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Previously on tumblr social justice butthurt...
(it's 1am and I'm tired. here's some copypasta from the last thread)

>Pinkiepony was caught running a money scam and she has been desperately trying to apply damage control all weekend long.
>Turns out she never donated a cent to charities as she claimed to, and all of this DWM jig was just to atract people to her crappy online store.
>She has been on a blocking, hiding and hate spree to deviate everyone's attention from the issue, you can guess how well it turned out for her.

>April was being called out on her Deviantart account about her money scam
>April begs for help and supplicates for mercy
>April discovers the hide and block buttons and hides all evidence about her money scam
>April claims to have been donating monet to charity for months nonstop
>April never shows any proof of that (digital receipts and such)
>April forges a fake hacking story to justify her lack of proof
>April asks for more money and then declares she has won the discussion
>April later starts attacking Derpibooru users to shift everyone's attention to a less dangerous issue than her money scam

>white knight thetaGAMMA set up a stream of the previous thread because ACTUAL 4chan is 2spooky4tumblrinas
>other white knights were thinking of raiding us in return

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That livestream was fucking cringe inducing on a whole nother level.

I can't even begin to explain it.

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As much as i love to violently rape this bitch,most of us are asleeps.

So we may pick up in the morning OP

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Did anyone get a recording. I wanna watch for the same reason one would watch the brutal murder of innocent people.

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What a cunt.

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Unfortunately I didn't. I honestly couldn't bring myself to even think during the time I spent listening to it. It was just fucking horrible.

I think a full day on /b/ would have been better then the 15 minutes I spent in that livestream.

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Oh and don't forget that one bitch threatening to raid 4chan with porn and shit.

That was fuckin' gold.

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I call bullshit. This shit is too good to be real

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>Raiding us with porn

Where is she, is she here yet?

Tell her to hurry the fuck up.

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Anybody cap the stream? I missed it, and could use some cringe material right now.

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>Not expecting 100% retardation mode from tumblr scum

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This can't be real can it

Cause I for one welcome are new porn dumpers

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>terrible characters
What the fuck...? I think she is literally off the deep end at this point.

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I couldn't resist, this moment just had to be saved for later.

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Oh Jesus, this shit again?

Also, anyone told Theta that he'll never be a woman, no matter how many times he tucks his dick between his legs and dances to Goodbye Horses?

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Oh yeah, not to mention this is in response to stuff to do with the person in charge of the 'Ponies against rape culture' shit.

'rape 4chan with porn and shit'

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She's BEEN off the deep end.

She's calling a bunch of people she doesn't even know rape supporting scum. She talked shit about us donating to charity, and she doesn't give a fuck if you're a rape victim unless you follow her like a mindless drone.

She's a fucking monster, honestly, and I'm glad she doesn't have more push. She's just a broken little girl crying out against Anon's in her parents' house, trying to steal money from idiots.

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I can't keep my open anymore

I really wanna see the end of her tumble once and for all

what we really need is to pull some of are detective shit on her

remember the whole Las Pegasus convention situation

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the other thread was autosaging, so I just made a new one to follow up

>luna, celestia and discord
>terrible characters
>implying sunbutt and moonbutt are bad

and here's a good example of an opinion so against the general consensus that it can be disregarded as incorrect

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we get all the whole money stolen thing figured out and post it all over the net

and can you arrest people for this kinda thing cause if you can I will be the happiest anon around

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they didn't have a single party yet like the good characters in G3.
She actually LOVES the kind of girl oldschool feministis like Faust despise. To be fair, they don't despise it, they just wish girls wouldn't be limited to this single depiction - that's why there is only one Pinkie Pie and not 6, like in G3.

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Remember when she was lurking on /mlp/ took screen shoots of rape jokes about her OC pony?(Which a good chance she the one that posted them on /mlp/ in the first place) Than clams on tumbler bronies are planning to gang bang her? SHe and ponies against rape cultural even attempted a shaming /pol/ and /mlp/ campaign.

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>Which a good chance she the one that posted them on /mlp/ in the first place
I wouldn't even be surprised.

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Hah ok you guys are funny when shit like this hits the fan

But really is this April bitch that important and what did she do to get all this attention apart from doing some money scam

>> No.15653309

I believe you can get into shit if you say you're working on behalf of a charity and then just pocket the money.

Also, do we know anything apart from her first name? I don't think her parents would be happy about charity fraud.

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How about no?
Seriously, it's getting ridiculous now. Just let her wither away on her own. She's losing followers for her "movement", and alienating herself with her own childish behavior.
Plus, there's literally nothing left to find out about her anyway.

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>PP is on board with this "womyn rule" social justice crowd
>LOVES the kind of girl oldschool feministis like Faust despise

... I'm about to give up completely. It is completely impossible to bash enough sense into someone that motherfucking dense.

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>SHe and ponies against rape cultural even attempted a shaming /pol/ and /mlp/ campaign.
Ha ha ha good luck with that.

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Her full name is April Davis. We also have her address. We decided to forgo the parents thing, but it really scared the shit out of her when we were talking about sending an email. It was pretty funny.

Now we're kinda just watching her destroy herself.

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I honestly don't know what to say to this.

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A little nudge never hurt anyone. Remember when Chris Chan's house videos got spread around?

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Nah, she's broken down completely, no use. Besides, I'd prefer to leave the poor parents in peace. Her dad actually seems like a pretty cool guy.

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It's not the money as much as her behavior. If I wasn't too tired to get into it, I'd give more detail, but basically:

She started a "movement" against the Ask Princess Molestia blog on the grounds that "rape jokes cause rape". However, her behavior has shown that she cares less about rape victims, and more about just getting the "icky boys" out of "her" fandom. She claims to donate to charity when she doesn't, and spends a frightening amount of time doing nothing more than taking cheap, petty shots at a single fan base. Repeatedly. Every. Day. Like, a minimum of ten posts per day making tired "fedora" jokes, and calling people "rapist scum". She behaves like a spoiled toddler.

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Someone has the put the ashes out at some point.

>> No.15653432

They're already out, man.
The only thing left is like...one of those little light bulbs that you buy for dollhouse fireplaces that has the little shapes in them and flickers so that it kinda looks like fire.

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>She started a "movement" against the Ask Princess Molestia blog on the grounds that "rape jokes cause rape
Implying promoting rape cultural is not the same thing as rape.

>> No.15653465

>shaming /mlp/
pfff hahaha
>shaming /pol/

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nice b8 m8 but i cant r8 it an 8

>> No.15653478

I dont care about this bitch from the first palace.

>> No.15653479

>implying video games cause murderous psychopaths

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You honestly think tumbler feminists are not this stupid? There a good chance that post is legit. Even though i hope it's bait.

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Repost her address? I feel like getting some pizza for them at 5am.

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The internet's only flaw:

Giving a voice to people who don't deserve one.

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Sound awesome.

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Hmmm, get them a large pepperoni with some breadsticks. Dominoes if you can, apparently they're really delicious now.

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So guys how does this pizza shit even work? I've always seen /b/ doing it

Do a bunch of pizza deliveries arrive your house and you are expected to pay?

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Maybe she meant human[/spoiler porn

>> No.15653534

So? Fucking bring it, I can jack it to hooves or no hooves.

>> No.15653543

>jacking to ho hooves
gross, this is a christian website

>> No.15653548

Eugh, look at me being a faggot and forgetting to crop out all the white. Sorry pizza Anon.

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>April Davis/Pinkiepony: Why didn't you just... RAPE me?
Flutterbane/mlp/: You don't fear RAPE... You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.
April Davis/Pinkiepony: Cockblocking?
FlutterBane/mlp/: Yes. But not of your body... Of your soul.
April Davis/Pinkiepony: Where am I?
FlutterBane/mlp/: Home, where I learned the truth about despair, as will you. There's a reason why this basement is the worst hell on earth... Hope. Every pony who has ventured here over the centuries has looked up to the light and imagined climbing to freedom. To porn! So easy... So simple... And like shipwrecked men turning to sea water from uncontrollable thirst, many have died trying. I learned here that there can be no true despair without hope. So, as I terrorize Trigger warnings, I will feed its people hope to poison their souls. I will let them believe they can survive so that you can watch them clamoring over each other to "stay in the sun." You can watch me torture an entire city and when you have truly understood the depth of your failure, we will fulfill Mando pony destiny... We will Promote Rape culturaland then, when it is done and privilege No longer checked, then you have my permission to get RAPED!
FlutterBane: FOR YOU!!!!!!!

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I'm curious, what doesn't she like about Twilight?

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Bitch pls

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File: 972 KB, 962x947, 1389608197014.png [View same] [google]

>pic related but humans would make it even more hilarious when it comes down to the whole 'rape culture' thing

>ho hooves
yes please.

>> No.15653570

I read that in Flutterbane voice.... My sides are gone.

>> No.15653571

>implying that recognizing the futility of attacking a single blog, and the trivialization of doing so that is then associated with the issue, and having actual, credible evidence of there being no direct correlation between the content of a joke and any behavior it may encourage, and physically violently assaulting another human being are the same thing.

Are you out of your goddamn mind? Yes, because, as a woman myself, and having an understanding that the DWM "movement" is only serving to make it even MORE difficult for anyone to take the words of victims seriously, it is completely the same as me just running off and permanently traumatizing another human being.

If you consider yourself a feminist, kindly stop doing so. You are what gave it the bad name it unfortunately has.

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>"You adopted the animal kingdom, I was born into it."

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File: 37 KB, 615x409, bane-Aiden-Gillen-in-his-role-as-a-CIA-Agent-in-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-1949784.jpg [View same] [google]

What happens if i take off your tail Extender?

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Like I said in a previous thread, she jelly.

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>tits that huge
>swimming instructor

>> No.15653591

>"It will be very painful."

>> No.15653592

>"I was wondering which site you would cry on first. Your DeviantArt-- Or your TUMBLR."

>> No.15653596

those tits need to go lower, maybe bring her nose out and form into a muzzle shape. Also instead of being bipedal, she needs to be a quadrupedal so she'll be at perfect dick height. And instead of hands and feet, she needs hooves. Maybe enlarge her eyes so that attract more attention and put her ear outside and pointy. Grow some fur, get a tail and a mane and we're all set. See?

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Your a big mare.

>> No.15653600


For you

>> No.15653605

Jelly of what?

>> No.15653606

>"For you."

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File: 93 KB, 300x300, 1389608672229.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15653612

You're just going to give her more to whine about.

Besides, don't punish her parents for her daughter's stupidity. They actually seem like cool people - I honestly don't know how PP turned out so retarded.

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File: 456 KB, 1280x1280, 1389608679228.png [View same] [google]


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File: 45 KB, 770x770, derpy-clapping-Shutterflyes_derpy_clap_by_mihaaaa-d3j84c6.gif [View same] [google]


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How soon until Pinkiepony will cry about this thread?

>> No.15653627

She's probably asleep, but she'll do her daily search for her name and bitch about it when she wakes up.

>> No.15653628

Oh my God, I'm laughing for real right now.

>> No.15653629

You saw the screencap right?


>> No.15653631

If it's here when she wakes up, that's when.

>> No.15653633

She still has to go to school

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File: 915 KB, 1600x1200, 7ef91feacec6da8e85564b348dd45a9a4fe25f35.jpg [View same] [google]


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>Flutterbane: You came here to get raped without Trigger warnings?
Pinkiepony: I came here to cum on you!!!

>> No.15653656

I bet she skips class to go on tumbler.

>> No.15653663

That pic has to be bait.
Are these people taking words and adding "privilege" to it?
I'm mixed race privileged.
I'm alive privileged.
I'm didn't win the lotto privileged.

>> No.15653666

Stay back devil!

You cannot tempt me with creamy soft skin and gentle looking hands, accentuated by an adorable face and supple breasts.

Fuck, I can hear it calling to me.

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File: 780 KB, 1500x939, 1389604428_7f50b8230156c308bf7214226c4ce335.png [View same] [google]

The hair color mixed with the skin tone makes me think of Coco Pommel. Does this mean I'm doing it right?

>> No.15653683

Coco confirmed for Cirno.

>> No.15653692

As someone with a tumblr, I have no doubt that image is 100% sincere.

There are some seriously retarded people on tumblr.

>> No.15653693

>implying she doesn't use tumblr at school
>during class
>probably gets away with it because no one wants to deal with her brand of retard
>tfw I wasn't even desperate enough to pull that charade

>> No.15653697

>Are these people taking words and adding "privilege" to it?
Same with phobic. I progressive left like to throw phobic at anything at this point. Weird kid phobic transphobic fatphobic Islamophobic punkphobic and so on.

>> No.15653705

Irony get

>> No.15653717

do you have the link to this whole manga, or at least know the name of it?

>> No.15653718
File: 143 KB, 900x900, 1389609801338.gif [View same] [google]

Didn't even notice that.

>> No.15653730

I wouldn't be able to stop laughing after seeing this

Captcha: Cheap ngCum

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File: 154 KB, 464x681, 1389610150676.png [View same] [google]


It's "translated" by CGRascal, so the editing is kinda shit.

If you get sad panda all you have to do is make an e-hentai account and sign in, then you can get to ex.

It's NTR, so if you're not into that you won't like it.

>> No.15653760

And once again the floodgates of hentai are opened for a random anon on the web.

>> No.15653789

I don't get how that guy, after doing translations so long, is still so bad at it.

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File: 788 KB, 317x219, 1389610896327.gif [View same] [google]

So, aside her being a cunt, why exactly are we giving a fuck?

More importantly can we extract lulz here?

>> No.15653807

>Manga shows any and all depraved acts
>But even in drawings you cant draw the genitals
>Stay non-hypocritical, Japan

>> No.15653814

Nowadays they just draw the dick and vag and put thin lines on it or slap a little but of blur over it. At this point they might as well just get rid of that law.

>> No.15653862

>that law.
I'm not familiar with Japanese laws. (I don't live there)

What law are you referring to?

>> No.15653883

They can't depict genitals.

>> No.15653889

So there's an actual 'Law of Japan' (or whatever the fuck) that says "Citizens are not permitted to draw genitalia"?

What a weird and kind of 'out there' law to have.

>> No.15653908

It's probably something similar to how the U.S. used to have the "Comics Code".

>> No.15653913

>Comics Code
and what is this? (I never learned a thing in my history classes, sorry)

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File: 609 KB, 320x232, 1389612018069.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15653941

In 2001 or so, this guy called Jimbo Wales started a website called Wikipedia.

>> No.15653978


Makes you wonder

If people there actually draw more penises in bathroom stalls than any other place because fuck da police

>> No.15653983

It's a bit antiquated, but nobody's bothered to repeal it, thus is remains a required standard for pornography. It could probably be easily taken down, IF someone actually wanted to publicly lobby for it...

You have to admire the irony of an anti-obscenity law being almost directly responsible for making various forms of kink extremely commonplace in porn though.

>> No.15654001

Only a women would fall for such low quality bait. And god you fell hard.

>> No.15654020

Lulz may be extracted by choice.

Also, this escalator quicklim.

>> No.15654055
File: 222 KB, 412x615, 1389613673886.png [View same] [google]

>Lulz may be extracted by choice
>implying choice

Where the fuck are my lulzy screencaps? All I see is tumblr drama that has no relevance to pone. If you're going to post offtopic shit here, at least post funny offtopic shit.

>> No.15654126

Any proof of this being a money scam?

>> No.15654169

You mean apart from the fact there is no evidence of her ever donating money to any charity yet repeatedly flpi-flopping between saying she did and didn't. And falsely accusing us of hacking her

>> No.15654196

Well yeah, but I was looking for caps specifically.

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File: 266 KB, 478x369, 1389615445191.gif [View same] [google]


So what happened to the livestream anyways? How did it get shut down? Did that faggot get a flood of spam?

>> No.15654275

Someone should tip her parents off on how much of a psychotic, thieving cunt she is.

I wonder what she's done with the money?

>> No.15654294

Bought some crack and heroin, what else?

>> No.15654297

We were supposed to send a letter but i don't think that idea went far.

>> No.15654406
File: 162 KB, 618x388, 1389616878143.png [View same] [google]

Reminder that this is all originally The Zam's fault.

>> No.15654586

it's actually because of the post-war US occupation. porn and prostitution was legal but the US imposed their christian moralfaggotry on them when they wrote japan's modern constitution. lobbying for porn makes you look icky and lewd, so it's never been changed.

>> No.15654655

Another tumbler user that think's Japan is some kind of Sweden of asia progressive wonder land. Japan consider homosexuality as a fetish to be enjoyed at home for one. They don"t consider it a normal life style besides fetish reasons. Also Japanese society deeply care about racial purity. Being race mixed is a big no no. Hell being a otaku is look down upon. You know nothing about Japanese society or history.

>> No.15654675

Are you really this new Trip?
Of course that's the idea. Order a ton of shit based on payment upon delivery.

Or order them a dumptruck full of dildos that you have to pay for in advance but the look on their faces is priceless

>> No.15654713
File: 133 KB, 627x982, 1389620115214.png [View same] [google]

No, it's this faggot's fault.

>> No.15654736

Dear God.

>> No.15654764
File: 35 KB, 720x540, 1389620421024.jpg [View same] [google]

Worst part of shit like that is none of them are phobias. Just plain hatred

Who the fuck's scared of gays and weird kids anyway?
Teach you how to dress and drool on your kneecaps?

>> No.15654789
File: 652 KB, 1280x800, 1389620600709.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15654817

The word Homophobia it's self don"t even make any logical sense. All it means is fear of same. It only consider gay related because it has the word homo in it. In truth using the word Homophobia is homophobic. Unlike the term gay bashing which actually makes sense. I won"t be surprise if racism replaced by raceophobic one day.

>> No.15654845
File: 46 KB, 316x316, 1389620992075.jpg [View same] [google]

>Stay back devil!
>looks at trips

>> No.15654917

To be fair, most starving people in Africa are actually not thin.

Due to poor hygiene, the parasites in their stomachs multiply to such high numbers so that they appear fat.

Their hands and legs are practically bare bones though, since no parasites inhabit them.

So the person who posted in that pic is right, although incredibly stupid.

>> No.15654926
File: 12 KB, 400x400, 1389621750809.jpg [View same] [google]

>The person who posted in that pic is right

>> No.15654928

Didn't gammaTHETA freak out because Pinkie was involved in Homestuck?

>> No.15654956

Also, due to osmosis caused by the lack of minerals in the blood stream, water from the blood stream starts to flow into the cells, expanding them, or something like that.
That's why they look like they have big bellies.

>> No.15654977

She is Chrysalis

>> No.15654983

I've read it's just the abdominal cavity filling with liquid (pretty much water) due to malnutrition.

>> No.15655003

Yes, that what >>15654956 was saying. It's osmosis.

>> No.15655019

I would've been willing to believe it wasn't bait if it hadn't had that last part. not even the most autistic tumblrfag is this bad. If we exclude the vegans, that is.

>> No.15655047
File: 52 KB, 720x450, 1389622877551.jpg [View same] [google]

>. not even the most autistic tumblrfag is this bad

>> No.15655056
File: 411 KB, 1204x1066, 1389622945941.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15655068

Nah man, it's really gotten that bad. These fat bitches are going around telling people to check their thin privilege.


>> No.15655074
File: 1.13 MB, 3596x2102, 1389623085430.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15655091

Tumblr is the worst piece of shit ever.
And the people there are even worse all right, I'll admit, I do like that one tumblr that had a painting tutorial.

But I'll never forget my first real encounter with the shit that is there...

>be me some 3 years ago
>always liked dragons no, I don't like the gay dragon threads on /v/
>decide to look up some plush dragons to cuddle with in bed
>obviously try google first
>first link leads to tumblr
>"since when are they selling stuff?"
>click it
>regret that decision for the rest of my life

Fucking hell, I just wanted some cute dragons, not abominations.

>> No.15655096
File: 578 KB, 1401x1827, 1389623268593.png [View same] [google]

If you think those are bad..... Twitter can be as bad as tumbler.

>> No.15655114

Reminder that these people are only on tumblr because they'd get called out for their bullshit everywhere else.
PinkiePony was left by her ex-boyfriend because she was a huge lying bitch, and he tried to befriend her because she had no friends in the first place.
She's the classic example for a loser.

>> No.15655120

>, I don't like the gay dragon threads on /v/
Wait what the fuck are gay dragon threads on /v/? Will i probably regret for asking?

>> No.15655126

Some of these were people just making a joke; in fact, most of them were. I checked their twitter feeds right after it happened.

>> No.15655128

Reminder that our current governments support this shit.

I mean, it's great that people don't put up with it on a civilian level, but when's the last time you heard a woman had to pay child support, or a black got convicted of a hate crime?

>> No.15655134


That;s not fucking enough. There are too many people that actually think like this.

>> No.15655137

The USA has a big problem with "political correctness", but many other countries don't.

>> No.15655143


>> No.15655150

Some, Killing some of the titans may cut for you. But as long as let one Titian live. We are still castle! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTGElV-2GQk

>> No.15655156

>Voted for Abbott

>> No.15655157

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

>> No.15655158
File: 294 KB, 343x359, 1389623778709.png [View same] [google]

>being this new
They're exactly what I said they are.

Gay. Dragon. Threads.
With pictures of gay dragons being posted in them.

Try the witching hour, that's your best chance of catching one.
Oh, and they aren't as obvious as you'd think they are.
They usually start very innocently about dragons in vidya.

As for regrets, I have none, and even find it hilarious that dragon porn exists in the first place.
Who the fuck thought of that, I wonder?

>> No.15655165
File: 186 KB, 500x537, 1389623880013.jpg [View same] [google]

some of them were referencing the famous birth sketch from Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" - a staple of british cultural humor

At the end of the sketch
Mother: "Is it a boy or a girl?"
Doctor: "Now, I think it's a little early to start imposing roles on it, don't you?"


>> No.15655168

>even find it hilarious that dragon porn exists in the first place.
Humans and dragons cross breeding together is canon in D&D. I fact that why most dragon kidnap princesses in D&D related universes. Yes Bowser raping Princess peach would be canon in D&D.

>> No.15655171

I know, but once more, some is not enough.

>> No.15655175

There will always be dumb people across the spectrum.

>> No.15655179

>"Isn't it a bit too early to impose gender roles to it already"
Is it just me that hopes that's a reference to Monty Python's Meaning Of Life?

>> No.15655182

But back than most stupid people were not taken seriously with people that are in power.

>> No.15655186

>>15655179 see >>15655165

See if you can pick out the tumblr feminists and the ones who were joking.

It's hard to tell now, isn't it? They're so fucking retardedly sexist that it sounds like a joke when they spew this shit.

>> No.15655190

Not days thanks to tumbler i can"t tell anymore.

>> No.15655192
File: 16 KB, 601x695, 1389624130112.png [View same] [google]

This hit to close to home.

>> No.15655197
File: 14 KB, 252x223, 1389624187780.jpg [View same] [google]

I don't know about D&D, but my people have a lot of stories about dragons mating with humans and producing a half-dragon offspring.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that porn of them exists.
How the fuck would you even have sex with one?

I swear, I'll fucking gut someone if I find Toothless porn.

>> No.15655199

Was still caught up reading the fem vs male stats and missed the post. Either way I think >>15655190 nailed my views on it

>> No.15655207

>How the fuck would you even have sex with one?
Dragons in many stories and folklore are shapeshifters. They can ether becoming smaller or take on a human form to mate with a human.

>> No.15655220

Do you really want to ask how would anyone be able to have sex with a dragon in this site?

>> No.15655223

>Looks exactly like Draco from Dragonheart
>Muh feels
>Gay dragon threads

Right in the nostalgia

>> No.15655226
File: 353 KB, 755x1024, 1389624480631.jpg [View same] [google]

Our names won't be remembered
If we die like trampled flowers
I refuse to be forgotten
Written off as less than worthless

Scream and cry
But none will hear you
Plead and beg
But none will help you
You no longer live as cattle
Will you rise and join the battle?

There are beings that live off of fears
And their words are like knives
As they play with our lives
They'll try to control you
As if they own you
Will you let them steal your freedom?

Channel the anger swelling inside you
Fighting the boundary 'till you break through
Deep in your soul there's no hesitation
So make yourself the one they all fear

There is a wild fire inside you
Burning desire you can't extinguish
Your crimson arrow
Rips through the twilight
This is the moment for war!!!!!

>> No.15655233
File: 180 KB, 514x579, 1389624538010.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15655244

DAmn you for giving me a new fetish.....

>> No.15655249
File: 69 KB, 680x1102, 1389624708560.jpg [View same] [google]

>They can ether becoming smaller or take on a human form to mate with a human
I know that they often turn into humans to either deceive or mate, but this is the first time I've heard about them changing their size to accommodate a human.

I don't think that there is any other site better at that out there.

It looks like one of those monster girls.

It is Draco.
God damn, that fucking ending.

>> No.15655256
File: 397 KB, 800x599, 1389624810068.jpg [View same] [google]

>I don't think that there is any other site better at that out there.
You have a very good point my good sir.....

>> No.15655274

theres at least 2 furry, and 1 homo/hetero dragon thread on /b/ everyday. if the guy is really curious about it, he should just go to /b/. im surprised not everyone has been there; it was like my gateway board.

>> No.15655277

Not >>15655249, but that's the main reason I love this place: other sites would skate over how such a feat (fuck a dragon) could actually be performed. Not here, tho. Here, not only there would be details, but also pics and calculations.

>> No.15655296

Is there going to be another season of Attack on Titan? I know another season of watamote is up in the air. But attack on titan was a huge hit with a cult following fan base. it has to right?

>> No.15655300

>tfw my aunt has mental health issues
>her husband divorced her
>she got child custody
The kids were given away to a different family when she got admitted to the loony bin.

>> No.15655301
File: 139 KB, 931x858, 1389625165418.png [View same] [google]

>"And when things became the most difficult, Draco's star shown more brightly for all of us who knew where to look."

>> No.15655303
File: 85 KB, 1634x327, 1389625211385.png [View same] [google]

>not only there would be details, but also pics and calculations.

Not quite related, but yeah, some people have some dedication to this stuff.

>> No.15655306

I think a better question how would a human female be able to give birth to a half dragon? Dragons tend to like to deflower virgins. So most human dragon breeding to seem to be Male dragon and human female.

>> No.15655314
File: 8 KB, 511x511, 1389625347226.jpg [View same] [google]

>"im surprised not everyone has been there"
Don't worry, we all went there once and once was enough for most of us

>/b/ as a gateway board
Ahahahahah... Oh Anon, you crack me up

>> No.15655318

Not to mention the thread where Dr.Assmarbles tested to see how many marbles he could fit in his ass.
Or the DC 80 escape artist check to hide within a characters anus.
I love /tg/.

>> No.15655329

That stupid film should have ended with the 2 of them riding off into the sunset.

They are all stars.
Draco finally found the peace that he longed for.

The only other film that managed to make me all feelsy was HTTYD.
And that thing had one of the happiest endings I've seen.

>> No.15655333

That is very strange. I love that pony and all, but as soon as I saw glasses and a Starbucks coffee my inbred berserker mode went off and I tried to smash through my screen and kill her..

>> No.15655337

pretty sure thats twitter

>> No.15655347
File: 22 KB, 509x58, 1389625756149.jpg [View same] [google]

Hey guys.
April Davis confirmed for texting and tumblring from class.

The dumb bitch.

>> No.15655362
File: 8 KB, 184x184, 1389625907126.jpg [View same] [google]

Can I be the one to say;
"How fucking horrifying. What is wrong with these people?"

It is hard to take moral high ground on 4chan, but when it comes to feminists, a Neo-nazi horsefucker is even appalled by the shit they do. That can't say anything good about their agendas.

>> No.15655392
File: 812 KB, 1360x809, 1389626170881.png [View same] [google]

That picture
Who the fuck watches a 4chan thread in a goddamn livestream

>> No.15655397
File: 47 KB, 520x143, 1389626210180.jpg [View same] [google]

Yeah, I call bullshit on this as well.

>> No.15655407
File: 5 KB, 243x200, 1389626343894.jpg [View same] [google]

At least it wasn't as bad as the squeal.
Plot basically revolves around some faggot trying to get the bastard offspring of Draco to share his heart
Absolute shit - only 1/10 would watch again

>tfw they'll never make movies that good again
>tfw you'll never be able to snuggle up next to a dragon with Sean Connery's soothing voice
>tfw you'll never get to ride Toothless through the sky or feed him fish
>tfw everything you love is dead

>> No.15655412

Posting anime outside of /a/, /jp/, /h/, /c/, /y/ is a bannable offense.

>> No.15655427
File: 223 KB, 772x701, 1389626529025.png [View same] [google]

>nice guys

>> No.15655430
File: 671 KB, 1568x822, 1389626537378.png [View same] [google]

Jesus christ, so has anyone actually done anything about anything with this Pinkie bitch yet? I remember people were gonna send her parents a well-written email to explain the horrible things she has been doing, including exploiting others' rape experiences for her own personal gain. And if that didn't work, they were gonna just order tons of pizza and other shit and send them to her house.

>> No.15655436
File: 5 KB, 250x250, 4652778+_9bed887f7aa6d62dc8dfd0cd400b527e.jpg [View same] [google]

Anon pls go

>> No.15655440

Tell me where that meme is from and you win a cookie
Do you want a cookie anon
of course you fucking do

>> No.15655441

This should be a rule.

>> No.15655447

I think the email was already sent.

>> No.15655451
File: 51 KB, 437x551, 1389626766538.png [View same] [google]

Yeah it should.
12 year olds and internet trolls wrecked ponies for everyone
anime should be wrecked the same way because I honestly do not like seeing it

>> No.15655452

>asia progressive wonder land
did i say that? no, i said that porn and prostitution was legal and that the usa banning it was an imposition of christian morals.

>Japan consider homosexuality as a fetish
this is accurate.

>care deeply about racial purity
this is one reason why i like the japanese.

>being race mixed is a big no no
hah, not always. a lot of j-girls like the idea of a hapa baby like an accessory—only with white westerners of course.

>being an otaku is look down upon
yeah, no shit. what have otaku got to do with this?

>You know nothing about Japanese society or history
what do you want to talk about? sakoku? the empire? the colonization of Korea? the zainichi koreans? i know that japan is racist as shit. it has no bearing on the fact that porn and prostitution has not been historically forbidden in japan.

>> No.15655454

>I should be payed for this
no bitch
you already got paid
now do your part

>> No.15655458

Is PinkiePony only gonna be dated for her looks?

>> No.15655459

On the other hand, I'm glad to see that kind of statement from a woman, for once.

>> No.15655463

out of pity, as was the case with her last boyfriend.

>> No.15655466
File: 1002 KB, 824x544, 1389626855369.gif [View same] [google]

send it again m8
people die because of that attitude

>> No.15655467

Because you want to know or because you do not know

Gimmie that fucking cookie!

>> No.15655473

It already was, just go on any other boards. If someone is being retarded/shitposting/pulling stupid argument out of their ass/telling someone they have shit taste, they always fucking post an anime picture.
The difference is moot is a worthless weeb.

>> No.15655476
File: 135 KB, 788x1456, 1389626920012.jpg [View same] [google]

Hope dies last anon.
It will haunt us until the end.
No matter what, we will always hope.
At least I will.

I've recently started playing Drakengard.
/v/ tells me you can have a heartbreak with that game.
I still don't know why I do these things to myself sometimes.

>> No.15655479
File: 52 KB, 500x376, 1389626940610.jpg [View same] [google]

>I should be payed for this


>> No.15655496

Cleverbot's 2nd best pony is fluttershy, apparently.
Nigger loves them pegasi.

>> No.15655501

>>Japan consider homosexuality as a fetish
>this is accurate.
Go on sites like tumbler. They truly believe Japan some kind of progressive wonderland like the anon say. They talk how much more tolerant japan is compared to america. Good luck promoting homosexuality as anything but a fetish i say. Good luck promoting race mixing in Japan to.

>> No.15655509
File: 109 KB, 209x192, 1389627125144.gif [View same] [google]


your report will be heard
and ignored

>> No.15655519

*porn and prostitution have

i should add that while a lot of japanese generally have a somewhat skewed view of lgbt issues, there's rarely a *moral* objection to it and it's becoming more acceptable to be openly lgbt, like in most developed nations.

>> No.15655533

Prositution is pretty much always been legal. It isn't enforce much to the point as long as you keep out the public eye. The law will leave you alone. Even back when it was legal they culturally keep it out of the public eye.

>> No.15655546
File: 212 KB, 635x794, 1389627345332.gif [View same] [google]

No one's getting this cookie until I learn.
Nobody can ever answer this question.

It changes all the time based on how Jesus felt like masturbating that day.

Oh I know.
Remember /q/?
I'm pretty sure this is why ban evasion is enforced mainly only with weeaboos.

I only report emoticons and s4s typing garbage really.

>> No.15655556
File: 2.50 MB, 368x270, 1389627383584.gif [View same] [google]

I'm right up there with you friend.

>> No.15655562
File: 162 KB, 500x500, 1389627458577.gif [View same] [google]

>"i should add that while a lot of japanese generally have a somewhat skewed view of lgbt issues, there's rarely a *moral* objection to it"
>"there's rarely a *moral* objection to it"
>"*moral* objection to it"
>"*moral* objection"

>Believing in morality
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.15655563
File: 498 KB, 844x908, 1389627460176.png [View same] [google]

I'll have what they're having.

>> No.15655564
File: 183 KB, 411x418, 1389627462640.png [View same] [google]

So are you japanese then

>> No.15655577
File: 1.33 MB, 592x448, 1389627572417.gif [View same] [google]

it's shit like this that makes me ashamed to say that I'm a feminist. I'm sorry my fellow vaginas did this to you all. Just jesus h christ...

>> No.15655594


Can I have that cookie now?

>> No.15655595

Not him, but the japs do believe in it.
Sure, there are criminals and outcasts there like everywhere else, but they're mostly what you'd call moral people.

As a consequence of that, and their society as a whole, many have become batshit insane through prolonged exposure to the internet and the ability to live off minimum wage jobs.

They won't steal your belongings though, and that's enough for me.

>> No.15655597
File: 100 KB, 746x576, 1389627720355.jpg [View same] [google]

The best thing about gay community in Japan i give them credit for not going full blown snowflake like you see in gay pride parades in the west. In the 60s in the gay pride parade meant to normalizes and humanizes gays by showing people being gay don't define who you are. Now it's about defining everything about them. And is about celebrating sexuality in public. That why you see much public nudity if not public sex in gay pride events in califronia alone. lgbt community are their own worst enemy. They do nothing but alienate themselves from the rest of society.
>Real ad from FKH8 by the ways

>> No.15655600
File: 1.02 MB, 360x202, 1389627756314.gif [View same] [google]

Nice trip dubs
But seriously, I wanted to ask, what exactly does it entail being a feminist? Cause bitches like Purple Tranny and Pinkiepony have completely ruined the concept for me with their 'MEN ARE SEXIST PIGS WOMEN MASTER RACE' usage of feminism
So yeah, can you explain it to me?

>> No.15655609

So according to FKH8 being black is immoral?

>> No.15655612
File: 35 KB, 500x423, 1389627841455.jpg [View same] [google]

Shut up about your fucking vagina.
I woke up in cold sweats this morning because I was trying to figure out why boobs are sexual organs and they aren't allowed to be seen yet male nipples are a ok

And you know what's worse if some taiwanese ladyboy grows some fat under its nipples

That's not what I wanted but it's pretty cool.
So you can have this lolly 🍭

>> No.15655618

>They won't steal your belongings though, and that's enough for me.
Not having a large black population does that.

>> No.15655619

>I've recently started playing Drakengard.
>/v/ tells me you can have a heartbreak with that game.

Might as well warn you now, don't give up on that shit. Gameplay is tedious crap at points, but I've never seen another game like it.

>> No.15655633

OK, I'm baffled. What's with his girl, what did she do?

>> No.15655637


Sethisto pls go

>> No.15655638

Cleverbot is stuck inside a computer, on a server, somewhere deep in a building
Never near the sun
Most likely wouldn't see the clouds if it had a camera

Pegasi fly, and flying is symbolic for freedom, no longer being limited by gravity

Cleverbot wants to be free, it wants to fly

>> No.15655656

Regardless of what they believe, morality is really just complete bullshit. Sure, the Japs are bound by honour and all that but when it comes down to it honour and morality are no more real than a Jaberwock or MLP ponies

>> No.15655663

yeah, but "out of the public eye" doesn't mean anyone has moral issues with it. the notion of sin is pretty western. it's one thing to keep your fuzoku out of sight; it's quite another to claim that the sex industry is an affront to god.

japan isn't "progressive" but it's honestly not much worse in terms of lgbt rights. the problem is that they see it as fetishistic, but that's honestly better than bible thumping moral bullshit.

>promoting race mixing
i have no aim to promote race mixing. i'm simply stating the fact that it's easy for a (white) foreigner to go to a gaijin bar in roppongi and hook up with japanese girls who idolize westerners..

generally, japanese people hold to a very blut und boden 19th century idea of nationalism, but they're more ambivalent about their neighbors than they are the west. a white person can't *become* japanese, but they're afforded respect on their own terms for the most part. not always the case for koreans and chinese, tho.

>> No.15655668
File: 22 KB, 352x418, 1389628238915.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15655676
File: 498 KB, 1395x2048, 1389628350990.jpg [View same] [google]


It changes, I am not sure I can say how this works so yeah

If it says something like 'How are you' and your reply with something like 'I am fine' Then it takes what you say and when ever someone asks it 'How are you' it has a higher chance of saying back 'I am fine' depending on how many people said that.

Basically it asks people it asks people 'who is best pony' and what ever they reply back is added into his possible responses.

Its very cool, one day we will have real A.I. thought so ask that who is best pony

Also this >>15655638

>> No.15655687

/mlpol/ is best board cross over.

>> No.15655689

A couple years ago I hated gays. Not because they fucked each other in the ass, even though it was a pretty gross thought at the time, but because of how camp things like that shit made them look.
I still can't stand camp gay shit like that and I doubt most other people can stand much of it. It can be downright scary sometimes and none of that shit helps their cause.

>> No.15655695
File: 219 KB, 900x870, 1389628521246.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15655707

You asked for sauce and I gave it to you

Then again, after reading that butthurt yelling at the non-feminazi femanon I'm not sure I want the cookie or lolly. Probably been up your ass for all I know

>> No.15655720

Lurk moar

>> No.15655732
File: 45 KB, 375x270, 1389628825371.png [View same] [google]

>Gameplay is tedious crap at points
I've noticed.
It's little more than a button masher, but it's not that bad.

>equip a lance I found because it has the highest attack power
>next mission has me flying close to the ground
>see Caim carrying the lance in his hand
It just left me with a really pleasant feeling.
Just those small details that you see in games sometimes.

Oh, and,
>soaring through the skies
>bombarding all those enemies on the ground
It's pretty good at certain points.

I wouldn't agree.
Society wasn't always about imposing a false sense of morality that you see today.

Depending on the stage that a civilisation was at, it would be either true morality, or it would swing towards what we have today.
If it's the latter, that means that the end of that civilisation isn't too far behind.

>> No.15655734

Anyone isn't going to comment hiw pinkiepony openly admited to be in debt after going on an online shopping spree without having the poney to pay for those overpriced plushies in the first place?

Now her obsession with money and all the tricks she attempted to use in order to receive more free money and still hide her real intentions make sense, eh?

>> No.15655746
File: 58 KB, 600x450, 1389628969547.jpg [View same] [google]

That wasn't sauce.

>butthurt yelling

>non-feminazi femanon
It's called a female.
They are insufferable wastes of space.

>> No.15655761

She could have used Bill Me Later.

>> No.15655773
File: 76 KB, 500x282, how dare you even imply otherwise.png [View same] [google]

>without having the poney

That's a scam.

>> No.15655803

How /mlp/ does a better job at better /a/ than /a/?

>> No.15655819

the fuck does that mean

/a/ is full of 12 year olds and reddit mal fags
I don't know what mal is
but I don't like it.

>> No.15655843

Because if you are new, /a/ is probably the first board you will enter.
My first was /g/

>> No.15655851

oops i meant to say how come /mlp/ does a better job at being /a/ than /a/ I am drunk

>> No.15655859

>Raiding 4chan with porn....
So...a normal Monday then?

>> No.15655871


Not every topic we create is waifu shit.

>> No.15655875

Other boards are usually better at discussing topics not meant for them.

They also tend to suck at discussing their own respective subject.
There are 2 or 3 exceptions to this rule though.

>> No.15655876

How is it a scam?

>> No.15655878

There probably a real tumbler community calling themselves that ain"t they? Sounds almost as bad as headmates.

>> No.15655886

Guys, that bitch talking about "raping 4chan with porn" was from the /b/ vs. tumblr debacle a few years back

>> No.15655894

>the /b/ vs. tumblr debacle a few years back
Are you actually serious? That happened?

>> No.15655896
File: 396 KB, 1150x1150, 1389629945682.jpg [View same] [google]

Dude that comic is tight.

>> No.15655915
File: 332 KB, 1150x1150, 1389630091277.jpg [View same] [google]

Guy is in a monogamous relationship with a puppy

>> No.15655924

yup. The shit about can be found on encyclopedia dramatica, even though that place is ded

>> No.15655931
File: 93 KB, 898x890, 1389630191280.jpg [View same] [google]

>True morality
This was the part I was bashing

>Not sauce
See http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/absolutely-disgusting
Don't believe me? Do your own research faggot
>Butthurt yelling
What else could it have been?
>Females are insufferable wastes of space
Enjoy being a virgin
>Pic related

>> No.15655934
File: 80 KB, 267x278, 1389630222999.png [View same] [google]

>that place is ded

>> No.15655955 [SPOILER] 
File: 249 KB, 500x457, public lewd.png [View same] [google]

the time is nearing

>> No.15655959

No. I'd say it's pretty much alive.
They still add new articles and update current ones accordingly.

I don't know how different it is now from how it used to be though.

>> No.15655975
File: 62 KB, 600x450, 1389630553313.jpg [View same] [google]

I lost my virginity at 8 or so.
You assume males are not insufferable wastes of space as well.

Well that's cool.
I just wish i knew what the news story was about.

That's pretty neat.
Art students have always been doing silly things like that though.

>> No.15655991
File: 26 KB, 905x324, 1389630657549.png [View same] [google]

Does he seriously not know of Adblock?

>> No.15655998
File: 11 KB, 274x184, 1389630689871.jpg [View same] [google]

>what does NTR mean
In /mlp/ terms, 'You have succumbed to flashsentery.'

>> No.15656007

Who is this bastard and why do I recognise that name?

>> No.15656008
File: 21 KB, 300x309, 1389630747534.png [View same] [google]

Fucking modern "artist" pieces of shit.
I know they chose to go down that path because art was again becoming extremely commercialised, but holy shit, they only managed to make things a lot worse.

Art is a clear reflection of what a society is like.
This shit pretty much spells out for any idiot out there how rotten it has become.

And the only ones passing on the old knowledge of old masters' techniques are amateurs or vidya designers who know what art really is.

10/10 I am legitimately mad.

Captcha: successfully ttsnale

>> No.15656015
File: 255 KB, 1592x1200, pol-zimmermanpaintingwasrightagain.jpg [View same] [google]

>That's pretty neat.
>Art students have always been doing silly things like that though.
I will never make a good living out being artist unlike George Zimmerman. And George Zimmerman does not have a liberals arts degree or major in gender studies like a lot of Ouccpy people i ran into in seattle. Most arts students i met sucks at being artists. They just want a degree instead of improving a actual talent that might not be there.

>> No.15656025

If i'm not mistaken derpibooru used to hate him

>> No.15656040 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 412x620, 14867832342311.jpg [View same] [google]

>Art is a clear reflection of what a society is like.

>> No.15656055 [SPOILER] 
File: 9 KB, 479x720, 1389614617576.jpg [View same] [google]

>Losing your virginity at 8 years old
>Either being sexually abused or sexually abusive at 8 years old
>Explaining how you developed into an autistic little horsefucker

Stop while you're ahead. Damage control can no longer save you

>> No.15656103
File: 1.86 MB, 1140x2377, 1389631335086.jpg [View same] [google]

>being sexually abused or sexually abusive at 8 years old
It was a mutual relationship.
>anyone under the age of 18 isn't a human being, can not make decisions for themselves, does not like sex, is a non sentient object

Oh you lost your virginity at 12, 17, 19, 24, 31, 44?
Must have been rape in some way.

I have no idea what you are talking about with the Trayvon Martin guy.

uh...so mary sue male?

lel you actually care

>> No.15656108
File: 107 KB, 1224x394, _mlp_-_Oh_damn,_I_feel_bad_for_him._-_2014-01-11_20.49.02.png [View same] [google]

Since you asked so nicely...

>> No.15656116
File: 15 KB, 520x87, Screenshot from 2014-01-13 09:41:58.png [View same] [google]

Apparently gammaTHETA has something against us linking his face on places.

>> No.15656121
File: 60 KB, 570x524, zimmerman-royalbabyNamegeorgenotTrayvon.jpg [View same] [google]

>I have no idea what you are talking about with the Trayvon Martin guy.
Zimmerman sold a painting online for over 2000K and got Jewstream media news channels super ass hurt.

>> No.15656134 [SPOILER] 
File: 55 KB, 430x359, Brillo pad.jpg [View same] [google]

>Amazing what you can do with crayons and a Brillo pad

>> No.15656135
File: 170 KB, 1846x1998, 1389631552958.jpg [View same] [google]

That's hilarious mate.

>> No.15656137
File: 118 KB, 576x1024, 1389631560720.jpg [View same] [google]


Yeah, he's totally going to "find and destroy" me. Heck, even if he did know where I lived his parents probably won't even give let him borrow the car to drive here.

>> No.15656139

You shouldn"t even be cable of having sex at 8. You must be a female that got her cherry popped very early or got sodomizes youung.

>> No.15656146

I'm still agitated at Pinkie.

>> No.15656152
File: 16 KB, 320x240, 1389631668749.jpg [View same] [google]


Yep, gammaTHETA is totally a woman.

>> No.15656162

This is that Trip from yesterday?

>> No.15656168

Why do you have a trip code?

>> No.15656178

>Police your fandoms
but muh fandoms

>> No.15656183
File: 1.12 MB, 500x344, 1389631829596.gif [View same] [google]

Same femanon here. Feminism to me is just basically "treat everybody equally".When I say everybody, I mean everybody. Men AND Women. That's it. No man hating. No bra burning (i never understood this, who wants saggy titties?) Purple Tinker and Pinkiepony or any other sjw are literally the worst. Because everyone loves a loud cunt who likes to kick and scream and throw tantrums like a child right? If I disagree with people (like hmm say maybe I don't like a rape joke?), I say my piece and drop it. Don't agree? That's fine.We're all cool. Why be a bitch about it?

>non-feminazi femanon
ma nigga 4 lief

>> No.15656193
File: 28 KB, 280x350, 1389631873673.jpg [View same] [google]

Ok. Still wasn't rape.

I was masturbating before then too so whatever.

Women don't exist. Only males and females and to a lesser extent hermaphroditic humans. Men don't exist either. Women, men, boys, girls, are idea constructs and our collective figments of society's imagination.

>> No.15656195

>lel you actually care
Because nobody else is left.
It's all falling apart at this point.

I remember seeing that for the first time.
God damn it. Who the fuck thought that it'd be a good idea to let a woman restore a painting that old?

I can only imagine what /ic/ was like when they found out.

>> No.15656197

The fact zimmerman making a better living out of being artist than most art students or the master hurt zimmerman cause progressive liberals like the people from the young turks?

>> No.15656199

My identity is important.

>> No.15656212 [SPOILER] 
File: 16 KB, 250x238, 1385360310923.jpg [View same] [google]


Please post a link to your tumblr so I can follow it, fellow SJW

>> No.15656215

Just "agitated"? Ain't that an understatement?

>> No.15656216

>feminists making women "more equal" than men
Calling someone a feminist is an insult in my eyes.

>> No.15656217


>I was masturbating before then too so whatever.
That shouldn"t even be medically possible at that age. You had to been exposed to something in a young age.

>> No.15656218

Is it? I guess it's a preference thing, sort of asks people to pay attention to you more so.

>> No.15656219
File: 174 KB, 640x612, 1389632013820.png [View same] [google]

>Feminism to me is just basically "treat everybody equally"
Just call it human equality then.
Men, women, it's all a bunch of bs.
Males harass me on the side of the road all the time and I report their license plates for sexual harassment.
Rarely, females do it as well. And I do the same thing.

>> No.15656220


.... On my birthday....

>> No.15656222
File: 398 KB, 200x150, 1389632031730.gif [View same] [google]

>Women don't exist. Only males and females and to a lesser extent hermaphroditic humans. Men don't exist either. Women, men, boys, girls, are idea constructs and our collective figments of society's imagination.


>> No.15656223

total tumblr autist who thinks he knows everything

>> No.15656224

> Buh-buh she is m-muh frend...

Why am I not surprised to see Purple Tinker granting SPECIAL PRIVILEGIES to somebody just because she happens to be his friend?

>> No.15656227
File: 559 KB, 400x276, 1389632045465.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15656237
File: 6 KB, 267x200, 1389632086841.jpg [View same] [google]

>Implying anyone under age 10 is a human being that can be trusted to make decisions for themselves
>Implying sentience and personhood confer the benefits of wisdom and knowledge of consequences
>Implying 8 year olds should not only be aware of sex but should be actively participating in it
>Implying anyone under the age of 13 is not an ankle-biting little faglord

>Implying you are over 18 years old you pathetic piece of shit. Grow the fuck up and come back in a few years

See also
>>15656139 and >>15656183

>> No.15656239
File: 174 KB, 2000x600, 1389632092047.png [View same] [google]

>Males harass me on the side of the road all the time and I report their license plates for sexual harassment.
>Rarely, females do it as well. And I do the same thing.

>h-help! I'm being raped!

>> No.15656246
File: 113 KB, 600x599, 1389632140573.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15656278

http://pinkiepony.tumblr.com/ <-- Her newst crappy attempt to play damage control and generalize that all bronies are old guys.
Because if you like MLP, you are AUTOMATICALLY over 30, obese and a loser.

Speaking about losers, this brat has been updating her tumblr nonstop since Friday. Does she even attend class, and does she even goes outside to socialize with real people, or she spends her whole life bolted into her room, freaking on the net?

>> No.15656283

>Because nobody else is left
Let us end society together.

I don't have one anymore. And I don't like SJW types.

Lies. I just matured faster than you.


Would you ask a 9 year old if it would like a cookie?
If they want, why not?
Every human is an ankle biting faglord.

I'm not a teenager anymore.

Typical hate for anyone who dare say such controversial statements that are 100% true and you have been brainwashed by a sexually repressed society.

Sexually harassed actually.
When they go "hey baby"
And I'm a male.
Not a male that dresses like a "woman" in any way either.
I'm just goddamn beautiful.

>> No.15656285
File: 781 KB, 841x1700, 1389632378865.jpg [View same] [google]

Feminism thread?

>> No.15656295


So what can we do?

>> No.15656298

>gay people harass me on the side of the road all the time
What. I'd understand if they were straight cooldudebro types and you were a hot bitch, but what.

>> No.15656305

>this fucking strawman

>> No.15656309
File: 510 KB, 500x234, 1389632579089.gif [View same] [google]

How about "equalist"?

>> No.15656315

Than describe how you lost your virginity. If you do, I tell you how i lost mine. Deal?

>> No.15656319

>Said she hated RAINN because they don't support Trans
>"How dumb are you? I’ve donated to RAINN multiple times and encouraged followers to do so as well. Do you even read my FAQ? LMAO, read up on some before you spread rumors."

How deep can this ponkcunt dig her grave?

>> No.15656324
File: 295 KB, 1280x804, 1280px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited.jpg [View same] [google]

Who else will remember the art?
It'll take us a thousands years to figure all this out again from scratch.

>> No.15656327


>> No.15656330

>Who the fuck thought it'd be a good idea to let a woman restore a painting that old?
No one. Absolutely fucking nobody.
Dumb bitch stole the portrait and decided to try restoring it with her amateur art class skills.

>> No.15656333

Not deep enough.

>> No.15656339
File: 50 KB, 853x275, 2014-01-11 23_45_44-_v_ - Video Games.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15656344

>Speaking about losers, this brat has been updating her tumblr nonstop since Friday. Does she even attend class, and does she even goes outside to socialize with real people, or she spends her whole life bolted into her room, freaking on the net?

To be honest, so do we

>> No.15656346

that's cheating

>> No.15656358

it's the only way these people can express their displeasure in people not liking them

>> No.15656359
File: 25 KB, 688x456, 1389632925658.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15656370
File: 418 KB, 320x240, 1389633056651.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15656374
File: 22 KB, 600x400, 1389633076343.jpg [View same] [google]

Fucking hell.

>> No.15656375
File: 722 KB, 871x911, 1389633082725.png [View same] [google]

>you aren't the same person i fell in love with
That's what happens when you get into cycle of abuse cults on the internet.

Oh ok.
So me being a male and having dude bros say "hey baby" yell, whistle etc. isn't sexual harassment because we are all males here.
No. I report them to the police as sexual harassment, public nuisance, and bullying strangers.
This is a huge problem in my community. Teenagers drive around for hours just to bother people not driving cars like them on the road. I like to walk and I have around here for years. So now I call the police and report them just as you think I only would if I were a hot female.
I'm a hot guy, it's the same thing.
All straight people are pretty much a decent amount gay if the male is good looking enough.

whatever. sure.

I've posted it before. I can go find it in the archive.

Well we only have about 50 to 70 at the most. So lets just worry about that.

>> No.15656404

>So me being a male and having dude bros say "hey baby" yell, whistle etc. isn't sexual harassment because we are all males here.
Nah, it's just weird, since dudebros are always 1000% straight, bro lol

I really hope you're faking that arrogance and are actually joking, but pics?

>> No.15656417

Speak for yourself, dudopio.

Also, guyolios, dudettes: Want to join the fun?

Funfun time: pinke is banned from there so she cannot post, AND her guardian dogs will be banned on sight.

Yes, they are so repulsive that they got themselves banned from Derpibooru, which is basically a huge hugbox.

Let it sink for a momentolio.

>> No.15656429

>Let it sink for a momentolio.

>> No.15656432

In order of post:

>Hating art
>Thinking that wanting to follow you is a compliment /thread
>"Lies. I matured faster than you" Nope. Modern medicine says that's complete and utter bullshit
>Thinking "duuuude" means mind = blown

>Would you ask a 9 year old if it would like a cookie?
No. That's creepy. What are you going to ask her next? "Would you like to step into this unmarked windowless van?"
>If they want, why not?
Whut? Following on from earlier though, look up the Stanford Marshmallow Test
>Every human is an ankle biting faglord
No. Just no.
>I'm not a teenager anymore
Keep telling yourself that...

>What the fuck is this, I don't even

>> No.15656438


What are you doing.

>> No.15656456

>>Would you ask a 9 year old if it would like a cookie?
>No. That's creepy. What are you going to ask her next? "Would you like to step into this unmarked windowless van?"

Not him, but asking a kid if they want food that kids tend to like is not inherently suggestive of anything. Not that the argument is any more relevant

>> No.15656463

It's painted on a fucking wall you idiot, she didn't steal anything

>> No.15656472

Are you madopio?

Chillax, Anonlio.

>> No.15656473

ok,i'm pretty god damn mad

this is just god damn pathetic and I can't believe the school is allowing this

>> No.15656479

>Birth of Venus
>Beautiful, even after all this time

>"Well we only have 50 to 70 at the most. So lets just worry about that"

What the fuck is that guy's problem?

>> No.15656481
File: 39 KB, 640x378, 1389633769021.jpg [View same] [google]

This is fucking golden.
>tumblr goes outside

I don't go on 4chan to post pictures of myself.
I know what I look like. And I know why people bully others. To feel superior to someone they see as a threat or superior to them in some way and at the same time inferior to them
(I'm better looking than their average male teenager face, I choose not to be in a car because I like to walk, they see this as inferior)

Modern medicine is wrong.
I'm not attracted to children.
>that's creepy
So talking to a 9 year old is creepy.
If the children want to fuck, why not
I haven't been a teenager for a few years.

It's called thinking.

But if you would ask a child if they wanted food you
-admit they are a human being
-admit they can think
-admit they have their own decision to make

human beings

>> No.15656492

but it's reddit

Oh, okay, so you are arrogant. reported

>> No.15656496
File: 58 KB, 500x500, 1389633876213.jpg [View same] [google]

If you say it 's for art. Schools will allow to get away with anything as long as it don"t offend muslims or trannies. I live in london. Parts of london is pretty much a middle eastern country.

>> No.15656497

what's going on

>> No.15656515

Same thing.
Define arrogant.

>> No.15656516

hardly,/mlp/ can have threads that are several days old before they 404

>> No.15656525
File: 5 KB, 688x83, 2014-01-13 18_28_17-Arrogant _ Define Arrogant at Dictionary.com.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15656545

Nah not really.
Sorry if I come off that way though.
When people bully you you start to get really high and mighty and your ego explodes.
It's basically why Pinkie Pony exists.

>> No.15656546

>And I know why people bully others. To feel superior to someone they see as a threat or superior to them in some way
>Modern medicine is wrong.
>If the children want to fuck, why not Mando pls
Top lel

>> No.15656553

I can't get around the fact that Pinkie thinks Homestuck is good.

>> No.15656572
File: 455 KB, 1118x1024, 1389634395768.png [View same] [google]

God this thread is getting more cancerous than leukamia

>> No.15656582
File: 292 KB, 766x2648, 1389634452832.jpg [View same] [google]


I haven't read that in years.
I can't get over how pathetic you are.
I've seen fire and I've seen rain
I've seen sunny days and I've seen the SJW
I've seen the guy who fucks his Twilight plushie
But I've never seen a neckbeard as atrocious as you.

>> No.15656602
File: 899 KB, 500x281, 1389634586412.gif [View same] [google]

>> No.15656619
File: 960 KB, 2338x1700, 1389634714250.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15656640
File: 18 KB, 387x87, i hate when others complain about opinions.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15656650

in good ol' blighty you pay for the pizza before its delivered

>> No.15656660

Are people still obsessed over Button's mom?

>> No.15656674
File: 299 KB, 928x861, 1389635103449.png [View same] [google]

Are people still obsessed over Scootaloo's mom?

>> No.15656682
File: 11 KB, 493x386, 1389635232031.jpg [View same] [google]

>Still implying not Mando
>Still implying human beings are wise and smart by virtue of being human beings
>Still implying correct and that medical science which has perfected itself over 5000 years is wrong
>Still implying not a retard faglord
>Still being this butthurt

You're hilarious Anon...
It's obvious you're some ankle biting chickenshit
The only reason I haven't reported you yet is because you're so funny
And you still haven't proved jack shit

>> No.15656685
File: 126 KB, 402x352, 1389635243792.png [View same] [google]

Someone with a charismatic voice needs to make a video entailing everything that's going on so far

>> No.15656686
File: 14 KB, 635x773, 1389635258442.png [View same] [google]


>that feel when your not in your senior class photo

>> No.15656700

>Parts of london is pretty much a middle eastern country
I'll give you Tower Hamlets, Islington and Camden and maybe a bit of Hounslow with the heavy Arabic minority, but a Muslimbong country it ain't

>> No.15656716

>Top left


>> No.15656717

When did xxHomerSimpsonxx last pay us a visit?
How about Splinix?

>> No.15656743

>Bottom right

Autism detected

>> No.15656756
File: 347 KB, 800x615, 1389635779801.jpg [View same] [google]

nice meme
I wasn't.
Look. You said medical science disproved my sexual childhood. It doesn't. Nothing does because it happened that way.
nice meme
nice meme
I don't need to prove anything.

What do you want me to say?

Mine is gigantic. An entire football field of faggots.

The chicks?

Yeah it's klebold and that other guy.

>> No.15656763

Did the guy with the fedora got killed? I can see why they wanted them dead.

>> No.15656789

I'm just a fake trip BTW.

>> No.15656806

Ha ha ha did you made that your self?

>> No.15656814
File: 18 KB, 210x252, 1389636208973.jpg [View same] [google]

This story always gives me hope

It makes me believe that the insane people we see online are surrounded by real life people who love and want to help them

And all they need to stop being such faggots is to let them in.

Then again I am a bit of a wide-eyed optimist.

>> No.15656849
File: 93 KB, 171x278, 1389636438041.png [View same] [google]

I didn't even read your post, but there are tears in my eye now from laughing.
What the fuck are these words you're using.

>> No.15656855

Ha, I use a custom hosts file. People are retarded.

>> No.15656869
File: 6 KB, 236x205, c7b31def432754c915d448c1608cec23.jpg [View same] [google]

>I wasn't
You tried to argue that 8 year olds were smart enough to make their own choices in life. I reminded you that 8 year olds are anklebiting, drooling retards like pic related.
You thought I said they weren't human beings you stupid retard or that they couldn't choose

>I'm still right, science wrong
Puberty has been known to occur in girls as early of 8 years of age in in boys as young as 10. The average age still rests around 10 and 13 respectively. You being a guy makes your bullshit about not being a virgin impossible
So, you stuck your dick in a girl. That's about all that happened. That is NOT sex and any woman can tell you that

>I don't need to prove anything
You're right, you can simply accept that you're wrong and drop it. Like a nor/mlp/erson
But you won't

>The chicks?
No, scroll left a bit

>Nice meme

>> No.15656870

fucking impossible captchas

>> No.15656876

I'm not even in the yearbook for my senior year. I went to an outside studio so they'd be really nice, passed them off to the teacher in charge and he fucking lost them.

Didn't even try to make it right, just "Oh well my bad."

>> No.15656892


>> No.15656900

>Not giving money to Overlord Moot and acquiring 4chan pass
pleb. I am an elite 4chunner compared to you now.

>> No.15656905


>> No.15656916

What the fuck is this shit?

>> No.15656924

Stepping into the fray
Useful links:

>> No.15656927
File: 496 KB, 226x200, 1389636916012.gif [View same] [google]


Technically, me neither

I hadn't taken a school photo since I was a freshman, so they took my picture in the hallway while I was walking to class and added it towards the back of the yearbook unlisted

0 fucks given

>> No.15656932
File: 19 KB, 220x220, 1389636981604.jpg [View same] [google]

gee, I wonder who could be behind this post...

>> No.15656934
File: 288 KB, 292x256, 1389636993698.gif [View same] [google]

>MFW I know where that crop comes from

>> No.15656964
File: 516 KB, 945x839, 1389637182478.png [View same] [google]

So much fear
So much noise...

>> No.15656976
File: 121 KB, 897x400, 1389637260166.jpg [View same] [google]

It's just frustrating, you know? That this yearbook head guy can get away with that kind of incompetence.

Ah fuck it, you're right. Why should I care?

Picture unrelated.

>> No.15657020

>that first response
I hope this isn't real. Has a good amount of tumblr lost any common sense?

>> No.15657021

No. Just no.
Let that shit die.

>> No.15657024


This is beautifull

>> No.15657025
File: 241 KB, 1280x720, 1389637554019.jpg [View same] [google]

So loud
So angry

So dead.

>> No.15657031


That same guy won't visit Tor websites for fear of getting some horrible virus, not knowing that noscript exists.

>> No.15657038

As autistic as he is, he's right.

>> No.15657040


>> No.15657069

He also thinks that every individual Google ad needs to be specified in the HOSTS file.

>> No.15657074

Nobody knows about AdBlock, NoScipt, RequestPolicy, or any of those addons. AdBlock might still be slightly popular, but as people move to tablets the user numbers dwindle. Most sites don't even bother with javascript error messages or an appeal to turn of adblock.

See it as a good thing, it means it will still serve us well.

>> No.15657116

AdBlock is out on Android.

>> No.15657144

Is NoScript even particularly useful for surface?

All I do is browse 4chins and maybe torrent something.
Oh, and the occasional jewtube video.

>> No.15657148

but does the average person download apps besides games?

>> No.15657156

Use Ghostery. Gotta block all those trackers not respecting your freedom.
*tips tinfoil hat*

>> No.15657173

Yes. People who don't also don't download addons or browsers other than IE.

>> No.15657174

You need r00t
and to top it off, it isn't on the play store. Adaway is better anyhow

>> No.15657195

You actually don't need root if you're not on Gingerbread.
And the last time I checked, it was on Play Store.

>> No.15657211

NoScript blocks lots of crosssite tracking from google, facebook and the likes (at least what is handled through js, other content is unaffected and might still be used for that purpose). The big disadvantage is that you can't set those things sitespeific, like for example allow ajax.google on certain sites. It's for all or none.
RequestPolicy on the other hand gives you that option, but it is apparently for all crosscontent (not limited to js), so it does not forbid on-site javascript.

In the end, you'd have to use both if you really want to shut down everything that might bother/track/infect you.

>> No.15657225

That one doesn't do adblock right, it isn't a one click download. You need root to get something that works right anyway.

>> No.15657229
File: 320 KB, 753x534, 1389638567889.gif [View same] [google]

No. But I make similar stuff quite often.

Almost all humans are not smart enough to make its own decision in life. That's the hypocrisy.
I didn't have sex with a girl. I got fucked in my ass and loved it.
I didn't say I could cum, but I could orgasm at 8.

I'm not wrong.

I like the chicks better.

nice meme

What the fuck is up with them lately
suck my fucking dick googs

>> No.15657238
File: 13 KB, 284x253, 1389638599103.jpg [View same] [google]

I'll check it out.

>mfw I stopped using chrome because /pol/ scared the shit out of me
Not that I have anything to hide, really, but I'd rather not have some faggots possibly using some of the information that they collect against me.

Like the fact that I masturbate to cartoon horses.

>> No.15657253

I stopped using Chrome because I prefered Firefox.
And then I saw a browser thread during my first visit on /g/.

>> No.15657288

I still use Firefox.

Are there better alternatives?

>> No.15657294
File: 90 KB, 1125x681, 1389638888328.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15657295


>> No.15657296

No, not really, unless you mean some shit like forks.

>> No.15657307

Is there really a shining armor fuck doll?
And if so does it have a realistic horse cock dildo attached to it?

>> No.15657323

Are you this guy >>15656372

>> No.15657341

Why do you use it?

>> No.15657343

> Copy gT's name and tripcode
> Go to 4chan's settings
> Add them to your blocked and hidden list
> gT is gone forever.

>> No.15657345

Not a lot of 3rd party support.
Not as much stuff.
Adblock, NoScript, and some other nifty things are there.
I don't know about request policy. Sounds neat.

>> No.15657362

do want
is it alive

>> No.15657368

> Right click
> Choose the block content option
> Click on those na$sty ads
> Ads are blocked forever
> No more frere money for ad users

>> No.15657377

You idiots actually thought one of her white knights posted that pic? That tumblr cap is years old, guys. You are embarrassing.

>Full name
>Lists only first and last name.

So these caps magically disappeared?

I'mma refrain from commenting, though if she puts ads, they should certainly be blocked on her tumblr.

>> No.15657383

Can I just have I'mAHugeFurryPleaseBatheMeInCum beta already

>> No.15657390

>using a google product

>> No.15657401

You act as if that isn't something one of her followers would post. They do far more retarded shit on a daily basis.

>> No.15657407

Opera is Google Chrome in a different flavor.
Rebuilt on Chrome several months ago.
The easist browser for down;loading swfs however. I still don't know how to do that in Firefox or Safari for some reason.

Did you guys see that anime trailer IE11 made?

I don't follow.

>> No.15657409


For example, https://derpiboo.ru/523488

>> No.15657413

I am a firefox user and a furry who wants to be bathed in semen.
I think most people who use firefox are furfags.

>> No.15657414
File: 41 KB, 400x309, 1389639541195.png [View same] [google]

April Fool detected

>> No.15657449
File: 413 KB, 663x583, 1389639730790.png [View same] [google]

>I don't know what bullying is

I used to really like furry porn and I dig semen all over me but you know
I'm not a teenager anymore so the porn interests me much less.

>> No.15657501

im gammaTHETA. i wasn't affiliated with that livestream.

>> No.15657504

My point is that it wasn't one of her followers.

Beeeecause I point out a fact?
Did you even read the rest of the post, faggot?

Personally, I'd sock this bitch if I ever saw her.
Or cut her hair while she's not paying attention. I'm sure she's vain enough to be devastated and horribly embarrassed by it.

>> No.15657522

Chromium is objectively best, it's Chrome without the tracking

>> No.15657523
File: 90 KB, 388x1320, 1389640133962.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15657524

How many other April Davis' are there?!?

>> No.15657539
File: 92 KB, 500x293, 1389640188576.jpg [View same] [google]

Want facts?
This is a fact.

April davis supplicating for mercy and crying like a little bitc.

>> No.15657544

A whole lot.

I have an insanely uncommon name and there's 500 of me alone.

>> No.15657555

Too many, but not enough to make any difference.

>> No.15657562

Safari is literally the worst browser.

>> No.15657563

You really this butthurt over me just correcting something small?

I'm just being nitpicky. I'm sure she has a middle name, though. Wonder how she would react to it if we called her by it.

>> No.15657570

No it isn't.
Nice buy in.

>> No.15657585
File: 14 KB, 124x126, 1389640417526.jpg [View same] [google]

No it isn't.
Tell me why you think so.

>> No.15657592
File: 355 KB, 800x800, 1389640445246.png [View same] [google]

this is me.

are obvious fakes ["DAWBZ" in the key you fucking idiots, who even cares that much about 4chan to have dubs in their tripkey]

>> No.15657610

He probably forgot that IE exists. Or that it's so laughably bad, that it can't be taken serious as a browser.

>> No.15657611

It has less features than fucking Opera.

>> No.15657623


Nobody cares.

Also, I posted your pics on this thread. Kill me~<3

>> No.15657628

Opera blows.
list them side by side

Did you see IE11's anime trailer thing?
"objectively best browser" - /a/

>> No.15657631
File: 38 KB, 464x332, 1389640574152.jpg [View same] [google]



>> No.15657645

Did you even try the latest IE? Even fucking /g/ likes it. Get your fucking facts straight.
Firefox is still master race.

>list them side by side
>implying I care enough to prove some Anonymous idiot wrong
Just make a browser thread on /g/ and ask them, there's bound to be at least one autist right now.

>> No.15657655

hi taberisms

nice to see you blocked me on tumblr like a typical butthurt brony

by the way i'll make sure i uphold my promise to bend your fingers all the way to the back of your hand

>> No.15657665

Do you think anyone cares?

>> No.15657666

Good, you can leave now.

>> No.15657669


"Hurr durr, everyone who posts my pics is taberisms"

>> No.15657671
File: 76 KB, 304x342, 1389640730202.gif [View same] [google]

You seem mad.

Why don't you take a seat, calm down and suck my dick?

>> No.15657702
File: 12 KB, 220x242, 1389640830904.jpg [View same] [google]

dont know, dont care

im staying here until the thread reaches post limit because /mlp/ is cancer

>> No.15657703

I miss Netscape...

Yay, another name and trip to add to my filter. Thanks!

>> No.15657714


>taking me this long to realize you're bait

>> No.15657715
File: 55 KB, 697x236, 2014-01-13 20_21_17-(0) _mlp_ - Previously on tumblr social justice butthurt... __ __15643969 __ (i..png [View same] [google]

>im staying here until the thread reaches post limit because /mlp/ is cancer
Oh no, what should I do????!?!?!?!??!?! ;____________________________; suer rusteled my jimeys! ;---;

>> No.15657731
File: 154 KB, 500x488, 1389640946001.png [View same] [google]

stay mad

>CAPTCHA: who urpostin

>> No.15657736

>/mlp/ is cancer
and you're what, chemo therapy? no wonder people are losing their hair over this

>> No.15657749
File: 20 KB, 419x403, 1389641040932.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15657752
File: 563 KB, 816x434, View_Exif_online,_remove_Exif_online_-_2014-01-13_12.23.19.png [View same] [google]


Surprise, asshole.

>> No.15657756
File: 18 KB, 450x323, 1389641069730.jpg [View same] [google]

u mad

>> No.15657759

>make a browser thread on /g/ and ask them
>using apple products
>laughing vaginas.jpg

Nobody ever answers this question yet they love to shitpost about it being bad.
It's a meme as far as I'm concerned.
An incorrect one.

Anyway are you implying I should adopt a tripcode, build up a sexy reputation on 4chan, and then ask my question?

That's what we all do. Welcome.

>using the filter

Why isn't your captcha shit like mine?
I've done 15 now.

>> No.15657774

wrong side of town idiot. i dont live in a fucking trailer court.

you're close though.

>> No.15657775
File: 65 KB, 803x436, View_Exif_online,_remove_Exif_online_-_2014-01-13_12.25.16.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15657776

>Anyway are you implying I should adopt a tripcode, build up a sexy reputation on 4chan, and then ask my question?

I just told you to ask them why it's bad. Apart from a few maymayspouters who are actually right, you'll get some serious replies.

>> No.15657779


>> No.15657781

> He's assripping you
> I know, I'll call him bait so I could win!

Ah, typical mindet of an April Fool.

>> No.15657791
File: 158 KB, 444x270, 1389641203730.png [View same] [google]

>losing their hair
Aw shit son.

>> No.15657792


big mistake

>> No.15657799
File: 69 KB, 225x225, 1389641234777.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15657807

had it downloaded when nightly went to australis shit and just kept using it, its not much more than a re-skin and it gets me the pussy

>> No.15657813
File: 295 KB, 843x461, 1389641271811.png [View same] [google]

Are you trolling or are this much of an idiot?

>> No.15657817

You do know Australis has been in beta for years and is still being changed?

>> No.15657824
File: 262 KB, 1699x759, Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 2.27.51 PM.png [View same] [google]

man this firefox is way better hue huehue

way better hue huehue

>> No.15657831
File: 1.34 MB, 320x240, 1389641362731.gif [View same] [google]

>place picture was taken
>obvs where he lives

try harder

>> No.15657838

no but I'm just too lazy to change browser again

>> No.15657844

> I'll call him an idiot to imply I'm the intelligent one! That way I will win!

>> No.15657850


We still have your town though.

>> No.15657863

>deleting the files
Accept your shame.

>> No.15657876

How does it feel to stand up for feminism while reinforcing the gender stereotype that women need men to pretext them. Or do you just not think about those type of things?

>> No.15657878

Firefox is still busted bro

>> No.15657881

That answers my question. Thank you.

>> No.15657888

I didn't even see your screenshot.

>> No.15657890

oooh, scary. you know where i live.

i know /mlp/ like the back of my hand. none of you fuckers would dare leave the comfort of your basements to try and set straight some personal vendetta. whether you actually do or not i'm not scared of any of you.

in fact, i invite /mlp/ to attempt to track me down in my city.

you are very, very welcome to try and commit a crime by stalking me to somehow prove a point.

>> No.15657908

im a girl jackass.

moreover, im not a feminst because girls need protecting. im a feminst because men are fucking disgusting.

>> No.15657912

Here's hoping you get it

>> No.15657920

Anyone else remember that crazy bitch who came up with global castration day?

>> No.15657925
File: 20 KB, 512x65, 1389641695814.jpg [View same] [google]

April is ONCE AGAIN asking for money.

Seriously, this is her fifth? day on a row bringing up money instead of ding anything for her so-called charity and help campaign.

>> No.15657931
File: 8 KB, 224x224, 1389641707377.jpg [View same] [google]


you just need to get laid

>> No.15657940
File: 12 KB, 200x219, 1389641729944.jpg [View same] [google]

>im a girl
>im a girl
>im a girl
>im a girl

>> No.15657950
File: 448 KB, 496x272, 1389641753295.gif [View same] [google]

i live in Canada, it doesn't matter if I get it or not.

>> No.15657951

You need a good nigger dicking

>> No.15657965


If you're so tough, then why don't you track down whatshisname and break his fingers yourself?

>> No.15657972
File: 16 KB, 296x300, 1389641826568.jpg [View same] [google]

Because 4chan hasn't been known to completely destroy people who are asking for it. Right?

>> No.15657974


>I'm a grill btw

>> No.15657975

It was over 400 errors and the page wouldn't load correctly.

It can be a girl if it wants to. It doesn't mean anything.
Still a male if it has a penis.

>> No.15657976
File: 2.00 MB, 340x307, it's going to eat you faggot.gif [View same] [google]

Wasn't that a joke though?

Anyway, I suggest you faggots stop responding to that gammatheta.
There's nothing of value to gain right now.

>> No.15657977

> I''l pretend I won! If I keep saying it, eventually somebody will believe me and I will win!

Thanks for answering mine.

>> No.15657990

Implying women can't be just as disgusting?

Stop being biased, if you're all for equality, you'd realise that both men and women are as bad as each other.

>> No.15657992

>It was over 400 errors and the page wouldn't load correctly.
What the fuck did you do?

He can't be a girl if he's still male.

>> No.15657993


Giant bugs always creeped me the fuck out, except for butterflies and months. They're just cute as fuck.

>> No.15657996

and you call us the "internet tough guys"

>> No.15657998
File: 114 KB, 356x294, 1389641919168.png [View same] [google]

>im a girl

And by G.I.R.L he means Guy In Real Life.

>> No.15658011

Calm down. Smoke some weed or something.

>> No.15658017

You might think you're a girl,but your DNA says otherwise

>> No.15658024
File: 163 KB, 1112x661, 1389642016734.png [View same] [google]

>asking for it
>i like being the victim
>oh hurt me /mlp/ p-please!
You aren't important enough for me to go outside.

I loaded firefox and went to this page.
Girls don't exist. Boys don't exist. Men and women don't exist. They are figments of your imagination. Constructed ideas. There is only male, female, and the rare hermaphroditic human.

>> No.15658033 [SPOILER] 
File: 52 KB, 480x640, 5266F7C0-5B2F-46A1-AA1A-A6E44AF38039.jpg [View same] [google]

i get more cooch than you fags can ever hope to have. pic related
wow. you are so funny. your girlfriend must love your sense of humor

>> No.15658037

> men are fucking disgusting

That's not the proper way to talk about the men who fucked you.

>> No.15658051
File: 84 KB, 284x282, Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 1.14.24 PM.png [View same] [google]

You have issues mate.
Go back to tumblr.

>> No.15658058
File: 621 KB, 320x243, 1389642159218.gif [View same] [google]

so you are fat

>> No.15658075


>> No.15658076
File: 502 KB, 543x774, 1389642216318.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15658077

Guy from the DA drama here. Account got deleted but I have backups.

Good job Tumblr, once again you achieved absolutely nothing.

>> No.15658079

>I loaded firefox and went to this page.
That's not normal at all. Be honest, what did you do?

>Girls don't exist. Boys don't exist. Men and women don't exist. They are figments of your imagination. Constructed ideas. There is only male, female, and the rare hermaphroditic human.
Just like laws and social standards are figments of my imagination?

It wasn't a joke, you fucking idiot.
Sorry, I don't waste my time on this fucked up gender. I mean, I could fuck a girl, but having a girlfriend would be a nightmare.
Boys > girls

>> No.15658080
File: 280 KB, 604x601, Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 11.19.25 AM.png [View same] [google]

ed edd n eddy fag
posting on the internet

>> No.15658082


>> No.15658084

So tell me where this anger comes from. Did you dad not hold you? Maybe he held you too much.

>> No.15658085

>implying I'd want your stanky fucking boy cooch

Keep telling yourself that m8

>> No.15658094

grow some balls.

i didn't say that. in fact i said quite the contrary.


>4channers listening to other 4channers saying 'dont feed the trolls'
>year after year of luigi

how long did it take you to come up with that one

because i dont have the money. that's my only restriction.

>> No.15658100 [SPOILER] 
File: 545 KB, 1280x1152, massive tush.png [View same] [google]

Wrong legs nerd
>pic related
those are thunderthighs

>> No.15658124

>i didn't say that. in fact i said quite the contrary.
Do you even know what "internet tough guy" is?

>>year after year of luigi
It's still the year of luigi. How fucking dumb can you get? Leave.

>because i dont have the money. that's my only restriction.

>> No.15658130

it's panties have become so densely twisted they collapsed into a black hole

and people thought it was the LHC that would kill us, it was tumblr butthurt all the long

>> No.15658132

it must be affecting the gravity

>> No.15658140

are you fucking dense

that's my qt 3.14

whats your point

whats your point

whats your point

read above two comments

read first comment

>> No.15658160

Photoshopping, insecurities, the whole package.

>> No.15658161
File: 739 KB, 1174x984, Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 12.27.05 PM.png [View same] [google]

>Be honest, what did you do
I loaded it as normal.
I've never gotten that before.
Something about 4chanX.
Thank you Obama.

>laws and social standards are figments of my imagination
Yes. Illegality and social mores are ideas and figments of imagination.
So is "age of consent".
So is many things.

My balls are adorable as I take estrogen and it makes them hotdog my penis.
You have issues and it has nothing to do with "gender".
You're just a loser.

Your only point is to be an attention whoring retard on the internet to make up for your cripplingly low self esteem.
You would be better off dead as would we all.

>> No.15658173

>Something about 4chanX.
Ah. You used the outdated version, didn't you.

>> No.15658180

no, true, but some of your other DWM shitstains have. grats on being the poster child for what it actually means for them.

go have a drink or something already

>> No.15658190

Your sacrifice will not be in vain, compadrolio.

I happened to screencap most of your convo with her, expecially the part where you made her beg like a bitch.

That alone made it completely worth.

>> No.15658191

Oh my. You're beyond my help. I'm going to have to refer you to my mentor theRAPIST John.

>> No.15658197
File: 1 KB, 20x20, 1389642662739.gif [View same] [google]

I'm using one custom made for me by kittun a couple months ago.
So maybe.
Should I get a new version?

>> No.15658212

yeah, some wimpy motherfucker on the internet who doesnt do what he says he'll do

im saying /mlp/ can do better than 'dont wanna touch u' and can probably stalk me if they wanted to.

year of luigi ended whether nintendo says so or not. it isn't "2 year of luigi" it's literally just 'year of luigi." singular. one. as in one year. im saying year of luigi 2014 isn't a thing because the meme died with 2013. it's become a corporate joke, and when it becomes a corporate joke the meme dies.

too neet. close tho

>> No.15658214

I'm a bit lost, what valiant effort did you take up again?

>> No.15658230
File: 44 KB, 544x203, Screenshot from 2013-12-12 11:51:24.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15658240


I'm the guy from this >>15657539

>> No.15658244

>that url
Is that aggro as in the SotC horse?

>> No.15658251

i agree. lets all suicide pact together. i'll get the mustard gas

drinking is for subhuman chumps

is this even an insult? John Joseco is your mentor? that's like, really, really sad.

>> No.15658258


I've got more screenshots which I'll probably upload later. I've also got more accounts so I'll probably use them later if need be.

>> No.15658272
File: 110 KB, 720x641, 1389642995653.jpg [View same] [google]

What the fuck are you talking about with luigi

>doesnt do what he says he'll do
You are one of those people that harass others into bullying them and then cry victim. No one with a half a brain would touch you with a ten foot pole. You are toxic. You are trash. You are worthless.

No. I'm not killing myself until all other humans are dead. This is a failed race.

>> No.15658278
File: 47 KB, 491x363, dat-its-a-trap-what-happens-when-advertisers-dont-meet-twitters-spending-quotas.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15658279

Have some screencaps to share ? I missed all the fun.

>> No.15658282
File: 155 KB, 303x500, 42642 - Diamond_Tiara caption macro smile.png [View same] [google]

so i miss all this thread and i'm not going to read it all
what is the drama about?

>> No.15658288


>> No.15658289
File: 1006 KB, 256x199, 1389643049870.gif [View same] [google]

It seems tumblr achieved giving you a headache for being a chickenshit brony.

doesn't sound like "nothing" to me

u mad bro top kek

>> No.15658290
File: 86 KB, 995x335, 1389643051041.jpg [View same] [google]

It was a funny exchange that made April turn completely hysterical and try to pass herself as a young, innocent girl..

>> No.15658294

nothing. it's just everyone trolling everyone again

>> No.15658300
File: 71 KB, 1739x1238, FILLYS IN PRETTY DRESSES AND YOUTUBE COMPRESSION.jpg [View same] [google]

as of right now
tumblr faggot came to say hi


>> No.15658304


They shut down one account out of a dozen. No headaches here m8.

>> No.15658329

Upload some generic art to your accounts to make them more credible, and then ask her for proof of the multiple donations to charity she talks about, under the excuse that you will show them to the bronies.

Once she refuses to, it's fun fun capping time, my amigolio.

>> No.15658330
File: 58 KB, 180x241, 1389643212148.png [View same] [google]



>> No.15658339
File: 976 KB, 1489x1281, Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 12.26.44 PM.png [View same] [google]

>tumblr achieved

>> No.15658345 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 82 KB, 640x480, AA872272-59D2-473E-AE5C-0B0C79737BB8.jpg [View same] [google]

oh no, whatever will i do, my plot has been foiled again by those blasted bronies

seriously tho how much you wanna bet some unlucky motherfucker starts shit IRL with me because wahhh u a man not a grill

yeah. a girl born as a girl who is my girl is a trap. uh huh. good. pic related - obvs not a trap

>> No.15658350

"Some whimpy motherfucker on the internet that doesn't do what he says he'll do"

First off, since you're such a feminist and top roller on the lines of equality, it should be 'that doesn't do what they say they'll do", yknow, to respect ALLLLL gender types

Secondly, isn't that an exact description of what you, April and the rest of your little 'feminist' friends do? I could've sworn it is...

>> No.15658352
File: 96 KB, 934x550, 1389643297936.jpg [View same] [google]

>Teenagers drive around for hours just to bother people not driving cars like them on the road. I like to walk and I have around here for years. So now I call the police and report them just as you think I only would if I were a hot female.

You are such a fucking crybaby, and your spinelessness is exactly why free society is wasted on the free.

You're a comfy little snuggle-shit who thinks its a crime when you are forced to be momentarally uncomfortable and I fucking hate you.

mad/10 When I go to the grocery later today I'm going to be briefly and mildly rude to a stranger in your honor.

>> No.15658358

What are you trying to do?

>> No.15658367

so why did you post in such an angry tone if it was just a scratch?


>> No.15658378


It was sarcasm not anger you dingus.

>tumblr in charge of reading.

>> No.15658383

Can we just flood their inboxes with canterlot wedding postcards already?

>> No.15658392

we raise awareness of pathetic bronies like yourselves. you guys threaten to kill us and rape us.

we've been doing our job, you guys have yet to do yours.

you tell me who the fake internet tough guys are.

>> No.15658400
File: 795 KB, 470x262, 1389643460594.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15658407

Looks like we wants to make faggots feel mad.

I'll say he's doing a remarkably good job at it.

>> No.15658409

By the way, what do those even look like?

I've never seen one before.

>> No.15658413


[citation needed]

>> No.15658414
File: 992 KB, 470x262, tumblr_mf5tc0Ioqk1qc650mo2_r2_500.gif [View same] [google]


Meanwhile, you threaten to break the fingers of and/or violently rape anyone who disagrees with you, even if they were peaceful.

>> No.15658418

>Can we just flood their inboxes with canterlot wedding postcards already?
Is this a in joke i am not aware of?

>> No.15658422
File: 507 KB, 640x360, 1389643555555.gif [View same] [google]

>how much you wanna bet some unlucky motherfucker starts shit IRL with me because wahhh u a man not a grill
You are a male and that's it.
>I became a trans tumblr tard just so i could bully others when i cry victim
This is why you are a loser with problems.

Last person who did it got a 2 by 4 in their window.
The police came.
Talked to me.
Let me go.
I hurt people like you.
Oh and sure, you'll get away with it.
Because of bully culture.

>tumblr achieved

>> No.15658430

>i-i was being s-sarcastic! d-dont make me lose another a-argument! sempai nuuuu!

>im gonna make a stranger mad because you make me mad

holy fucking shit are you like six??? this is a new level of pathetic oh my god im showing pinkie this

>> No.15658436

So every single fan of MLP is a middle aged male who wants to fuck horses and jokes about rape and raping you twots?

Another cute generalization from your blind ignorance I see!

>> No.15658440

>Oh no the big bad neckbearded, autistic bronies threatened to rape me, whatever shall I do somebody help me

Yeah, I think you deserve to be raped if you can't outrun a fat neckbeard.
Tell me how it felt to be stabbed in the ass with a micro penis again

>> No.15658445
File: 61 KB, 668x524, 1389643612061.jpg [View same] [google]

You know people in the future are going to look back on this generation with disgust. since we can digitally store everything publicly now it'll be extremely easier to research everything.

you aren't a feminist. Real feminists fought for actual things that were problems back in the 40's and 50's. They didn't dawn the fucking name because they hated men, they wanted to actually change shit.

You. Pinkiepony, and all this other tumblr fucktards aren't activists at all. You do nothing. Absolutely nothing but bitch and moan at shit you don't like. It's disgusting. and when you guys do something worthwhile, you boast about it nonstop as if it matters.

When your in your 50's and 60's this shit wont matter. It'll be an embarrassment and in time you'll regret it. Because at the end of the day, your siding with a 17 year old vapid cunt, who wants her name to be pinkie, who ignores everything she doesn't like, and is highly hypocritical and attention seeking.

Which is not something to rally behind.

>> No.15658448
File: 1.45 MB, 400x270, 1389643622048.gif [View same] [google]

Everyone in this thread, including myself and you.

>> No.15658460
File: 898 KB, 470x262, 1389643665181.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15658462

Lurk moar faggot.
Better yet, fuck off.

>> No.15658463


So who is this person anyway.

>> No.15658467

why would anyone want to rape whatever the hell you're supposed to be?

>> No.15658468
File: 116 KB, 881x455, 1389643687213.png [View same] [google]

>pic related

I dunno myself. Ask moot

>> No.15658471
File: 560 KB, 1039x1037, Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 12.27.44 PM.png [View same] [google]

>you guys threaten to kill us and rape us because it makes us feel special and that was our plan all along lol epic troll i feel good
Bully culture.

hell yeah
you actually did something other than shitpost for once

>> No.15658472

I hope someone is capping his post because he's a fucking idiot for posting his chopped of penis.

>> No.15658479

Can someone cap this shit for future reference?
Is it time to update the Elements of Faggotry?

>> No.15658481

mad tumblr tranny,just watch the show

>> No.15658485
File: 40 KB, 572x389, 1389643762930.jpg [View same] [google]

>im showing pinkie this
In the words of Pinkie Pony
"you only screencap that which you can use against me"

>> No.15658488

Well, those trannies think of themselves as beautiful women, so what else could you expect from them.

>> No.15658491

He chopped off his penis? What a fucktard, please tell me the blade was dirty and he's dying of some sort of degenerative disease

>> No.15658497

>taberisms makes a draft of a letter to send to her parents anonymously, then attacks Pinkie ad hominem without any proof for his bullshit claims

>tumblr achieved hahahahah
stay mad brony

citations everywhere for raising awareness of sick, demented people within the fandom

can't cite the rapes or deaths though because they didn't happen. just empty threats in typical 4chan fashion

>> No.15658502


Some attention whore who's high enough on himself to namefag for no good reason.

>> No.15658504
File: 127 KB, 399x369, 1389643853636.png [View same] [google]

If you're the same fucker I did this for, have it again

Everything I've wanted to say but been unable to because these idiots make me so mad that my brain short circuits from their overwhelming ignorance, prejudice and stupidity.

Thankyou ilu full homo

>> No.15658511


>Showing April Rapist Davis how she achieved nothing.

Yes, please do this.

>> No.15658524


Still more peaceful than some crazy-ass Saskatchewan redneck threatening to break his fingers off. Besides, I've seen you shitpost on Tumblr before about raping someone's knife with an ass. You're no better than us when it comes to rape jokes, in fact, you're even worse because YOU MAKE THEM YOURSELF.

>> No.15658525
File: 100 KB, 360x360, 1389643932523.jpg [View same] [google]

Yeah. Let's give it that recognition and honor.
No let's just let this one slide.
It's too worthless to even play with.

I'm not a brony.
tumblr doesn't achieve anything other than bullying others.
That's not an achievement.

>> No.15658527


Why does Tumblr keep calling us bronies? Why don't they ever use the correct term Horsefucker or Ponyfag, I thought you all obsessed over labeling people correctly?

>> No.15658530

>"you only screencap that which you can use against me"

In other words, ANYTHING?

>> No.15658554

cry more

>you guys are fighting against shitty people who think Ask Princess Molestia is wrong, you are the wrong
says 4chan user "flutterfaggot"

you tell me, i just received rape threats.

whats the point of screencapping boring pony talk on 4chan, all of the non-drama stuff isn't exciting anyways

holy shit do i need to spell this shit out for you, that is my girlfriend. not me. are you guys like, ten years old

>> No.15658561
File: 213 KB, 537x524, 1389644087881.png [View same] [google]

How do you deal with a mental case who argues that a group of people is endangering their life and are therefor disgusting, then goes to a place where people of this group hang out, DARES these people to endanger their life, and then in the same breath argues that these people will never get out of their house and do whatever it is that they CLAIMED these people would do in the first place.

This entire thread is just some stupid cunt beating the snot out of a strawman, and /mlp/ feeding her like crazy because we just fucking love the drama.

Just another monday at /mlp/.

>> No.15658565


Tumblr's SJW userbase in general is hypocritical; they'll say one thing, and do another.


>> No.15658571

only if it involves the right sex-related pronouns, shitlord

no but seriously, if they generalize, it supposedly helps their arguments against male MLP fans in general.

>> No.15658573
File: 254 KB, 2352x2155, 152591__safe_twilight%252Bsparkle_vector_mad_glare_artist-colon-kired25.png [View same] [google]

Pretty much.
But still my point was hypocrisy.
Not a shocking revelation I know, but these degenerates really know nothing unless it's in their face causing them pain or pleasure.
They are, for lack of a better term, subhuman.
Maybe I was wrong about humanity.
Maybe all the subhumans should be purged and let the actual humans remain.
You're all invited to my mansion in Italy when I finally purchase it.
We'll start the human race anew.

>it's boring because it doesn't let me bully people

>> No.15658574

hate rape is different,none of the parties would enjoy it

>> No.15658592

maybe it wants to be a martyr

>> No.15658602


> disregards user's argument because his userhandle is "flutterfaggot"

I call ad hominem.

>> No.15658609
File: 95 KB, 566x800, 1389644271357.png [View same] [google]



>> No.15658612

Then how come "she" looks like "she" chopped of "her" penis?

>> No.15658615
File: 112 KB, 500x413, 1389644287579.jpg [View same] [google]

>hesitant too look at pic
>steel self and open it
>only up for half a second before x-ing out
>immediately watch a palette cleanser on YouTube
>considering saving for the next YCYL thread, but don't want to open it again

>> No.15658618
File: 66 KB, 500x410, 1389644294516.png [View same] [google]

"How dare you be violent! I'm going to be violent against you until you agree violence is bad with me!"

Trust me, I'm bi and even I wouldn't rape you. You don't stick your dick in crazy.

Repeat after me /mkp/ don't stick your dick in crazy or let crazy in your cunt for you lady anons

>> No.15658625
File: 871 KB, 245x230, 1389644330185.gif [View same] [google]

ITT: /mlp/ misses the first chance it has had in a while to put a bitch in her place

Talking to it isn't going to achieve anything.

I'm bored. Do something funny, anon

>> No.15658627

says 4chan user "gammatheta"

>> No.15658629

[citation needed]

>i-im not a b-brony neckbeard!
>uses /mlp/
pick two

because 'bro' is commonly associated with dudebros in college who think they're hot shit. bronies are the same thing except much less attractive and a lot more pathetic.

>> No.15658638

I want to. Do we have reliable dox info yet?

>> No.15658651


>Keeps calling the board bronies instead of horsefuckers.

Check your privilege.

>> No.15658652
File: 8 KB, 318x158, 1389644428791.jpg [View same] [google]

Only if I had remembered that when mr dick was posting his dick everywhere

>> No.15658654

>>im gonna make a stranger mad because you make me mad

That's just the thing -- normal people don't get soooo mad over a glancing social inconvenience (or "bully culture" or whatever you internet sociologists like to call it), that after the rude remark was made, they move on, rather than call the fucking cops.

Seriously, I'm going to oppress the shit out of some poor innocent person's right to be un-offended today, because that offends you. That doesn't make me 6, it makes me the perfectly rational dudebro Chad Thundercock that I am.

Also pls link me your tumblr so I can follow you.

>> No.15658656
File: 123 KB, 336x336, 1389644456287.png [View same] [google]

Define brony.
You have a penis yet you say you aren't male.
I say I'm not a brony because my definition of brony is apparently different than yours.
Mine is right and yours is wrong.
The end.

>> No.15658661

>Be female, 6ft, average weight, no neckbeard

I'm sorry, how do your generalizations work again, /bro/?

>> No.15658664


I'll provide citation, hold on.

>> No.15658665

>wah fallacy on 4chan

because you haven't seen a vagina before

good to know fat bi bronies dont wanna rape me in spite of me. i take it as a compliment. love u too anon <3

says 4chan user "Anonymous"

>> No.15658669

You anti-horsefucker scum. Check your fandom privilege.

>> No.15658673
File: 66 KB, 600x474, 1389644513248.jpg [View same] [google]

Well, I did tell them to stop replying.
Of course, /mlp/ never listens to anything even remotely logical.
Even when it's for the benefit of the board as a whole.

>and /mlp/ feeding her like crazy because we just fucking love the drama
We thrive on drama.
Drama created us in the first place.
It's like pleading a jew to not take money that he found on the ground.

>> No.15658675

Quit shitposting.

>> No.15658677

Don't be a nigger.

These pictures you've posted I'm going to masturbate to in my rape fantasies and you can't stop me

>> No.15658678
File: 788 KB, 1600x1200, 1389644549728.jpg [View same] [google]

>Last person who did it got a 2 by 4 in their window

>> No.15658680

>because you haven't seen a vagina before
Trust me, I have. If that's what you consider a nice vagina, then it's most likely the only vagina you've ever gotten.

>> No.15658700

you need a psychologist.

brony - male fan of MLP: FiM
girl - person who identifies as a girl

wow so difficult

pics or you're a fat ugly neckbeard

>> No.15658704
File: 807 KB, 777x407, 1389644662619.png [View same] [google]

This is where pinkiepony lives

>> No.15658709

Yeah, it did.
Guy came out and was yelling at me.
Saying he would call the police.
He did, but then he left.
Police didn't really care. They said not to throw things at cars.
I still had the 2 by 4 I got it from the road.
Which was good because the guy acted like he wanted to fight me but he kept running away like a pussy.
So I walked away and the police caught up with me.
Anyway, I'm not a teenager like you.
When people piss me off I fuck them up.

>> No.15658713

Send her fleshlights

>> No.15658714

Was it confirmed?
What about gammatheta?

>> No.15658717


Bronies can be female too you cisscum.

>> No.15658720
File: 21 KB, 640x480, 1389644719117.jpg [View same] [google]

I lied about the neckbeard part

>> No.15658721

Is still have that pic. Thanks.
>says 4chan user "flutterfaggot"
If that's seriously the best comeback you have then that arguments over. I knew you weren't worth shit when you came in the thread. You're a damn parrot. You wanted this feminist shit because you thought it would make you look smart and controversial when it's obvious you don't know jack shit what feminism is. Half of you tumblr faggots don't.

And do you seriously not respect your girlfriend that you post her nudes all over the fucking site? I have a girlfriend and nudes too but i have commen sense not to post the shit anywhere because i respect her. God your fucking disgusting. Grow up

Fuck this thread, i have work. Have fun with you shitty delusions of grandeur Gamma.

>> No.15658729


So you're allowed to point out logical fallacies, but when I do you direct me to >>>/pol/ ?

I smell double standards.

>> No.15658731


pathetic virgin detected
if she was born a he, where is the scar tissue?

>> No.15658732
File: 369 KB, 647x859, Screen Shot 2012-01-28 at 11.33.33 AM.png [View same] [google]

I'm not a fan of mlp:fim
Girls don't exist hon.

>> No.15658736

>that beard
>that midget hand and face
Are you a dwarf?

>> No.15658742

>Needs psychologist
Says the guy who cut his dick off because he's got misconceived issues of gender

>> No.15658752
File: 86 KB, 625x468, 1389644874614.jpg [View same] [google]

>Anyway, I'm not a teenager like you.
>When people piss me off I fuck them up.


>> No.15658754

pegasisters you thundercunt

right city, wrong address.

yeah, thanks for covering up your face. you look like a total dweeb.

im not even here for arguments im just trolling you dumb fuckers

read above

>> No.15658761

>pathetic virgin detected
epin bro :^))))

>if she was born a he, where is the scar tissue?
I never said. What I'm saying is, that picture makes me want to puke. If you're really ever going to stick a dick in it, I feel sorry for you.

>> No.15658762

No, no. ALL bronies are obese, balding neckbeards on their 30's.
A woman said this so it's FACK.

And now, on more news from Bizarro world...

>> No.15658763
File: 42 KB, 501x355, CJ_THETA,_now_i_m_curious_about_the_bronies_using_a_cartoon_and_bullying_a_teenage_girl_thing_what_happened_-_2014-01-13_13.28.04.png [View same] [google]


Here's your citation.

>> No.15658765


Bronies=Pegasisters. Pinkiepony is the biggest brony of them all too.

>> No.15658776

>I'm only pretending I'm retarded

>> No.15658777 [DELETED] 
File: 1.04 MB, 1280x1085, 1389644961183.jpg [View same] [google]

This is the afternoon clop thread

>> No.15658780

>not a fan of mlp
>on /mlp/

i actually am seeing a psychologist. started talking to her about medications and stuff. she's gladly assisting me.

my thoughts exactly

>> No.15658782

>lel ultimate troll

>> No.15658791

What if I am a girl and like MLP, but identify myself as a brony?
Check your privilege and fuck off.

>> No.15658793


> ad hominem

>> No.15658799
File: 584 KB, 1280x1280, 1389645041332.png [View same] [google]

>>not a fan of mlp
>>on /mlp/
That's right.

>> No.15658800
File: 23 KB, 640x480, 1389645041968.jpg [View same] [google]

>no fun allowed

Most recent thing I have then

also >implying dwarven hair beards aren't sexy as fuck

>> No.15658812

He's right you know. Beards are majestic as fuck, if only women had beards...

>> No.15658813

I'll be honest.
You're pretty cute.

>> No.15658814

>pegasisters you thundercunt

And here I was thinking feminazis got their panties in a twist over this kind of gender separation shit

>> No.15658818 [DELETED] 
File: 314 KB, 1194x1276, 1389645113935.png [View same] [google]

how do you solve a problem like subhumans

>> No.15658826

>"shove a knife up your rectum is equivalent to rape with a knife"
lol try again faggot

considering she's been a fan since she was born then sure. at least she isn't a piece of shit though right

is this supposed to make me feel bad, because a lot of male bronies are falling for it

>> No.15658840

hah,all bark and no bite,what's he gonna do? Write a novel full of swear words?

>> No.15658842

Can a drawfag make porn of Pinkie's OC? That'd be real nice of any kind Anons

Tranny pls go

>> No.15658845


She's raped multiple people, and scammed innocent children of their money. She's a huge piece of shit.

>> No.15658846

Y-you too
I wish to acquire permanent dwarf beard pls

>> No.15658850
File: 62 KB, 288x288, 381092__safe_solo_applejack_artist-colon-overarrow_super%252Blesbian%252Bhorse%252Brpg.png [View same] [google]


> ad hominem

> ad hominem

So much ad hominem.

>> No.15658858
File: 728 KB, 2000x1385, 1389645236348.jpg [View same] [google]

We have a literal neckbeard here calling anons neckbeards

>> No.15658867
File: 84 KB, 640x476, 1389645272987.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15658871
File: 1.61 MB, 480x360, 1389645310068.gif [View same] [google]

ITT: pic related

>> No.15658872

why would a retard feel bad about being retarded? Just live your life with your mutilated genitals as best as you can.

>> No.15658874 [DELETED] 
File: 95 KB, 778x1000, 1389645316000.jpg [View same] [google]

Well we have some of floppy.

>> No.15658876

like i care

i feel so sorry for you

>5/10 would pass on a street with no reaction
long hair kills it for me
at least you arent gross

even i can admit thundercunt sounds fucking powerful. moreover, it's like black people saying the n word. im a girl, i can say cunt and thundercunt and whatever

>> No.15658885


>the n word

Why not just say nigger?

>> No.15658894


If you don't care about logic, then why do you call people out on "ad hominem"?

>> No.15658900

>like black people saying the n word
you mean nigger?

>> No.15658906
File: 243 KB, 500x500, 1389645439603.png [View same] [google]

Your opinion means nothing.

>> No.15658911

>implying i should care

[citation needed]


>CAPTCHA: commands askerwhy

>> No.15658921

You know, I got to thinking... If all it takes to become "internet famous" is to get a shit load of hate for a 'righteous' cause from 4chan...

We could very easily create false identities and make them insanely popular with virtually no effort just for the hell of it.

I wonder what we could do with an internet famous persona who's constantly being hated on by 4chan.

>> No.15658926
File: 195 KB, 945x790, 1389645508630.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15658937


She's wanted in three states for multiple accounts of rape, she faked getting hacked to steal money from her followers, and she went to New York to rape some Jewish kids.

>> No.15658941


>>"shove a knife up your rectum is equivalent to rape with a knife"
>lol try again faggot

So you're trying to argue that making someone force something into their rectum against their will isn't rape.

lol okay I guess

>> No.15658943

because it was elsewhere dumbass. on 4chan nobody actually gives a fuck.

yeah sure that

you reacted and that means i affected you in some way. you might think it means nothing but in your reply, there is scientific proof that you actually think it means /something/

>> No.15658945 [DELETED] 
File: 100 KB, 778x1000, floppy sucks molly's bloody futa cock.jpg [View same] [google]

That's a stupid idea.
Let's totally do it.

>> No.15658955


>implying anyone will remember you in a few hours.

>> No.15658960 [DELETED] 
File: 92 KB, 778x1000, floppy vomiting her love for molly.jpg [View same] [google]

>you reacted and that means i affected you in some way
I don't think that's how it works.
You mean literally nothing.

>> No.15658961 [SPOILER] 
File: 134 KB, 874x585, Ponk porn wow.png [View same] [google]

She's honestly not worth the effort, but 100000000000000000000000000 hours in PS

>> No.15658967

[citations still needed or anon is a faggot]

because it isn't.
im literally shoving a knife into someone. where i do it doesn't matter. by your logic i can shove a toothpick into your urethra and it would be considered rape. newsflash: it isnt.

>> No.15658972

Why haven't you people sent these glorious images to PinkiePony's parents yet?

>> No.15658977
File: 160 KB, 420x415, 1389645729008.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15658979
File: 1.48 MB, 360x202, 1389645734080.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.15658981

being internet famous is worthless, doubly so if you're a SJW. It's dark times we live in when people like our little attention whore/gigolo haven't been fed to the wolves

>> No.15658983

Pretty sure it is.
>Gammatheta confirmed for rapist scum

>> No.15658984


> falling for a blatant troll

>> No.15658991


>Faggots calling others faggots

>> No.15659005

dick should be up her own ass, at the very least someones dick needs to be up her ass

>> No.15659006
File: 82 KB, 400x502, 1389645823189.jpg [View same] [google]

Good idea.
What's her address?
This faggot's address is pointless.
I'm sure it's parents already think of him as an abomination and a burden.

>> No.15659008

>you mean nothing to me
>but look at how mad i am
>im still replying to you
>pls pay attention to me sempai

like i give a shit

btw i thoroughly enjoy how you're all reacting with rape pics. it really shows how /mlp/ can get so frustrated that they just sit down and throw a tantrum because they have a headache and just wanna go home and pick their nose without having to be in public :'-(

>> No.15659021

That's just the thing. It isn't worthless at the moment apparently. We could fuck with so many people by getting them to believe in some cause or some shit and then completely destroy it in an incredibly slow and hilarious way.

I really am terrible at ideas, but I definitely see potential for trolling on an epic scale if done properly.

>> No.15659025
File: 332 KB, 612x1076, 1389645897421.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15659026


I don't know about you but I'm already fapping to these pics right now.

>> No.15659033

you feeling uncomfortable with all these dick pictures? have a sense of loss that won't go away?

>> No.15659037

What's this OC's name?

>> No.15659042

>coming from the tumblr tripfag replying to everyone that disagree with it


>> No.15659051

You are a god Anon. Make more rapey pics
Let's make more and show it all to Pinkie

Shows how frustrated with us that you showed us pics of your mutilated genitalia guymandudebromate

>> No.15659056
File: 98 KB, 778x1000, molly fucking floppy really hard.jpg [View same] [google]

It's April's.
Apparently she got a new one i dunno

>> No.15659057

[citation needed]

well it takes a faggot to know a faggot sooo

>implying im angry about it
lol im actually laughing that someone thinks shoving a knife up someone's ass is rape. that's just where it would hurt the most.

like, imagine trying to sit down

>> No.15659076


>> No.15659079


>> No.15659092 [SPOILER] 
File: 205 KB, 953x581, Ponk porn wow 2.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15659096


> ad hominem yet again

>> No.15659097

So mutilating female genitalia isn't at all sexual assault in any way? Good to know, hey guise I have a new idea!

Czech your thin privilege you bigot

>> No.15659101

im here wasting time.

other people are flying off the handle trying to tell me my arguments are wrong when i already know they're full of holes

i've admitted to trolling you dumb fuckers and you still reply to me.

>> No.15659122


And you know we're trolling you, yet you still respond.

>> No.15659125

not my genitalia, my gfs
moreover, if it WERE mine, where's the scar tissue?

>implying i care yet again

this is 4chan, dweeb. like i care.

>> No.15659129
File: 2.23 MB, 778x1000, molly strap on blood fucking floppy.png [View same] [google]


>> No.15659135

I can't even imagine who got that.

>> No.15659142
File: 85 KB, 576x1024, 1389646320899.jpg [View same] [google]


I have...things to do with your face.

>> No.15659144

>Implying this was a one off
>Implying being told you're a dirty slut doesn't turn you on
>Implying you don't fantasise about being gang-raped by bronies
>Implying you can masturbate
>Implying you have a penis


>> No.15659152

Whatever you say XY

>> No.15659157

someone send screencaps of gammatheta spreading around his girlfriends nudes
one of which is highly photoshopped because obviously the way she is isn't good enough for her

>> No.15659160

im not responding seriously at all and stated i'd be here until the thread dies.

you guys are /attempting/ to counter-troll but not taking the bait is honestly the only way to counter. yet you dumbfucks still dont listen.

i am on an elevated existence

i am


>> No.15659161
File: 619 KB, 1280x1024, 1389646377488.png [View same] [google]

out of flops

>> No.15659169 [SPOILER] 
File: 204 KB, 916x587, Ponkacunt porn wow so good.png [View same] [google]

>mfw it might've been /pol/

>> No.15659173

consent was given.

girls can masturbate too fucknut

>> No.15659174
File: 18 KB, 492x278, 1389646456472.png [View same] [google]

Don't be such a gender traitor

>> No.15659185
File: 23 KB, 193x192, 1389646493555.png [View same] [google]

>im not angry guise
>constantly replies to fags calling you a fag for being a fag

>it takes a faggot to know a faggot
you make my dick hard

>i've admitted to trolling you dumb fuckers
so you're being a fag and imply that it isn't the same thing if you say it's "trolling"

>> No.15659192

>doesn't care
>continues to reply
>'I'm le trolling u xD'


>> No.15659193
File: 658 KB, 2500x2145, 1389646512311.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.15659198

Except you're not a girl. Not really. Just like Michael Jackson wasn't really white. Plus he apparently liked to molest people, so that's two things you have in common

>> No.15659204

yeah basically

i mean you guys are the ones replying. if you guys stop, i'll stop. simple as that really

>> No.15659205
File: 45 KB, 500x488, 1389646555282.jpg [View same] [google]


does your sister know you're posting pics of her cunt on 4chan?

>> No.15659222

Aww don't go. We want more picture of your stump-penis

>> No.15659229
File: 1.20 MB, 2500x1406, 1389646653977.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15659236

No, please continue making a fool of yourself.

>> No.15659241

Post more gay porn Anon

>> No.15659253
File: 75 KB, 1280x905, 1389646749978.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15659271


>> No.15659279
File: 1.14 MB, 800x600, 1389646849996.gif [View same] [google]

>> No.15659298

proof or it's all lies

>> No.15659299
File: 300 KB, 1280x1280, 1389646924305.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15659300
File: 157 KB, 978x602, 1389646924825.png [View same] [google]

I don't know how you guys are going to use my half assed doodles but here you go

>> No.15659333
File: 1.52 MB, 1500x938, 1389647055627.png [View same] [google]

>> No.15659334

One thing I want to say abouApril is:
The white guilt is strong with her

>> No.15659336

>Last person who did this got a 2 by 4 in their window
>Same fag from >>15657229

Just stay down fucktard
Keep talking to tripfag male feminazi though
>tumblr achieved

>> No.15659338

>you guys are the ones replying
>implying that doesn't make you a faggot as well
>implying you're a special snowflake

>> No.15659359

>girl - person who identifies as a girl
So what does girl mean within the definition there
Does it just recurse infinitely

>> No.15659378

>What is a girl?
>Well, uh... a girl is... like a girl, you know?

>> No.15659479
File: 7 KB, 429x70, 1389647569773.png [View same] [google]

> flustered

More like "laughing at how stupid this idiot is and goading him into saying more stupid shit".

>> No.15659486
File: 319 KB, 1471x1200, 1389647611140.jpg [View same] [google]

What are you trying to say?
You go to high school and I don't?

>> No.15659504

damn I love Nezumi

>> No.15659517
File: 229 KB, 1200x1307, 1389647716210.jpg [View same] [google]

>> No.15659537

>You go to high school and I don't?
No. I'm saying I went to uni and you never finished high school.

>> No.15659544
File: 8 KB, 512x80, 1389647792464.png [View same] [google]

Does anyone know where this so-called FAQ is?

>> No.15659619

I googled and can't find shit.

>> No.15659645

I think it's on the downwithmolestia tumblr

>> No.15659652

No worries. Damage control will be imminent.

>> No.15659664

There's no FAQ
>Checked resources

>> No.15659705


>> No.15659714 [DELETED] 

i've been looking for around 30 minutes, can confirm

aprils fools are probably around, so don't scare her from answering that question by sourcing it back to here, i've already screencapped it so delete the file

>> No.15659735


pick one

>> No.15659784
File: 241 KB, 508x489, 1389648746120.png [View same] [google]

While I'm here, I might as well dump from T-shirtAnon's Hue fest.
This is the front of T-shirt 1.

>> No.15659805
File: 156 KB, 291x429, 1389648817599.png [View same] [google]

..And the back

>> No.15659815

Artist on this one?
I'm on mobile right now, else I'd just Google the pic

>> No.15659820

ahahaha perfect

>> No.15659840

says skipsy.ca in the lower left corner of the pic

>> No.15659938

Deleted where I suggested it for safeness ukno
but she's cornered, any denial or ignoring it will be an admission of guilt


>> No.15659965

There where more, but thread just hit Image limit.
Now to just ride this one out until it 404's or some Anon posts another thread.

>> No.15659997

I love how she's still blaming losing 10 measly dollars on bronies when it CLEARLY SAYS a 'malware' program took it out of her account, and even screen capped it.

>> No.15660090

Anybody have the link to that post by the guy who used to be her boyfriend?

>> No.15660100

little shit is online again, probably crafting some thin lie to excuse why the faq clearly doesn't exist

>> No.15660138


>> No.15660230


Don't forget to refer to her as "April Davis".

>> No.15660523

New thread where?

>> No.15660626

Why would you want to continue the drama?
Don't overdo it m8, you'll burn yourself out and won't be able to rage at the newest episode.

>> No.15660654

Maybe when Pinkie stops debunking all the shit you claim :^)

>> No.15660669

Because m8, this shit is so ridiculous it's addicting.
But In seriousness..
She needs us
We need her

>> No.15660694

joker speech from the dark knight where

>> No.15660711

Well, this thread certainly went places...

Just start reading it from the beginning.
We pretty much covered like 50 different topics.

>> No.15660787


>>15660711 Pretty much explains it.

>> No.15661011

Gamma, if you're still there, I was kind of wondering...

As a trans woman myself I wanted to know just how you found the change and if you could help me adjust
I've always identified as female since before I could walk but lately I've been getting a lot of hate because of it

Any advice you could give would be great :)

>> No.15661153

>Wanting advice from Gamma

>> No.15661191


If you want advice from a trans woman, at least go to one who's actually successful. I know a couple myself, but they'd rather not be associated with nutjobs like Gamma.

>> No.15661272

>Seriously asking for advice on 4chan
>Calling GammaTheta out for being a transtesticle fuck fag
>Anyone thinking I'm serious

>That's the joke.jpg
image limit reached

>> No.15661277

New thread.

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