>She blushes
>”I really like you Anon…I mean, I really do”
“I really like you too Twilight”

>> No.12352022

>She’s still lying in your lap, looking up dreamily at you
>You finish loading another bowl
>She shakes her head after you offer her the first hit
>You can’t keep from gazing into her beautiful, glossy purple eyes
>Feeling lost in her beauty
>She’s blushing wildly
>You raise the pipe to your mouth and take a large hit
>You wink at her right as you’re about to exhale
>Leaning down you surprise her with a kiss
>Your lips gingerly touch hers the way a mother would kiss her offspring’s forehead
>She doesn’t pull away
>Not for once do you break eye contact as you exhale the smoke into her mouth
>After what felt like forever, you pull away from the kiss
>You rub your hand slowly through her mane as she exhales
>She can’t stop smiling to save her life

>> No.12352033

I am that guy and I support this.

>> No.12352042

Why is this thread all humanized?

>> No.12352084
File: 20 KB, 500x375, 0101100101010100.jpg [View same] [google]

Give them time.

>> No.12352203
File: 252 KB, 660x660, 1371617396356.png [View same] [google]

I just did a pony twidom story, and I'm working on a futa Luna pony story. This general is just barely getting it's footing and all people can do is complain.
I swear some anons need to get their heads out of their asses and be patient and glad we even have content in the first place.

>> No.12352266

I'm not that anon, but I don't think it's really complaining. I think it's more of a "hey, just so you know, there is interest for non-human stuff". With most of the stories being human, someone might be turned away thinking they're the only ones looking for pony stuff.

Besides, we're all just looking for smut. No need to let it frustrate anyone.

>> No.12352514


Come on writefags. Pls.

>> No.12352540

post that twidom story now, man

>> No.12352541

Not trying to complain, but the last couple threads were mostly humanized.
And if it makes you feel any better, i'll try and write a story of my own in the next thread. this one's near-404'd, and i'm actually trying to write a book.

>> No.12352543

This has occurred in every thread so far, so I apologize for the outburst, but it's getting tiring to hear when someone just complains about there not being ANY content on their specific fetish, or something among those lines when they fail to even fully check around before saying anything, thinking that we'll instantly cater to their wants without putting anything in first. Eventually we run out of ideas and it's your turn to put something back in other than just "I want there to be a story about this". No ideas, nothing that will intrigue writers or readers into doing it.
We're working hard to fulfill every request we can and all people can do is complain more about how there isn't enough of what they want.

>> No.12352569

Give it a read, feel free to post it on here to serve as bump material.

>> No.12352603

That was cute. We could use more softer stuff like this.

Well, that's why I tried making the Pinkie Pie watersports story with Pinkie as pony, since I know people here like that too. It actually turned out better than I thought, even if I'm more comfortable with humans (see the Rarity dominatrix story), so I might try that again.

Anyways, I'm sure it'll balance out in time.

>> No.12352673

that escalated quickly

>> No.12352689

I totally get that, too. People are always going to want more stuff of their fetish. That's how it is.

If writers see those comments, they might take them into consideration, they might not. I would say write what you enjoy, read the fetish stuff you like, and ignore the rest. If people want to request pony stuff, they can. If they want to whine about not having their fetish, they're being unreasonable so it's no use engaging them.

But I get what you're saying. It annoys me too. I just don't acknowledge it.

>> No.12352741

I'm doing my best to attract interest by showing the variety capabilities this thread has. It's in the best interest for the thread that we have stories that appeal to several audiences. If I only wrote what I enjoyed, we'd only have domination and facesitting stories.

>> No.12353005
File: 771 KB, 1200x1200, 1365227638525.png [View same] [google]

TF Here. Just thought I'd repost this story by JazzTeef, originally written for this thread (which then 404'd), which contains "tf, tg, boob-feeding, and some licking. Mostly in equal measure, but still tf heavy." It is a wonderous tale of Oedipus & Celestia. May that someone here enjoy.

> http://pastebin.com/50rWTY4E

>> No.12353246

I had been wanting to write a Gilda watersports fic for some time now. Would that be ok, or is that still too autistic?

>> No.12353269

Nothing wrong with that. The more stories, the better.

>> No.12353275

Go ahead, we need as much content as we can get.
Watersports seems to be another one of the dominant fetishes here, so i'm sure it's welcome.

>> No.12353300


Alright, I'll see if I can whip up something on the spot. I usually take a day or two to write fics...

>> No.12353364


Actually, it probably won't be tonight. Too drunk.

>> No.12353379
File: 17 KB, 568x356, 1365011951019.jpg [View same] [google]

>tfw no Momlestia

>> No.12353495


A better question is, why am I not reading it right now?

>> No.12353537

This is a pretty long one.

I collapsed onto the couch, letting out a long sigh as I banged my head against the armrest. Wednesdays were always the hardest to get through, but damn if it didn't feel good to have all that work done. Working for a grocer, my job was to lug any and all sorts of food around town. Sometimes it was for the stalls my boss ran in the town square, sometimes it was to stock up the main store. Wednesdays, though--that's when the largest shipments came in. And, never wanting to let my boss down, I'd always hit 'em hard.

Today was especially brutal: nine hours almost non-stop loading and unloading. I never begrudged it, though. I knew I was lucky.

A knock comes on my door. I stretch out, sitting up to get it, but my visitor doesn't wait. The door creaks open, revealing Celestia with that peaceful yet constrained smile on her face. I never got tired of it.

"How are you feeling? I know Wednesdays are never easy on you."

I smirk at the comment, almost laughing, but I don't have the energy for that. "This week was the same. Just as bad, but I got through it."

"I'm glad to hear it." She glides over to my dresser, admiring the framed diploma atop it. "Oh! You got the frame today! It looks wonderful." She turns to me, those eyes seizing my attention with their glow. "So, what are your plans now that you're graduated? Are you going to keep working at the grocer? Or are you going to find a job somewhere else?"

>> No.12353542
File: 495 KB, 933x700, 1362057634271.png [View same] [google]

That answers my question

>> No.12353552

With about anyone else, she would've gotten away with that question, but I've known her too long. I could hear the dip in her voice, a tiny crack in the usual pristine melody of her tone. And I can't blame her--I know she's protective of me and would hate to see me leave.

Celestia's the reason I feel so lucky. Six years ago, I was on the streets of Canterlot, little more than a beggar. I did whatever I could to scrape by, which included hours of humiliating prostration and sleeping under well-used blankets. When I could find odd jobs I was overjoyed--it meant a warm meal or even a night by a comforting fireplace. For almost a year, that was me. My life.

Then Princess Celestia rode through town in celebration of the summer solstice. While this was not an extraordinary event, on this particular ride she laid eyes on me, the guy without a purpose. The beggar. At fifteen, without any real education, I'd thought my life was over and accepted that. But she took me in, gave me a place to live, even helped me find a job. Now I'm a graduated, working, twenty-one year-old. I could never hope to measure how grateful I am to her for that, and I try to show it by doing my best. I can tell it makes her happy.

Our relationship, though, is a bit weird. I've never really bothered to define it, because why do that when it works just fine as it is? I mean, it's clear enough how everyone else sees me.

>> No.12353565

Twilight, her student, is kinda like my geeky younger sister. Luna's a bit like that really cool aunt that's still a little awkward at times. Celestia, though... Celestia. I dunno.

For the longest time, I'd been content with how things were. Last year, however, when Luna returned, she asked me a question: "Who do you see me as?" And while I was able to give her an answer, it got me thinking about Celestia.

My instinct was to think, "mom," but that's really not it. She's maternal, but far too frank and brash for me to call her mom. Maybe that's how she sees herself, maybe not. There's a certain look in her eyes when she tells me to eat my entire dinner, when she scolds me for my faults or soothes me in my troubles. It's the same one she had when she took me off the streets; a look that said she'd always be there for me.

Celestia values politeness and tact, though I found the better she knows you, the more often you'll see her playful, almost whimsical side come out. More than anything, however, she preaches integrity. And when I say, 'preach', I don't mean lecture so much as live by example. She's got some innate ability to make people want her respect, to lead with a total confidence and poise.

She's never told me her exact age, though I've never asked. It's rude--even if her age is something ridiculous. She's at least two thousand years old, but she acts like she's much, much younger.

>> No.12353584

And her body, well... I could go on for hours. I know my attraction would push her away and would be a breach of trust--a stain on my integrity--so I kept it to myself.

Celestia stands over a full head taller than me. My gaze, looking straight on, hits the top of her cleavage. Her legs are like solid tree trunks and if you stare at them they seem to go on forever. They meet her body with thick, powerful thighs that lead into impossibly curvaceous hips. I'd never see her eat according to any diet, but with her abs and waist, she might as well be. Her arms are smooth, untouched by hair, but deceptively strong. When she picks things up, I can see the muscles reveal themselves, and I've been witness to her strength many times before. Sometimes, when we're goofing off together, she'll pick me clean up like I weigh nothing, then lay me down just as gently. Adorning her back is a magnificent pair of wings--massive, white appendages that, when fully extended, are each double the size of Celestia herself. Not everyone has wings, but of those who do, none are as impressive as Celestia's.

Her cheeks hold the same femininity as the rest of her body, smooth to the touch, accentuating her soft jawline just so. Her eyes, the piercing, magenta orbs, can strike you from all the way across the room with their beauty and emotion.

>> No.12353590

Atop her head is the most magnificent hair I've ever seen, a waterfall of fuchsia, royal blue, violet and turquoise. It moves in the most calming waves and not even gravity can touch it's brilliance. To run your hand through it is like disturbing a sea of gossamer, thick but at the same time light.

Maybe you can understand my confusion, now. That's the body of a supermodel. One-in-a-million. From looks alone, she's not even ten years my senior! But the way she moves, how she comforts me, and the wisdom she shows whenever I'm having trouble... it's something only someone truly experienced can do. She always knows the right words to say, when to keep me close and when to give me space. When all I want is a hug or a shoulder to cry on, she knows. There is no place I feel safer than in her embrace, those arms and wings wrapped around me, holding me close.

Sure, it's a bit intimidating to have such a, well, attractive guardian by my side so frequently, but I never dared tell her about what her body did to me.

When I got back on my feet, a few years after coming into her care, that's when I started to... notice her. She's a very affectionate woman, unafraid to embrace or touch, whether it be a comforting hand on the shoulder or grasping your hand to lead you along. Those touches, while purely innocent on her behalf, awoke something within me.

>> No.12353604

I eventually got to the point where even a greeting hug after a day of studying or work would leave me rock hard. Many hours were spent in my bathroom, stroking myself to the thought of her. I would close my eyes and focus on my hand, imagining it was hers down there, fondling me with love and care. The image would make me burst instantly.

So deep in thought I was about Celestia's body that I didn't notice her approaching me.

"You haven't answered my question. Are you still thinking about it?"

Blinking, I looked up at her, finding her standing directly above me, those sturdy arms of hers at her sides. Today she was wearing one of her favorite dresses: a long, white and delicate piece that glittered as the air played with it. It moved much like her hair. The dress was one of my favorites, too, as if you looked close enough, you could see through it. Her lightly-tanned skin stood out just enough to make out the lines of her linguere.

Damn, it was hard keeping my composure around her sometimes. But I absolutely could not let her know how I felt.

"Anon?" She curled her hair behind her ear. A small gesture, but enough to flare my arousal up.

"Y-yeah, no, I just haven't figured it out yet." I could tell that wasn't much of an answer from the confusion on her face. "I like it here, really. It's leagues better than where I was before, and I could be happy here my whole life. I just don't know if I could be happier somewhere else."

>> No.12353614

I shot her a grin. "No where else has you."

Her smile widened at the comment, releasing a butterfly in my stomach. Any time I saw her happy like that, especially when I was the one to cause it, my heart would lift like a hot-air balloon above a flame.

"You're such a flatterer. Even the diplomats pale in comparison." She took a seat on the couch next to me, the couch giving a creak as it accepted her weight. Even if she's lean and fit, there's still a near seven-foot tall well-built woman in Celestia. As she laid a hand on my shoulder, her eyes shifted from happy to concerned and her smile shifted along with them. "I would love for you to stay, but please don't let the familiar hold you back. If you think there's something out there for you, go find it. Your family and friends will support you the entire way."

I nod, trying to ignore the soft touch of her hand as it slipped down from my shoulder, caressing my arm until it reached my hand where she squeezed. Her gesture was far and away enough to bring me to full mast as my thoughts drifted, wanting to feel that grip where my crotch now ached.

"Th-thanks, Celestia. It means a lot to me, really. I hope I can show how much some day."

Shaking her head, she squeezes my hand again. Somehow she can make even a simple a motion as that seem graceful. "Please, you will never have to prove anything to me. I love you no matter what.

>> No.12353628

One of her abundant wings stretched out behind my back and laid across my shoulders, a gesture not only of amenity, but shelter as well. I would've embraced her right then, if not for the raging erection in my lap. Instead, I began to sweat, drops of it falling down my neck and forehead. I prayed Celestia didn't notice and squeezed her hand back. It was all I could manage.

"Don't forget: even if you do choose to leave, I'll never stop being a shoulder to lean on or an ear for your troubles. Distance couldn't hope to stop that," she said.

I opened my mouth to say thank you again, but she moved her hand from my side to my thigh, mere inches away from my aching member. Instead of words, a gasp came forth, along with a twitch inside my pants. Her proximity, the sound of her voice, the thick, floral scent of her breath--it was too much. I only hoped she didn't notice the movement.

"Are you alright, honey? You're sweating." Her other wing unfurled and wiped the sweat from my forehead with a single, smooth motion. The feathers tingled my skin as they passed. I sometimes forgot how capable she was with those wings and exactly how massive they were.

I had to get out of this, and now. As much as I loved her, I couldn't let her see me like this. I knew how smart she was; she'd put two and two together if I gave her the chance.

Pushing her wing away, I nodded. "I'm fine, really, I just need some rest. Today was just so exhausting."

>> No.12353637

She squinted, not entirely convinced. "Are you sure? It looks like--"

That's when it happened.

Celestia leaned in, trying to get a good look at my face, scooting her hand a little higher on my thigh to get the proper support. I tried to back away, but those precious few inches were all she needed. Her fingers came to rest on my bulge and it twitched in response.

I knew there was no way she missed that.

She froze in place, her face fluctuating between curious and confused. Her fingers probed a moment, experimenting. In an attempt to restrain myself, I held my breath, but it no longer mattered. Again, my member replied to touch, reaching up, desperate for stimulation and ultimately betraying me.

Anger never touched her face, though, only a wave of perplexion followed by shock, those striking magenta eyes widening when the truth fell upon her.

Heat rushed to my face, a blush as red as a rose appearing in an instant. A thousand excuses ran through my head at once, and I stammered as many as I could out. "R-really, it's n-not what it seems, it-it's just--"

Celestia would have none of it. Her wing tightened around my back as she brought a finger to my lips. The flood of words quit, my throat clamping up in fear. What sort of punishment would she strike me with? How long would she hate me for this? How could I have let things go so far? Why didn't I stop her?

>> No.12353652

Celestia noticed my eyes trembling, darting around the room as my mind raced. That unique smile of hers, the one she only let out for me, graced her lips once more. It soothed me only slightly. "Shhh. Calm down. It's alright."

It's... alright? But how? I'd let my libido ruin everything! I couldn't speak, though. Her finger on my lips might could just as well have been a vice holding my jaw shut.

"Stop worrying. I understand."

Understand what?

She answered as if she could read my mind. "I was your age once. I know what it's like. It's perfectly normal."

Normal for you to lust after your guardian? The one who sacrificed so much for you? No, she deserved my respect, not my lust.

"I know it's hard to control those urges. But I told you I'd always be there for you, and I was not lying."

At that moment, I realized her fingers had never left my bulge. In fact, they were curling around it.

"No matter what."

Her finger finally left my lips, though I was still lost for words. My jaw simply hung open in awe, trying to process what she'd just said. I'd likely had sat there like that for much longer had her hands not gripped my pants and begun to pull down. My body acted on instinct, covering my crotch and crossing my legs in protection. My inner desire raged at me, shouting at me to let her continue, but my mind was conflicted. Is this really the right thing to do?

>> No.12353667

"Honey," she said, resting her hands on my knees, "It's okay. I just want to help, but I can't help if you won't let me."

My heart almost burst from my chest, beating like a drum, thumping as fast as my body allowed it to. Breaths came out haggard, my brain unable to function with the overload of sensation. Celestia rubbed my knees, a gesture arousing enough to leak pre from my tip. She then uncrossed my legs in a gentle but firm motion, concerned for my state but unwilling to accept even a hint of resistance.

Now full-out panting, my hands clutched my pants even tighter, terrified of what might happen if she finally lowered them, but at the same time shaking with anticipation. Celestia closed her hands over mine and lifted them away, much in the same fashion she spread my legs: carefully, but decisively. She brought them up to my chest though they trembled the entire time. Holding them in place with one hand, she used the other to cup my cheek, holding that same smile, hope and warmth radiating from her face. Her wing once again came over to wipe the sweat away.

"Chin up. There's nothing to worry about. It's okay." The words came out a whisper.

She lifted my chin with a finger, but my eyes still bore into the ground, ashamed to so much as consider matching her gaze. Her hands drifted to my waist, grabbing hold of my pants and dragging them down, gradually but confidently.

>> No.12353679

The moment my erection met the air, I sighed, glad it now had room to stand. The warm prison of my pants held a stark contrast to the cool air of the room, but my arousal was unhindered by it.

On seeing me, Celestia's smile curled further upward. "Wonderful," she said, voice caressing my ears like feathers. I don't know if she was talking to herself or me.

Now exposed, I could see myself already leaking a surprising amount. My blush was still in full force, unable to comprehend what my guardian was about to do. With each second that passed, I leaked more and grew harder until my erection strained to the point of pain. I allowed my gaze to drift upward just long enough to see Celestia move her hand toward my length. As I watched it move, I dreaded cumming the moment she touched me. Too many times had I fantasized this, but now it was truly happening.

When she finally closed around me, I gasped.

Her palm covered most of my length, though that was due to the extraordinary size of her hold. Her fingers tensed and relaxed, her hand not yet moving, but finding a good feel of my member, experimenting with how it reacted to her touch. Enough pre had come out that it started to drip onto her fingers, but she hardly cared.

Her eyes studied my member. "You've grown into such a handsome man."

>> No.12353693

I felt my heart flutter at the compliment, though when she removed her hand, I almost reached out and begged her to put it back. She must've noticed, because her voice came out soothing and soft.

"You're doing great. I'm just getting ready."

She reached over to the end table next to the couch, finding some lotion and squirting some on her hand before spreading it around.

"There we go. Now just relax and let me help you."

Her hand closed around me again, though this time with the shocking chill of lotion. I tensed a moment, but when her other wing encircled us, I was able to lean back again. She wasted no time testing me further, her hand falling into a smooth, deliberate pumping motion right away. I clenched my teeth, doing everything in my power to keep from climaxing. Even with just a hand, her skill was impeccable, each finger fluctuating in pressure as needed, her grasp firm but relenting just enough to keep her motion flowing. I started to squirm, though her powerful hand held my member in place, continuing its relentless stroking.

"It's okay. It's okay. Keep it up."

Her words were like kisses carried across a wind of serenity, bringing my mind back from the edge, allowing me to bask in the ultimate pleasure of her hand. I glanced up to her face, finding her staring at my erection with a halcyon joy, like she was taking pride in being the one to show me bliss.

>> No.12353710

Each stroke brought me closer and closer, the rhythm of her technique never faltering, though she didn't keep the touch constant. She pumped my shaft, then gave more attention to my head, then both, then shifted her angle and repeated. Not an inch of my length was left in need.

My panting increased in pace and my eyes about rolled into the back of my head. Sensing how near I was, Celestia moved her other hand to my tip, cupping it over my urethra while quickening her tempo.

"Go ahead. You've done such a wonderful job. Finish into my hand."

The longer she stroked, the harder it became to think. Eventually, all my thoughts were of her: that loving gaze, that firm grip, and that indescribable skill. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes, finally seeing my fantasy come to life.

With a groan, I thrusted my hips into her grasp, finding glorious release, a lightning bolt of pure pleasure rocketing across my length and up my spine. My eyes shot open, the orgasm far more intense than anything I'd felt before. Thick bursts of cum shot into her waiting hand while the other continued to stroke, milking my climax for all it was worth. I released more than I thought possible, ropes of my seed constantly spurting forth. Just as I thought I'd shoot too much for her hand to contain, it stopped, my erection going flaccid in seconds and all the tension draining from my body like water from a bath.

>> No.12353722

Celestia lifted her cum-soiled hand, looking at it and nodding before holding my head in her wings.

"I'm so proud of you."

She detached herself from me, walking into the bathroom to clean herself off. I was only half-conscious, the orgasm having drained a lot more than I could've expected. Eyes half-lidded from exhaustion, my stare wandered around the room, aimless, the bliss of post-climax still clouding my thoughts too much for rational expression. Celestia made her way back to my spent body, wet rag in hand. After wiping it across my forehead and cheeks, she dabbed it on my crotch, sure to catch every drop of seed that her hand may have missed. Once content with her job, she set the rag aside and pulled my pants back up for me, greeting my gaze with a grin.

"I'm so lucky to have you," I said.

"No, I think I'm the lucky one." She scooped me up, my weight nothing to her strength. Wings and arms wrapped around me, holding me in a fierce hug that I returned just as eagerly.

>> No.12353733

We said nothing, only holding each other, content with the other's presence. Only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined knowing Celestia this way, just as she knew me. An entire world of possibility was now open before us, a hundred new ways to explore our relationship.

I think we both knew, though, that I'd always be her little one, and she'd always be my Celestia. At the core, it was the same.

Celestia ended the hug, opening her wings and separating us. Hands on my shoulders, she let that whimsical smile I love to see animate her face. It always felt like such a private, precious thing, something she rarely let her subjects see but was more than happy to share with her friends and family.

Leaning forward, she kissed my forehead, squeezing me once more in a quick hug before letting her arms drop to her sides. "I love you."

"I love you, too," I said, giddiness creeping up into my face.

Gliding toward the door, she stopped before closing it. "Remember, if there's anything you need, anything at all, I'm here for you."

And now I knew: she really was.

>> No.12353735
File: 1.32 MB, 320x240, Rover upset.gif [View same] [google]


Sorry. I'll try to get done what I can tonight, then.

>> No.12353777

That's it. I'm pretty sure there will be more.

I also forgot to post this: http://i.imgur.com/xtzaLue.jpg

That's pretty much how I pictured Celestia in this story.

pastebin link here: http://pastebin.com/Hvu7DTUe

>> No.12353851

Y'know how I picture Celestia?

With hooves.

It was still really good.

>> No.12353869

Hey man, it's okay, we get about a Gilda fic once a month, we can wait a bit longer.

>> No.12353874

you know, pretty much any other time, I'd agree with you. But hands, man. Sometimes you can't beat 'em.

>> No.12353982

Good stuff. I approve.

>> No.12355315

bumpin for more of the good stuff. Cmon, writefags.

>> No.12355328

Working on it, Story ought to be done by about 2AM or earlier.

>> No.12355968

I followed his comic, concessions. Then I found his FA profile.

Shit hit the fan.

>> No.12356008

I am disappoint
you managed to work hands into a hooves clopfic before
your first one, do I need to remind you of Purpledom?

>> No.12356146

my brain is weird. The story just couldn't work with ponies.

>> No.12356183
File: 137 KB, 1280x720, you may touch them if you want anon.jpg [View same] [google]

How do you guys picture human celestia?
I myself picture her as a normal sized Gwynevere from dark souls with aurora hair, a bit larger tits and a 6 meter wingspan.

>> No.12356246

Pretty much like this
but like yours, with bigger tits.

>> No.12356674

Bumping with my Futa Luna story until I run out, as it's not fully finished yet.

>Working as Luna's servant, you never cease to be amazed by the beautiful sights you see each night.
>Stars twinkle in the distance, emanating from the soft glow of the crescent moon.
>Luna stands proudly in the silhouette atop her castle, as you stand aside her gazing at her craftsmanship.
"Tell me, Anon. We wish to know what you think of the night."
"It's beautiful, Your highness. There aren't many words able to truly describe the beauty of the moon. It truly is a sight to behold."
>She smiles, her perfectly white grin contrasts her dark navy coat. Her grin reminds you of the shadowed sphere in the background.
"Thank you, Anon. That was exactly what we needed to hear."
>She looks down, giving a light kick to the cobbled ground you both stand on.
"Nobody ever tells us that they enjoy the moon. We suppose it's rude to demand gratuity, but it is a welcome gesture."
"Well My Princess, you provide a necessary service for all of Equestria. Isn't that a high enough honor in it's own merit?"
>Luna shrugs.
"We suppose, but still. It is frustrating to us when nobody basks in the cool night."
"Princess, if I may?"
>She nods, and you place your hand on her shoulder.

>> No.12356684

"Princess, we all know that maybe night time isn't the most liked thing in all of Equestria. But you perform a service Celestia could never do. You go into ponies dreams and help them confront their fears. I think that puts you on pretty even hoofing with Celestia."
>She gives a weak smile, and you grin back.
>You're met suddenly with a pair of lips, connecting to yours.
>You feel a tongue penetrate into your mouth, and lock with your own.
>The tongue swirls around your tongue, synchronizing both of you together.
>You feel the tongue leave as quickly as it arrived, as well as the lips parting from yours.
>You find a flushed Luna, pulled away from you and looking towards you anxiously.
"W-we're sorry, Anon! That was not originally what we had planned!"
>You squat down, reaching face height with her again.
>You glide your hand on Luna's rosy cheek, passing that and guiding your hand through her flowing mane with a weak grin.
>You gently tug Luna back in to continue the kiss, shifting your head, and having your tongue take the lead this time.
>You explore her mouth, before locking tongues again.
>After a while, eventually you leave her domain, a quick kiss as you back away.
"That was what I had planned."
>You've never seen Luna so red before, it was more of a sight than the sky around you.

>> No.12356699

>Luna weakly coughs, placing a hoof to her face in attempt to hide her embarrassment.
"Well, I suppose it's getting about that time. We should leave, Anon. The sun will rise soon."
>You nod, opening the nearby hatch.
"Yes, my princess."
>She trots down the steps, and you swiftly follow behind.
>You playfully smack the Princess' ass, seeing it jiggle in the pale torchlight.
>You smirk.
"Don't give me that, Princess. I've worked for you for years, it's only fair that I can tease you some."
"We are the Princess of the Night! We deserve more respect than this!"
"Oh, don't you worry, Princess. I know what you want, and i'm more than willing."
>Luna bites her lip, her royal voice is changed to a much more anxious tone.
"Very well, Anon. Come with us. We have not had a potential mate in a while, so you will excuse us if we are nervous."
>You nod, fully aware what you're getting into.

>> No.12356708

>Luna stops you in front of her sleeping quarters.
"Anon, there is something you must know about me before we do this. There is something only I and my sister know about me that has left me with very few lovers in my lifetime."
>You answer quickly.
"If it's not an STD I don't care. I just want to show you how much I care about you."
>She smiles, opening the door to find a lavish bedspread.
"We are glad you will take us as we are, Anon."
>Luna clambers on to the bed, awaiting you with bedroom eyes and a bitten lip.
>You hurriedly take off all of your armor you had adorned, showing your proud servitude of the princess, tossing it aside on one of the nearby study chairs.
"We are ready for you, Anon."
>You're just now taking off your boxers, before running over to Luna's bed, plopping beside her.

>> No.12357332

To be continued?

>> No.12357428

1/4 sections left. Will post the rest, along with the full pastebin.

>> No.12357441

There can never be too much piss.

>> No.12357449

"Allow us to become..acquainted with your body."
>You nod, laying back on the plush mattress with your legs spread.
>Luna shifts on the bed, pausing in between your legs as she stares at your lazy member.
>She kicks off her the one thing that might be considered clothing on her: her horseshoes, throwing them aside.
>she places her hooves on your hips, licking your cock clean with her dextrous tongue.
>She uses her hooves to stand your dick upright, tilting her head sideways and wrapping your member with her tongue, lowering up and down to ensure she doesn't miss a spot.
"I see you're as good with your tongue doing this as you are with kissing, Luna."
>She winks at you, before you see her horn glow, and you find yourself in incredible pleasure.
>Your eyes roll back into your head, and when you look back down, you're suddenly thicker and longer than you remember.
>You stare in awe at her magic's new work. She stands, motioning you to rise with her.
>You follow suit, pressing against her ass, only to find something quite different.
>Your pupils dialate for a moment, before you realize what you're touching.
>She looks back at you with those bedroom eyes which once lead you to where you are now, noticing your reaction, and then frowning.
"We knew you wouldn't be prepared for this."
>You shake your head, giving a smile.
"No, Luna, it's quite alright! I was just looking forward to being in the royal flower, is all."
>You take the statement in stride, prodding your tip against' Luna's tight donut asshole.
>Your tip is barely inside, and you can already hear a grunt coming from Luna.
"Do not worry, Anon. Our body will acclimate to your girth soon. Please, continue."
>You nod, going very slowly as to not hurt her.
>Luna winces as you press inside her, eventually breathing a sigh of relief as you feel her asshole press on your base.

>> No.12357473

>You can't but help give out a soft moan, as you feel her muscles contract against you entering.
>The magic Luna has infused in you has seemed to heighten all feeling in that area, as you already feel yourself at the edge.
>Luna is giving small huffs each time you refill her with your manhood.
>Out of instinct, you reach down and grab her stiffening cock.
"Anon, what are you doing?"
"Doing what i'm supposed to do, serve the Princess."
"Oh, Anon. That's quite alri-"
>She cuts herself off, giving a moan as you gently tug her massive stallionhood.
"You need relief, Princess. It would be an honor if I was the one to do it."
>Being a man yourself, you know exactly what she likes and immediately do what you would want her to do to you.
>Her moaning becomes substantially louder. If you weren't in her isolated quarters you're sure guards would come to investigate.
>Suddenly you feel an extremely tight contraction as you push back into her hole.
"We're coming!"
>You feel her dick pump out globs of the sticky secretion, looking onto the bed, finding an incredible volume of jizz in a pool beneath her knees.
>You can't help yourself seeing the Princess in such a sweaty,hot mess gasping for air, and finish inside her.
>Something about seeing her so out of character is incredibly arousing, the fact that you can put the Princess in such a state of delusional heat is a feat that you'll remember for the rest of your days.
Next one I post will be the last part.

>> No.12357527
File: 1.40 MB, 250x141, 1360259061565.gif [View same] [google]

>tfw Gilda piss thread incoming

Get hype

>> No.12357556

>Gilda watersports
Yes please!

>> No.12357699


>> No.12357782

Okay, one more part after this.
>You lay down, still inside Luna, wrapping your arms around her midriff and taking her with you.
>You make sure not to lay in Luna's pool of cum, scooting up so she rests on her back atop of you.
>Luna looks around, slightly confused about the hiatus of pleasure.
>You place a hand back on Luna's flared dick, beginning to torque and work her shaft again.
>You prop yourself up with your legs, before unleashing a flurry of thrusts into Luna's ass.
>Luna writhes in bliss, shouting your name between deep inhales and exhales of breath.
>The further and further you pound into Luna, you find Luna's magic beginning to fade.
>You begin thrusting even quicker, attempting to keep the pleasure identical.
>Luna is essentially screaming at this point, even though you're far away from where the guards stand watch, you're positive they can still hear her cries of heated euphoria.
>Just before you're about to finish, you accidentally pull out too far and exit Luna's ass, only to have your seed propel upwards onto Luna's chest.
>You let go of her, allowing her body to slide off of yours and beside you.
"Thank you, Anon. We... needed that desperately."
>You breathe a sigh of relief.
"Your wish is my command, my Princess."
>You look down to your clothing, to ensure everything is still in it's proper place.
>Your clothing is fine, but through a crack in the door you see a familiar set of royal purple eyes and a wide grin on it's face.

>> No.12357804

>As soon as you spot the pair, it realizes the jig is up, and enters.
"Well well, I didn't imagine Luna would get a partner anytime soon."
>Luna perks up, hearing the familiar voice.
"S-sister! What are you doing here at such a time?"
"Well naturally, it's about time for the sun to be raised. I thought I would drop by and ask how the night shift went, but I see it has been.. taken care of."
>You sheepishly grin, taking a nearby pillow and covering yourself with it.
>Celestia rolls her eyes, taking the pillow away with her telekinesis.
"What are you hiding? I was there the whole time, I basically saw everything."
>Celestia notes the pool at the foot of the bed.
"Wow Luna, you were quite backed up, hm?"
>Luna covers her eyes with her hooves in shame.
>Celestia giggles, lapping up a bit of the pool Luna had left behind.
"Interesting. Well, the only disappointing thing is that you didn't invite me."
>Your pupils widen, a wicked grin appears on your face.
>Celestia puts on a mirror copy of your grin.
"I guess we're going to have to fix that, aren't we?"
(To be continued?)
With that, I'm off to bed. Here's the pastebin link. http://pastebin.com/zNmgF17M

>> No.12358776

I'm always looking for some forced feminization/crossdressing colts. Any links or stories out there?

>> No.12358818

Yeah, I'm hyped! That has the potential to be truly awesome!

>> No.12358819
File: 32 KB, 320x320, image.jpg [View same] [google]

And I though I was a freak when it came to R34 and stuff. But now I'm just scared

>> No.12358832

What are you on about?

>> No.12358876

>you see a pony stuck in the ground, rear up.
What do you do?

>> No.12358912

Pull her up and ask how she ended up stuck face down in the ground.

>> No.12359167
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Man, this thread is up there. You guys will go so far in life

>> No.12359196
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yall niggas
raw niggas

>> No.12359401

Yay! I found innocence!

>> No.12360398


>> No.12360586

>Not fapping to Matt and Joel having hot gay furry sex in diapers
I'm very disappointed in both of you.

>> No.12360630


>> No.12361291


>> No.12363107

What'd you guys think?

>> No.12363895

oh lord yes please yes pleasye oh yes

older sister wincest is my thing

>> No.12363952

>It was a cold stormy night
>anon couldn't sleep
>anon hears his bedroom door creek open
>A beam of light displayed a figure
>The sillohete figure approached anons bed
>"anon can you not sleep?" she asked
>Anon shook his head
>"Let me help"
>She climbs on top of the bed
>"The best way to go to sleep anon is a glass of warm milk"
>"Rub my breasts anon, make my milk warm" she moaned in joy
>Anon massaged her breasts making her squeal in a high pitch
>"Anon it feels so wonderful, my milk anon, drink me dry!"
>Anon suckled on milkys tits drinking the warm milk inside
>milk sprayed out like a thick stream into anons face unable to suck it all down.

>> No.12363980

Just throwing this out there: Pinkie Pie with a balloon fetish.

I just want to see my fetish shown more than by one bad writer on FIMFiction.

>> No.12364286

Any status on this?

>> No.12364505
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And I have no idea why

>> No.12365101
File: 130 KB, 897x772, 1361320983365.png [View same] [google]


>tfw you just expected to write something simple and you wake up to this.

I mean I'm glad you guys are interested but you're making me nervous, like I have to write the next Crime and Punishment of pissing cat-birds.

But I'll try to have it done this weekend.

>> No.12365259

This sounds cute.

>> No.12365338
File: 333 KB, 548x1000, 89039__UNOPT__safe_rainbow-dash_fluttershy_diaper-fetish_artist-craymin.png [View same] [google]

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash crying in wet diapers and socks while Twilight Sparkle cares for them. Pic sort of related.

>> No.12365381

This needs to be a general

>> No.12365440

We should have a diaper thread later tonight

>> No.12365578
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When will it be done?

>> No.12365583

Just go to the one on /anon/ mlpchan.

>> No.12365909


...I just said I'd try to have it done sometime this weekend.

>> No.12368849


>> No.12369938

Gonna writefag about being at a fancy restaurant with Rarara and then she pleasures me under the table with her hooves (or hands?)

Humanized or pony, what do you fags think?

>> No.12370018

How do you give a handjob with hooves? If you can make it work, though, go for it. Not much point including pones if you're just going to write about hands.

>> No.12370321

How do you think? It's not a very complex idea.
She places a hoof on each side, and then strokes you.

>> No.12370347

Hooves are hard though. I doubt that would even feel good.

>> No.12370356

Interesting... I will have to try this sometime.

>> No.12370429

How do you guys feel about >rape ?

If anyone has any requests/suggestions, please do tell.

>> No.12370495

I'm more or less indifferent to it. If there are other interesting fetishes involved (such as watersports), it could be good.

>> No.12370552

Is there parody smut based on the ambiguous names for some fetishes? Like a watersports story about Rainbow Dash entering a jet ski competition, and not doing anything related to urine.

>> No.12370853

There's that picture of Pinkie Pie peeing while waterskiing.

>> No.12371886

Is this anyone's fetish?


Two little anthro princesses in the palm of your hand, squirming to escape as you peer at them. You cock your head, wondering what to do. Their cute little arms and legs kick and grip at your fingers, trying to pry them off. Their smooth bodies squirm against your skin, sending tingles down your arms. Then you make up your mind.

Using only your thumb and index finger, your rub their nethers in neat little circles, starting with a light touch, subtly changing your motion and direction over time.

"No, please!"

"How could you... how could... aahhh..."

Their squeals of protest turn to moans of pleasure, your fingers now digging into their underwear, the pathetic defense it was. Helpless, their legs slow and soon stop kicking altogether. Where their hands sought to remove your fingers, they now tear at their clothes, desiring to feel your touch directly on their skin. Two pair of soaked panties hit the floor.

Luna fondles her breasts with one hand while gripping your working finger with the other. Celestia, the more animate of the two, seizes her bra and throws it away, presenting her swollen mounds, nipples stiff and wanting, to you. You grin and oblige her, earning a long, staggering moan as you rub and smother them.

>> No.12371907

In only minutes, your fingers bring them to their first orgasm, arousal spilling on the floor, their tiny bodies producing a surprising amount of it.

With each orgasm, they grow, larger and larger. It doesn't take long before they're as tall as your waist, each holding one of your arms with both hands and thrusting them in and out. Luna is the first to reach for your head, pulling you in for a hungry kiss. Once satisfied, she pushes your head down to her nipples, where you suck, circling your tongue around each, eliciting cries of joy from her mouth.

Jealous of her sister, Celestia seizes your head in both her hands and kisses you with twice the vigor her sister did. She's practically eating your mouth, her tongue diving inside to play with yours. The kiss is broken when your hand brings her to her peak yet again, rocking her body in orgasm.

In breaking the kiss, though, you find they both actually much taller than you. In fact, Celestia had to pick you up off the ground to kiss her. Your entire arm could fit inside them and more. Looking around the room, you realize everything's grown--or you've shrunk. The furniture towers above you as you go down, down, down... until you're not even a foot tall.

Luna and Celestia loom over you like skyscrapers, kissing, fondling each other, lost in lust. For a moment, you think your transformation may have gone unnoticed.

Then they stare down at you, eyes half-lidded, and positively grinning seduction.


>> No.12372208

Due to the nature of the cartoon artstyle, the hooves aren't really shown except for on stallions.
For the mares it just looks like a part of their natural body, which I suppose would be soft.
It could be worse, they could have horseshoes on.

>> No.12372236

but it's Rarity. She has magic. Can't she just simulate a hand or something else similarly pleasurable?

>> No.12372299
File: 786 KB, 5000x5000, 1348979743583.png [View same] [google]

Write more now. You don't have a choiceIf that is okay with you

>> No.12372311

>Can't she just simulate a hand or something else similarly pleasurable?
Like a horsecock?

>> No.12372364

Naturally, of course. But we were on the discussion of hoofjobs.
Also, I'm sure it'd look weird if Rarity's horn was glowing in the middle of a room with an Anon across from her with a stupified gaze staring straight at her and then they can't figure out what she's using her magic for.
Glowing, sparkly things attract attention.

>> No.12372369

You can sometimes hear hoofbeats when they walk or gallop though, so that would seem to indicate that they are hard.
Also, I believe they "clop" their hooves (as a substitute for clapping) in Green Isn't Your Color.
Based on that, the canon seems to be that they are hard even though there isn't much visible details on them.

>> No.12373620

Not if she wears one of her giant hats.
Then she could give Anon magical handjobs any time.
Even while he was in the middle of a public place.
Even if he was in the middle of a conversation.
Even if he was desperately trying to hide his reaction from the unwitting ponies around him.
Even then.

>> No.12373721

Good idea.

>> No.12373907

All right, I got that humanized Applejack spanking story I said I'd do last night. Since Anon is the submissive in this case, it naturally falls under femdom as well. So, enjoy!
>Applejack was standing there in front of you, in a plaid tank-top, a tiny pair of jean shorts, leather cowboy gloves that came to her elbow, leather cowboy boots than came up to just below her knee, and her always-present cowboy hat.
>You have been working for her on Sweet Apple Acres farm for a little while now in order to make some extra cash. She had gotten annoyed with you a few times with your lack of work ethic, but overall, you thought you had been doing well.
>Today, however, she told you to come to one of the small barns located on the edges of the farm, where she would be waiting for you.
>And there she was, looking downright angry at you, giving you a hard glare. You have a feeling you’re in trouble.
“Anon,” she started. “Ah’ve put up with yer layin’ around on the job, yer knockin’ over baskets of apples, but y’all have gone too far this time!”
>You gulp nervously. You suspect you know what she’s talking about.
“Y’all have been bullyin’ mah little sister when ya think I ain’t around! Teasin’ her, tuggin’ on her ponytail! She gets ‘nough of that at school. Ain’t no way ah’m puttin’ up with that round here!” she says angrily.
>You thought it was just a bit of friendly teasing. You’re not too good with girls (Apple Bloom is just a bit younger than you), but Apple Bloom didn’t seem to mind too much. Apparently, Applejack feels differently.
>You begin to apologize and say you’re sorry, but AJ cuts you off.
“Nope, sorry ain’t gonna cut it. Ah’m gonna give ya some hard discipline. A kid like you needs it.”
>You look up at AJ’s hard expression, and realize this could be rough. Considering how strong AJ is you admit she does have a nice, firm body, with big breasts, long legs, and a tight butt), it’ll probably hurt.

>> No.12373940


>> No.12373979

“Ah’m gonna give y’all a good spankin’. Now off with yer pants and underwear!”
>You start to protest and back away from her, but she quickly closes the space between you two, reaches out with her right hand, grabs your throat, and squeezes tightly.
“Ah ain’t gonna ask ya twice. Off with ‘em!”
>She gives another squeeze and then lets you go. You fall onto your hands and knees, coughing.
>You do as she says. Soon, you’re standing there with your whole lower half exposed, feeling embarrassed.
>AJ then walks towards a corner of the room, gets some rope, and ties your wrists together in front of you, as well as your ankles.
>Suddenly, she picks you up like a sack of apples, throws you over her shoulder, and walks over to a crate just below waist-high.
>She sits down on it, and places you across her lap, your head and legs hanging over each side of her knees.
“All right, y’all ready? Ah’m gonna wear mah gloves fer this. It’ll allow me to smack ya harder without bruisin’ my own hand.”
>She runs her right hand over your ass, giving it a couple of squeezes and some gentle taps, as if seeing how to inflict maximum pain.
>She then rears her arm back, and brings the palm of her hand right down on your ass, giving it a good smack.
>The sting was even worse than you expected, and your head jolts up. AJ quickly grabs the back of your neck with her left hand, and shoves it back down.
“Don’t y’all move a muscle, mister! There’s lots more to come.”
>She gives you a few more smacks on your bottom, leather meeting skin. You feel your ass muscles rippling with every hit, the sting flowing through your body and becoming ever worse, and your skin turning redder. She doesn’t lower the strength of her hits either. Somehow, though, while you do give out a groan with every spank, you manage to keep from outright screaming in pain.
>Despite every bit of common sense you have, though, you’re stunned at what happens next.

>> No.12374060

>Maybe it was being draped across AJ’s perfect thighs. Maybe it was her scent. Maybe it even was her vicious spanking. Whatever it was, you start to feel yourself getting aroused.
>AJ obviously notices what’s going on too.
“Hold on a minute. Are y’all seriously gettin’ a boner from this?! Are ya some kinda pervert?”

“I…I’m sorry, Applejack! I don’t know why it’s…I didn’t mean to…”
>She roughly shoves you off of her onto the barn ground.
“Well, if y’all like it so much, ah’ll oblige ya!” she says, sounding seriously upset. “On yer hands and knees, boy!”
>It’s awkward with your ankles and wrists tied together, but you manage to do as she says.
>She then roughly reaches out with her left hand and grabs your semi-erect cock, giving it a squeeze. You give out a sharp cry.
“It’s funny how delicate y’all are down there,” she says mockingly. “Anyways, don’t think ah’m gonna stop punishin’ ya while I get ya off.”
>As she says that, she takes her right hand and gives your ass another smack. This time, you cry out more than you would’ve liked.
>At the same time, she wraps her left gloved hand around your cock and begins stroking it right away.
>She’s deliberately being very rough with you, pumping your dick up and down harshly while continuing to spank you.
>You’re feeling very confused now, with the pain of her spankings mixing with the pleasure of her jerking you off. Both feelings become ever more intense as she continues.
>Pre-cum is soon dripping from your shaft, and AJ keeps tugging you with a fervour you didn’t even know existed. Her hits are also becoming even more agonizing. Tears are starting to form in your eyes, as you try to keep from crying out.
>You feel your cum starting to well up in your penis, and as she gives you one more smack on your naked rear end, you shudder and let loose, cum spilling from the top of your dick onto the ground below you.

>> No.12374241

>She lets go of your cock, and also halts the spanking, as you tip over and lie prone from exhaustion. Your ass feels like it’s burning up right now.
“Well, did y’all enjoy that? Hope ya did, ‘cause it’s gonna be rough for ya from now on,” she says, giving you a wicked smile.
>You stiffen up in horror as she picks you up again and throws you against the apple crate. You’re bent over the side of it, with your ass sticking out and facing AJ.
>You give her an aside glance, and notice some wetness coming out of her jean shorts. Wait, don’t tell me she also…
“Truth be told, ah’ve been kinda enjoyin’ this mahself. The feel as ah bring mah strong hand down onto your butt, the heat ya give off flowin’ right through the gloves to mah hands, the cries of pain ya give me. Frankly, ah didn’t know ah could feel this way!”
>She gives a lick of her lips. At this point, you sincerely pray that you survive this punishment.
“So the sooner ah get off mahself, the sooner your discipline will end. So make sure y’all scream for me real loud! And ya better not be fakin’!”
>When she finishes talking, she brings her right arm back as far as it will go, and moves it forward, giving you a brutal slap on your ass with the flat of her hand.
>With how raw you’re feeling right now, the pain of it is too much, and you let out a loud cry of agony.
>As you do, AJ gives out a moan, as she sticks her left hand down her jean shorts and strokes her pussy.
>This only seems to push her further, as her next smack is even harder than the last one. You give another yell of pain, and you begin to cry.
>This pattern continues on for some time, as each spanking you get alternates with AJ getting herself off even further.
>The pain by now is too much for you. Tears are streaming from your eyes, your ass feels like it’s on fire, and you’re just hoping it will end.
“Please, AJ, it’s…it’s hurting too much. Stop, please! I’m begging you!”

>> No.12374283

“Sugarcube, ah told ya ah ain’t stoppin’ till ah’m satisfied,” she says between pants. “So ya better hope ah come real soon!”
>She gives you another spank, her hardest one yet. You let out a yell of suffering that could probably be heard all the way on the other side of Sweet Apple Acres. AJ seems to love it.
“Oh, god, yes…yes. Scream for me! Do it!”
>You hear her panting get faster and faster, as she’s fingering her pussy even more now. It seems that she’s close to climax.
>Finally, she smacks you one last time with her leather-clad hand, bringing a howl from you. It seems to be enough, as she lets out an orgasmic scream, with the juices flowing from her pussy.
>She puts her hands on her knees and breathes slowly, as if she just had an intense workout. Which, to be fair, she actually did. On the other hand, you fade in and out of consciousness due to the pain.
>After recovering, she unties your hands and legs, and you fall to the ground. She throws you your underwear and pants. You feel so sore right now, however, you know it’d hurt just to try putting them on. You’re not going to be able to sit down in…who knows how long.
>She bends down next to you, giving your rear end one last squeeze. A surge of pain naturally goes through you.
“Hoo-wee, yer butt’s as red as the apples we grow here! Well, ah hope y’all learned yer lesson. Doin’ this hurt me than it hurt you. Okay, maybe not,” she chuckles.
>She starts to walk out of the barn, but not before turning to you one last time.
“When y’all recover enough, y’all can get back to work on harvestin’ the apples. And don’t be slackin’ off, or yer gonna get this all over again. However,” she smiles. “Ah kinda hope ya do.”
And that's a wrap. What'd y'all think?

>> No.12374443

>You give her an aside glance, and notice some wetness coming out of her jean shorts. Wait, don’t tell me she also…
I lost my sides man, I lost 'em
and they ain't comin' back
that moment of realization is just too funny

>> No.12374508

That's the entire point of the story that other Anon is writing.
By the way, I still may do a story but I will have to start waking up much earlier for a business trip i'm going to take, which means I won't stay up as late.
I will still be putting out stories, but they won't be nightly like they have been for the past few days.

>> No.12375932

You dare decree such an open act of defiance under the rule of Lord Scruffy and his council of vanilla knights?!

>> No.12376040

God damn it /mlp/...

>> No.12376366

>And that's a wrap. What'd y'all think?
7/10 would consider fapping to

The choking seemed a bit out of place. Instead, it could've been something like "either you take them off or I do". It depends on what the author is interested in, of course.

>She bends down next to you, giving your rear end one last squeeze. A surge of pain naturally goes through you.

Wouldn't it make more sense if she did one last slap instead? She could follow it up with some snide remark:
>I expect ya working in half an hour. You can leave your britches behind if you're still feeling sore.


Do you think a rural family like the Apples does regular, disciplinary spankings?

>> No.12376437

Of course. I'd imagine the Apples are very strict in morals, and Applebloom has received many spankings due to her rambunctious nature.
Hell, if it weren't for her tail you'd see all of the paddlemarkings all over her cute little butt.
AJ has to hand out the discipline, unless of course it's her who needs to be punished, then it's to Big Mac.
He's got his own special kind of punishment for those two.

>> No.12376466

Are you done with that story squidward?

>> No.12376689

Will do a story for funsies.
List pony/human of preference and fetish, I won't do some of the extremes like diaper,guro,vomit,etc.
I'll work on it for about 2hrs then go to sleep because I've got to wake up at 3am to do some stuff.

>> No.12376710

Twilight domination
she's the dom
god I love this shit

>> No.12376729

Mane six in estrus, with each pony having a different kink

>rainbow rape

Just some suggestions you can make them whatever you want.

>> No.12376785


>> No.12376786

>All this Twidom
I just did one two days ago, so if you can give me some ideas that would catch my interest, I suppose I could do another.

>> No.12376833

id love this if it was fluttershy hypnotizing anon.

We could take a great trip with him, seeing what fluttershy is putting into our minds.

the ultimate sub-dom relationship
Captcha: constraints andnig

>> No.12376988

Okay, it's between another Twidom or Fluttershy hypnosis.
Present your cases and i'll choose from which sounds more interesting to write about.

>> No.12377079


i love both.

But since there is alot of twidom going around, lets go with flutterhypno.

It will be a very unique story, telling how she puts you into a trance, and puts whatever she wants into your mind, what she puts in there though, is you to tell, and for us to find out.

She could put anon into a drug like state, having him see things and feel things that arent really there, she can force him to do her bidding, or she could do anything in between.

>> No.12377105

Glad you liked it for the most part. I agree with those suggestions you made.

And yeah, of all the families, I can see the Apple family being most likely to do some corporal punishment. Maybe not so much now, but definitely when Granny Smith was a filly, at least.

>> No.12377132

Well, with Flutter-hypno you could have fluttershy using hypnosis on anon (possibly using the stare) to get him to help her with her heat, maybe adding a couple of extra triggers 'for fun'.
Depending on you write it Anon could having varying states of awareness (no awareness of the situation to being helpless against fluttershy.)

>> No.12377192
File: 20 KB, 608x360, 1334765199297.jpg [View same] [google]

i took part in the pony hypno threads while they lasted

this is gonna be really good

i am a shy pony

>> No.12377301

>getting Anon high via Hypnosis
Haha,this sounds pretty cool.
This is going to be difficult, because i've never done anything with Hypnosis, but i'll do my best.

>> No.12377352

Just remember, the human mind is more powerful than any drug.

Dont just stick to stereotypical "high" like state, do what you want

>> No.12377601

It'll definitely make for an interesting challenge on how i'll use Fluttershy's hypnosis to toy with Anon's psyche.
I'll try to make a story on a fetish I haven't the slightest clue about.
Worst comes to worst, it'll be a learning experience for myself.

>> No.12378025

You, you are awesome.

>> No.12378161
File: 7 KB, 197x256, 1373406764516.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.12378249

Just trying to put us on the map, bro.

>> No.12378449
File: 501 KB, 1280x720, arebrainwashedfluttershy'syourfetishanon.png [View same] [google]

My ex was a stage hypnotist that did this to me as practice. It's odd- you literally can feel just about anything, and you're well aware of what's going on. Electrical shocks, etc. however, there can be mental "bondage" as well. IE- an emotion is triggered during certain situations or words that silently pushes you toward a conditioned response you never realized- for example, before the hypnosis you could be mostly ignoring fluttershy, but afterwords you are, for some reason, always worried to leave her alone and eager to listen surprise, fucker, she made you addicted to serving her through worry.

That shit can really fuck with you though, and most in the thread seem to want a more direct approach- trigger words or conditions.

I think a cute story would be either Fluttershy trying, and messing up, allowing anon to put suggestions in *her* head. Alternatively, Pinkie Pie uses her bouncing to hypnotize like it's no big deal and then messes with anon. Preferably through focus on her butt while she bounces.

>> No.12378519

id be fine with either this or any of the other reccomendations

i want my hypno pone

>> No.12378705

All this hurts to think about. There's so many ways I can go with this, and i've already kind of done what you said.
Thanks for the super informative advice, though! I'll try to incorporate it some more into the story.

>> No.12378795


>> No.12378849

I'm trying. I can post as I finish sections, if you'd like.

>> No.12378858

Here's hopeing the thread's still open after a night's sleep, I really want to see what you come up with.

>> No.12379073

if you want any specifics for details, I had a year of experience with her crossing my wires. I'm sure I can find something you can use. fuckin bitch kept attaching trance states to her chest. I don't remember what they look like unless I see them, and then ALL the memories come back at once.

>> No.12379164

If I need anything, i'll let you know.
I'm going to leave in about 45 minutes, so going to grind out as much of this story as possible, then post what i've got and go to sleep.

>> No.12379173

I dont know what you are saying but i would enjoy some stories

>> No.12379501

alright, you know how can recall certain things, *really* well? Other times, details are fuzzy or just don't conceive? Well, she forced the second part to happen with her tits. I literally cannot describe them to you, but if she did so much as showed me a picture for a half second, it would be almost eidetic.she also attached a suggestion that made it so I could not say the word no to her if I was looking at them, because my tongue would always fuck up the enunciation because it kept feeling like it was vibrating.

>> No.12379612

Flutterhypno writer here. My battery just fell out of my laptop, and erased all progress I had.
I'll stay up for another 30 minutes and attempt to recover what I had.

>> No.12379623

so when you think of your ex gf, do you see her, but like, a blur over her tits?

And that no "no" thing is pretty fucked up.

>anon lets go out to dinner tonight
>pushes up breasts
>What is it anon?


>> No.12379719

That is my fetish.

>> No.12379729

you could call it a blur. It's like, trying to pick up something that's really slippery, without looking at it. When they're spotted, though, it's like... Think deja vu for a situation. Only it's several situations at once, all revolving around one thing and perfectly vivid (the past occurances that she'd done it to me). The only reason I can recall it now is because she doesn't do it to me as much any more and it needs to be pretty consistently reinforced.

Yeah... I'm just glad she was "nice" with it.

>> No.12379787


How much did she use hypnosis for sex/ enhancing it

>> No.12379839



>> No.12379865


>> No.12379874


>> No.12379894 [DELETED] 

>using another persons thread to check GETs

just make a new one and move on

>> No.12379927

God dammit I really wish my girl could do hypnosis
this turns me on too much

maybe I should figure out how to do some hypno...

>> No.12380020


>i actually got a bit aroused while listening to these

the threads have been gone for a while but its never to late to share it to more people

>> No.12380129

Eh fuck it, i'll give you 30 more minutes.

>> No.12380726

sorry, played some games for a bit.

a lot. She used suggestion to make my body recall the sensation of ice, and that tingly feeling when your arm falls asleep. I'm sure you can imagine where.If I managed to get out of the trance (which can happen with such strong sensations) she'd usually use at an excuse for punishments, which were usually trigger words over the phone at work.nothing fetishy about those, though, she'd just put a quick suggestion in for me to do something nice for her before heading back

The greatest fuckin thing was watching her completely mess with people she didn't like through NLP. Strange trick, that.

>> No.12380802

it sounded pretty normal till the whole " fuck with people's minds" part

god damn

>> No.12380822

I got a little further than where I was at, but i'm posting the story and going to bed.
I'll try to finish it before tomorrow night, but i've got to wake up at 3AM to catch a flight.
>Ever since you moved into Fluttershy's cottage, you've found yourself reacing new levels of stress.
>The cottage is beautiful and luxurious, but the furniture is covered in assorted animal hairs.
>You peak your head out of the door, at 4pm, which is the time Fluttershy usually comes back from the forest.
>The one time she hadn't come back until the next morning you were worried, sick, and was because she was coaxing baby owls to come home and live with her.
>Almost on cue, you see Fluttershy come out of the woodwork, with a basket of fruits and barries held by her mouth as she gently floats towards you.
>You also notice a small furry blob on her back.
>Stepping out of the house, you lean against a support beam, with a wave.
>Shy nods, her mouth still hindered by the basket as she gently flitters along.
>Shy plops to the floor,her hooves making a warm clack as she touches cobbled pathway leading to the cottage.
"Anon, I hope you don't mind, but I brought a friend with me."
>You groan. Great, another one to take care of.
"Shy, you really need to quit taking in new animals. All you've done recently is take them in, and you've yet to release any. Eventually we won't be able to afford this habit of yours."
"But Anon, you know that I can't resist helping these poor, innocent animals!"

>> No.12380838

"Yes Shy, but we can't take care of all of these animals!"
>Fluttershy's puppydog eyes instantly negate any statements you made before.
"As long as it makes you happy, I guess it makes me happy."
"Oh, thank you Anon. I just knew you'd understand. You've been really stressed out helping out around here. I'm going to help relax you. I mean, if you don't mind."
>Your interest is piqued.
"What is it?"
"I picked it up from Zecora today while I was in the Everfree. She noticed I was having trouble with some of the more stubborn animals. It's a tranquility spell."
>She places a hoof to her chin. "She said something about this spell. 'These instructions, from you must not stray, with or without recollection, they will obey.' She says promptly.
"Right, well, whenever you're ready, I guess."
"Well Anon, I need you eye level with me, if that's okay."
>You squat down, nearly touching her face.
>Fluttershy closes her eyes, attempting to focus by inhaling and exhaling deeply.
>You take your idex, tapping her muzzle with a "Boop!"
>She races behind the nearest furniture, poking her head out to make sure the coast is clear.
"Anon, don't scare me like that! If I don't follow the instructions it won't work!"
>You promise to allow her to do this hex. You doubt it'll work, but it'll make her feel better.

>> No.12380873

>dat boop

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