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Link to old threads:
Right now, we have the outline for the book, but we are in need for some writefags who can flesh out the book, and chapters. Our goal is for this to have the capability of being followed, if someone were to choose to do so. Currently we are working on the book of Lyra
This is going to be written in Ye olde English, so if that's not your thing, go somewhere else
Link to general outline

Praise the Sun!

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bumping this

Come on, don't die on me...

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Praise the Sun!


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Praise the Sun! Another soul!

I hope this thread lasts through the night. The last thread had some good ideas buried beneath shitposting.

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And so it shall. For tho the Night may be at hand, the Sun doth shine elsewhere upon the land. And so we shall Praise It as if 'twere the dawn!

It did, and I'm sure that many more wondrous ideas will manifest herein.

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Bumping one last time before I head to bed.

I'll restart it again in the afternoon if it 404s

Praise the Sun and the Moon, fellow nor/mlp/eople.

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Here's a short excerpt of some choral music I've been working on for this project. I want some feedback. I don't have any text for this yet, and it might be hard fitting lyrics from songs into this, so I might come up with my own text.

I apologize ahead of time for the crappy midi sounds, and you might want to turn your volume down.

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Praise be unto the Sun and Moon.

bump for glory

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reposting with correct link. Polite sage

Here's a short excerpt of some choral music I've been working on for this project. I want some feedback. I don't have any text for this yet, and it might be hard fitting lyrics from songs into this, so I might come up with my own text.

I apologize ahead of time for the crappy midi sounds, and you might want to turn your volume down.

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Bump before bed

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With some cleanup it might do very nicely. I'd like it to be just a bit higher-pitched, but that's just me.
As for lyrics, I was thinking it might be inevitable that we'd come up with some on our own.

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Can you define cleanup?

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Just getting rid of the background noise and the echo.

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Gotcha. That problem would be fixed inherently if we got a choir to actually sing this. As for the
higher pitch, I might be able to do that, but I'm already pushing a soprano's comfortable range
as it is.

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A choir would be nice, but unlikely starting out. Also, don't sweat re-recording it in a higher pitch.

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True. We won't be able to find people now, but until then, I can transfer the file over to another program and switch the voices out for something of much higher quality.

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All right.

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Praise the Sun!
Dammit, it's raining...

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It's snowing where I'm at

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Anyway, do you guys think we should have some special clothing? What would it look like?

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Depends. Do we want all participants required to where special clothing, it just magistrates?

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Not >>10253268, but I believe ceremonial dress is worn to show respect and sincerity with the traditions and rituals.

...but it also depends on what direction we want to take this. While it is heavily based on Christianity, others would argue that it is that way since the creators of the show based it on their own values, even though in the most basic sense it's more pagan celestial worship.

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I personally don't think we should follow the archetype of Christianity

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Agreed. I personally believe it should be more pagan than anything, without any of the creepy rituals and beliefs.

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Some guy in the last thread made some good points. I think they should be brought up in the doc and have serious consideration

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Will do. I'll go over the last thread and update the doc accordingly.

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The other thread died?

Well, darn. I though we were going to break the longevity record.

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Above the clouds, the sun always shines.

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Thanks. I would have done it, but I was on my phone at the time

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you guys are doing it
you guys are really fucking doing it

Praise the sun

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Of course we are praise the sun

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I've updated the discussion doc on some topics, any others that need to be addressed, let me know or add it in.

I'm actually surprised this thread went on for as long as it did, with no shitposting. Good job.

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I'm surprised /mlp/ has taken it this far

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I think hiatus boredom is partly to thank or blame.

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Bumping once more before I go to bed.

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Also wanting more feedback on this

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So close

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Praise the sun, faggots

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Morning praise

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Wow, this thread is still here.
Praise the Sun!

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This is my tribute.
Praise the sun

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That's awesome

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So...is there anything new to discuss?

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Not as of now, but discussion seems to crop up eventually.

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Let's see if I can get the ball rolling on this, then, just to keep the thread alive at least.

Are Celestia and Luna omnipotent? How much do they know? Are they active or passive in intervening in certain events?

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Well they aren't omnipotent because Celestia was defeated by Chrysalis. And we've seen in SiP that Luna takes a fairly active role in ponies' dreams, but that's as much as we know

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That's good, omnipotence causes logic problems that serve more as troll bait than anything.

...then again, the whole "A Canterlot Wedding" storyline made little sense. I would like to expand on Luna's "dreamwalking" powers, though.

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Sure. Does she have the ability of being in multiple ponies' dreams at a time, or just one?

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My headcanon on this is that with the ability to dreamwalk, Luna also has the ability to dilate her time within each dream so that she can appear in multiple dreams within a single night.

It's getting late, so I'll probably elaborate more on this theory tomorrow either here or on the Google Doc.

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Awesome. I'll periodically bump the thread till morning

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Furthermore, this is assuming that time goes by differently in a dream than it does in real time.

For instance, Luna can spend hours, months or even years in dream time within the dream of one pony but only be spending a second of real time within the dream.

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Does that mean she can manipulate the contents of dreams themselves?

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I'm pretty sure that's implied. She can dreamwalk, is an immortal being that survived a millennium in the moon, so it would make sense if she could influence the course of a dream.

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But would she?

>> No.10303660

I think it would depend on the situation.

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Well, she could influence a dream if she so wanted, like in the case of Scoots, but can leave it be if things are going normally. I don't think she would want to be behind the controls of every dream there is. I wouldn't. That would take up a lot of time, and have to know the desires and fears and personality of every single subject. Why not let them do it autonomously and intervene when needed?

Again, there are situations where she would influence dreams. Whenever she shows up in fics in dreams, she has at least some control of them. It's pretty much canon by now. She could find out where a specific person is, give them instructions from afar, teach them a lesson they are having a hard time learning by themselves, etc.

heck, she could punish criminals with nightmares (hue)

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It's not punishment if it's your fetish

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It's my fetish, anon.

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Good to see an interesting discussion taking place here.

Anyway, bumping this tread before bed. See you guys later.

Praise the Sun and the Moon.

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This is something we should consider when writing about Celestia and Luna. I know it's not show-canon, but it is Faust-canon

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Good point. It could certainly spur a debate on what is considered a god.

>> No.10312970

Perhaps a compromise is in order. To the ponies, they are essentially gods due to their immortality and sheer power. It's not like they can't die, it's more that there are very few things that are powerful enough to kill them.

As to their progenitor (they had to come from somewhere and besides, they are named as princesses instead of queens), I kind of like the idea that they were born/created by/from one that would more readily fit the classical/more widely accepted definition of a god. To borrow the term from a fic I read (and help ease discussion via use of a more easily recognized moniker for said idea/god-figure), Cosmic Matriarch may fit the bill here. She created Equestria from the swirling chaos of space as she created the rest of the universe. Celestia and Luna were created as stewards of her creation, who, in turn aided in the creation of the ponies and other things of that world once the initial act of creation was completed.

Once the ponies learned how, it was more up to them to care for the land as the Celestial sisters cared for the world and its inhabitants. The Matriarch still exists, but left Equestria long ago to seed life in other places and maintain the form and function of reality and existence wherever she may be.

Just something to consider.

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Bump for glory of Sun and Moon.

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I really wish I had more motivation to write for this, but I'm not sure what we're doing right now.

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So far, we're brainstorming new ideas to include in the books, such as >>10254815, >>10305009, and >>10312970. Of course, anyone is open to writing if they so desire.

I'm not very skilled at writing but I do update the Google Doc discussion from time to time, and pitch some ideas for discussion.

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I'd also like to add that our prime objective is just to get the Books of Lyra, Spike, Celestia, and Pinkamena done.

I do wish Avery would find this tread and pop in once or so, he knows more about this project than I do and seems more passionate in getting it done.

I also hope Rainbow Man can help us out in publishing, like he did with the Daring Do books, except without all the dildos and getting b& by Amazon. I'd definitely buy a copy of this once it was finished and released.

Here's a random Celestia picture for your wait.

>> No.10324945

Put links to the thread at the bottom of the document. Designate space on the doc so that when we have a thread change, we can keep the team updated, and hopefully encourage them to discuss here, and answer questions lurkers might have

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Probably best to do it at the top.

I should be around late tonight. I have closing shift, but I also open the park tomorrow. I won't be able to stay long.

>> No.10325378

When you finish, I can change it to Shakespearean and fix grammar and punctuation.

>> No.10325456

That would be great. Can you help with writing and getting ideas down in the meantime?

>> No.10325789


Hey, you made it! Awesome!

Anyway, I've updated the doc with the current discussion thread link at the top.

>> No.10325810

I write for other generals. I'll be sure to help once it's done.

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Is this book for both Sun and Moon?
Also, Pagan would be a good archetype. It would fit into wicca, but there are two goddesses instead of a god and a goddess

Capthca Lord ominlopr

>> No.10333389


I figured as much, since the pagans were into worshipping celestial bodies.

I don't know much about paganism other than the early Christians ripped off the Pagans to make Christianity more appealing. Also, I was raised Catholic.

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Hey, if this thread is still active I just wanted everyone to know I'm the writer of Lyra and am willing to answer some questions/take suggestions.

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File: 1.38 MB, 1920x1080, your on clelestias corner other pimp..png [View same] [google]

I'm reading up on Greek mythology right now, Iv got a huge stack of books on it.

>> No.10337480

I made the Creation story all ready. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iDxBPppDQNDmkOBtplonbF-CJX9p2h4bH9cnxLrAHTA/edit

>> No.10337624

That would be a help, its a lot easier to write down the book in plain English and change it later.

>> No.10337692

Oh, hi. I'll be in the doc in a few. Need to get cleaned up after my shift.

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>> No.10339124


Okay, I was wondering if you read the comments from >>10310893 (Cross-thread) and what you thought about it. Does this change how Celestia and Luna are portrayed in the texts?

>> No.10339954

Bumping once more before heading to bed.

I'll give the Book of Lyra a read-through tomorrow morning. Do you mind if I make some minor proofreading edits, Helios? It won't affect what's written, just editing for grammar and format.

>> No.10342390

I am back and I should be around evenings for the next week.

Keepin the thread alive.

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Morning bump

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Praise the Sun!

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It's raining here, and I have the rest of the week off. TO GLORY!


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Yeah... what is this anyway?
Some kind of Bible of Celestia or what?
You're not as informating as the other generals, OP.

>> No.10353221

Check out the doc, and you'll see. This is a satirical holy book based on the universe of MLP. We are trying to tie it into real life events, and basically make a religion that people can actually practice if they so choose, like a more fleshed out version of FSM.

Anyone who wants can help out, with art, music, ideas, etc. I want this to be the biggest thing to come out of /mlp/

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I get Celestia, but why are Spike, Pinkamena, and Lyra first choices for books?

>> No.10354346

Lyra is like an ambassador to humans due to fan headcanon. She is very interested in humans, and thus would be liable to write to them as a way to bring them to Equestria (Which I believe was decided to be a kind of nirvana).

Spike is the one that follows the mane 6 around, and is obviously very literate, thus can write about their escapades.

Pinkamena, being the depressed, manic version of pinkie, is a good candidate for the apocalyptic book.

>> No.10357548


OP here, sorry about that. The last thread didn't last more than a day and derailed into shitposting before it 404'd.

I apologize for how that thread turned out. This one, despite it being a slightly-random discussion, is faring much better.

Next thread will include >>10353221 in the OP.

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Where is everybody?

>> No.10360038

Lurking, and finishing my choral piece

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>> No.10364525

I'll be in the doc in a few.

>> No.10364542

Forgot name

>> No.10369740

Pre bed praising

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Praise the sun!

>> No.10377846

Finishing up my choir piece. I'm getting criticism and am probably going to tweak it a little, but it'll be done shortly

>> No.10378426


Great, just take your time.

>> No.10378880

Fantastic! Already, we have some music.

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>> No.10385093

Praise the sun

>> No.10386303

Praise the sun!

>> No.10386678

Alright. Here's my finished product with the choral piece. I'm not as satisfied with it, but I'm still delivering it as promised. I'll bring better work next time


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Bumping with some sun praising

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Praise the sun, faggots

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One last Praising of the Sun before bed.

Good night, everyone.

>> No.10394000

Last bump from me
Would like other anons' feedback on this

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Praise the sun

>> No.10397402

Am I the only one who really likes when Celestia's cutie mark is huge?

>> No.10399856

I'm sure you're not

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>> No.10407423

Praise the sun

>> No.10408027

Gave it a few edits, major ones which aren't just phrasing or proof reading are shown by the double brackets around them. Thought I might contribute.

>> No.10408354

It's damned good brah.

In my opinion, it sounds less like a song of praise and more of a cry for help, a prayer in times of desperation.

But that's just my opinion. Still, make moar!

>> No.10408521

>In my opinion, it sounds less like a song of praise and more of a cry for help, a prayer in times of desperation.
Well, since there's no text, we could do make that what the song is about

>> No.10410852

Every contribution helps

>> No.10412391

I'll be in the doc in about a half hour.

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File: 15 KB, 358x359, Arms_Celestia.gif [View same] [google]


All right, I've made some edits to what has been written so far in the Book of Lyra, and made some comments.

Let me know what you think.

>> No.10413742

I'm going to be making another piece here soon. If you guys want to give me some text to write it around, that would be great. Keep it simple, like two to four lines

>> No.10416425


>> No.10416865

I'd like to run this by some others before it becomes canon, since this is the foundation of the project, but I do appreciate how you went about adding it.

>> No.10421434

Morning praise

>> No.10421887



>> No.10422717

Anybody in existence?

>> No.10422866

I'm keeping this thread open in another tab while I lurk around.

>> No.10422899

Pretty much same here. Would be nice to know what timezones the most people are in so we can actually talk to eachother without lurking for ages.

GMT, UK here.

>> No.10422961

Mountain time. Wyoming

>> No.10423071


Central Time, Minnesota

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>reading pastebin
>no Book of Derpy

>> No.10423353


Silly anon, Derpy can't write!

>> No.10423572


She can read, though.

>> No.10423657


Nah, she was just entertained by the funny symbols.

>> No.10426257

She can certainly read, and being a mailmare, should be able to write somewhat.

I think there are better candidates, though.

>> No.10426377

Greetings oh great cardinal of the church

What's the plan?

>> No.10428078

Started writing a book of prayers. It starts with basic statements of faith.

Feel free to add any you want.

>> No.10428344

I should be on later tonight. I would like writers to be around for the canon.

>> No.10428659

Have we discussed our position on clopping and pony porn yet?

I personally feel it shouldn't really matter.

>> No.10429348

Depends on how we go about the religion. Saying that clop's alright, but saying that eating spaghetti is impure, it might cause people to do a double take on what it really stands for, however, it deals more with humanity, fair treatment, inner peace, then clop might be acceptable. It's all about consistency

>> No.10429426

Replying so I can get some suggestions out of you people

>> No.10429721


Do ones based on the elements. Like calm as fuck kindness, mad battle music for loyalty etc.

Text for Joy - "With joy in our hearts we dance and laugh and sing,
spreading happiness and cheer for the lives we have been given."

>> No.10430291

I like those lines. I can work with that

>> No.10430532


I'm thinking of lyrics for a general sun appreciation song, but the words aren't coming through to me yet.

Give me about a day or so and I can probably come up with something.

When you said you needed about 2-4 lines, are those lines going to be a refrain or a short song with one verse?

I'm also working on some Celestia art at the moment. I'll post it here when I'm done.

>> No.10430669


>> No.10430710

Look up Henry Purcell's hear my prayer o lord. Just text that's really simple

>> No.10430782

Here's a small discussion piece. As I'm bored.

This religion is mainly about Celestia. However, the book is written in a way that includes Luna as a main part of the creation stoy and as a Godess.

So, does this religion condemn Luna for her betrayal and focus on Celestia? Or does it consider them both equals?

>> No.10432346

I don't think Luna is condemned. She was forgiven by Celestia in the 2nd episode. I believe the focus on Celestia comes from her being the elder sister.

Luna does have her rightful place in this.

This is just one idea, drawn from show canon.

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