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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape refers to a collection of stories about the ponies from MLP trying to have sex with Anon, the only human stranded in Equestria.
While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, other ponies may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape.
There are many different versions of Flutterrape, but mostly they are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants.


>"Oh no, the old thread has 404'd. However shall I read my favorite attempted rape stories now?"

Fear not, anon! For we have an archive!

For those not using an extension:
>Copy the link to the old thread
>Paste it in the 'view post' searchbar
>Hit enter
>Catch up on all those lovely stories

For the superior lurkers using 4chanX:

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>Great success!


Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies for this thread. Check first in Anon in Equestria to see whether your story fits there before posting.


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Find it here:


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>How do I start writing?
Writing these stories is very easy.
Write in the second person, and preface your lines with ‘>’ – this is what turns normal text into greentext.


Collection of most stories of the regular writefags:


Old thread: >>11887705

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So, should the OP get a revision now?
I think it'd be a good idea to include that threads are preferable started by a tripfag.
At least we know who to turn to in case of random deletion then...

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What just happened?

We don't get deleted often enough for it to be a worry, really.

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It's happened before, but if you think it's not necessary then we'll just keep on keeping on.

The thing is kinda bloated though.

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repost cuz random deletion
this is a thing

>Day I'm fucking done in Equestria.
>You can't take it anymore.
>Fluttershy always trying to guess your fetish has driven you off the deep end.
“If she wants the dick then shes going to get the dick.”
>You wring your hands like a madman while looking at yourself in the mirror.
>Suddenly, your reflection stops wringing his hands and starts talking to you.
>”Get a hold of yourself!”
>The sudden shout makes you jump, but you soon compose yourself.
“Do you know whats she's done to me! Everyday it's Fetish this, fetish that. I'm ending this today!
>Your reflection doesn't seem fazed by your sudden outburst.
>”Of course I know what she's done. I'm you Dumbass.
>He got you there.
>”Anyway she hasn't done anything that makes her deserve what your going to do.”
> This other you doesn't understand shit.
“She took my peace of mind away! Everyday I live in fear of “is this your fetish? Is this your fetish?” I'm sick of it!”
>The other you try’s to respond, but you punch through the mirror before he can.
>You don’t need anymore distractions.
>You hear a knock at the door.
>”Right on time.”


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>You snicker as you walk down the stairs and open the door.
“Hello Fluttershy.”
>You wring your hands and laugh menacingly.
“Ummm okay. Anyway are f--.”
>You interrupt her.
“Fluttershy I have something to show you.”
>You bring her into your house and enter the kitchen.
>Fluttershy takes a seat on your couch while you prepare your surprise.
>”Um Anon, What exactly do you want to show you.
>You laugh like a maniac.
“It's a surprise.
>You put the finishing touches on your Surprise.
“Its done!
>You cackle while bringing the surprise to Fluttershy.
“Here you go Fluttershy, I hope you love it.”
>You hand her the plate with the surprise.
>She gasps and looks completely repulsed.
>”W-what is this!?”
>Getting to close for comfort, you whisper into her ear.
“Its you woodland friends Fluttershy.
>She nearly drops the plate and fly back from you.
“Y-you monster!”
>She doesn't understand that your giving her what she wants.
“Whats wrong Fluttershy? I thought this is what you wanted!”
>By this time you are laughing like a madman and Fluttershy looks confused.
>”What do you mean!?”
>This is going to be good.
“Its my fetish Fluttershy!”
>She looks deep into your eyes.
>”Re- really?”
>Lets see how far she goes.
“Yes. But your not done yet.”
>You get up close , pull her close, and stroke her mane lovingly.
>She enjoys it and snuggles into your chest.
>You lovingly whisper into her ear.
“Eat it.”
>You grab a piece of the cooked animal flesh and bring it next to her mouth.
“Go on.”
>She sniffs it and reels back a bit, but eventually she takes a bite.
>She gags a lot before swallowing.
>Your dick is diamonds.
>”Can we do It now?”
“Yes we can Fluttershy.”
>You carry her upstairs to your bed and you enter your changing room.


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>”I’ll be out in a minute Fluttershy!”
>You have more surprises in store for her.
>You come back wearing a suit made from the bones of small woodland creatures.
>The blood of the animals still stain the the bones and Fluttershy is obviously disgusted by it.
>It only makes your dick harder.
>And now for the finale.
>You reach under your bed and pull out a couple of buckets.
>”Look Fluttershy it's your friends.”
>She looks into the buckets and immediately jumps away from you.
>”That-s that-s--.”
>You cant help, but put on a devilish smile.
“Yes! Its the blood of your friends!”
>The look on Fluttershy’s face is glorious.
>You pour the contents of the bucket on your diamond hard dock.
“Now suck it!”
>Getting really close to her face, you push it against her mouth.
>”Come on, do it!”
>She pushes you back a bit, slowly opens her mouth, vomits all over your dock.
>Without a word she flies right through the window with speeds that could rival Rainbow Dash.
>You just stand there and laugh.
“Now I have the correct lubricant.”
>Reaching under your bed again, you pull out an animal carcass.
“Now my pretty little creature we can have some private time.
>You fuck the carcass silly with your blood and vomit covered dock.
>It's a hell of a lot better than
>Fucking Fluttershy.

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>inb4 thread dies again

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>repost cuz random deletion
Was probably an accident.

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Bumping for great justice.

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all of my bump,but seriously... Fuck that story, someone post something where flutters finally gets the D.

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>someone post something where flutters finally gets the D.

This is not the right place for you.

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Better than dead animals getting the vomit & blood covered D.

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Nah m8

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Which reminds me to ask exactly how someone would fuck a carcass silly.

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I miss Fractured Flow. He was legit,

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Sorry if I post slow, I'm trying to explain to dashfags that not all Rarifags are assholes and that these threads are b8.
Also, my first time and not serious, so whateverz

>Day I hope Fenoxo doesn't sue
>You grew up in the small village of Detroit, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds.
>Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed P0ny Realm.
>Legend has it that in years Detroit has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside.
>Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire.
>This year, you, Anonymous, have been selected to be the champion.

>You are prepared for what is to come.
>Most of the last year has been spent honing your body and mind to prepare for the challenges ahead.
>You are the Champion of Detroit. The one who will journey to the Pony Realm and guarantee the safety of your friends and family, even though you'll never see them again.
>You wipe away a tear as you enter the courtyard and see Elder Irish Nomad waiting for you.
>You are ready.

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>The walk to the tainted cave is long and silent.
>Irish Nomad does not speak.
>There is nothing left to say.
>The two of you journey in companionable silence.
>Slowly the black rock of Mount Myamoto looms closer and closer, and the temperature of the air drops.
>You shiver and glance at the Tripfag, noticing he doesn't betray any sign of the cold.
>Despite his age of nearly 20, he maintains the vigor of a man who isn't a neckbeard.
>You're glad for his strength, as assisting him across this distance would be draining, and you must save your energy for the trials ahead.

>The entrance of the cave gapes open, sharp stalactites hanging over the entrance, giving it the appearance of a girl you used to date.
>Irish Nomad stops and nods to you, gesturing for you to proceed alone.

>The cave is unusually warm and damp, and your body reacts with a sense of growing warmth focusing in your groin, your manhood hardening for no apparent reason.
>You were warned of this and press forward, ignoring your body's growing needs.
>A glowing purple-pink portal swirls and flares with friendly light along the back wall.
>Cringing, you press forward, keenly aware that your body seems to be anticipating coming in contact with the tainted magical construct.
>Closing your eyes, you gather your resolve and leap forwards. Vertigo overwhelms you and you black out...

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u wot m8

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Not b8. Just saying that i'll be a bit slow.

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>and that these threads are b8.

No Anon, u are da b8

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>>Despite his age of nearly 20

Irish just turned 17 last week.
Also, wrong thread nigga

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>You wake with a splitting headache and a body full of burning desire.
>A shadow darkens your view momentarily and your training kicks in.
>You roll to the side across the bare ground and leap to your feet.
>A surprised looking, cream colored Pegasus P0ny stands a few feet away, holding an empty vial.
>You flush with desire as a wave of lust washes over you, your mind reeling as you fight the urge to cum inside her.
>The strangeness of the thought surprises you.

>The Pony says, "H-hello. Is Corruption of Champions your fetish?"

>The P0ny looks the empty vial of Lust Draft, showing how you became aroused.
>You reel in shock at this revelation - you've just entered the P0ny Realm and you've already been drugged!
>You tremble with the aching need in your groin, but resist, righteous anger lending you strength.

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17 is nearly 20
Also, wait.

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>In desperation you leap towards the Pastel Rapist, watching with glee as her timid smile changes to an expression of sheer terror.
>The smaller creature is no match for your brute strength as you pummel her mercilessly.
>You pick up the diminutive horse and punt her into the air, frowning grimly as she spreads her wings and begins speeding into the distance.
>The Pegasus says, "EEP! You could have had pleasure unending, Mister. Remember the name Fluttershy, as you'll soon face the wrath of my master! If, that's alright with you..."

>Your pleasure at defeating the p0ny ebbs as you consider how you've already been defiled.
>You swear to yourself you will find the p0ny responsible for doing this to you and the other Champions, and destroy him AND his pet
>Fucking Fluttershy

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>17 is nearly 20

17 is nearly 16
16 isn't even close to being 20
Also, stop posting ur b8

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Just like how 70 is nearly 71?
Also, It's done. Quit complaining.

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fucking this

Go post your bullshit b8 in AiE where they might actually give a fuck about your attempt. Also 17 might be close to 20, but it is not "almost," you dumbass

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It's flutterrape. Read it.
They'd tell me to post it here because

>The Pony says, "H-hello. Is Corruption of Champions your fetish?"

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>Flutterrape refers to a collection of stories about the ponies from MLP trying to have sex with Anon, the only human stranded in Equestria.
>Anon, the only human stranded in Equestria.
>Anon, the only human

This isn't "suck it up to Irish Nomad with shitty greentext general"

Absolute GOD-tier b8, tho

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And what Tripfag's name should I have used?

>> No.11890524

I think you're missing the point.
Where did you learn how to b8 so good?

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None. This isn't AiE, where you can pull that "more than one Anon" bullshit. There is one anon. While there are a few isolated cases where it has been okay, the general consensus is don't even think about doing it. It just gets annoying having more than one anon in equestria, not to mention a huge plot-hole...

>> No.11890553

If it isn't the point, why add it?

>> No.11890580

But he isn't anon. Anon becomes the only one in equestria as soon as he hops in. No other human.

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>mfw you guys are replying to obvious troll
Stay classy /mlp/

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We're bored.
What else do we do?

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Psst, write something

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Post something? I guess shit OC is better than this.

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>implying I'm not writing

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We all know it is b8, but the thread is dead. At least i'm saging my shitposts....

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It's still shitposting.
Don't take the moral highground. You're just as bad as we are.

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Thred is ded.

Give a literary analysis or critique of your favorite FR story.

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All of Minion of Lulu's stories are shit.

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Pennywise, I do believe someone is asking for you...

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I knew it.

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You have an email or somesuch lulu?

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Oh yeah, you Pinkie Killer.
We cool tho...we cool

no, well not a throw away one.

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Pity, was hoping to have you look something over

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Is it a story?

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Sounds like someone wants to get 'rustled' again....

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I will never forgive you.

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I don't even think I can forgive myself....

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9 out of 10 experts agree, its a story

or a meandering chapter of one

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I didn't think I'd ever do it, but here it is.
The Finale.

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>You are Subject Delta
>You stand at the edge of town, Fluttershy's cottage in sight
>Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle stand in front of the door, prepared to defend their friend
>You laugh under your helmet
>They think they can stop you?
>You rev your drill and charge forward, bursting through a tangle of bushes
>The 2 ponies jump in surprise when they see the roaring mass of muscle barreling towards them
>Twilight's horn lights up as she starts galloping at you, planning to meet your charge
>You raise your drill and prepare to cave in the unicorn's head
>Twilight clamps her eyes shut, preparing for the impact
>You and Twilight skid to a stop, your drill stopping and the light on her horn fading
>Fluttershy stands in the doorway to her house, a stern look on her face
>She looks to her friends in turn
>"I c-can take it from here."
>Twlight looks at her in disbelief
>"But Fluttershy, you see how angry he is? He'll tear you limb from limb!"
>Fluttershy lowers her gaze and sighs
>"I know...I deserve it."
>She slowly approaches you, gently pushing Twilight to the side
>It takes everything in you not to crush her
>But everyone deserves their last words
>Fluttershy takes a deep breath, then looks up into your helmet
>"D-Delta, I'm sorry. What I d-did was terrible, a-and I know you want to hurt me for it."
>Hurt? Hurt doesn't even begin to describe what you want to do to her
>"S-so do it. I deserve it...f-for what I did."
>She tenses up and lowers her head
>You start to raise your drill, but you stop
>You hear a quiet sob and see tears hitting the ground
>Is...is she crying?
>You suddenly flash back to your time in Rapture

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>You are Subject Delta
>You are the biggest, baddest son of a bitch Rapture has ever seen
>On your shoulder is Eleanor, your Little Sister
>As you patrol Dionysus Park, you hear a familiar sound
>You enter a tunnel and see the source of the sound
>A Little Sister, bent over the body of her fallen Daddy
>You couldn't possibly take care of her, but you're prepared for this
>Reaching into a pocket of your suit, you pull out a Big Daddy doll
>Your loud footsteps alert the Little Sister of your presence and she turns around to face you
>You kneel, holding the doll out to her
>She wipes her eyes and takes the doll, a smile coming to her face
>Under your helmet, you smile
>You hate to see a girl cry

>You lower your drill and let out a sigh
>Fluttershy peeks out from behind her mane to see why you stopped
>You drop to your knees, arms hanging at your sides
>You never wanted any of this
>You just want to go home
>Damnit Delta, you're weak
>You could have killed her, but you didn't
>Fluttershy gasps and you look up
>All 3 ponies are staring at you in disbelief
>You raise your hand and watch as it slowly starts to fade away
>You look up to the ponies one final time
>Your vision goes black

>You hear radio static
>You open your eyes, but all you see is white
>"Hello? Hello...can you hear me? Your-Your signal, it is very faint..."
>Your vision starts to return
>You're lying in a puddle, the edges of your vision tinted with red
>Rising up, you look at your hands, then your reflection
>You're back in Rapture
>Time to go find Eleanor

The End

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File: 1.73 MB, 2560x1600, Delta.jpg [View same] [google]

Questions, comments, etc.
I had fun writing it, hope y'all had fun reading it.

>> No.11893004

Okay, I'll take a look at it later tonight. Dropped the throw away email in the email field.

will get back to you tomorrow afternoon.

>> No.11893687


Thanks a ton, man. I just sent it.

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With a penis.

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File: 187 KB, 500x375, Pork so good, but jewish blood won't let me have any.png [View same] [google]

So gooooood.

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you take your dick and fuck it in any hole you find or create your own holes to fuck

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Jibber liked my story?
>pic related

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File: 57 KB, 356x316, 1354584442358.png [View same] [google]

Of course I do!

I know I don't comment as often as I should on all the stories that pass through here (been busy as fuck). But I just want everyone to know that I love you all and I welcome any and all new writers that have shown up during my absence.

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sequel when?

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>implying I'll write another multi-part story

>> No.11894619
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Yeah man, who write multiparts? Oneshots are where it's at.

>> No.11894648

I remember when you liked Rarity, not Ponka.
What happened, dude?

>sage because shitposting

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Man, I miss those days. I like Pinkie, but what I wouldn't give to see the end of the Helping Hand/Hoof series

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>You arrive at the Griffon Kingdom with Fluttershy, who's giving you the cold shoulder.
Listen Fluttershy, I'm sorry, I didn't mean what I said.
>"Hmph." She says sticking her nose in the air, and walking past you.
Great, just what I need. You say with a heavy sigh
>You and Fluttershy gather your belongings and get off the train.
>You see a griffon holding up a sign with your name on it, but not just any griffon.
Is that...? Gilda! You say straining your eyes to makes sure your correct.
It is! You say approaching her.
>"Hey! Anon, over here!" She says waving at you
Hey Gilds! What are you doing here?
>"I was asked to be your guide around the city. Isn't that sweet!" She says with a little excitement in her voice.
>"Hey, what's Fluttershy doing here?"
Oh she's my assistant for the trip.
>"That's weird."
>Gilda is one of your best friends, and kind of your love interest. She knows everything about Fluttershy. The day-to-day rape attempts, the inappropriate touching, the stealing of your clothes for her to get off on, she knows everything.
>"Oh hey Gilda." Fluttershy says with an unpleasant tone.
>"Hey Fluttershy." Gilda she says in a pleasant voice
>Gild used to be a bitch, true. But ever since you and her started hanging out she's become overall a better person. She even made up with Pinkie and now they're friends too. Everyone likes her, well everyone except Fluttershy. But Gilda hasn't caught on, so she still treats Fluttershy nicely.
>"Follow me, I'll take you to where your going to stay."
Alright cool. C'mon Fluttershy.
>"O-oh right." She says no longer giving you the cold shoulder.
>"Right this way." Gilda says
>You arrive at the hotel and check-in, and head up to your room with Gilda and Fluttershy.
>"Alright, I'll be staying just across the hall, and you two we'll be staying here."
She says opening up the door to your... wow.
>You room is huge and awesome.
>There's a kitchen with a fridge full of delicious foods, and oh glob. Is that... MEAT!


>> No.11894946

MEAT! You say stuffing an assortment of different meats in your mouth.
>"Haha, I thought you'd like it." Gilda says.
Ef mae mouf wasn foul I kes yew.
>"What?" Gilda says cocking her head.
>You swallow your wad of meat.
I said if my mouth wasn't full I'd kiss you.
>"Oh well, it's not full now is it big boy." Gilda says with her eyes half lidded
>Fluttershy's wings shoot up and she looks like she's about to attack Gilda.
>"Hahaha the look on your face Anon. Classic." Gilda says punching your arm.
>Fluttershy's wings fold back down and she goes back to her normal self, well not in a attack stance.
>"Well I'll let you guys get settled in, then I'll show you around town." Gilda says exiting the room
Thanks Gilds.
>You start unpacking your stuff.
I saw how you reacted to what Gilda said. You tell Fluttershy, while still unpacking your stuff.
>"O-oh you did." She says with a blush.
Yes. You say stopping the unpacking process and still not looking at Fluttershy.
I want that to stop, do you understand me? You say with a stern voice.
>Fluttershy's smile turns into a frown.
>"I just don't want her to take you away from me."
>You turn to her angry.
STOP! You know how I feel about Gilda. Besides she can't take me away from you if you never had me to begin with.
>These words shock Fluttershy.
>"I-im s-sorry." she starts tearing up.
Don't pull this shit on me. All you've done today is try to get in my pants and possibly ruin this peace agreement. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT! HUH! You yell at her
>She's sobbing on the floor.


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File: 678 KB, 1350x900, 1363228123806.jpg [View same] [google]

Just ignore the Pinkitan fellow. He's a colossal faggot who thinks Pinkie is best pone. He even had the gall to make Rarity out to be a bitch in his story, A Touch of Pink.

The nerve of some people.

I'm finishing up a part of Violet, and then I'll probably begin work on A Helping Hoof. It is a rough story though, and it's nearly at it's finale. Thank you for being patient.

>> No.11894967

>You sigh heavily and grab the bridge of your nose.
Listen, I'm going out for a bit with Gilda. Please don't come. You'll just make things worse.
>You leave your room and head to Gilda's.
Maybe Fluttershy needs sometime alone.

>You are Fluttershy now
>You can't believe Anon said all those things to you, it must be Gilda manipulating him.
>You hate Gilda.
>Your rage starts to build up.
SHE WILL NOT TAKE MY ANON! You yell at the top of your lungs.
> You cover your mouth
Did I just yell that.
>You feel the anger still flowing through you
Anon will be mine.
>You start devising your idea.

>You are Anon
>Right now you're out on the town with Gilda
>And damn are you having a good time
>"So Anon any mares givin' you some lovin'." She says nudging you and winking.
Well just Fluttershy and her antics, but you know I only have eyes for you. You say with a wink.
>"Pshh yeah right." She says giggling.
>Only if she really knew.
>"Hey are you hungry? I know a great restaurant not too far from here."
Well let's go.
>You arrive at the restaurant and are seated.
>You both order, and your food arrives.
Soooo, Gilds. Any Griffons taking a liking to you.
>"Well a few. But I turned them all down, there's someone else I have in mind." She says smiling at you.
>"But are you sure there aren't ANY mares you like."
No. I also have someone else in mind. You give her a wink.
>She blushes at this.
>"So ummm how are you liking your Griffon meal?" She asks trying to change the topic.
It's stressful, but of course the pay's good.
>The waiter comes over.
>"Would you like some desert." The waiter asks.
No than-.
>"Yes we would actually, we'll have a slice of the Griffon cake."
>You give her a quizzical look.


>> No.11894986

>"We'll have that out right away."
The Griffon cake?
>"You'll love it trust me."
Well when in Rome.
>The waiter brings you the slice of cake. It looks delicious.
>Gilda starts eating the single slice, the stops to look at you.
>"Here try some." She says holding up a fork with a piece of cake on it.
You just wanna feed me don't you?
>She laughs.
>"Shut up and have a bite."
>You move your mouth closer to the fork still in Gilda's hands.
>You take a bite.
>Your taste buds are filled with exotic flavor.
Wow that's amazing.
>"You know this cake has a nick name?"
Oh yeah, what's that.
>"They call it lover's bite."
Why's it called that?
>"Share it with a person, and you both fall deeply in love."
Oh, so your trying to get in my pants, huh?
>"Shut up." she says blushing.
>She trys to friendly punch you but you grab her punch and pull her in close.
>"What are you doi-."
Shhhhh. You say putting a finger to her lips.
>She's blushing even more.
>Your lips move closer to hers
>"Anon I-."
>Suddenly your almost kiss is interrupted by the waiter bringing the bill.
>You and Gilda break off and awkwardly cough.
>"Your bill sir."
Thank you.
>You pay the bill and walk out with Gilda.
>The walk back to the hotel is a quiet one.
>You arrive at your door to your room.
Listen Gilda I-. Your cut off
>Gilda is kissing you, her tongue making her way into your mouth.

>You are Fluttershy
>Your plan is coming along well.
I'll show him that he doesn't need anyp0ny else but me.
>You say giggling.
You take a break from planning and lay back.
Oh Anon.


>> No.11895010

I can't wait to feel your soft hand all over me.
And I really can't wait for our wedding, or our children.
>You start giggling and blushing at the thought of your future with Anon.
Soon. Very soon, he'll be all mine.
>Suddenly you hear a noise outside of your and Anon's hotel room.
>You go over and put your ear against the door.
Oh it's Anon, and Gilda. You say giving a groan when realizing Gilda's there.
">Listen Gilda I-."You here Anon say.
>You look through the peep hole to see
A-Anon a-and Gilda are k-kissing.
>You watch as she snakes her tongue in his throat.
That whore. She'll get what's coming to her. I won't stop until he's all mine.
>You open the door.
>Anon and Gilda immediately break their kiss.
heh hmm. You say
>Anon rubs the back of his head.
>"Well goodnight Gilds."
>Gilda just smiles.
>"Goodnight Anon." She says to Anon.
>"Oh one more thing she says running back to Anon."
>She kisses him, AGAIN. And in front of you none the less!
>"Good night Anon."
>She enters her room.
Umm An-.
>he walks right pass you.

>You are Anon.
Man what a day. Gilda even... You say feeling your lips.
>Fluttershy is looking at you with tears in her eye and anger in her heart.
>You ignore her and flop on your bed.
Man this maybe the best week ever. You say falling asleep
>You drift off in slumber completely unaware of what is to come

5/5 End of part 2

>> No.11895053
File: 315 KB, 610x708, Bunny Rarity.png [View same] [google]


Always willing to be patient for you, you sexy thing

>> No.11895356

you better watch it
he's mine

>> No.11895417

Well, it's been a long ass time, but I'd like to take the floor. This chapter is currently a WIP, so I'll add to it rather than start a new chapter.

Previously on Bittersweet Dreams:
Time: 07:00, the following takes place after your night encounter with Applejack and Spike… Or Barb. Whatever her name was.
Location: Your bedroom
>You slowly open your eyes as you start feeling several aches around your upper back, pelvic region, and head.
>As you awaken, the pain was starting to become harder to ignore as you break away from your somewhat blissful slumber.
>Celestia’s onslaught of bright sunlight pierces your curtain window, but your hands did very little when you tried shielding your eyes.
>Judging from the symptoms you are feeling, it seems as though you are given a very unwanted hangover.
>Your body was screaming hydration, nutrients, and something to just ease the pain.
“Mother of fucking Celestia… Ughh…. What happened?”
>You then remembered what took place last night… Oh dear God… It’s all coming back to you now.
“Oh yeah… Right. Shit.”
>Looks like you weren’t drunk enough to forget what took place last night.
>Well, there appears to be no Rule 63 Spike around nor are there any members of the rape squad.
>Plus you woke up in your own bed. At least you didn’t spend the night out in the cold wilderness.
>This morning is off to a booming start. Or at least more so than usual.
>…That is until your stomach says otherwise.
>You barely manage to make it to your feet and begin your grueling struggle towards the bathroom.
>You dive for the toilet and empty the contents of your stomach, and judging from how loud you were puking you were in pretty bad shape.

>> No.11895425

>But the hangover honestly didn’t seem that bad, it was just an addition to what usually took place as of late.
>It was always the same: she would have her “fun” while she left your fragile body hurting in your wake.
>She would feel proud of what she did and even continue her physical and sexual onslaught on your deteriorating body.
>The putrid smell of your vomit, stomach bile, and Applejack Daniels fill your bathroom.
>You gather whatever strength you have in you and flush the toilet while trying to mask the foul smell with some pine spray.
>It did very little to mask the smell, but at least it made it more bearable.
>You toss the can aside and climb into your bathtub while not bothering not to get undressed.
>You needed to get the blood circulating around your system to hopefully speed up your recovery and get nutrient-rich blood to where it’s needed.
>With your foot, you kick the shower knob hoping that it would land on hot water all while remaining in the embryo position.
>The hot water burns and pierces your skin, but even your body’s threshold of pain was higher thanks to her.
>You open your mouth while filling it with hot water to rinse out the taste of your stomach contents.
>The steam from your hot shower makes it a little harder for you to breath, so you force yourself upright and throw your hand against the shower knob making it colder.
“Oh God…” You uttered. “Spike… Bro… Why are you doing this to me? Are you mad at me? I just want everything to go back the way it was.”
>As the shower starts helping you recover, you were now gaining enough strength to remove your clothes.

>> No.11895437 [SPOILER] 
File: 74 KB, 746x764, Bend Over.jpg [View same] [google]


I don't mind sharing among friends. After all Friendship is Magic.

>> No.11895442

>You were finally able to stand on your own two feet without having to lean on walls for support.
>As you dry yourself off with a towel, it starts becoming covered with light red spots. You knew it was your blood and it came from the wounds caused by her.
>You look into the mirror and stare at your ravaged body.
>As you clean your wounds, you feel the stinging sensation from the disinfectant and ointment.
>Looks like you’re running low on some ointment as well. Already? Geez, all of these first aid supplies are really digging into your budget.
>You sigh as you wrap the towel around your waist.
>You give the toilet another flush to rid the rest of the vomit that it couldn’t get on the first go.
>Despite the hangovers and costs of alcohol, it was something you definitely needed to preserve whatever’s left of your sanity.
>It was used to not only help you sleep, but to make you remember a time when things between Spike and you were simpler.
>You could pretend that you were in a time that he was still the same naïve, impressionable, and curious little dragon who always looked up to you.
>But… Your little fantasy would come crashing down whenever SHE decided that she needed her “fix” from you.
>As you walk out of your bathroom, you continue reminiscing of older times with your younger bro of whom you used to call-
“S-SPIKE!?” You yelled with your eyes and heart nearly jumping out.
>There she was; sitting on your bed with her legs crossed and with a smile on her face. In her claw, she was holding what appeared to be a plastic grocery bag filled with Celestia-knows-what.

>> No.11895452

>Upon seeing her, you grab on to your towel and hang on to it as though it was the only thing keeping you alive.
>”Hello, my tasty little human! How are you this fine morning?” She asks while smiling at you. You also notice that she starts eyeballing your towel.
>She stands up as you slowly start backing away from her, until you are backed up against the wall.
>But she stops in front of you while extending her grocery bag to you.
>You look at it, then back at her and see her nodding at you.
>”Go on, take it. It’s all for you.”
>You take the bag and sift through it. Surprisingly enough, you pull out a bottle of what appears to be NSAIDS, first aid supplies… and bottles of lube.
>”Thought you might be feeling a bit… You know… Under the weather, so I got ya’ some things to make my little Anon-Wuffles feel AAAAALLLLLLL better!~”
>The way she dragged on that word accompanied by that eerie giggle, it sent a piercing chill down your spine.
>And the way she refers to you as “Her Little Anon,” as though you were her property or pet.
>It infuriated you knowing that you are just some plaything to her and her sexual frenzies, yet it was depressing that there was pretty much nothing you could do about it.
>And every time you tried attempting something, you failed with consequences of unspeakable actions.
>You COULD try standing up to her, but she’d always find different ways to leave you in a world of emotional, physical, and mental pain.
>But then again, with her dragon strength it was like bringing a rubber knife to slay a tyrant.

>> No.11895466

>Or in this case, the tyrant’s name was Spike… Or Barb, whatever her name was.
>All you can do for now is just go along with it and pray that some God or Goddess like figure still has any shred of love and empathy for you.
>You knew that striking a female was wrong, but goddamn. If it was wrong to bury your foot in this bitch’s teeth, then you never want to be right.
>As you walk across the room, you can feel her piercing stare burning right through you.
>Your ears perk up and stiffen as you glance over your shoulder every now and then, but each time you look over you just see that shit-eating grin on her face.
>You stare into those green eyes of which carry no soul within.
>”So… are you going to get dressed anytime soon?”
“Are you going to look away?”
>She leans in and snatches your towel away. Her eyes feast upon your exposed body with her grin becoming even wider.
>”Nope. Now let me see what’s rightfully mine!”
>You quickly grab a pair of shorts and put them on as fast as you can.
>”By the way, do you still have trouble walking?”
>Suddenly, you start hearing that giggle. The same giggle that every time you heard just made you want to clean your ears out with a shotgun.
>But something was odd…
>That giggle you hear usually paralyzes you with fear. But, not this time. No…
>You started becoming infuriated. Angry. Just plain pissed off.
>And oddly enough, you just didn’t care anymore.
>You clenched your fists and started gritting your teeth. Your arms start shivering as your fists become tighter and start feeling your fingernails dig into your palm.

>> No.11895479

>Fuck it, if it ends here it’d might as well be in a blaze of glory.
>”Hmm?” She said while raising her eyebrow. “Is something wrong, my little An-“
>With your emotions dictating your actions, you lunge forward and try landing a hook on her face.
“I’m not your fucking property, you soulless little shit!”
>Almost effortlessly, she catches your fist into her claw.
>Her grip around your fist tightens as your feel her claws digging into your fist.
>She bolts up and shoves you away and back against your drawer with enough force to actually push it back.
>She dives in and plants a knee in between your legs with one claw wrapped around your throat.
>As she pins you up against the drawer, her grip tightens as you grab her forearm with both hands trying to pry it off.
>She violently jerks you around as a clear indication from her telling you to stop.
>You see her other claw slowly approaching your face with one of her fingers pointed at you.
>”Naugty naughty, little Anon.” She said while wagging her finger at you.
>She lets go of your throat and gently trails her claw to your chest.
>As she draws circles around your chest, she also trails her claw gently over your wounds.
>You feel a slight stinging sensation as she strokes your wounds. She stares at your desolated body with admiration and pride for what she did.
>You would’ve given anything just to wipe that look off her face with a hoofball bat.
>“You know, you’ve been a loose cannon as of late. Even more so than usual.” She said while licking her claw and savoring the taste of your blood. “…And I really REALLY don’t like it. It gets annoying after a while.”

>> No.11895494

>She can see the fire and hate you have in your eyes, just as you see the lust and hunger in hers.
>After an intense stare down between you two, you suck in your lips and spit directly in her face aiming for the bridge of her nose.
>She flinches as she slowly opens her eyes and lets outs a sigh of discontent.
>”While I do enjoy seeing you put up an occasional struggle…” She pulls her claw back and gives you a swift backhand knocking you to the floor. “This little attitude of yours has got to stop and you should really know your place.”
>You make it to all fours while facing the ground and see some droplets of blood dripping from your mouth to the floor.
>You look up and see her with her arms crossed as she licks your spit off her face.
“Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh…”
>“Hmm?” Barb cocks her eyebrow at you.
>You sit upright while leaning your back against the drawer.
>Barb sees a huge grin on your face as your laughter starts to become louder and louder.
>”You’ve really lost it, Anon. I guess I finally did a good job breaking you. I will however admit that you have some resilience which was rather admirable, but even the strongest wills can collapse with the right kind of treatment.” She said with that as-a-matter-of-fact tone in her voice.
“Oh, no! You’ve got it all wrong, you crazy purple fuck! I’m not laughing because I lost it.” You said while letting out even more raucous laughter. “I’m laughing because…”
>You then stand upright while wiping the blood off your face with a grin that almost matched hers.
>”Because what? What’s so goddamn funny?” She asks with some annoyance evident in her voice.

>> No.11895505

“I’m laughing because you hit like a little BITCH!” You said while emphasizing that word as clearly as possible.
“You’re losing your touch. That almost hurt as much as when you used to punch my arm as little Spikey-fucking-Wikey.” You continued while leaning in to her face.
“…LITTLE bro.” You said while whispering to her followed by a sneer.
>At this point, any living thing with some capability of fear would tell you that you’ve fucking lost it at this point.
>Her twitching eyes nearly popped out her head as she started fuming. You can see green fire followed by smoke escaping her nostrils as she started gritting her exposed fangs.
>She wraps her claw around your throat and holds you up in the air.
>”Do you have a death wish!?”
“Maybe… Maybe not. But one thing’s *cough* for certain.” You said while taking hold of her wrist. “It would be a damn shame if I was slain by your claws. If I’m going to perish, I’d might as well try to have some shred of dignity because getting hit by a train or getting run over by an apple cart would be a step up.”
>This could be it.
>If you’re going to be sent to the golden gate above, you’d might as well deny her of the satisfaction she gets from your anguish.
>And knowing that, it just puts a big smile on your face.
>Unfortunately, your smile was short lived as she slams you to the ground.
>As your vision starts returning, you see her feet moving towards you.
>She raises her foot and plants it firmly on your chest.

>> No.11895518

>”How many times do I have to break you in? How much harder do I have to rape you? With what I have stored for you…” She starts leaning in while smiling. “…I have only yet to scratch the surface. Don’t forget who owns you, my little pet.”
“I’m not …*cough* … your fucking pet, you crazy purple fuck.”
>”That’s so cute. I like how you act as though you have a say in this or what you do actually matters. It’s always going to be the same in the end.”
“Somebody, please kill me. Spontaneous combustion, runaway taxi cab, a pool of wet cement, anything.”
>”Oh, you’re not getting off the hook THAT easily.”
“Then get it fucking over with so I can start my day.”
>”No… not yet.”
>You cock an eyebrow at her as she pulls her foot back.
“W-wait, what?”
>”As much as I do enjoy your frail and pathetic body, it’s no good to me if it’s not able to keep me satisfied. I’ll let you catch your breath for now. But don’t think for a fucking second that I’m going easy on you.”
“So I’m no good to you dead?”
>”Pretty much. I’m letting you off the hook only because I allow it. But next time, I won’t forget what you did today. I’ll remember it when I’m back for you.”
“I’m SOOOO fucking scared.” You said as you roll your eyes back.
>”And I’ll do something about that little attitude of yours. Sometimes pets like you need to be humbled and broken every now and then.” She said as she started walking away.
>You slowly make to your feet with your arm wrapped over your ribcage.
>She stops dead in her tracks and turns her head slightly.

>> No.11895558

>”I thought I told you not to call me that. Ever.”
“Remember the good ol’ days when you were my bro? What happened to him? Why can’t things go back to the way they used to be?”
>”He’s long gone. And he’s never coming back.”
“Why? Answer me.”
>She doesn’t say anything as she leaves.
“Fine. Fucking leave and don’t tell me.”
>As a few moments pass, you can hear her footsteps fading until finally you hear your front door open and close.
>If your memory serves you right, this may be one of the few encounters you had with Barb where it didn’t end up with an exhausted prostate.
>You stood up to this tyrant for the first time, and truth be told…
>It felt kinda good, even if it did almost cost you your life.
>Things may finally start looking up for once.
>Today was going to be a good day and Celestia knows that you could use one of those right about now.

And that's all for now. Catch it all here.
There may be a few errors I missed, and if there are I'll edit when I get a chance.

>> No.11895711

Thank you Collar
Everyone is pissing me off

Swift or Etiquette or someone, do a short

Request: sexually oblivious Pinkie
Do something

>> No.11896251

Using a rubber chicken as a condom, but it has to squeak

>> No.11896811

>Day Completely Different in Equestria
>You are Anon.
>Do the morning Triple-S.
>Wake up.
>Have a mini-existential crisis while you wonder why you keep shitting in your bed.
>Burn the fourth bed this week.
>Head downstairs to grab a delicious bowl of Pinkie Smacks.
>It’s part of a balanced breakfast.
>”It’s four in the afternoon. So wouldn’t it be lunch?”
Well shit. You’re right!
>You turn around to further thank the mystery voice and find Fluttershy on your couch.
Why are you in my house?
>”I’m here to guess your fetish and make you love me. I also came to give you another laxative because you keep waking up late.”
>Stupid question. You already knew th-.
>You grab a nearby calculator as you sit down to eat.
Alright Fluttershy. The both of us know you aren’t going to leave until you make your guess, and I have to figure out how much money you owe me before I go to work.
>Fluttershy stares at you, slightly confused.
>”What do you mean, Anon?”
>You jam the first spoonful of cereal into your mouth as you start pushing buttons on the calculator and drawing graphs on the table.
I mean that as long as you don’t interrupt me, you can guess my fetish.
>You can feel her smile burn into you from across the room.

>> No.11896833 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 366x445, scooby.jpg [View same] [google]

Oh man, this was good.

It's nice to see Anon stand up for himself for once, ESPECIALLY with this series. Something finally goes right for him. And it all makes total sense within the narrative: he never actually won anything. In fact, he still lost pretty bad. It's clear Barb has the upper hand, but he obviously just doesn't care anymore. He's been through hell and back, so all the beatings he gets really don't matter to him.

I am really looking forward to where this goes. Welcome back, bruh!

>> No.11896834


>You can see her move behind you out of the corner of your eye.
>You start to regret what you told her as you pray she doesn’t guess pegging.
>You brace for the feeling of cold dildo pressing its way into your colon.
>*snip snip*
>”Are haircuts your fetish, Anon?”
>You sigh.
No Fluttershy. They aren’t.
>You can feel the scissors brush past your ears.
>”Eeep! Did I get you ears?”
>You turn around.
No, no, you didn-WAIT A MINUTE!
>Where Fluttershy should be clumsily wielding a pair of hair shears, is a tape recorder.
>Fluttershy herself is rocking slowly by the sink.
What the hell are you doing?
>She rears up and grabs your shoulders.
>”I always wanted to be a lumberjack.”


>> No.11896852


…Beg your pardon?
>She walks out of the left door of your kitchen and reappears through the right door a second later, wearing suspenders and a flannel.
>You can hear a chorus of manly voices singing somewhere in your house.
Fluttershy what are you doing?
>You find yourself by Flutternutter’s side, wearing a white blouse and blue skirt.
>Flutters wraps her wing around you as someone plays a piano you don’t remember buying.
>”I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay. I sleep all night; I work all day.”
>The camera jumps over to Spike and the rest of the Mane 6 and Applejack, who are all dressed up as Mounties.
>”She’s a lumberjack and she’s o-”
>You pry off Fluttershy’s wing and the music stops. The choir of Mounties scrambles out through the back door.
>”So comedic musical numbers about sociopaths becoming lumberjacks aren’t your fetish, Anon?”
Why on earth would you think that?
>She stares at the floor and kicks at it with her hoof.
>”For fun?”
>Your nose almost breaks upon your hands impact with your face.
>You rest your hands upon her wings and grip tightly.
Get out of my house.
>You throw her out through the wall before you head off to work at your tobacco shop.
>Today was a Flying Circus kinda day.


>> No.11896862 [SPOILER] 
File: 31 KB, 366x445, scooby.jpg [View same] [google]

Oh man, this was good.

It's nice to see Anon stand up for himself for once, ESPECIALLY with this series. Something finally goes right for him. And it all makes total sense within the narrative: he never actually won anything. In fact, he still lost pretty bad. It's clear Barb has the upper hand, but he obviously just doesn't care anymore. He's been through hell and back, so all the beatings he gets really don't matter to him.

I am really looking forward to where this goes. Welcome back, bruh!

>> No.11896915

Not really rape so I put it in a paste.
Dude I'm so sorry this took me so long, it's late.

>> No.11897012

I did a thing.And for once, I don't think it's total shit.I still don't think it's good though.It's complete AIE and is not a request, so it only gets linked here.


>A dissapointment.
Why is it called this?

>> No.11897059

I believe it is disappointing to have your dick heart broken because your mate knows nothing of sex.

>> No.11897240

>Dat story name.
>Dat sad AJ profile pic.
I almost didn't read this because I thought this was a feels story.I chuckled.

>> No.11897298

I forgot that was my picture on there.
I'll have to change that some time.

>> No.11897450

You cheated, spongebob references are unfair to the sides

>> No.11897618

>Friend-zoning Roseluck for Pinkie.
I'm gonna kill this Ano-
>He and Roseluck have sex in the end.

>> No.11898408


Nice. Kinda sad that Rose is a bit of a last resort.


What Spongebob ref-oh.

How'd I miss that?

>> No.11900065


>> No.11900866

Who's the faggot that was just talking to me about jibber on omegle?

>> No.11900973

What's up, dude?

>> No.11900987

I didn't mean to disconnect I switched tabs to see if you guys were doing a thread-wide thing, and it disconnected me

>> No.11900997

It's cool, dude

>> No.11901021

That tag, man. It is littered with idiots.

>> No.11901023

I fuckin' know, dude.

Not to be rude, but we're shit posting.

>> No.11901491


>> No.11902490

Bumpy bump

>> No.11902549

I remember when flutterrape was good.

>> No.11902686

>Day Hopeless in Equestria
>Wake up
>Shit shower shower shower shower shower shower shower shower shower shower shwoer wsehwo shreoee shsshhh
>Walk downstairs
>Grab a book off a shelf on the way to your kitchen
>"Internal Parasites and you: A novice's guide to flesh eating worms"
>Interesting read
>Sit at the kitchen table eating a bowl of wheat and pondering the ideas the book puts forth
>Hear a knock on the door
>Grumble and walk over to it
>Open and look down
>Fluttershy is clutching a bowling ball
>She hurls it at your face the moment she sees you
>It shatters your nose
>Pain courses through your body
>Blood spurts everywhere
>Fluttershy smiles
>"Is that your fetish, Anon?"
>Lazily reach up and grab your nose
>Wince as you jerk it to the side, an unhealthy sounding crack signifying the nose being snapped back into position
>Look down at the bowling ball at your feet, covered in your blood
>Nudge it with a foot and sigh
>Fluttershy's ears droop
>"Is that not it?"
When I first got here... You bought a giant sandworm to eat me. It cost you 50,000 bits, and it went on a wild rampage around Ponyville after you let it go. The reason you did it was to see if vore was my fetish
Shortly after, you actually killed me. Then brought me back to life after you'd had your way with me. You actually progressed modern medicine 500 years into the future to the point where you can bring back the dead JUST to see if necrophilia was my fetish.
>"I-I'm sorry... I just.. It's hard, you know? I've been doing this for so-"
Shhh, it's okay, Shy. I understand
I just... I just remember when Flutterrape was good...

>> No.11902695
File: 64 KB, 760x1052, roseluck_bedroom_eyes_by_delectablecoffee-d4t7eo9.jpg [View same] [google]

I was not disappoint

>> No.11902882
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> not the same douche
> mfw
Ps raritard is a faggot

>> No.11903041

...Has anyone told you that they LOVE you lately? Because I do... Good to see you have been writing, many anons have been asking for an update for a while m8, and boy, did you deliver. Do you have any idea how long the ETA for the next part of Tough Love is? Just curious, no rush...

>> No.11903550

It was never good, faget.

>> No.11904361


Also, just watched EG... It ranged from bad to meh.

>> No.11904453
File: 157 KB, 528x441, mlfw1773-1321626301.png [View same] [google]


>"Follow me, I'll take you to where your going to stay."
>Your going to stay.

What about their going to stay?

>>You turn to her angry.

What is, "Her angry"? Is it a thing? Because I'm pretty sure you're trying to describe the way he feels as he's turning. That would require a comma since it's describing something else. Break it down like this:

>You turn to her pet.
>You [X] to her [Y]
>You turn to her angry.

>You turn to her, angry.
>You [X] to [Y], [Z].
>You run to him, screaming.

>>"But are you sure there aren't ANY mares you like."

That's a question, is it not? Therefore it requires a question mark.

And now to the endemic problem in all your posts. Let's look at this logically. In your own formatting, Anon's text is in black without quotation marks, correct? So, what does this text mean:

Man what a day. Gilda even... You say feeling your lips.

>"A-anon... Did you just narrate your own actions...?"
No. Of course, not. That would be silly. You protest.
>"A-actually, I'm pretty sure you did just now..."

MDL, there is a reason why quotation marks exist, and you know it. Do you know how I know that you know it? Because of other lines like this:

>"Here try some." She says holding up a fork with a piece of cake on it.

There. Perfect. You understand that you need quotation marks to denote what parts are speech and which parts are narration. SO WHY IN THE SEVEN HELLS HAVEN'T YOU DONE IT FOR ANY OF ANON'S SPEECH? You're just being inconsistent! Seriously, cut this shit out. Otherwise I can't take this story seriously when I read all of Anon's lines with his own narration.

On a brighter note, I like where this story is going. You've set up an interesting rivalry, especially considering Gilda and Fluttershy's past conflicts. Just, please... Use punctuation. It's there for a reason.

>> No.11904595
File: 994 KB, 500x281, dB6VsnL.gif [View same] [google]

Me likey, Collar. It's good to see Anon finally figuring out how to push Barb's buttons. It's not about winning through strength. It's about making her realise that violence isn't going to intimidate him. If he's getting the snot beaten out of him anyway, he might as well throw some verbal barbs her way in the process.

And I also like the admission that he's no good to her if he's dead. That's a useful bargaining chip. I wonder how Barb would react to his faked death? I wonder how the elements would take to it, knowing that she was the cause. Even with her draconic strength, I'm sure shit would hit the fan quickly.

I'm eager to see how you play this. Great job. I know a lot of people were waiting for this.

>> No.11906263
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>> No.11906817

Previously on A Bond in Violet

>You pause, the word ringing in your head.
>You stand there, stunned by the ramifications.
>Various words and images flood your brain.
>None of them good.
>She sighs lightly, acknowledging your silence.
>”The Element of Generosity has been turned unpony. Or to be more precise, she will turn within the next 24 hours.”
“NO. No no no no this can’t be happening.”
>You throw your hands to your head in a fit of sudden panic.
“Rarity can’t… she can’t be dead. No. God no please no.” You mutter, your voice wavering and your heart rate skyrocketing.
>”Anonymous, please rema-“
“You are NOT going to tell me to remain calm. I don’t give a fuck if you’re Princess of the goddamn universe. You’re telling me I fucking killed Rarity?”
> She looks sideward, attempting to ignore your steely gaze.
>”We said nothing of the sort, Anonymous. You were not-”
“Like hell I wasn’t. If I was actually doing my goddamned job this would’ve never happened.”
>You mutter a few more curses under your breath, desperate rage overtaking you.
“What… what the fuck can I do? What can I do? There’s gotta be something. Some spell. You’re a princess. You can do something.”
>She shakes her head slowly, and you feel your heart drop in your chest.
>”We are afraid that Rarity is beyond magic. But if you would remain calm, there is something we can do to help her.”
“Anything.” You voice wavering for the first time tonight.

>> No.11906827

>”She has not turned yet, and she is yet alive, albeit not for long.”
“So… we can save her? She doesn’t have to die?”
>”No, Anonymous. The Element of Generosity will die. There is nothing in our power to stop this change. Vampony magic is older than even us and our sister.”
“Then what use is there? She’s going to turn into a blood sucking monster…” You trail off, hanging your head and falling to your knees.
>”We can, however, make it so she does NOT turn into a blood sucking monster. Please, Anonymous. Compose yourself. You are the only one we can trust with this task.”
>You look up to the alicorn Princess, her visage stoic.
“I’m… I’m listening.”
>”Rarity will turn at some point tomorrow. When she does, there is a small window of time where she will still be conscious. We will have to act swiftly, lest she turns completely feral.”
>You rise to your feet, your limbs shaking in a mixture of fear and exhaustion.
“What should I do?”
>”You will need to confront Rarity by herself. We suggest that you keep watch over her until her moment of turning, however you can.”
>She shines her horn, levitating an object out of a small box to her side.
>It looks like a black non-descript wine bottle.
“I’m supposed to get her drunk?”
>She shakes her head slightly.
>”Within this bottle is a powerful… tonic that will slake Rarity’s thirst for the time being. With it coursing through her system, she should turn lethargic and easy to subdue.”
>You take the curious bottle and slide it into your inside coat pocket.
>She lifts another object out of the box.
>It seems to be a necklace, though plain in design; a small white stone hanging from a thin silver chain.
>”This is a moonstone. The moment that Rarity turns, you must place this upon her neck. It will lull her into a deep slumber for a short time.
>You take the little necklace and place it in your other pocket.

>> No.11906840

“…How short?”
>”Its magic will likely last only a few hours. Magic is a bit finicky on vamponies.”
“…So I have a few hours to do what exactly?”
>”You will need to bring her to Canterlot Castle, where we will watch over her for a time.”
“So… how do I get to the palace once I have her?”
>She levitates another small object out of the box. It seems to be a small blue sphere.
>”This is a ferrystone. It is an old device that we do not use often. It allows limited teleportation.”
>You hold out your palm, the smooth stone settling into your hand.
>It is not very heavy, and is quite cold to the touch.
“When you have Rarity, you will need to get as close as you can to Canterlot City. It will shine brightly when you are close enough. Simply toss it into the air above your head, and it will teleport the two of you to the castle.”
“So… why isn’t it used often? And why do I need to get close to the City? Is this thing even going to work?”
>”As we said, Anonymous, it allows only limited teleportation. It will eventually run out of charge and be rendered useless. It is an artifact from a bygone age, used by Earth Ponies before the tribes were united. Now, we simply use magic.”
>Fucking magic.
>You deposit the little orb in your other pocket.
>Thank god for pockets.
>Relics, and missions and vampires.
>…How the fuck is this your life.
”Then what? That’s it?”
>”We will see to it that she does not become a danger to herself, or her friends. We cannot speak for what will happen after that.”
“What happens to me, then?”
>She eyes you curiously.
>”Your mission will be done, Anonymous. You can go on with your life.”
“…Knowing I was the one that killed one of my friends. Yeah, some fucking life.”
>The princess’ eyes lower in frustration.

>> No.11906860

>”Anonymous, you are her only hope. We put our faith in you and you alone. We do not even know you. You do realize this?”
>You nod slowly.
>”Then you realize the measure of the task we wish of you. Go and save the Element of Generosity.”
>She shines her magic, levitating you and standing you up straight, playing with you like a rag-doll.
>You don’t mind.
>“Remember to keep her out of direct sunlight, and see to it that you are not bitten. We cannot imagine what would happen from such a calamity.”
“Right, no sunlight. And I don’t think I want to be a vampire, thanks. I’d probably turn into Twilight.” You say with a mild chuckle.
>She looks to you in pure confusion.
”Because ‘Sparkle’? Shit right, you wouldn’t get it. Sorry.”
>You brush yourself off, standing there looking a little sheepishly.
“Uh, I hate to be a bother, but could you um… Send me back to my house? I kinda don’t know my way around that well still.”
>She stifles a giggle before shining her horn with brilliant azure magic.
>”Of course, Anonymous. Remember, you only have a short window of time to save the Element of Generosity. We believe in you.”
“Thanks, I guess.”
>She nods, and her magic surrounds you.
>After a vision distorting jaunt through the warp, you open your eyes and find yourself in front of your little house.
>It’s still dark outside, and you’re just as tired as you were.
>Except now you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders.
>…You know, if she could enter your dreams, she could have at least let you take a few Ambien.
>Do ponies have Ambien?
>You are too tired for questions.
>Now is the time for attempted sleep.
>You fiddle through your pocket for your keys and open the door after a mild bit of fussing over an upside down key.
>Not sure why that always happened.
>You can only blame tiredness for so long.

>> No.11906881

>Truth be told, your head was swirling with nonsense.
>Vamponies, undead, magical relics and teleportation.
>What the hell did you do to deserve this?
>Oh, right.
>You killed one of your only friends.
>Rarity was your friend, right?
>Rarity is your friend.
>Get it together, Anon.
>You trudge over to your steps and take an agonizingly long time to scale them.
>The wind wails through the trees outside of your house eerily, replacing the silence.
>Even with your coat still on, you can’t help but shiver ever so slightly.
>You reach the last step and breathe a heavy sigh.
>You’ve got quite the task ahead of you, Anon.
>You have to save someone’s life.
>And of all things… vampires.
>This place is so fucking weird.
>You shake your head and waddle into your room, throwing off your coat gingerly and hanging it on a chair.
>You kick off your shoes, throwing them in whatever direction.
>Discarding your pants and shirt takes just as little time, though the room seems colder than you recall.
>You fall back into your bed with gusto, regardless.
>The comfy mattress takes your form with a happy bounce.
>It will forever be your waifu, you’ve decided.
>Shambling into bed proper, you feel sort of at ease, even given tomorrow’s journey.
>You know what you have to do.
>But you have no idea how to do it.
>This is nothing you’d ever encountered before.
>Even then, how were you supposed to get a necklace around a bloodthirsty monster’s neck?
>That’s what Luna said, right, that you were to place it on her right as she turned?
>Staring at the ceiling, you feel as if this may be a more difficult task than you anticipated.
>What if you’re going to have to end up staking her or something ridiculous?

>> No.11906892

>You shake your head and try to put those thoughts out of your mind, at least for now.
>Tomorrow will come soon, and you’re going to need to have your wits about you.
>Perhaps with a bit of luck, you’ll manage to get some sleep.
>And while your eyelids are heavy, your brain is seemingly still awake with worry.
>It will be a long night.

>You open your eyes.
>Or well, you feel the sensation of your eyes opening.
>But you can’t see a damn thing.
>You turn your head slightly to the left and right, and find nothing but blackness.
>The fuck?
>Out of your peripherals you see a flash of red, as if a ring of crimson is surrounding your vision.
>Suddenly your senses are assaulted with the sound of a scream.
>A girl’s scream.
>And while you’ve never heard it before, you’re pretty sure it’s Rarity.
>The color in your vision grows stronger.
>The screaming continues.
>She keeps calling for help.
>She’s begging for it.
>Save her.
>You fall to your knees.
>The tears begin.
>A waste of a human.
>Even in this world of ponies and magic you’re nothing but a failure.
>And you let her die.
>It was you.
>The screaming falls silent.
>The red dissipates.
>You are left with nothing but pitch black darkness.
>And you are alone.
>”ANONYMOUS.” A voice calls to you from everywhere at once.
>A flash of light signals another oddity.
>Wait a goddamn minute what

>> No.11906902

>”Anonymous. Please. We seldom see such grim nightmares. You mustn’t let this situation get the better of you. All of the tools you need are at your disposal.” The figure speaks in an old, regal tone.
>This is undoubtedly Princess Luna.
>And she’s actually in your dream, in all of her bluish alicorn pony greatness.
>Is this technically a lucid dream then?
>”We shall aid your rest, troubled one. It is the least that we can to do aid you. Please be careful.”
>With that, you fade to black.
>This time it’s a little more peaceful.

>You don’t own an alarm clock.
>Never saw the need.
>You always wake up every couple hours anyway.
>It is in this morning that you should have probably had the hindsight to have one anyway.
>Because it is nearly afternoon.
>And you are just now blinking your tired eyes awake.
>You are Anonymous.
>And you might have already fucked up.
>The sun shines down on you from a nearby window, blinding you slightly with it’s radiance.
>It stings.
>You probably would have found this humorous in some fashion, were it not for the panic you’re feeling right now.
>What if she’s already turned?
>What if it’s too late?
>What if she’s dead or…
>Keep your shit together, Anon.
>You’ve got a job to do and you’re not going to give up.
>Not yet.
>You scramble out of bed in an unwashed heap, quickly dressing in whatever you can find.
>So basically, what you wore yesterday.
>You’ll be fine; you don’t have to look nice for anyone.
>Picking up your coat, you double check everything.
>Little teleport egg thing?
>Strange bottle of… something.
>Little necklace that’s supposed to subdue a bloodthirsty monster of your own creation?
>Thank you for the vote of confidence, brain.

>> No.11906923

>With that, you fly down the stairs and sprint through the door.
>You don’t have time for any sort of morning routine right now.
>Is it even morning?
>Fuck it.
>You slam the door behind you and hasten your way to Rarity’s boutique.
>Luckily, ponies generally opt to avoid you.
>The marketplace isn’t wholly bare, but it’s easy to maneuver through.
>You glance to the sun in the sky, hoping to god and anyone listening that things are going to be okay.
>No, fuck that.
>Everything IS going to be okay.
>Soon, the boutique is in sight.
>A good thing, too, because you’re winded as fuck.
>You hunch over and attempt to get some breath in you.
>You’re not a marathon man, for sure.
>But hey at least you got some sleep last night.
>Luna is an alright pony.
>Your chest heaves as you pant in front of the gaudily decorated building.
>The fact that you don’t hear screams of terror and agony is a good sign that you still have time.
>You need to hurry though.
>Just in case.
>You stagger over to the door, attempting to get your bearings.
>Rapping your knuckles against the door, something in your brain clicks and panic sets in again.
>Wait, how the hell was this going to go down?
>Before you’re able to compute the answer, the door swings open.
>You don’t see anyone.
>”Hi, I’m Sweetie Belle!” a voice squeaks from below you.
>Oh right, her sister.
“Hey… I’m Anon. Is your sister in?” you reply, in between breaths.
>”RAAARRITY!” She hollers to the boutique behind her.
>It kind of hurts your ears.
>There’s a moment of silence.
>You don’t like silence.
>”Rarity was talking about you. She says you made her party a night to remember.”
”Oh y-yeah? That’s one way to put it.”
>Don’t blow your cover, Anon.

>> No.11906935

>”Just let them in, Sweetie, I’m very busy.” Rarity calls from one of the back rooms.
>She seems normal.
>”It’s Anon, Rarity!” she excitedly says, stepping aside to let you in.
>You’re still shaking slightly, nervous as all hell.
>But maybe this won’t be so bad?
>Maybe it’ll be easy.
>You got this.
>You attempt a bit of confidence and stride into the boutique.
>”So what do you want with Rarity Anon? Are ya gonna take her on a date?”
>You shake your head at the adorable little unicorn.
“Nah, I just came over to uh… see her for a while.”
>”…You like her, don’t you Anon?” The filly lowers her eyelids suggestively as the two of you sit down on a couch.
“No, Sweetie. I’m just here to um… have lunch with her.”
>”OH BOY I LOVE LUNCH!” she hollers, hopping giddily.
>With that, Rarity waltzes in from the back.
>”Oh hello, Anonymous. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
“Just stopping by. Figured I’d check up on you. Get you lunch or something.”
>”Oh can we go to that fried pickle stand in town? I love those.” Sweetie says grinning excitedly, her little tail wiggling just as much as her body is.
>You grimace.
>Rarity looks at her sister with a similar look.
>”What? They’re good.” She replies, a little defeated.
>”Well this is all of the sudden, Anonymous. I have quite a few orders that I need to work on, and I’ve been up all night. I should really be trying to get some sleep, not going out on dates.”
>Rarity winks at you, smiling cutely.
>You are way too caught up on the fact that she was up all night.
>Vampires don’t sleep.
>Oh god it’s happening.
>”Um… Anonymous? Are you alright?” She says, nudging you with a hoof.
>You break out of your trance.
“Yeah. Cool. Fine. Yeah. Lunch?”

>> No.11906948

>”Anonymous, you didn’t hear a word I just said did you?”
>You fish out the bottle from your coat pocket.
“It’s not a date. I just uh… picked up a bottle of wine and figured I’d share it with you.”
>God you hope this stuff is wine-colored at the very least.
>The black bottle was plain, without label and fitted with a small cork.
>”Oh? My my, Anon, are you sure you’re not trying to woo me? Wine is an easy way into a mare’s heart, you know.” She smiles, turning.
>”Let me go get ready and I’ll join you on a not-date. Did you have anywhere in mind?”
>Shit this is a bad idea.
>You can’t have her turning in public.
”Why not just… stay here? I’ll whip something up for you. I can cook you know.”
>You wiggle your fingers at her, hoping it works.
>You weren’t a good cook, but shit it’s a better idea than taking her out into the sun and the public.
>”So no fried pickles?” Sweetie enquires, looking disappointed.
>”Sweetie, go play in your room. It seems I’m being treated like a proper lady today.” She smirks slightly and retreats into her room.
>Sweetie glances over at her sister, and then back at you.
>”You guys are weird.”
>With that, she hops off of the couch and trots over to her room, shutting the door gently.
>Fucking flawless, Anon.
>You got this.

>Your name is Rarity.
>You are the best seamspony this side of… well… anywhere.
>Currently, you are in your sewing room, lying down on your lounge chair.
>Anonymous just offered to wine and dine you.
>While this is a pleasant surprise, you’re finding it awfully hard to maintain a straight face.
>You haven’t slept since the other morning in the hospital.

>> No.11906961

>At first, you simply thought it was stress over the incident.
>But you hadn’t had a drop of coffee all morning.
>And you literally ran out of orders to do, last night, having finished them all soon after you got home.
>Your eyes weren’t heavy.
>Your body wasn’t lethargic.
>But you felt simply divine.
>Perhaps the doctors slipped a drug into your system?
>No… they wouldn’t do that.
>And you’re pretty sure Anonymous would have told you if something funny was going on.
>To top it all off, your memory felt sharp and clear.
>You could remember the location of even the smallest bead on one of your dresses.
>You had spent all night sketching out new ideas for dresses and outfits.
>Actually… you hadn’t eaten since the party now that you think about it.
>You are Rarity, and you are attempting to get your shit together.
>Well, you were.
>Until Anon.
>With him came that maddening stench that you recall from the Hospital.
>Initially, you thought it was just some kind of perfume that somep0ny was using in a room.
>But then it grew.
>And grew.
>You were a slave to it’s bouquet, even sleeping with Anon just so you could smell it.
>That’s the creepiest thing that you’ve ever done and you’d be damned if someone was to find that out.
>All the same… why him?
>You’d met him before and he didn’t smell like that.
>He mostly smelled of… well, he had his own original scent.
>But this… you couldn’t put a hoof on it.
>All you knew was that you needed it.
>No… no you don’t need it.
>You shake your head and get off of your couch, deciding to pace a little.
>Even now you could smell him from the other room.
>Did he know?

>> No.11906972

>No… certainly not.
>Blast it all… what were you supposed to do?
>He did say he had a bottle of wine. Perhaps if you drank a bit, you’d be alright.
>Alcohol always dulled your senses.
>You spritz yourself with one of your strongest smelling perfumes, hoping it will mask his scent.
>Yes. This will be a good plan.
>You fluff your mane and make sure you look prim and proper.
>Perhaps this won’t be so bad.
>Then you can go back to work…?

>You are Anonymous.
>Master thumb twiddler.
>And you are waiting on Rarity to get out of her room.
>At least you knew where she was this time.
>But you didn’t know what she was doing.
>Surely she wasn’t going to dress up just for lunch.
>Speaking of, you had no idea what to fix her.
>That might have been a good thing to figure out.
>You glance at the door and then over to the kitchen.
“Hey Rarity, uh, what do you want to eat?” you call to the closed door.
>”I’m actually not too hungry, Anonymous. Please… um… help yourself.” She replies, muffled through the door.
>Is she okay?
>Oh wait… she’s not hungry.
>Of course not, vampires don’t eat.
>Well hold on, if she was a vampire then she’d be after your neck like a Texan at a steak buffet.
>Steak… stake.
>You hadn’t eaten any breakfast, but maybe it couldn’t help to look and see what she has.
>A cursory examination of her fridge and pantry show a standard fare of fruits and vegetables, as well as quite a few little breakfast bars and juiceboxes, probably for Sweetie Belle.
>They were emblazoned with obnoxiously cute looking cartoonish fillies.
>So basically they were double cartoons, given the world you inhabit.
>You wonder if there were cartoonists in this world, who would in turn make cartoons that might as well be more ponies…?
>That’s a little too deep for right now.

>> No.11906984

>You grab a banana from the counter, and a wine glass from a cupboard, unpeeling the banana as you return to your seat.
>If Rainbow saw you with a banana, she’d flip out with a million monkey insults.
>Silly Rainbow.
>You’re about halfway through the banana before Rarity finally shows her face again.
>She looks a bit… you’re not sure what to call it.
>Probably not a good sign.
>Glancing at the bottle to your side, you begin to worry just a little more.
>You’d better get this stuff down her, just in case.
>”A banana? My, Anonymous. You truly are a chef.” She says with a titter, sitting… across the room from you.
>Does she know…?
”Yeah, turns out I’m not very hungry either. Wine?”
>You motion to the glass.
>”What, only one glass? What about you Anonymous? Truly you’re not the type to drink straight from the bottle?”
“I don’t drink so much.”
>She rolls her eyes at you.
>”Come, Anonymous, don’t lie. I seen you at the ball the other day. You were drinking that punch as if it were water.”
>She wanted you to drink the stuff as well, it seems.
>You swallow hard.
>Well, maybe it won’t be so bad.
>You could always throw up later, right?
>Sighing, you rise and go to get another glass.
>This was going to be alright.
>Your heartbeat reminds you of your fear.
>Stupid heart.
>You decide to walk over to Rarity this time, but notice her fidgeting in her seat slightly as you approach.
>Your step wavers slightly.
>But there could be no hesitation here.
>You had a goddamn mission, and you were going to save this goddamn pony or die trying.
>…Maybe without the dying part.

>> No.11906993

>As you take a seat next to her, you notice her eyes sort of flittering away from you.
“Are you alright Rarity?”
>Of course she isn’t.
>And you can clearly see the little wound on her neck, pink flesh poking through her otherwise immaculate coat.
>Maybe she didn’t know?
>”Of course, Anonymous. Just a little antsy is all.”
>You blink at her, and go for the bottle.
>It’s not a normal wine bottle, looking more like a large beer bottle than anything.
>”What kind of wine is it?” she inquires, her sapphire pupils fidgeting in her glance.
“You know what, I don’t know. The… uh… label fell off. So it’s a mystery to everyone.”
>Please let this work.
>With a deft motion, you pop the cork on the bottle.
>Immediately a nearly floor-slanting scent permeates the immediate vicinity.
>You can’t place it, but it kind of smells like a mixture of… rotten wood and olives.
>Which means it’s absolutely horrendous.
>”My my, Anonymous, where in the world did you get such a delicious smelling wine? Is it one of Berry’s?” she inquires, a twinkle in her eye.
>The hell?
>You peer into the bottle, and see nothing but a black liquid.
>Shrugging, you set out the glasses and pour the ‘wine’ into them.
>What comes loose from the bottle is a frightening viscous potion, unlike any wine you’ve seen.
>Light is seemingly sucked into its crimson-black abyss.
>You hold your breath as you pour the other glass.
>There seems to be enough for one more glass in the bottle.
>Were you supposed to drink it all by yourself?
>Rarity catches you eying the wine and nudges you.
>”Well? It’s your wine. You get first taste.”
“But it’s a present.”
>”Well, it’s unlabeled. How do I know it’s not cough syrup?”
>That’s a pretty valid point, but you’re definitely not keen on trying the stuff, yourself.
>Luna said that it would slake her thirst… wait…

>> No.11907001

>You visibly cringe at the prospect of drinking the stuff.
>Rarity catches you, unfortunately.
>”What’s wrong? Don’t like wine?” she asks, a tinge of teasing concern in her voice.
“Uh… I’m just admiring the… the bouquet. Yeah.”
>She giggles lightly.
>”Oh don’t be such a filly, Anonymous. Drink it so I can have mine.”
>She already wanted it, now she’s just teasing you.
>You shakily reach for the glass.
>Oh god is this really happening.
>Maybe just a little sip.
>You grasp the chalice and bring it to your face.
>The smell is overwhelmingly awful.
>You turn your nose up slightly.
>But Rarity needs to drink this, and if this is what you have to do… so be it.
>You take a deep breath and bring the glass to your lips daintily, allowing some of the liquid into your mouth.
>There are not enough regrets in the world.
>It’s as if you tried to do the cinnamon challenge with liquid, the cordial literally coating the entirety of your mouth as if by magic.
>A thin layer of pure disgust assaults your mouth as your face contorts into inhumane shapes.
>”Anonymous? Is it that bad?” she asks, scooting back a bit as a demon assaults your mouth.
>You hand the glass to her with abrupt force, nearly spilling it.
>Swallowing is the next step.
>You do not look forward to swallowing.
>But you do it anyway, lest your mouth be assaulted by a warm embrace of disgusting liquid.
>Your throat will never recover; the slimy stuff worms its way down you with a burning abandon.
>Thank god it was only a sip.
>You watch as Rarity takes a hold of the glass with her magic and gingerly sniffs at it.

>> No.11907013

>”You must not be able to appreciate a fine wine, Anon. This smells simply marvelous.”
>She takes a small sip, and her pupils grow to the size of dinner plates.
>Nearly immediately she chugs the glass, like a pro.
>Good… she’s drinking it.
>”Anonymous… I don’t know where you got such a fine elixir but if you’re not going to drink yours…”
>You don’t even think twice, sliding the glass and the bottle over to her.
>”Thank you.” She says, nearly downing your glass in one gulp.
>She lowers the glass and hiccups.
>”Oh my, excuse me. How unladylike.” She giggles a little, covering her mouth with a hoof.
>You’re still trying to get the taste out of your mouth.
>Ugh, it’s like you ate a whole jar of peanut butter without a drink, except the peanut butter was made in hell and cultured in vomit.
>And as if it wasn’t already bad, you can feel the stuff in your stomach.
>Why can you feel it in your stomach?
>You break the attention from you as you look back to Rarity.
>You’re glad you did, as her pupils have shrunk down to barely a dime’s size.
>That’s… probably not a good sign.
>She’s also just kind of…sitting there.
“Uh… Rarity?” you say, smacking your lips together slightly.
>You snap a finger in front of her.
>She shakes her head, squiggles wobbling to and fro.
>”Oh dear, Anonymous. I don’t know what came over me. I just sort of spaced out there for a moment.”
>Without even breaking eye contact, you see her levitate the bottle to her mouth and she starts suckling on it like a baby’s bottle.
“…I take it you like the wine?”
>She pulls forwards, setting the now empty bottle on the ground next to her.
>”It was simply divine Anony-“
>She freezes again, her body quivering slightly.

>> No.11907020

>”Um… excuse me for a moment Anonymous. I… uh… need to use the little filly’s room.”
>You nod as she rises and quickly vacates the room, retreating to her own once again.
>Looks like it worked.
>You relax in the couch slightly as the warmth in your belly begins to spread to the rest of your body.
>It’s comforting though, so you don’t mind it.
>Really really… cozy…
>You would feel the rest of your body heating up like a goddamn space heater…
>…if you hadn’t already passed out.

>You are Rarity.
>That doesn’t matter though.
>Not only did he sit next to you, but he offered you an ambrosia to imbibe.
>That wine was as if someone condensed liquid happiness into palpable form.
>The way it lit your body on fire from the inside out...
>You’d swear Anon was attempting to bed you, the way your body was reacting.
>You already felt your face flushed, and the rest of your body nearly vibrating with excitement.
>Did he lace this with something?
>Your mareparts sure seem to be reacting as such.
>But… he wouldn’t drug you.
>Oh blast and damnations!
>You pace back and forth in your room in a quickened manner.
>There’s not a chance that you could show your face looking like this.
>Especially since that maddening scent of his is now permeating the air.
>Did… did you have the hots for Anon?
>Is that what all of this is?
>That’s simply preposterous.
>He’s a… well he’s not a pony for Celestia’s sake!
>Your body continues to heat up, and you feel a bit of your own liquid start to seep down your leg.
>This… this is not a good situation.

>> No.11907035

>Perhaps you can remedy this in a timely manner?
>You were a single mare, after all.
>You know how to handle yourself.
>You walk into your bathroom with a worried smile.
>Yes, everything will be okay and he will be none the wiser.

>There comes a time in everyone’s life where life likes to take a shit on you.
>Today seems to be that day.
>You are Anonymous.
>And you are currently passed out on the couch, though you don’t really know it.
>Whatever was in that tonic really put you down.
>You hoped you were going to be okay.
>”Anonymous… I cannot express how bad of an idea that was.” A now-familiar voice calls from nowhere.
“Yeah, I’m not really the best with ideas.” You reply soundlessly.
>”You have put yourself in great danger and we fear that Rarity will soon turn. That cordial was meant for her, and her alone. We had hoped you to have better judgment in this situation.”
“Shit it’s not like there’s a warning label. Goddamnit, that means I’m asleep right? Can’t you wake me up?”
>”We can, Anonymous, but proceed to Rarity with haste. The sun is still high in the sky and you will need to avoid anyp0ny’s gaze as you make your way to the castle.”
>”Right. Gotcha. Hit me.”

>You wake with a jump, your breath escaping you in a semi-panicked gasp.
>Rising to your feet, you don’t care of the glass that you knock over in your haste to Rarity’s door.
>Luckily, it’s unlocked.
>Unfortunately, however, you hear something from around the corner in Rarity’s sewing room.
>A loud fast paced moaning, as if she was in pain, accompanied with sounds of heavy breathing.
>Oh god
>It’s happening.
>She’s fucking turning.
>Thank fucking god for Luna and her sleep-hax.

>> No.11907050

>You steel yourself, attempting to breathe normally.
>This was it.
>You approach the door, as her wailing grows louder.
>You hear her rustling around inside, as if she’s transforming into some…
>Not now brain.
>You approach the door and knock on it.
>Just in case.
“Rarity? Are you okay?”
>Of course she’s not.
>She’s turning into a bloodthirsty crea-
>You knock a little harder, but there’s no response.
>The moaning continues, in fact, it gets even more excited.
>No there’s not a damn moment to waste.
>You have to save her.
>You jiggle the handle.
>Of course.
>Taking a few steps back, you find only one other option.
“Rarity, I’m coming in. Hold on.” You call to her, hoping she can at least hear you a little.
>Not waiting for a response, you take a deep breath and clench your fists.
>Back in school, you pretended to play football.
>You sucked at it.
>But a door is not a nearly 7 foot tall teenager with anger issues.
>You take a few steps back, and attempt a move from Wario Land: the enviable shoulder charge.
>Much to your surprise, it proves to be made of flimsy construction.
>Smashing into the wood, you easily rip the door from its hinges, landing on the door itself in front of Rarity.
>Your shoulder is inflamed with pain, but it’s nothing you can’t walk off.
>It also looks like you scratched your arm up a bit with some of the wood, but that’s probably nothing.
>Adrenaline can take care of all of that shit.
>With eyes trailing up to Rarity, you attempt to lift yourself up.
>There she is, sitting on the toilet, her hoof between her legs.
>A scent soon hits you, definitely a lot better smelling than that vile concoction from earlier.
>That’s when you realize what she was doing.
>You finally match eyes with her.
>…And you wish you hadn’t.

>> No.11907107
File: 330 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_mle1atLJDc1rk8xsfo2_r1_1280.jpg [View same] [google]

>Where once her eyes with sapphire and beautiful now shines dark red pupils that bore into you with an unnerving ferocity, though her visage remains statuesque.
>That’s when you feel something cold on your arm.
>A cursory glance proves to be exactly what you didn’t want to happen.
>Hello Anonymous.
>You are now bleeding from a fresh wound right in front of a freshly turned vampire.
>You have had better days, for sure.
>Rising to your knees, you place a hand on the pocket with the necklace.
>Maybe if you can get her before…
>She gives you no time to react, quickly baring her fangs and lunging at you with an inhuman (inpony?) speed.
>A white blur crashes into you as you fumble in your pocket.
>Your head crashes against the tile painfully as the white terror is upon you, her pupils dilated to pin pricks and her fangs freshly glistening.
>You throw your other hand in front of you, attempting to knock Rarity off of you, but to no avail as she easily shoves your arm back down.
>Your other hand has better luck, and has the necklace in its grip.
>All too quickly, however, Rarity is upon you, her chest pressed to yours and her face next to you.
>Oh shit this is exactly what doesn’t need to happen.
>It happens in an instant, unfortunately.
>Even with your human body, ten times stronger than a pony’s, you are unable to stop this creature from attacking you.
>You don’t even see her move, really.
>Just a white and purple blur.
>All of the sudden you feel an intensely painful feeling on your neck… and you know you’ve been bitten.
>It’s as if you had the worst sunburn in the world – a real blistering sort.
>And then someone decided to slap it with an open palm.
>As quickly as your senses are wracked with pain, it disippates and instead you begin to feel a little dizzy.
>It doesn’t end like this.

>> No.11907127

>Your other hand still has the necklace in a steely grip.
>Swinging your arm to her, the necklace opens automatically and clasps itself around Rarity’s neck like a choker.
>The little white moonstone glows blindingly white as Rarity topples over nearly instantly.
>Your breath is frantic and you have absolutely no idea what to think right now.
>Your neck’s pain renews, as does the slight dizziness.
>But you can’t have it end here.
>You still have shit to do.
>Get the fuck up, Anonymous.
>With your left arm, you scoop up the unconscious mare, full well knowing you only have a small window of time to get her to the castle.
>Thankfully, she’s light.
>You rise to your feet, quickly searching the bathroom for something to staunch your neck wound.
>You find a towel emblazoned with an ‘R’.
>You wrap the fucker around your neck a couple times and use the other hand to apply pressure.
>A neck wound wouldn’t clot… you know that much.
>But if you can get to the palace quick enough, you’re sure Luna could patch you up.
>You exit the bathroom, hastily grabbing a sheet of fabric off of the wall.
>All white.
>Hopefully it’ll reflect the sun well enough.
>You carefully wrap Rarity in the fabric, making sure that she’s nearly mummified so that no sun can touch her.
>You spin to the exit and make your way out of the boutique, your mind and body running on pure adrenaline.
>”Anon?” a voice asks.
>You ignore it and charge through the door, not even bothering to close it.
>Shit to do, people to see, things to get done.
>You look to the distance, towards where you remember Canterlot to be.
>How the fuck were you supposed to carry this mare, hold off your bleeding, and toss a teleporty stone in the air?
>Fuck it, you’ll worry about it when you need to.

>> No.11907133

>Like a bat out of hell, you start sprinting in the direction of the castle, making sure to take the long way around, avoiding any ponies that might want a peeping glance at the bleeding human.
>There’s a little dirt path that leads in that direction.
>This would be a good place to start.
>After a few minutes at a brisk pace you find yourself having to slow down to a near stop.
>Your head is spinning and your wound is still seeping blood.
>Leaning against a tree to help gather your breath, something taps you on your shoulder.
>You nearly jump into the air and spin to face whatever and find yourself face to face with none other than the cyan Pegasus of Loyalty.
>Rainbow Dash.
>Are you fucking kidding me?
>”Anon? I saw you running and stuff from town and… what the hay are you covered in?”
>You take a couple steps back, your body still too weak to start sprinting again.
>”…Is… is that Rarity?” She asks, flapping closer to you.
>Sure enough, in your run, a bit of her squiggly tail is poking out of the makeshift swaddle.
>And it’s starting to singe slightly.
>In a panic you drop the towel and stuff the purple back into the white bundle.
>Allowing Rainbow Dash a clear vantage of the bloody neck wound you’ve received.
>”Anon? Are you hurt? Is that your blood? Oh Celestia we need to get you to a hospital, pronto!” She exclaims, advancing on you.
>No way in hell.
>You decide to lose to towel and just use your hand on your wound, albeit at very reduced effectiveness.
>Doesn’t matter.
>Gotta run.
>You turn tail and sprint in the opposite direction, knowing full well Rainbow Dash is the fastest fucker in this land.

>> No.11907154

>You just have to get close enough to use the stone.
>”Anon! Wait! Where are you going! What are you doing with Rarity!” She calls, not far behind you.
>Attempting to lose her amongst a thatch of trees proves fruitless, her speed seemingly unhindered by anything in her way.
>It doesn’t take long for her to catch up to you, a cyan blur flapping next to you.
>”Anon!” she yells, stopping in front of you abruptly and cutting you off.
>Unfortunately, you’re not running on full power, so you tumble into her.
>Time nearly slows to a crawl as you nearly fall chest down, onto Rarity.
>You have just enough energy to spin mid air, so that you land on your back.
>You do not have enough energy, however, to hold on to the precious bundle, as your cargo flies from your hands.
>Landing in a heap with Rainbow below you, you can only watch in horror as Rarity’s form leaves its protective blanket and falls to the side.
>As a split second reaction, you clamber to your feet, nearly falling on yourself several times as you go to rescue.
>You fly to her aid, throwing yourself over her like a protective blanket made of Anonymous.
>Blood runs in rivulets through your hand, dripping down onto the white mare’s coat.
“M-might stain…” you laugh to yourself.
>Truth be told, you’re at the end of your rope.
>You can feel your adrenaline quickly lapsing and the blood loss is getting to you.
>You fumble through your pocket and retrieve the little egg-thing.
>It’s shining ever so faintly.
>”Anon! You’re bleeding everywhere! What in tartarus is going on?” Rainbow exclaims, worry clear in her voice.
>An idea springs into your head as your breathing becomes haggard.
“G-get the sheet.” You say as loud as you can, your breathing irregular.
>She flaps over to it, carrying it over in her mouth.

>> No.11907184

”Rainbow, I need you to t-trust me.”
>”If you’re going to keep running from me-“
”Shut it. Rarity needs to get to the castle. K-keep her out of the sun.”
>You struggle with the weakness of your body giving out, but still manage to wrap Rarity in the fabric.
>Turning to face Rainbow, you give her the little egg, a clear expression of confusion in her face.
”Take this. When it shines, toss it in the air and you’ll be taken to the castle.”
>”Anon, why are you telling me all this? What are you running from?”
>Your hand shakes, nearly dropping the little egg.
“Rarity needs help. Luna. Go. Please.” You reply, struggling to make the words.
>”But… you’re hurt…” She says, taking the little egg in a hoof.
“Nah… I just need to rest for a little bit.”
>You scoop up Rarity and hold her out to Rainbow.
>With a bit of management, she manages to wrap her hooves around her, whilst tucking the egg into the folds of the blanket.
“Luna will know.”
>”Anon I’m not sure about all this but… if you’re trying to help Rarity then I’ll try to help too.”
>She turns and flaps a little away.
>”I’ll come back for you, okay?”
>You slump against a tree, one hand on your neck, the other in a thumbs up.
“Sure thing.”
>You watch as Rainbow Dash speeds off towards Canterlot Castle, Rarity in tow.
“Wonder how much blood I’ve got left… heh…” you muse aloud to no one in particular.
>The sun is high in the sky.
>You managed to subdue Rarity’s feral nature.
>And she’s on her way to the Castle.
>You’ve done good, Anonymous.
>You’ve done good.

>> No.11907331


Vamponies! This is either getting popular or was popular and I have been away far too long. Either way, good read! I hope Anon lives...

... or turns into a vampire and hunts the night with his beloved Rarity. Good end?

>> No.11907422
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There's the link for part 3.

As always, any critique or criticism is welcome. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Let's see what story I'm gonna write next.

>> No.11907434

They were popular, but now they're getting annoying.

>> No.11907508
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Ooh, let's spin the wheel of >rape!


And it's landed on...


>> No.11907794
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>> No.11907921
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>> No.11908804

You're absolutely loving that Exploding Actress series, aren't you Clever?

>> No.11908953 [SPOILER] 
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Trust me, you guys aren't the only one who wants to see her curb stomped.

Thank you! I don't want to give you a time frame to get your hopes up, but I will tell you that it's being worked on. As of now I'm kinda FEELING it atm moment. And when it's ready, I'll post it.

>> No.11909179
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>> No.11909362 [SPOILER] 
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Reposting this shit from AiE because I'm sure Raritan didn't stick around.

Raritan, if any of us want to read your stuff, we'll either browse FR or check your Pastebin.

Seriously, stop informing us every time you update something.
If we really cared, we'd already know

>> No.11909548
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>implying I wouldn't stick around to watch AiE get massively caboose goosed because I happened to post something

You guys make my day, you really do.

Suppose I'll do Touch of Pink next, folks.

Does that mean I'm going to actually finish a story?

>> No.11909565
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Hey guys, it's uh...it's been a while.

Clever convinced me to dive back into the word mines however, after I had given up, so...at some point I'm going to have something for you.

>> No.11909581

So what you're saying is that you love the attention?

>> No.11909722
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Cool shit
Write us something about love. And friendship. And anal

>> No.11909731


By the will of the dubs, it shall be done mi'lord.

>> No.11910264

Welcome back, mang.

>> No.11910978

[hyping intensifies]

>> No.11911036
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Mysterious magical wine, ancient magical necklace, rare teleportation artifact...I'm surprised Clever had nothing to say about all the macguffins you loaded this chapter with, not that I mind, they may be simple plot devices but they get the job done.

However I just can't get over one fact...

WHY the hell is Anon the only one "trusted" with this mission, what reason is there for Luna or Anon to not explain the situation and ask others for help? Because its dangerous? All the more reason to get back up. Don't wanna risk Rarity catching on? Have the other girls wait somewhere else as Plan B in case Anon fucks up.

The whole situation with Rainbow could've been remedied if he had just told her before the entire fiasco began.

It just felt like a gaping plothole for convenience's sake.

Also, I'm surprised you played the vamp-Anon card so soon, not that I'm complaining. I just thought that part was going to be a plot point later on, but I can see other ideas with this scenario as well.

Aside from that, not much else to say, I still love the interaction between Anon/Rarity the most in your stories. Looking forward to how that play with change when Rarity becomes self aware.

Oh and a Luna line needs to be greentexted in >>11906840

>> No.11911196

I'm working on an Anon and I want to see what people think of him. He disguises himself as a clumsy, head sunken between the shoulders generally, Bowlegged, slightly stuttering, might of been a nerd in highschool, a bit cowardly kind of person. He wears big glasses, , clothes a size or two too big and has hair covering most of his forehead.

>> No.11911198

Smudgey pls
More robots

>> No.11911245
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If I may, I'll defend myself.

The macguffins are plentiful, sure, but I don't see them as plot-breaking. In fact, you'll find that only the necklace really worked in the end, and even then not really. He still got bit.

He's trusted because he knows about vampires, and Luna knows that he feels sort of honor bound to help this situation.

And while I haven't addressed it much, Anon kind of is a loner in this story. The other ponies don't care for him too much aside from Rainbow.

And as for not asking others for help and vamp-anon...well...that'll be addressed. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading.

>> No.11911302

>That pic
Are you trying to get me fired?

>> No.11911457
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I'm just saying it doesn't really seem right that Luna wouldn't contact Twilight or anyone else and inform them of the problem as well.

I've been struggling with that, need ideas for robots that would be worth more than 2 or 3 posts long. I'm not very fond of oneshots.

I do love me some robots though...

>> No.11912603


>> No.11912681
File: 103 KB, 900x636, miss_roseluck_by_mlpmaconmixx-d3n60q5.png [View same] [google]

Rose short. Not the next part of the story

>Hiding from Roseluck is more difficult than avoiding Buttershy.
>You sneak down the stairs as quietly as you can.
>The basement should be safe.
>Rose doesn't really like the dark.
>Once in your den of solitude, you raise your hand-made pipe to your lips.
>Lighting up, you take your first glorious hit of the day.
>Your girlfriend grows the best weed.
>With a sigh, you sit on a dusty couch.
>It's tiring avoiding Rose when you want to smoke by yourself.
>She's like a fucking fiend.
>You've been trying to get her to smoke less.
>Maybe if she wasn't so baked all the time, she could make some friends.
>The door up the stairs opens.
>"Anon? Are you smoking? Because I smell pot."
>You freeze.
>Her stoner sight is based on movement.
>The sound of her falling down the stairs makes you jump.
>In the dim light you can see your girlfriend tumbling down the steps, "LET ME GET GREENS!"
>After picking her up and setting her on the couch, you hand her the pipe.
"Okay babe, just one hit. You have to quit smoking so much, it's not helpin-"
>She snatches the piece from you and roasts the bowl.
>It one hit.
>You grit your teeth in frustration while Roseluck wiggles her hooves and looks up at the ceiling with her cheeks puffed out.
"God dammit Rose!"
>She exhales a huge cloud of smoke in your face then kisses your nose.
>"Don't be a grumpanon, let's go mess with Fluttershy!"
>She runs up the stairs.
>You chase after her.


>> No.11912707


>The problem with Roseluck:
>She is fast.
>And jealous.
>Recently she has been talking more about Fluttershy.
>And how much she dislikes her.
>You chase Roseluck all the way to Fluttershy's cottage.
>Before you can stop her, she knocks on the door.
>You run up and double over, breathing heavy.
"You, fucking, moron."
>The door opens and Fluttershy peers out, "Fluttershy's Fetish Hut, how can I- oh! H-hello Anon."
>Roseluck gets in her face, "AND ROSELUCK! I'm here too you creepy whores! Me! Anon's girlfriend!"
>Fluttershy flinches back into her house and you pull Roseluck back.
"Can we not do this Rose?"
>She breaks your grip, "no! We're doing this here and now!"
>Fuck she's high.
>She pulls you down by the collar and smashes her lips against yours.
>Fluttershy gasps and leans out of the doorway.
>Your girlfriend pulls away and grins at Fluttershy.
>"Anon is MY man!"
>Fluttershy fumes and flies at you like a bullet.
>She tackles you and sloppily kisses your face.
>You throw her off.
"STOP! Just fucking stop!"
>Roseluck's face is turning red.
>Her cheeks puff out and steam shoots from her ears.
>She charges Fluttershy like a bull and the two go sprawling into the dirt.
"Oh shit."
>Rainbow Dash zooms overhead and stops.
>Her eyes widen at the two ponies wrestling on the ground.
"Dash! Help me out here!"
>Instead, she gets a big shit-eating grin and puts her hooves around her mouth, "fight! Fight! Fight!"


>> No.11912725


>You can't breack the two up.
>Every time you pull them apart, they jump right back at each other.
>It looks like Fluttershy is getting her ass kicked.
"Rose! Let's go home! Stop!"
>The two back up and stare each other down.
>Roseluck wipes her mouth, "I suck Anon's dick like every other night!"
>Fluttershy brushes some hair out of her eyes, "I have ten pairs of Anon's underwear in my house. Unwashed."
"Uh, what?"
>Roseluck spits at her hooves, "I know Anon's FETISH!"
>The look on Fluttershy's face is as though the world is ending.
>She charges Roseluck, "tell meeeeee!"
>Finally Rainbow Dash steps in.
>She flies in between the two and holds up her hooves, "WAIT!"
>All of the ponies stop.
>"Why don't you two just PROVE your love for Anon?"
>"Whichever one wins is obviously better for Anon."
"Not happening."
>The three ponies turn and look at you.
>Fluttershy drools, "th-that's a good idea."
>You are tackled by all of them.
>Rainbow Dash has crazy dyke strength.
>Roseluck begins unbuttoning your pants, "I'm gonna win!"
>Hours later you walk home with Roseluck.
>Your clothes are torn, there's several scratches on your body, you're covered in two different pony's piss and your ass is sore.
>Roseluck trots along happily with her head held high, "showed that bitch who's boss, huh Anon?"
>You shake a wriggling eel from your pants.
"You are banned from smoking anymore Rose. I'm never smoking with you again."
>She stops, falls on the ground and begins thrashing, "NO FAIR! I'LL HOLD MY BREATH UNTIL I PASS OUT!"
>Ponies stare.
"ALRIGHT! Get up! You're making a scene!"
>She stops and glares at you, "so can we smoke when we get home?"
>She hops up and rubs her leg on your head, "I knew you'd see things my way! Tell you what, tonight I'll do your fetish for you."
>You grumble.
"I'll go buy the icecream..."
>Fucking Roseluck.

The End.

>> No.11912743

Oh, by the way, you're all a bunch of faggots. Why would you waste your time writing about one of the worst ponies?

>> No.11912859
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whoa neat, I never thought I'd be cool enough for someone to hack my trip like that.

Needs more robot though bro.

>> No.11912887
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It's fun.

>> No.11912893
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>> No.11912911

Welp, time to switch up that trip Smudge.

>> No.11912998
File: 411 KB, 882x724, 258413__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_princess-celestia_magic_food_eating_television_unamused_artist-reiduran_door_pizza_grilled-cheese_512ff6837f123b9114000074.png.png [View same] [google]

meh I'll get around to it, not like my words hold much power anyway.

>> No.11913072


>> No.11913083

Why does Celestia look so angry in that picture?
I mean, it's not like Luna has anybody to look good for.You guys know I don't mean it that way.

>> No.11913085

>You sit in your office, sun streaming through the blinds, the patient sitting in the chair opposite.
>"It's just...I don't know how to tell my wife...it just seems so wrong!" he says, tears in the corners of his eyes.
>He looks at the floor, and seems to just...break. Shame permeates the room.
"Listen, Will, what you're feeling is perfectly normal. Everyone has insecurities about things. Being scared is the usual reaction. But this is something you shouldn't worry about. If your wife truly loves you, she won't care when you tell her."
>A look of mild relief crosses his face, and he pulls his gaze from the floor to look at you.
>His eyes have turned from shame and sadness to a possible feeling of...hope?
>"You really think so doc? She won't be disgusted or nothin? I mean, it just doesn't seem normal, you know?"
>You put down your pad and paper, and remove your glasses.
"Will. Being attracted to...certain things...no matter how different from what seems normal, is just that! Nobody will judge you. Now, I'm sure your wife won't care what you're into, she'll love you for you. But you HAVE to tell her."
>He gets a panicked look, and crosses his arms defensively.
>"I don't know..."
"Trust me. You need to tell her. Better she hears it from you, rather than finding out on her own. It's for the best.
>He stands, and shakes your hand, a small grin on his face. "Thanks Anon. I...I really needed this reassurance. I'll...I'll give it a shot."
>You smile.
"Good. And make sure to come by next week. We'll talk more."
>He walks out of your office, and as soon as he's out of your office, you can drop the charade.

>> No.11913100

>Your grin falls away, and your brow sinks back to it's depressed state.
>You are Anon, psychiatrist tired of the worlds problems.
>Ironic, isn't it.
>You finish typing up his appointment notes, and shut your computer.
>It was a bright day outside, and you would normally had been overjoyed to get off work early.
>But today, the weight of the world was especially oppressive.
>Lately, it seemed that everybody's problems were being brought to you.
>Again, ironic.
>True, it was your job to help them deal with this problems, but these problems seemed so simple, so unnecessary for your help.
>This guy didn't even have the common sense to tell his wife he was into weird bondage shit! It's like he doesn't know he should always talk about his problems.
>Shrugging out of the office, you begin to walk to your flat. It was close enough that it was just easier than to wait for the bus or a coworker.
>Walking down the street, you try to collect your thoughts and feelings.
>And then fail.
>You're a doctor who deals with feelings! You should be able to at least find some way to deal with this!
>What the hell man! These feelings should be easy to deal with for you, but no! Let's just fuck with your head! It'll figure itself out.
>You decide to follow one of the methods you prescribed to your patients, and find somewhere to relax. It always sounded like bullshit in school, but it's worth a shot now.
>And lucky for you the office was near the city limits, and just gave way to a forest.
>You pass by the alley that goes down to your apartment, and hook a left towards the wilderness.
>After a few minutes the suburbs and urban sprawl give way to forest, and you begin to make your way through the brush.

>> No.11913113

>Pushing through plants and overgrowth, your fine dress clothes catch on thorns and twigs, but you honestly don't care. You just need to find somewhere to drop your emotional baggage.
>The drone of cars, and the seemingly endless supply of people's simple to fix problems, soon fade behind you, and the sounds of the forest begins to calm your nerves.
>As you hike deeper and deeper, the trees grow closer and closer together, and less and less sunlight breaks through the foliage.
>You would normally worry about getting lost, but today, you were too wrapped up in yourself.
>You just needed to find the perfect spot to relax, to collect your thoughts, to let it all out.
>Or some other psychology mumbo jumbo.
>Before the sunlight completely stops filtering through, you come to a small clearing. A rock sits in the middle, almost shaped like a chair.
>You approach and wipe some of the dirt and grime away, before sitting down and leaning back.
>Closing your eyes, you begin to think.
"Why am I sad? Why am I angry? What can I do?"
>Being a shrink, you'd never thought these questions would be directed at you.
>As you sit and real talk yourself, you begin to drift off. The appointments, what comes later, bills, social life, everything seems to blur together until-
>You jolt awake.
>Blackness all around you. Cicadas chirp, and the moon hangs over you.
>It takes you a few moments, but you remember where you are.
>As your heart rate lowers from "insane panic" to "concerned" you peer around.
>Shit. You had no idea which direction you came from.
>But hey, at least you didn't feel like shit from your emotional baggage.
>You feel like shit from sleeping on a rock and being stuck in a dark forest at night.
>Fuckin' perfect.
>Groaning, you stand up, and pop your joints.

>> No.11913135
File: 360 KB, 960x707, 1360552206285.png [View same] [google]

This is hilarious and relevant.

>> No.11913155

>Your eyes, mildly accustomed to the dark, can make out what you'd expect: a bunch of scary dark trees.
>You begin to stumble back through the trees, going you can eventually find your way back home.
>You push through low branches, stumble over roots, and try not to get your nice clothes ripped in an effort to make your way back to the street.
>You slag through the dark foreboding woods for who knows how long. You didn't care, as long as you could make it back home.
>A bed would be much more comfortable than a rock.
>Sweaty, dirty, and tired, you finally break through the last bits of vine and bush, passing the final few trees in the seemingly endless supply in that damn forest.
>A large field lays before you, and in the distance, the street lights twinkle.
"Oh thank god. I'm just so done with this day."
>You trudge onward through the field, and finally make it back onto the...street?
>The street lights you had seen were actually big lamp full of...glowing air?
>Either this was some new dangled art piece, or you weren't anywhere near home.
>Hell, the streets weren't even streets! They were just cobblestone.
>And these houses, they were, different too! There was a house made out of a carousel!
"Where the hell am I?!?!"
>You must've gotten to the other side of town, that's gotta be it!
>The small side of you that was still a rational thinking psychiatrist/complete killjoy reminds you that you're probably just making excuses in an attempt to find some closure, and that you're just completely lost.
>You fuckin' hate that part of you.
>You wander about, attempting to get some sense of where you are. You'd never even seen this part of town and to be honest, you were kinda scared.

>> No.11913171

>Passing the weird art houses, you start to make your way to what you assume is the center of town.
>You got you some sense of security telling yourself that you had stumbled into some weird art fest, and that these weren't any real buildings.
>Just another pseudo-reassurance to prove your own false contention to make yourself feel safer when you were in a scared was the tree house that loomed in front of you.
>The lights were on in the windows seemingly coming out of the large oak.
>Who in their right mind would make a house in a tree? It's gotta be some art thing.
>That asshole part of your head again reminds you that you're just reassuring yourself, and in actuality, it could be someone's real home.
>And as if on cue, a shadow passes in front of the window, the yellow orange light providing a nice silhouette for you to see.
>And your frayed nerves become shredded when the silhouette doesn't even look remotely human.
>But, that's impossible. It's just gotta be somebody in a costume, or an animal.
>Then these wouldn't be pieces of art surrounding you, and these are real houses.
>What does all this mean? What the fuck was going on?!?!
>The door swings open, and the silhouette you saw in the window stands a few yards away.
>About waist high, it looks more like a small child, or...large dog.
>Rubbing your eyes, you try to get a better look when a girls voice rings out. "Hello? Are you alright out there?"
>You look around, but see no one. It came from the house, but it couldn't have come from them...
>You move forward a bit, nervous.
"Hello! Yes! I'm...I'm a might lost! Could you tell me where I am, or even who you are?"
>The figure moves forward, and as they approach you see...purple?

>> No.11913189

>"Oh, no problem. You're in P0nyville, and my name," the figure says, stepping into full view, but..its not a person! "Is Twilight Sparkle."
>A small horse stands in front of you, but purple, with actual hair, like a persons. And a horn!
"But...horses can't talk! And P0nyville isn't even a real town! And, and...and...oh god. I get it now."
>You slump down, sit, and just stare at the ground. The world seems to come crashing down upon you.
"Oh god. I've really lost it. I've gone insane in the woods, and now I'm seeing crazy houses and talking horses."
>The purple horse clops up to you, her feet the only thing you can see of her, but you ignore it. It's just some hallucination after all.
>Kinda depressing that you've gone off the deep end after going through all the work of becoming a psychiatrist and landing a stable job.
>The horse stands, and you see her hooves shift around awkwardly.
>"Uh, excuse me? Are you okay?"
>You heave a sigh.
"Oh. It's nothing. It's just that my own crazy hallucinations are now speaking to me and asking about my state of being."
>"But, I'm real. If anything, you're the hallucination! I've never seen anything like you! The fact that another creature who looks nothing like us can even speak is incredible! I can't wa-"
>You tune her out. A hallucination with its own thinking process was something you didn't really feel the need to dwell on. Insanity on its own was soul crushing enough.
>You felt like crying. You just wanted to go to sleep and wait for the morning to find your way out of this nightmare.
>Wait...wait that's it!
>You jump up, startling the purple horse, cutting her off mid-ramble.

>> No.11913209

"That's it! I haven't gone crazy, I must be dreaming! A nightmare brought on by stress, that must be it!"
>You start towards the tree house, and the purple horse follows.
>"Yes! Step inside so we can talk about all this! Where you came from, who you are, what so-"
"Yeah yeah yeah, just get me a glass of water."
>There's no way you've gone crazy. Just no way! And that asshole psychological side of you can go stick a stress ball up his ass, this was gonna work!
>A mental break down resulting in full scale insane hallucinations brought on by minor stress was highly unlikely compared to strange dreams brought on by said stress. It made perfect sense.
>You enter the tree house with purple p0ny in tow, and see that the walls are lined with stacks and stacks of books.
>Your subconscious must be projecting the collective knowledge in your head. Quite intricate really.
>The p0ny disappears into an adjacent room, and she talks over the sound of running water.
>"I must say, I've never been quite so excited! Meeting a never before seen creature is a once in an lifetime opportunity!"
>She comes back in, and seems to be levitating the glass of water in a purple aura.
>You remain un-phased. This was a dream after all. Whatever floated your minds boat, as long as you got out of this wacky nightmare.
>She moves the glass into your open hand, and begins to say "I'd like to get th-"
>You unceremoniously dump the water onto your head, causing the mare to stop and stare at your dripping form.
>You shake your head, and look up to see her shocked face.
>"Why, in the world, did you do that!?!?" She asks, a bit of anger in her voice.

>> No.11913221

"I was trying to wake up. I see it didn't really work."
>She stares at you incredulously. "But, this is real! You're not dreaming!"
>You chuckle.
"Trust me. There's no way that this is real. I'm just suffering from a strange dream brought on by stress or something. Now, how to wake up..."
>She starts to say something else, but you silence her by slapping yourself. The sound shocks her, and your cheek stings.
"Wake up! C'mon, just wake up! We have work at 8 tomorrow!"
>You begin to smack yourself harder and harder, your face starting to burn.
>The horse begins to look concerned, and starts to interject between slaps. "Listen, please *slap* stop you're gonna really *slap* hurt yourself!"
>Your hands and face hurts, your clothes are soaked, and you're still asleep.
>You stand, a new idea popping into your head.
"In dreams, when you fall a long way, and before you hit the ground you wake up! That's gotta work!"
>The horse now looks scared, and follows you as you climb the stairs, looking for a window.
>"Listen, you really don't wanna do this, you're not sleeping! I'm real! Why can't you believe me?!?!"
>You turn, and stare at her.
"Because, my little dream entity, talking horses living in a library in a tree DON'T EXIST. And I know I can't have gone crazy, so the only explanation I'm willing to go with is that THIS is all a dream. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a window to jump out of."
>You turn, and seeing a full length mirror looking out into the street, begin to run at it.
>Or, you would have, but it seemed that you were stuck hovering a few inches off the ground.

>> No.11913227

>You try to touch the ground, try to get moving, but you're spun around, a purple glow keeping your arms and legs pinned to your sides, staring at the purple p0ny.
>She's glaring at you, and her horn has a purple aura around it. "Now you listen here! I will not have you throw away your life just because you don't think this is real! Now this-" she bops your head on the ceiling. It hurts. "Is real! Now you are going to stop fooling around trying to wake up!"
>You stare at her. You're face and head hurt, your clothes are sopping wet, and you realize that she's right.
>And man does that suck.
"B-but...that means...I'm not on Earth...and all my friends..."
>Her features soften, and she sets you down. "Listen, I'm...I'm sorry about this. It must be very hard for you."
>You're past false hopes now, and right now you're emotionally drained. You just take the brunt of it straight faced.
>You trudge back down stairs, and sit on her couch. It's squishy and comfortable.
>Since she's actually real, Twilight, not purple horse, hops up next to you, and puts a hoof on your shoulder.
>"How are you feeling? Are you up for any questions? I'd love to hear about everything."
>You heave a sigh.
"Well. I'm feeling sad, hopeless, confused, and angry. I want to know how I got here, or even why, but I know I'll probably never get those answers. I'm upset that I'll never see my family, friends, people I know. And I of all people should be able to cope, to deal with feelings like this. It was my job! But most of all,"
>You turn and look at Twilight, and let her see the tears streaming down your face.

>> No.11913244

"I'm scared. I don't know where I am, who anyone is. Hell, I know nothing of this world. And I'm not sure I can cope with that."
>Twilight leans in, and hugs you tightly. She pushes gently, and you fall onto your back, her still clinging to your chest. "Let's get some sleep. We'll talk in the morning. I can tell you've had enough, and that right now, you need somep0ny."
>She nuzzles her head into your chest, and the feeling gives you a sense of security. That this is real, and safe. That for now, even with your emotions off the wall, you can relax.
>And you do until you finally fall asleep.
>As you drift awake, the weight on your chest which helped calm you last night is gone, and opening your eyes, you sit up and look around.
>The suns rays drift through the windows, lighting the library in a soft warm glow.
>Glasses and silverware clink in the kitchen, and you shrug off the blanket places upon you.
>Limping into the kitchen, you see Twilight, floating things around the kitchen, making herself some sort of grass and milk concoction.
>You sit down at the table, and she takes the spot across from you. You give a small smile.
"Thank you for last night. It helped a lot."
>She smiles back. "It's no problem. I...I couldn't let you suffer."
>She was a good pers- er, p0ny, and you were happy to have run into her first.
>And maybe it was time to stop being so selfish. You had occupied her time last night with only your problems, and completely ignored any questions she might’ve had.
"I suppose we should get to knowing each other then. You don't even know my name!"
>She perks up, and her eyes twinkle with excitement. A pencil and paper float in, and you set to work.

>> No.11913253

>You start with the formalities. You learn that this is P0nyville, a small town in Equestria. Twilight and her friends are able to wield the Elements of Harmony, and they each demonstrate a characteristic of friendship.
Twilight is magic, which is what she was using. No telekinesis, just magic.
>You do pick up on her changing her posture, and seeming to glance around the room whenever she mentions her 6 friends. You'd mention something, but it doesn't seem to be your place.
>By noon you felt comfortable enough with your knowledge of the new world you had been dumped in that you could begin to answer questions about yourself.
>You tell her you are Anonymous, psychiatrist. You're from a small town, helping others with their problems. No girlfriends, but friends and family worked well enough.
>Then you move broader. You tell her of earth, and the incredible machines and technologies you had. You keep out of the darker side of human history, not needing to shock and appall her. You tell her that you were a doctor on earth, not one for scrapes and breaks on your elbow, but on your mind.
>She seems especially interested in that bit, and you spend quite some time talking about what sort of problems came up, how you helped people, and how you learned so much.
>By the time you’re both satisfied with your questions, it was noon. Your stomachs gurgle loudly at the same time.
>You both share a laugh, and Twilight hops off her seat, floating her stack of notes into a spot on one of her library shelves. “What do you say we visit Pinkie and grab some lunch?”
“That sounds wonderful! Thank you.”
>You follow Twilight outside, and take in the town during normal daylight hours. The houses still remind you of a crazy art piece, but they seem fitting for the p0nies that inhabit them.

>> No.11913270

>And speaking of p0nies, as you follow Twilight, a bit timid, they all stop and stare. Its not malicious, simply curious.
>They all have their own specific color pallet, and they each have their own "cutie mark" as you've been told.
>The one with the lyre seems to stare harder than the others.
>You nervously smile and wave, and they all seem to relax, and continue on their way. It seems that they don’t mind a new face, or even a new species, and that gives you a bit of security.
>As long as you're nice, it seems you won’t be shunned out.
>As you both enter the pastry shaped bakery, you start to take in the inside.
>That is, if it didn’t look bright pink, with two blue orbs in the center.
>Twilight magics her mouth closed, and pulls her off your face.
>Shrugging it off, you grin at her friendliness. It was comforting to see someone so happy and care free. It smothered your own scared psyche.
"My name is Anon, and I'm new in town! Thank for the friendly welcome Pinkie."
>Her eyes ad mouth widen cartoonishly. "OhmygoshyoualreadyknowmynamenowIhavetothrowyouanextraspecialparty!"
>She exploded in a puff of confetti, and you stare at Twilight dumbfounded.
>She just shrugs it off. "We can help ourselves I guess."
>You find a few brightly colored sugary confections, and sit down in a booth.
>Snarfing down your treats, you don't say much until you've finished, and then notice the amount of crumbs and icing on both your faces.
>You both bust a gut, and then sigh, content with each others company.
>"I'm happy I met you Anon."
"I'm glad you were the first p0ny I met. If it weren't for you, I would've thrown myself out of your window in denial. I'm in your debt Twilight Sparkle."

>> No.11913285

>And you really meant that. You would’ve hurled yourself out of the window and killed yourself out of denial. And she was able to bring you back, to hold you through the night.
>She blushes. "You know, you're welcome to stay with me Anon, or at least until they find you a home."
>You smile. You weren't sure, but maybe you were developing some feelings for her.
>Or its a false attachment formed from the trauma of entering a completely new world.
>But what does psychology have to do with love?
>It's always been common sense back on earth.
>You reach your hand across the table, and grasp her hoof.
>But was this really common sense? Was this decision the easy and obvious choice?
"I'd like that Twilight. I'd like that a lot."
>You share the moment, staring into each others eyes.
>Right now, you want it to be.
>You spend the rest of the day meeting and greeting other p0nies in the town.
>You meet Rarity and Spike after hearing so much about them, and hit it off.
>Rarity, ever the fashionista, insists on making you a very professional new wardrobe.
>Spike seems to warm up to you as well, a guy roommate for a change.
>You also popped in to see the Mayor, to get some formalities out of the way.
>She was very nice and understanding, and was very interested about you being a psychiatrist.
>Maybe you'll be able to have the same job here.
>Twilight said I'd get to meet the rest of her friends later.
>Yet, again I noticed that she struggled to say "rest of my friends."
>You'll say something
>As day turns to night, apparently done by Alicorn princesses, you've lost all feelings of sadness and fear.

>> No.11913293

>You feel safe and happy now. You could live here.
>You and Twilight walk up to the door, you put your hand on her back, and smile down at her.
>You think you're gonna like it here.
>You open the door to the darkened library, and st-
>The lights flick on, and most of P0nyville jumps out from various hiding places in the library.
>A banner was strung up, reading "Welcome Home Anon!"
>You see all the p0nies you had seen walking outside, plus the few who you had socialized with. Pinkie was the first to bounce up to you.
>”Well? Did you like your surprise welcome party Nonny?”
“Yes Pinkie. It’s wonderful.”
>You look back down, and smile at Twilight.
“I really am going to like it here.”
>You wander about the party for a bit, doing the usual meet and greet.
>You meet Pinkies employers, a nice older couple, the mail-mare Derpy, the local musicians, Octavia and Vinyl, and many others. Too many to remember with the addition of the cider they had.
>As the party gets into full swing, Rarity goes to the top of the stairs, and shouts “Attention everyp0ny…and hooman!”
>We all chuckle a bit, and quiet down. “As a welcoming gift, the gals, myself, and with generous help from Mayor Mare, we were able to get Anon,”
>She uses her magic to pull a string next to the banner, and a picture of a building fall from behind it. “His own office! We’ve got our first ever psychiatrist right here in P0nyville!”
>Everyone cheers, and you’re ushered up by Twilight and Applejack, whom you were chatting with.
“Thank you everyone. I’ve never received such a warm welcome as this! And Mayor,”
>You raise your glass in her direction.
“Thank you for getting me my own office. I hope to never see you in there!”

>> No.11913300


Are you really so dumb as to go on any board while at work?

>> No.11913305

>Everyone laughs at your goofy joke, and you step down from the table back into the party.
>As the night goes on, the dancing and drinking begins to blur together, and before you know it, everyone is filing out into the street on their way home.
>You stand by the door and shake each of their hoof on the way out, and you and Twilight sigh as the last guest leaves, and you shut the door.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for bed.”
>”Me too,” she says. You begin to stumble to the couch again, but a purple aura surrounds you.
>”Oh no no no mister, you’re bunking with me!” she says, floating you up the stairs. You stare at her, eyebrow raised. “I-if that’s o-okay…”
>You chuckle, and nod your head appreciatively. The couch was a bit small anyways.
>As you both snuggle into the bed, your arm around Twilight’s midsection, you stare out onto the cool evening night, thinking about the past twelve hours.
>You had entered this world scared and in denial, prepared to kill yourself to escape. And then you were shown kindness and hospitality by the entire town. Any worries our doubts were gone.
>And the mare, impossibly enough, even seemed to have feelings for you!
>And you didn’t care. Maybe you even had feelings for her. You had told other people countless times, it doesn’t matter what they look like, who they are. If you truly have feelings for them, then just go with it.
>And as you drifted off, you decided that’s what you were going to do.
>The next morning, after trudging downstairs, you sit down at the table and munch on some toast, Twilight with her hay and milk, Spike with his gems.

>> No.11913324

>He was a cool little dude, and you enjoyed the little family you had acquired.
>You were thinking about what to do with your own business, how to set up appointments, when a knock came at the door.
>”I’ve got it!” yelled Spike, before scampering off to the door. A few words were exchanged, before he returned with a few letters.
>”Derpy says hello.” He tosses the letters onto the table. You and Twilight sift through them.
>Most were welcome letters, but one of them was some fancy scroll. “I think it’s from the princess! She must’ve gotten my letter!”
>You raise your brow in question, and she blushes a bit. “I wanted her to know I had found and saved a new species!’
“Brag much?”
>You unfurl the scroll, and begin to read.
>”Dearest Anonymous,
>We have heard that a new species had entered our world, and after hearing what skill you have in the field of “psychology”, we believe that you can help us. One of Twilight’s friends, an Element of Harmony, known as Kindness, has committed quite the atrocity. She raped a stallion, and is so delusional, so involved in her own little world, that we have yet to find the proper way to deal with her. She does not accept that she hurt him, and no matter what we try, she still believes that he loves her, despite the many times he’s told her no. We cannot simply throw her into jail, as that would throw off the balance of harmony and chaos. So, with your specific set of skills, and unbiased view of our world, with advanced prior knowledge, we’d like you to assess her. From what we understand from Twilight, you are very capable, and we find that you are our best chance at a solution.

>> No.11913349

>We hope you can solve our problem, and bring Twilight, as well as P0nyville, back one of their citizens from the brink of chaos.
>Yours truly, Princess Celestia.”
>”Well,” Twilight asks, both Spike and her staring at you. “What does it say?”
>Your throat feels dry as sandpaper, and you swallow loudly. This world seemed perfect, without fault. You thought you'd at least get to wet your toes in the pool that is mental sickness, but it seems you're being asked to dive headfirst.
“It appears I have my first appointment.”
End Part 1

>> No.11913537
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>> No.11914503

This is excellent. Everyone who lurks this thread should read it. I'm really looking forward to part 2. The big plot point is taunting me!

Also, if anyone asks I changed my trip.

>> No.11914918
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Don't tell me what to read Shig
I'll read it now

>> No.11915546

>You are Anon. Solitary human in a land of multicolored ponies.
>Sunlight greets your eyes and you awake for another day in Ponyville. After finishing the Triple-S you head downstairs and are about to enter the kitchen when a knock on the door interrupts your breakfast plans.
>Opening the door you're almost bowled over by a very flustered looking Rarity. The marshmallow pony barges into your house saying "Yes I know I look fabulous darling, but right now I'm here on behalf of a friend of mine who simply wont stop talking about you."
>Rarity gestures behind her with her right hind leg and your eyes follow outside your house towards a polka dot bow-tie wearing boulder currently crushing your flower box.
"Rarity, why is that damn rock crushing my Azaleas! And why is there a bow-t**"
>Rarity cuts you off mid sentence with a snort and blurts out "He's not a Rock! He's A DIAMOND!" Composing herself she brushes he mane with a hoof and says softly "He has a name you know..."
>Jogging your memory a little you recollect a story a snickering Applejack told you about something called Discord casting a spell on Rarity.
"Tom?" you guess out loud.
>Rarity nods her head and says approvingly "His name is Tom. Anyhoo Tom is a sensitive personality and I don't see why you can't give it a try."
"Nope. Nope. Nope." you say shaking your head at the white unicorn.
>Grabbing Rarity by the mane you throw the protesting pony out your front door. "Please reconsider darling. Tom's simply maaaad about you" she drawls.

(1 of 2)

>> No.11915609

"Get that rock off my flowers" you say as you slam the door shut.
>Raritys voice can be heard outside as she yells "Here comes Tom!"
>With a crash Tom the Rock crashes through your previously shut front door.
>Standing in your entry you're utterly speechless.
>Rarity, proudly looking over her handiwork trots off calling back to you over her shoulder "I'll just let you two get better aquainted. I;m certain you'll change your mind."
>You watch Rarity trot off towards Ponyville. When she's out of sight you look at the boulder now blocking your door.
"What the hell Tom?" you finally manage to get out.
>Tom says nothing. Tom is a rock.
"Fucking Rarity" you mutter as you leave the boulder and head towards the kitchen.

(2 of 2)


Also, special thanks to the person who wrote the story about Luna's talking moon rock "Skippy" a few weeks back. You were my inspiration for this story.

>> No.11915755
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I will be watching this
While rubbing my chin

Some issues with commas, 'and's and 'but's
There was a 'we' in there and also an 'I'

Story seemed to move along nicely

I laughed at Celestia's letter:
"Sup dude. Welcome and shit. I heard u leik 2 work? That's great because we have this rapist on the loose. She's like, SO cool though. But she rapes guys. So just take care of that pls. Lol"

>> No.11915888
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Hey I liked that!

>Tom says nothing. Tom is a rock.

>> No.11916088

>you slag through the the dark...
>you slag through
>you slag
Bro, slag, really? You probably meant "slog," but that also would be misused. Slag is the shit that is pulled from ore when it is refined, and to slog is to plod along, usually through water. Just a tip from a butthurt anon over here... Other than that, good read so far.

>> No.11916282

Note to self: shut the fuck up more
Note to self: learn better vocabulary words

Thank you mentlegen. So far, my feelings remain unscathed.

>> No.11916312


>> No.11916379
File: 82 KB, 500x500, 1357271396263.png [View same] [google]


Does this count?

>> No.11916684

unf, no, but I LOVED every moment of that ride...

>> No.11916709

My pants have grown tighter for some raisin.
Man whores may be my fetish

>> No.11916830


Yes it does.

>> No.11916942

>some raisin
Raisin, wtf? why are dried grapes in your pants?
Check ur spelling m8, such typos make us believe you are Alex in disguise

>> No.11917141
File: 53 KB, 480x384, FOR NO RAISIN.jpg [View same] [google]

Do you even...?

>> No.11917392

I haven't seen Futurama in a few years m8, sorry for being out of the loop...

>> No.11918968


>> No.11920093
File: 1.93 MB, 350x310, 1372260828679.gif [View same] [google]

Hello, Cat-Anon here. Still writing new Catquestria, should of been done soon but a bunch of road bumps happened. Still on one now actually. Anyways writing, lurking, ect.

>> No.11920094

Random one shot

>Day bottle rockets in equestria
>I just remebered that i still have some bottle rockets and roman candles left over from the 4th
>start remembering all the fetish attempts yellow bitch has tried on me
>check my watch
>2 A.M.

Well... why the fuck not.
>grab the fireworks, my zippo lighter, and my dark green hoodie
>sprint over to her house faster than any Kenyan
>get within range and lay down
>i take three rockets and tie the wicks together
>Set them down so they're aiming right at the front door
This outta be good-->I whisper to myself
>pull out the zippo and light the wicks



>I can see a small glow of flickering light in that room
>The light steadily grows brighter
>There are now flames coming out of the window

Fuck this shit
>Grab my shit and nope the fuck back to my house
>Get home, hide the evidence the fridge, and go to bed

>Next day comes around
>wake up and do the triple s
>walk to the front door, open it, get mail, and close it
>First headline


>Only one thought comes to mind...
Guess i'll never be...
Fucking Fluttershy

>> No.11920149

i should have said grab newspaper

>> No.11920164

i should have said grab the newspaper

>> No.11920170
File: 72 KB, 378x363, 2060390-i_like_it.jpg [View same] [google]

An intriguing tale to be sure, Picklehead. Although I usually shy away from writers that start on Earth and describe the trip to Equestria, you've written it in a captivating way. I found myself reading still, even though it was threatening to tiptoe over the line towards "Every boring AiE story ever." This is a testiment to your writing skill.

As for the plot, you've got me hooked at least. This is a very interesting twist on the Flutterrape idea, and since it's still being posted in this thread, the implication is that Fluttershy might find a new victim in her doctor. Such a prospect has a lot of potential, and I wish you well in exploring all of the unique opportunities in this story.

Good to see you back and writing. I usually really like your story ideas.

>> No.11920437
File: 69 KB, 500x440, David Mitchell saw your dick.jpg [View same] [google]

Come on, man! There needs to be more of this!

I'm hooked on finding out what Tom will do next! Will he roll down a hill in order to stage a chance bumping into Anon? Maybe he could grow a mossy beard in order to make himself look attractive! The possibilities are endless!


>> No.11920501
File: 920 KB, 446x374, [murder intensifies].gif [View same] [google]

And nothing of value was lost.

Try to remember your punctuation and grammar. Capital letters and full stops, please. And don't forget to put Anon's speech in speech marks.
Other than that, keep going with another one shot.

>> No.11920560
File: 971 KB, 300x189, 1372533981749.gif [View same] [google]

Eh the story was alright, however take note that every line is one sentence so you need to capitalize and add periods. Plus, don't add random spaces, it should be just one big wall of >greentext. Lastly Flutterrape is written in 2nd person, not 1st.
>"I was raped by Fluttershy." = 1st person.
>"You were raped by Fluttershy." = 2nd person.

>> No.11920675
File: 174 KB, 637x426, hhhehehehfalcon.jpg [View same] [google]

I thoroughly enjoyed this, Anon. Please, more.

>> No.11920839

Definitely gonna have to work on your prose and technique (Grammar, structure, punctuation, greentext vs. blacktext) but overall, pretty good conceptually and good job.

>> No.11920921

It can be written in 1st person, it's just that people tend to not read it because they will assume it's a self insert.

I do not mind 1st person, but other people (such as yourself Mr. Catty) do not enjoy it.

>> No.11921044

Read the OP, bro:

>>How do I start writing?
>Writing these stories is very easy.
>Write in the second person, and preface your lines with ‘>’ – this is what turns normal text into greentext.

>> No.11921093
File: 1.88 MB, 360x202, 1372807972298.gif [View same] [google]

Read the FAQ, Flutterrape should be written second person, not first.

>> No.11921150
File: 281 KB, 900x526, ponyville_hospital_vector_by_unicorn9927-d5k31yo.png [View same] [google]

Finally finished the second chapter. First chapter is here:
>Day Mending in Equestria
>You are Anon.
>And today is a good day.
>Today is the day you are finally getting released from the hospital.
>You recently had an encounter of the bearish kind that left you in bad shape, but nothing one week of rest, relaxing, and TLC couldn't fix.
>Nurse Redheart is coming in just as the clock strikes nine.
>With her she drags a small dining cart into the room.
>You have to admit, you'll miss this little routine you two had established
“Morning Nurse Redheart.”
>You give her a soft smile and she gives one back
>”Good morning Anonymous. Excited?”
>'No, today is the day we part ways dear nurse. I scoff at the thought of no longer being able to enjoy the view of your plush and soft bottom in that oh so fitting uniform of yours!'
'Dammit brain, will you stop it already?'
>He's made himself very clear that he is ready for consensual sex with a mare.
>'You. You are ready. What the fuck am I going to do? Squirm on her horse pussy until she cums?'
'Thank you for that image brain.'
>'It's what I do.'
>He was right though. You had nothing to do all week except think. Many of those thoughts were about the people who had come to see your first day here. Those thoughts started as respect. The respect you held for your friends turned to to admiration. Admiration to fondness. Finally; fondness to lust. You had started to view the mares as women, not just... well, mares. You were dead set on the idea of never getting sexually involved with a pony when you first arrived here. Over time that mind set of yours started to weaken. Now you can't help but admire some of the ASSETS of the mares around you.
>You decide to get your head out of the gutter. Your nurse deserved that much from you.
“Well, it's a mix of nervous and excitement.”
>”Why is that?”
>She lays your breakfast on top of the nightstand next to you and pours you a glass of orange juice.

>> No.11921185
File: 140 KB, 874x913, nurse_redheart_vector_by_kooner01-d47tcbw.png [View same] [google]

“I guess I am worried how things will be once I step out of the hospital. I can't tell if the residents of Ponyville are being kinder because of my...”
>You pause and look at your left arm, currently fixed into a sling. Bandages, that are covering what will no doubt become three scars, meet your gaze.
>”Anon... I won't make excuses for the actions of some ponies, but most of them actually do feel remorse for the way they treated you and only want forgiveness. I know you might not be able to forgive them right away, but don't they deserve a chance to try and earn it?”
>You chuckle at the silly mare. If only she knew just how forgiving you were. You already forgave everyone who was less than pleasant with you. You never were able to hold a grudge over petty things.
>What really worried you was that once your arm is 100% again, things will return to the way they were.
>Not in the sense of discrimination.
>In the sense of you being alone again.
>'Anon, I know you are feeling depressed but come on. You remember that speech you gave your visitors the MOMENT you woke up!'
>Yeah... you are being stupid. Even if the majority of the population goes back to treating you like dirt; you still have a handful of friends you know care about your safety.
'Thanks brain.'
>'So, are you going to try and score with Nurse Heartbottom over there now?'
>And like that things are back to the norm for you two.
“Forgive me Miss Redheart; but you are being silly. I have already forgiven everyone who has asked for it. I don't have a reason not to. I am... well, was worried that I would end up alone again and before you say anything, I know that it's a foolish assumption. Don't worry, I figured it out myself”
>The kind mare just smiles and shakes her head
>”I swear, you are either the kindest or most naive human I've ever met Anon”
>You gasp and give her a shocked expression, good hand placed on your chest
“I thought I was the only human you ever met!”

>> No.11921199

>”Then I guess that makes you both.”
>The two of you share a laugh and enjoy the rest of your routine.
>She would talk with you about the going-on's with the town and the ponies.
>You would talk with her about her job and let her rant about some of the more rowdy patients.
>You two would say your goodbyes, until lunch, at about 10 or so.
>But she stopped before leaving the room this time.
>”Oh! I almost forgot, you received a few of letter's today.”
>The Nurse reaches into the cart and pulls off a small bundle of letters.
>She proceeds to hand you the whole stack of a dozen or so envelopes.
>'Man, these things are getting bigger everyday'
>Not sure if you should be thankful or not that it's the last you'll receive.
“Thanks Ma'am. I guess I'll be seeing you on my way out this afternoon?”
>She nods and sighs softly as she leaves
>'Well, what are you waiting for? Open! Open open open!'
>You pull off the top letter and open it.
>Another get well card from the CMC
>They sent you one everyday you were here, and every one was different.
>They decided since they couldn't visit during the entirety of your stay, that they would make a card with a summary of what they did the day they wrote it inside. They also added drawings, pictures, flowers, and whatever else they could find that day.
>You smile and place it with the others in the nightstand.
>The next three are all get well cards from Derpy.
>She mailed you one every time she thought of you.
>She says that it's because when she thought of you being in the hospital she was sad that you had gotten slashed and she wished she could get rid of the pain with a great big hug.
>Derpy was a simple minded girl. She was also hard working and had the heart of a saint.
>Moving on; letter from work. Invite to a party hosted by Pinkie in a few days. Get well card. Get well card. Get well card. Letter from Twilight. Letter from Fluttershy. Get we-

>> No.11921207

>Your arm spasms, you drop the letters and grunt in annoyance
'Why did you do that brain?'
>'I know what you are going to do. You are going to read that letter, cry, and leave yourself wide open and vulnerable for when she tries to rape you! You'll end up sticking your dick in crazy!'
'Dammit, it's just a letter. She does seem legitimately sorry for everything. Besides... you're pretty sure losing her entire cottage full of animals has taken it's toll on her.'
>'I swear, sometimes it's like you wanted her to succeed and make you her monkey sex slave.'
>Ignoring your brains vindictive feelings for Fluttershy, you take the letter in your hand and open it.
>It reads; “Dear Anon, I just wanted to let you know that I am sorry for all that I have put you through. I am sorry you got so hurt because of my obsessed infatuation with you. I am sorry you met me; that because of what I did you suffered so much. If I could take it all back I would. I may not be in love with you, but I do love you and want you to be safe and happy. You were my friend Anon. I want us to be friends again one day... if that's okay with you. Um, I felt so confident starting this letter and now my hoof can't stop writing. I am probably mumbling on, I hope that's okay. If not, I'm sorry. I should finish this up so you can get back to doing what you do best. I mean, when you are all better and can work again and be the best at what you do. I'm sorry. Fluttershy”
>The text progressively got smaller and you could barely make out the last words. She wrote some post script but you would need a microscope to see it.
>'Well? What'd I say? I bet right now you are just thinking of letting her waltz right in and ride your dick without your consent, like if you were some sort of alien vibrator!'
'One: No, I am not thinking that. Two: if I was, then it wouldn't be without consent. Three: Shut up, you aren't even giving her a chance.'
>'I gave her nearly a hundred chances!'

>> No.11921225

'There is no reasoning with you.'
>'You aren't using any reason in your logic! She all of a sudden decides to stop her rape attempts and you forgive her in seconds! This doesn't seem the least bit suspicious to you?!'
'It did.'
>'... and you are still forgiving her.'
'Brain; she did end up saving our ass.'
>'After being the one to put it in danger in the first place.'
'She had all of her animals put down. Not just the one's who attacked the house.'
>'Cruel, but she started it'
'She turned herself in'
>'Who's to say she really meant it and won't jump back on the rape train once she comes back? There are no brakes on the rape train!'
'She is voluntarily staying at an asylum until she is deemed mentally stable.'
>'She could lie and fake mental stability!'
>You bring a hand to your forehead and groan
>You know there is no winning this argument until evidence is provided that she is mentally stable and over her obsession with you.
>You fold her letter back into the envelope and grab the letter from Twilight.
>'Wait a minute... whats that smell?'
>You take a couple of sniffs and then bring the envelope about three inches from your face. You sniff again and confirm that the letter has been scented with perfume.
>'Oh... Oh that is just precious! Ahahah! Oh god, a scented letter? You didn't even get one of these back on Earth!'
>You cringe and feel your cheeks heat up.
>You take a deep breath and open the letter
>It is written on some very nice stationary
>All right: “Dear Anon, how are you? Hopefully better by the time you receive this letter since it will be the day you leave the hospital! I remember you wanting to come talk about human culture once you got out and wasn't sure if you remembered as well. The library is ready for a visit anytime you want. I'll be waiting! Your friend; Twilight Sparkle”
>'... She sent you a reminder to come visit her... PffffAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! A-a-ahahahahahah! O-Oh god! This is priceless!'

>> No.11921281
File: 1.53 MB, 694x682, 298c62522e24984e7ff52770dfc6eb6b.gif [View same] [google]

>You sigh and place the letter back in it's envelope.
>Although it was a sweet gesture to send you a letter, you are reminded just how much of a dork Twilight is. It only adds to her adorable nature, but still.
>You put the letters with the rest, eat your breakfast, and drink your OJ.
>You then stretch your right arm and resign yourself to relax until it's time to leave.
>'Leave... leave to Twilight Spergle's oh so lovely tree house! Hah!'
>You also begin ignoring your brain, you can't tolerate it when he gets this way.

>Noon rolls around and you yawn.
>Decided to take a nap.
>Good choice, you feel refreshed, full of energy.
>You pull your head up and look to the door.
>Nurse Redheart is there and waving you over.
>You grab your letters and stand.
>Your legs need a moment to adjust from the near week long break, only a moment.
>You walk over to the door and pull it open.
>”I guess this is goodbye then, isn't it Mr. Anon?”
>The nurse you have grown accustomed to is wearing a weak smile. You'll miss her. She was good company, kind and attentive as well.
“For now. We'll see each other again soon, right?”
>She chuckles and shakes her head
>”Only if you get hurt. I swear, if you end up back here because you did something reckless; I won't forgive you.”
>You smile and nod, petting her head.
>Her eyes go wide and she blushes.
>You quickly pull your hand back.
“S-sorry about that”
>She is still blushing, but her smile seems a bit more sincere
>”It's fine. See you soon Anonymous.”
>She waits for you to make your way out before resuming her work.
>You let out a soft sigh and smile.
>'So, going to see Twilight? Or perhaps you would rather go see one of the many many many ponys waiting for you.'
'There aren't that many ponies waiting.'
>You turn a corner to the lobby and are met with a sight you did not expect.
>Waiting for you is a small group of mares
>”Anon! Long time no see.”

>> No.11921297

>Lyra. Should have known she would be waiting for you.
>Bon bon is with her, and no surprise that she looks annoyed.
>Seems Octavia came to greet you as well.
>You start see who else came when you are pounced to the ground by what feels like a miniature rocket.
>”Mr. Anon!”
>You chuckle and recognize that accent anywhere.
“Hey Applebloom”
>She hugs you and you pet her head in turn.
>”Now now Applebloom. Ah'm sure Anon doesn't want ta end up back in the hospital without even takin' a step outside it first!”
>Behind her is her sister, Applejack.
>”Ah'm sorry sis. I was just so excited!”
>The little filly hops of and looks down apologetically
“It's fine, probably needed that. A reminder to pay attention”
>You stand and wipe off your pants.
“I'm surprised anypony was waiting for me.”
>'Man... when you decide to get a girlfriend, marefriend, whatever you want to call her... you aren't going to have a shortage to pick from!'
>After a brief exchange of greetings you walk out, followed by your little posse of ponies.
“You know you didn't have to see me out. Right?”
>Lyra pushes her head into your leg once and scoffs
>”We know we didn't HAVE to come see you. We wanted too.”
>A loud cough and grumble follows her sentence
>”Well, most of us wanted too.”
>You look back and see Bon bon looking at you, glaring a bit.
“So, Bon bon... surprised you came to see me.”
>”Don't be. Lyra kept insisting it was the courteous thing to do and pestered me to come with.”
>Lyra looks back and glares right back at her. Shocking the surly mare.
>”You didn't have to come if you didn't want to. I told you I was fine coming by myself.”
>'Cat fight! Cat fight!'
>You cough and try diffuse the situation.
“So, if you all don't have any plans; I kind of need to-”
>Octavia softly clears her throat
>”Actually... we have a full day planned. We were hoping you would accompany us.”

>> No.11921313
File: 136 KB, 1280x1024, 18209__safe_twilight-sparkle_spike_bath_artist-swomswom.jpg [View same] [google]

>You stop and look at Octavia for a moment before she quickly looks away and blushes.
>Where most people would see a collected and stern individual, you knew better. Underneath her professional exterior was a shy and bashful young woman.
“I would need to stop by Twilight's place first, if that's okay.”
>”O-Of course. A brief stop at the library would be good for us all I think. I was hoping to pick up a novel soon anyways.”
>You smile and resume walking.
“So, Applebloom, AJ, how have you two been?”
>Applejack let's out a small laugh before petting her sister's head.
>”We've been good Anon. Applebucking hasn't been as tryin' as before so we have plenty of extra time lately.”
“Good to hear. You always push yourself as hard you can AJ, you deserve a break every now and again.”
>The rest of the walk from the hospital to the library is filled with small talk.

>You are Spike
>A baby dragon that lives at the library with Twilight Sparkle.
>Who is currently hyper cleaning everything.
>Including you!
“Twilight! Le-PBLLBLBT! Let me go!”
>She is currently giving you the most violent bath you have ever experienced.
>”Just let me finish Spike! I'm almost done.”
>She forces your head under the water again and scrubs your tail as if her life depended on it.
>You yell and try to pull your head up, but Twilight is keeping it down until she is finished.
>When she finally lets you up, you jump out of the little wooden tub and shake off.
>You grab a towel and rub every part of your body that has been brutalized by the purple pony.
“Are you insane?! I almost drowned!”
>She teleports the tub away and grabs your towel with her magic, wiping off the mess you two made.
>”I'm sorry Spike, but this is the first time Anon will be visiting in months. I just want to make sure everything is perfect for our little human.”
>You sigh and bring your claw to your face. You are about to reply when you smell something burning.
“What's cooking?”

>> No.11921347
File: 442 KB, 680x850, 22f.png [View same] [google]

>Twilight gasps and rushes to her room.
>”Oh no no no no no no-”
>Her voice slowly drowns out as she leaves you alone.
>You look yourself over and can't deny that this is the best you have probably looked.
>Your scales have a nice sheen to them. Teeth seem white as pearls. You smell like a mix of mint and cologne.
Your thought are interrupted by a knock at the door.
“Coming! Just give me a sec...”
>You look in a mirror and slick one of your spikes back. Giving a sly smile and pointing at the reflection.
“Not bad”

>You are Anon.
>You currently have the biggest smile plastered on your face.
>Your walk through Ponyville was pleasant. Random greetings, ponies asking how your arm was, inviting you to meet up later.
>You even got a free hay shake.
>You were never fond of them, but it was the thought that counted.
>Lyra seems to agree as she sips the shake in question.
>If every trip through town is even an eighth this nice, you will be spending a lot more time in Ponyville soon.
>The door to the library opens, the little dragon there to greet you
“Hey Spike.”
>”Hiya Anon, long time no see, huh?”
>You chuckle and nod.
“Yeah, is Twilight in?”
>”Of course, come on in”
>He waves you in.
>You oblige the dragon and step into the tree. The group of mares, save Applebloom and Octavia, wait outside.
>'What smells burnt?'
>You notice it too, a smell of burning wood fills your nostrils.
“Spike, are you guys cooking in here?”
>”I think Twilight was. Not sure what though”
“Ah, I see. Where is Twilight anyway?”
>As if on cue, the purple mare is heard stepping down the stairs.
>”Here! I'm here! Was just, uh, finishing an experiment! Real smokey and firey and... magical. Heh heh.”
>She stops next to you. Ears laying against her head, weak smile, hair a bit undone.
>You don't even have to guess that she's lying.
“Oh, well I hope you are okay. Fire can be really dangerous if you aren't careful... especially in a tree.

>> No.11921378
File: 6 KB, 300x168, images.jpg [View same] [google]

>Twilight's ears pop up, eyes wide and she gulps.
>”I-I didn't think of that! Good thing I finished super quickly and didn't let the fire spread!”
>She is now forcing a bigger smile, a couple of beads of sweat working their way down her forehead.
“Of course. I know you know how to handle yourself with your experiments. You don't need to explain.”
>You pet the frantic dork's head and she calms down a bit. Let her think you bought it. You are in a good mood today.
>'Whatever it is she was cooking, smells like it didn't deserve what she put it through.'
>You shake your head and chuckle.
>Applebloom walks up to Twilight and smiles.
>”Twilight, I was wonderin' if I could borrow a book on woodworkin'”
>The purple mare grabs a book from a far shelf with her magic and brings it to Applebloom.
>”Here, this should be just the book you are looking for.”
>Applebloom grabs it with her mouth and tries to thank Twilight. You quickly take it from her mouth and place it with your letters under your arm.
“Don't speak with your mouth full Applebloom. No one can understand you.
>”Sorry. Thank ya Twilight.”
>You smile and look over to Octavia who is quietly browsing the shelves.
“What book were you looking for Octavia?”
>She seems to freeze up at the sound of your voice before looking over and giving her usual calm -not-smile.
>”O-Oh. Uh, it seems I can't find it. Maybe someone already took it out?”
>She is trying to keep her air of professionalism on, but she is clearly embarrassed, voice wavering slightly.
>'A book on human anatomy and how to best pleaseure it perhaps?'
'Not likely.'
>Twilight changes her view from Applebloom to Octavia.
>”What book is it? I can help you find it if it's still in the library.”
>The attention on her is causing Octavia to blush a bit.

>> No.11921400

>”Um... I was looking for... a book on music history regarding ancient rituals?”
Her voice and tone may betray her, but her expression is as stoic and unreadable as usual.
>'Note to self, don't play poker with Octavia. We don't have the bits to throw away.'
>Twilight raises an eyebrow and grabs two books right next to Octavia, and brings them to you.
>You grab them and place them under Applebloom's book
>”I grabbed a book on music for established Equestrian festivals and one on historic arrangements through out the ages. Will that work?”
>Octavia nods and seems to calm down.
>It is getting a little uncomfortable to carry these books with one hand.
“Twilight, do you happen to have a bag I can use. I can't get a good grip on these.”
>”Oh! Sure. Spike?”
>The little dragon is already on his way to Twilight's closet when she calls.
>“One sec!”
>She smiles and brings her gaze to you.
>”So, what should we start with? Maybe human courting? Ooh! How about what humans do for friends and mates on their birthdays?”
>You let out a forced chuckle and remember one of the reasons you didn't like talking about human culture too much with Twilight. She wanted to know everything about it. EVERYTHING. After you discussed the basic stuff, she wanted an in depth analysis of how humans courted each other and common mating rituals. You knew it was only for scientific purposes, but you still weren't comfortable giving -the talk- with an adult mare.
“M-Maybe some other time. I actually need to get going; have a full day planned”
>The smile on Twilight's face is soon replaced with one of rejection.
>”Oh... um, oh. I see, m-maybe another day then?”
>'... Okay, go ahead. You know if you don't she's going to be like this all day.'
>You pet her head and get down on a knee so you are closer to her head.
“If you aren't busy, you could come with. The more the merrier, right?”
>Boom. Instant smile and her eyes grow to the size of dinner plates.

>> No.11921417

>”You wouldn't mind? You sure?”
“If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have offered Twi.”
>You stand and look over to Octavia and Applebloom.
“Think the others will mind?”
>Octavia shakes her head and Applebloom chuckles.
>”Nah, we were kinda expectin more folks to tag along as the day went on.”
>'Whoa, I think they are getting a little ahead of themselves. Shouldn't your first time with a mare be one on one? Passionate, sweet, not rapey?'
>Still not replying to your brain you nod and stretch your legs out.
“I should have asked earlier, but what exactly are we going to do the whole day?”
>Octavia hums for a moment before looking into your eyes. As if reciting a speech, she speaks.
>”Noon, pick you up and spend the next hour accommodating any necessary meetings or chores you had planned. From one to three; grab a late lunch and enjoy the scenery. Three to four would be a meet and greet for all the citizens who felt the need to apologize in person and start off fresh. Four to six would be free time to do as we pleased. Six to eight would be a small party at Sugarcube Corner; hosted by Pinkie with musical... entertainment provided by Vinyl Scratch. Eight to Ten would be spent relaxing either at the spa, or if you did not feel comfortable there, at Sweet Apple Acres. At or around ten we would say our goodbyes and let you spend the rest of the evening at your home, which has been repaired.”
>'Wait, who paid for the repairs?'
>You look at the clock in the library
>”12:20, we could grab lunch now if you all want.”
>'Really? This isn't bothering you. House is fixed and you aren't even going to ask who paid for it?'
>”Lunch sounds perfect, I'm starved!”
>You turn around to see Spike, come back with a beige bag. It looks to be fit for him though.
>He hands you the bag and you stuff the letters and books in it.
>”So where are we heading?”

>> No.11921442

“Hm, can't go to Sugarcube Corner or we'd interrupt Pinkie's prep work. Anyone know a good restaurant nearby?”
>Octavia raises her hoof for a moment.
>”There is one by the park that can accommodate a group as large as ours. They even have options for a dragons diet.”
>You grab the bag and pull the strap over your neck.
“Do you need to do anything before we go Twilight?”
>”No, I am perf-Wait! Actually, there is one thing I kind of have to do. Give me a brief moment?”
>Before you can answer she is gone in a flash of light.
>After a moment another flash of light appears and leaves Twilight in it's place.
“That was quick.”
>As you are about to exit the house you notice that the burning scent is gone.
>You don't pay it too much mind and start to make your way to the park.

>It's about 2:30 now.
>You have been out of the hospital only two and a half hours and you feel like you might need to go back.
>You groan, stuffed to the brim with fruit, bread, and soup.
>You aren't the only one. Almost everyone present is in a similar situation.
>Applebloom, Octavia, and Bon bon are the only one's not in pain from eating more than they could handle.
>'Your limits. Know them!'
>You grunt and stand, getting ready to pay the bill.
>You reach for your wallet and can't find it.
>Right, you left it at home and didn't pick it up when you got out.
>You would feel bad not paying for anything and pull out the few bits you have in your pockets.
“Sorry guys, I never picked my wallet up from home so I am kind of strapped.”
>”It's a-... all right Sugarcube, urp. Mmph. We'll cover tha bill. Consider it a, oh, -happy ta have ya back- present.”
>AJ chuckles but is tearing up. Her stomach is bulging slightly.
>You smile and nod.
“Thanks guys, I'll pay you back somehow.”
>'Sensual massages all around!'
>You grunt and let out a sigh
“We need to burn off this food before the meet and greet. Where is it exactly?”

>> No.11921464
File: 574 KB, 1280x720, Ponyville_Park_S1E5.png [View same] [google]

>Lyra pulls herself up from her chair and whimpers
>”To.... town... Town hall.”
>She whimpers again and slinks down her chair.
>”Why'd ya all eat so much? Ya shoulda known this would happen!”
>Applebloom looks a bit disappointed.
>You all manage an apology before leaving.
>You are carrying Spike as you head into the park to try and burn off the meal you scarfed down.
“Okay... maybe a brief walk to settle our stomachs?”
>Your plan is met with mixed responses.
>Spike hiccups and curls up on your back
>”Just let me die in peace Anon.”
>You let him down, forcing the melodramatic dragon to walk.
“All right, you don't have to come. I'll meet you guys at Town hall at three, okay?”
>Your group is unanimously in agreement with this plan.
>'Lazy ponies and dragon.'
>You get ready to walk briefly through the park but are interrupted by Applebloom and Lyra.
>”If... if I slow down, please wait for me?”
>You throw the mint colored trooper a smile and nod.
>She smiles back and perks up a bit, finding a bit of steam to run on.
>You start your walk with your two companions and slowly start to feel a bit better.
>You turn to check on Lyra and notice Bon bon has followed as well.
>'I can't ever imagine why.'
>It's been a couple minutes and you can now start jogging comfortably. Applebloom is by your side and the pair of mares aren't far behind.
>As you round a corner, a familiar orange and purple color scheme catches your sight.
>The Pegasi filly turns at the mention of her name and smiles.
>”Mr. Anon! Applebloom!”
>She rushes at you and you slow down in turn.
>Behind her is Rainbow Dash.
>”So, you survived after all? Darn... now I owe Rarity 15 bits.”
>The rainbow maned pony kicks at the dirt and lays her wings to her side.
“Good to see you too Dash.”
>You pet Scoot as Lyra and Bon bon catch up.
>Dash seems to have caught what she said.

>> No.11921487

>”Wait, I didn't mean... I meant- i-it's was a joke! I wouldn't bet on someone's life like that. What kind of person do you take me for... Idiot.”
>'Dashie, why you so Tsun Tsun?'
>It is getting really hard to ignore what is coming out of your brain's not-mouth
“It's fine. I might have done the same thing if the roles were switched.”
>You smile and release the filly from your barrage of strokes. She smiles a cheek to cheek grin and heads next to her big sister figure.
>”So, what are you doing here? I heard you were going to be meeting with the folks who treated you like crud.”
“Ate too much, felt the need to settle my stomach before going there.”
>'Because an upset stomach is perfect for receiving apologies! Thank you random pony, you are forgi-BLAGHLAGLAGHA!'
'God! Can you stop this for two fucking minutes? Just two minutes of peace and quiet! That's all I ask!'
>'... Sorry.'
'No, sorry isn't going to cut it! For the past week you have been bombarding my mind with thoughts that absolutely disgust or annoy me! I have had it up to HERE with it! Just... FUCK!'
>'... I'll be quiet.'
>You stand up and sigh.
“So, where's Sweetie Belle?”
>”Oh, she's with her sister doi-Mmph!”
>Applebloom has forced her front hoof into Scoot's mouth and is smiling
>”What she is tryin' ta say is... she is spendin' time with Rarity today! Sisterly bondin' an such.”
>She is doing something with Rarity... but what?
>You'll find out later, you guess.
“I see. Well, if you see her, tell her I said hi, okay?”
>Scoot nods and pulls Appleblooms hoof from her mouth
>”PLEH! Yuck, what'd you step in?”
>The little filly starts to spit, shaking her head and flailing her tongue.
“It was nice seeing you Scoot, Dash. But we should probably be heading back.”
>”Yeah, have fun with a bunch of stallions and mares kissing your plot.”

>> No.11921496

>Dash flies off to the field she and Scootaloo were in. She grabs a ball and waits for her biggest fan to follow.
>”Bye Mr. Anon! See you later!”
>You wave them off and let out a contented sigh.
>This is soon followed by a harsh throat clearing from Bon bon.
>”Like you said, we should probably get going, Don't you think?”
>Lyra huffs once and stands by your side.
>”Bon bon, does it matter if Anon is a couple minutes late? They are the one's apologizing to him! Not the other way around.”
>You start to walk back towards Town hall.
“No, she's right. They all showed in one place to talk to me. The least I can do is be on time, right?”
>You have never been so wrong in all your life.

>It is now 4:57.
>You arrived here one minute early and somewhat regret it.
>You could have spent that one minute not doing this.
>It was a nice gesture to be sure; you are now seen as a member of the society, instead of some alien, and those who wanted to apologize for treating you as such would do so. You expected maybe a dozen to two dozen ponies to show up. Now, you are at the head of a line whose end is barely becoming visible. You have tried to keep your acceptance of their apologies and offering of forgiveness seem as sincere as possible with each pony who stood in front of you, but you can only put on a sincere smile for so long standing in place for almost two hours!
>”-So, if you could find it in your heart. I hope we can spend today forward treating each other with respect and kindness!”
>The stallion in front of you has given a speech similar to the rest you have heard. Some had specific instances of unequal treatment. Some were general apologies. You appreciated them yes... but it was like watching the same short 2 minute movie over and over for near two hours.
“Sir, I appreciate your apology, and I hope we can too. You don't need to worry, because I have already forgiven you. If you are sincere, why shouldn't I?"

>> No.11921507

>He smiles and nods, offering you a hoof.
>You shake it and he walks off.
>You prepare to endure another speech from a pony who feels he/she is undeserving of forgiveness no matter how big or small the action they took.
>This proves unnecessary as the next pony in front of you is nurse Redheart.
“Ma'am, I am a bit shocked you showed up here. I thought I gave you my forgiveness back at the hospital, didn't I?”
>She chuckles and nods
>”You did, but this is more of a personal visit instead of a general apology.”
>She hands you a shopping bag and you look inside.
>Your CMC cape/blanket! You forgot it at the hospital!
“I-I... Thank you, I can't beg-”
>”Shhh, it's okay. I won't tell anyone. You should note that there is also a little something from myself in there too.”
>You smile, but you have to ask.
“Why didn't you give this to me when I stepped in?”
>”Anonymous, it would have been rude to cut in front of all these good stallions and mares who have been waiting to speak with you. From the looks of it, I wasn't the only one who brought a gift.”
>She looks behind you.
>Neatly placed on a table are quite a bit of gifts.
>Sweets, presents, some art. All from some of the more regret filled ponies.
>You kind of feel like an asshole now.
>All these men and women have been pouring their hearts out and you were getting bored?
>You'll need to apologize to them one-on-one, when you can.
“Nurse Redheart... thank you.”
>”For what Anon?”
“For waiting this entire time to return my blanket. For whatever you may have gotten me. For... for being a friend, both in and out of the hospital.”
>She giggles softly and you can see a soft hint of blush on her cheeks.
>”It was nothing Anon.”
“It was something to me. Thank you, for everything.”
>She nods and stands on her rear legs to reach up and give you a hug.

>> No.11921517

>You smile again and say your goodbyes. Filled with vigor to meet and greet the remaining ponies who decided you deserved an apology and hoped for your pardon.

>You receive your last apology from the mayor herself and give her your most heartfelt handshake as you two finish.
>You have been smiling a lot today, and why shouldn't you?
>You stand tall, stand proud.
>You step outside the building.
>Your little group of 6 ponies and a dragon has grown.
>You aren't sure if they are following you just to head to the party or if they sincerely want to spend the rest of the day with you.
>”Anon? Do you want to drop off your present before we head to party?”
>You are pulled out of your daze and look to Octavia, who is already helping grab some of your many gifts.
“I don't think we'll have the time. It's about a two hour walk to my place and back. We would be late for Pinkie's party.”
>You shiver.
>Pinkie was a nice mare, one of the nicest you have ever met. There was just one little problem. She was unpredictable. One minute you could be holding a calm conversation, the next could be her speaking a mile a minute about some random topic you weren't aware you brought up. She could be crying an almost literal river, only to switch to shooting off a party cannon she got from who knows where. The second scariest thing you can think of is being late to a Pinkie party... a force that the laws of physics have no hold on, against you? The very thought sends chills down your spine.
>”Anon, are you feeling well?”
>Octavia is staring at you with a look of concern.
“I'm fine, just feeling a bit stiff from standing in one place for so long.”
>”Ah, I see. We could purchase the services of a carriage and have them delivered then. Would that work?”
>You think for a moment and can't see any problems with that.
>You are about to respond to Octavia when you hear a door open inside the now empty building.

>> No.11921540
File: 217 KB, 900x1024, derpy_happy_by_spaceponies-d3lft6n.png [View same] [google]

>”Hellooooooo? Is anypony heeeeeere”
>The voice inside echoes for a moment.
>”I... I missed it... I just don't know what went wrong.”
>You hear a sniffle.
>I just don't know what went wrong...
>A loud gasp is let out, followed by hoof steps.
>”Anon? It's me! Where are you?”
“I'm outside, just follow my voice”
>After a few moments of silence, save for the hoof steps getting closer, Derpy is in front of you.
>She jumps you and hugs you. Wings buzzing as she does.
>She is still in her delivery uniform.
“Nice to see you too Derpy!”
>You pet her head and chuckle. The mare tried her hardest to see you when she could, but her job always took priority. She spoke slower, she was clumsy, and her eyes were crossed. She was seen as weaker because of her differences.
>It hurt you when you learned how hard she had it. Fighting to keep a job she loved, seen as a nuisance by some because of her birth deformities. You had it bad, but you were a human. She was one of their own.
>”I am sorry I am late Anon! I just finished my runs and had to pick up your present.”
“It's fine Derpy, I am always happy to see you.”
>You give the light grey mare a smile and boop her nose.
>She relaxes and gets off you.
>”Oh! Did you get my letters?”
“Yes Derpy, each and every one.”
>You stand up and brush your pants off.
>Derpy reaches into her saddlebag and pulls out a muffin wrapped in plastic.
>”For you!”
>You take it and sigh softly.
“What flavor?”
>”Blueberry, duh!”
>This pony was one of the few you talked to about your personal tastes. She always seemed to remember your likes and dislikes. Other ponies might learn them now, but Derpy will always be the one who learned them first... second or third if you count Fluttershy and Lyra.
“Thanks Derpy. I'll make sure to dig into it soon.”
>You wrap your good arm around her head for a small hug, muffin in hand.
>”You're welcome Anon”

>> No.11921564

>She smiles, closes her eyes, and buries her muzzle against your chest.
>You let out a soft chuckle and let the mare go.
“We were about to head to a party, want to come with Derpy?”
>She sighs, her smile replaced with a small frown.
>”I wish I could, but I have to go to sleep soon. I have to get up before Dawn tomorrow for a special delivery.”
>You sigh and pet down her mane.
“See you soon then?”
>She nods and tries to meet your stare. She gets one eye to stay in place.
>”See you soon Anon. Have fun at the party!”
>After a quick goodbye, the grey Pegasi is off.
>Lyra presses your leg with her hoof.
>”Ready to go?”
>You open the muffin's plastic and take a bite. Absolutely delicious. You nod and chew.

>You finished your muffin and were now outside Sugarcube Corner.
>You are about to enter when you are stopped by a loud booming voice.
>”Not yet!”
>You are pushed back and your little parade of ponies is stopped in their steps.
>The lights inside the building turn off and you hear rustling from within.
>”Okay, now!”
>After a moment to collect yourself, you take your first steps into the bakery.
>The room lights up and ponies fly out from all over. Pinkie is next to Vinyl who is playing something that is actually tolerable tonight... in fact, it's quite nice.
>You shake your head and step inside, followed by your group.
>It only takes you moments to get lost in the crowd. Surrounded by mares and stallions you have never seen.
>Before you can step aside and try to find someone familiar, a party hat is forced onto your head.
>”Did we surprise you Nonny?”
>You nod.
“Yeah Pinkie, you did.”
>She bounces up and is face to face with you for a moment.
>”Yay! I was trying to think of the best kind of party tothrowforyouandthenithitmethatweneverthrewasurprisepartyforyouanditwassoobviousthatyouwouldlikeone,so-”
>And she is off.
>You listen for a good six minutes before she starts to slow down.

>> No.11921581

>”-andwhenyou arrived early I had to improvise. I am just lucky that your guests are super good at improvising or we NEVER would have pulled it off!”
“Glad it all worked out Pinkie.”
>You pet her fluffy cottoncandy-like mane and excuse yourself.
>You try to socialize, but ultimately fall back to your old habits after a couple of minutes.
>You grab a cup of punch and wait by the end of the snack table, you try to people watching. Well, pony watching.
>”Now, I thought you would be out and about darling. It is your party after all.”
>You turn to see Rarity standing next to you.
“I thought I wouldn't be seeing you today, weren't you busy with Sweetie Belle?”
>She brings a hoof to her lips and lets out an elegant giggle.
>”Who says we did not finish already? Sweetie, be a dear and show Anonymous the fruits of our labor.”
>Sweetie walks up next to her sister, carrying two small boxes on her back.
“For me?”
>Sweetie nods and lifts them up to your hand.
>You reach for the nearest and open it up.
>Inside the box is a pair of gloves. Handwoven, black, and they seem soft. You try one on and it fits... well it fits like a glove.
“These are amazing, did you make them yourself?”

>> No.11921597

>Rarity turns her head, smiling slyly.
>”Darling, you should know you can only get quality this fine from moi.”
>”I helped sis!”
>You see Sweetie pouting and pet her once before grabbing the next one.
>You open it, expecting another Rarity original.
>You are taken by surprise when you see a bulky blue scarf inside.
>Upon further inspection it seems to be made 100% by Sweetie Belle. The width is inconsistent, it's a bit short to loop twice around your neck, and it has a smiley face stitched to what you think is the start.
>You get on a knee and rub the little unicorns ear, at a loss for words at the heartfelt gift.
“Thank you, both of you. I'll be sure to wear your gifts whenever I can.”
>Sweetie sighs at your touch. Rarity smiles softly and seems content with your reaction.
>”Well now darling, I hope I get as much appreciation as Sweetie does.”
>You look at Rarity and can tell she is serious. You pat Sweetie's head and move to give Rarity a hug.
>You stroke down her mane once and feel her hoof reach around your neck.
>After a moment you break the embrace and feel a bit more confident.
“Hmm, maybe I should be socializing a bit more. Excuse me.”
>You wave to the sisters as you step back into the crowd, wearing your new gloves and scarf.
>It's nice; talking, sharing laughs, even the awkward dancing.
>This goes on for a bit before you are pulled away from the crowd by an unseen pony.
>Once you are finally able to get a look at your guide, you see a familiar minty mane.
“Where we heading Lyra?”
>”Oh, you know, just wanted a moment of your time in private.”
>You chuckle and follow her, no longer being dragged by the cuff of your shirt.
>It only takes a moment for the two of you to be alone outside.
“What did you need Lyra?”
>You look towards the mare with a smile
>Your smile soon dissipates as you see her frowning, contemplating something.
>”Anon, do you... are you sexually repulsed by us? By ponies?”

>> No.11921611
File: 859 KB, 2915x3070, 122337__safe_vector_blushing_lyra_artist-astringe.png [View same] [google]

>You know where this conversation is going.
>You sit down and sigh.
“I was. It's one of the reasons I never slept with Fluttershy. You know, that and the rape attempts.”
>”... Were? As in, past tense?”
>You nod and pet her head.
“I know what you are thinking. No offense, but you did a pretty crappy job of hiding your feelings, Lyra.”
>Her eyes widen and she looks down, a hue of red appearing on her mint cheeks.
“I am not looking for anything serious yet. I have some stuff I want to settle first... but yeah, I am interested.”
>You raise your hand before she can bounce excitedly, as you've seen her do before when presented with exciting news.
“I am interested in you... and a few other mares. I don't want to hurt you, you were one of the kinder ponies to me. So please, don't try to push the subject until I am ready.”
>Her excitement is clearly weaker, but still there.
>”Anon... I've waited almost three years for a chance to date you. I am sure a bit longer won't kill me. Besides... you could always claim a herd”
>She starts to walk away, smug and swaying her ass and tail in front of you as she does.
“A waht? Lyra?”
>The look on your face must be priceless One that screams -I am completely and utterly dumbfounded-.
>You stand and try to catch up to Lyra.
“What did you say Lyra? I should claim a what???”

>The party goes on for another couple hours before you are again pulled away. This time by Octavia.
>She is quick to ask where you would prefer to go; the spa or Sweet Apple Acres.
>It's a no brainer with your arm the way it is.
>You say your goodbyes at the party and get your original group of six back together. Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Snowflake tag along.
>You wonder why you are seeing so much of him lately.
“Isn't it a little late for Sweetie and Applebloom to be up?”
>You are passing Town hall as you ask this.

>> No.11921633

>”We decided ta let them stay up, since they finally get ta see their favorite foalsitter out 'n about again.”
“Oh, well that's sweet.”
>”Octavia stops and looks to Town hall.
>”We forgot to ask a carriage to move your things.”
>Shoot, she was right.
>You wonder if it's too late now.
>”Don't worry, I can back and grab some of your party guests and do it myself.”
>The groups attention is now on Bon bon.
>”What? Trust me, it's no trouble...”
>You feel her staring daggers at you.
>”None whatsoever.”
>You begin to reach for your keys when you are stopped by Bon bon.
>”Don't bother, your door was ripped off, remember. They replaced it and haven't installed a new lock.”
“Wait, so anypony can just walk into my house and grab my stuff?!”
>Her simple glare forms into a scowl
>”We aren't THAT naïve you know. The mayor is having it under guard supervision until you get there.”
>Somehow this doesn't make you feel any better.
“Okay then... thanks?”
>”Don't mention it. Really. Don't.”
>As Bon bon starts to walk off, a bouncing Pink mare heads towards you.
>”Hi Bon bon!”
>The surly mare grunts in annoyance as she continues for Sugarcube Corner, while the joyous party lover stops next to Rarity.
“Hi Pinkie, party over already?”
>”For me, I saw you guys leaving and hadtofollowbecuaseitwouldberudenottospendtimewiththeguestofhonor! Right?”
“So why didn't you leave with us when we headed out the door?”
>The Pink mare rolls her eyes while wearing her signature smile.
>”I had to say my goodbyes, duh.”
>The air falls silent... too silent
>You finally notice, your brain has been quiet since lunch.
'Brain? You there?'
>'I'm here... just shutting up. Trying not to ruin your thoughts, fill your head with stuff you don't want to deal with.'
'Ah, that. Listen, I'm sorry I snapped. It's just that you weren't letting up.'
>'Are you still mad?'
'Nah, I was just annoyed.'

>> No.11921658
File: 214 KB, 300x400, 363410__solo_animated_suggestive_plot_lyra_solo%252Bfemale_lyra%252Bheartstrings_artist-colon-negasun.gif [View same] [google]

Pic somewhat related
>'I'll try to keep the rude stuff under control, but you know me.'
'Yeah, so, we're all right?'
>'Yeah, we're all right'
>Just as you finish your internal conversation with your brain, Lyra pushes her hoof against your leg.
>”You all right Anon? You kinda zoned out there for a sec.”
“I'm fine, was just letting my mind wander a bit.”
>The mare looks up you with a look of doubt. She brushes it off and walks ahead.
>”All right, well, we should keep going.”
“Right behind you.”

>You've been at Sweet Apple Acres for about forty minutes and you are a little drunk. Just a little.
>What you expected to be a quiet evening of kiddy games and light convo soon took an adult turn.
>The fillies and Spike knocked out the moment you all arrived.
>After putting them to sleep, AJ brought out some Sweet Apple Acres reserve to the barn and it wasn't long before most of your group was intoxicated.
>The night was young and you wanted to let loose.
>Things started off simple, an arm wrestle here, lifting against Snowflake there. A dirty joke that brought giggles every once in a while. It was all good. Now though, Rarity was sporting the sliest of grins you have ever seen.
>”Darlings. Hee, I have a fun idea. Why don't we play a little game of truth or dare?”
>Twilight interjects, one of the few still sober.
>”Rarity, isn't that kind of foalish? I mean, we aren't fillies and colts here.”
>”Ahhhh, Twi, come on! Where's yer inner foal? Truth or dare can be fer adults as well. Heh, ya just have to know what ta ask... and what to dare”
>You may not be in the best state of mind, but you swear you just hear AJ speak in a sultry tone.
>”Indeed, it can be quite... enchanting, if you play right Twilight. Now then, is anybody else interested?”
>Rarity's eyes immediately dart to you.
“Sure, I'm game.”
>Not even two seconds after you agree, Lyra joins. Then Pinkie, Octavia and even Twilight concedes.

>> No.11921680

>Big Mac and Snowflake on the other hand, they step out and decide to head in to play some cards.
>They wish you a good night of kid games before leaving.
>'Anon? I just realized, we're alone in a barn, surrounded by mares who won't be making the best decisions right now. This also might be a bad time to mention I am getting a bad feeling.'
'I thought those were just for Fluttershy?'
>'So did I. Just keep your eyes peeled... or as peeled as you can you drunken bastard.'
'Aye aye, Brain Captain.'
>'... Yeah, never mind, I'll handle it. Just enjoy your game.'
>You nod and sit down on a bale of hay.
>”Now, who's gonna start?”
>AJ sits next to you and shimmies close
>You are about to ask her if she wants some more space when Rarity pulls your attention.
>”Anon, truth, or dare?”
“Huh? Oh! Um, truth?”
>”Hmmm, who would you say is the most fabulous mare here?”
>'Loaded question! Quick, give a loaded answer.'
“That's rude Rarity, making me choose between you all? How could I ever do such a thing!”
>The barn is soon filled with laughter as you take on a mock look of pain
>AJ gives you a soft punch in the arm.
>”Good answer ya sly colt.”
“I thank you, Ms. Apple. Okay, my turn. Hmmm, Pinkie!”
>”Yes Nonny?”
“Truth or dare?”
>”Dare! Show me what you got Nonny!”
>'Oooh, she's trying to goad you. This'll be good'
“Hmmm, I dare you... to give me a dozen free doughnuts tomorrow!”
>”Hah! Thinking with your stomach mister?”
>You nod with the glee of a little boy who is about to get free candy.
>The next few turns continue this way. Joke truths, comic dares.
>You could feel it slowly escalate though, it really was getting more adult.
>The truths were becoming invasive into sexual preference. Dares turning physical.
>”Anon, truth or dare?”
>Lyra was looking at you with bedroom eyes. Why is that turning you on?

>> No.11921705

>'Buddy, I know I make all those jokes and teases about going for a casual encounter with a mare, but you know you don't want it like this. Pick truth.'
>Your brain makes a good point... but you aren't thinking with your brain.
“I choose dare”
>Lyra licks her lips and slowly flutters her eyes.
“I... dare you to kiss me. In front of everyone. For at least thirty seconds.”
>Nopony was expecting that. Twilight stands between you two.
>”Th-that's too much Lyra! I-I think we should stop now, things are getting out of hand now!”
“It's fine”
>All eyes are on you as you stand up.
>”D-darling? Are you sure?”
>Rarity's cheeks are rosy. She wants to see this happen.
“She dared me. I HAVE to do it, right?”
>You take your first steps towards her. Twilight refuses to move.
>”Sure sure? 100% sure? Sh-she asked for a BIG thing there! You don't have to do if is makes you uncomfortable!”
>Two scratches against her ear forces the purple unicorn to relax a bit.
“And if I am comfortable with it?”
>One more step and you are in front of Lyra. You get on your knees and she sits up, letting out a soft moan.
>”Mmm, so, will I be your first pony?”
>You don't answer and slowly bring your lips against hers. She wraps her forelegs around your neck and pulls it close. It's tender, deep. You almost don't want it to stop. In fact...
>'Anon... what are you doing?'
>You slide your tongue into her mouth, running it against her teeth. She gasps and relaxes. For the next thirty seconds you two tongue wrestle. Tongues wrapping around each other, pressing and running up and down.
>You slowly break the kiss, leaving Lyra flushed and gasping.
>A quick look around shows that your little show was quite enjoyed.
“And if you were?”
>”Mmm, then you have too much experience for a first timer.”
>'You just... ugh, you better not regret this in the morning! You don't want to lose another fr-...'

>> No.11921746

'Wait a minute, did you just recognize Fluttershy as a friend?'
>No! I mean, yes, but not in the same sense. This time it would be YOUR fault!'
>A smile finds it way to your lips and you take your seat back next to AJ. The cowgirl is looking up at you, jaw open. Your eyes meet hers as you lift her jaw.
>”M-My my, that was... ah mean-”
“Yeah, probably not as good to watch it rather than experience it yourself.”
>Twilight stomps and looks at you. She is looking down and is shaking a bit.
>”Th-that was... how could you do that?”
“Twi... I'm sorry, it was a dare.”
>She brings her gaze up. She does not seem angry or sad. Perhaps she is jealous?
>”Well you didn't have to do it! I mean, I wouldn't do a dare that... embarrassing!”
“Oh? Prove it.”
>She takes a couple steps back and shrinks a bit.
“Prove it... truth, or dare?”
>Her eyes wander for a moment. She takes a deep inhale then nods.
>”Fine, dare.”
“Hmm, I dare you to let me... be your first”
>All eyes are on you again.
>”Probably could have phrased that better. Let me be your first kiss. You haven't kissed a stallion... have you?”
>Her entire face seems to take a darker shade from embarrassment.
>”A-and if I haven't? So what?”
“So... let me be your first”
>Twilight gulps and takes a step forward. She looks over to Lyra then to you.
>'Oh good god, Anon! Don't ruin your friendship with her. Even if she does like you, what if you don't like her, or Lyra for that matter, back? You'll do what Fluttershy did... and ruin a friendship, over something that isn't going to happen.'
>...He's right.
>You would be leading them on, hurting them. They wouldn't be trying to find moments that never happened though... They would have moments you created from a stupid drunk decision.
>But it is too late to back out, Twilight is in front of you, lips pursed.

>> No.11921756

>If you back out now she will be humiliated in front of her friends and you will look like an asshole... the former worries you more than the latter.
>There is only one thing you can do.
>You place a soft kiss on her lips and hold it. Unlike the kiss you shared with Lyra, and planned to share with Twilight, this one is soft and caring.
>She is tense at first, but soon relaxes. You feel her breath against your cheeks and let off a soft coo.
>The kiss lasts much longer than you thought it would.
>Twilight breaks it after nearly two minutes.
>She is looking up at you, doe eyed, filled with wonder and innocence.
>”Anon... I... oh.”
“Yeah. So... how was your first kiss?”
>Her cheeks seem to lighten up and she is smiling softly for you. Not at, for.
>”I-It was nice. Thank you.”
>For next few moments you two are in your own little world.
>It takes a giggle from Lyra to bring you two out of it.
>”I guess we are in the same club then?”
>You both look at the mint colored unicorn.
>“The -I kissed a human and liked it- club.”
>Twilight tries to hide her face behind her mane for a moment, but then simply nods.

>> No.11921763

>Your brain lets out a sigh.
>'That could have ended so badly for her. For both of you. Thanks, for not pushing it.'
'Like you said, she is my friend. She... she deserved a first kiss she can remember fondly. Not a tongue thrashing mess.'
>Pinkie is on her back, laughing and looking at you.
>”Are you accepting more members right now?”
>Rarity lets out a lady-like giggle and stands.
>”I wouldn't mind becoming a member of such a prestigious club~”
>She rests a hoof on your lap. Eyes half lidded, biting her lip.
>Twilight pulls Rarity back.
>”I believe it's my turn to go?”
>”Hmph, please be quick darling. I want to insure my membership soon.”
>Pinkie throws a hoof up.
>”I call next!”
>Twilight nods and takes a deep breath.
>”Anon, truth or dare?”
>Twilight raises her head, wanting to have her eyes locked with yours.
>”I... I dare you not to kiss anypony else tonight. You're drunk... if you do want to kiss ANY pony else... wait until tomorrow, when you can mean it. Please?”
>You hear several annoyed groans and can tell how this night was going to go if Twilight hadn't spoken up.
>'You know, I talk shit about her a lot, but Twilight really is my favorite mare.'
'I know brain.'
>'So... who is yours?'
'Not sure.'
>'I think I know who... but I am probably wrong. I hope I am wrong.'
>Now you're curious. Who is your brain thinking of?
“All right. No more hand me outs. If you want a kiss, you'll have to get it the old fashioned way.”
>Rarity sighs heavily and lays on her side
>”Twilight, why did you have to go and be such a spoil sport? Was the kiss really so enchanting you did not want to share?”
>”N-No! I just don't want anypony getting hurt because of some drunken mistakes, okay?”
>The mood in the barn is definitely killed.

>> No.11921769
File: 5 KB, 274x184, Sweetie_Belle_sleeping_vector.jpg [View same] [google]

>It only takes a couple of lighter rounds for everybody to get bored.
>You look at the clock and it's half past ten.
“I think it's about time we wrapped this up.”
>Nobody offers an argument and you all take your leave.
>After Twilight and Rarity grab their little partners in crime, AJ see's you off as the remainder of your group head home.

>You arrive in Ponyville, later than expected.
>”Good bye Anon... thanks for a wonderful night.”
>You wave Twilight off as she takes her sleeping little dragon into the library.
>You decide it would be best to see everyone home before heading to your cabin. Your brain brought up still having that bad feeling and since then you couldn't help but feel you were being watched.
>Lyra and Pinkie depart when you are just a few feet from Sugarcube Corner.
>You are about to say goodbye to Rarity when a little filly just happens to wake up.
>”M... Mr. Anon?”
>You pet her head and get on one knee to meet her eye level.
“Hey Sweetie Belle. You can go back to bed, we were just heading home.”
>She smiles, still fighting to stay awake.
>”You're still wearing my scarf.”
>She points a hoof up to the blue accessory. You place a hand on top of it and nod.
“Of course. A friend of mine made it for me.”
>She buries her head in her sisters mane and giggles. One last pet, and you say your goodbyes to the sisters.
“Octavia, where do you live? I don't think I've ever seen your house.
>The mare is quiet, walking ahead.
>”Hm? Oh... I was actually hoping we could stop by your place first. I-I feel... a bit worried. Like you are being watched. Perhaps I am being paranoid, but I want to see you home.”
>'Wow, she must be pretty observant to notice that without having a sixth sense for danger/rape.'
'Yeah... she is'
>You nod and begin the near hour long walk to your cabin.
“Thanks Octavia, I noticed it too.”

>> No.11921804

thanks for the advice and shit

>> No.11921809

>”I know, I noticed you were looking around during the walk here. As if you were looking for something. I tried to see what you were looking for and... I don't quite know why, but it felt like some creature was spying on us.”
“Some creature?”
>'That doesn't sound good.'
>”Yes, I am not sure if it was a pony, and I will not assume what it could be.”
“That's a good trait to have. Not assuming things, I mean.”
>She walks a bit closer.
>”Anon... this is quite awkward for me to ask but... may I stay at your home tonight? I do not feel safe walking back home alone this late. I will understand if you decline, having a mare spend a night with you would seem quite scandalous after all.”
>You shake your head and rub Octavia's ear.
“Listen, let me worry about what people might say about me. If you aren't feeling safe, then I will take all the gossip in the world to change that.”
>Her expression gives no clues to how she is feeling.
>”Thank you Anon, I promise not to be a burden for the night.”
>She turns her head, you still manage to see the slightest of smiles though.
>After a few more minutes of walking silently, Octavia speaks again.
>”Anon? I have a question. Regarding your actions this evening.”
“Go ahead, I'll answer the best I can.”
>She pauses for a moment, trying to find the right words.
>”You kissed Lyra quite passionately. Almost to the point of lust. Your kiss with Twilight was different though, softer, kinder. I know they were different because they reflected how you felt about each mare... but, if you had kissed everyp0ny in the barn, how would each kiss be?”
>You stop walking. Not sure how to respond to that.
“I don't know if I could tell you how I would have kissed each girl. It would be a bit rude for them not to hear it too, right? I can tell you how I would have kissed you though, if you want.”
>Her expression finally changes, softer, almost vulnerable.
>”If it is not too intrusive... please?”

>> No.11921836
File: 326 KB, 571x1232, 315946__safe_solo_plot_octavia_cello_artist-colon-frankier77.png [View same] [google]

>You sigh and think. How WOULD you have kissed Octavia.
“I think it would have been more like Twilight's kiss. Soft, sweet, and caring... at least to start. I would have let you decide how it went from there.”
>She seems a bit disappointed with your answer.
>”We could try it now, if you wish.”
“Can't, my dare, remember?”
>”Ah, yes. If I remember correctly, it was no more kissing TODAY. May I ask, how many minutes are left in the day?”
>That is a good question. How long until midnight arrives? You will find out once you two reach your cabin.
“I guess we'll see, won't we?”
>”Yes, and if it's past midnight... what then Anon?”
>You feel a sly grin form.
“Like I said, we'll see, won't we?”
>”Mmm, is it wrong of me to hope that this walk takes a bit longer?”
>'She's trying to make sure you two arrive after midnight. She's a sneaky one under that professional exterior, isn't she?'
'It's kind of exciting, isn't it?'

>Octavia seemed to slow her pace the rest of the walk here.
>You open the door to your cabin to find two stallions; an Earthpony and a Pegasi, sitting in your living room.
>Talking to them confirms Bon bon's story. Your house has been watched the entire week. All of your doors that were busted are all missing their locks as well.
>The two strangers dismiss themselves and you are alone with Octavia.
>”Anon, the time?”
>'You are sober enough to make your own call on this one Anon. Just remember; how do you feel about her?'
>You are interested, but not foolish. If you do kiss her, that's all it will be tonight, a kiss.
“It's past midnight Octavia.”
>”I see... now, still care to demonstrate what would have happened in the barn? An-on-y-mous.”
>Her tone turned slow, sultry. You turn to meet her and are surprised by what you see.
>She is biting her lips, her normally stoic expression has changed to one of lust, and her signature bowtie is on the floor.

>> No.11921851

>This mare may not be as shy as you thought.
“Octavia... what are you planning?”
>”Do not get me wrong Anon. Yes, I do want you sexually. No, I do not plan on rutting you tonight. I just want to know the feeling, of a human's lips against my own, for now.”
>Good to know you two are on the same page.
“All right, I am okay with this. Come here.”
>You lead her to the couch. She climbs atop it and wraps her forelegs around your neck.
>”Anonymous... forgive me if I am not gentle.”
>She quickly presses her lips against yours.
>Your arms shake at how forceful she is being. This feels more like you are on a ride Octavia is controlling. It's deep, relentless, arousing.
>You grab her plot and pull her closer. She responds by taking your tongue with her own and pulling it into her mouth.
>You have kissed four ponies now, this was without a doubt your most enjoyable erotic experience with a pony's muzzle.
>She moans, gasping and pulling your head closer. You smack her ass and try to gain some footing in this tongue lashing.
>You continue this barrage of ass smacks and tongue thrusting for another ten minutes before she pulls away.
>”Mmm, thank you Anon. That was quite, hee, wild~”
“You're welcome Octavia, I never knew how... amazing a kiss with a pony could be.”
>You moan and finally notice the full on erection you are sporting. Octavia puts her bowtie back on before peeking over.
>”Oh my, not bad Anon. I would not mind seeing it bare one day. Perhaps one day soon?”
>'Good, she is respecting the line. My bad feeling is gone too.'
'Maybe it was a false alarm?'
>'I don't get false alarms Anon. Never have.'
>You stand and moan as your erection brushes against your pants
“Shouldn't I buy you dinner before that?”
>”Mmm, I'd like that. Oh, and I know this doesn't need to be said, but I want to make sure we are both aware. We aren't exclusive... at least not after one make out session.”
“I can accept that.”

>> No.11921866

>She looks around for a moment and smiles.
>”Looks like all your presents are here.”
>You turn your head to face where Octavia is staring. Your kitchen is full of all the gifts you had received earlier.
>You smile and go to grab nurse Redhearts bag.
>You look down and notice something.
“I still have the book bag...”
>The thing was comfortable, yes. But you didn't think you would go a whole day without noticing it was there.
>You put it down and pull out your letters, placing them in Redhearts bag.
“If you still want the books you got from the library, the bag is right here.
>”Ah, thank you Anon. Could you bring me the one regarding festivals?”
>You slip your hand in the bag and pull out the book Octavia wanted.
>The cover seems a bit simplistic, old as well.
>After a moment of admiration at the amount of stuff you got, you head out to your living room.
“Here you go Octavia. Also, I was thinking about the sleeping arrangements. You can take my room while I bunk on the couch.”
>”I couldn't take your bed, it would be very rude for a guest to ask such a thing.”
“Then don't ask. Besides, I wouldn't feel right about it, letting a beautiful mare sleep somewhere uncomfortable.”
>She sighs and looks up, giving you an expression of slight annoyance.
>”You aren't going to relent, are you?”
>”All right then, I concede defeat... Thank you though, I would have been fine with the couch.”
>You two say your good nights then watch the grey mare ascend your stairs.
>You groan then crash on your couch.
“Hello -only human sized couch in Equestria-, I missed you.”
>You shuffle your body until you are comfortable then set the bag down. You pull out your CMC blanket and throw it on top of you.
>'Wonder what Redheart got you, maybe something medical? Like... viagra? Fuck, can't work with anything medical related. Do they even have that here?'
'Probably not, why would they need it?'

>> No.11921875

>Your brain makes a point, what did she get you?
>A moment of digging answers your question. Something soft, rectangular. You pull it out.
>'A pillow?'
>A relatively large white pillow with a red cross embroidered into it.
'Makes sense, she was one of the first ponies to see our CMC blanket. Probably thought it would make a cute set.'
>Which it is.
>You place the pillow under your head and sigh contently.
>Today was a good, long day.

>You are now rock
>You are a rock that is outside a cabin that a human lives in.
>But you don't know that, you are just a rock.
>You can't hear, see, think. smell, speak, anything at all really.
>If you could see though; you would have seen a cloud dripping liquid that wasn't water, near the cabins window.
>You would have heard sounds of clopping.
>You also would have seen a large splash of that not water liquid from that cloud, then a creature fly away from that cloud being followed soon after by what looked like another rock with tiny wings.
>But you can't do any of those things, so you didn't.
>The joyous life of being a rock!

>Day consequences in Equestrian
>You are Anon
>You are currently stretching your legs and non-injured arm across your couch.
“Mmmph! Much better than a small hospital bed.”
>You stand and yawn. You feel good, you have a small hangover, but still good.
>”Morning Anon.”
>Octavia is standing in your kitchen, cooking breakfast.
“Morning, sleep well?”
>”Your bed is fit for a king, it's so large!”
>You chuckle and walk next to her.
“I'm kind of a big creature, compared to ponies.”
>She blushes and looks away
>”You certainly are... big”
>'Oh fuck, think she remembers seeing your boner last night?'
'Lets see, seeing a foreign creatures penis aroused. Nah, I'm sure she forgot all about it.'
>'When did we switch places? Can we switch back? I miss being the sassy one.'
“Huh? Oh! Yeah?”
>Octavia looks guilt ridden.

>> No.11921900

>”I... I wanted to apologize for last night, I am normally not so... forward. I was influenced by the alcohol in my body and I-”
>You bring a finger to her lips.
>'Maybe she is that bashful and last night was her letting her hai-MANE down?'
I don't know, either way...'
“Listen, Octavia; I had fun last night. With you. I don't regret what we did and I don't expect it to happen again anytime soon. Well, now I don't. But if you want to try again further down the line... well, I wouldn't mind.”
>Her eyes are wide and cheeks rosey. She simply nods and smiles, breaking her usual expression twice for you in less than twenty four hours.
>”Okay. Um, well, I would love to stay Anon, truly I would... but I must get myself ready for a concert in Canterlot and need to leave after breakfast. I-I am sorry.”
“I understand. Work takes priority. See you when you get back Octavia?”
>She kisses your cheek and nods.
>”As soon as I can... Anonymous?”
>”Even if this doesn't go anywhere serious... I would still enjoy your company, as a friend. You are an interesting stallion... m-man I mean, interesting man.”
“Thanks for taking my species into consideration though.”
>You two share breakfast peacefully before helping Octavia leave.
>You would offer to help her, but you have your own job to think about.
>In fact... you never did read that letter you received yesterday.
>'Hey, it was your first day both out of the hospital AND as a member of this magical talking horse society. You were busy.'
>You chuckle and head inside.

>> No.11921943
File: 387 KB, 800x619, 339828__safe_fluttershy_solo_sad_messy%252Bmane_artist-colon-nedemai.png [View same] [google]

>After grabbing the letter you lay on the couch and read it; “Dear Mr. Anonymous. It is with much regret that I must inform you that due to the nature of your injuries, as well as the publicity surrounding your recent incident, we have no choice but to lay you off until further notice... on a personal note, I am truly regretful of the company's decision and wish you the best of luck. Your supervisor, Steel Bar.”
>You're... you're out of a job.

>Day 8 in Canterlot
>You are Fluttershy
>You have been admitted to Canterlot's psychological aid center and are receiving help controlling your desire for Anon.
>They say you have made remarkable progress with your obsession, but you don't believe them.
“Anon... “
>You bury your head in your pillow. It is quite soft.
>”Miss Fluttershy?”
>You squeal and jump at the voice addressing you.
>You turn and see a guard outside your door, the tiny window at the top open.
>”It's breakfast time, would you like a sandwich with a side of gelatin, or some oatmeal with toast?”
“S-sandwich please... I mean, if that's okay with you.”
>The door opens and he enters with your meal.
>After a moment you are alone in this accommodating room.
>You aren't hungry and instead decide to remind yourself why you are here.
>On top of the nightstand next to your bed is a picture of you and Anon after you two helped a mother otter birth her pups. He is holding the runt and smiling for the photo. Near the bottom of the frame is your goal. 'Get back to here'.
“Anon... I promise I will get better... I promise that I will make it up to you...”
>You sniffle and feel your tears welling up again. You bury your head back in your pillow and mutter.
“I will... I will I will I will.”
>You hope he got your letter... and can start the road to recovery now instead of when you are released.
>Life won't ever be the same once you get back, but it doesn't mean you two can't become friends once again... right?

>> No.11921994


>> No.11922003
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Good stuff, amigo.

>> No.11922022

Can't wait for moar

>> No.11922030
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I'm diggin' it so far.

>> No.11922039

Ohh man, has it ever been a while?

With Chivalry done, I've been thinking a lot about this one. Hopefully I can crank out updates faster to anyone that's been waiting.

Thanks to everyone who's been following this story, you have the patience of a god, and I love you.

Previous part can be found here:

>> No.11922053

Oh I am so ready

>> No.11922054


>You are now Rarity.
>You sigh contently as you leave the spa, about ten or so minutes after Femanon took off.
>You smile at the thought of her.
>Such a nice human.
>And so cute that she's managed to catch the eye of Pinkie Pie...
>You exhale a little bit.
>Or has she?
>You begin taking steps away from the spa, allowing your hooves to move on their own as you think.
>Femanon, the poor girl... trying so hard to get Pinkie Pie to notice her.
>And you SWEAR, with recent events, she HAS to...
>But Pinkie Pie is just so...
>...So Pinkie Pie.
>You can't imagine how discouraging it must be for the poor girl.
>She's trying so hard.
>...What if she's being led on?
>Your eyelids sink back, reflecting the look of worry.
>You've reassured her so many times that Pinkie must feel the same...
>But what if she doesn't?
>What if she's just being her jolly, eccentric self?
>Femanon would be crushed...
>Or what if she does? And Femanon gives up too early?
>You can't let that happen, Rarity...
>You snap back to it, glancing to your surroundings.


>> No.11922060

Aww yes!

>> No.11922065


>You gaze up to the candy-decorated building, the setting sun sitting just behind it, giving it a silhouette-like appearance.
>Must have subconsciously took yourself here.
>...Well, better late than never.
>You take a breath, then lift up your white hoof and push open the door.
>As you enter the restaurant establishment, you spot Mr. and Mrs. Cake counting their inventory.
>Their ears perk up to the sound of the door.
>"Sorry," Mr. Cake starts, "but we've just closed for the--"
>He notices the p0ny in question.
>"Ah, Rarity, I didn't know it was you," he says, putting down his list. "Are you here for Pinkie?"
>You smile and nod.
>"She's just up the stairs in her room. Go right ahead."
>You thank him, and continue across the room and up the stairs.
>Your hooves knock the wood rhythmically as you progress down the hall toward Pinkie's quarters.
>You approach the door, and the sound of her trademark giggles echo out into the hall.
>With a smile put on, you give a knock.
>"Come in!" The cheerful pink pone chirps with a chuckle.
>You push open the door to see Pinkie Pie joyfully playing with her pet alligator, Gummy.
>She tosses him in the air, allowing him to do all sorts of flips, before catching him again and rethrowing.
>The alligator's expression is completely deadpan the entire time.
>Like he has no idea what he's doing at any point during any of this.
>Pinkie turns to you and smiles.
>"Oh, hiya Rarity!" she cheers, catching Gummy once more and placing him down.
>The creature stands in place for a moment, then rolls over onto his back.


>> No.11922076


"Hello, Darling."
>You say with a smile, walking into the room and closing the door behind you.
>"Gummy and I were just having some QT together!"
>The alligator blinks.
>"Whatcha doin' around here?" she asks.
>You walk up to her.
"Oh, you know, just thought I'd stop by and see my good friend,"
>You say, waving around your hoof conversationally.
"And maybe..."
>You start, smiling somewhat awkwardly.
>You avert your eyes a little bit.
"...Talk with you about Femanon?"
>Pinkie beams.
>"Ooh, Emmy? I LOVE talking about Emmy! The only thing I might love more is actually BEING with Emmy!"
>You swallow and reestablish eye contact.
"Oh, that's good! Exactly what I was hoping you'd say!"
>She nods and grins.
>"So what about Emmy?"
>Your heart rate picks up just a little bit.
>It's somewhat of an awkward conversation to have...
"W-Well... "
>You start, clearing your throat to try and cover your stammer,
"how do you feel about her...?"
>"I LOVE her!" she exclaims, closing her eyes and smiling.
>You chuckle.
"Well yes, darling, I believe you've said that already, but... what does that mean?"


>> No.11922081

here's the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/qFuscMFK
Glad to here everyone is liking it so far! Mind telling me if there was any improvement from the first to second chapter? Also, sorry it took so long to get out. Had to rewrite a lot of it and only worked on it a couple hours a day.

>> No.11922085


>She opens her eyes and looks at you, continuing her smile.
>"What do you mean, Rarity?"
>Your heart pangs just a little.
>Is it hot in here?
>You smile again and clear your throat.
"Love is a broad term, Pinkie... and, well... do you love her in a..."
>You pause, observing Pinkie.
>Still smiling and listening.
>You avert your eyes.
"...In a... r-romantic kind of way?"
>The word hardly clears your throat.
>You look back to Pinkie Pie.
>She's still just looking at you with that smile.
>She's silent for a moment.
>You groan.
"Pinkie Pie!"
>She giggles, then turns to her upside-down alligator, picking him up.
>"I'm not sure exactly what you mean, silly!" she says, springing over to Gummy's tiny little bed and tucking him in.
>Your mouth may be gaping.
"H-How can you not know what I... I don't think it can be any clearer the way I..."
>Nop0ny can be this ignorant.
>She finishes tucking Gummy in, then observes him.
>Her eyes trail to the bedding he has, and she presses her hoof into the soft fabric.
>"Well, we're Snuggle Buddies, that's for sure!"


>> No.11922086

Holy shit, that was huge. I assume you're going to gradually fill that 6 months long gap you made at the end of your first story?
My apologies for interrupting.

>> No.11922098


>You walk over to her slowly, looking into Gummy's little bed.
>The spacey alligator is settled nicely into the comfortable looking sheets.
>...The night of the party.
>She remembers the cuddles?
"Snuggle Buddies?"
>You reiterate, looking over to her.
>She pats Gummy on the head, then turns to face you.
>"Yup! Snuggle Buddies! We snuggle with each other, and spend time together, and sometimes even shower together!"
>Your cheeks somewhat flush at how openly she admitted that last part.
>You say as she begins springing over to the other side of the room.
"You do realize that's all very... well, that's something that sounds a lot like a... relationship..."
>She turns to you with her smile questioningly.
>"Like a 'romantic' relationship?"
>Your eyes widen.
"Y-Yes! Like a romantic relationship!"
>She closes her eyes happily and smiles wider.
>"Then maybe it is!"
>You're in a mild form of shock, almost.
>Did she admit it?
>you start, trotting over to her,
"do you have feelings for Femanon?"
>"I told you, I LOVE Emmy!"


It's cool, brah.

>> No.11922107


>...Well, this is a start.
>A VERY good start.
>A big step in the right direction.
>Time to follow it up.
"Does Femanon know you feel this way?"
>She shrugs.
>"I HOPE so."
>Is that all!?
"Pinkie Pie, you HOPE?"
>You frantically grip her shoulders with your front hooves and lock eyes with her.
"Pinkie, the poor girl can't make heads or tails of you!"
>Pinkie stares at you for a moment.
"She feels the same way about you!"
>...Does she?
>Depends on what Pinkie Pie's unique feelings actually are.
>But no time for that! Roll with it!
"But she might not for long if you don't let her know she isn't wasting her time going after you!"
>Pinkie's expression changes to confusion.
"You might have just driven her away! And with Fluttershy trying to keep her for herself--!"
>You catch yourself.
>Pinkie really looks lost now.
>Maybe you shouldn't have said that...
>"Fluttershy?" she asks, putting a hoof to her mouth. "Why would Fluttershy want to keep my Snuggle Buddy all to herself?"
>Roll with this, Rarity.


>> No.11922111


>You release her from your grip.
"Pinkie Pie... Fluttershy has had a... well, an 'eye' for Femanon since she came here..."
>You glance away for a moment.
"If Femanon doesn't know how you feel, she might give up on you and look somewhere else... and with Fluttershy so infatuated with her..."
>...She wouldn't.
>There's no way.
>You wouldn't let it, even if she did. Not after what Fluttershy did to her.
>But you need all the ammo you can get, and you might just be getting through to her.
>Pinkie Pie taps her hoof to her chin and rolls her eyes, as if thinking.
>Then smiles.
>"Okie dokie then!" she says with a cheer, then trots to the door.
"Darling, where are you going?"
>You ask, simply watching her move.
>She pushes open the door.
>"To tell Emmy how I feel, silly! If you think it's so important..."
>Joy rapidly wells in your chest faster than you can react.
"I do! I do!"
>You can barely contain hopping up and down.
"Go, Pinkie! Find her and tell her how you feel!"
>She smiles.
>"Okay then, I will, don't worry!"
>And with that, she opens the door and leaves.
>You sit in silence for a moment, basking in the absolute joyous feeling of success and happiness.
>Oh, Femanon...


>> No.11922118


>Your smile stretches from ear to ear.
>Your darling Pinkie Pie is on her way to confess to you~!

>You are now Femanon.
>You and Fluttershy have been walking together for a bit of time.
>Out in the fields near her house, by the stream, but not talking very much.
>She wanted to save her talk for a certain place.
>Your shoes sink into the damp, grassy soil by the bank of the river, the yellow pegasus fluttering next to you.
>You press your tongue against the inside of your cheek.
>The silence is killing you.
"So, how much longer, Fluttershy?"
>She hides a bit behind her mane.
>"N-Not too much farther..." she stutters.
>You exhale a little and smile.
>She's a cute one, that's for sure.
>All of these p0nies really are.
>You two share another minute or two of silence, broken only by the beautiful stirring of the stream beside you, when finally--
>"Ah, we're here," she says with content, dropping to the ground.
>Over a small hill rests a white and red patterned blanket.
>Small critters are setting up plates and utensils.
>A bear sets down a picnic basket.
>He better not take it...
>You smile.
"Awh, Fluttershy,"
>You say, the animals taking notice of you two and scurrying away,
"did you plan a picnic for us?"


>> No.11922122


>She meekly turns away, nodding with a bashful smile.
"That's so sweet of you."
>You both approach the set-up, established under an oak tree.
>The sun is just about setting, embracing the land with a beautiful twilight.
>Fluttershy settles down at one side of the blanket, and you sit down cross-legged at the other.
>You smile as you reach into the basket and take out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
"Would you like one?"
>She smiles and nods..
>You hand her a sandwich as well, and you both begin to happily eat your snacks.
"Well then,"
>You begin once more,
"what is this discussion about?"
>Fluttershy's eyes widen a bit, and she almost chokes.
>But she catches herself, averts her eyes, and swallows.
>She takes another bite of her sandwich.
>"Well, it's kind of, uhm... well... *mumble.*"
>You chew a couple more times, then place your hand to your ear.
>She notices this,
>"Ah! Well, you see... I think that I... well, *mumble.*"
>You swallow, and laugh softly.
"Fluttershy, we're friends, you don't need to be so shy around me."
>She glances her eyes at everything around her before dragging her pupils to you.
>You meet her eyes with a smile.
>She nods, and takes a deep breath.


>> No.11922132


>"W-Well, we've been friends these past couple of days, a-and we've... really gotten to know each other..."
>You smile.
>"I th-think you're an amazing p0ny, oh, um... 'person,' and I, uhm..."
>She clears her throat just a little.
>It's adorable.
>"Femanon, I... I think that I may... well... l-lo...love y-you..."
>You continue smiling at her.
>The words haven't sunk in yet.
>Then, like a cracking whip.
>You bumble.
>She glances away, face flushed, one forehoof rubbing the other.
"W-Wait, like..."
>Oh man...
"Like... IN love?"
>She stares off into the distance, continuing to stroke her hoof.
>She softly nods.
>Your mouth gapes a bit.
>Ohh boy...
>You clear your throat a little.
"F-For how long...?"
>She turns her head and glances to her other side, still avoiding eye contact.
>"S-S-Since I m-met you..."
>Your heart races.
>Ohh no.


>> No.11922140


>She's such a sweet and kind p0ny...
>But you don't feel that way about her...
>How can you word this?
>You look to her, face changed from yellow to almost completely red.
>The poor thing is so shy and timid...
>Will you crush her?
>You stumble over your words.
"I'm... flattered. Fluttershy. Really..."
>Think back to your high school breakups and letdowns.
"You're a great... beautiful, erm... p0ny..."
>Fluttershy's mouth curls ever so slightly upward.
>You grit your teeth, feeling your own face flush.
>Your heart rate has skyrocketed.
"B-But I don't think that I can return those same feelings..."
>Her mouth drops.
>Her head turns straight toward you.
>But her eyes still refuse to look at you.
>"But... But..."
"You're an amazing friend, really..."
>Ohh man...
>She lowers her head slowly.
"But I don't think I can be any more than that for you..."
>She continues to stare at the ground.
>There's a long silence...
>...You awkwardly fumble with the sandwich in your hands.
>You take a bite.


>> No.11922150


>The peanut butter and jelly stick to the roof of your mouth, but a quick tongue scraping takes care of that.
>Man, is it quiet here or what?
"Uh, uhm..."
>"I thought," she starts, interrupting the beginning of your incomprehensible babble, "that you felt the same... that you loved me too..."
>You shift a little in place.
"I... I do love you, Fluttershy... just..."
>You sigh.
"Just not the same way..."
>There's a little more silence.
>You avert your eyes from her, looking down to the food in your hands.
>...You're not hungry anymore.
>You look back up.
>She still gazes in front of her.
>"Maybe there's a way I could... sh-show you...?"
>You raise your eyebrow.
"...What do you mean?"
>"I mean..." she sits up a little more, "maybe if I show you how much I care, y-your thoughts can change...?"
>You don't say anything.
>What is she getting at...?
>She raises her head at last, and her teal eyes finally meet yours.
>"D-Do you have a... a f-f-fetish?"


>> No.11922156


"Fluttershy... no, please. That won't do anything."
>You push your bangs away from your eyes.
>How does such a sweet, innocent p0ny like this even know what a fetish is?
>She sits up higher.
>"N-No, that has to work!" she exclaims, suddenly more excited. It takes you aback a bit. "There must be a fetish you have! Please, let me show you!"
>You scooch back just a little bit, shaking your head.
"Fluttershy, I--"
>"You do! You must!"
>Her eyes glance across your body.
>"What about those things on your chest!?"
>You instinctively shield your torso.
"M-My breasts?"
>"Yes, your breasts!"
>She's going a mile a minute.
>"I'm sure I could do something with those to make you feel good! You loved it last time I showed you!"
>You bring your hand up.
"Fluttershy, please! There's no need to get worked up over--"
>You stop yourself.
"Wait, Fluttershy... what did you just say?"
>"I said I can make you feel good with your chest! Last time, you--"
>She eeps, and clasps her hooves over her mouth.
>You narrow your eyes, a hollow feeling encompassing your heart.
"Last time?"
>You look at the yellow p0ny in front of you.


>> No.11922166


>She's letting out some sort of soft squeak from behind her hooves, but she tries her best to maintain silence.
>You process this for a bit.
"...What do you mean by 'last time,' Fluttershy?"
>She doesn't say anything, she just shakes her head.
>What does she know about your breasts?
>Last time? Has she fooled around with them before?
>Has this p0ny--
>Your mind suddenly snags a memory from its banks.
>”Nothing, darling. I just think maybe Fluttershy should be the one to ask about your broken bra. It really only could have happened with her.”
>The night you were blackout drunk...
>Your eyes widen, and your mouth gapes.
>Fluttershy takes notice of this.
>You look to her, stunned.
>She seems on the verge of tears.
"...My bra."
>Her own eyes shoot open at the word.
"You were the one who broke my bra..."
>Fluttershy finally lets go of her mouth.
>"I... I can explain that, I... I--"
"Did you... Fluttershy, did you..."
>My God...
"Did you... violate me that night? Did you take advantage of me when I was drunk?"
>Tears finally stream down her face.
>"N-No!" she bellows.
>The sudden volume would catch you off guard if you weren't still in shock.


>> No.11922182


>"I mean, y-yes, maybe I did take a look at your body, b-but I was just curious! A-And I wanted to see if there was anything I could d-do that you would like, and--"
>You can't believe what you're hearing...
>You turn away from Fluttershy, eyes almost glazed over.
>"--and I needed t-to because you wouldn't love me otherwise, a-a-and I wanted to know how other parts of your body worked because I-I wasn't sure if just between your legs worked the same as us because I didn't find out much about it that night at Pinkie Pie's and *EEP!*"
>She slams her hooves over her mouth once more.
>Your eyelids practically rip from your face they widen so quickly.
>Your pupils shrink to pinpricks.
>You turn your head to her quickly.
>Did she just fucking say...?
>She notices your expression.
>"I-I mean, n-not like--"
>You demand.
>She eeps again.
"At Pinkie Pie's. When. Did you touch me there too?"
>She audibly sobs, the tears dripping from the bottom of her cheeks.
>Her voice is a mere squeak.
>"Y-You're second night here..."
>You quickly scan your mind to that night.
>Slumber party with Pinkie.
>Baking goods.
>Sleeping on the floor.
>Dream with Pinkie.
>Waking up w--


>> No.11922188


>Your jaw drops slightly.
>...The window was open...
>And your clothes were...
>...You try to say something, but only slight, rough patterns of disembodied voice rumble out of your mouth from the back of your throat.
>Fluttershy sobs.
>"I'm so sorry!"
>You stare away from her, eyes completely glazed over.
>Oh my God...
>The night you woke up wet...
>The night you had the dream about Pinkie Pie...
>Your wetness...
>It wasn't...
>You finally blink.
>Your eyes begin to focus again.
>"Femanon..." Fluttershy bumbles, "are you o-okay...?"
>You blink a few more times.
>The dryness of your tongue becomes evident, and you finally close your mouth.
>You say after a bit of time, still staring off into the distance.
>You trail off.


>> No.11922197


>So many thoughts swirl in your mind.
>But at the same exact time...
>You're drawing a complete blank.
>Almost the entire time you've spent in Equestria, you've thought that...
>You slowly push the hair in front of your face back behind your ear.
>Your eyes finally drag up, meeting the sunken, soaking wet eyes of Fluttershy.
"Y-Yeah, I'm fine..."
>You look away for a moment.
"I just need..."
>You pause.
>You press your hand to the ground for support and push yourself up to your feet.
"I just need to take a walk..."
>You take your first step away from the picnic, Fluttershy meaninglessly reaching out to you, as if to stop you, before giving up as you slowly trail back down the side of the river.
>She solemnly looks to the ground.
>You step further and further away, until you're back on the path to P0nyville.
>The thoughts in your mind start to become clear.
>This whole time you've been here, you've been chasing this pink p0ny...
>You were attracted to her, right...?
>You mean, she's a horse, yeah, but you felt those feelings for her...
>Have you really...?
>You place your hand over your heart.
>This whole time you thought that dream made you wet.
>But if it was really just Fluttershy...
>How could...?


>> No.11922203


>Do you really even feel that way about her?
>"Emmy!" you hear called.
>The voice is instantly familiar to you.
>...Out of all the coincidences in this world...
>You slowly raise your head, your deadpan, stupefied face meeting the cheerful eyes of Pinkie Pie.
>You're just at the edge of town by this point.
>The sun has fallen below the landscape, draping the village in darkness.
>"I thought I might find you here, silly!"
>Your expression doesn't change.
>Pinkie still smiles anyway.
>"I have something to tell you!"
>You look at her for a moment more, then to the hand on your chest.
>You slowly bring it back down to the side of your body.
>Something to... tell you, huh?
>You might have been happy to hear this, some hours ago.
>Some ten minutes ago even...
>But now...
>What do you even feel?

End of Part 8


>> No.11922224
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And there we have it, Part 8 is up. Sorry for the long wait.

Comments/Criticisms are always welcome, I try to take everything into consideration.

Pastebin is here if you want to take a look:

Thanks guys, have a good one!

>> No.11922225


>> No.11922277 [SPOILER] 
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i feel inclined to give you this

>> No.11922973
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Yeah, this is happening.

>The next morning.
>You wake up.
>You look to Fluttershy.
>She's still in the same state you left her.
>You try and nudge her a wake.
>She pulls the covers over herself.
>She made it clear she didn't want anything to do with you right now.
"Come on Fluttershy, we still got school ya know."
>"Whatever..." She gets out of bed.
>"I'm using the bathroom first!" She says going to the bathroom quickly.
>She took nearly an hour...
>When you finally got to use the bathroom, there was only cold water left.
>You probably had this coming.
>Now it was just a matter of enduring it.
>Besides, it's nothing Gretchen didn't put you through...Right?

>> No.11922979

>At the breakfast table, Dad was finally home from work.
>He looked like an action movie star with his 5 o'clock shadow.
>"Hey son! Your Sister left without eating, Mom told me what's up too, somethin about a jealousy bug?".
"It's a long story Dad...I think I might have to tell ya after school."
>"Mhmm, gotch'a, oh and tell your new girlfriend I said Hi!" He teases.
>You leave the house with a groan.
>Note to self; Mom is a gossip queen, don't tell her EVERY little detail.
>You make your way down the dirt road.
>Fluttershy must've speeded on ahead of you because she was nowhere in sight.
>Well whatever, at least you had this walk to school to yourself.
>"Hey Anon!".
>Or so you thought.
>You look behind you and find Angelica coming up your rear.
>This day just got a little brighter upon you seeing her.
>"Hi Anon, ready for school today?" She asks you.
"Yeah I guess, but I thought you'd think that school was like, tottaly lame."
>You say mocking her tone of voice.
>She laughs at this "Did I really sound like that? That's just the way I sounded around those old friends of mine, silly." She bumps her rump to yours.
"O-oh, yeah, right, I knew that, hehe..."
>"Mhm...suuuure" she says sarcasticly
>You two continue to talk until you reach the school house.

>> No.11922992

>Once in school, you were getting glares from Boe.
>It didn't matter much to you as you were to pre-occupied sharing glances with Angelica.
>At lunch, you and Angelica sit by each other.
>Fluttershy scowls at the two of you.
>But for the entire day, you didn't really care about her judgement.
>You were happy, isn't that what mattered most?
>The day flew by as thoughts of you and Angelica being together swam through your head.
>She invited you over again to play.
>You weren't going to turn down such an offer.
>Her parents were happy to see you again.
>Estabon even gave you a glass of that special cider again.
>"Come on Anon, let's go to my playhouse~" Angelica offers.
>You two went inside her awesome playhouse.
>She pulled out her record player, she had a really nice collection of classic music go with it as well.
>You two sat together on the nice soft pillows.
>No asking of making love when it wasn't needed, no kissing or fondling of any sort.
>It was rather peaceful.

>> No.11923007

>"Anon, how are you and your sister?" Angelica asks.
"Oh, uh...Were fine, I guess."
>"The way she looked at you during lunch didn't seem like it..." She pointed out.
>"Is it because of me?" She asks you sadly.
>You look at her eyes, they almost had a certain fear to them.
"No...No it's not because of you. I think it's my fault for just liking you...Probably more than Fluttershy at that..."
>"S-so, you do like me?" Angelica asks hesitantly.
"Well...Yeah, but...It's not like, "I like you, like you"...It's just sorta...Well...I dunno."
>Angelica looks at you carefully.
>She could tell you were confused on what to say.
>She wraps her hooves around your stomach and rests her head on your chest.
>"It's okay...I get what your saying, I think...".
>You didn't realize until now how understanding Angelica was to you.
>Unlike Fluttershy who's love practically only went one way.
>It was soothing to be with somep0ny that didn't ask much from you and at the same time, liked you for what you were.
>"Hey Anon...Promise that if things don't work out with Fluttershy...Will you come to me no matter what?" Angelica asks.
>You look at her carefully.
>You can't help but crack a smile.
"That's such a sappy line, but no problem, I'll keep you in mind."
>Angelica smiles at this.
>She hugs you tight, "It wasn't that sappy!" she teases.
>You two continue to laugh at one another.

>> No.11923016

>Time flew by as you spent the rest of the day with Angelica.
>It was disappointing when you had to leave.
>Once home you were greeted by your mother.
>"Hello sweetie! Did you have a good time at your little friend's place?" She asks welcoming you home.
"Yeah, I really did. Did Fluttershy make it home okay?"
>"Oh she did, but I must say Anon she hasn't been in the best of spirits, maybe you could talk to her? You know, let her still know you care?" Your mother suggests.
"I'll try...But I'm not the best with words..."
>"Oh I don't know about that! From what Fluttershy says you're a real lady killer, seeing as how you go to go to her own place." Your mother chuckles.
>The term "private life" doesn't exist in this house hold.
>No matter...
>Before getting to Fluttershy though there was still another matter.
"Is Dad home? I was hoping I could talk to him first about all this..."
>"Of course honey, you know where to find him right?" Your mother winks at you.
>You go to your Dad's study.
>Before you could knock on the door you get a "Come on in, Anon."
>He was expecting you?
>Did he hear you coming?
>Does your Dad have some crazy sixth sense?
>You go on in.
>"Oh wow was I finally right that time? I've been doing that for the past hour now!" He laughs to himself.
>I guess not...

>> No.11923039

"Hey Dad, I got a few things on my mind..."
>"Like how you're going to break it to Fluttershy that you like another girl?" He interrupts.
>You gulp hard at this.
>Your Dad was a sharp one.
>"Well bound to happen sooner or later...But best of luck on this new girl, what's her name?" He asks you.
"A-angelica, she's real nice but, we're just good friends! I swear!"
>"Hey Anon that's fine, you don't have to please me, who you want to be with or rather -Ahem- "Do" it with is your choice. I'm not gonna force you to be with my daughter, come to think of it the way she's been acting I don't blame ya." He says with a chuckle.
"Yeah about that...What should I do about Fluttershy?"
>Your Dad leans back in his chair and looks into space.
>"Well son, believe it or not I don't have the answer to everything, girls are complicated and neither me or you can predict on what they'll do."
>You look down in disappointment at the realistic truth to that.
"Do you think Fluttershy hate me?"
>You ask sitting down into one of the leather chairs in your Dad's study
>"Hate is a bit much, I'd say upset at best, but I'm sure she still loves ya son, I mean why else would she go out of her way to pull you out of that orphanage away from that old hag?" Your Dad points out
"She's not all bad, she took me in, when she could have left me out in the cold so she's got a heart I guess and she even told me she'd be really worried if something were to happen to me."

>> No.11923057

>Your Dad looks surprised
>"Is that right? Hmph, could have fooled!" he laughs.
"Yeah I mean she may be hateful and sometimes down right "weird" in more ways than one...But she's still good people."
>"Hm...That's what I like about you Anon, always trying to see the good in somep0ny..." Your Dad gives you a heartfelt smile.
>You smile back, you may not have been the greatest but at last there's that.
>"Oh and uhh...one more piece of advice, Anon."
"Hm? What's that?"
>Your Dad leans back in his chair again and looks up at the ceiling thoughtfully.
>"All that glitters, isn't gold."
>You stare at your Dad for a few seconds.
"What...? I don't get it..."
>"Hm? Oh I guess I'll have to try and break that one down a bit...Well ya know how I go out and do my work at the academy right? That takes a long while to get back home, and while you and Fluttershy are off at school, what do you think your Mother does?" Your Dad asks you.
>You ponder at this for a moment.
>Well would she be doing besides regular Mom stuff?
"I dunno figuring what's for dinner, dusting?"
>Your Dad chuckles delighted to hear this.
>Did you get the question right?
>"Well Anon, I guess you're still a bit slow on that uptake, but I'm sure a smart kid like you will figure it out when you're older." Your Dad pulls out his bottle and drinks straight from it this time.
>You wrinkle your brow at this notion.
>At any rate it was now past your bed time.

>> No.11923086

>You wash up and get into the bed with Fluttershy already asleep.
>"Anon we need to talk now..."
>Or so you thought...
"What's up Fluttershy?"
>She rolls over in the bed to face you.
>"Did you and Angelica make love at her place?" she asks you bluntly.
>You give a blank shocked stare
"No, no we didn't Fluttershy, why would you think I would do such a thing?"
>"Because you like her more than me now..." She responds in a softer voice ears going flat.
>Well...It's like the thoughts haven't crossed your mind.
>Even more so you've been given the offers to do so at that...
>And on top of that Fluttershy was the one to ban love making for the time being.
"Well, we didn't do anything, we just hung out and talked...a lot."
>"Did you talk about how you two would could make love?" She asks you quick and blunt as the first time.
>You take in a deep breathe and let out a heavy sigh
"No, we didn't talk about any of that!"
>But you did dance around the subject of it...
>"I guess that's good..." Fluttershy rolls over looking away from you
>You hesitate to ask, but it was now or never.

>> No.11923123
File: 272 KB, 2005x1488, filly_shy.jpg [View same] [google]

"Fluttershy...Why are you acting this way? This isn't the Fluttershy that walked up to me on the swing set..."
>"I'm better than that Anon." she responds quickly.
>You were a bit surprised at such an answer.
"Well you don't have to worry about Angelica, s-she's just a good friend."
>"A friend that's trying to steal you away from me, I won't allow that to happen, Anon." She says in a harsh tone.
>You didn't like where this conversation is heading.
"Fluttershy, I don't want you going off on Angelica and end up hurting her or worse."
>"Why? Because you love her so much?!" she sits up to face and shout at you.
"No Fluttershy, because hurting other p0nys is bad to begin with..."
>Fluttershy's ears go flat at hearing this.
>"Well...Well I still don't like seeing you with her! So there! And I'm still not going to make love to you until this secret love affair is over between you and that Hussy!" Fluttershy lays back in bed and pulls the covers over her head in a fit.
>Can't say you didn't try...
>You settle in the night and try to go to sleep
>You hoped that things wouldn't get too crazy...

End for now.

Sorry this took 1...2...3 billion weeks to dish out. Hoped you enjoyed and hopefully the next won't take so long.

>> No.11923507

Cog and Theseus updating back to back... Must be my lucky night

You know what that means, Neb
It's your turn
In all seriousness; take your time. Writers got to have their fun time too

>> No.11923771

maybe Neb is dead
or was kidnapped my mexicans
or raped by Legofag

>> No.11923815

That last one seems highly likely.

>> No.11924291

Holy hell, Raritan...
This chapter was quite the mess.

"You" instead of "Your", missing ">" when secondary characters were speaking, and this:

>You mutter, your voice wavering and your heart rate skyrocketing.
Then later you add
>“Anything.” You voice wavering for the first time tonight.

At least read over what you've written so that you can prevent stuff like this, it makes the story look shoddily written.
Speaking of the actual story...

Magical artefacts aren't cool when used en-masse.
So we have our two main mystical mumbo-jumbos, the elixir and the sleep-stone. Honestly, just the sleep stone would have been better.

"Hey Rarity! I got you a gift!"
>"My goodness, Anonymous, it's simply beautiful! Where did you find it?"
"Would you believe? A pony in the market place was selling it for 15 bits!"
>"That's wonderful!"
"I know! Why don't you put it on?"
>"Of course!"
>Rarity es sleep now. dreamland #1

There, problem solved. Needlessly complicating things with the potion, Anon being bitten and Rarity hoofing herself just dragged everything out and didn't really serve any purpose.
Now, if Anon was SUPPOSED to get bitten, as in, the climax of the story revolves around him going all vampiric, then I can understand it, but there are better ways to have done it. Like Rarity could have woken up just before he reached the castle and bitten him as they teleported. Which brings me to my next point:

>> No.11924297


A stone?
You explain this stone, and then, in the very next part have Luna FUCKING TELEPORT HIM HOME.

It's already been shown in the show that even Twilight can teleport large groups of people long distances, so you expect us to believe that a multi-thousand year old Alicorn can't teleport two people? And since she's constantly watching over Anon, she could always just see that he gets in range of the castle, teleport to him, then teleport them all back to the castle.

The stone was contrived, and meaningless. The entire chapter revolved around setting Anon up to get bitten, and when it happened I wasn't shocked in the slightest. I saw it coming because the story seemed adamant to stray from this path.

Easily the weakest chapter so far, Raritan. I expected better.

>> No.11924374


>> No.11924501

Hue. Nice job, Slasher.
Roseluck is a silly pone.


Stop doing that.
"?!" is sufficient. Or use an interrobang. "!?!?!?" is on the same level as "............................"
Adding more doesn't enhance the level of confusion or anger in the character's words. It's redundant.

A brand new story is always a delight to read. And it's made even better by a fresh concept. That being said, I have two problems with it.

Firstly, from time to time, Anon's speech was downright emotionless.
>“Yes Pinkie. It’s wonderful.”
>“I really am going to like it here.”
Beep boop. I am a robot. I speak in perfect monotone. No expression here. beep boop.
Add some inflection to the words, or emphasise some points, or use commas to show a pause rather than the end of a sentence.
>"Yes, Pinkie, It's wonderful!"

Second, I think that Anon fell for Twilight way too quickly.
Look at it this way, Anon just arrived on an alien world, and spent the night sleeping with a talking purple magic horse. I think his first thoughts are going to be "What the fuck why is this happening to me" rather than "Damn dats one fine ass."
Granted, Twilight IS a damn fine ass. But that's besides the point. The story has a very 'real' feeling to it. It seems like a serious tale in the making, as such, romance should be as realistic as possible. It takes more than a day to fall in love with a horse, Picklehead.

Nevertheless, I await the next chapter and am interested to see where you take it. Even though I already know exactly where it's going to go.

>> No.11925229


>> No.11925234

>"I'll go buy the icecream..."
I'm just going to assume Anon's fetish is eating ice cream while having sex....It's much worse than what I think it is, isn't it?

>> No.11925260

Well god damn.
That was a good story.
I was surprised to see a sequel, and it took me a while to remember the original entry, but it made me smile to see you continue it, as you are a fantastic writer.

What can I say about this one? The pacing was just dandy, the back-and-forth between Anon and his brain served to flesh out the scenes and add a bit more flair to whatever exposition was needed at the time. I recall the first part caught me off guard because of the amount of times you had Brain talk, but I see now that you've embraced it not as an entity, but as a fully fledged character. So you get a free pass from now on.

I couldn't see any major problems with this part. I really couldn't.
But I hope to see more from you in the future, Happy Guy. This story is shaping up to be something radical.
And sexy

>> No.11925906

>tfw you have your pony waifu finally.
>She doesn't care about any 'flaws' you may think you have.
>The relationship is the perfect blend of romance, passion and friendship.
>She shares your sense of humor.
>She is ready to do whatever.
>One night, you're getting hot and heavy with her.
>She puts a hoof to your mouth and says, "wait, stop."
>You do.
>With a tear in her eye she whispers into your ear:
"We can't do this anymore, it's not safe for work. Bump...

>> No.11926458 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 195x133, images-5.jpg [View same] [google]

I have seen too much shit man

>> No.11926554

I did a crappy song parody-thingy.

>Day Faggotry in Equestria.
>Wake up as Anon, as usual.
>You get off of your bed by rolling.
>Yep, you are officially the laziest person in all of Equestria.
>Not even that thousand pound p0ny you met the other day could compare to you.
>And you're not even that fat.
>You get onto the wheelchair that was made just so you didn't have to walk everywhere.
>It's been with you ever since the day after you arrived to this colorful world.
>As you approach the stairs-
>Time to start using your fee-
>You immediately roll down the stairs on your wheelchair.
>It's incredibly bumpy, and you're probably going to fall off.
>*Insert noise of wood breaking here.*
>Your trusty vehicle gets stuck on the stairs and you go flying towards the floor.
>And you faceplant the ground with a *pomf*
>You get up off of the ground with no injuries because cartoon logic.
>*Knock knock knock*.
>Great, Fluttershy's already here.
>And you didn't even do your morning routine yet.
>Fucking perfect.
>You slog over to the door and when you open it, there is no one there.
>It's just a letter.
>Picking it up, you say every word on it outloud.
Dear Anon, Today instead of the usual fetish guess I wanted to do something special for you. Go to town hall. Love, Fluttershy.
>You crumple the paper up instantly.
>It's probably a trap.
>But you have nothing better to do so...
>To town hall!


>> No.11926575

>As you approach the outskirts of the market place, you realize you are going the wrong way.
>You do a 361 degree turn and-
>You fall over because some asshole decided to hit you in the head with a rubber chicken.
>...Don't ask how it worked.
>You wake up, and look around.
>Everything is dark.
>Your arms and legs are tied to a chair.
>And your clothes are still on.
>Normally Fluttershy would strip you naked if she knocks you out for sex.
>The lights go on.
>Turns out you are inside the same building that was used to kill all of the Pinkie clothes.
>What was it called again?
>It doesn't matter. The writer doesn't remember and neither shall Anon.
>There are mare screams coming from your left.
>You turn and see a bunch of fillies, mares, and one colt.
>This is not good...
>A spotlight turns on in front on you, even though the whole room is lit.
>It still somehow manages to attract everyone's attention.
>Fluttershy is standing there with a mic.
>"Um, hello everyp0ny. Today, you are going to listen to a song I wrote."
>She turns to you.
>"It's dedicated to Anon."
>The whole crowd goes d'aw.
>Even the one colt that easily sticks out said it.
>"Before we start, I'm going to need the singers to arrive."
>She stomps on the floor and-
>Five weird looking things fall to the ground.
>They get up, and...
>They look like humans!
>But they don't have suits! And they have horrible features on the front of their heads!
>Noses, eyes, mouths, hair, eyelashes, etc.!
>It's all the crap that p0nies have on their heads!
>Those "huamns" don't even have a question mark on their face!
>What the hell happened to them?!
>One of them taps their mic to make sure it is on, and sighs.
>"Hello, everyp0ny. I'm Liam and we are going to sing a stupid sonG toda-BZBBZBBZZSBSBSHZ!"
>Fluttershy shocks him with a taser.


>> No.11926604 [SPOILER] 
File: 55 KB, 560x418, something.jpg [View same] [google]


The five guys fake smiles, and look to the crowd as the song starts.

>"Oh, I just wanna fuck you anywhere that you like."
>"We could have sex any day, any night."
>"Baby I'll rut you here, rut you there,"
>"Baby I'll rut you here, yeah,"

>"Oh, tell me tell me tell me how to turn your dick on."
>"I will do, do anything that you want."
>"Baby just shout it out, shout it out,"
>"Baby just shout it out, yeah,"

>"And if you,"
>"You want me too,"
>"Let's make a move,"
>"Yeah, so tell me boy if every time we,"

>"You get this kind of ru-u-ush,"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah."
>"If you don't wanna take it slow,"
>"And you just wanna fuck-at-home,"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,"

>"And let me rut you"

>"Oh, baby, baby, don't you know you got what I need"
>"Looking so hot from your head to your feet"
>"Come on come rut me here, rut me here"
>"Come on come rut me here, yeah"

>"Oh, I just wanna get you off in front of my friends"
>"Making them drool down their chinny-chin-chins"
>"Baby, let's fuck tonight, fuck tonight"
>"Baby, let's fuck tonight, yeah"

>"And if you,"
>"You want me too,"
>"Let's make a move,"

>"Yeah, so tell me boy if every time we"

>"You get this kind of ru-u-ush,"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,"
>"If you don't wanna take it slow (c'mon)"
>"And you just wanna fuck-at-home"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

>"And let me rut you [x5]"


>> No.11926619

>"Na na na na na na na na"
>"Na na na na na na na na"
>"Na na na na na na na na"

>"Yeah, so tell me, boy, if every time we"

>"You get this kind of ru-u-ush"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
>"If you don't wanna take it slow"
>"And you just wanna fuck-at-home"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

>"You get this kind of ru-u-ush"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
>"If you don't wanna take it slow"
>"And you just wanna fuck-at-home"
>"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"

>"And let me rut you"

>The music stops, and the five guys are standing there, facepalming.
>"Why the hell did we do this..."
>The mares, fillies, and colt did no listen to the lyrics AT ALL.
>They cheered the whole time, and probably overtook the singers' voices.
>Half of them are clopping to the singers,and Fluttershy approaches you with a microphone.
>"I wrote that for you, Anon."
>She squees and the crowd d'aw again.
>Yep, they were not listening to the lyrics at all.
>She unties you and holds you hands with her hooves.
>"So, um, how did you think of it?"
>You turn to the five guys, and turn back to Fluttershy.
>Then back to the guys.
>Then back at buttershutter.
>You run towards the five guys and you all initiated hot and sweaty gay sex.
>Fluttershy watches in horror while the crowds cheers it on, saying "ENCORE, ENCORE!"
>The end.


>> No.11927427
File: 107 KB, 800x551, 134398204129.png [View same] [google]

Jesus Christ how horrifying

>> No.11928431


>> No.11929405


>> No.11929531

Jesus Akame, you're on a role today... Unfortunately, imma be a C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER in yo bump chain...
Obligatory asking about how goes the writingand an unnecessary bump

>> No.11929857
File: 274 KB, 1680x1050, Sin título.jpg [View same] [google]

I don´t know if I´m right, but if I read right, the teleportation stone was meant to only work once and it´s objective was to take the user/s to the Canterlot Castle.

Well, sorry for not appearing in a while, I felt too lazy and wanted to take a few weeks off. So I´m back to writing, I´ll start with some Warband Anon right now and if I can, doing some of the promised one-shots too

>> No.11929905
File: 118 KB, 321x253, YEAAAAH.gif [View same] [google]

>Day Tough Mudder

>With the help of AJ and Rainbow, you had built Equestria's first Tough Mudder course
>12 miles long
>23 obstacles
>You were goddamn pumped to run this thing.
>You were in the first group of the day, with Dash and AJ.
>Celestia gave the starting speech, getting the group pumped up.
>Thats when you see her.
>Holy Hell, what the shit is Fluttershy doing here!?
“Fluttershy! What are you doing here?” Dash ask incredulously.
>”Oh, well, I thought maybe I could prove myself to you if I did this, Anon.”
“Flutters” you begin, face meeting palm, “this event isn't a joke. Its brutal. I don't think you should do this.”
>”Don't be silly, Anon, nothing is too hard if it wins your love.” she smiles.
>AJ and Rainbow give you a look.
>”Well, alright, Sugarcube. But you had best stick with us.”
>Oh God, what have you done?

>> No.11929941


>Celestia finishes her speech, and the group takes off at a run.
>You join the pack.
>After a few twists along the mud-covered trail, you reach Obstacle 1: The Arctic Enema
>You line up, eager to get through this, Fluttershy right behind you.
>You sigh, but allow her to stick to you as you approach the water-filled dumpsters.
>AJ and Rainbow jump together.
>”OH SWEET CELESTIA IS THAT COLD!” Dash shouts, surfacing.
>AJ just grabs her and drags her under the water, and they resurface past the board, scrambling towards the ladders out.
>You're next up, and get ready to take the plunge.
>”A-Anon? What exactly-AAaaieeeeee!”
>You grab her hoof as you leap headlong into the ice-filled pool.
>You don't surface until you're past the board.
>You hold Fluttershy over your head, as she shivers and trembles.
>”A-a-anon? I-I-I d-don't think th-this is-s a go-od idea anym-more...”
>You say nothing as you clamber over the side and onto the muddy path.
>Dash and AJ just grin.
>”Sorry, Flutters, but its a mite too late to turn back” AJ laughs
>Looks like you'll spend the day with.
>Fucking Muddershy.

>> No.11929957


I might write more of these, idk. Thoughts?

>> No.11930563

Goddamn this thread is dead

>> No.11930627
File: 885 KB, 2560x1920, CAM00122.jpg [View same] [google]

I'm trying to download paper Mario on my phone, it's taking a very long time.
>pic not related.

>> No.11931478

Not as good as I'd like, hence why I haven't posted a story.

Write some more of the story, it's difficult to tell what could happen from here, but the potential is there. Generally, don't feel obligated to ask to continue, just write as much of the story as you can before posting.

>> No.11931673

moar pls.
I have always kinda wanted to do, or watch the mudder events, but alas, I am not /fit/ enough, nor do I have the endurance. It would make this anon's day if you were to continue this...

>> No.11931830
File: 84 KB, 952x482, image.jpg [View same] [google]

>dat pic.

>> No.11932184


Really I planned for this to be a series of one-shots based on my experiences running a mudder. I needed a break from banging my head against my main project.

Start training now, you'll be fit enough come next season. And remember, its a challenge, not a race. Complete as much as possible, not as fast as possible.

I'll pastebin this for continuation later.

>> No.11932283
File: 582 KB, 702x600, 1370588046155.png [View same] [google]

I certainly wouldn't mind it and I'm sure a certain tripfag named after a mythological figure would love it as well. Whether you build off of this or start a new FR story that's /fit/ related, by all means go for it.

>> No.11932881
File: 73 KB, 400x598, image.jpg [View same] [google]

I am also down for more /fit/ FR stories, most certainly wouldn't mind!

My roommate actually did Tough Mudder this year. He said it was a ton of fun. I'd definitely be down to do it myself, seems like a blast, I'd just need to work on my cardio a tad more. Regardless, I enjoyed this tale.

Are there finally more /fit/izens stepping into the thread...?

>> No.11932921

Holy shit! Hawkeye! Bro, you don't even know how muchLOVE I and the rest of the writefags have for your work... Take as much time as you need on the next part. I am patiently waiting

>> No.11933205
File: 51 KB, 1280x720, mlfw1257_Screenshot-S02E07-08.jpg [View same] [google]

That gif

>> No.11933325

Spike looks like he's about to get raped..

>> No.11933356

That was my first thought too.

>> No.11934916


>> No.11935019

Adolf? What are you doing here? I though you died with that CYOA yesterday?

>> No.11935546 [SPOILER] 
File: 899 KB, 250x250, Pathetic.gif [View same] [google]


Perhaps I'll make a sequel where Fluttershy trains with Anon to try it again next year. Its a pretty legit idea, and I like it.

I dunno that I qualify as a /fit/izen, I have good strength and endurance, but I still need to drop a lot of weight.

You honestly have no idea how nice that is to hear. I just can't make this chapter work out the way I want it to. Please forgive me for whining

>> No.11935650

Nah man. I'm always here, always watching. Waiting.

>> No.11935900

Sounds like it's time to start a cut, brah.

>> No.11936051

>Day Boner Jamz in Equestria.
>You have had an erection for about nine hours now.
>And it fucking hurts.
>There is no explanation why.
>It's just been full mast, throbbing pain, hiding in your house for nine fucking hours.
>Finally you decide it's time to get help.
>You go to the hospital with your dick wrapped in an ice pack and tucked up into your belt.
>Luckily there are no other ponies waiting to be seen.
>You fill out some paperwork, let a group of giggling nurses 'inspect' your issue and get put in a room.
>Nurse Redheart comes in carrying a syringe.
>"Okay Anon, I'm going to give you something for the pain. Just relax."
>You sigh and hold your arm out to her.
"Please god, fix my dick!"
>She gives you the shot and smiles.
>"It should k-ck nnn aaaaa-y tim-"
>You fade into a woozy slumber.
>When you awake, Nurse Redheart is the first thing you see.
>She looks serious.
"Mah dick fix?"
>Damn you're high. Good shit.
>She pulls back your blanket to reveal a bulky bandage over your crotch.
>"I'm sorry Anon... We had to remove it. It was either that, or you would die from Magic Priapism."
>You struggle to focus.
"Mah dick dude?"
>She rubs your shoulder, "don't worry Anon, through Make A Wish, we have donated your dick to a loving home!"
>Through a window to the next room, you can see Fluttershy using your bronzed dick like a toy airplane.
>She looks at you with pure joy in her eyes.
"Fucking Flutter... Thas mah dock."
>Redheart rubs your head.
>"Shhh. No Anon. It's her property now. You no longer have a dick."
>Tears form in your eyes.
"At leas ah huv bolls."
>She shakes her head.
>"We gave those to Rainbow Dash. I'm sorry Anon."
>Fucking Make A Wish.
>"You can still lead a dickless, no-testicle life. I mean, if you can call it that?"
>Fucking Redheart.

>> No.11936496

Dude, take your time. I know we can all wait. If your next chapter is even half as good as the first part, I will be satisfied. You have immense skill, and I am really glad you decided to take the leap of faith and write something for us. Shine on you glorious bastard.

>> No.11936663
File: 44 KB, 640x636, 1370642239102.jpg [View same] [google]

>Mah dick dude?


>> No.11937501
File: 1.57 MB, 1751x2400, ff5.png [View same] [google]

Whoa, you got yourself another monster of a chapter here, very impressive.

If you wanna talk about differences I certainly got a few things to say.

Chapter 1 felt like a B-rate Horror film from the second half onward. The characters were cheesy and unbelievable, conflict came out of nowhere and somehow the ending resolved with everyone being friends with no hurt feelings despite how serious the situation was. And above all else, Anon's brain felt out of place during the whole situation, he didn't feel like an actual character, more like a joke that was running too long.

This chapter fixes so many things, I can't help but be impressed. It feels like an actual *story* now with hints of a real plot showing instead of a simple one-shot like I had thought it was going to be. Characters also have been given more personality by not just focusing on Anon himself throughout the entire story (Redheart and Lyra in particular were very nice).

But by far the best part of this is how much you developed Anon's Brain character. You've made him a more pronounced individual with opinions of his own that can even differ with Anon himself. This does a very important/special thing, it makes all the dumb shit Anon himself does more acceptable. When I was reading, I felt that Anon's thoughts were your point of view, and Brain's thoughts were the audience's opinion on each situation. This makes it much more tolerable because whenever Anon does something stupid, he isn't "blissfully unaware" of what he's doing. When Brain tells him something is a bad idea, Anon has to actively choose against him anyway. It makes him an actual person instead of a naive fucking idiot that just goes with the flow.


>> No.11937517
File: 313 KB, 2418x2172, 29c.png [View same] [google]

That being said, the thing that irked me about this episode is that now every mare in p0nyville seems to have the hots for Anon. Flutters,AJ,AB,SB,Rarity,Twi,Lyra,Octavia,Pink, (possibly Redheart?)are all either infatuated with him in someway or openly in love with him. He's got over half a dozen mares/fillies interested in his junk and he even makes out with three of them in a single night...what the hell man? Having Brain point out how stupid he was being was a nice touch, but it still didn't change the fact that he's being a douche all of a sudden. I normally don't ever do it, or even believe in it, but I feel like I should be pulling the Gary Stu card right now. The only one actively snubbing him is Bon Bon, the rest of p0nyville either respects him, feels sorry, or wants to get in his pants. Octavia in particular felt very out of place, I don't remember her being such an established character in chapter 1, what the heck is she even doing here?

As a side note to the kissing scenes, I'm guessing the idea was "Anon is drunk and does dumb things while drunk", but I just wasn't feeling it man. I think you should've spent more time describing it and making it sound like he was actually tipsy, cause up until the actual dares he sounds completely sober.

The problem I have with this is that if Anon is going around *suddenly* cool about making out with any mare that pricks his fancy, it bloody hard to take any >rape scenes seriously.
Mind you it's not "impossible", but making Anon believably not want sex when he's hitting on all the girls now is very difficult. Flutters would have to threaten bodily harm to him and/or his new girlfriend or something more serious along those lines since *horsefucking is bad* isn't much of an option now.

Either way I'm interested to see where you're taking the story with Fluttershy. I won't say anything cause it's still pretty early, but I'm curious to which route your gonna drive it down. Good luck man, its a very good read.

>> No.11938079 [DELETED] 
File: 61 KB, 421x431, 1372584908339.jpg [View same] [google]


Also, has there been any FR stories with futashy?

>> No.11938110
File: 61 KB, 421x431, 1372584908339.jpg [View same] [google]


Also, has there been any FR stories with futashy?

>> No.11938203
File: 245 KB, 603x452, 1366155962741.png [View same] [google]

Clever's alt account, pls.

>> No.11938279

Recently: not that I can remember.

In the past: yes, there were a few.

>> No.11938345


>> No.11938388

actually, I, >>11938345 was refering to a futashy story that was written 2 months ago. I don't think that counts.

>> No.11938438
File: 247 KB, 1992x1648, crazy_twilight_sparkle_by_angelofhapiness-d5a36ib.jpg [View same] [google]

Pls, everyone knows Smudge is Slash's Alt.

>> No.11938485

According to the master list, ssj4 was a writer for that stuff. But he nuked his pastebin.

It has Futashy in it, so why wouldn't it count? May I ask that you link it or the pastebin that holds it?

>> No.11938520

Part 1- http://pastebin.com/PqwYHJTX

Part 2- http://pastebin.com/zjwfRDM9

Part 3- http://pastebin.com/MBqB7buD

>> No.11938559
File: 219 KB, 1000x972, 241726__fluttershy_suggestive_caption_rape.png [View same] [google]

You have my thanks, Slasher.

>> No.11938700

Here's the link: http://pastebin.com/udTa3ikB

It's more amature clop than >rape, and Anon is gay.Stay away from me, Anons. I'm just posting the link. I'm not going to post it again

>> No.11938726

>day 15 in Equestria
>wake up, shit, work out for a couple of hours.
>hungry as a motherfucker, tired of veggies
>hear knock on the door
>If it is that yellow pony again...
>open door
Hello Flutters-
>Fluttershy has a cart full of baked gooods, fish, fruits, etc
>Oh good morning sayanon, is food your fetish?
>You feel your throbbing erection in your pants
>Your hair turns from black to blonde and stays rigid
>an aura of energy surrounds you
>the gravel on the floor starts to levitate
>your muscles grow big
>your irises turn blue
>You scream with the might of a storm
>Oh goodness, please sayanon, don't hurt me!
>You grab her and the cart and shove them inside your house
>You eat the fuck out of the food in the cart.
>Fluttershy looks at you scared and amused at your feat.
>You turn around to see fluttershy, she's shaking.
>you come up to her, take off your pants
>she sees your throbbing sayan dick, and blushes.
>You proceed to fuck her brains out, your monkey instincts kicking in
>You marry Fluttershy the following day and you live a long and happy life with her and your sayan p0ne spawn.

>> No.11938975

Is futashy your fetish, Collar?
>Insert pic of seductive Fluttershy here.

>> No.11939004
File: 158 KB, 906x900, 225845__UNOPT__safe_vector_solo_babs-seed_portrait_artist-xjayesharkyx.png.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11939158

What, you've never read a story about true fucking love?

>> No.11939313

Does it every strike anybody else as strange how quickly Anon establishes himself in Equestria. It's like week one and he's already pretty much a native.

Weirds me out, you'd think an alien with an entirely different culture and history would stay novel for longer.

>> No.11939392

Yeah, but most of the stories here (recently) never really state how long he's been in magical pony land.

>> No.11939408

That's, just like, your >opinion man...

>> No.11939459

It usually like that because him being an alien and all has been used so many times. It generally isn't necessary to the story unless the writer makes it an important part of it.

>> No.11939845
File: 188 KB, 725x1101, 1372755549573.jpg [View same] [google]

There have been a few stories where Anon was completely lost and had no direction in Equestria. But then some random pony tries to teach him the norms and culture of their world over time. They are sentient and most of the stories don't seem to present a language barrier problem when he tries communicating with them.

Jesus Christ riding a three-legged burro... I'm putting more thought into this than I should.

It just might be.

I don't care, I'll take it. I'll fucking take it. And thanks.

And if you're reading this, Clever, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

>> No.11940315

>Futashy is capable of lasting longer than two hours.
I request a "not sure if want" picture to use as a reaction.pls?And I completly WANT Futashy now.

>It just might be.
Well, I for one know it is my fetish.That's why I wrote Anon as a faggot and had Futashy involved in the story.

I know this is a VERY late reply, but what does that mean, exactly?Did you hate the terrible song I used? The actual "musicians"? Was it bad?

>> No.11940785

>implying the fact that Luna gave out three macguffins to a random stranger isn't already odd enough
>implying Luna didn't give him the stone for a reason
>implying I didn't have three people read this over
>implying Anon being bitten is the point of the chapter

I like critiques.

>> No.11940824
File: 200 KB, 471x466, 1354730341695.png [View same] [google]

I was referring to the five assmunchkins
Also the ending
It would just be brutal to see irl

>> No.11941015


Slasher plz.

Whenever you post it's like a Dethklok performance. It's awesome to see and the aftermath is fucking brutal.

>> No.11941154

>implying Raritan handles critique well at all

Top lel.

>> No.11941891
File: 881 KB, 485x540, Hahaha no.gif [View same] [google]


I have no idea what this means


I'd hate to disappoint you. Thats why I run things past writers older and wiser.

Oh look, we're criticizing Raritan again, how fun and original.

>> No.11942590
File: 919 KB, 2560x1920, CAM00119.jpg [View same] [google]

Cog, please.
Dethklok is best band.

>> No.11942742


I know Dethklok is best band. They unconsciously control the economy in a way that's so brutal and metal it's maddening, like Slasher's writing.

Also, what kind of camera are you taking those pictures with man? Couldn't you just screen cap from Youtube?

>> No.11942769 [SPOILER] 
File: 129 KB, 500x267, scoobynattygains.jpg [View same] [google]

A bulk is to gain muscle, while a cut is to lose fat. To bulk, you eat at a calorie surplus with the intention of putting on muscle (with a side-effect of putting on a little fat), while a cut is to eat at a calorie deficit with the intention of dropping fat (with the side-effect of stunting gains, or possibly losing a bit of muscle).

If you want to lose fat, count your calories and eat at a calorie deficit. Your weight x 10 is a good number to eat at (so if you're 180 pounds, your daily max should be 1800 kcal). You'll be a little hungrier during the day, but stick to it and keep up lifting/exercising and the pounds will melt off. You probably actually don't even need to lift, really, the diet should be good enough, but exercising definitely helps and you should be doing it anyway, really. I lost 25 pounds in 5-6 months on my cut. It was glorious.

Regardless, looking forward to more of your writing, man. What >>11932921 said is definitely true.

>> No.11942884

>You'll be a little hungrier during the day, but stick to it and keep up lifting/exercising and the pounds will melt off

I can relate this, some time ago I weighted 98 Kg and didn´t do any diet or anything, just stopped eating so much, specially at night, staying really hungry because it was nowhere near as much as I was eating before, and going to the usual school gym. Lost 38 Kg in just 3 months and my stomach got used to that quantity of food

>> No.11942894

Are you scooby?

>> No.11942932
File: 6 KB, 300x283, william_murderface-0970f.jpg [View same] [google]

Was watching it on tv last night.
This came from the episode dethcamp.
Best fucking episode.

>> No.11943025
File: 2.19 MB, 485x274, 1355797025945.gif [View same] [google]


The one time I get to use this image, finally!

>> No.11943058


Ah, makes sense. Yeah, I've been away from the gym for about a month, need to get back to that. Thoughts on the low-carb craze that seems to be going around?

Also, thank you for your unwarrantedly kind words.

>> No.11943118
File: 98 KB, 358x241, quads.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11943148
File: 276 KB, 417x720, 1013536_10151534041046909_1737361789_n.png [View same] [google]

We /fit/ now?

>> No.11943202

I could be talking out of my ass right now, but when I cut, I solely counted calories. If something's high in carbs, it's probably high in calories too, so the two tend to go hand-in-hand. Count calories and stay under your limit, your carbs will probably be lower than normal too. Although counting your macros is also very important.

>> No.11943204
File: 157 KB, 816x980, 1346088058774.png [View same] [google]

We were always /fit/

>> No.11943299
File: 317 KB, 1024x897, 1368721718129.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11943380

You better be lifting, Las.
We will break you.
And I swear to God, if you keep avatarfagging I may just do so as well with Scooby.

>> No.11943432
File: 113 KB, 900x900, 1368809004221.png [View same] [google]

Don't you fucking do it Avatarfagging is my thing.

>> No.11943533

Don't die

>> No.11943550


>counting your macros
What? I am clearly in the presence of people with vastly more knowledge than I.

Idk, man. Are we? I'm not, not yet at least? Are you? Well, ARE YOU!?

>> No.11943557
File: 283 KB, 640x459, 1355353725705.png [View same] [google]



>> No.11943602 [DELETED] 

As much as I do enjoy the discussion of oil-ridden men in silk thong underwear showing off muscles to other men while convincing themselves that they're still straight somehow, let's try to get back on track here and keep it FR related.

>> No.11943849
File: 1.88 MB, 1680x1050, need more rape.png [View same] [google]

This is gonna end badly

>> No.11943971
File: 41 KB, 625x400, We Had A Chance.jpg [View same] [google]


Probably. But what can we do?

>> No.11944060
File: 80 KB, 640x492, shits-about-to-get-real.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11945048

Second one-shot incoming

>> No.11945131

>Day can't fucking sleep in Equestria.
>This is the fourth day of no fucking sleep.
>And you're so damn tired, a sloth can jerk off faster than you.
>You are currently hiding in your closet, rocking back and forth on the ground.
>All because of Fluttershys latest fetish guess.

Four days ago
>You hear a knock at your door and look at the clock.
>"Right on time, like always," you say
>You get up from your couch and open the door
>It's Fluttershy, but with condiments.
>"Are sides y-your fetish, Anon?"
>Her wings are holding biscuits, fries, mashed potatoes, and a jar of gravy.
>You give her a blank stare, grab the door, and slam it shut.

Present day
>You have successfully boarded all of your windows, and every door in your home has three dead bolt locks.
>Except your closet.
>In there you lie, clutching your favorite side.
>She must never know that the only thing that gets you as hard as a rock is...

>> No.11945420
File: 27 KB, 375x500, Humerus.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11945666
File: 38 KB, 450x495, image.jpg [View same] [google]

this nigga

>> No.11945668

Raritan, the guy went out of his way to pick apart this entry in your series. He pointed out some flaws he found with the story in a reasonable way, if not occasionally just a little impolite. But he never said your story was shit. He said it was the weakest. You can tell this critique of his was made to point out holes and flaws he's seen to help improve it in the future, so please don't grow a hard head and pretend these flaws don't exist. Having people read it over doesn't mean they're not there, not everyone may catch them. Don't be a stubborn bastard incapable of taking critiques, it's quite hypocritical.

If anything, you could have argued or refuted his points in a reasonable way if you feel this part of your story is not what he claims it to be, but the way you responded makes you sound like a stubborn, sarcastic prick. Come on.

>> No.11945716
File: 8 KB, 250x250, 1365300252275.jpg [View same] [google]

Good, that was my plan
i'll be making a pastbin for my one shots at some point today
once i get used to the writing format i might try for more intelligent and thought out stories.
>im actually fucking tired right now

>> No.11945732 [DELETED] 
File: 31 KB, 480x360, 1372651051435.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11945837

Not usually my job, but...

>Wake up, shit, shower, trim your beautiful beard.
>go downstairs to get some breakfast
>pour some Soarin o's (breakfast of champions) in a plate.
>Eat cereal and drink some fresh milk
>brush teeth
>hear knock on the door
>Who could it be? It's pretty early.
>Open door to find Twilight Sparkle
>"Good morning Anon!"
Hey Twilight. So, why are you here this early?
>"Oh yeah, right. I need you to come with me"
>"Celestia needs to see you"
>Oh boy, what did I do now
Ok sure, just let me get my stuff

>A few minutes later
Ok, lead the way
>"Um, I was just going to teleport us to the library"
Oh, right. Do your magic then.
>bright flash, you disapear from your house and reappear in the library
Ugh, I still get nausea from teleporting
>"You will get used to it, anyway, Celestia should be here in 10 minutes"
>Knock on the door
>"That's probably her"
>Twilight opens the door, and Celestia makes her entrance.
>"Good morning princess" says Twilight, while hugging Celestia
>"Good morning my faithful student"
>You bow
>"Oh anon, there's no need for such formalities"
Good morning princess, may I ask why did you need to see me?
>"You see, my sister needs help to fit in, with the other ponies. After seeing how well they have received you, I thought that you could help her.
Of course princess, I'll be honored to.
>And maybe even get a chance to tap that moon butt!
>"Oh, and anon?"
Yes princess?
>"I need you to fuck me"

>> No.11945857

>"Me too please, anon"
Twilight, what the heck?
>Suddenly all of the mares in p0nyville bust through the door.
>"Mount us too, anon! please!"
>shit shit shit shit what the fuck is going on
>they come in closer
Please, stay back
>you can feel their breath on your body
Please no!
>they pounce on you, and you wake up.
AHHH, oh... it was just a dream.
>You roll over and see Pinkie Pie, eating a chocolate cake
>You roll over to the other side and see Rarity, talking to Rainbow Dash
>You get on your feet and see the rest of the mane 6 having sex with Luna and Donut Joe
>Today was an average day.

>> No.11946083

Hells yeah! See you in the Twin Cities!

>> No.11946119
File: 62 KB, 600x429, what+did+i+just+read.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11946154
File: 20 KB, 544x304, IT107275.jpg [View same] [google]


Sorry I'm tarty to the party I was too busy fucking with this Bitch an-

Holy fucking ass crackers and bitch ass ham titts!

Look who the fuck decided to update! I've been violently fiddling with my nut sack to see this Cog fucker get back to writing and what do ya know? WE GET THE MOST SORRY ASS EXCUSE OF AN UPDATE I'VE EVER SEEN! Just look at all those fuck damn errors! How the fuck do you sleep at night let alone fucking live? I'm still fucking surprised you haven't fucking killed yourself yet. But any fucking way lets get down to fucking Bizzsnatch. Why the fuck is Anon being such a god damn cunt? What the fuck did you write out his balls in the process holyshit! OH and I love how you've got Fluttershy being a mood swinging bitch too! I'll bet that's how you act when you want to cut yourself you emo faggot. OH FUCKING SPOILER ALERT FLUTTERSHY'S MOTHER IS A CLOSET WHORE! Like we didn't fucking see that one coming you unoriginal cunt! God damn almost Jibber tier fuckery right now, and I love how the Dad is so fucking easy going about it, I'll bet he's the one who has to clean up all the fucking Jizz after the mandingo party.

BUT WHAT THE FUCK EVER! I know your bitch ass loves writing this stupid putrid titty sucking fucking shit pile so I guess I'll have to read through another shit pile next time. IF DOSEN'T TAKE YOU ANOTHER FUCKING CENTURY!

>> No.11946235
File: 36 KB, 601x451, oh boy.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11946339


captcha: shelter OTitlyi

>> No.11946844

laughed so hard, had to take a knee

>> No.11948029

Don't die

>> No.11948063

Waffles, I have some advice, although it comes from prose, not green.

Avoid unneeded flashbacks.

Here, we have five lines of T, eight of (T-4), then five of T.

Try just doing it all at once... also, I fixed up a few other things that bothered me

>Day SoClose in Equestria
>You hear a knock at your door and look at the clock.
"Right on time, like always,"
>You get up from your couch and open the door.
>It's Fluttershy, but with condiments.
>Her wings are holding biscuits, fries, mashed potatoes, and a jar of gravy.
>She has garlic bread balanced on her snout, and cheesesticks braided into her mane.
>"Are sides y-your fetish, Anon?"
>You give her a blank stare, grab the door, and slam it shut.

>Day can't fucking sleep in Equestria.
>This is the fourth day of no fucking sleep.
>And you're so damn tired, a sloth could jerk off faster than you.
>You are currently hiding in your closet, rocking back and forth on the ground.
>All because of Fluttershy's latest fetish guess.
>You have successfully boarded all of your windows, and every door in your home has three dead bolt locks.
>Except your closet.
>In there you lie, clutching your favourite side.
>She must never know that the only thing that gets you as hard as a rock is...

Final point:
You don't need to warn about an incoming oneshot.

>> No.11949149


>> No.11949712
File: 409 KB, 960x797, 1371492506348.jpg [View same] [google]

My apologies. I suppose that did come off kind of sarcastic and assholey. I understand his concerns, and I acknowledge them. I have a bad tendency to think negative criticism is formed from the band of trolls that sort of flock around me.

Regardless, I'm not being stubborn or buttmad. I've read through his critique and I've already formulated what I'm going to do about it. Everything is k.

>> No.11949793

And thus, a new copypasta was born.

>> No.11949816
File: 53 KB, 221x221, 1355932062084.png [View same] [google]


It's not a real thread until this guy shows up, glad you read it at least.

And tell me, does anyone else read this in in the voices of the guys from "Bro Team?" because I certainly do.

>> No.11949864

shut up fag

>> No.11950005

I read it in the voice of the Drill Sargeant from Full Metal Jacket


Ahh... I love that movie.

>> No.11950054

That made my day, and it just started.

Thanks for that laugh, Anon

>> No.11950129
File: 50 KB, 425x319, AVGN.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11950395


>> No.11951832
File: 216 KB, 1252x1384, FlutterBump.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11952173
File: 78 KB, 475x960, facebook_-566949775.jpg [View same] [google]

Anon pls go

>> No.11952630

Raritan pls.
Raritan, pls stop writing.
You wanna know why? I started reading your "Bond in Violet" series, and you know what I thought? "Oh great, another shitty-self insert where Raritan talks about how great a relationship with Rarity would be, even though she is the worst of the mane six." I gave it a try, but by the end of the first chapter, I quit. I know I am not the only anon feeling this, so imma be blatant. Raritan, Raritan pls stahp. Write something the people enjoy, like Touch of Pink, or Prison Bitch. I know you have hit a wall with Helping Hoof, so I'm not going to be an ignorant bastard and tell you to finish that. I'm sorry I have to come off as such an asshole here, but please Raritan, if you have any self-respect, you will stop this silly excuse for a story. When I saw the second part come out, I was almost willing to give you a second chance to redeem yourself, but really man? Vamponies? Goddamn man, you've gone full Twilight saga on us man, and it fucking sucks.

TL;DR, Raritan, pls stahp if you value yourself

>> No.11952938
File: 10 KB, 226x219, 1363593016951.jpg [View same] [google]

Agreed. Finish your other stories Raritan, this is getting old.

>> No.11952943
File: 623 KB, 2032x2336, RainbowBump.png [View same] [google]


>> No.11953059

That was a bit excessive, why bump when someone had posted about a minute before you?

>> No.11953060

Didn't see it, and we'd hit page four

>> No.11953503
File: 568 KB, 1280x720, 1359935949365.png [View same] [google]


Hey. Knock that shit off.

That's my job.

>> No.11953570

How about both of you stop encouraging shitposting, and write something? Now, chop-chop, off to the wordmines with both of you.

>> No.11953682

We all get ideas for new stories and want to utilize those ideas. Raritan's no exception. He just has a problem where he can't write a one-shot. Everything can potentially continue and he takes advantage of this. If he's stumped with these other ideas, at least he's using the writer's block time to write something else.

Although it is a little ridiculous, Raritan. At least pump out a part or two from some other stories before solely dedicating yourself to this new story.

>> No.11953711

No worries, man. It's easy to take negative criticism to heart and feel like a critique is taking a stab at you personally, I know this from experience myself. Just keep on goin' on, friend.

>> No.11954619
File: 141 KB, 639x455, imagejpeg_2_6.jpg [View same] [google]

Sorry you don't like it. I do.

This guy speaks truth, I don't write one shots. And I had the inspiration for a vampire story, so I started writing it. I'm enjoying myself. I know there's a few who do as well. My suggestion is to hide it or ignore it if you don't like it. I'm not going to stop writing it.

Earlier in the thread I even said I was going to work on my other stories next. I wanted to get it to this point firstly.

Write while you're inspired to do so, was what I was told. Get into the mindset of the characters and you'll write better. I just happened to have a Violet streak.

>> No.11954791

We Raritan thread now I guess.

>> No.11954824

Like I tried to say, I didn't want to come off as an asshole, but it needs to be said. Stop delaying your other stories. I know you have hit a wall with Helping Hoof, so I am not going to tell you to work on that; hell, I'm not going to tell you to do anything. You're a good writer, and you can work on whatever the hell you want, but I know I am not the only anon that is mildly pissed that you picked up another story, while you've got 3 (not including Estrus the Movie even though that was awesome...) unfinished stories that have been in progress for an ungodly amount of time now. Now I know it's not my place, but Raritan, have you tried just simply free-writing? I think you could come up with some good ideas while free-writing, instead of just trying to force an plot-line that isn't working, just write, and see where it takes you. One anonymous writer to another, just try free-writing, you might just be able to break down the ungodly demon that is writer's block.

>> No.11955071

Will Estrus The Movie ever be finished? What about the others? Raritan? RARITAN?!

>> No.11955126

On his Pastebin it says that it is dead.(most likely) I knew I wasn't the only anon who was disapoint that Raritan shitcanned that one too ;_; It had great promise, for much delicious pasta huehuehuehue

>> No.11955280

Oh yeah... Well I wonder what Raritan has in store for us next?

>> No.11955380

He's going to finish "Twilight, pony edition." I really wish he would cease this bullshit story, but he can do whatever the fuck he wants, because he's the writer here, not me, or any other anon... I really wish he would listen to feedback...;_; Because he is making a fool of himself. He has written really well in the past, and while we joke about his stories being "shitty self-inserts," I hope he knows we were just joking. He is a really good writer, but he really needs to listen to the feedback, no matter how bad the writers block is.

>> No.11955469

I just to know where prison bitch is going... I want me some hot Sexy diamond dog action.

>> No.11955492

>...and while we joke about his stories being "shitty self-inserts," I hope he knows we were just joking.

To be fair, it's hard to tell when people are joking over text.

I do too...I want some good ol' Woof Woof.

>> No.11955649 [DELETED] 

Is it just me? Or are spoilers being fucked up?

test test

>> No.11955796

does anybody remember a story called Moon Cycles? who was writing it?

>> No.11956297
File: 8 KB, 300x184, th-1.jpg [View same] [google]

I was
I took it down because I realized I have too much going on at once to start another
It's put in the freezer for another day

>> No.11956988


>> No.11957772

So is the consensus to bump when we hit page 4? if so


>> No.11957852

Bump every hour is easier.

>> No.11957864
File: 1.76 MB, 1500x1500, 1353277479695.png [View same] [google]

I've tried free writing sometimes, but it gets a little too expansive and I end up going multipart. I have issue writing a scene that's basically start to finish. I enjoy exposition and build up way too much.

I realize people are a bit 'wtf are you doin Raritan' when I've got like three or four multiparts under my belt. I do plan on finishing all of them. I apologize for doing this to you? I think?

I've been wanting to write something vampirey since I started writing poniponi.

It's not quite writer's block. It's just a mindset. I write what I feel like writing.

I had no idea that people actually liked that story, so I set it on the backburner until I kind of just was 'meh' about it. Maybe I'll figure something out for it whenever I finish some of the other stories I have.

I realize that the first thing people think when they see 'vampires' is Twilight nowadays. Let me assure you, this is not fucking Twilight. Hell, I even put a Twilight joke in the story. I'm not offended, I'm just making sure I don't fall under that umbrella.

Lulu is correct. I'm sort of the cause of my own drama, of that I'm aware. But I can't tell if you're trolling me, or not. Seriously. Especially since I'm known for having people from AiE and other places hounding me down personally. Albeit, I don't have a Pennywise of my own. I'm thankful for that.

I am going to write Prison Bitch soon. I realize it was kind of a dick move to leave that on a part 1 and then just sort of say nothing more about it. I even have others in AiE asking about it, when I poke my head in there.

>> No.11957948

>I don't have a Pennywise of my own
...Do you want one? I am joking, I respect you too much to do that kind of shit to you.

>Maybe I'll figure something out for it
[hyping intensifies]

>> No.11957985
File: 686 KB, 1400x1000, 1364441545798.png [View same] [google]


I'm just going to recap then.

I'm stopping Violet for now. I got it to where I want it. I'll explain a lot in the next part, but I'm not writing that now.

I didn't realize I needed an agenda, but maybe I do. Again, I write what I feel like writing.

Estrus the Movie may see light some day, if I can figure out what I want to do with it. It's only sort of dead right now.

I'm going to finish A Touch of Pink next. I want to make sure I can finish it right, seeing as how it'll be my first ending. I have high hopes, and I know a couple extra scenes I want to write in an Epilogue as well.

I apologize if I've made anyone mad by taking up so many stories, or if you don't like what I'm writing. I'm just kind of doing what I want to do.

I kind of didn't realize I actually had some kind of fanbase going, since the drama around me cast me in such a negative light. It's hard to post without a couple 'Raritan pls go's and whatever the fuck else. So seeing people asking about stories and whatnot is refreshing, for sure.

>> No.11958005
File: 1.41 MB, 245x355, Shufflin.gif [View same] [google]


>when I poke my head in there.

Thats always an adventure. Its like throwing a tear gas canister into a preschool. I secretly find their tears and tantrums delicious

>> No.11958092

>Raritan following a set schedule
>Said schedule contains Estrus the Movie
>Touch of Pink finishing
[hyping can not intensify any more than it already has]

>> No.11958118
File: 59 KB, 373x327, image.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.11958130
File: 221 KB, 782x422, Superior.png [View same] [google]


Pretty sure I've told you as much before, but Helping Hand was the first FR series I started following. As such, I am always watching and waiting for the next chapter.

Fuck the haters, Shine on you crazy diamond!

>> No.11958156


Really Raritan, it's just rude to keep people waiting on the stories they really want. How irresponsible can you be to do other stories while you have several sitting unfinished, making readers wait for weeks or months on end? Seriously, only the worst- wait a minute...

Sorry, I'm bored at work right now. For those who can't tell, this is hypocritical humor mixed with self depreciation. AKA sarcasm.

>> No.11958271
File: 539 KB, 1280x720, Pouting TS.png [View same] [google]


Some day Akame will bless us with the closure we all seek...

>> No.11958500


>Writing anything.


>> No.11958591
File: 179 KB, 487x362, Fred.png [View same] [google]

>Not even shuffling

>> No.11958901

B-but A Touch of Pink is as self-insert as it's going to get...

>> No.11959032

It's not a blessing. You are all entitled to the ending.

I just hope I can deliver one that you deserve.

>> No.11959084

When will you be finished?

>> No.11959111

This is REALLY GOOD! I haven't looked forward to a next update to a story for a while now. I really like your use of comma's within the sentence structure. Make's this a very easy and fulfilling read. Keep up the good work!

>> No.11959410

I'm working now. I believe everything is locked in, I just need to go through the usual process of write, read, rewrite to add about 1.5X detail, re-read, final edits, then publish.

No concrete timeframe though...

>> No.11959427

Gimme estimates...

>> No.11959550

In terms of literal hours it should take, I'd say less than 10 hours. The problem is that I need to find that time between real life projects. Hence why I can't really say, sorry.

>> No.11959580

So all I need to know is ziemlich "Soon".

Sounds good.

>> No.11960222

Again, I am very sorry for the delay.

>> No.11960284

That doesn't make a lot of sense. People can still enjoy what you've written, even if it isn't finished. You should put it back up on your pastebin.

>> No.11960408

trips confirms sincere apology

>> No.11960498

I will then

I suppose I should tell everyone that I will be leaving for a while due to training in a couple of days

I will try to finish EMG before I leave, however I am hard pressed for time

>> No.11960546

put a note on you pastebin for the people who arent in teh thread

>> No.11961226


>> No.11962469


>> No.11963584
File: 14 KB, 512x384, 1366941598664.jpg [View same] [google]

Bump sapping mah thread!

>> No.11963588


>> No.11963605

lel, great teamwork all

>> No.11963842
File: 614 KB, 464x350, ....gif [View same] [google]

As much as I really, REALLY want to read the end, I would prefer it to be as good as you think you can possibly do it. Please take however much time you need for it.

I'll just continue to sit here and wonder why the hell my life is at such a retarded stand still that this story is among the top of my list of things to look forward to this year...

>> No.11964846


It's kind of a dead year for stuff.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm writing it right now.

Also [Bump]

>> No.11964965

[hyping intensifies]

>> No.11965056

First, there was Rage Anon.
Then, there was boycotting.


>> No.11965131

[hyping] has always been a thing anon. It's just become more common now that some writers are updating, even when they were presumed dead. maybe this hiatus isn't so bad after all.. It's gotten all the writefags to continue, even Slasher

>> No.11965667

Since the last 20 posts or so are dedicated to shitposting, can we just shitpost and get it over with to the new thread?

>> No.11965804
File: 213 KB, 640x359, 1371905619028.png [View same] [google]

Guess I´ll just try to take a chance at this

What do you guys expect me to improve for the next part of Warband Anon?
>implying anyone actually read it

>> No.11965883
File: 24 KB, 479x357, 1368266670572.jpg [View same] [google]

More warband anon!

>> No.11965891
File: 39 KB, 209x210, 1356843756976.jpg [View same] [google]

Don't forget

>> No.11965941

Yes, as I stated before, I´m writing it, but I wanted to know if any of you wanted something new, special, or improved on it?

>> No.11966049

Now that you're a part of the 'jerk, have some of the guys proof it for you. I know some of your stories have grammatical errors and whatnot, and a lot of the guys would be more than happy to iron them out for you.

>> No.11966135

Hmmm...... Well...
I feel like you doing pretty good so far, however, i do have something to say about some of your one-shots.
>day blah 4th wall break in equestria.
>It's a horrible day, huge thunder storms rain all Across the sky.
"What the fuck are you talking about? It's sunny outside, there's not even a cloud in sight."
>Shut up, I'm the narrator, what i say; goes.

This, this is what i'm talking about, this is What makes me cringe.
Please stay away from this.
Also, your grammer needs a bit of tuning.

>> No.11966251

Noel, in the past, I have tried to bring this to your attention, but I usually missed the boat. It irks me to the high heavens when anon goes on this huge half-post argument with the narrator. I understand one-shots are supposed to be silly, but it gets annoying really fast. You can do 4th wall breaking jokes, but bear in mind that they wear thin very fast.

>> No.11966337

Can someone create the new damn thread yet? I know, I know, "five posts to go you dumbass anon." But, to quote the timeless Sweetie Belle, "But I want it nao!!!"

>> No.11966391
File: 65 KB, 500x423, 1360480522387.png [View same] [google]


>Sweetie Bell
>not Apple Bloom

>> No.11966395
File: 16 KB, 273x270, sweetiebell.jpg [View same] [google]

>quote the timeless Sweetie Belle, "But I want it nao!!!"
>wanting it now

>> No.11966400

>Sweetie Belle
>Not Apple Bloom
I Shiggy Diggy in the year 20x100+7+2+3+1

>> No.11966415
File: 129 KB, 640x683, Ruse cruise.png [View same] [google]

>pic related

>> No.11966425
File: 200 KB, 720x720, 1357111570656.png [View same] [google]


Fucking Belle, goddamnit.
Oh well, not like we aren't wasting posts anyway.

>> No.11966470

Etiquette, pls stahp avatarfaggin

>> No.11966509

Time to make a new thread?

>> No.11966532

yup, get on it, chop chop

>> No.11966566

I'll make one.

>> No.11966644


I recall an Anon earlier saying he'd want a tripfag making one, and since Project100 left his trip on this thread, I figured I could too.

>> No.11966673

goddamn, FINALLY

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