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no need to thank me

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words cannot describe how much i want to suck you off right now

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> file compatible with CS3


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What the hell are these?

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> tfw CS3 compatible
> tfw puppet of my husbando, Thunderlane

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Good your enjoying :)
It's compatible with all versions from Flash 8 and above

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Someone check if these are safe

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They are safe. FLA files can't have viruses, regular FLA file.

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scanned with avast, showed up clean, most virus' don't work with a download like this. They are mostly hidden in launchers like .exe files that install multiple things at once, allowing it them to slip in easier, thats why you should always double check .exe's and any other launcher files

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They are, caption this image

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Where on earth did you get these

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I got them from a friend on skype, looked in the metadata and SUDDENLY IT'S FROM DHX

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So I'm guessing we werent supposed to get our hands on these?

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>It includes the shit black OC of the animators son that was shoehorned in

Yep, these are legit

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bump for based anon

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So who is this friend and why is stuff still leaking out of DHX to random nobodies?

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Any other assets you can get us?

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> all of those obvious animator OCs borderline breaking the color palette

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Wait, so these are the flash puppets used in the actual show?

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don't blame me

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I don't have no other assets, sorry
>mfw i realise the male ponies muzzles just dafuq

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Hey, hey! I aint blaming you for shit. You did good OP. You are in my favor. Trust me, id give you a hug but i cant. So instead, you are in my prayers. She made the animations and junk, she mary sued' her way in their. But thats not the point, good job OP.

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do they work?

I plan to help in OPs crusade and help distribute these

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Yes they work.

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You did the right thing OP.

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They really remind me of a flash pack I've downloaded earlier (the 360 thing).

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I have a zoe trent as well but that's neither here or there on /mlp/

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Who knows, but DON'T FUCK THIS UP!

Keep this shit kinda on the down low and maybe we'll get more.

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I second this.

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You have done a better service to aspiring animators than Double Rainboom could ever hope for

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Well, the actual show is animated in Flash 8, after all.

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You have no idea how many of my animator friends thank you, the more assets you can get, the better, nearly ANYTHING flash related will help

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My friends had some other DHX puppets that were leaked, this isn't the first time

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we don't have them, hand them over

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hand your DHX ones over, we will all rejoice, we'll have another addition

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anon, plz, hurry up, we need them

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He was probably lying

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Most likley, for proof we need screencap/the file

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>mfw this download

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Sauce NAOW faggot!

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You did good /mlp/, you did good

Once the animators and others manage to successfully reverse engineer these we will have show accurate animation for life!

Time for double rainboom to eat shit

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pls OP, you are based and what not, but remove your email from the email field and please try to quote the posts that you reply to.

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sorry, i used a disposable email for my first post on 4chan, forgot to remove it.

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Fuck yes.
I don't know how to use flash. Fuck.
But you're doing Gods work op, you are not a faggot.

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Friend of mine is confirming these are legit and are complete

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Hey, does your friend work at Studio B/DHX/whatever it's called these days, then? or top draw

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No, he's been looking through them

He's merely confirming these are complete and all, including the lip synch thing

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I still don't know how the friend of a friend got these things.

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What is this exactly?

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Leaked DHX mlp puppet rigs.

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Not to burst your bubble, but that's how the double rainboom puppets were made..

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Why would you do this?

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This can be very useful

Thanks a ton.

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Wait so do these come with animations already.. or whats the advantage...

>> No.11299194

Sorry if it takes longer to reply, on my kindle now.

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It's what you need to make an animation

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Let's say that are some good puppet rigs, though they need some cleaning. Guys, I think I will continue and fulfill another mission: Creating more characters and cleaning it up. I think I'll use Flash 8 for it.

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I wounder how much it would cost jewbro if they leaked all the animations as well

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And what does this mean for the average Joe?
more porn?

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I don't really think so. Maybe some people will be able to make Jan-tier animations.

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ok when you have finished cleaning post on this theread plz?

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Everything leads to more porn, always.
Now we get more show quality porn

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OP your cool and all for leaking this

But stop acting like a faggot

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Fucking finally, Jans monopoly needs to fucking end

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Whoa, man. Not so fast. I couldn't start right now, I'm really tired and I'll go to bed soon. It would take a while since it's not just some clicking.

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It's always the biggest faggots who gets shared all the leakiest stuff.

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OP, this material now belongs to the /mlp/ collective

You are an irrelevant pawn now

Fuck off, time to let the adults have their time

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Nah man, don't you think we should be more grateful? This ungratefulness reminds me of bronies.

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>Now we get more show quality porn

nothanks, I'll stick to pictures.

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You know that puppets have next to nothing to do with the quality of the animation right? If you're not a hugely incompetent animator, it's just a matter of workflow, not quality. If you couldn't animate without these, you can't animate with them.

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File: 1.25 MB, 614x379, x.gif [View same] [google]

Pic related

These are infinitely better than double rainboom's puppets by far it seems. And gives a GREAT depth as to how many sub components official pony puppets have. Even down to their legs and body beans.

Looking through them they're not "completely complete" but it wouldn't be too hard to fill in the missing frames as all of these contain missing ones that can be filled into others.

This pretty much clears a ton of my misconceptions over a multitude of that animations and poses done in mlp aren't custom drawn.(although there are still quite a couple that had to have been drawn in)

This also opens up a whole array of knowledge on how the people at DHX actually animate MLP. Mostly this means that the show seems to use a lot more animation motion guides than originally thought (no more fbf blinks or redone walking cycles, this was always assumed but most of us didn't know how DHX would implement it)

In short this means we'll be seeing some pretty crazy animations be them for good or bad if the right people with the right knowledge get a hold of this. Very show accurate.

Now the real goldmine would be a full episode .fla leak (highly unlikely) and this will break a ton of the mythos over MLP's animation style and process.

Thanks OP, you've done good in some form. But this much good should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. This is practically pandora's box which has been opened.

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Hopefully that Tiarawhy person won't come across this, she's so popular, yet her animation is so stiff

>> No.11299504


Hopefully something someone out of this

Maybe Tracy Productions could use this

>> No.11299506

It's not really stiff, it's just all over the place. There's too much unneccessary stuff in his animation which makes all of it look bad.

>> No.11299544

I am aware of that. Maybe I should've said it differently, but this will save alot of time for some people (vectoring). And I hope nobody will use tweens on character parts.

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>This is practically pandora's box which has been opened.

Agreed. DHX could be in huge trouble over this I reckon.

>> No.11299572


Especially if there are more

>> No.11299576

>Clopping to pictures
Don't see how people can do this, I need some form of movement, any movement, otherwise I can barely start

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Is that's in flash right?
Also why is the shit missing from them? if they used them to animate the show wouldn't they be complete

>> No.11299590

Tiarawhy is a guy

>> No.11299615

That, and the character models are usually pretty wonky and disproportionate.

>> No.11299640

Like what?

>> No.11299658

Looks like it's just background characters. I imagine they would just put in the frames possibly needed for the character.
If we got one of the Mane 6, then there would probably be many more frames involved/complete

>> No.11299669

IS there walk cycles?

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>> No.11299684


How is it pandoras box?

>> No.11299690


Pretty much 80% of what's going on in this little film is unneccesary animation. Every single limb moving all the time doesn't equal quality.

>> No.11299714

That's over a year old though? Her new animations seem to be more stationary but smoother frames (like the pinkie catbug one).

>> No.11299715

I'm pretty sure he's a goddamn guy. I was on skype with him once.

>> No.11299746

It's not. People are just getting excited.

>> No.11299755

Pretty sure it's a guy, regardless of the message.

>> No.11299757

This COULD potentially help out animators wanting to animate fanmade stuff.

But it also belongs to DHX, and using their assets for your own profit is a big no no.

>> No.11299811

I have some older file on my hard drive like this which does contain them, even celestia with full hair animation and shit, props and pinkies gala dress, as far as I can remember. And it also had some premade studio animations

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File: 2.20 MB, 679x430, 5.gif [View same] [google]

More gifs. (This pony used to be Rainbow Dash at one point, it wouldn't be hard to remake Dash with all this to boot)

My real question and reference to this being pandora's box, is "why"? And how did this leak happen? Disgruntled employee? Does someone know something of the fate of MLP as an animated series and based leaking this to us as a parting gift? Is the person an agent of chaos? Or perhaps I'm wanting to read into this too much.

Also the usefulness of these files are obviously going to be up to the animator's animation skills - not so much the art not. A good animator is going to benefit from the official (art)work and if they can read into how to automatically play blinks/walk-run cycle/flying cycle the rest is just a matter of patience. Common people just getting into flash won't be reaping benefits from this immediately.

As I said before, until/unless there's an episode .fla leak the mlp fan animation community will be mostly unchanged from this, but this will certainly "look" more accurate art-wise.

>> No.11299817

Eh what. How is it any different from people vectoring show screenshots to animate and using those bodies? Or are you implying they can tell if its using "offical" puppets.

>> No.11299865

Derpy not RD

>> No.11299892

what are you using to make these .gifs?

>> No.11299902

Using the puppets is much faster/cleaner/easier then taking a screenshot, carefully cutting the pony out, and then doing that dozens of times

>> No.11299919

Ok you don't know what vectors are in flash.

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File: 1.31 MB, 679x430, 6.gif [View same] [google]

Trust me when I say this pony is/was RD. But this shouldn't be surprising since all poines in the show are just recolors of each other for the most part.

>> No.11300118

I'm a flash animator, just look at the fucking mane and compare it with Rainbow Dash, see you failed and then compare it to Derpy.
It WAS indeed Rainbow Dash but now it's closer to Derpy.

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File: 304 KB, 950x900, 1361318360458.png [View same] [google]

>this thread

>> No.11300233

I a already made a Derpy simply by recoloring the pone with the raindrops cutie mark

>> No.11300279

Is there anywhere we can download said assets?

>> No.11300296

Thank you <3

>> No.11300302

The difference is that these leaked puppets have animation frames included.
Look at those gifs.

>> No.11300317

The animations mlp uses aren't hard. The walk cycle is bassicly 6 frames (and the walk cycle frames in this fla aren't complete).

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File: 54 KB, 223x207, 1369021770798.gif [View same] [google]

I guess its time to learn Flash

>> No.11300427

I seem to recall them being uploaded on ED or something more than a year ago now.

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File: 44 KB, 346x325, whats going on on this thread.jpg [View same] [google]

>pic related

someone care to explain this?


yeah i guess it's my time as well to learn flash

>> No.11300510

Question to you animators. Which is more convenient to learn? Traditional animation or flash animation?

>> No.11300561

Come to >>11180870 and you'll maybe get some help from flashfags.

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File: 4 KB, 114x168, elaborate.jpg [View same] [google]

tiarawhy you lurking? Time to make some hiqh quality porn!

>> No.11300635

Why do people think Tiarawhy's animation is show accurate? The animation is awful.

>> No.11300644

I'm not an animator, I gave up on that. But they have two almost entirely different workflows. Neither one is easier or more convenient.

>> No.11300660

And what exactly do you think tiarawhy can create with these OFFICIAL DHX puppets, hm?

>> No.11300699

Tiarawhy's shapes are good. Take a screenshot and it looks all right.

What I'm saying is that Tiarawhy's animation (you know, the motion!) is shit. How can peopel possibly think that Tiarawhy is show-accurate?

>> No.11300784

I know what you are trying to say and I say that this leak right here could help fixing exactly that.

>> No.11300935

So what can we even accomplish with only the puppets from one episode?

>> No.11301348

not much apart from maybe a few recolors and a look into the animation process at dhx

>> No.11301361

Make a Wonderbolts short.

>> No.11301597

a lot, just recolor them if you need more. remove wings to get earth ponies. look for good horn vectors to make unicorns.

>> No.11301766
File: 350 KB, 2399x1032, recolor.png [View same] [google]

made a quick 'n' dirty recolor using some of the available assets in this

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File: 217 KB, 677x1180, mlp___wild_fire_smile_by_omgklint-d4aga2j.png [View same] [google]

I don't know man. the person might be unpleasant, but wildfire is mad cute

>> No.11302245

Lookin' good m8

>> No.11302299

Tiaras "art" is terrible. Cmon, those lines are shitty.

>> No.11302512
File: 74 KB, 625x626, 1369576569121.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11302854

>Brown Mane
>Brown Tail
>Brown Eyes
Wildfire confirmed for niggerpone :(

>> No.11302911


>People with brown eyes and hair are all niggers

>> No.11304447


it's better if you learn traditional animation first before even trying flash animation. everything you need to know is there.


a walk cycle is usually 24 frames long. sometimes can be shorter (hurrying walk) or longer (granny smith walk).

>> No.11305642

So who leaked it?

>> No.11305769 [DELETED] 
File: 148 KB, 500x721, tumblr_m8dtitn62x1rp0e3bo1_500.png [View same] [google]

This is a sketch by Tiara. Lines are dull, body is akward. Color is fine. 5/10

Compare to...

>> No.11305814 [DELETED] 
File: 110 KB, 1000x1416, 1369701672010.jpg [View same] [google]

This. See the difierence. Give me a picture of hir art thats really fantastic and ill believe that he actually is a good artist. To me, he is atleast 5.5/10

>> No.11305839


>> No.11306478


>> No.11312086

Hey, can you release your edit?

>> No.11313528

Sounds awfully like Tara to me. It probably is something she recorded during the pinnacle of her fandom fame.

>> No.11313640


So let me get this straight, for an anon who knows fuck all about animation but is willing to spread this to all corners of the internet if this is what I think it is...

...is this the file that DHX used/uses to animate the Wonderbolts in the show?

>> No.11313848


But DON'T share widespread.


We NEED other .fla files first before our god to-be-fired DHX worker goes out with a bang

>> No.11313857


Righto, thanks for the info. Holding fire for now and waiting for based OP and based leaker to return.

>> No.11313864


If he can get us the mane 6 and maybe some others, it would be great

>> No.11313876
File: 46 KB, 720x480, 1370940378862.jpg [View same] [google]


>mf if Mane 6 rig gets leaked

>> No.11313913

>mfw maybe a whole episode if he gets fired anyways

>> No.11313946


I don't even.

>> No.11313962

Does this mean we /mlp/ episode now?

>> No.11313986

Meh. I just want mane 6 puppets + my favorite ponies.

Background a shit.

>> No.11314294

Do you even /mlp/

>> No.11315440

bump cuz importance

>> No.11315519

Will this make up for Equestria Girls?

>> No.11315831

what do I do with that file?
where do I start?
what software dp I need?

>> No.11315967

It takes not a genious to use these puppet, but it takes skill and experience to actually get the LOOK of the show... which means NOT TO MUCH FUCKING MOTION TWEENS...

>> No.11315976

It's a flash file. Take a fucking guess.

>> No.11315996


I want to cum inside wonderbolts_academy_puppets.fla

>> No.11316039

You do know that all rigs use the same body, right? Plus you can get the Mane6 models and walk cycles from any flash game on the site.


>> No.11316054

Exactly the same shit? If you get DaVinci's brush, that won't magically make you the finest artist of the century.

>> No.11316056

don't try to be an edgy cunt
if I knew anything about flash I wouldn't be asking

>> No.11316069

Here's a hint: You download Flash and open it.

>> No.11316070


Downloaded. Thanks anon, I'd sex you if you were a girl above 5/10

>> No.11316090

Those are only the ones from the game though, so the layering/vectors might be a bit wonky because it's decompiled. The colours and everything are the exact same though, so you can use the puppets in the OP post, and some resources from the show as to how the hairs look like from a frontal angle.

>> No.11316112
File: 45 KB, 250x214, 1369934808965.gif [View same] [google]


Got it. Thanks.

>> No.11316124
File: 26 KB, 546x528, 2edgy4me strongsad.png [View same] [google]

Being edgy is fine, as long as you're still helpful.

Which you're not you cunt.
Head over to >>11180870.
The google doc shows you how to get it.

When you download the file, be sure to read the installing instructions txt file.
It's easy, just follow the instructions, all you're doing is copying and replacing some files.

>> No.11316144

>inb4 Jan gets a hold of these and fucks us all over

>> No.11316184

thanks anon :3

>> No.11316259

i have a derpy but it's in CS6 format, so not everyone will be able to use it

>> No.11316385

Can you post it? I can convert it back to CS3.

>> No.11317032


>> No.11318138

post it please.

Post any and all you have, CS6 or not.

>> No.11318457
File: 198 KB, 2150x600, image.jpg [View same] [google]

Has anyone looked at the cutie mark names yet? Drippy McDripperson is best pony.

>Pic revelant to thread
>Modified Double Rainboom puppets

>> No.11318654


>> No.11318706
File: 13 KB, 337x251, 1370940215152.jpg [View same] [google]



I think you're cool.

>> No.11318709
File: 917 KB, 1778x1000, WB_academy_derpy.CS6.gif [View same] [google]

have a GIF if you don't have CS6

>> No.11318716


Now i'm not asking where you got these or whether you're a worker for DHX or not, it really doesn't matter. But please, please a Mane 6 rig....... if you have them

>> No.11318731
File: 105 KB, 400x400, derpy-muffin-explosion.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11319361

Time to contribute. I'm making the Ponkie Poe puppet for all you now.
will post pic when progress is shown

>> No.11319391

don't you mean PONKA PAIE

>> No.11320706
File: 26 KB, 375x360, ss (2013-06-12 at 08.43.48).png [View same] [google]


>> No.11320803


>> No.11321838

Is that you Wubcakes?

>> No.11321865

Nope. It's Mayde.

>> No.11322052

Will this kill off all usefulness of the Double Rainboom puppets?

>> No.11322206

Yes, because it's DHX's leaked fla files.

>> No.11322258
File: 198 KB, 1360x768, ss (2013-06-12 at 05.15.07).png [View same] [google]

In a way it probably will kill off the older model of the puppets we were using all the time. However the DR puppets will actually be useful by the assets they have on the eyes, like cheeks and such.

Comparing against show models is really something, take a look at this shit. Do you motherfucking see that. The Double Rainboom version is so terrifyingly weird looking for a front view.

>> No.11322435

I always thought the DR puppets looked a bit bow-legged, but now comparing them, holy shit.

>> No.11325751

Hahaha that's hilarious, I always knew there was something odd, they all look like spiders or something

>> No.11325838
File: 194 KB, 1440x860, spiderdashhorrifyingoutoften.png [View same] [google]

hue, made this a few weeks back

>> No.11325845

>using an OS that respects freedoms
>Adobe Flash CS6

>> No.11325906

Suck it, freedomfag

Your precious ponies were created with proprietary god-tier software.

Just kill yourself already

>> No.11325979

Fucking Slepnir pony.

>> No.11325987
File: 97 KB, 1024x640, appimage[1].jpg [View same] [google]

Flash works with Wine

>> No.11326011

That's not the point he was making.

Flash is proprietary. Just because you can run it using WINE, does not make Flash suddenly free OR open source

>> No.11326067

Well there's not much that can be done, it is not like there is a good 2D animation software that is open source.

The open source community decided to go for 3D animation instead

>> No.11326095

I am not even sure how it is anything put shitposting, why are linuxfags coming in here and randomly bitching about how we're not using completely open source software.

The only reason I use windows is due to hardware and software compatibility.

>> No.11327186

Sorry Mayde, PonyChan did an article about this

>> No.11327197


>> No.11327354

Well... shit. Not sure how to react to all this judging how they used MY FUCKING IMAGE and they have my name all over the flash files.

Eh I don't care anyways.

>> No.11327445

He fucking confused Flash Video with Flash Documents

>> No.11327482
File: 182 KB, 1360x768, ss (2013-06-12 at 09.45.44).png [View same] [google]

Right now I was making my OC look better by using the DHX versions. Yeah I'm making the OC first, I'm using that as a base once it's done for any other characters needed to be completed.

>> No.11327602
File: 212 KB, 800x760, 1361892266989.jpg [View same] [google]

>shit hair
>shit eyes

>> No.11327635

At least it's better than having to recolor RD's mane or some shit like that.

>> No.11327655

wat u come here?

>> No.11327667

I come here? What do you mean traveler...

>> No.11327687

i think hem ment to say
>why did you come here?

>> No.11327709

Eh, just decided I'll stay here for as long as I want.

>> No.11327712


i am subed to ur channel on youtube im.suprised youbwould be on /mlp/

your vids got me.into animating

>> No.11327775

don't you love phones?

>> No.11327817
File: 32 KB, 547x404, ss (2013-06-12 at 10.02.51).png [View same] [google]

Ah, glad to know I'm loved in the community and I'm sort of an inspiration. ANYWAYS I have a little test for the people who want to see,


>> No.11327819

kindle.to be specific

>> No.11328017
File: 15 KB, 371x390, ss (2013-06-12 at 10.10.29).png [View same] [google]

Where I was getting at earlier was the modification of the DHX puppets. I have set them up so that when you use them, it will be nearly exactly the same as the Double Rainboom puppets so it will be easier to handle with shit you want to do.

Rigged exactly and I have sort of a kind of base for the 3Q view.

>> No.11328402
File: 54 KB, 598x508, 1354817038200.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11328454
File: 21 KB, 519x267, academyassetleaks.png [View same] [google]

Xyro sure is one to talk, considering there's fleeting evidence of that he's one of the few priviliged who gets to see what's going on behind the scenes all the time.

>> No.11328586
File: 57 KB, 392x498, 394.jpg [View same] [google]

guys i sent sethisto a link to these threads...
did i fucked it up?

>> No.11328614

Oh fuck.

>> No.11328677

As you can see >>11328454 DHX are already fully aware of the leaks, and it's probably privately spreading like wildfire everywhere right now.

>> No.11328725

I'm still not sure what will happen after all of this. I mean we have their puppets but what does that even give them. We stole from them and in a sense I do feel my morals in place right now.

>> No.11328886
File: 13 KB, 633x758, Ciepła twarz.gif [View same] [google]

I wish I knew how to animate.

>> No.11329230

do you even know were you are?
the only bad thing about this is that the % of a youtube hasbro takedown is waaaaayy higher than before

>> No.11329321

Mayde, OP, and I will be animating the Mane 6, background characters, and bases using these rigs. They will be posted here

>> No.11329323

I do have the feeling that you are correct, although DHX would probably dismiss this off as something not too controversial and continue on. Worse case scenario is that MLP gets cancelled.

>> No.11329422

Exactly, I will be working as best as I can to bring us some MLP pony puppets.

>> No.11329430

>MLP gets cancelled.
we already have full 63 + 1 episodes full of pony content... this isnt the worst case...
but i will SURE miss the new opening of MLP

>> No.11329464

How did this exactly got leaked?

>> No.11329556

Does not matter. OP delivered end of story. The more information he give us the less likely it will happen again.

>> No.11329654
File: 307 KB, 2316x1343, Pic-bill-cosby-e1339119182491.jpg [View same] [google]

Ah I see. I'll zip zop zoopidibob my mouth.

>> No.11329772

DHX spy!

>> No.11329786

>mlp gets cancelled

You know what this means, right?
Lauren would finally release her pitch bible.

>> No.11330031

Oh man, one day.

>> No.11330285

I will try to help but I dont really draw so all id do is borrow from existing vectors to edit symbols

>> No.11330335

That was originally the plan. We could use people helping out. If you would like to contact me through Skype its "bdmayde" ,feel free to discuss these matters with me

>> No.11330368
File: 223 KB, 750x750, and_i_learned_nothing.png [View same] [google]

She said she would do that and publicly announce the plans she had for the show once the show blows over.

So even if we don't get any more pone We can entertain ourselves by creating our own canonically-correct, non-Jewed, unicorn Twilight episodes with the puppets anyway it's still a win for us, right?

Fuck S4 and all the subsequent seasons from this point on. If I want an episode, I'm not going to wait on my ass for one to come on my television screen just to get disappointed on how it's all gone to shit! No! I'll make my own damn episodes, weave my own stories, hell, maybe even turn some greentext stories written here into their own episodes! It'll be a fucked-up season of MLP, that's for sure, but it's better than the manure those happy merchants at Hasbro and McCarthy are trying to shovel in my goddamn face! And that's how Lauren would have wanted it too! It'll be a better show, with viking caribou, blackjack, and hookers!

>> No.11330414

>tfw now if JewsBro knows that, they'll keep making pone episodes and ruin the entire thing and make Twilight Princess have babies with that flesh sentry fgt

>> No.11330446
File: 225 KB, 844x1000, 1351045197393.jpg [View same] [google]

i hear some hands rubbing in the studio already!

>> No.11330458


>mfw I don't give a fuck.
The show ended at S3E12 for me. From that point on, it's an independent venture.

>> No.11330468

I would love that, But yet I love pone show. Only time will tell.

>> No.11330472

Yeah but she can't release it if the show is still going.

>> No.11330523

And Hasbro can't keep the show going without that delicious profit.

This is what hangs in the balance for the show in their eyes, but not in mine.

>> No.11330547
File: 37 KB, 529x466, 137109262879.png [View same] [google]

DHX is angry

>> No.11330554

But if she releases it every canon would be dead. Which is good Because there are a lot of autistic ones, like gamer Luna

>> No.11330572

>Who's dumb enough to leak this shit?
Ahahahaha! That made me cringe and giggle at the same time. Is that person for serious?

>> No.11330573 [DELETED] 

Why would you tweet about it so candidly

>> No.11330597

>>11330335 That is great thank you, I have a bunch of friends who would be willing to help out

>> No.11330610
File: 18 KB, 202x249, 1323130096850.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11330618

Holy fuck we got an everlasting shitstorm here today. I kind of feel bad because of the whole leak but this is a giant breakthrough.

>> No.11330622

Why would you tweet about it so candidly

>> No.11330643

We should help stop the mighty forces of JewsBro to take the show down...

You know, I have one solution as I remember from a post here a long time ago about a pony movie and a lot of bronies in a movie theater clopping.

I don't have the copy pasta but it would go something like this:

There's four fucking days left! Go to the EqG movie, don't mind watching it. Just go there and cum everywhere in the middle of the show. All of you together.

That might work. it's our ONLY HOPE!

>> No.11330666

Well considering they could potentially get in trouble over this leak, I think their anger is justified.

>> No.11330691

Their boss does not have to know about the leak. You know, Jew bosses are just thinking about money. If they mention it, it'll just start drama and they'd soon ask for donations from bronies, milking money from them to give them home again.

The only solution is to not tell the JewBoss.

>> No.11330738

If you hide that there has been a leak and then Hasbro finds out then what?

>> No.11330766

How would one find out if no one said anything?

You can just say "He has talent, oh he's so good at drawing these vectors!"

You know, like you like to an autistic person. Do the same with Jews.

>> No.11330776


>> No.11330779

What's the worst they can do?

>> No.11330795

Lemme put it this way.....

I know who the animator is now, it's in the file metadata. They're fucked.

>> No.11330832

>>11330795 They or just the animator who made this FLA?

>> No.11330847

Maybe its just the author of the file and not the leaker. Unless it says "leaked by some dumbass who wrote his name on it"

>> No.11330853

>be Mr. Hasbro™
>Goy leaked some background useless vectors
>conspire with the animators
>turn them Jews too
>Pretend to fire them
>let them beg for money and donation from so called 'bronies'
>blame /mlp/
>send more feds to /mlp/ to shitstorm
>pay them $0.01 every post
>even get kids!
>Get more money from the people called 'bronies' Are they a race?
>Get 61% of the money they got as donations from each of my animators

>> No.11330863


Who are all those people?

>> No.11330867

who is it?

>> No.11330873


Oh no, this is the original FLA
I guarantee it.

\Users\koko\Documents\Work\Studio B\MLP\307\cadets-extra.jpg

>> No.11330889
File: 715 KB, 900x1440, 1368733396699.png [View same] [google]

>We can entertain ourselves by creating our own canonically-correct, non-Jewed, unicorn Twilight episodes with the puppets anyway it's still a win for us, right?

this is too good to be true...
tell me why we didn't get some of those god-tier fanfics animated yet?

>> No.11330893
File: 3 KB, 350x59, Untitled1.png [View same] [google]

And another, that I can't be fucked to type it all out with.

>> No.11330909

None of them work on MLP currently as far as we know, Baloney Broney went from MLP to Pound Puppies after S3. Steph Mahoney is layout supervisor/animator on DHX in Vancouver. The other 3 are just random fans.

>> No.11330914


>> No.11330930


It would be awesome if some bases were made for make and female ponies to help in making OC's

Before you complain, the more OC's saturate the animation scene the more tolerable and less HURR EXCLUSIVE it will be

>> No.11330942
File: 66 KB, 727x727, 132963532765.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11330965
File: 115 KB, 746x560, Untitled1.png [View same] [google]

Right here in the JPEG concept art metadata of saved location(s) of the 2 pics circled.

It's over for him. He's canned.

>> No.11330969

Will there be puppets made for Celestia and Luna?

>> No.11331000
File: 448 KB, 1032x643, cadets-extra.png [View same] [google]

may as well upload it here too.

Good ol concept art, it really does look nicely drawn.

>> No.11331003

How do we know someone didn't get the files from his computer or something? Just because the metadata has his name in it doesn't mean he was the one to leak it.

>> No.11331008


So we know where this came from, but this isn't that large if a file, it could have still been stolen easily

This doesent mean the owner is the one who leaked it

>> No.11331059
File: 132 KB, 320x240, 5.png [View same] [google]

i already emailed seth, and he isnt on bed now

>> No.11331063

who could have possibly cared to steal MLP fla files when no brony could even get near a DHX worker?

>> No.11331090

A brony janitor

>> No.11331102


Who says it has to be a Brony?

Someone who has a hateboner for MLP could very well be intelligent enough to know doing this would cause disarray

>> No.11331106

What if it was a different worker? I don't fucking know.

>> No.11331107

So he's "canned" because his username was involved in the location of an embedded concept art of a single file that got posted by someone's friend on the internet. Right.

>> No.11331113

People have stolen from DHX staff before.

>> No.11331119

>be anti brony
>say "ahaha I hate these fags"
>"Ok you can come in lel"
>secretly go and look say "I'm an animu geek lemme check yoru stuff <:3c"
>"Ok sure"
>sticka USB in and steal

>HEY /mlp/!! LOOK WUT I GOT!

>> No.11331129


It's Alex Savin, how can you be this dense?

>> No.11331176
File: 4 KB, 100x100, alex-savin.jpg [View same] [google]

>do you even security, Alex?

>> No.11331227

These guys probably don't know a lot about computers or feel very special or hipster when they leave their shit open and go to the bathroom.

Once in my college's library, some idiot left his laptop on and wasn't there for an hour. I could've just picked it up and left. Or left a note saying how much of an idiot he/she is.

But I didn't cause I'm a nice guy...

>> No.11331391

i love how this thread just dropped dead quiet the moment the animators name got bombshell dropped

>> No.11331456

Do you think this is a fucking game?

There would be more shitstorm on /mlp/ after everyone knows about it.

>> No.11331468

lauren faust did promise the different pony body types on her deviant art. she said that back in 2010 had money/time issues about it and cant do it

>> No.11331514

>Or left a note saying how much of an idiot he/she is.

That would've be nicer than saying nothing, honestly.

>> No.11331526
File: 141 KB, 500x368, turnabut.png [View same] [google]



>> No.11331533
File: 234 KB, 550x400, spin.gif [View same] [google]

aww shit nigga

>> No.11331559

This is just the path from which it was originally imported. Not necessarily that of the person who leaked it.

>> No.11331614

Yeah but imported from a local path, not a network drive.

Also worked on using a Mac for bonus info.

>> No.11331628

(meaning it was his work computer)

>> No.11331648

>implying no one would go full CSI to discover the caligraphy...

>> No.11331651

I'll keep in mind for next time. I'm too much of a cunt to not speak up a lot.

>> No.11331702

i don't get why DHX is going crazy over this its just like

>> No.11331730

Well you're the guy who uploaded it.

Perhaps you can fill in some info on where you obtained this?

>> No.11331783
File: 4 KB, 423x79, AFST.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11331785



>> No.11331902

I've been lurking lately. I'm going to have to leave due to sleep and finals are next week. I will work on the puppets whenever I get the chance to.
>Will lurk more

>> No.11331962
File: 13 KB, 271x186, 1367723405173.jpg [View same] [google]

haha its not just a "BG" ponie .fla that got leaked

>> No.11332051
File: 39 KB, 310x307, davi.jpg [View same] [google]

>not searching for the mighty grial of occidental art that concede spiritual powers just like his previous owner(davinci)

>> No.11332447

tiarawhy would need to make the proper animation again, because threre is no animation fo anyp0ny being fucked on the leak...
and the vectors are the same quality

>> No.11332462
File: 2.04 MB, 706x594, import.gif [View same] [google]

No. Check this: the person who imported the images into the .fla had the username koko, no doubt. However, anybody could have leaked the .fla, which still contained the koko path, which never changes.

Here I demonstrate the immutability of the included path by importing an image and deleting it.

>> No.11332691
File: 29 KB, 339x304, Sorry.png [View same] [google]

I do not mean to cause panic at all, but....

With the recent sticky, aren't you guys worried you'll not be able to post flash stuff at all due to either threads being deleted due to pantsu, or due to being told all flash goes in /f/ and what-not?

I seriously enjoy the stuff these threads come out with at times, but with the....well....current situation, so to speak, I fear for you guys.

>> No.11332729

how the actual fuck do you make those gifs

>> No.11332766

So, hypothetically, the animator could have transferred the .fla file to a flash drive (or the like) to show someone elsewhere. Said flash drive could then be taken via a random street pickpocket/lost and recovered by a stranger. The files would still have the path etc. but be in the hands of someone else because of random mishaps. Boom, leaked.

>> No.11332794


Records your screen and saves as a gif.

>> No.11332944
File: 1.43 MB, 2500x3000, Pants on head.jpg [View same] [google]

Oh man, /f/ better get used to pantsu ponies fast.

>> No.11333008
File: 24 KB, 566x411, RainbowDash3Qfpuppet.png [View same] [google]

Making an RD with this stuff.
trying to keep it as close to the show as possible

>> No.11333204

I saw a bunch of RD parts scattered around in the data, is it enough to reassemble into a full puppet?

>> No.11333361

You are a god anon

>> No.11333365

Okay lurking over. Time for sleep. Good night all you glorious faggots.

>> No.11333398

Probably not, I've had to vector parts from scratch for that.
I recommend Illustrator for vectoring into flash.

>> No.11333532
File: 729 KB, 813x508, RD work.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.11333682
File: 68 KB, 256x256, duckface.png [View same] [google]

I assume you'll be posting that

>> No.11333828

Yup. I can post 3/4 in it's current state if you want me to.
Here. (CS5.0 format) https://www.dropbox.com/s/alxif9qajyyp6dw/rd3q_cs5.fla

>> No.11333855

Yeah, and it's a work environment. Contrary to popular belief it's not a single person working on the files, but a hundred. For all we know koko could have been the guest username of a laptop that was temporarily involved in the process. We still don't know who worked on this particular file, who drew the concept art, who imported it, who put the puppets together, and who compiled the file in its current version. Maybe it was on a USB drive that got lost, maybe a laptop that was stolen, maybe someone who gave it to his friend, maybe someone whose friend's friend was in the office and stole it. We don't know who's OP's friend either, hell we don't even know who OP is.

Nobody's getting fired because two drawings of cartoon ponies is on the internet. And /mlp/ won't magically produce the next oscar winning series either, these are just fucking puppets.

What this means however, is that people who already know how to ANIMATE get a chance to create higher quality and more show accurate animations because they get a chance to analyze how the models work. The only thing I'm amazed at is that it took THIS long for something to finally get posted. It's been four years since the show's production started, and all we got so far was a script and a couple storyboard samples.

>> No.11334070

I'm learning flash for the pantsu pones, so this came at the perfect time (more or less). I just need to learn a bit more is all.

>> No.11334196
File: 31 KB, 500x284, ss (2013-06-13 at 06.52.51).png [View same] [google]

It's been confirmed that these are legit, judging by DHX's freakout.

>> No.11335026

What's Olaf's Build?

>> No.11335049

this i would like to know too

>> No.11335329

>>11334196 OP if you have skype I want to help you out on your puppet making

skype is in email

>> No.11335401
File: 14 KB, 500x189, Don't believe his lies - Slashy.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11335961

We should move this thread to MLPchan, no?

>> No.11336078


>> No.11336216

Holy shit this is great.

Now, if we could get official Mane 6 rigs and some other characters, we can make our own official looking porno!

>> No.11336391

Bumping to keep this thread alive.

>> No.11336465

Someone archive this thread shit just got interesting

>> No.11336531

Official rigs doesn't imply good animators. Just better models to work with.

What happened?
Also, it's already archived over here: archive.heinessen.com/mlp/thread/S11297175

>> No.11336560

Sent in a request.
Check the request votes on Chan Archive.

>> No.11336819

2/3 now with my vote.

>> No.11337613

What happened??

>> No.11337743

I'm guessing either:

The leaker got caught and is being beat with a garden hose.


The leaker said fuck the police and is getting ready to drop some .fla bombs.


The offices of DHX just went full-Madagascar.

>> No.11337778

Time to grab the popcorn!

OP has not once disappointed me so far, so I'm gonna lurk for whatever this is gonna be!

>> No.11338667

Is it HAPPENING or not?

>> No.11338726


It might be that a bunch of animators are on board with helping to create puppets

>> No.11338775

>create puppets
>implying not already created for all episodes

Nice thought but it would be highly redundant

>> No.11339082

Anon might be referring to this. Not animators as in "DHX employees that want to set their ponies free", but animators as in... just various animators from the intarwebs.

>> No.11339127

Olaf is a character on Pound Puppies (also done by DHX).

>> No.11339247
File: 70 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg [View same] [google]

How the fuck did you obtain these???

>> No.11339325


>> No.11339714
File: 6 KB, 124x121, image.jpg [View same] [google]

>tfw I'm out of town with friends, and can't use flash

I'm literally fucking crying. I love flash, and it seems that right when I went out of town. All these flash things started happening.

>> No.11339890

We must not share with the outsiders

>> No.11339955


To hell with that. mlpforum already has a team working on this, as soon as we get the assets together we'll spread 'em far and wide. Think how much time and effort people have spent into building their own rigs, only for it to be rendered completely pointless, and anyone who uses the rigs and puppets we distribute will have based OP and /mlp/ to thank for it. It's the perfect way of regaining some pride in the middle of the Scruffening

>> No.11340532

We can use this to wage war against Hasbro!

>> No.11340575

u wat m8?

>> No.11340591


I seriously hope you're tyring to be ironic or funny, because that shit won't fly.

>> No.11340655 [DELETED] 

Guys, the board is shrinking. We're down to 3 pages now. Anyone reading this needs to save whatever shit they want right now.

>> No.11341207 [DELETED] 

I doubt they will delete this thread.

>> No.11341241

now it will be thanks to you

>> No.11341251 [DELETED] 

They delete threads left and right.

>> No.11343082


>> No.11343185

Alex Spark?

>> No.11343207

Who is "koko"?

>> No.11343259


>> No.11343299

Olaf is the overweight janitor at Shelter 17 in Pound Puppies voiced by M. Emmet Walsh (the fisherman at the beginning of The Iron Giant.)

>> No.11343300

I'd imagine it's actually Alex Savin as mentioned in >>11331129

>> No.11343345

So are we likely to see anything else now?

>> No.11343682

Bump to see if more is happening.

>> No.11343734

just sit tight till >>11336465
comes back

>> No.11343760


>> No.11343787

It's also archived on the chan archive.

>> No.11344048 [SPOILER] 
File: 47 KB, 612x612, 001fe7220e5811e2aeda22000a1de2e0_7.jpg [View same] [google]

nigger can your stupid ass not think with your dick for two fucking seconds? I know you're 16 but christ

>> No.11344072


>not think with your dick

Welcome to Ponychan 2.0

>> No.11344184

did someone say games?

>> No.11344211

What's in it?

>> No.11344228

decompiled pony flash games
i might be missing 1 though

>> No.11344278


This is taken from the games on the Hasbro site?

>> No.11344293

What exactly was in the decompiled games?

>> No.11344308

SIBSY leaked them, she wasn't careful enough

>> No.11344310

from hubworld and hasbro
im not sure what you mean? the zip has whatever was in the flash games from the website, ponies backgrounds, other stuff required for the game

>> No.11344339


You're a bro.

>> No.11344449
File: 2.58 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [google]

Hey guys, Mayde here just waking up. To answer any questions...

No I don't know where in the fuck these came from.

They're official puppets rigs.

I have them all cleaned up and I have a base ready so I can do models off the show. Like Pinkie, Pinkamena, and other ponies I like.

For those who think that these are in he wrong hands, I'm experienced and I studied the animations from the show. I know how everything works. I just can't wait to work on these in animations projects.

Lastly, I'm quite busy with school still but when I get the chance I will post the process on what puppets I'm creating... this is going to be a long day...
>Pic related
I built them exactly like the Double Rainboom puppets using the show assets because a majority of people here are used to that type of rig.

>> No.11344662


Holy shit, this is fucking awesome. I'm no animator but this stuff is surely going to revolutionise fan animation right?

>> No.11344734

A big thanks from a certain fan animation team. This will save us a lot time!


>> No.11344735

Yes, these will bump animation LOOK up by a lot. It only metters if one can do the show's animation.

>> No.11344745

You're very welcome.

>> No.11344753


Ah okay. Thanks for all you're doing, you're a pretty awesome namefag.

>> No.11344767


Just wondering...this may sound impossible, but is there a way we can give our characters show-accurate voiceovers, or do you think we're on our own on that?

>> No.11344793

With flash assets?
I suppose if clean vocal recordings were leaked you could... hack them together and use that. But if you want show accurate voice overs you're going to need good voice actors.

>> No.11344920


In case someone missed it.

>> No.11344932


Time to get the word out then?

>> No.11344937

You're doing god's work.

>> No.11344960

Hmmm I think it's already widely spread.

>> No.11345007

Well I have to get going /mlp/, time for some school till 3:30 EST.
See all you faggots later.

>Lurkin during class

>> No.11345048

See ya later, based namefag.

>> No.11345085


You're welcome

>> No.11345224
File: 732 KB, 100x100, Gabumon-digivolve.gif [View same] [google]

digivolve anyone?

>> No.11345244



>> No.11345245


Oh man he is fucked. That poor bastard.

>> No.11345473
File: 402 KB, 550x400, test.gif [View same] [google]

Sooooo gooood !

>> No.11345493
File: 1.18 MB, 1122x1600, Rene.jpg [View same] [google]


Most worthy of the D

>> No.11345518

>Dat fuckin motion tween...

God damnit.

>> No.11345561

It's a test, i've never animated in flash before

>> No.11345595

Try turning on some music with a steady beat. Stillframes can be dull, but I find that audio is what really brings it over the top.

>> No.11345606

Ight, it's ok man. Just try stay away from tweens.

>> No.11345753

And so Prometheus has given us the fire of the gods

>> No.11345786

What do you think is going to happen to 'Prometheus' when DHX discover the leaks? Think the poor guy's still gonna keep his job?

>> No.11345830

DHX does know about this, they aren't too happy with it.
We are actually doing them a favor completing their puppets for them and making them all cleaned up.

>> No.11345850
File: 110 KB, 894x894, 1346372448111.png [View same] [google]

If I was his boss I'd demand him.

>> No.11345878


Pssst, amigo!! You mean sue

>> No.11345878,1 [INTERNAL] 

oh this thread...
it happened a year ago...
yet people still use doublerainboom puppets...
because they where too complicated to use... ptui.
at least Tired has been a savior to share lsoh puppets.

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