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PinkiePony/Chrysalis hates Faust

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>calling her Chrysalis

stop complementing her, the transforming pony didn't trivialize and take advantage of rape victims

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Fuck off Chrysalis

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April lurks among us. Also, always call her April. That really gets her panties in a twist.

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Oh please

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Faust deserves to be hated.

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> April was being called out on her Deviantart account about her money scam
> April begs for help and supplicates for mercy
> April discovers the hide and block buttons and hides all evidence about her money scam
> April claims to have been donating monet to charity for months nonstop
> April never shows any proof of that (digital receipts and such)
> April forges a fake hacking story to justify her lack of proof
> April asks for more money and then declares she has won the discussion
> April later starts attacking Derpibooru users to shift everyone's attention to a less dangerous issue than her money scam

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She's not as good as McCarthy.

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True that. Besides, the show was never good anyway.

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We, citizens of derpibooru, are with you /mlp/.
And also /pol/.

But more with you. *wink*

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seriously if she can call everyone rape apologists then i think she can take being called her own damn name

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You've always been with us.

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pinkiepony is a shit. What's new?

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sooner or later even PT is going to ask herself we she even trusted her in the first place

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Is this good enough for you?

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>All this bait

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Fresh off the press, fellas

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Can't she get a real camera?

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Oh look, Purple Tinker.

No one cares.

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>Purpletinker still pretending to be a woman

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>"I TELL you when we are on a first name basis"
The ego is fucking hilarious.

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...All those painstaking edits, and nobody gives a shit ;~;

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>I TELL you when we're on a first name basis
I would pity her IRL friends, but somehow I doubt the issue comes up much

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>so they're forced to use that

Purple Tinker is fucking dike cunt and I hope he one day will realize why so many of us hate her and why he was always wrong cause it's fucking ridiculous at this point that he doesn't have the dignity, nor do any "bronies" have the balls to tell her that he is a total fucking hypocritical insane bitch

I hate Purple tinker.

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Does she even have IRL friends?

I doubt there are people willing to put up with so much bullshit from one person.

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>not it

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I see no difference with the original.

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>Friends, outside the fandom

u wot m8

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According to her ex, she doesn't have friends in real life.
Maybe that's the reason why she cries all the time, as that was ONE of the reason he dumped her, despite the sex.

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Do you just hate all trannies?

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I love hos she keeps assuming that Bronies are old, overweight people while she still considers herself as someone pretty.

She goes from one extreme to the other and STILL hasn't said zip about her charity funds.

> Bu-buh the hacker...

Money transactions are stored on computers completely isolated from her own, so the hacker lie will not work there.

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No, just Purple Tinker.

I don't hate trannies because they are trannies, I only hate them when they are imbecile dipshits like PT is.

Sexuality and gender issues have nothing to do with people being stupid: if PT were a real woman I would hate her as well.

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>Does she even have IRL friends

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I swear, I think if she took a week off the Internet and spent the time socializing with people without drama or bullshit, she'd probably feel better about herself and all this drama JUST MIGHT end.

But with her followers hugboxing her to death what reason does she have to do any of that?

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I think you just hate all trannies.

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from the thumbnail it thought she had a fucking confederate flag design on her phone

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No fucking way. Granted I fap to cartoon horses, I don't give a shit about sexual orientation. If it gets you going it gets you going, unless you is a pedo, then die.

But yeah Purple Tinker is a fucking dike cunt bitch. That's why I hate her.

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Why can't you recognize PurpleTinker's current gender?

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Again, this is why she needs to see a psychiatrist

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It's obvious they hate trannies and changelings.

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Aren't you one of PurpleTinker and April Davis' buttbuddies? I vaguely remember you from somewhere.

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Oh hey, it's Tumblr's resident backwards redneck. How's it going, bro?

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I think you want to paint me as a tranny hater.

Why would you do something so intolerant like that?

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"Bro" hahaha what a pathetic insult.

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You know what's worse?

The trannies that undergo a sex change then declare themselves "gender-neutral" and demand that others learn some made-up dipshit pronouns when addressing them.

I don't hate all trannies, but these trannies need to go die in a fucking fire.

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Not quite as pathetic as your "womanly" body. No wonder none of your Saskatchewan redneck neighbours love you~

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No, we just say what ever gets on the nerves of whoever is being a dumbass.

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I've lost faith in all humanity, I can't wait until Chrysalis enslaves all of us.

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Want to know what's wrong with humanity? Take a good look in the mirror.

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Remember to file a ton of false reports to get tumblrs like you don't agree with like Molestia or April Davis taken down.

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Dramafags, you are cancer.
Follow the rules or fuck off.

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> Pre-op transgender

Bitch please, I've seen cis white males do better impressions of a girl than you.

Also, have fun getting a real girl to date you, especially since when it comes to pussy they want the real deal~

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I see a very pretty girl in the mirror.

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April April April April. Your name is April Davis and you have the worst house in your neighborhood. How that make you feelz?

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Join the hive.

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So you're delusional on top of being obnoxious. Good to know.

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You guys would have one hell of a laugh in our forum. This whole pinkiepony thingy is literally a 24/7 thing there.

Not only the admins are against her, its also drama free, since no one ever comes there to refute anything we said.

Protip: Pinkiepony is a furry. Not the brony kind, the furry FURRY kind. She has a tumblr dedicated to furry drawings and such.

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I see your average hipster male, not feminine in the slightest. At this rate, neither the boys or the girls will like you (except for April Davis, but she'd hump anything that moves).

>> No.15645068

Me too. By that I mean my mirror. April looks like dog shit.

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Fellow Derpibooru user here
What the hell are you doing?

>> No.15645124

You guys throw a fit everytime she's brought up in the chat.

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Only sharing what i found on the tumblr-verse. Quite funny, i stumbled upon it one day, and notice the same pattern of speaking when making a post.

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You guys are seriously immature. Protect your precious rape jokes, you misogynistic fucks.

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File: 9 KB, 513x67, What_if_we_somehow_fought_back_and_raided_4chan_Like_just_create_a_whole_ton_of_threads_dedicated_to_the_cause_-_Pinkie_s_Blog_-_2014-01-12_18.42.31.png [View same] [google]

PinkiePony's followers have no idea how 4chan works, apparently.

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You guys are also big on the Kirby fad too, you're already cool with us.

>> No.15645152

Wasn't pinkiepony's discussion forbidden there?

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Aren't her followers already raiding us?

>> No.15645180


>Raiding 4chan

Haha, i dont think attacking the internet hate machine would do her any good at all.

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some people dont even care about whatever rape joke blogs, shes just hated for being an asshole that calls everyone rape apologists

>> No.15645209

It depends on how many of her followers decided to participate. If the idea really spread to all of Tumblr or reddit or any other group we've pissed off, they could do it.

>> No.15645214


Nope. What was forbidden was uploading her art on the site. You can still talk about her in the forums, or add art RELATED to her. But nothing drawn by her.

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>the internet hate machine

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Derpibooru is just like Ponychan.

They hate the fandom, but unlike /mlp/ don't waste their time embarrassing themselves to change it.

>> No.15645221

The point is not if they could, it's more what would happen if they did.

>> No.15645228


We could report their threads for being off-topic.

>> No.15645232

They have no idea about lots of things

Also, join the fun.

>> No.15645243

No we have a huge thread about this in General Discussion.

>> No.15645245

Standing up for rape victims is being an asshole now? Please explain your flawed logic to me.

>> No.15645250

Hi there Tumblr faggot! Just some pro tips here in case your social justice lady boner wants to post again: Only namefag if you're somebody important (you're not) and even then use a tripcode. No one cares that you're "Bitch Puddin'". Also, be sure to at least scan the thread you're posting in before claiming people are making rape jokes. So far none have been posted. But in the mean time, have fun circle jerking with the rest of the Tumblr fags visiting.

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I wish the derpibooru staff would die and be replaced by decent people.

>> No.15645281

>we could rely on our mods

>> No.15645283

She is using the rape thing as an excuse to draw attention to her online store.

She has been talking about money nonstop for DAYS..

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I'd like to rape you if you know what I mean.

>> No.15645290

Pinkies fans could create "on-topic" threads, even G3 threads would work. Look at Filly Funtasia or whatever the hell that show is. This is the "pony" board, not MLP:FIM board. If enough of them came here they could turn this whole thing into all pony before FIM.

>> No.15645304

>Derpibooru is just like Ponychan.

>They hate the fandom, but unlike /mlp/ don't waste their time embarrassing themselves to change it.

You really have no clue how Derpibooru is.

>> No.15645312

>every rape victim agrees with him

Hell no.

>> No.15645320

I'm laughing so hard right now
I'm not a sjw
I'm not even doing anything other than calling you faggots out on the shit that you do.

Stay anonymous if you want, I don't give a flying fuck about if I'm important or not, just here to point out that you're all miserable pieces of cancer that need to die off already.

>> No.15645326

you having fun shilling m8?
In case you didn't know, this is one of the big reasons we don't like you.

>> No.15645335

I know that drama threads are almost always hated but despite being hated you keep posting in them.

>> No.15645347

See there is the problem, you think PP is standing up for victims and not just using it as an excuse to call people rape apologists. She has done nothing to actually help victims.

>> No.15645352


In that case you guys must have a really self-hate complex. Hell, even 4chan must hate itself....m8.

>> No.15645360

One problem at a time, pal.

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this is a mary crawly thread now

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>This is the "pony" board
It was clarified many many times that FF was allowed to stay, not any of the other shit. MLP and FF are what the board is for.

>> No.15645387


I know actual rape victims who tried talking to her, but she shooed them all off whenever they disagreed with her on something (no matter how polite they were).

Point is, PinkiePony doesn't really stand up for rape victims, but what she THINKS rape victims are like. Whenever she encounters one that doesn't fit her stereotypes (and trust me, it happens more often than you'd think), she just brushes it under the rug and hopes that nobody will notice.

>> No.15645392

>actual admitted shills spreading their damage control on /mlp/
and they wonder why we hate them...

>> No.15645397

That would involve self restraining and we have all seen how they are uncapable of that.

At their best, they would upload 3 or 4 pics before devolving into the bunch of shit throwing apes they are.

>> No.15645399


To be fair, you're exactly like /mlp/

>> No.15645400

Except donate money she's made from t-shirts and stuff to charities
Or at least TRY to whenever she has made some sort of profit. Which, before you go "NO SHE DIDNT NO SHE DIDN'T AD;FLKASDJFAS" it has already been proven that she has.

That is, until some fucknut brony hacks in and steals her money, which is, by the way, a felony.

>> No.15645403

>they could turn this whole thing into all pony before FIM.

Yeah but,
1. They'd have to fill in captcha for every "raid" post
2. They'd have to keep at it for a very long time just to even get under our skin. You all remember when the janitors tried 404ing and banning all the porn. Shit was going on for days nonstop, and then weeks sparatically. Since we share this board with /b/ we have very dedicated shitposters.
3. They'd get bored, and move on the next "oppressor of womyn"

The raid would never really work on any given scale, we are too many, and too stubborn to lose this board to SJW "raiders"

Not to get all "w3Rl33jun XD" but we honestly do have an amazingly large user base here that is very good at shitposting.

>> No.15645409

Hi, Dragondicks.

>> No.15645412

>MLP and FF are what the board is for.
Actually I take that back. The board is still for MLP but FF threads are allowed to take residence here.

>> No.15645414

She looks like an upset transvestite.

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Don't you know? Being a Pinkiepony supporter is being a social justice faggot. You think you're helping things by accusing people of making fun of rape victims. Yeah, I'm pretty sure her whole campaign is an extremely pink and glittery social justice parade.

>> No.15645437

Actually, all they would have to do is "use" the damn board. Start their own threads and use it as a forum. If they kept it up eventually their numbers could take over the shitposters here.

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File: 29 KB, 520x305, 1389578190766.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15645448

>Except donate money she's made from t-shirts and stuff to charities
>That is, until some fucknut brony hacks in and steals her money
Huh... Why haven't we thought about this before? Surely someone's got a hold of her PII we can use to get in her accounts.

>> No.15645450


Ah i remember that thread. Good times.
And yeah, i agree... somewhat

>> No.15645452

Another Derpibooru user here. We kind of have one thread where we discuss her and keep it in there. Her art is DNP, and we mainly talk about how despicable her behavior is and continue to be amazed at her little mini-fandom.

>> No.15645460

you sure are gullible

>> No.15645470


In case you haven't heard already, it's highly unlikely that /mlp/ could have sent her a virus: we don't have her IP address yet, and she claimed that for the past couple days folks have been spamming her email with clop. After all that shit, would you open a suspicious email attachment from someone you didn't know?

>> No.15645474

>TRY to whenever she has made some sort of profit. Which, before you go "NO SHE DIDNT NO SHE DIDN'T AD;FLKASDJFAS" it has already been proven that she has.
[citation needed]

>until some fucknut brony hacks in and steals her money, which is, by the way, a felony.

>> No.15645478

Uh... are we being raided here?

>> No.15645482

Yeah, but they could never be apart from their precious tumblr.

>> No.15645485

Way off, faggot.
>You think you're helping things by accusing people of making fun of rape victims
That is literally what every brony does
That is the entire premise of everything that a brony has defended anything that PP is against in the DWM movement.

And if you say anything that's remotely against that, I might bust a lung form laughing too hard.

Go on, brony.
Make my night.

>> No.15645491

The do not have the dedication,direction or numbers to do that. Considering that DWM has been dead in the water making no progress at all towards it's goals or solutions it won't happen.

>> No.15645502

Did anyone in this thread catch the new T-shirts?

>> No.15645504


>calling us bronies

You have no idea where you are, do you?

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File: 104 KB, 500x435, 1389578340213.jpg [View same] [google]

Slightly related. She's also against donating to charity.

>> No.15645508


>> No.15645527

I'm sorry, but is there proof that she was actually hacked and had funds stolen from her? Really, it just seems like a shady coverup without proof.

While we're at it, where's the proof that Purple Tinker actually donated the money she made from the charity merch she sold?

You didn't think you guys could actually have a chance at having an effective raid on /mlp/ without the right screenshots, did you?

>> No.15645539


If i have to guess...Bhaalspawn?

>> No.15645540

Derpibooru's userbase is essentially where /mlp/ went after the scruffening.

>> No.15645554

>calling us bronies

lol 10/10

>> No.15645555

She has never shown any proof that she's really donating that money.

The hack story was fake and she kept evolving it as people kept calling her out on her obvious lies- such as PayPal working during a weekend.

If she's really donating to charity as she keeps claiming to, then all what she needs to do is show proof and that will crush her antagonists forever.

if she doesn't, well, then she's just proving them right about her running a money scam.

>> No.15645557

You guys hated Bhaalspawn for a while.

>> No.15645561

Derpibooru hates every site equally.

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File: 1.38 MB, 400x225, 1389578491307.gif [View same] [google]

>almost 2 years later
>the word 'brony' still offends you

>> No.15645567

This is just getting sadder and sadder, now they're attacking the show staff and the creator herself. I can't imagine them attracting anyone left who's on the fence.

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File: 22 KB, 159x159, 1389578503421.png [View same] [google]

Guys what if
what iuf
guys are yu fucking listening??

what if we just
fuckign assfucks



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File: 189 KB, 500x281, Lady-Mary-3-lady-mary-crawley-30660328-500-281.png [View same] [google]

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>Derpibooru's userbase is essentially where /mlp/
Uhhh no

>> No.15645583

> Calling herself pretty

lol 9001/10

>> No.15645584

Butch puddin' is the name of a tumblr feminazi are you saying you're not bitch pubbin' from tumblr.

>> No.15645585

No one's pulling a raid on /mlp/
The fact that you guys think that this is a raid, holy shit I don't think I've laughed so hard, you guys are egotistical as fuck

Here, in fact, I'm sick of seeing pony porn.
You want to troll me, ask me questions about PP or even tell me more about how you'd like torape me?


>> No.15645587

So brave.

>> No.15645594

Oh hey, it's the fetish artist that whined about Derpibooru.

>> No.15645604
File: 16 KB, 500x178, basically-if-4chan-shuts-down-tumblr.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15645605


Yep. And this is the best part, he samefagged with different anon posts and 2 different accounts in the same thread. Those anons and accounts agreed to everything Bhaalspawn said.

Then the admins came, showed proof that Bhaalspawn was replying to himself and banned him. It was so sad, and funny.


Love and tolerance.... with benefits.

>> No.15645612
File: 74 KB, 307x245, 496927__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_flight+to+the+finish_spoiler-colon-s04e05_face.png [View same] [google]

Absolutely feebleminded

>> No.15645614

Then there's multiple Bitch Puddin's because I'm under this name on two blogs, none of which are Dragondicks or whatever the fuck
oh, and I'm not a feminist either.

>> No.15645615

Her name is April Davis and her supporters are APRIL'S FOOLS

>> No.15645617
File: 33 KB, 470x427, 1389578650350.jpg [View same] [google]



>> No.15645621

You are a feminazi. I knew it. You want attention. Ok I shall block you. Check and mate.

>> No.15645623

>generic cookie cutter fandom hate blog

Uh huh, keep thinking you're doing good. And fucking deal with it. R34 of cartoons has been done since before the 50's.

>> No.15645624

>The fact that you guys think that this is a raid
>you guys

Yes because that one person speaks for everyone here

good job

>> No.15645626

who's up for doxing a few tumblrs?

>> No.15645628



It's bad enough we can't call people "niggers", "faggots" and "retards", but now we have to address trannies with some gilded made-up pronouns as if they're royalty?

How much longer before they put devices in our throats that explode if we say the wrong word to the wrong person?

>> No.15645638

>way off faggot
You know, as a SJW, using the term "faggot" is perpetuating a hateful put-down.

Check YOUR priv.

>> No.15645640

Derpibooru is a hugbox and nothing like /mlp/
prove me wrong.

>> No.15645641

I don't make fetish art, that's another person on the blog.
Blogs have multiple mods, you know. That's the funny thing about blogs, right? How, like, more than one person can run one? holy shit.

>> No.15645643

>Assuming we're bronies
You clearly don't go on here.
>That is the entire premise of everything that a brony is
You don't even know the basics. A brony is just a faggot that is a fan of the show MLP, regardless of race, gender, or any sort of beliefs. Including social justice affiliations.

You know, I really love how instead of posting any facts or a legitimate argument, ('You faggots are wrong!' by itself doesn't count.), you just post clearly biased slander against everything you don't agree with. I'm sorry, are we supposed to take any of this seriously? Aww, and here I thought you wanted to *make a difference* and support rape victims. All I see you doing is shit posting on /mlp/ like the rest of us.

>> No.15645645

>since the 50s

Explicit fanfics have been around since the Victorian era, and Tijuana Bibles have been around since the 20s.

>> No.15645647

>implying it isn't a blanket term

>> No.15645651

ITT life failures bein sad

>> No.15645652

I'm game.

>> No.15645656
File: 6 KB, 242x208, 1389578745281.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15645657

Wow, been gone all weekend
what the fuck did I miss?

>> No.15645673

Looks like quacks like.

>> No.15645675

>Supporting an anti-rape brat
> Threatening with rape if things turn out bad for them

Their morality on a nutshell.

>> No.15645679
File: 211 KB, 1680x1050, 1389578795790.jpg [View same] [google]

>with porn and shit

>> No.15645680
File: 47 KB, 704x528, 1389578798888.jpg [View same] [google]

I remember when social justice wasn't a fucking maymay.

The only way to satisfy these people is to be an hero.

>> No.15645682

Ah, forgot about those. And fapfics have been around since the Victorian Era? That's news to me.

>> No.15645685

SJW are throwing thier full blown bitch-fest, with April as the ring leader

>> No.15645698

Yeah, no facts or real argument supporting your cause. Great job guys, you're getting so much done by shit posting here!

>> No.15645700



>> No.15645701

Oh, people were writing Sherlock R34 fapfics when Sherlock was a brand new thing.

>> No.15645708

Both of you are wrong and retarded, John Joseco invented porn. Which is why if you take down APM all other porn will vanish

>> No.15645710


We cant insult you nor act like assholes because the mods have us at a whip distance. You can DEBATE without us shitting in your grave prematurely.

Besides, most of us actually agreed with PP, at least in the beginning. Then it all went apeshit.

>> No.15645711


I made a thread about sending a letter to PinkiePony's (hereon to be referred to as April Davis) parents, we managed to track down her IRL location, and now April is pretending that she was hacked to gather sympathy.

>> No.15645717

no one cares

>> No.15645721
File: 1.12 MB, 458x171, 1389578935196.gif [View same] [google]

That damage control

>> No.15645726

Welcome back, dudopio.

Pinkiepony was caught running a money scam and she has been desperately trying to apply damage control all weekend long.

Turns out she never donated a cent to charities as she claimed to, and all of this DWM jig was just to atract people to her crappy online store.

She has been on a blocking, hiding and hate spree to deviate everyone's attention from the issue, you can guess how well it turned out for her.

>> No.15645733

So basically you're a hugbox.
Who the fuck are these faggots saying it's anything like /mlp/?

>> No.15645738

>most of us agreed with PP

Pretty sure there were people on Derpibooru who hated her even before DWM was a thing.

>> No.15645759
File: 351 KB, 980x935, 1389579064928.png [View same] [google]

>tfw this was an actual derpibooru admin

>> No.15645760

Uh, the mods join in on calling PP a terrible person. You have to call her a terrible person based on what she actually has done, though.

>> No.15645763

Uh no, we've been hating her since before DWM. What with her posts about her hating bronies in general.

>> No.15645766

You missed a lot, but I just missed you, Capper husbando~

>> No.15645770

>most of us actually agreed with PP, at least in the beginning
Read that first thread again that people thought it was dumb and waste of time then

>> No.15645775


There were, of course. Sometimes some fool comes and tries to make us look at PP as if she was some kind of fandom savior.


>mfw last post is fake, since i was in that thread
>mfw no face

>> No.15645778
File: 142 KB, 548x383, 1389579124340.png [View same] [google]

Smile, you're on livestream

>> No.15645782
File: 25 KB, 513x251, Pinkie_s_Blog_-_2014-01-12_19.11.19.png [View same] [google]

Hoo shit, so much for gammaTHETA keeping his cool.

>> No.15645786

She should probably be more worried about getting a real face first.

>> No.15645788

>Besides, most of us actually agreed with PP
I clearly remember people pointing at her and laughing their ass off since the begining.

>> No.15645792

Nah, the person who uploaded her posts prior to DWM mainly focused on how she's a G3 snob and hates molded hair toys.

>> No.15645794
File: 447 KB, 500x368, 1389579174981.gif [View same] [google]

>ITT: braindead SJWs from tumblr white knighting for PinkiePony

I'm out. Too tired to deal with this retardation, good night fellow horsefuckers.

>> No.15645798

But it still isn't anything like the hatebox /mlp/ is.
Stop spreading your shillish lies.

>> No.15645799


Should i upload a pic of my dick?

>> No.15645801

I just hate her art and how she can't take any criticisms no matter how minor without throwing all the compliments or constructive advice you give her out the window and coming up with stupid excuses such as "It's my style". She's beyond help.

>> No.15645809

Should I ask another anon to marry me?

>> No.15645813

>she's beyond help

No shit, really?

>> No.15645826


Maybe a a really small amount of you. Then she started getting super ridiculous and wanting the entire internet to cater to her every whim.

>> No.15645827

Yo, caps, you might want this.

>> No.15645828

You're all a bunch of dumb bigot's.
I'm literally laughing my ass of at ever dumb argument you have.

>> No.15645832


>> No.15645833
File: 200 KB, 435x637, 1389579302128.png [View same] [google]

If gammaTHETA's backfired attempt at "trolling" /mlp/ wasn't proof enough of his stupidity and poor temper, have a gander at this.

>> No.15645834

Or a functional uterus.
Remember, April claims she's infertile and carried a dead baby inside of her for over a year.

>> No.15645839

fucking do it!

>> No.15645841

>implying a hatebox is any more desirable than a hugbox

They're both shit.

>> No.15645852
File: 205 KB, 1280x720, 1389579359067.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15645856

The site doesn't support 1x1 res pics.

>> No.15645858



If you're going to insist on using hypocritical insults, at least spell them correctly.

>> No.15645871

oh wow. What the fuck

On a related note, I just threw down about a bill and a half for supplies for the /mlp/ merch table, all the profits will be going to charity, but I would like some input on designs for buttons I'm going to order

>> No.15645887


I'm in a livestream right now, watching you pathetic losers fail.

Just go back to your Twilight and Shining Armor fuck dolls.

>> No.15645889

PinkiePony is also against donating to charity.

>> No.15645892



>> No.15645893

>at ever dumb
and this is different from what her and her supporters do how?

>> No.15645897

If PP is making you mad then that means she wins.

>> No.15645906


>> No.15645913

Remember you're livestreaming yourself endlessly F5'ing a 4chan thread.

>> No.15645920


>> No.15645921

Yup, just another faggot with a stick up their vag. You'll never post any facts or well thought out arguments supporting your cause, will you? Really now, just go out and buy a vibrator and pleasure yourself alone. It's so much more satisfying than trying to get the last word in.

>> No.15645924

This isn't about men's rights, you retards, this is throwing away your freedom of expression in the name of Queen Chrysalis.

>> No.15645928

c-can I marry you anon-chan~?

>> No.15645930

rd in IWTCIRD pose seems obligatory

>> No.15645935

Whoa, what merch table? Where is this happening and how can I throw money at it?

>> No.15645939

Stop impersonating me shitlord.

>> No.15645941

Ok? And we need a link to a livestream of a thread we're ALREADY in why?

>> No.15645950


Bitch never got raped once. She could never understand.

>> No.15645956

make me mother fucker

>> No.15645958



I am there.

>> No.15645964

Ego stroking of course. What else?

>> No.15645972

Look at me
I'm a cunt
I like to suck Pinkie's clit
I'm just as much as an attention who're as PP is
I'm also gullible as fuck
I hate April Davis
She and me are cunts

>> No.15645975

Pfft, you would piss it out before then.

>> No.15645980
File: 19 KB, 353x225, 1389579754554.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15645981
File: 352 KB, 623x572, 1389579757527.png [View same] [google]

How about this?

>> No.15645984

April Davis said she would try to attend the Con and assault whoever she wanted, then throw a fit and sick the law on whoever tried to even touch her.

Capper, she also tried to sabotage your charity drive under the excuse that you are a brony and all bronies are scum.

In fact, she was taking shit about you and trying to raise an army against your persona, however you can guess how well did THAT went for her as well.

>> No.15645990

Truthfully I never even really liked PP, shes always been a bitch.

>> No.15645992
File: 42 KB, 522x334, 1389579803704.jpg [View same] [google]

I just gave a laugh at the whole DWM and put it out of my mind. I didn't actually give a shit or knew her name until her stuff started appearing in my DeviantArt inbox because of the Filly Funtasia watch group I'm in. Try to offer advice and she ended up pulling a little info from my profile for petty personal insults. She's since deleted it off her DA but this is an 'in progress' cap of what it was.

>> No.15646014

fucking perfect

>> No.15646018

Freedom is a cancer that needs to be removed.

>> No.15646019

Just what the fandom needs! BUT OF COURSE!

>> No.15646029

I like this idea. I like it a lot.

>> No.15646034

I like giant cocks up my ass.

>> No.15646035


Anyone else notice that SJWs, despite their claims of pacifism and "violence is never the answer!~" are usually the first to resort to death threats, violence, and hate speech?

>> No.15646046
File: 451 KB, 1024x768, 1389579926210.jpg [View same] [google]

We Bitch Puddin nao.

>people are watching a stream of this thread

My fucking sides.

>> No.15646052


>> No.15646054

You should stop hating the changeling queen.

>> No.15646076


>> No.15646077

>She's since deleted it off her DA
She also went crazy hiding posts asking her for an explanation about her so called charity donations and what she was really doing with the money.

Since she hid and blocked all posts related, we can assume she IS keeping the money for herself and lying about the donation stuff: all what she would have needed to do to stop the accusations as simply producing a transaction receipt, which obviously she doesn't have.

>> No.15646084
File: 274 KB, 513x497, 1389580034000.png [View same] [google]

It begins..

>> No.15646088
File: 255 KB, 546x373, 1389580038942.png [View same] [google]

Indeed, and also going to use the 4CC Team Logo, but I would like probably 3 or 4 more

As part of the deal with BABScon, /mlp/ is being given a merch table the convention, where we will be able to sell 4chan-related wares, and give the proceeds to a charity, the one that was chosen was RAINN.

If you want to throw money at the table, currently there is a fundly going on https://fundly.com/our-toast-to-faust? where the excess funds raised to buy a gift as an invitation to Lauren, will be used for the charity table. Currently we are well-past our goal, so all extra funds are going to the table.

If you want to throw money at it (and also get one or more of these custom MLP CCG Cards) you can donate through that

ooh, that's a good one.

>> No.15646091

There is a distinct lack of porn of our Queen on Derpibooru, likely because you are all losers.

>> No.15646094

Hitler did nothing wrong.
Why can't we have another Hitler?

>> No.15646095

i can't believe people are watching the stream of this shit

>> No.15646112

Should we redpill them?

>> No.15646116

Your admin TheSmilingPony loves Twilight Sparkle, absolutely disgraceful.

>> No.15646123


No, because Pinkie herself filled a DNP.

>> No.15646131

>raiding with porn
And this is supposed to upset us?

>> No.15646132

not really, their watching some tumblr guys userpage now

>> No.15646136

i'm intrigued anon, go on

>> No.15646142

Fuck, it doesn't take a genius to see he likes Trixie.

>> No.15646145


for the love of fuck.

>> No.15646150

We cant have another Hitler because a lot of his ideas were hit and miss.

>> No.15646151

>On a related note, I just threw down about a bill and a half for supplies for the /mlp/ merch table,

I wish you could add cloth panels to make a small hallway to the table, and add a Rainbow Dash pic pointing at the table and saying "Please come inside"

>> No.15646161


Oh, another derpiboorian like me.

Hello derpiboorian.

>> No.15646169

I think his dick is always inside a Trixie plush doll.

>> No.15646176
File: 20 KB, 545x284, 1389580215088.jpg [View same] [google]

>raiding with porn

>> No.15646182

She's against donating to RAINN period.

>> No.15646192

I wish I had my dick inside a Trixie plush.


>> No.15646197

Fraud. Oh yummy fraud. Let call the law dog to investigate.

>> No.15646216


And shit.

>> No.15646241

Should keep the diaperfags happy.

>> No.15646250

>against donating to the charity that helps rape victims

Then who the fuck does she want us to donate to?

>> No.15646254
File: 184 KB, 1250x880, 1389580479487.png [View same] [google]

DWM supporters are mentally unstable

>> No.15646262


that is ridiculous

>> No.15646266
File: 16 KB, 320x240, 1389580513600.jpg [View same] [google]


Yep, this is totally the face of a beautiful woman.

>> No.15646272

>SJW's are mentally unstable
Lurk /pol/ for 5 minutes.

>> No.15646275

I'm still agitated PinkiePony didn't join that animation class.

>> No.15646279

Her! The world revolves around her!

>> No.15646291

They are also unstable.

>> No.15646297

When DWM started and I saw the thread on TRS that's all I knew I wanted no part of that site.

>> No.15646302

Please don't raid our fucking board with porn you faggots.
It would be a disgrace to our waifus.

>> No.15646303


The show was for everyone, SPECIALLY for lil girls, so they could get a worthy show, up to the boys standard.

Gotta love how they tend to twist things.

>> No.15646306

It's an ugly jefree star!

>> No.15646317

I think she's against donating herself, but is fine with other people doing it.

>> No.15646324

TheShitBroniesDo is litterally the most unfunny livestream I have ever heard. It's like Reddit the Livestream.

>> No.15646326

Stop impersonating me, I love /pol/

>> No.15646346
File: 71 KB, 274x412, 1389580688246.gif [View same] [google]

Aren't we all.

>> No.15646350

She says that they are trans-phobic

>> No.15646353

I went there after getting sick of Ponychan in the s2/s3 hiatus. It was actually pretty good for awhile, then it was a shithole

>> No.15646370

Hahahahaha. The creators themselves said that show was for everyone.

>> No.15646379
File: 1.86 MB, 1140x2377, 1389580771778.jpg [View same] [google]


no u

>> No.15646384
File: 153 KB, 520x591, 1389580789594.png [View same] [google]

She hates her own followers, as she had said she hates all people who lokes Gen4 and then she said she hated all humanity.

Her followers are imbecile enough to keep cuddling her.

Oh, and this letter was sent to her parents after Anon discovered her real name, e-mail adress, home adress and parent's web hangouts.

As you can guess, she went hysterical and tried to play the smug card to claim she already told everything to her parents so it was no need to send any letter and stuff.

>> No.15646387

Wow, that's pretty cool. I wish I could go to Babscon though.

>> No.15646389

What's even more ridiculous is she's against RAINN because she heard from somebody else's Tumblr that RAINN doesn't support transsexuals.

Meanwhile, she hasn't said a word about which charity she supports now since she did her about-face on RAINN.

>> No.15646390
File: 278 KB, 518x491, 1389580799931.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15646399

>admitting you liked Ponychan

You really have nothing to live for.

>> No.15646414

fucking gold man. i'll take 2

>> No.15646415

We won't raid it with anything queen Chrysalis/Pinkiepony hates

>> No.15646421

You're a huge faggot!
Bitch cunt whore baby made of dead kitties!

And I am not an asshole because I stand up for rape victims.

>> No.15646422

I also love the taste of dirty ass.

>> No.15646425

Wasn't knocking /pol/, I was talking about the dozens of SJW threads they got daily.

>> No.15646428
File: 52 KB, 720x571, 1389580878721.png [View same] [google]

I want Molestia to cum inside me.

>> No.15646432

She's against donating to ANY charity. Remember when she was bitching about people on welfare?

>> No.15646438

I learned the error of my ways! :(

>> No.15646452

The livestream is litterally DSP tier.

>> No.15646453
File: 21 KB, 599x337, 1389580924622.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15646457
File: 69 KB, 446x600, 1389580936793.jpg [View same] [google]

It's just incorrect. It's not offensive, just wrong.

>> No.15646458

Already did 'I Want To be Raped By Princess Molestia'. Besides I have something else in mind.

>> No.15646471

PinkiePony won't join your stupid animation class because she isn't interested in improving herself. She's interested in enslaving you all.

>> No.15646482

/r/ing rule 34 of PinkiePony and molestia

>> No.15646488

you can lick my dirty ass.

>> No.15646497

Been doing a quick look-see of PP's art. It's actually kinda cute.

>> No.15646498


>> No.15646501
File: 39 KB, 500x549, 1389581043066.jpg [View same] [google]



>> No.15646503

PinkiePony hates humanity in general, what is so surprising. None of you losers listen.

>> No.15646510

You need help.

>> No.15646511

>Then who the fuck does she want us to donate to?
To her pocket, of course.

She spent this whole weekend talking about nothing but money and how much she wants $200 so she could buy a luxury booth at Bronycon to sell her crappy merch.

>> No.15646523
File: 36 KB, 250x352, 1389581091841.jpg [View same] [google]

>this whole thread

>> No.15646524

So she hates the animation class?

>> No.15646526

So she doesn't donate to charities that try to make humanity better....

Seems likely.

>> No.15646567

You would hope Bronycon staff would immediately take her off the list when picking the vendors that will sell.

You would hope.

>> No.15646570

It won't help her brainwash people, so yes.

>> No.15646577

He sour attitude is what killed it

If the was actually a nice and decent person who might actually look better too

>> No.15646587

bitch has obviously never been in those "show your face /mlp/!" threads. I know some of you motherfuckers are fine as hell

>> No.15646600
File: 1.01 MB, 574x528, 1389581262144.gif [View same] [google]

I'm not a brony. I'm not a woman. I'm not a man. I'm a human being.

>> No.15646617


Y-you too

>> No.15646626

Everything you just said is the problem.


>> No.15646645

That's a tricky spot for them, they'd probably give her her stupid booth to avoid the Tumblr whining and attacks.

>> No.15646649

>some of

key word

>> No.15646652

T-thanks anon, but I haven't even posted in there before.

>> No.15646667
File: 390 KB, 1600x1600, 1389581420778.png [View same] [google]



>the problem
The fuck are you talking about mate.

>> No.15646669

What is even happening in this thread anymore?

>> No.15646670

Female and feminist here. You're fuckin stupid and what you're doing is counter productive of what real feminists stand for. Please fuck off forever

>> No.15646683
File: 70 KB, 508x484, 1389581444437.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15646691

She goes to bronycon she is going to have a bad time. Why would she want to be somewhere where she hates everyone in the room

>> No.15646692

You're a human.

>> No.15646697

th-thank you senpai

>> No.15646702


Because she wants attention

>> No.15646707

and everyone in the room hates her

>> No.15646709

If I remember correctly the staff was pretty tired of her shit last her and didn't even let her social justice campaign get any panel time/pick which artists got booted off for R rated material.

>> No.15646726

has anyone seen my sides?

>> No.15646727
File: 125 KB, 210x210, 1389581542590.gif [View same] [google]

Me and SteveAn are the hottest bitches on here from what I've seen.
I'm gay and I think he's straight.
So we're all good.

Steve will have a bad time though
And I will have a terrible time.

Are you implying all humans are terrible creatures that deserve extinction?
Because I agree.

>> No.15646734

Because she is going to get attention, and thats exactly what she wants

>> No.15646746

So that she can make up a story to tell everyone and get more attention from her drones and new drones

>> No.15646748

>Why would she want to be somewhere where she hates everyone in the room
>entire life is defined by whining about Molestia and evil bronies that she hates and new ways to express hatred for these things

>> No.15646749

Hey impostor me, she wants to feed off their love and possibly make them into followers.

>> No.15646758

"I should be payed for dealing with angry bronies" -April Davis, 2014

>> No.15646769

For her, bad attention is better than no attention at all. She is the very definition of both an attention whore and a 3 year old child throwing a tantrum at all times.

>> No.15646773

Capper, I have you on skype. In a couple of days, I could send you some button designs I personally drew. Any idea of what you want?

What other thing, besides buttons, are you having made?

>> No.15646782

Its a mental disorder.

>> No.15646792

You just gave me an idea.
A thousand rapes to you, my friend.

>> No.15646794

You don't deserve extinction, you need another race to supervise you and set you on the right track. This is what Pinkie wants to bring us. There is much to learn from the changeling hive.

>> No.15646804


>> No.15646823


Hey! You can separate creator from creation. Think "Michael Jackson" and his music. Think "Kanye West" and his music. Think "crookedtrees" and his art. Think "George W. Bush" and his cute art. Would you hate Jaden Smith if you hated Will Smith?

>> No.15646826

I just hate the one that act like PT, the rest I just limit my self to respect them

>> No.15646839

Slenderman is canon.

>> No.15646860

>She goes to bronycon she is going to have a bad time.
She said she would use a water gun to spray the brinies like cats so she could properly train them.

She uses the word Bronies in the same way as Christian Chandler used the word Trolls.

>> No.15646885

This, and its not unheard of... http://www.bullyonline.org/workbully/attent.htm

a lot of those fit her like a glove

She will probably further trivialize rape more than shes doing now by lying about someone at the convention did something to her

>> No.15646888
File: 43 KB, 550x400, 1389581895364.gif [View same] [google]

oh lel
Chrissy is best piece of ass on the show.
Unlike April Davis. She's disgusting.
It's why she does the things she does. To feel special.
Because she's boring, normal, and average.

>> No.15646889

Just accept the changeling enslavement

>> No.15646893

Betting she'll go around and demand things drawn in G3 style and get pissed when no artist does that.

>> No.15646894
File: 118 KB, 576x1024, 1389581906997.jpg [View same] [google]


Such a wonderful young lady~

>> No.15646921

That would be great actually
the more original stuff the better
I like the idea of using tracy and /mlp/-tan and our cup team players, so anything along those lines - stuff that is special to /mlp/ and not necessarily the show as a whole

We have artists making pieces that will be made into prints to sell as well, so any art you want to make and donate to the cause would be awesome as well

I saw that - kinda neat - actually watching the episode now - so far I'm enjoying it, they seemed to dial the absurdity-meter on Pinkie Pie quite a bit, but I'm only halfway through

capcha: General asKInG

>> No.15646930

Fuck all you Homestuck lovers too, that's all matters of anti-humanist.

>> No.15646940

Not to defend those sperglords that go to cons but if she did that to me I would smack her so hard her jaw would dislocate.

>> No.15646954

i think it's got the downs

>> No.15646959

Hold up, Pinkie likes Homestuck? The changeling hive supports Homestuck?

>> No.15646960
File: 213 KB, 364x441, 1389582065921.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15646974

I don't have a problem with g3 art. It's just April thinks she can draw, but she can't. She really can't.

>> No.15646982
File: 459 KB, 800x949, filly chrissy had holes to fill just like my japanese mangas.jpg [View same] [google]

aw gross
it's like a neckbeard fedora boy.
Does it even have a penis? What a worthless creature.
I bet it bleeds out every month.

have fun

>> No.15646983

NO NO, I want to protect rape victims and violence against women, but I'm not going to do that with a supporter of that racist, disgusting webcomic.

>> No.15646986

my fucking side anon!

>> No.15646993
File: 38 KB, 582x650, tumblr_mz9hy72Dxl1rboodlo4_1280.jpg [View same] [google]

Tell me this isn't adorable.

>> No.15646996

call me a newfag, but who is Tracy? I had to google /mlp/-tan.
...Interesting choice, I guess.

>> No.15647002
File: 233 KB, 393x391, 1389582162510.png [View same] [google]

oh boy my sides

>> No.15647003 [SPOILER] 
File: 214 KB, 405x463, Screenshot_5.png [View same] [google]

And this.

>> No.15647019

I am sorry, but I can no longer take Pinkie's anti-brony agenda seriously if she supports Homestuck.

>> No.15647025

What EXACTLY is going on with this Pinkie changeling/Chrysalis stuff, and why are so many seemingly going with it?

>> No.15647029

I also feel like a newfag for asking, but what happened to your capcha?

>> No.15647033
File: 124 KB, 388x367, 1389582232209.png [View same] [google]

/mlp/'s OC

>> No.15647034

god fucking dammit you glorious bastard!

>> No.15647042

Pinkie Pony is a cultural marxist. Cultural marxism is a offshoot of marxiwm where instead of class conflict (proletariate vs burgeoise) it pits social groups (men vs women, white vs black, gay vs straight, transgender vs cis) against each other.

Two important traits of cultural marxism,

1. the oppressed vs oppressor: hence the "black people can't be racist because only people in a position of power in society can be racist" bullshit. So if you're part of a oppressed class you can't be anything negative.

2. The continuum principle. So basically this means everything is interconnected and forms a "culture". So much like people who complain violent video games cause school shootings, cultural marxists connect something vaguely sexist (girls can't throw) into a hate movement akin to Nazis against the Jews (misogyny).

Thus cultural marxists would see something like "Down with Molestia" as being part of rape culture. They see everything as connected, like a Force-like energy field.

>> No.15647044

I tried to join her on her hate with G4, I truly don't think it is nearly as bad as she thinks it is. But our Queen supporting Homestuck is a line she shouldn't have crossed.

>> No.15647068

Uh, she likes FiW too. You know, the series that has Molestia references and has creators who are against anti-bullying campaigns.

>> No.15647069

If it wasn't for that speech bubble, I'd actually call it a bit cute.

>> No.15647070


>> No.15647073

Would buy!

>> No.15647094


send it to her
and tell her we are going to sell a shitton of these things

>> No.15647097

Ooooh her. I got something else when I googled her. Okay, this explains why she's so popular. I've seen a few threads, but...

Oh, Capper, are you capable of making those "holographic" things? The ones that look like they are moving when you tilt the object?

>> No.15647103

That's not adorable.

>> No.15647110


>> No.15647120

I saw a service that makes gifs into holograms

>> No.15647123

Any sample or previews so we know what to expect out of the /mlp/ merch table?

>> No.15647141

>You know, the series that has Molestia references

and can actually be mistaken for the show by kids

>> No.15647145

Well, I can't, since she blocked me for being a smart ass.
An Anon was supposed to send her the T-shirts I made earlier.

>> No.15647146

Would all of the money from the stuff made with her face on it go to RAINN?

>> No.15647147


>B-but dat shnout!!

>> No.15647149

The same can be said about April.

At first glance she can pass as someone cute.

Then she opens her mouth and everything goes to hell.

>> No.15647153

Is it just for 2 frames or what?

Oh... if I made some for that purpose, would you make the holograms?

>> No.15647167
File: 179 KB, 874x919, 1389582520720.png [View same] [google]

G4 snout is superior.

>> No.15647168

Wait PinkiePony is a homestuckie? Fucking dropped m8.

>> No.15647174
File: 37 KB, 513x162, Screenshot from 2013-12-12 10:49:32.png [View same] [google]

Daily reminder that PinkiePony is a hypocrite and listens to music by child rapists.

>> No.15647186

i fucking hate homestuck and i hate you pinkie

>> No.15647189

Sell those at the Con

Donate the profits to charity

Show the receipt so she cannot claim it's fake

Watch her going hysterical trying to attack -ANYONE-

>> No.15647197
File: 267 KB, 513x496, 1389582590526.png [View same] [google]

Original design...

>> No.15647201

Homestuck is to autists what lamps are to flies.

>> No.15647206 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.92 MB, 1328x1361, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.07.18 PM.png [View same] [google]

Will you shut the fuck up now
It is not /mlp/'s OC it's a piece of shit some 12 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY

look fagstuck general
it's just like epin may mays except worse

>> No.15647220

This would actually help people, too. More than she's done.

>> No.15647227


Too much inferior G1 style.

>> No.15647230
File: 269 KB, 517x496, 1389582661883.png [View same] [google]

Revised design..

>> No.15647246

i say we wear these to the con she goes to.

>> No.15647263

Why does PinkiePony like Homestuck?

>> No.15647266

not yet, will have some soon, the materials are in the mail

u wat m8

here, take a look for yourself

>> No.15647287
File: 121 KB, 515x647, 1389582802113.jpg [View same] [google]


>Not knowing Tracy's origin.

>> No.15647294

>Don't have a gif, just upload two images!
Oh good. I don't have to worry about quality loss. Thank you, capper.

>> No.15647300
File: 301 KB, 511x488, 1389582835140.png [View same] [google]

Had to change the color, since putting this on green looks horrible.

>> No.15647304
File: 75 KB, 945x945, 1389582862296.png [View same] [google]

>Thinking Tracy is shitposting

>> No.15647305
File: 252 KB, 2416x464, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.11.01 PM.png [View same] [google]

It is objectively worse than epin may mays

>> No.15647316
File: 177 KB, 960x703, 1389582889985.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15647329

And that's why I'm not gonna support her anymore.

>> No.15647338
File: 144 KB, 950x970, 1389582938281.jpg [View same] [google]

t's a piece of shit some 12 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY

>> No.15647351

I never actually bothered with fandom stuff, but since the bits and pieces look to be intriguing for a gossip, can anyone make a bulletpoint summary for the situation?

>> No.15647364

>with porn and shit
My favourite

>> No.15647379
File: 73 KB, 744x1340, 1389583055642.png [View same] [google]


please stop. This isn't even good bait

>> No.15647393

>I-if i keep repeating the same thing over and over, someone's BOUND to believe me and take my side!

>> No.15647394
File: 26 KB, 1324x258, 1389583094902.png [View same] [google]

>pic related

>> No.15647413
File: 174 KB, 640x612, 1389583156454.png [View same] [google]

It's a piece of shit some 17 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY

Tracy is not /mlp/'s OC it's a piece of shit some 12 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY

Tracy is not /mlp/'s OC it's a piece of shit some 12 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY because they are that in love with shitposting and pretending to be retarded.

>> No.15647432

>stupid sjw tumblr bitch

thats just about the gist of it.

>> No.15647444
File: 225 KB, 600x400, 1389583236011.gif [View same] [google]

I don't even fucking care anymore.

>> No.15647455 [SPOILER] 
File: 76 KB, 189x465, Screenshot_9.png [View same] [google]

No picture, just a thermos.

>> No.15647463
File: 140 KB, 608x758, 1389583299985.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15647466
File: 42 KB, 310x425, 1389583307594.jpg [View same] [google]


[Opinion Discarded]


Why do we care about what PinkiePony does? She has literally no influence on the show or show runners

>> No.15647467



>> No.15647471
File: 21 KB, 184x184, 1389583318740.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15647474

To be fair, I did find the Mutton Bash unsettling.

Thats internet culture

>> No.15647491

A greedy chick trying to use the excuse of fighting against online rape to lure people to her online store.
Every day she talks about money and more money, and how much she wants MORE money, etc. The rest of time she disguises it with attacks against people or this board, but she alreays returns to the same topic: MONEY.

She blocks out anyone who points at her money greed and how she uses rape as an excuse to fish for more money.

>> No.15647516
File: 51 KB, 234x216, 1389583437192.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15647519
File: 22 KB, 300x230, 1389583440266.jpg [View same] [google]

>Tracy is not /mlp/'s OC

>> No.15647527
File: 261 KB, 1000x900, 1389583469727.png [View same] [google]

What does that even mean
Goddamn I hate that artist.
What an entitled little shit. It's just like Pinkie Pony and the worst part is he's black and a weeaboo faggot.

>> No.15647547

Who is this OC supposed to be?

>> No.15647552
File: 148 KB, 505x413, 1389583516961.png [View same] [google]

This should be in the top 10 women's product.

>> No.15647554

I don't know what's happening, and I can't read all of this shit, but it looks rather autistic .

>> No.15647566
File: 382 KB, 940x720, 1389583557534.png [View same] [google]

My sides, that's great. Saved in case of future encounters.

>> No.15647578
File: 161 KB, 508x488, 1389583583666.png [View same] [google]

Continued on the bottom.

>> No.15647601
File: 759 KB, 2500x2000, 1389583654421.png [View same] [google]

it's a piece of shit some 12 year old girl made and /mlp/ shitposted about it for months, originally shitposting to put Nicolas Cage on its flank, and make it "edgy" and give it knives LOL SO FUNNAY!
Some even say people shitpost about it TO THIS VERY DAY because they are that in love with shitposting and pretending to be retarded.

That's DICKS.
It was created in the same exact way Tracy was except we made 3 small threads where a very talented artist drew her after we summoned her.
And then we fucking stopped because we aren't autists and we didn't give her a stupid fucking personality and go on and on and fucking on about a stupid goddamn joke.

>> No.15647612

Pinkie hates that excuse for a princess.

>> No.15647613

I got a decent explanation in:

>> No.15647628

Now it's adorable.

>> No.15647637


>> No.15647648

I'm called 2 big ass Bronies, but that's just my name I'm really 4'11 I just asked her for directions but she flipped out and started smacking me around. I don't know what happened.

>> No.15647655

Eww, I don't want that social justice faggot in my panties, or within a 50 foot radius of me for that matter.

>> No.15647659

Oh my god
Send this to her.

>> No.15647662

Make a 404 Not found version to send it to Purple Tinker as a gift.

>> No.15647669 [SPOILER] 
File: 327 KB, 1280x1612, 501086__solo_explicit_anthro_solo+female_breasts_edit_queen+chrysalis_princess+cadance_colored_pregnant.jpg [View same] [google]

Cadance is second only to chrissy in sex appeal

spoiled for inflated male nipples

>> No.15647692

That WAS for the SJW's. I'm working on the Pro-Molestia one.

>> No.15647714

I'd get angry, but Pinkie being a homestuck fan repulses me too greatly to fight for her.

>> No.15647728

>lol a 12 yr old grull made it xdd
>i'll repat this ad infinitum

You are like a fucking broken record m8.

>> No.15647740


>> No.15647746

W-why would you do that, shirt anon? ;_;

>> No.15647747

Always felt that doing a charitable act did not need to be boasted about.

In this case post it all over the fucking place.

>> No.15647765
File: 608 KB, 827x1494, 1389584005047.png [View same] [google]

Tracy is a part of board culture at this point regardless of her origins.
Also don't know where you're getting the 12 year old kid thing from. Though I specifically recall a thread that popped up around then with some earthday OC pony or something made by some kid with cancer or something that there was a tracy crossover pic with. I'll give you the bennefit of the doubt and assume that perhaps you're confused.

>> No.15647768

holy lol

Did that Mutton Bash drama go anywhere funny?

>> No.15647781

Because she's so ugly she turns men gay and make trannies confused.

>> No.15647808

Aside from Mayde folding like cheap wet chinese tissue paper and pulling an animation?

>> No.15647818
File: 509 KB, 1600x1484, 1389584151211.png [View same] [google]

There is the 12 year old girl.
/mlp/ didn't make it.
/mlp/ made ponigg.
This is /mlp/'s only OC character I know of.


>> No.15647835

He put it back up when PP went onto her next issue du jour.

>> No.15647852
File: 653 KB, 1115x1184, 1389584235687.png [View same] [google]

/mlp/'s new OC!!!!!!!!!

>> No.15647856

Thanks anon, now my vag is as dry as a desert, and I'm not even gay. There goes my fun for the night...

>> No.15647861

haha he folded? When I stopped paying attention to it he said he wouldn't.

What a little bitch.

>> No.15647879

Why didn't you do it instead?

>> No.15647942

People keep bringing up PurpleTweaker and Pinkiepussy in this godforsaken thread. WHY are they still relevant? Particularly that Jew, Pinkiepussy?

>> No.15647944
File: 785 KB, 1190x1418, 1389584462829.jpg [View same] [google]


Hello. You seem to be autistic. Is there someone we should call?

>> No.15647947
File: 184 KB, 518x491, 1389584469991.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15648001
File: 178 KB, 504x495, 1389584612017.png [View same] [google]

And for the cunt herself..

>> No.15648022
File: 18 KB, 500x45, tumblr_inline_mz9rl1Wor31qewv88.png [View same] [google]

Watch out, guys.

>> No.15648036
File: 36 KB, 413x465, 1389584696838.jpg [View same] [google]

I've been professionally diagnosed as the opposite of autistic.
Because I went and asked a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist if I had any symptoms of being autistic after being on 4chan for 8 years.

nice meme

>> No.15648038

I would dump Tracy if I had images saved.
The following threads after she was created were comedy gold.

>> No.15648061
File: 4 KB, 506x50, 1389584769417.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15648066

"I sincerely hate all humanity"



>> No.15648067
File: 8 KB, 510x149, 1389584790079.png [View same] [google]

Totally no fraud here.

>> No.15648083

Okay, now that's just bait.

Oh no. A cartoon character that has achieved enlightenment and has obtained power is despicable.

>> No.15648089

>admitted she spends time in class doodling instead of taking notes

>> No.15648096


>> No.15648109
File: 132 KB, 641x627, 1389584869848.jpg [View same] [google]

>you should feel ashamed for even living her

>> No.15648116

I don't think she liked her before that. She really seems to hate her for some reason, and has for a while.

>> No.15648126
File: 17 KB, 520x61, 1389584922828.jpg [View same] [google]

Again talking about money...

>> No.15648127
File: 101 KB, 570x583, 1389584923571.png [View same] [google]

>i want money
>i deserve money
>give me money
>i'm not conning anyone holy shit

>meanwhile on homestuck general

>> No.15648128
File: 111 KB, 600x355, 1389584922887.gif [View same] [google]

>Living her

>> No.15648139

You poor child. Your life must be so hard.

Well isn't that responsible.

What are the chances her paypal account is the same as her e-mail that was shown a few threads back?

>> No.15648163

>out $10 dollars
>can't afford a plushie


>> No.15648184

>a break from schoolwork
>I should be payed for this
>payed for this
clearly she needs to get back to school sooner rather than later

for fuck's sake she doesn't even know how to use the word "paid"

>> No.15648186

>wants to buy a plushie
>has shelves literally filled to the stuffing point with ponies already

>> No.15648208

>On this episode of hoarders

>> No.15648229

>Confirmed for next Goldie Apple

>> No.15648246
File: 19 KB, 312x312, 1389585238431.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15648261
File: 41 KB, 500x500, 1389585279642.jpg [View same] [google]

Has anyone ever asked her what she thinks of some characters on the show? She hates Twilight, but what about Spike? I can't recall her even mentioning him, not even his previous gen versions.

>> No.15648269
File: 131 KB, 568x740, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 10.53.33 PM.png [View same] [google]

guys pls

>wants to steal money from people
>is literally being a homeless furry

>> No.15648276
File: 96 KB, 739x376, 1389585320018.png [View same] [google]

well hell
if the excess is going to the charity effort, we're off to a good start

>> No.15648292
File: 254 KB, 500x1500, 1389585368406.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15648300
File: 162 KB, 618x388, 1389585394499.png [View same] [google]

Reminder that this is all originally The Zam's fault.

>> No.15648321
File: 302 KB, 1082x1920, tumblr_mm54itYXD81rboodlo1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [google]

PinkiePony is many things, but ugly is not one of them.

>> No.15648325


>> No.15648330
File: 19 KB, 117x285, 1389585464913.jpg [View same] [google]

If you stare long enough, you'll turn asexual!

>> No.15648344

>first name basis
Is her real name April Pinkiepony?

>> No.15648357

Zam... what have you done.

>> No.15648360


I can fix that~

>> No.15648361

>no hooves

>> No.15648371

Newfag here. Who's The Zam?

>> No.15648373

Didn't he end up on reddit?

>> No.15648374

Nice, intelligent and loveable, she is not either.

>> No.15648375

I don't know of any other. Honestly, I'm happy she didn't. I don't think I could tolerate her being a poor victim and undoubtedly bawwing to this group of good people.

>> No.15648384

I think it's her parent's fault.
I wonder if her dad has a spacious mangina now after divorcing April's birth place.

Oh god quit posting that hideous being.
I can't even photoshop her because it disgusts me so.

>> No.15648388

okay i really just liked watching the drama unfold more than anything but now i genuinely dislike her because holy fuck bitch wants a fursuit

>> No.15648394

A faggot.
He's the OP in that screencap

>> No.15648397
File: 19 KB, 219x160, 1389585643827.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15648401

Her real name is April Davis.

She really hates being called by her real name and demands to be called Pinkie in real life.

Yeah, she's THAT broken.

>> No.15648408

Ugly? No.

Psychotic? Absolutely. Just another mentally disordered femanazi liberal who needs to be embarrassed so she doesn't show her face on the net ever again

>> No.15648412

april you dumbass
stop feeding the fucking bear already, get off tumblr and move on from your circlejerk of colorful fruity ponies

>has creators who are against anti-bullying campaigns.
yet they're perfectly fine with making fun of fans on their tumblrs
ok FIW whatever

>> No.15648421
File: 224 KB, 722x1280, tumblr_mjzf4c3AAu1rboodlo1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [google]

>implying you wouldn't

>> No.15648434

How about instead of making fun of her physical appearance, we focus on how bad of a personality she has? Like how she hates donating to charity, and tried to get /mlp/'s BABScon table banned?

>> No.15648439


>> No.15648442

What's her middle name?

>> No.15648459

her personality is pretty damn repulsive though

>> No.15648467

Yeah, they make fun of RDP all the time to because he told a "sexist" joke that was basically "women are confusing sometimes."

They're like children.

>> No.15648470


Like... she is claiming to be?

>> No.15648473 [SPOILER] 
File: 9 KB, 504x188, Screenshot_15.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15648489

Hence the 'she is many things' part. She's an awful human being, but I'd definitely fuck her.

>> No.15648529

She doesn't have to prove anything to her! Why won't you just leave her alone! She's innocent! Why do you have to ruin her life by making her prove things that aren't true!


>> No.15648541

Hey, Pinkiepony, just give up. Your exboyfriend called you out about what a psychotic controlling whore you are.

Feminists called you out for acting like a childish little brat.

You are an embarrassment! Don't you understand that? Is your fucking family proud of you for the psychosis you are subjecting us to on the internet?

Seriously, get yourself checked into a hospital. You're sick, and insane, and you need help.

>> No.15648553
File: 313 KB, 640x360, 1389586001447.gif [View same] [google]

I would beat it within an inch of its life and make it a disfigured crippled mute to live the rest of its life in an assisted living home and I would not touch her ears
so every time a child sees her she can hear every squeal, gasp, and "what is that horrible thing mommy" absolutely perfectly.

>> No.15648562

Why have people forgotten the "never stick your dick in crazy" mantra?

>> No.15648570

I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. If she can't deliver, her followers will be likely to realize what a con artist she is.

>> No.15648593 [SPOILER] 
File: 88 KB, 912x317, 1386893670394.jpg [View same] [google]

Do it. Keep a screencap of the question after you've asked it. So we can prove that she's dodging it.

>> No.15648597
File: 35 KB, 677x461, 1389586116762.jpg [View same] [google]

Smells like white knight. Stop defending her, dirtbag.

>> No.15648598

She's already said she's against donations.

>> No.15648606
File: 448 KB, 1027x1039, 1389586132286.png [View same] [google]

once you've fucked crazy
you've dun fucked crazy

pic related this bitch is a sociopath i'll take the bear

>> No.15648626
File: 186 KB, 574x606, 1389586203268.png [View same] [google]

You're a huge dumbass spooderman

>> No.15648662

>Not noticing sarcasm

Try again.

>> No.15648664


>> No.15648665
File: 186 KB, 426x1260, 1389586309084.png [View same] [google]

This poor guy didn't know.

And yes, I will post this every single time this crazy person comes up on here. It's all you need to know that April is an obvious schizo.

>> No.15648694


>> No.15648697

East Coast fag here. I feel your pain, Anon.

>> No.15648706

>Implying Guy Fawkes masks are still cool.

Anonymous is dead, asshole. Project Chanology left the hate machine a shell of its former self thanks to you fucking newfags. Beat it, before I have you plucked and deep fried.

>> No.15648727

I might try to get out there if I can get a decent rate. If only because I want to sperg out in front of the show staff and tell them how much I like the show.

>> No.15648780

Yes, and her followers believe she is Chrysalis.

>> No.15648796

>Where she wiped the cum off of her friend who was apparently raped

>> No.15648847
File: 531 KB, 666x696, 1389586743814.png [View same] [google]

i think you are silly

>> No.15648904
File: 207 KB, 411x737, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.20.19 PM.png [View same] [google]

fuck your waifu pony as a raccoon or something

>> No.15648936

She doesn't know what baddragon is, does she?

>> No.15648947

That's the thing though! she DOES need to prove it!

we need empirical evidence that PROVES that she has done what she says she has, words are hollow, proof is solid.

if i went outside now and claimed to have donated a million dollars to charity, do you think people would believe me without proof?
according you your (and PP's) logic, no i don't, people should mindlessly believe me.

>> No.15648984

Oh she does.
She's a hardcore furry dude.

On the plus, her fursona is oh so fuckable
unlike her

>> No.15648995

>people should mindlessly believe me


>> No.15649028
File: 395 KB, 500x472, 1389587154442.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15649030

She keeps saying she has been donating to charity for months nonstop and that the profits from her online store are all for charity, ESPECIALLY her down with molestia shirts.

>> No.15649039
File: 2.79 MB, 424x239, 1389587169004.gif [View same] [google]

I'm going to have to start spoiling my posts with sarcasm now, aren't I?

>> No.15649061
File: 148 KB, 566x308, 1389587247269.png [View same] [google]

are you thinkin
what i'm thinkin


>> No.15649107
File: 93 KB, 719x595, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.28.53 PM.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15649129

But she's said she didn't want to donate to RAINN...

>> No.15649157
File: 63 KB, 357x634, 1389587487344.jpg [View same] [google]


Not so pretty now, eh?

>> No.15649210
File: 1.61 MB, 911x1362, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.32.17 PM.png [View same] [google]

>april's furry blog

>> No.15649215
File: 57 KB, 531x371, 1389587628861.png [View same] [google]

She says many things.

>> No.15649244

She's actually a changeling.

>> No.15649251
File: 1.07 MB, 250x162, 1389587713926.gif [View same] [google]

oh kay

>> No.15649287
File: 702 KB, 683x866, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.35.59 PM.png [View same] [google]

>more of aprils posts

>> No.15649316
File: 592 KB, 904x1196, Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.37.17 PM.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15649320

> I run several charities

Proof, please?

> and volunteer
You never leave your house, all what you do is freak out on the net all day and night long.

>> No.15649332

Oh. Huh. Wow. Doesn't matter considering she tried to get the BABSCon charity stopped.

>> No.15649381
File: 83 KB, 780x439, 1389588121635.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15649385

Great bait Dave

>> No.15649394
File: 118 KB, 291x249, 1389588158767.png [View same] [google]

>tfw you know the reference, even if you didn't want to know it in the first place

>> No.15649418

it moves

that is a lovely comic

>> No.15649445
File: 59 KB, 368x394, 1389588307677.jpg [View same] [google]


> The only people following her are Purple Tinker, a troll and her own dummy accounts.

Wow, that's actually sad.

>> No.15649508

The problem is it's Google+.

>> No.15649528

What if Pinkie and Rina got angry with each other?

>> No.15649575


>> No.15649584

>implying that matters.

Nothing of value would be lost.

>> No.15649588

That would kill off a huge part of the brony tumblr community.

>> No.15649727
File: 2.48 MB, 550x400, 1389589254816.gif [View same] [google]

what the fuuuuuuuuuck

>> No.15650086
File: 2.92 MB, 500x281, 1389590451526.gif [View same] [google]



>> No.15650108

so new thread or what?

>> No.15650273
File: 1.06 MB, 480x470, 1389591009231.gif [View same] [google]

You're saying that like it's a bad thing, anon.

>> No.15650390
File: 14 KB, 500x277, 1389591449408.jpg [View same] [google]

This is the greatest thread I have ever had the pleasure of reading.

>> No.15650471

No it isn't. The lulz where had about 200 posts ago. Now what we need is some ACTION. Someone needs to take out Pinkiepony's internet social life for good. Expose her and embarrass her. Only then will she actually learn something. Heed my words.

>> No.15650803
File: 83 KB, 553x616, 398144__safe_solo_vector_octavia_reaction+image_octavia+melody_artist-colon-reiduran.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15650816

Above all else, interspecies porn is the worst! Whatever you do, DO NOT POST INTERSPECIES PORN.

>> No.15651358
File: 3 KB, 488x33, 1389594752662.png [View same] [google]

>If it helps any, pic is actual quote from Pinkiepony on her DWM/PARC blog: http://downwithmolestia.tumblr.com/post/70017480261/one-not-found-two-it-doesnt-make-it-less-true

Despite attempting to be ""professional"", she's also whined about how several people used to refer to her as Pinkiepony on the DWM blog because "my voice speaks for all not just one, so stahp" or something similar. (Edit: found it http://downwithmolestia.tumblr.com/post/70016451736/can-you-please-stop-addressing-me-as-pinkiepony )

>> No.15651449

And foalcon. That stuff is awful. Please don't post it here, otherwise we'll get very upset and traumatised.

>> No.15652841

Heaven forbid someone call you by your actual name. SO DISREESPEKFUL.

>> No.15652964

She's cried before on her blog about how she doesn't have any real friends.

That's probably why she's so fixated on being "popular" on the internet, and why she's feeding off of and manipulating these people like a cult leader.

>> No.15652979


>> No.15653005

Emotionally manipulating others over your own personal resentment is not "innocent".
Lying to others is not "innocent".
This girl is a disgrace to women everywhere, and another unfortunate stain on the label of "feminist".

>> No.15653072
File: 5 KB, 510x233, 1389604598505.png [View same] [google]

Well it seems to keep happening

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