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>What is ‘Flutterrape’?
Flutterrape refers to a collection of stories about the ponies from MLP trying to have sex with Anon, the only human stranded in Equestria.
While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, other ponies may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape.
There are many different versions of Flutterrape, but mostly they are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants.


>"Oh no, the old thread has 404'd. However shall I read my favorite attempted rape stories now?"

Fear not, anon! For we have an archive!

For those not using an extension:
>Go to: >>http://archive.heinessen.com/mlp/
>Copy the link to the old thread (>>9173925)
>Paste it in the 'view post' searchbar
>Hit enter
>Catch up on all those lovely stories

For the superior lurkers using 4chanX:

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>Click on the backlink to the previous thread in the OP
>Great success!


-Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies for this thread. Check first in Anon in Equestria to see whether your story fits there before posting.


Cellist Octavia wrote a useful script that alerts you when certain pastebins are updated.
Find it here:


>How do I start writing?
Writing these stories is very easy.
Write in the second person, and preface your lines with ‘>’ – this is what turns normal text into greentext.
Collection of most stories of the regular writefags:

Old thread:

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>No pic.
Step up your game brah.

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I wasn't sure what was going on at first, you seem to be jumping around, and that is confusing.

As Neb said, your greentexting was great. I know CD dislikes the scriptlike format some people use, and I can see why, but it worked here, especially as you had several OCs
How did they know about his species? I thought Anon was the only human around? Unless he travels back in time at the end because he becomes the Thane of Time?

So whilst it was rather dry, I understand you were setting up a larger plot piece, so that's alright. I enjoyed it, for the most part.

However, it doesn't seem like English is your first language. And that's fine, we have several people here who are much worse than you.
Don't use words if you don't know what they mean. It might make your writing come over as more childlike/simplistic, but you used /wrong/ words several times. Not just mildly wrong, like write/right, but words that just don't fit.
This can really break immersion, and nearly ruin an otherwise decent start. So if you aren't sure what the word means, don't write it.

The other thing that razzled my dazzles was Anon's speech. He gave a rough estimate of coming from 2000CE, so assuming around nowish.
But he speaks like he's from another time and country. His speech uses words that I have never seen used anywhere (disrequire, I'm pretty sure, isn't actually a real word anyway). What's weirder, is that his speech comes across as more out of place than the rest of the prose.
He sorta reminds me of the speech in the recent Spartacus series. They mostly use proper English, but muddle around with a few rules to keep it feeling slightly out of sync with everything else.

Final point:
Ellipses, or the 'trailing off mid-sentence' is three full-stops, not two.
Two is nothing. It has no meaning.
So sometimes it can be hard to understand whether you wanted an end or a trail to nothing.

But good start, excellent debut. Keep on writing!

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Someone get some stories up in this bitch.


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Why not write something yourself then? Writefags aren't the only ones who can post in these threads have a go at it.

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sorry brah, I got nuthin.

least we got each other amiright?

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and man said "let there be rape!" and it was good.
wish we could say the same about my writing

>Wake up to Celestia's warming rays
>Ok perhaps a bit too warm
>If this morning routine changed in the slightest you'd probably die
>Eating a bowl of what you can only describe as ground wheat mixed with warm milk and honey
>Hear a knock at the door letting you know your stalker had arrived
>As you go to answer it you back door is kicked in and Fluttershy flies into your back
>She gives you ann injection of something, and you grow tired
>Wake up tied nnaked to your bed
>Fluttershy is already gettinng to work on your body but being unconscious prevents you from responding
>That all changes once you feel her mouth envelope your shaft
>She bobs her head with rather expert precision and throws in fome licks on the tip
>Not a word is spoken the whole time from her
>You can't seem to find your tongue
>She releases you from her mouth with a *pop* and laps up the precum
>With all the grace of a chubby flag twirler seducing a cake, she crawls up your torso
>Her wet folds quickly surround your dick, and she forces herself down hilting you
>As she slides up and down jer wings spread out, and she throws her head back letting out all manners of squeaks and moans
>Eventually you feel your climax and release your seed deep within
>Fluttershy slides off, her inside still pulling on you to milk you dry
>After she unties you and leave you lay there and wonder
>If you actually had dialogue would you still have just been
>Fucking Fluttershy

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File: 1.55 MB, 749x1655, 487852_Siden_too_far.png [View same] [google]

I request someone write a story based off this pic.

Applebloom does something completely stupid that gets her kicked out, so she does the next best thing and demands she lives at Anon's place.

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Fucking love the picture in the OP. Who made that?

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File: 396 KB, 700x761, twilight_sparkle_robot_by_xxmoonwish-d5hbxwj.png [View same] [google]

Stole it from picklehead in the circlejerk once. Been wanting to use it for weeks.

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I second this idea.

Also, I think Eppy gave me a new fetish

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My coworker somehow left a grease stain on a box we had.Out of nowhere I realized it was in the shape of a dick. My coworker had his greasy nigger dick out at work...anywho how about another short?

>Walking through Canterlot looking at all the fancy shit
>Notice an exotic food store
>Maybe they have meat?
>Go into the store and look around
>Hazaah! Beautiful bacon!
>You get hard just thinking of it
>As if on que Fluttershy pops out of a barrel of turnips and pounces you
>"I'd l-like some of t-this exotic m-meat of y-you don't mind."
>>Grab a jar of pickles off the shelf
>Jeremy? The hell kind of brand is that?
"Here Flutters! Have an experience of the 'briney deep'!
>Wow did you really just day that?
>Grab a handful of pickles and shove them into her ass
>Quickly make your purchase and get outta dodge
>Enjoy the sexuall joys of bacon instead if
>Fucking Fluttershy

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It would take a mighty writer to come up with something adequately stupid for Applejack to do to get kicked out, while staying in character. Screwing up like that, among her very close and loving family no less, is so not her style.

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Life related things stopped me from writing, but I'm back now though.


How about a curse that that kills any apple tree Applebloom goes near?

>Butt mad Trixies plans to avenge her defeat
>Goes after the elements one by one
>Misses Applejack and gets Applebloom

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It doesn't have to be a serious story, I'm thinking she could get grounded, sneak away from home, and hide at Anon's place. Now that I think about it, might use that for a one-shot when I have some spare time.

Which is surprisingly hard to come by lately...

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Do it like an episode.

Applebloom tries a new fruit at school for lunch, because there're no more apples or something.
She comes home and spouts off at AJ about this new fruit tree "And gosh golly, Applejack, we should try plantin' som of these new-fangled pears!"
Granny overreacts and shouts about "Apples were good enough when we were youngsters, they'll be good enough eatin' for you too!".
AJ and BM don't want to take sides, because GS is known for being a cantankerous old freak when the mood hits her.
AB overreacts to this, and thinks they hate her. She runs off because she doesn't want to live in a house where nobody loves her no more.

stuff happens

"Dear princess Celestia,
Today Ah have lerned that just becus sumone shahts at yer, it don't mean they hate yer. sumtahms, it means they love yer just so darned much they worry an fret about yer.

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Alright, since based saturday-anon hasn't been around yet I've been thinking of something to do myself.

Most people here probably remember that Luna/Selene story that got posted way back.
I recall morning asking for someone to put it on a pastebin so it could be added to the morninganon-pastebin a while ago as well.

So how about this weekend we do a Selene Saturday/Sunday?
That story never got finished and probably never will be by the original author so how about the different writefags try to tie it up themselves?

If there's any interest in this, I'll start converting that story from pic to text.

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File: 289 KB, 622x345, I heard you like fillies.png [View same] [google]

yes...yessss this is good, now the only trouble is how to convert it from AiE to FR.

No promises when it'll get done, but I'll definitely be putting this idea onto my "to do" pile.

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Saturday Anon here, and I have had thoughts, but so have others.

The problem with a Selene-SatSun is the limits.

The ones we've had successfully have been quite open ended. Sequel Saturday was easy - just pick a work you liked and write something for it. ComfortZoneSatSun was also easy - pick something you haven't written before.

Neither of those lock you into anything.

But doing a direct sequel to Selene would be heavily locked in.

Maybe, instead, we make this coming weekend/next weekend MPD/DIDSatSun, where one of the main characters has some form of multiple personalities.

If that's too narrow, we can spread it to "InsaneWeekend", where one of the characters has some form of mental illness.

I'm not saying your idea is bad, because we'd all love to see that continued at some point.

But it is *rather* restricted.

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I could really see a Animal Crossing with ponies in it.

Or a mod or something.

>> No.9220098

So much bullshitting before with the random crazy behavior. I would like the mental disorder saturday.

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File: 3 KB, 126x126, Dat smile.jpg [View same] [google]

Hmmm....this could be fun.

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There. My contribution is already done five days ago.

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Reposting my responses to stories from last thread incase they're missed.
I have no idea what I just read. But it was kinda radical.
Fabulous work. FreeBeer

The story is developing nicely. Fluttershy's taking the darker route, it seems.
I'm enjoying this story a lot, Theseus. Keep it up.

I didn't even know Body Swapping was so...
I'll it to the long list of Flutterrape given fetishes
10/10 Eppy

I think I would best describe this as long-winded, Reaper.
Seems like Anon is from Assassin's Creed, and I'm not too much a fan of crossovers, but that's purely opinion.

It's well written, hardly any grammatical errors, if any at all. You've got complete mastery over the greentext format, and I can tell that you're one of the better writers out there.

Its just that this story took a hell of a long time to pick up.
Make no mistake, it was well written.
Fantastic work, but very drawn out.

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Also, do we want to keep doing the themed Saturday every week? I'm all for the concept, but having it so often makes it difficult to write something.

Could be that I just take too long to write a story, but I like to dedicate a whole writing session for a short like the ones expected for those Saturdays. But if I have to choose between a Saturday story and one of my longer works, I have to choose the latter. It doesn't help that this last Saturday barely saw any crossovers, only a handful (unlike uncomfortable Saturday which had a lot of writers crop up, though that could have been the theme).

Maybe we make this an every other weekend thing?

Anyway, that's just my opinion.

Branded's final chapter is getting pretty big, so I'm probably going to split it in two like I usually do for pacing purposes.

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Well yeah, it's obviously not going to be for this weekend anymore seeing as we're already Wednesday and we're only just putting out ideas now.
I was thinking this would be for the weekend of the 30th or even the one after that...

>> No.9221481

I do have a bad perception of time, so maybe I just thought that we had been doing something like this every week.

In the mental disorder category, I'm pretty well covered already.

>> No.9221518

>I do have a bad perception of time, so maybe I just thought that we had been doing something like this every week.

True, that has been the case so far but in the past the ideas were usually posted on Sunday or Monday.
It's already Wednesday so if people still have to get started on it now...
Might be a bit too much on short-notice for most..

>> No.9221939

Concept Saturdays are always fun.
But we'd have to come up with something every week, and that might get bothersome. The weeks tick by ever so fast nowadays.

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>Day Improv the Sequel to the Threequel to the-
>Fuck it
>Day Improv in Equestria
>These are getting hard
>But Improv waits for no man
>Wake up
>Shower, Shave, Shit
>Fuck the police
>You are Anon: Rebel
>Today you're going to kill an element of harmony
>In specific, Fluttershy
>It'll be glorious
>You've been planning for this for ages
>Almost an entire week
>Which, considering you've been in Equestria eight days, is sort of long in a way
>That's 87.5% of your time here spent planning
>No time for math though; you must head out

>You wait in a tree near Fluttershy's house
>Your crossbow is loaded and ready
>It's poisoned as well, to ensure death
>You can practically smell the freedom of Celestia's oppression at this kill
>It smells like...
>A petting zoo?
>Oh shi
>"H-hey Anon!"
>You start, falling out of the tree
>You land on your back
>Your crossbow fires, flying off some random direction
>Fluttershy is in the tree, staring down at you
Fluttershy, how the hell did you get up there?!
>"W-well, my Anon senses were tingling."
That isn't a thing, god dammit!
>"I-it doesn't matter. I see your c-crossbow, Anon"
>Uh oh
>Abandon ship
>"S-so you finally c-came around? C-cupid r-roleplay then?"
>You feel something drip on your chest
>The animal smell just got stronger
>You get to your feet and book it the fuck out of there
>As you run away, you notice a pony lying on the ground
>It's Apple Jack
>She has an arrow in her chest
>You smile to yourself
>Mission Accomplished

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I will drive all the way out to your place of residence and give you a fucking medal.

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Does it have to be Flutterrape?

can there not be any.. Lunarape? perchance ?

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Oh fuck me, that ending was great

>> No.9222054

You didn't hear this from me but, yes. I would like to see some best princess rape

>> No.9222060


See >>9217171
>While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, other ponies may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape.

>> No.9222063

Just wondering, what's the character limit for a single post?

>> No.9222069



>> No.9222074

I believe about 300 words

>> No.9222076


so.. is there any Lunarape out there that anyone knows of??

>> No.9222126

I sort of have one, it was a CanadAnon one shot. Fluttershy technically manipulated her, but it was most Luna.

I remember someone else having one as well, but it's slipping my mind...

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File: 715 KB, 623x800, 6726_496318953763940_1956121089_n.png [View same] [google]

Yeah what ever happened to that Luna/Selene story?

>> No.9222253


See >>9219863

It's unfinished, not binned and the author dissapeared.

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File: 9 KB, 588x570, 1355872449859.png [View same] [google]


Glad you enjoyed it

>> No.9222311

I wrote this.
It is the best story in the world regarding Luna.
If anyone says otherwise They are probably right


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Are you sure it's not doubled with another story?

>> No.9222342

Sorry m8
Don't do sequels.

>> No.9222354

Morning wrote a Nightmare rape a few days back. Should be on his pastebin

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>coming never

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File: 1.30 MB, 512x288, 1360846423657.gif [View same] [google]

It's good, I like it. Except the part with appulpone...
>pic related

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File: 500 KB, 500x235, TRUTH.gif [View same] [google]

I felt the end was too abrupt. Discord was OOC. The pasta jokes got old (personal opinion). Still, this was decent. Unfortunately Nebulus I expect from you more than I would the common writefag.

But I dunno man, it's just like my opinion man.

>> No.9223127

I wasn't even aware that the post was deleted.
Oh well.

Anywho, negative criticism! AT LAST!
No one ever gives me criticism, I'm glad you have done.

The pasta jokes were indeed overdone. I couldn't think of too many ways to convey Luna's awkwardness.
While the story was intentionally supposed to be utterly stupid, I can see why you would think it was over done in some cases.
Mostly this story failed from lack of variety on my part.

Sorry you didn't think it was up to par.
Thank you for the negative remark. I really don't get enough.
Makes it hard as fuck to improve when all my stories get is praise.

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ur a faget

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File: 15 KB, 349x328, 1347699876602.jpg [View same] [google]

Tell me more.

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File: 183 KB, 900x741, rarity_changeling_by_internationaltck-d514ire.png [View same] [google]

I think you should really do more sequels. Too many of your stories have great ideas but they end far too soon. Especially the Shifting Sands story.

>> No.9223282

Sequels are tricky.
I always feel like I won't do the original story justice if I do a sequel.
The only sequels I've ever wanted to do of my own volition is the Mayor Mare sequel, and Anon and Discord, but that's because I felt that they deserved them.
The Mayor was too much fun writing to pass up, and Anon and Discord had been on my mind ever since I first wrote it.
And while I'll admit that Sandy was probably the most adorable character I ever wrote, I think that a sequel would be blatantly milking the premise and suck out the charm of the original story. Plus I have no idea where I would take the story. I have a few little ideas and have had suggestions, but I don't think any of them do the character justice.

Thanks for the input, though. I'll keep it in mind.

>> No.9223309

That's the thing, though. Sequels aren't supposed to be the original story v2.0. They're supposed to be the same characters but in a different situation, with allusions to the first.

Sequels don't have to take place immediately after the events of the previous story.

>> No.9223420

Very true.
But then again I have to think of a situation that is just as funny as the first story's.
In my experience, there's nothing worse than a sequel that lets you down.
Fuck you, Bioware.
And yes, they don't have to take place IMMEDIATELY after the first story. But I still have to come up with a story that will be as good as, if not better, than the first part.

Because I absolutely hate to disappoint people.
Call it a phobia of mine.

>"Hey guys, here's a sequel to that really popular story of mine!"
>"Oh my god yes! Fuck yeah! Post that shit!"
>One story later
>"Eh... It was ok, I guess"

Nightmare fuel right there.

>> No.9223508

I ran out of steam... can churn out random shorts all day at work, but I get home and it all goes out the window.

>> No.9223860

>You are anon, sitting in the library, also known as Twilight's house.
>After searching through some old tomes in the library, Twilight finally learned a spell to send you home.
>You could get back to the real world.
>More importantly, you could escape that crazed yellow pony.
>You are so ready to begin you don't even bother to pack your things.
>As the magic courses around your being, you see the colorful pastel world melt away to black.
What the hell?
>You are ripped from your dream yet again by knocking on your door.
Damn, so close.
>You start your day as you always do with the triple S
>"Anon, are you home?"
>Somehow you knew it would be Fluttershy.
>You consider ignoring her and going on about your day, but remember the last time you tried that.
>It's been a month and you're still scraping crusted cheese off your windows.
"On my way"
>You shudder at the mere thought of what lie beyond the door.
>To your joyous surprise, Twilight stands there.
>Before she can even speak, you close the door and lock it behind you.
"Thank Celestia you're here. Did you figure it out?"
>"Oh thank goodness" Twilight says in Fluttershy's voice
Wait, what?
>"So this means Twilight Sparkle s your fetish, right?"
>A previously unseen zipper is pulled down and the yellow demon's head pops out.
>"I just knew borrowing these from Pinkie would be a good idea!"
>You turn around in horror, only now realizing that you don't remember changing the locks.
>"I knew you changed the locks a lot, so I went ahead and did it for you."
>She zips up the suit and starts to walk over to you.
>You frantically try to unlock the door, but it's locked from the outside.
"What the hell did you do to my door? You put the lock on backwards, you idiot!"
>"Oh, no I didn't, it's a special lock that locks on both sides, you just need the key."
"I guess you can't just give me the key then?"
>"Oh uhm... I can't quite reach it."

>> No.9223870

Do what I do! Random Improv stories because you can't for the life of you bring yourself to keep writing your story


>> No.9223883

>She blushes as she turns around.
>You already know where this is going, and you don't like it one bit.
>A small cord sticks out of her crusted poop shute.
>Gagging, you turn around to avoid having such a sight stare you in the face.
"Damnit Fluttershy, what do I have to do this time?"
>"It's a pull string silly."
>Simply wishing to end this quickly, you take hold of the string.
>You pull with all your force, ripping the key from its prison.
>"Oh sweet Celestia Anon, I didn't know you liked it so rough!"
>You then realize a golden opportunity.
>You take the key with you, locking Fluttershy in your house for now, and get over to Twilight's library as fast as you could.
>She doesn't notice you come in, and quickly shuts the books she was reading and magics it away into the other room.
>"Oh, you're here. Let's start where we left off."
"Are you sure there's no other way?"
>"One of these is bound to work, it's only a matter of time before we find the right one."
>You spend the rest of the day testing different teleportation spells with Twilight, hoping that maybe on will send you home.
>Like always, none of them got you home, but many got you hurt.
>Nothing too serious though, just a few bumps here and there.
>As the stars began to come out, you began to head home.
>As you approach the front door, you here weeping from inside.
>You're a little startled at first, but when you remember you have Fluttershy locked up in there, your expression contorts to that of sheer terror.
>As you rush over to Twilight's, you notice dark clouds starting to take over the sky
>Again, she quickly hides whatever book she had been reading, clearly a little irritated.
>"Why are you back so soon Anon?"
"There's...there's a monster in my house. Is it alright to stay here?"
>Just then, it begins to pour outside.
>"I guess I don't have much of a choice now, do I?"
>"Just...don't snoop around too much, I'll get Spike to dring down some blankets for the couch."

>> No.9223904


>And with that, Twilight brings her book with her up the stairs into her bedroom.
>It's gotten pretty late, so you don't think too much of it.
>Spike comes down with a blanket that barely covers half your body.
>Without another word, Spike rushes off to et you another blanket.
>He comes back, again without speaking, and hands you another blanket.
>No one seems to be acting themselves today, but you shrug it off as your imagination, and you drift off to sleep.
>Twilight woke up early and tried to cook you breakfast.
>You awake to the smell of smoke.
>Just as you are about to help her extinguish the flames, Spike grabs you by the arm and motions for you to follow him.
>He brings you to Twilight's book
>"Mind Control Magic: 101 Spells for taking over weaker minds"
>"Anon? Where did you go?"
>You quickly leave the room, but Twilight is there at the door.
>"Looking for something?"
>"Silly Anon, I've told you a thousand times, we don't have those."
"Then where am I supposed to go?"
>"You could go back to your house..."
>You make your way over to your house, but see the yellow menace flying away from your house with one of her animal friends.
>However, at once, she falls to the ground, and starts walking to you.
>Her bear friend stops her, and caries her back to her cottage.
>You make it back to your house to find one of the windows had been smashed open.
>Why the hell you didn't think of escaping this way earlier confounds you.
>Oh well, at least you were home.

>> No.9223929


>You are Fluttershy.
>It's morning, and the bright shining sun wakes you from your slumber.
>Somehow, you've gotten yourself locked into Anon's house and you're wearing one of Pinkie's creepy costumes.
"Oh my..."
>The house is completely silenced.
"H...hello? Anon, are you there?"
>No answer
>He must be still sleeping.
>A sudden pain emanates from your backside.
"Oh no...why?"
>You think back over the past months.
>For some reason, every morning, right after breakfast, you would black out and wake up in some sort of pain.
"Why does this keep happening?"
>You try to open the door before Anon wakes up, but to no avail.
>You can feel the tears forming in your eyes, almost ready to pour out.
>Mr. Bear, your beloved animal friend, smashes the window open.
"Oh my Mr. Bear. You shouldn't go breaking other ponies' things like that."
>"Roarr roar growl grunt growl?"
"Right, people's things. But that's no excuse. You're still in big trouble mister."
>"Growl grunt roar, grunt roar growl...."
"Now that you mention it, they don't seem to be home... But why is that an excuse?"
>"Grunt growl grunt?"
"I'm still trying to figure that out for myself. For now, let's get you home, you're bleeding."
>On the way back home, everything fades black.

>You are Twilight Sparkle
>Controlling this stupid yellow pawn was a lot of work, but one day, it would all be worth it.
>You knew it was only a matter of time before you used her to guess Anon's fetish correctly.
>And when that day came, you would visit him.
>You would guess his fetish, and you would be right on your first try.
>And then Anon would love you.
I'm new to this, so any advice and comments, complaints, ect. are appreciated. Thanks!


>> No.9223988

Shit meant

>> No.9224009

You devious fiend!
I like this. I like it a lot.

>> No.9224010

Wouldn't it have been easier to double post?

>> No.9224042

So I noticed there isn't a single fiction where Applebloom rapes Anon, even though the same can't be said for Scootaloo or Sweetiebell. I've attempted to fix that with this story right here, although personally I think this thing suffers from pacing issues:

>Day working for the man in Equestria
>You're working at that orange pony's apple farm
>You got a job fixing broken tools and stuff in the barn while orange pony and big red pony kick trees outside.
>Finish up mending what looks to be a horse drawn plough
>A tiny, pale yellow horse, about twice the size of a house cat walks up to you
>"Hi! Applejack told me about ya, Anon. She said yer here to fix our tools."
>Notice she looks really excited to meet you
>Must be 'cause you're different here
That's right, she said that 'those weird bony squid things you got instead a hooves might come in handy', and then offered me a job. So what's your name?
> She snickers, probably at the squid thing
>"Ahm Applebloom, Applejacks sister! Nice to meet you!"
Nice to meet you, too, Applebloom. What do you do around here?
> "I normally just help out with stuff like collectin' apples, cleanin' up, and helpin' cook. We're all on break right now, so Ahd thought Ahd come tell ya."
> Sit down on a bench
Thanks, I was actually just finishing up here.
>A slight pause fills the air before Applebloom eliminates it by speaking up
>"So, where did ya say you were from, exactly?"
>She walks toward you a little

>> No.9224057

>She walks toward you a little
>Her casual and naive gaze begins to warp into a slight stare
>It's wiggin' you out, man
I, uh, didn't, actually. But I'm from somewhere called "Earth"
>"Sounds nice."
>Once again, she saunters closer
>You don't notice as you went off daydreaming about your former home for a bit
Eh, some would disagree, but I don't really c- Applebloom what the fuck are you doing
>She doesn't respond
>At some point during your attempted rambling, Applebloom had mozied on right up in front of you
>And is now fervently massaging your dickage from her rather eye-height perspective with your groin
>Jerk away from her
Were you literally raised in a barn, you weird little shit!?
>She adorns a crushed and sorry expression
>"B-but I was told by mah friends told me that colts like that!"
>Begin feeling the magic of guilt
Oh, well, sorry for snapping at you, then. That's just something you should only do when you're older, and with someone you've warmed up to in a special way
>Also she's a goddamn horse and you ain't into that
>Momma raised you better
>It's goat poon or better for you or no poon at all
>"Oh, sorry Anon."
>She calmed down oddly quick for an episode like that. You figure she must be trying to hide her embarrassment.
Aw, it's fine, kids do stuff like that all the time, forget about it.
>You are the master consoler
>More awkward silence sets in
>Stand up and walk toward the entrance of the barn

>> No.9224072

It's getting hot. Come on, let's go get something to dr- AUUAUGH GOOD FUCKING HELL!
>A sharp pain smashing into your shin forces you to the ground in the least graceful fall possible
>You feel like you can barely even move your leg, beyond twitching through the dirt
>Looking down, you hypothesize that the annoyed looking tiny horse had bucked your leg
>Must have inherited the same genes those other ponies did
>"Sorry we had to do this the hard way, I meant."
>Your hypothesis was correct, the scientific method prevails once again
Applebloom, what the fuck ar- OOF!
>She stomped you right in the gut
>"No talking unless Ah say so."
>Fight off the incredible urge to say "Yes massah."
>You succeed, but at the cost of being distracted long enough to begin to wrestle your pants off
>She kneads her hoof into the spot where she kicked your leg and glares at you
>You bite your cheek and commit to silence, as it seems the wisest thing to do at this moment
>She continues until she works her way to your underwear
>As a last ditch effort, you attempt to push her off
>And she just kicks the shit out your hand and arm in the process
>You writhe and squirm, holding your arm, pretty much accepting defeat at this point
>"You seem ta have a real problem with cooperating, Anon."
>Through her annoyance, a smug grin begins to stretch across Appleblooms face

>> No.9224091

>"Also, if yer so fuckin' opposed to ruttin' me, why do you got this?"
>She whips your underwear down to reveal your semi-hard dick
...Anxiety boner. I get those.
>"uh-huh, sure."
Fuck you, I do get those! In fact, I gg-ugh..
>She gave little warning before placing your member into her mouth
>You flinch and lift your arms toward her to stop her, but her clenching jaw tells you that she'll bite if you try jack shit, and you're pretty attached to your dick being in its current, healthy state.
>She continues, alternating applying suction to your dick, and sliding her tongue around it
>before long, it's at full mast
>Applebloom slides your cock out of her mouth and positions herself above you
>Close your eyes and put your hands over your face
>you feel tears in your eyes
Oh Jesus, please no.
>You never could handle much stress, as could be seen with all the spontaneous tears and boners.
>She slowly descends until the tip of your dick is touching her lips
>You grimace.
>She slides it around on her fillyhood a bit before descending further, until slamming down.
>You were now being raped by a small horse
>This realization forces a sob out of you
>"What's the matter, Anon? You feelin' a little hoarse?" Applebloom says, pumping herself up and down your manhood
>You sniffle. It's truly a horrific act to prevent you from appreciating an expert pun such as that
>Applebloom's pace picks up, and soon she's letting out little moans and squees.

>> No.9224099

>She shifts, and puts her chest up against yours
>"Look at me."
>"Look at me, or Ah will do something that'll make those bruises you got look like love bites."
>Normally you wouldn't cave to threats coming from something the size of a bread box, but this thing has the grit to manage.
>Unceremoniously move your hands from your face to either side of your body
>Look down at her
>She's steadily bouncing away, her breath hitching telling you something's about to happen here
>She shudders, tenses up and squeals, all while making sure you watch
>You feel an amount warm liquid drip it's way down you dick and balls
>A moment of true desolation and defeat washes over you
>Lay there, just soaking in what had just taken place, almost literally
>"We ain't done yet, Anon."
>Of fucking course we aren't
>She climbs off your dick, moaning as it unsheathes from her, and stuffs it in her mouth again
>This time, though, she goes all out, jamming the whole thing down her throat as forcefully and quickly as she can
>You hear stifled choking noises as her eyes water and her saliva starts dripping everywhere it can as it escapes from her bobbing mouth
>You groan, your toes curl, and blow your seed down her throat
>Applebloom suckles your fuckstick a bit more, and then slips it out, a mixture of drool and semen forming a string from your penis to her mouth

>> No.9224111

>She lets go and walks up to you so that you're both face to face and sleazily shoves her tongue down your throat
>It's long
>And salty
>After an extended period of that, she removes her face from yours, moves her mouth to your ear and says
>"If you tell anyone about this I will stomp your skull open and eat your brains."
>You believe her

>After much bitch-crying
>You walk back to Applejack back at their house to receive your day's pay
>"Hey, Anon, your eyes sure are red, what happened?"
>Look at a silent Applebloom, who looks just pleased as punch, and turn back to Applejack.
>Walk home
>On the way, you are confronted by the red guy, Big Mac you think his name was
>He has tears in his eyes and he's holding back sobs
Y-You too?
>He nods
>Suddenly it makes sense how the little one knew how to do all the shit she did
>You two spend the next 15 minutes holding each other and crying



>> No.9224148
File: 25 KB, 297x297, 1361205075746.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9224224

Fucking 10/10 with the jokes, I loved it!
You've done us a great service by giving us a good AB story.

What's your normal story improv anon? I like these shorts you've been doing and want to check it out.

Dat twist ending... continue.

>> No.9224249

A few spelling errors. fairly short for what I assume is the first part to a multipart story.
But the concept is still a solid one, and I like the idea of Fluttershy being truly innocent for once.
Keep it up!

>6 minutes after someone posts a story and asks for comments
Try and give it a 15 - 20 minute gap before you post your story, man.

>Something twice the size of a house cat
>Kicking the shit out a fully grown human
I'm all for cartoon horse rape, but you've at least got to have it make a BIT of sense. And I had no idea it was supposed to be a silly story until the last 6 lines.
Other than that, a standard Fillyrape story.
Good job!

>> No.9224315

You sure you want it? Only 2 chapters in at the moment, and I've been attempting to write chapter 3 since the 5th.

>> No.9224369

Yeah, throw us a pastebin link or something.

>> No.9224377
File: 61 KB, 125x125, 131154942696-pinkie_pie_cinnamon_s.png [View same] [google]


[Clapping intensifies]

very good in total! I have but one bit of criticism and that is that you have an excellent opportunity for Big Macintosh to say, "Eeeyup" and you pass it by!

>He has tears in his eyes and he's holding back sobs
Y-You too?
>He nods

I was waiting with much patience for it! Now, after having complained... when will there me more?

>> No.9224400


There you go.

>> No.9224408

Er, that was meant for >>9224369

>> No.9224478

Alright I'll alter the pastebin to say "Eeyup."

As far as more, I have an idea including snails, rarity, and fluttershy.

>> No.9224531

Alright guys, i-i'm gonna try my first flutterape story
If it's really bad I'll never write again
>Day 2spooky5me In Equestria
>You are Anon, the only human in Equestria
>And your life basically is one giant horse sex assault case
>Time to wake up
>Preform the sacred triple s ritual
>Go down stairs and open your shelves, looking to grab some sweetie-o's
"Fuck me"
>You go to your door except there's a problem
>It's gone, and replaced by it were 8 red words
>Well that's fucking great, so are the windows
>Time to go back ups-
"The fuck?"
>The stairs are gone too
>This is like something out of /x/
>The walls feel like they're closing
>Holy shit the room is actually getting smaller
>You quickly jump on your table, it creaking under the weight of your 140 pound ass.
>The room is now 12 x 13
>You blink
>9 x 7
>This is it. It's over.
>You close your eyes waiting for the end until you feel the walls crushing you.
>"Are mind-fuck inducing drugs your fetish, Anon?"
>You open your eyes to see yellowquiet in front of you, along with the room back to normal
>You pick her up by her neck -she squeaks in fear- And open your door before punting her all the way to cloudsdale
>"I LOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOuuuuuu....." She screams all the way
>No wonder you were out of cereal.
>You close your door and lock it
>Then vomit
>And finally, pass out on said vomit
>Before you lose consciousnesses, you open your mouth to say thank god that you aren't
"Fucking Fluttershy"

I'm sorry

>> No.9224539


>> No.9224567

I smiled a large smile.

>> No.9224594

It felt short, almost like a summary, but for a first shot it's quite good.

Needs to be more self conscious though

>> No.9224611

That gives me ANOTHER idea for a silent hill themed story

>> No.9224698
File: 2.00 MB, 552x340, 1361584613501.gif [View same] [google]

>Dat filly fooling.
I liked it.

>> No.9224897

I fucking love Scootaloo for some reason, I think it´s on her shape.

>> No.9225505

Yeah, so Neb and I got hired for a second season.


Nebulus: >Season two episode one: A Flock of Yorkshire Puddings
>Episode aired - Considered a terrible start to the series, guest only wanted to complain about the british government

Alex: >Season two episode two: Jchallo
>Episode aired- The whole thing was a cats vs. dogs dicussion

Alex: >Season two episode three: Ragey
>Episode aired- Considered the most 'epic' episode to date

Nebulus: >Season two episode four: Cat-Anon
>Episode cancelled - A member of the audience was allergic to the cat-skin rug he wore around his shoulders and died, marking the first fatality of a no doubt bloodthristy season.

Alex: >Season two episode five: Free Beer and Lasagna
>Episode unaired - due to a mixup, the show ended up being half an hour of Neb and Alex getting drunk and eating pasta

Nebulus: >Season two epsiode six: Clipshow
>Episode unaired - It was 1 hour of watching various audience members die in horrible ways.

Alex: >Season two episode seven: Zero
>Episode aired - people realised too late that Zero actually was Slasher, and the shock killed several elderly people in the audience

Nebulus: >Season two episode eight: MayorMareAnon
>Episode aired, but only on the more adult channels. It was just Alex getting dominated by a guy in BSDM gear while Neb cried and ate icecream in the corner

Alex: >Season two episode nine: Etiquette
>Episode aired - almost everyone who watched the show learned a new counting system. They also have an inexplicable large insertion fetish.

>> No.9225523


Nebulus: >Season two episode ten: That guy that likes Ushankas
>Episode unaired - 1 hour of a man shouting cynical remarks at an uncaring audience was deemed unfit for television

Alex: >Season two episode eleven: Mr. Ymous
>Episode cancelled - halfway through recording, Mr. Ymous mysteriously disappeared, and was not heard from again.

Nebulus: >Season two episode twelve: "Thank you" episode
>Episode aired live, was interupted by a man in a top hat, a cape, and brandishing a sword bursting into the room, killing several security guards and audience members whilst screaming "JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE JEKYLL HYDE HYDE JEYKLL, JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE, JEKYLL HYDE"

Alex: >Season two episode thirteen: Fillyslasher Anon
>Episode unaired - the episode devolved into a giant orgy featuring some of the most horrifying fetishes ever seen. Several audience members were killed in pickle related accidents.

Nebulus: >Season two episode fourteen: Systemc0ld
>Episode aired live, was going well until he suddenly threw a knife at a camera man, shouted "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, MY QUEEN!" and jumped out a window

Alex: >Season two episode fifteen: Special episode featuring Fluttershy and Anon.
>Episode aired - considered comedy gold as audience members were able to watch live reenactments of some of the craziest fetish guesses Flutters ever tried.

Nebulus: >Season two episode sixteen: Project100
>Episode aired - left a bad taste in the mouth since everyone who was present is now aware of their flaws in a wave of criticism not seen since the season one Clever Dick episode.

Nebulus: >Season two episode seventeen: Cordan
>Episode aired - most depressing episode shown yet. The guest was wrapped up in delusional ramblings of grandeur even though he hadn't produced anything notable in years. Audience members and hosts were too kind to correct him.

>> No.9225542


>Season two episode eighteen: The return of Driverbang
>Episode aired - though Driver did not say a word throughout the entire epsode, it would go on to become one of the highest rated in the series

Nebulus: >Season two episode nineteen: The entire circlejerk
>Episode scrapped - Though the sheer number of guests pretty much guarenteed a high amount of quality content, the high expectations for the episode fell short as nothing notable was said or done in the 5 weeks it took to try and film the episode.

Alex: >Season two episode twenty: Brave Little Pyro
>Episode unaired - ended up being a complete bore where Neb and Alex had to listen about Dead Space 3, how Isaac was such a relatable character. Ended with a horribly unfunny youtube video.

Nebulus: >Season two episode twenty one: DiscWard
>Episode aired - became notorious for the end of the show where the guest revealed that he was a pony the entire time. He has sucessfully evaded the government ever since

Alex: >Season two episode twenty two: The Flutterrape drawfags
>Episode aired - Hosts were shown many notable works produced by the regular drawfags.

Nebulus: >Season two episode twenty three: FancyFrog
>Episode aired live - Audience and hosts shocked to find that the guest was in a homosexual relationship with a thousand year old unicorn dictator

Alex: >Season two episode twenty four: Lyra Hearstrings and Sandy
>Episode unaired - the sheer amount of HNNNNG produced by the guests killed 90% of the audience and filming crew, the hosts barely survived.

Nebulus: >Season two finale
>Live footage of the cast and crew getting apprehended by the police for being responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people. Host and co-host swear that there will be a season three. Police refused to give a statement.

>> No.9225613

>Alex: >Season two episode eleven: Mr. Ymous
>>Episode cancelled - halfway through recording, Mr. Ymous mysteriously disappeared, and was not heard from again.

I did not enjoy this.
Not one bit.

>Nebulus: >Season two episode sixteen: Project100
>>Episode aired - left a bad taste in the mouth since everyone who was present is now aware of their flaws in a wave of criticism not seen since the season one Clever Dick episode.

I did, however, enjoy this.

>> No.9225615
File: 49 KB, 490x386, aintevenmad.jpg [View same] [google]

I lol'd
This made my day.

>> No.9225625

>People realized too late that Zero was actually Slasher, and the shock killed several elderly people in the audience

I lol'd, these are awesome.

>> No.9225710

figures I leave because of the stress, and suddenly miss interesting shit, while the thread gets dead quiet.
but I put out shorts!...right? guise?

>> No.9225893

I've been playing quite a bit of Castlevania lately, as some know. So I wrote this up real quick. I hope you guys enjoy!

>What a horrible night to have a curse in Equestria
>Not that there's ever a GOOD night to have one.
>You sleep soundly in your bed.
>Dreaming what humans trapped in magic horseland dream about.
>Sweet human booty.
>Awhh yiss, shit's getting hot.
>But you're roused preemptively from your snooze by a violent knock on the door.
>You sit up groggily in bed.
God damn it...
>You walk over to your dresser and throw on some clothes, all while the banging continues.
I swear to God, if it's who I think it is...
>You mutter as you descend the stairs.
>Finally, you reach the door and swing it open.
>What a surprise...
What do you want, Fluttershy?
>She looks terrified, and she pants as if she's out of breath.
Aren't you, like...
>You reach into your pocket, grab your pocket watch, and flick it open.
...Seven hours too early?
>"No, Anon..." she gasps. "This isn't a guess. You n-need to help us..."
>You sigh.
Great, what's wrong?
>"It's N-Nightmare Moon! Sh-She's back! And she's... constructed some castle in the middle of t-town..."
>You lean to the right and glance out your door toward town.
>...Yep, that's a castle alright.


>> No.9225902


>It drives itself high into the night air, the giant, full moon stationed behind it, dark clouds rolling past.
>"P-Please, Anon..."
>You look down to the terrified yellow mare.
Alright, fine. What do I have to do?
>She smiles wide.
>"Oh, th-thank you! Well, first..."
>She blushes and looks to the ground.
>Then spins around and bends over.
>"I m-mean, if you don't mind..."
>She gives you a wink.
>Not with her eyes.
>You punt her over with your foot.
Wait here.
>You step over toward your living room cupboard.
>Opening it up, you grab the one thing you've kept safe just in case such an incident happened...
>Your trusty whip!
>Well, it's for other things, too.
>But Applejack hasn't hosted a rodeo in a while.
>...Okay, maybe you never thought this would ever happen.
>So what?
>You walk back over to the door.
>Fluttershy eyes your weapon.
>"O-Oh..." she mumbles. "I d-didn't think we'd be moving so fast..."
Shut up, Fluttershy.


>> No.9225915


>You say as you leave your house, pulling her with you.
Let's go.

>You arrive in town, which is completely desolate and vacated.
>The air has a grim vibe to it.
>You and Fluttershy walk slowly up to the castle gates...
>Here we go...
>You push the gate open and step into the courtyard of the castle.
>All is silent as you and the yellow one slowly advance forward...
>Suddenly, Fluttershy eeps.
>A skeletal p0ny emerges from the ground!
Don't worry, I got this!
>You yell, as you uncurl your whip in your hand.
>The boney p0ny slowly walks over, moaning an eerie groan.
>You pull your arm back and launch it forward.
>It cracks right at it, exploding its bones in all directions.
>You smile smugly.
Looks like... the ride's over for you...
>...You forgot your sunglasses.
>Fluttershy careens over and latches onto your leg.
>"Oh, Anon! That was so heroic!"
>Her wetness seeps through your jeans.
>You kick her off and continue forward.
>You approach some stairs that lead up to a higher platform.
>Moonwalk up them.


>> No.9225929


>At the top, two bat-wing pegasus p0nies materialize out the air and cackle.
>You ready your whip once more.
>You glance at the platform in front of you.
>...Some kind of acid is reacting...
>It's dripping...
>You glance up.
>...Aha, that's the source of the acid!
>It's seeping from those mares'...
Are you fucking--
>One bat mare tries divebombing you, dripping acid as she does.
>You dodge out of the way, avoiding the corrosive juices, then spin around and crack your whip at her.
>She squirms, an increase of acid pouring from her legs.
>What in the name of --
>"Anon!" Fluttershy calls from a mild distance, "They're masochists!"
>You jump quickly out of the way as the bat p0ny attempts again to knock you off the platform.
>Well, no other choice!
>You ready your whip once more.


>> No.9225944


>She can hardly contain it.
>The acid is guzzling from her snatch.
>One more...!
>The liquid geysers from between her legs as she orgasms, propelling her like a rocket ship.
>She launches up at the speed of three RDs, disappearing Team Rocket style into the distance.
>The other bat p0ny, having seen her friend fired away, backs up into the air and throws acid from a distance.
>You try to reach her with your whip...
>...But she's too far!
Damn it!
>"Anon!" you hear from behind you, "Use this!"
>Still focused on the bat p0ny, you reach behind you and feel a handle of some sort.
>...Ah, must be an axe!
>You grip it, then with all your might, chuck the weapon as hard as you can.
>A big, floppy, horsecock dildo gyrates through the air.
>It slams into the bat mare's head, knocking her unconscious.
>She falls into the pit below.
>"...Oh, um... I meant on me..."
>You turn around and face the yellow pegasus.
>She's bashfully smiling.


>> No.9225961


>You punt her as hard as you can into the pit below.
>She flutters back up behind you like Tails the Fox.
>"I am eternal... like love..."
You are annoying. Like chlamydia.
>You sigh.
Let's just hurry to the castle.
>You and Fluttershy quickly make your way to the entrance and push open the doors.
>Inside, several more skeletal p0nies await.
>You dispatch them easily, your whip's crack audible throughout the halls, and perhaps even the town.
>You reach a set of spiral stairs and climb as fast as you can, until you reach the top tower.
>You push open the heavy wooden doors.
>A pitch black alicorn greets you.
>She cackles deliciously.
>"Greetings, Anonymous! We've been expecting your arrival!"
That's literally impossible.
>You and Fluttershy walk up to her.
>"I suppose you want to defeat us!" She bellows. "Well, there's only one way!"
>You sigh.
Let me guess, I have to rut y--
>Nightmare Moon turns around, presenting her glory to you.
>You groan.


>> No.9225974


>Fuck this...
>You reach into your pocket and pull out your pocket watch.
>You press the button in the middle.
>Time freezes as a noise counter begins.
>Both mares in the room are completely immobile, paused from reality.
>You walk over to Fluttershy.
>She's mashing her twat looking in your direction.
>...Does she always do this when you aren't looking...?
>That aside, you pick her up and walk over to Nightmare Moon.
>Vagoo first, you slide her down on top of NMM's horn until she can't go any further.
>Then, you wrap your whip back up and take your leave.
>Time returns to normal as you shut the large doors behind you.
>You hear moans and wails of pleasure as you descend back down the stairs.
>Fucking Equestria...

>Days later, you sit quietly at your kitchen table with a nice cup of joe, reading the newspaper.
>Princess Luna seems to have eloped with some mysterious mare, fleeing the country.
>Coincidently, Fluttershy hasn't been around doing her usual guesses.
>Funny how that works.
>You take a sip of your coffee and exhale happily.
>You groan a little.
>Who could that be...?
>You rise from the table and walk over to your door, flinging it open.


>> No.9225989


>Daring Do stands exhausted before you.
>"Anon!" she bellows, "The p0nazis have stolen the Sapphire Stone from the Canterlot Museum! You gotta help me get it back!"
>You inhale deeply, then exhale.
...Alright, fine.
>You step over to your cupboard and grab your whip.
Can we stop by Rarity's on the way?
>You say as you and Daring exit your house.
I want a hat made real quick.



Ohh, what wacky adventures will come of THIS?
Probably none.

>> No.9226074

That was fucking hilarious.
>Possible Indiana Jones parody

>> No.9226269

Why thank you, my good man.
...I dunno, maybe. I'd need to rewatch them all. Including, my favorite, Crystal Skull.

>> No.9226306


This shit has made my day, Anonymous.
Well bloody done.

>> No.9226311
File: 287 KB, 1024x575, 1346423621633.jpg [View same] [google]

>Crystal Skull
You're dead to me.

>> No.9226350
File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, brian-blessed-laugh.gif [View same] [google]


This was hilarious as balls, Theseus.
Very funny indeed.

>> No.9226370
File: 17 KB, 256x353, CD-i Link.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9226416

I love you

>> No.9226497
File: 390 KB, 287x300, 1355440288596.gif [View same] [google]

I'll let you in on a secret Kingston
It was Neb and me all along!
Actually I just forgot to put my trip back on after posting as Anon in another thread.

Both seasons are in my Pastebin, is anyone missed the first.

>> No.9227696


Damn, I've been bumping a lot.Those writefags sure are lazy, right?

>> No.9227728
File: 44 KB, 184x159, 1357342129994.png [View same] [google]

How about you go fuck yourself?

>> No.9227748

I'm working on iiiit

>> No.9227891

How about you write something rather than sporting a trip and doing fuck all, hmm?

I am busy being cool.

>> No.9227924

>So I noticed there isn't a single fiction where Applebloom rapes Anon

I like your motivation.

"X doesn't exist yet, I'll think I'll make it myself then."
>"But why would you even want that to exist in the first place?"
"Because it can."

On that note, we also haven't had a Fleur De Lis story in here.
How about you give that a shot?

>>It's goat poon or better for you or no poon at all

Yeah, sure, go right ahead and slaughter my sides, why not?


That ending just made the entire story that much better.
Fuck, this was hilarious.
Great job, doc.

>> No.9227967


You have my approval to write more.
It better involve drugs.

>> No.9228013
File: 30 KB, 253x189, Now now.png [View same] [google]

Alright now, everyone calm down.
Just go back to writing your one shots and lovely Flutterrape stories.
We're all a bit edgy today it seems.

>> No.9228070

What is a Fleur de Lis story?

>> No.9228088


A story with the pony Fleur de Lis...

>> No.9228172

Shit, mang.
Right, so, listen up.
Back in ye olden days of Season 2, there was this hella-cool episode called "Sweet and Elite"
Shit was rad as fuck, there was bitch-pone and birthdays and a fuckin' catchy as shit lil' jingle.
Shit was all "BECOMING AS POPULAR, AS POPULAR, CAN BE". I got a boner the first time I saw it.
Then again I get a boner whenever I see every episode
God damn I love pony ass.
Anyway there was this part where Prince Charles turns up and he has a hot french wife, you can tell that she be french cuz she has a voice like a bag of spanners
She also looks like she ate nothing but celery and water for 4 years. fuckin anorexia pone.
So yeah, she wasn't actually given a name, but she had this balla cutie mark
It was all french n shit, and people made the connection, and called her "Fleur de Lis"
Personally I think it's a shit name. I would have called her Stephen.


>> No.9228239
File: 319 KB, 1920x1080, cNTl9.jpg [View same] [google]


Hey man, Stephen's a pretty pony.
What a looker.
Fancy Pants' pimp hand be mad strong, yo.

>> No.9228839


Those braces

My dick

Every time


>> No.9229169 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 214x317, MV5BMjM0NTQ4MTk1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTY2MDkyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR1,0,214,317_.jpg [View same] [google]

Just wanted to let you guys know what I'm currently working on.
>pic related

>> No.9229254 [DELETED] 
File: 348 KB, 1280x702, 1362676770766.jpg [View same] [google]

Ohhh boy, you do not know what you're getting yourself into, do you?
Gentlemen, check 'em.

>> No.9229329 [DELETED] 
File: 167 KB, 500x574, 1361174753749.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9229708 [SPOILER] 
File: 8 KB, 224x224, America+-+What+a+bunch+of+fat+cunts+you+are+_5b6468966ea1fe1e5fccaa27c9940e05.jpg [View same] [google]


You started this... I trusted you

>> No.9229772

I totally forgot about that, I was just saying what movie I'm making a parody of...
Don't be mad...

>> No.9229922

I get dragged back in because I make a foolish mistake I'm miserable, and the thread usual shit seems to be starting back up. coincidence? I think not!

>If the ride never ends, you clearly aren't trying hard enough in Equestria
>Wake up
>Don't shit, you got up before your bowels could respond, shower, don't shave because a beard is a man's status symbol
>Go downstairs and have some eggs and toast
>Hear a knock at the door
>Strange, you moved to Trottingham
>Who could be bothering you already?
>Doesn't matter, you're already in a better mood
>Answer it and stare face to ass with your stalker
>Fluttershy has had her whole cottage and all the animals moved across the street
"Fucking really Fluttershy!?"
>"Anon! You can't run from love!"
>She pounces you and drags you to your room while your mind freezes up from the rage
>Looks like no matter where you run you'll end up
>Fucking Fluttershy

seriously...I can't even process this

>> No.9230138
File: 3 KB, 187x139, images-5.jpg [View same] [google]

>Gilbert Gottfried as anonymous.
>Sarah Jessica Parker as Fluttershy.
>Slasher as [MOTHER].

>> No.9230224

Typical hollywood movie.

>> No.9230235

Why the fuck are you impersonating me?

>> No.9230951

Screw it, Imma repost a one shot for fun

>Day Teamwork in Equestria
>Be Anon
>Been in Poneland for 1 year now
>Successfully avoided Yellow Menace’s fetish guessing and, later on, rape attempts
>Been pretty easy too
>She’s not exactly the world’s greatest rapist
>You wonder if that’s actually a title
>That would be an interesting plaque
>Although, lately you’ve noticed Fluttershy has been absent
>Some kind of deal with a reformation of someone
>Sparkle seemed distressed when she brought it up
>She was running around the library, flipping through books and yelling at Spike
>…More than usual
>That was a couple days ago
>You’ve been enjoying the quiet
>You actually got some writing done
>Feels good man
>You’re settling down to eat some breakfast when you hear knocking
>You look at the time and sigh
>You open the door, to see Fluttershy
>So much for bliss
What do you want?
>”Now now, is that anyway to talk to a friend?”
>That’s not Fluttershy’s voice
>You look around, but you don’t see anyone
>You hear a popping noise behind you, and turn to see some kind of… thing
>It's some kind of amalgamation of animals
>You look at it
>It looks at you
Er. Fluttershy, what is this?
>”W-well Anon, t-this is my new friend. D-discord”
>D: “Yes, that is me! Discord: Chaos Incarnate, Friend of Fluttershy, and Celestia’s Newest Bitch!”
>FS: “Discord! I thought I told you, you shouldn’t think about it like that! You’re just helping her, of your own accord!”


>> No.9230987

>D: “My own Accord? That’s my cousin!”
>There’s a pause
>D: “No one appreciates a good pun these days”
…So anyways, why exactly is he here?
>FS: “W-well Anon, he’s here to help me!”
>D: “Indeed that is so, Mr. Mous! I’m here to help my good friend Fluttershy with some devious intent!”
Seriously? Fluttershy, Discord isn’t going to help you rape me!
>Wait, why wouldn’t he?
>Fucking hindsight
>Hindsight doesn’t count 5 seconds ago
>The hell it doesn’t brain, shut up
>FS: “Oh no, he’s just going to guess your fetish!”
>D: “Yes, for some strange reason, Fluttershy won’t let me restrain you! Something about ‘Rapist’s Honor’”
>FS: “No rapist will accept the help of a creature with reality warping powers to assist in rape”
>She’s fucking reciting that
>Now you really want to know if there’s a title for world’s greatest rapist
>D: “Well then, let’s get to it!”
Oh no, I didn’t agree to this!
>D: “Hah! As if you have a choice in the matter”
>A table appears in front of you
>Chains come out of it, and latch you down on top of it
God dammit Fluttershy! Let me go!
>FS: “It won’t take a bit at all! Once I know your fetish, I’ll finally get to have sex with you!”
I’ve told you, that’s not a thing!
>D: “Actually, she showed me the rapist handbook…”


>> No.9231015

>So that’s what she was reciting from
>D: “… and it directly states: ‘If a rapist is able to guess the sexual preference of their victim, then the victim is required by the contract of the universe to submit their hot monkey dick to the rapist.’”
>D: “Hm. If memory serves, I believe it said ‘Fufferthy’”
>A gag appears in your mouth
>D: “Enough talking, let’s get to it!”
>Discord looks down at you, scratching his head with his bear claw
>He pulls a magnifying class from thin air, and exams your forehead
>He creates a dove and places it on your chest
>The dove flies away, leaving a small amount of shit on your shirt
>Discord snaps his fingers, and your shirt is under a microscope
>He exams it for a moment, hmming and haaing
>D: “I’ve got it!”
>Fluttershy leans forwards, her eyes gleaming
>You doubt he’s got it; none of that would have given it awa-
>D: “Dragon Dick.”


>> No.9231039

>You can’t believe it
>The fucker got it
>Fluttershy looks at him, then stares at you
>FS: “I-is that true Anon?”
>You think for a moment
>The gag disappears
>Just say no
>They won’t know
>Er, fellas?
>What is it penis?!
>Pay attention!
>You look, to see a big dragon strap on dick attached to Fluttershy
>This is going to happen
>No. Not from her!
>Anyone from her!
>Suddenly, a voice from the darkness
>…Who is this?
>It is me. Asshole.
>No need to call names. Just tell me your name.
>I said no need to call names! What is your name?
>Just the asshole?
>Shit sorry. What’s the plan?
>Scooby Doo style plan whispering
>Fluttershy pauses, the hunger in her eyes apparent
>She won’t wait long
The rules stated that the rapist who guessed my fetish would have my… er
>FS: “Hot monkey dick”
Right, hot monkey dick. But you didn’t guess it Fluttershy!
>Fluttershy’s eyes widen
Hah! Only Discord can rape me now!
>The Dragon Strap on appears on Discord
>Wait, that isn’t a strap on
>That’s the real deal
>D: “With pleasure!”


>> No.9231065

>3 hours later
>Your ass hurts like a mother fucker
>Discord is still going on
>Stamina like a champ
>You’re not going to be able to walk for a week
>But at least you’re not
>Fucking Fluttershy


>> No.9231172
File: 11 KB, 474x351, tumblr_lipbsyfAao1qf8z0uo1_500_Spider_Man_Meme-s474x351-196147.jpg [View same] [google]

Shut the fuck up, you fucking cunt, dont start this shit again.

>> No.9231213

I'm not trying to start shit, it's you who need to stop being such a faggot and quit with the impersonations.

>> No.9231223 [DELETED] 
File: 127 KB, 581x662, 1347064270068.jpg [View same] [google]

Any fics with successful Rainbow rape?

>> No.9231290

That's actually a good question. She's always either Rainbro or just used as a plot device of merely attempted rape.

>> No.9231315
File: 4 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [google]

I dont give a shit if im the real jazzy, or if you are the real jazzy, i just want to read some flutterrape.

Noel Gallagher, please back me up on this one!

>> No.9231341

10/10 - An excellent little yarn, my dear sir. Please accept a gazillion interwebs, courtesy of the house

>> No.9231450
File: 109 KB, 432x576, 1361566998772.png [View same] [google]

Worst copout ever. Fucking faggot.

>> No.9231459
File: 7 KB, 320x180, mqdefault-1.jpg [View same] [google]

>Discord fucks anon for three hours.
*shudders* oh god, i dont even.

Nice job there, mate

>> No.9231465

I'll give you 5/10, for the Silent Hill reference, and for Flutters getting punted to Cloudsdale. Well done, sir

>> No.9231814

Random shitty one shot time.

>Day Shit's about to go down in Equestria.
>You're sitting on your couch listening TV as you work on a crossword puzzle.
>About noon, enjoying the quiet little town.
>Fluttershy made her little guess today, she drove you so crazy you actually smacked her.
>You was even more surprised when she liked it.
>Such a strange pony.
>You decide to walk outside to check the mail.
>On your way there, you notice Flutterrape stomping her way down the street with steam shooting out of her ears, followed by three other ponies who have no life.
>Two of then were trying to look cool while the other one was nerdy.
>"Eyo man did you get a look of dat flank? I swur, errday it's doublin', check em' before ya wreck em'."
>"Bro, I'd give her da D...as in DUBS!"
>The nerdy one begins snickering with his nerdy laugh, trying to fit in.
>"Ah hahahaha, yeeah man, I would insert my penis into her sweet vagina!!"
>The other two remain silent for a moment.
>"...Why do we keep him around again?"
>"I don't know man, but I'd tell you who I'd like to keep around..." He said as he looked at Flutterrape and juked at his friends arm.
>"Dat dur Flutterrape, dat flank mang, it's straight burger with all dat meat."
>Did they get dropped on their heads or some shit?
>Flutterrape stops in her tracks, turns around and begins walking toward them.
>"You think I can't hear you?!" She said as she sped up the pace towards them.
>You lean against your mailbox and equip you bag of popcorn and watch religiously of what's about to go down.
>"Ey shawty just calm down we just admirin' da product ya huur me?"
>"Oh you like my flank huh?"
>The fellas begin smiling ear to ear, nodding "yes" in sync.
>"Well in that case..."
>Flutterrape somehow splits herself into three ponies. They all tackle the trolling fuckers to the ground and sit on their face before your eyes.
>"Ya know boys, we had a lot to eat for lunch today, think you can hold it for us?"
>Oh God.

>> No.9231824

>Holding the ignorant mofos down, they proceed to unleash a merciless bowel movement right into their mouths.
>In an instant, pony shit was overflowing out of their mouths as they gagged for air.
>"Aaah, that's better, don't forget to lick us clean!"
>You don't want to see the rest of this go down.
>You turn around and walk back into your house scarred by the sight.
>Time to get your mind off of this.
>You pull out your phone and begin dialing away.
>You know just the pony that can help you.
>Yeah, ponies have phones thanks to you.
>You wait for the pony to pick up on the other end.
>Finally, she answers.
>"E-element of Kindness speaking, who am I speaking with?"
"It's Anon."
"Yeah, where are you?"
>"Oh I'm just in Manehatten feeding the homeless."
"Aww damn, Flutters I was hoping you would come by, I really need to relax from-"
>A desperate knock occurs at your door, jeez someone must be in a rush to the bathroom.
>You walk over and answer the door and find Fluttershy still on the phone.
>You hang up your phone and put it in your pocket.
>She catches her breath for a moment, "Sorry...I...couldn't...get...here sooner."
"How did you even-"
>"What's wrong my love?"
>You look just behind her to find Flutterrape and her clones laughing devilishly as shit flies everywhere.
>"That's it you scum! SWALLOW IT!!"
>You threw up in your mouth a bit.
"Fluttershy, I need you to-"
>She puts a hoof on your lips, "Sssssh, say no more. I'll be happy to help."

>> No.9231849


>She trots inside your home.
>You close and lock the door behind you.
>No way in hell anyone is finding out about this.
>She walks upstairs to your bedroom and you follow close behind.
>You dive in bed and wait for her to join you.
>She closes the curtains and goes into your closet.
"Fluttershy? What are you doing?"
>"The reason why I'm able to break in this house so easily is because I use to live here..."
>That explains a lot.
>"There was a secret little panel that I kept some old stuff just in case..."
"Just in case what?"
>All you can hear is her rummaging through your closet.
>"AHA! Here it is!"
>She trots out in fishnet stockings and holding a whip in her left wing with a death grip.
>She cracks the whip toward you making you jolt a little bit.
>"So Anon, why don't you tell Mistress Kindness about your little problem hmm?"
>This was it.
>After see that ungodly shit fest that took place just outside. Something far less worse was about to take place in your bedroom.
>And that's...
>Fucking Fluttershy
>"Oh and one more thing Anon, you don't cum until I say so."
>What the fuck did you get yourself into?

Wat dafuq am I writing?

>> No.9231902
File: 48 KB, 221x219, 1362365238384.png [View same] [google]

> Couch listening TV
Can i get one?

>> No.9231949

shin pls goo.

>> No.9231955
File: 11 KB, 300x300, holding in a snicker.png [View same] [google]

LOL I was wondering who would notice that.

>> No.9232009

>You was even more surprised

I have no idea what just happened in this story.

Good Enough

>> No.9232032
File: 4 KB, 189x137, images-2.jpg [View same] [google]

That completely random just how i like it <3

>> No.9232106

>Day Living pillows in Equestria
>Wake up as usual and commence the three s’s
>Go downstairs and have some breakfast
>Knock Knock Knock
>You open the door and see not just Fluttershy, but also the rest of the elements.
Hey girls, how can I
>”There he is, get him!” yelled Twilight.
>Before you could blink your friends jump you and latch on each limb.
>Pinkie on your head, Twilight on your chest, Rainbow and Fluttershy on your arms, and Applejack and Rarity taking your legs.
>You decide to act calm, maybe there is some reason.
“You have ten seconds to explain yourselves before I start slamming you p0nies into the walls.”
>”Well darling if you must know, it’s that time of the year.”
“Care to tell me what that means”
>”It means we’re in heat you lug.”
>”Rainbow is right, that means we want a really big favor from you Anon,” says Twilight
“You know I’m not exactly attracted to you guys, which is why I’ve been saying no to fluttershy this whole time.”
>”Sorry to tell ya sugarcube, but you have two choices. Rut us til the cows come home”
“Okay, what is the other option?”
>Pinkie whispers it into your ear.
“Wow, really? That works?”
>”Yes it does Nonny,” Pinkie replies with a huge grin on her face.
“Well how long will it take?”
>Twilight suddenly magics a book out of thin air.
>”According to this book, at least an entire day.”
“All day? What about my job?”
>”Ya have the rest of the week off with pay if you do this.”

>> No.9232117

Okay, this shit was hilarious, well done!

>> No.9232135

>Well you did it
>It took you a bit of convincing, but it was worth it.
>You ended up spending the whole night cuddling with your friends

>> No.9232182

Absolutely disgusting

I'm gonna go vomit

>> No.9232293


Alternate Ending:
>"Well darling if you must know, it's that time of year?"
>Mane 6: "VOLTRON"

Anon and the mane 6 proceed to fight Chrysallis, Discord and Crystals at the same time

>> No.9232365

Rapezord time?


>> No.9232441
File: 68 KB, 773x1000, Street_fighter___Sean_by_GENZOMAN.jpg [View same] [google]

Well... I read that way too many times.
Its not rapezord time for me.
maybe later hue

>> No.9232498
File: 22 KB, 230x300, 1354429392098.jpg [View same] [google]

Oh my god that's actually a thing. And it's awesome. Thank you, kind sir

>> No.9232842 [SPOILER] 
File: 700 KB, 700x1167, 1363029543252.png [View same] [google]

Thank Clever, he's the one that came up with most of the actual story.

The links to the sequel and the threequel are at the bottom of the paste.

>Pic unrelated, it's just my favorite humanized Dash

>> No.9233000
File: 399 KB, 1280x1242, 1361865647007.jpg [View same] [google]

Didn't someone do a picture of the Rapezord too? Anyone have that?

>> No.9233028
File: 255 KB, 600x800, RAPEZORD4.png [View same] [google]

Ninja did it, I only have the sketch though

>> No.9233042 [SPOILER] 
File: 686 KB, 700x800, Luna.jpg [View same] [google]

I can see why that's your favorite humanized RD. And I shall have to read the sequel and threequel.

Here's some Humanized Luna

>Stay outta my swamp
Oh god my sides, they've been murdered

>> No.9233141

This will sound pretentious, but does anyone else go through their pastebin and re-read their own stores and make changes to them? Little edits and such.

I've been doing it a lot lately and have to say I'm enjoying it.

>> No.9233192

I've thought about it, thought about tweaking A Boring World a little. Decided against it though, thinking about it in the way you see a webcomic that started a while ago and the art was decent or subpar, and then as time goes on it gets better and better. Except menage a 3, the art somehow got worse

Like that, but with writing.

>> No.9233213
File: 1.36 MB, 1920x1080, Red Dragon.jpg [View same] [google]

I am currently in the process of entirely rewriting Dragon Anon, and I will link the finished product in the thread.

I just hope people will reread it.

I'll most likely part the next part of said story after I finish the rewrite.

>> No.9233297

I haven't done anything drastic, just added sentences that give more detail and flesh out conversations that i felt were rushed.

>> No.9233386
File: 22 KB, 434x434, 135295835911.jpg [View same] [google]

Woah. What do you mean rewritting dragon anon? What was wrong with it?

>> No.9233388

That's essentially what I started doing.
But I ended up doing it with everything, not just conversations.

I'm also doing it for myself in a way, so I can look at the original, and the retouched version and see how much I've improved as a writer since then.

>> No.9233393

Yeah, I see sentences that I could remove since they don't really need to be there. I'm just scared if I do a small edit, it'll snow ball and I'll end up fixing every little detail, taking away from the "This was my first FR story, this is my latest, how much have I grown?"

Personal thing

>> No.9233397

I try not to edit my old stuff, it reminds me how bad I was when I started, and how hard I've had to fight to retain that level of mediocrity. To be fair, I did use to write with autocorrect on, so some words were often 'corrected' without my realizing.

>> No.9233427


>> No.9233436

I personally love your detail in stories. Also, when the FUCK are you gonna finished branded?

>> No.9233527

Past 5000 words right now, and I decided to split the last chapter into two (that is just the first one) since it would be frantically paced if I tried to get it all in one chapter. I'm almost done with this chapter, then I have one more (hopefully) and an epilogue.

So... soon.

Sorry for the wait, I'm trying to finish it before an Anon has to ship out, but I'm slow.

>> No.9233591

I'm sure it'll be worth it. I haven't not liked anything about it so far

>> No.9233813

why is this posted on 4chan so many times

>> No.9233908

...Why is what posted on 4chan? The general?

>> No.9233961

good question

>> No.9234642
File: 35 KB, 288x288, Big Daddy.jpg [View same] [google]

Is everybody ready for chapter 2?
Still no >rape, so here's the Pastebin link.


>> No.9234653

Fixing typos, grammar problems, odd phrasing, formatting, and changing wordfilter-related stuff back (p0nies->ponies)? Yes, absolutely.

Changing key plot points or rewriting major sections? No. If you do something like that when the story's unfinished you'd have to give your readers a heads up about it, and I'd never want to force someone to re-read my work.

>> No.9234821

Screw you man, Don´t get me in the middle of a fight where I can´t decide which side to choose. Personally Whoever is the impersonator this is very childish.

>> No.9234857

Anyone else see bomberman eyes on subject delta?

>> No.9234877

Theres alot of stories that had parts without rape. Why not post?

>> No.9234903

The story is basically AiE right now, but the >rape will come in the next chapter.

>> No.9234930

Post both in AiE please. We have a retard that fucked the thread sideways. We could use something to re-rail the thread.

>> No.9234981

Finally done with the penultimate chapter of Branded. Proofreading right now, but will post soon.

Previous Chapter: http://pastebin.com/0PA3gAJg

>> No.9234987

Give me a little bit to separate them into parts that will fit in the reply box.
Unless you want to do it for me?
I don't want to do it. Please do it for me.

>> No.9235014

I won't be able to give it to you without posting here. Sorry.

>> No.9235018
File: 24 KB, 380x368, Its Time.jpg [View same] [google]



>> No.9235040

Ugh, you're gonna make me do work? Come on man.
I'll get right on it.

>> No.9235066

/r/ing twirape

already read freebeer, science of >rape, slasher

>> No.9235109
File: 69 KB, 960x720, 530685_376671385746281_88194756_n.jpg [View same] [google]

You've come to a shady place for twirape..
I'll see what I can do.

>> No.9235131
File: 69 KB, 456x456, 1358556924402.jpg [View same] [google]

oh man i came in at the right time~ so ready for this story~

>> No.9235266
File: 149 KB, 700x438, 1356771904348.jpg [View same] [google]

also i should take that from a sketch to a ful pic sometime lol

>> No.9235275
File: 154 KB, 400x372, 1363487718944.png [View same] [google]

WOOO now i officially dont give a shit im getting sent to sandy hell soon least i get to read it

>> No.9235280

Sorry, proofreading is taking a little longer than usual for this chapter, so if anyone has anything to post, go a head.

I should be ready in ~15 minutes.

You're in luck.

>> No.9235312

Hey, give me a link to AiE if you want this shit.

>> No.9235315 [SPOILER] 
File: 78 KB, 510x640, 1362355965726.jpg [View same] [google]

i will continue to stair at the screen for 15 minutes then

>> No.9235316
File: 62 KB, 251x238, bonbon.png [View same] [google]

>Day Crime Never Pays in Equestria.
>Be Bon Bon.
>Anon has you in his grasp.
>You try to buck him off but to no avail.
>He’s just too strong.
>He chuckles sadistically.
>”Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
>”You just thought you could waltz in here like you owned the place?”
>You try to spit at him, but it doesn’t even get close.
>”You should stop resisting. You’re just going to hurt yourself.”
>He forces your face to the ground.
”Let me go you monkey!”
>”That’s not a nice thing to say.”
>His hands explore your body.
>Your tears start to flow freely.
>”Who am I kidding? You won’t listen to me anyway.”
“Please stop.”
>”Why? You are the one who came into my house uninvited.”
>”I have the right to do anything to protect myself and my household.”
>He places a hand on your mask.
>You move your hooves to stop him, but he easily bats them away.
>He starts removing your mask, but then he stops.
>What is he doing?
>”I have to admit. I am curious, but not knowing will make this even more interesting.
>He leans in close.
>”You could have prevented this.”
>You look at him.
>He uses one hand to unzip his pants.
“Don’t do it, Anon! I’m sorry.”
>He shakes his head.
>”This is for your own good.”
>Two days earlier.
>”One of these days you’re going to get caught.” Lyra says harshly.
“Me? Never.”
>Lyra shakes her head.
“I’m too fast and cunning.”
>”Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
“Yeah? Well, what do you contribute?”
>Lyra feigns indifference. She’s head this speech before.
“What do you do all day?”
>You knock the paper out of her magical hands.
“Nothing. That’s what. I’m out there every day trying to make a living.”
>You bear your teeth at her.
“You sit here and practice forming magical hands.”
>You feel your anger boiling over.
“What’s wrong with your Celestia damned hooves?

>> No.9235347

>Lyra clenches her magical hands.
>She keeps them at her side.
>Why is she so obsessed with having hands?
“Do you know what it’s like to haul garbage?”
>”I –“
“That’s right. You don’t know because you’re just a mooch.”
>”I’m going to make something of myself one day.”
“With what? Your fantasies about being a super hero?”
>You point at her poorly made costume.
>It has been lazily thrown on the couch.
>She probably wore it earlier today.
“Hello. Equestria to Lyra.” You say as your grab the costume.
“We live in the real world. There are no super heros!”
>You throw the costume at her.
>”Hey! I don’t have to take this.” Lyra sneers as she gets up.
>She walks toward the door on her hind legs.
>What a freak.
”Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”
>Lyra slams it for good measure.
“And come up with a better name too!”
>What kind of hero would call herself “The Handler?”
>You don’t know why you put up with her.
>You take a deep breath to calm yourself.
>You look at your meager earnings – a small pile of gems from the jewelry dealer.
>It will take a while to fence these off.
>What you need is a big score.
>One big enough so you can take a vacation.
>Or better yet, big enough to move away from this dump town.
>Anon is one of the richest ponies in P0nyville.
>He probably has a vault with a mountain of bits.
>Now, you need an in.
>The next day.
>You are in the sitting room of Anon’s mansion.
>Octavia has brought you a drink.
>She is Anon’s maid.
>Apparently she screens vendors for him as well.
>”So how exactly does this service differ from your normal garbage disposal?”
“I’m glad you asked.”
>You bring out a diagram of your services.

>> No.9235366

“This is what you currently have.”
>You point at the picture of yourself hauling away garbage.
“With the basic service I just haul away trash from your dumpster.”
“With the gold plan I will enter the house and clear up to five trash bins.”
>”But that’s my job. I clean for Anon and take the trash to the dumpster outside.”
“Just think about how much free time you will have with the gold plan.”
>You put a hoof on her and wave toward the ceiling with the other.
”I’m sure Anon has other things you could be doing.”
>Octavia blushes and pulls away slightly.
>”I don’t know. It looks a bit expensive.”
“Right now I’m offering a one month trial period without any additional charge.”
>You show her your patented smile.
>”And if he doesn’t like the service, you can cancel and return to the basic service.”
>Octavia thinks it over for a moment.
>”Alright. You’ve got a deal.”
>You two shake hooves.
>”Let me show you around.”
>You follow Octavia as she shows you the mansion.
>You’ve never been in such a large house.
>It must take forever to clean.
>Anon had a billiard room, a private library, several spare bedrooms.
>”And this is my… boudoir.” Octavia says as she blushes slightly.
>Sweet Celestia even Anon’s maid’s room is fancy.
>He must be soooo loaded.
“I don’t want to be nosey, but aren’t you a musician? Why are you working as a maid for Anon?”
>Octavia frowns slightly. It must be an embarrassing story.
>”I play music in my spare time, but it doesn’t pay the bills.”
>You nod knowingly.
>”But I am not Anon’s maid.”
>Then why is she wearing that ridiculous outfit?
>Octavia looks at you with obvious embarrassment.
>”Can I tell you something in confidence?”
>Oh this is going to be juicy.
“Of course.”
>Tavi scuffs the ground. You can tell she is looking for the right words.
>”I’m part of his herd.”

>> No.9235391

>That’s disgusting! With a – what is Anon anyway? A monkey?
>It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just plain sick!
>Tavi turns away.
>”Forget I said anything. You wouldn’t understand.”
“You can’t leave me hanging like that. Tell me more.”
>”Well… I was playing a private concert for him, and then we started drinking.”
>”One thing led to another, and we…” Tavi pauses, ”Well you know.”
>That is so sick.
>”He was my first, so I decided to stay with him.”
>Tavi smiles at you now. She looks like a weight has been lifted from her.
>”He didn’t understand at first, but I explained how I felt and he let me stay.”
>Octavia must be a very traditional mare.
>You’ve been with a few stallions, but you have never felt the need to form a herd with them.
>Although, you wonder what it would be like to be the passive one.
>You’ve had to scratch and fight for everything you ever had.
>Here, Octavia is content being subservient to Anon.
>Will you ever find something like that?
>”He’s a good man. He taught me a lot about myself.”
“Does he make you wear that?” you say as you point at her maid uniform.
>”No. It’s more for me than him. I want to keep his house neat and clean for all the kindness he has shown me.”
>You want to shake your head in disgust, but you have to stay on her good side.
“When can I start?”
>Octavia shrugs.
>”Tomorrow should be fi-“ Octavia stops herself.
>”Actually we will both be out tomorrow.”
“That’s fine. I can start another day.”
>”Well…” Tavi puts a hoof to her chin. “I’ll leave the side door open for you.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
>This is going to be too easy.
>”You can show yourself out right?”
”Sure. Where is your restroom?”
>”Two doors to the left.”
>You thank Octavia and she begins practicing with her cello.
>You leave the boudoir and go past the restroom.

>> No.9235417


>> No.9235420

>Now, where would Anon keep a safe?
>Certainly not in his bedroom.
>That would be too easy.
>But then again… he is just a simple monkey.
>You decide to check it out anyway.
>His master bedroom is just as magnificent as the rest of the house.
>The sheets look like they are made of silk.
>You indulge yourself and touch them.
>They are so soft.
>Why does he have so much and you so little?
>It’s not fair.
>Enough moping. You have a job to do.
>You start scouring his room.
>Seemingly everywhere are luxurious trinkets.
>Finally, you find your prize.
>Anon’s safe is bolted to the floor of his walk in closet.
>You examine the locking mechanism.
>This is going to be foals play.
>You turn the knob a few times.
>You strain your ears to hear the clicking of the mechanism.
>This shouldn’t be too hard.
>This might be the easiest job you’ve ever had.
>The next day.
>Octavia left the door open just like she said she would.
>Ponies are too trusting.
>You can’t help but smirk.
>No answer. The place is empty just like she said it would be.
>You put on your mask in case anyp0ny pays an unexpected visit.

>> No.9235445

>You trot calmly to Anon’s room.
>You leave all the trinkets behind.
>This has to look like a planned robbery and not a smash and grab.
>Nop0ny would suspect you of theft.
>No, they all look down on you.
>They all think that you are a simple mud pony.
>Let them think that.
>You’ll be laughing all the way to the bank before any of them know what hit them.
>You place a hoof on the locking mechanism.
>You turn it a few times and listen for the click.
>It only take a minute to find the right combination.
>The door clicks and swings open slightly.
>This is it.
>You laugh greedily at your prize.
>You put a hoof in.
>Wait. Whats this?
>Where is the loot!?
>These are just deeds and certificates.
>You cover your mouth with your hooves, but the deed was done.
>You quickly throw the papers back into the safe.
>Looks like this is going to be a run of the mill burglary.
>”What the fuck are you doing?”
>You freeze.
>Sweet Celestia you’ve been caught.
>You turn to the voice.
>It’s Anon, and he doesn’t look happy.
>How did he sneak up to you?
>You must have taken too much time gloating.
>You flip out a knife and brandish it toward him.
“Where is your money?” You say flatly.
>You hold your jaw out slightly to produce a flat and unremarkable voice.
>The voice of a disinterested professional.
>You’ve practiced this countless times.
>He will probably think you are a small stallion.
>”You’re making a mistake.”
“That funny. From my point of view, it’s you who is in trouble.”
>You two stare at each other.
>You lunge at him with your knife.
>He jumps back.
>You take this opportunity to run.
>Your hoof still clings to the knife.
>It clanks loudly on the wood floor as you run.
>He’s fast. He’s almost on you.
>You knock over a fern in the hallway and he hurdles over it.
>Shit! He’s almost on you.
>As you run you turn to look at him.
>He lunges at you and his weight crushes you under him.

>> No.9235459

>Your knife clacks on the floor and slides just out of reach.
>Anon has you in his grasp.
>You try to buck him off but to no avail.
>He’s just too strong.
>He chuckles sadistically.
>”Well, well, well. What do we have here?”
>”You just thought you could waltz in here like you owned the place?”
>You try to spit at him, but it doesn’t even get close.
>”You should stop resisting. You’re just going to hurt yourself.”
>He forces your face to the ground.
”Let me go you monkey!”
>”That’s not a nice thing to say.”
>His hands explore your body.
>Your tears start to flow freely.
>”Who am I kidding? You won’t listen to me anyway.”
“Please stop.”
>”Why? You are the one who came into my house uninvited.”
>”I have the right to do anything to protect myself and my household.”
>He places a hand on your mask.
>You move your hooves to stop him, but he easily bats them away.
>He starts removing your mask, but then he stops.
>What is he doing?
>”I have to admit. I am curious, but not knowing will make this even more interesting.”
>He leans in close.
>”You could have prevented this.”
>You look at him.
>He uses one hand to unzip his pants.
“Don’t do it, Anon! I’m sorry.”
>He shakes his head.
>”This is for your own good.”
>He covers your mouth with his hand, and lines himself up.
>He easily invades you.
>He moves slowly and rhythmically.
>”If you keep stealing, you can expect more of this.”
>He moves his hand from your mouth.
>You have given up trying to fight him off.
>He already has you.
>”Ponies will do a lot worse than this to you in prison.”
>Your body quivers under him.
>He’s so big.
>”Crime never pays.”
>He holds you close and you can feel him finishing inside you.
>Your body tries to milk his.
>He gets up slowly.
>He walks to the bathroom and returns with a towel.
>He hands it to you.
>You wipe your eyes.

>> No.9235480

>”Why are you doing this?” he asks.
>He sits beside you.
”I can never get ahead in life. This seemed like an easy solution.”
>You don’t look at him.
>”Crime doesn’t pay,” he repeats himself – softer now.
>”Are you going to call the police?”
>He frowns – thinking things over.
>”No… you’ve already paid for your crime.”
”You’re just going to let me go?”
>He nods.
>A few minutes pass in silence.
>He just raped you, but he’s also trying to teach you a lesson?
>Are all monkeys like this?
>He could have you thrown in prison for a long time.
>And he is willing to let you go.
>You look into his eyes.
>He looks hopeful.
>You could leave and just forget about all of this.
>Something inside you wants him to know.
>You take off your mask.
>You want him to see your face.
>He sits there still.
>You get up and hug him.
>You’ve had to act tough your whole life.
>Just once, you want to be the one taken care of.
>You want to belong to him now.
>A week later.
>Be Lyra.
>Bon Bon has moved in with Anon.
>She said that he makes her feel whole.
>Anon thinks he can just do whatever he wants.
>You put on your cape.
>He obviously has never met…
>The Handler.

Thank you to Theseus for proofing this for me.

>> No.9235513

w-whatever do you mean?

>> No.9235760

Link: >>9212298
Gonna post?

>> No.9235769
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i like where this is going haha~

>> No.9235952

>Anon's mindscape is surprisingly organized.
>Everything is laid out in grids, with roads dividing large constructs of the stone-like material.
>Large panels of glass line many of the buildings, showing yours and Machina's reflections as you traverse the streets on the way to, what you hope, is… whatever it is you're looking for.
>This must be what Manehattan is like.
>You've never been there yourself, but it's supposed to be filled with buildings like this, just as confusing too.
>It doesn't take long for you to reach your destination, a large tower, plated with highly reflective tinted glass, that pierces the sky.
>Your companion laughs when he sees the massive structure.
"And just what is so funny?"
>You huff at the stallion. It's not polite for him to laugh at Anon's mind.
>"Sorry Ms. Sparkle. Gelding Freud was right though. Anon is definitely a male…"
>The psychoanalyst?
>What does that salt-licking crackpot have to-
>It's a penis!
>That's what… Machina was… getting… at-but it's still rude to laugh!
>You blush as you follow him into the building.
>It was kind of funny that you were going into a penis in Anon's-
>No! Bad Twilight, end thought and begin anew!
>Forward momentum comes to a halt when you aimlessly bump into Machina's rear.
>"It's always a metaphor…"
"What's always- Whoa…"
>Purple coulds swirl under a glass floor, illuminating the large corridor you inhabit with an otherworldly glow.
>Examining the area, you notice the shifting horizon in the distance, as well as a single set of metallic double doors.
>There are no visible knobs, leaving you to wonder how they even open.
>Is this all some kind of symbolic representation of Anon's inner workings?
>"Ms. Sparkle?"
>Now that you look at it, it's not so much that the area is lit, so much as there is an absence of darkness in it.
>"Ms. Sparkle!"
>Machina's vociferation snaps you out of your own mind and back into Anon's.


>> No.9235977


>You reluctantly stop analyzing your coltfriend's marbles to look at the gray stallion.
>"If you wouldn't mind, we must press on. We will have to travel through the deep recesses of Anonymous's very soul in order to remove the spell."
>You spot a panel with a lone button in its center floating near the doors, and move past Machina to press it.
>The sound startles you, but the doors open, allowing you inside.
>Machina and you enter a small chamber, lined with mirrors that reflect one another ad infinitum.
>It actually produces a rather-
>The doors have closed!
>You begin to panic, not exactly thrilled about being confined in such a small space in your stallion's mind.
>There must be some way to open the doors back up!
>Out of the corner of your eye, you notice another panel, this one showing dozens of buttons, each with a different symbol engraved onto their surface.
>Maybe these control the doors?
>One has three golden triangles on a forest green canvas material.
>Another has the letters [as] written on black metal.
>Yet another… wait…
>This next button makes you very uncomfortable to just look at.
>Pressing this would only bring disaster so vile, that you would never be able to forget the mental damage it did to you.
>You quickly skip over the horrific icon bearing four spiraling green… petals? Clovers?
>What are those, anyway?
>A few moments later, you hover over a simple button inscribed with a curious '~'.
>Before you can push it, Machina places a hoof in front of you.
>"Ms. Sparkle, there is something you must know. The deeper we venture into Anonymous's mind, the more difficult it will become for me to maintain this spell. If the spell fails, or if his mind rejects it, he could suffer… mental trauma."
"I thought that this spell wouldn't hurt Anon!"
>The scholar sighs, attempting to recollect the details of the spell.


>> No.9235990


>"Anonymous does not know me, so his mind will reject any action I perform beyond basic movement. You, however, are very close to him. It is this propinquity that will allow us to roam his mind safely… I hope."
>Machina's normally composed state is already showing signs of fatigue.
>The spell must be more taxing than you had thought.
>"Even though we are just projecting ourselves, we are still two foreign consciousnesses imbedded in Anonymous's mind. If we were to suddenly vanish, the parts of his mind that we are near will be torn out along with us."
>This… this is…
"Then, what do we do?"
>Machina averts his eyes and exhales.
>"I will do my best to conserve energy and reduce the strain we place on Anon's mind, it will be up to you to get us to his core."
>Can you do this?
>Are you able to save Anon?
>"Thank you."
>Anon is counting on you, you mustn't let him down!
"So, you won't be doing anything?"
>The stallion shakes his head.
>"Nothing more than sustaining our presence. Until we reach Anon's true self, I mustn't act, even speaking puts unnecessary strain on me."
>While you aren't sure what awaits you, it sounds like Anon's mind will allow you to freely explore.
>Hopefully, it will stay that way.
>With a silent nod towards Machina, you press the button, and the doors open.


>> No.9236003


*Unknown* *U~nknown*
*Glistening Black Eels*
*[screams internally]*
>Thousands of sounds screech from the vacuous nothing, forcing you to erect a soundproof barrier.
"What is that?!"
>You scream as Machina analyzes the cacophony of howls outside.
>"Surface thoughts, impulses that never become full fledged ideas."
>What was the point of Anon sleeping then?
"I thought that we put Anon to sleep in order to get rid of these things."
>"You can't stop a living mind, only reduce the number of new thoughts had. If he was awake, this would be much worse."
>Of course.
>The turbulent babel abruptly quiets as a figure comes into view.
>Squinting your eyes, you can distinguish several characteristics that remind you of Anon.
>It wasn't an exact match though, more like this thing just looked like him.
>You carefully approach the individual, hoping that this wouldn't turn out to be some sort of violent mental projection.
>The Anon vanishes.
>Your back leg twitches and you let out a moan as your ears are unexpectedly, but not unpleasantly, rubbed.
>'Anon' is crouching next to you, stroking your mane and lovingly scratching your ears, making sure to massage the sweet spot he discovered when you were 'experimenting' together.
>His mouth moves, as if talking, but no words escape.
>Your inability to understand must have been obvious, 'Anon' sighs and gently touches the side of your face.
>Before you can speak, he pulls you into a kiss.
>As his tongue dances with yours, something happens inside your head.
>Thoughts, not of your own creation, begin to flow into you.
>When 'Anon' finally pulls away, he speaks again.
>Though no words are uttered aloud, you can hear his voice inside your mind.
>Recovering from the passionate kiss you just shared, you take a defiant stance.
"Anon I- I've come to rid you of the brand."


>> No.9236015


>On the side, Machina observes your exchange with 'Anon'.
>You feel his soft skin as you nuzzle 'Anon's' chest.
"Please… Believe in me, Anon. I will free you."
>He stops petting your mane and silently stares at you.
>'Anon' is gone, only his voice is left echoing in your mind.
>Another door forms from the abyss, this one bearing a heart with chains through it.
>Now you understand what Machina meant when he said everything is a metaphor.
>Steeling yourself for the journey ahead, you open the door.


>> No.9236037


>> No.9236050


>Hundreds of Anon's line a long, multi-leveled chamber, each one conversing with different individual in plain glass room.
>Some are p0nies, such as Applejack and Lyra, with differing levels of interest shown by Anon.
>Others, are humans, just like Anon.
>You even see Spike getting into a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
>He's losing, poor Spike was never very good at that game, despite his overwhelming advantage.
>P0nies can only throw rock, but somehow he's never beaten you.
>It also doesn't help that Anon was exceptional at reading body language
>When you were 'experimenting' together, he was trying to find out which spot inside you was the most sensitive.
>He never needed you to tell him where to go, it was like he could tell where your body wanted his ton-
>Stop, this isn't good.
>You feel the heat in your gut flare up.
>Oh Anon…
>A few moments later, and you've managed to repress the fire consuming your body.
>Machina likely knew what was wrong, but he seems to be keeping silent out of courtesy.
>You roam through the complex of rooms, observing each pairing with interest.
>These must represent Anon's feelings towards others, judging from how each Anon has someone else with them.
>"But Anon~ ya' promised ya' would help us git our cutie marks!"
>"Sorry Applebloom, but there's a storm coming in and your older brother hired me to help with the harvest. Maybe you could be cutie mark crusader emergency harvesters!"
>"Hey! Ah'm not THAT gullible!"
>Anon tussles the yellow filly's mane as the room they occupy fades.
>Another scene takes shape as you move to observe other relationships.
>"-if Ah can get AJ to stop givin' away all our stock, that is. Ah really think that this whole situation could be resolved with just a few government grants. Ah know that the Bit is strong right now, especially when compared to the griffon kingdom's Talont…"
>Who knew Big Mac was such a well-versed economist?


>> No.9236067


>"Honestly, Ms. Cheerilee, he likes you. You should ask him out sometime…"
>The next room over.
>"She feels the same way, Caramel. Why not ask her if she wan't to go to dinner or something?"
>Aw, he helped Cheerilee and Caramel get together…
>None of the pairings seem to notice you as you pass them by.
>Each cell holds precisely one Anon, along with one other individual, who talks, plays, or otherwise interacts with Anon in some way.
>It's rather cute to see how kind he is to everyone.
>Something is bothering you though, you have yet to see yourself here.
>Is that… bad?
>A lone cell sitting at the end of the hall catches your eye.
>Inside, sits a single Anon.
>There is an empty chair next to him, with a table sporting a chess board between them.
>It looks like an unfinished game.
>'Anon' looks up from the board, and stares right at you.
>"Terrific… what do you want?"
>You try to find Anon's companion.
>"I'm talkin' to you, bitch."
>When you look back to the chairs, 'Anon' is gone.
>You trip over your hooves as you fail to run away.
>'Anon' snickers over your fallen form, running his fingers through his hair to sweep it back.
>"Ahahaha! That's hi-lar-i-ous. Now, what do you want?"
>Glancing between him and the cell, you try to find out more about the room you are currently in.
"Where is this?"
>'Anon' steps back and motions to the twosome filled cells lining the hall.
>"This, is every relationship We have ever had. The good ones, the bad ones, etcetera etcetera. Every Anon here has a partner and is displayin' our ties to 'em."


>> No.9236082


"And, who was your partner?"
>His face contorts into a scowl.
>"Mind your own fuckin' business. And that's why I hate you p0nies, always stickin' your noses where they don't belong."
>He grips your horn and drags you over to him like a misbehaving filly.
>His eyes bore through you, as if you were nothing more than an annoying insect.
>"It's your fuckin' fault that We were raped. Isn't that right?"
>'Anon' slaps you hard across your face.
>"A simple yes will suffice."
>You look away, trying to hold back tears.
>Is this what Anon thinks of you? That you are the reason for his suffering?
>"Amazin'! For once, in her miserable, pathetic life, the magic horse can do somethin' right!"
>He tosses you against the wall.
>Before you crash, a gray aura surrounds and gently lets you down.
>"I'm sorry, Ms. Sparkle. I cannot interfere…"
>You sniffle and nod to him, showing that you understand.
>Anon's safety comes first.
>"Oh, and this high and mighty ass-"
>He stops his furious barrage when he sees a tear escape your eye.
>"God fuckin' dammit. Just tell me what you want so you can leave me alone."
>You glance up to see 'Anon' looking away, trying to avoid your gaze.
"We need to reach Anon's true self, so we can remove the spell that… I put on him."


>> No.9236099


>A white light flares into existence, blinding you temporarily.
>When your senses return, you realize that your standing outside.
>The sweet smell of apples drifts on a light breeze.
>In the distance, a large red barn stands out against the clear, blue sky.
>You're at Sweet Apple Acres.
>Confused, you look towards 'Anon' in hopes that he would explain.
>His back is turned, but he nonetheless notices your quizzical countenance.
>Without facing you, he answers your unvocalized question.
>"These are Our most meanin'ful relationships. I don't have the power to let you pass through Our mind, that privilege is held by the most meanin'ful of them all. For now, we walk."
>He steps lively, probably eager to rid himself of the source of his troubles.
>Your disposition sinks.
>Delving into Anon's mind is likely going to force you to see a lot of things you don't want to.
>But if it would free Anon from your mistake, you'd do it a thousand times.
>When you near the barn, you can hear laughter coming from within.
>Peering though a window, you see Anon and Applejack wrestling.
>At least you hope they're wrestling…
>Applejack stands over 'Anon', holding him to the ground.
>"Ha! Pinned!"
>Oh thank Celestia, it was just wrestling.
>You never figured yourself for the jealous type.
>"Fine, fine. I'll work here again tomorrow."
>'Anon' feigns sadness as he tries to hide a smile.
>"Yee haw! Ah knew Ah would win! Ya' might be strong, Anon, but that don't mean nothin' when it comes to wrastlin'."
>"I know, leverage, speed, blah, blah, blah…"
>"Watch ya'lls tone with me Mr. Mous… Non… thing…"
>AJ and 'Anon' stare at each other for a brief moment before breaking into laughter again.


>> No.9236120


>The laughter stops when your orange friend throws herself around 'Anon's' neck.
>"Ah'm sorry. Ah didn't… Ah-"
>Her blubbering stops when 'Anon' hugs her back.
>"You helped Twilight rescue me. If it wasn't for you, I might still be trapped, fucking Fluttershy. I've already forgiven you, AJ."
>The farmp0ny sniffs and gets off of her human cushion.
>"Thanks sugarcube."
>Although the scene playing out in front of you is sweet, you can't help but wonder…
>When did this happen?
>You've been with Anon since Applejack brought him to the library.
>Is this a dream, or it it what Anon intends to do when he sees Applejack again?
>"Ugh, this is repulsive."
>'Anon's' face shows an expression of disgust.
"Why? Because Anon can forgive his friends?"
>Your voice seems to have alerted Applejack and her accompanying Anon to your presence.
>"Well Ah'll be a self-propagatin' stereotype, good ta' see ya' Twilight!"
>They greet you outside of the barn.
>"I'm glad you haven't run into any trouble while you're here, Twilight. Our mind is filled with vitiation right now."
>AJ shoves Appleanon.
>"There ya' go with yer fancy words."
>He smiles before turning to you again.
>"I'm sorry that you had to meet with this sourpuss though."
>Appleanon points to the angry Anon standing next to you.
>"He's been like that, ever since I got here. Seriously needs to lighten up! It's not like our f-"
>The side of the barn splinters as Appleanon's head his forced against it.
>"You need to shut the FUCK up and stick to your own relationship."
>Appleanon falls limply onto AJ's back when he is released.
>Your head swells with pain as 'Anon' seizes your horn.
>He drags you away from the farmyard duo, grumbling.
"Let go! You're hurting me!"
>Your horn is released, but 'Anon' does not look at you and merely walks towards the apple cellar door.


>> No.9236141


>You get ready to interrogate the wolf in Anon's clothing, but Appleanon's coughing draws you to his side.
>When you get close, Applejack props him up so he can talk.
>"Twilight, be careful in the next room, as you've seen, we're different from the others out there. We CAN see you, and… SHE won't like that you are here."
>Think, who haven't you seen yet?
>Applejack, Big Mac, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Celestia, Luna, Rainbow Dash, Caramel, Cheerilee, Spitfire…
>The list goes on and on.
>Anon knows an unusual amount of p0nies.
>When you've finished making the mental list, you look it over, finally settling on two missing names.
>Yourself and… Fluttershy.
>Appleanon nods, seemingly aware of your revelation.
>He glances at his fellow Anon by the cellar entrance before smiling weakly at you.
>"He might be an ass, but he is one of the most reliable of Us there is. He might hate you, and he might lash out, but he will not abandon you. He's… too afraid to."
>You look over at the intimidating human.
"Afraid? Why?"
>Appleanon sighs.
>"That's not my place to tell. For now, you must go."
>As you stand, you give one final nod to the agronomists.
>"Good luck, Twilight."
"Thanks, AJ. I'll be sure to stop by the farm with Anon when this is over."
>Machina joins you on the walk towards 'Anon'.
>When you near him, another dazzling light coruscates, and you enter the next room.


>> No.9236151


*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>There are no walls, no ceilings…
>No carpets, or decorations.
>Only a bed, illuminated by a sourceless light from above.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>A yellow figure is bouncing up and down on the bed, grinding her hips into it.
>It's Fluttershy.
>As you approach, you hear sobs below the trusting mare.
>Another Anon is crying beneath Fluttershy while she moans.
>"THaT's It, sHOW MoMMa your LOVE, LeT iT OUT DEep InSidE…"
>Her stomach distends as Anon cries out.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>"Please *sniff* Fluttershy… I don't want this."
>She pulls his head to hers.
>A long, slimy mass slithers out of Fluttershy's lips, similar in appearance to a tongue, but… wrong.
>Fluttanon clenches his mouth shut and tries to turn away.
>"nOW Now nOw, MommA Loves YOU…"
>She slams her hips down, forcing Fluttanon to gasp.
>The mass forces its way into the his opened orifice.
>You see his neck bulge as it worms its way down his throat.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>Fluttershy snickers and bites down, releasing the mass from her mouth.
>The rest of it slides into Fluttanon, who's tears worsen when his lips finally close.
>A bulge slowly moves down his esophagus, disappearing when it reaches his stomach.
>You feel sick watching this horrible display.
>"We should go."
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>'Anon' walks past you.
"But what about-"
*Creak-eek* *Crea-*


>> No.9236166


>The bed stops groaning.
>You are lifted off the ground and thrown to the bed, on top of Fluttanon.
>He looks at you with fear before he winces.
>A heavy weight drapes over your back, and you hesitantly look to see what it is.
>All you can see, is a teal eye peeking from a pink mane.
>"HELLo TWIlight."
>Your head is forced to Fluttanon's chest.
>Fluttershy leans over and grabs your mane, forcing your eyes to meet hers.
>Her sickening breath fills your nostrils as she growls.
>"DiD you coME tO >RaPE ANON agaiN?"
>She presses down on your head, forcing both you and Fluttanon to scream in pain.
"No Fluttershy! What you are doing is rape!"
>The pressure on you eases, allowing you to turn away.
>"sO WHat? JuSt bEcause IT's YoU, it'S oK?"
>Blood spills over the sheets as your forehead is pressed into Fluttanon, your horn piercing his skin.
>"FINE… thEN I wIlL LoVe HIM by yOUr STANDarDs…"
>You gasp, something is probing your neither regions.
>You clench your muscles, denying entry to the slippery member.
>It laps against you, flicking your clit with each movement.
>Despite your disgust, the constant prodding soon makes your guts heat up.
>It feels so gross, but you can't help liking it.
>The subconscious desire to be satisfied causes you to get wet, compromising your defenses.
>Your juices cover the intruder, lubricating it so that it may better satisfy you.
>Now coated with your fluids, the member slides inside your shivering body.
>When it bottoms out, the object pulses, sending waves of ecstasy through you.
>You begin to pant as your body stretches to accommodate the intruder.
>It feels like it was made to be inside you…
>Fluttershy steadily slinks down your back, growing more distant with each pulse of pleasure.
>You feel something pressing against your cervix, trying to wriggle further inside.
>A voice rings through your head, imploring you to let yourself go.
>'CoME On twiLight. LEt mE IN. tHEN we CAn BotH loVe ANOn…'
>You resist.


>> No.9236185


>Machina and 'Anon' are standing away from the bed, looking away.
>Are they just going to let this happen to you?
>Another surge of pleasure hits you, and you give in.
>Your muscles clamp down and begin to pump, pulling the unnatural member into your womb.
>Fluttershy's cackles fill your head, even as she fills your body.
>Fluttanon watches in fear as the yellow demon slowly recedes into you.
>Your insides churn and warp, letting her spread throughout your anatomy easily.
>Clarity is lost as Fluttershy's psyche melds with your own.
>From your position on his chest, you can smell Fluttanon's scent.
>Celestia you love that smell.
>When Fluttershy has completely entered you, you burry your head in Fluttanon's crotch, inhaling deeply.
>You look up at him and smile.
"sHOW MoMMa your LOVE…"
>Fluttanon begins to cry as you take his member into your mouth.
>He just needs to be shown how much you love him, how you would do anything for him.
>Fluttershy speaks, lasciviously whispering of desires you hold secret deep within.
>'ThiNK abOUT iT tWiLiGHT… wITh YOur magiC ANd My lOVe, wE cOULd dO THe IMPOSsible. WE COUld hAVe anon'S FOAls…'
>Sounds of giggling fillies and colts crowd your mind.
>Your head bobs faster as you get excited.
>Bearing Anon's foals…
>Your uterus feels like it's going to burn through your stomach.
>Delicious pre-cum flows from Fluttanon's cock, which you swallow with glee.
>You want- no- you need to be a mother!
>Every moment of your life has been building to this moment; the moment you create life with the stallion you love.
>Removing Fluttanon from your mouth, you position yourself over his quivering member.
>Fluttershy moves inside of you, making room for company.
"maKE me A MOTHER!"
>Mad with lust, you have your way with the whimpering Fluttanon.


>> No.9236197


>You are Anon, or rather, one of his many pieces.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>The display of debauchery playing out in front of you is truly sickening.
>Purple Einstein got herself possessed, and is now raping another you.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>All you want is for things to go back to the way they were.
>Before You were raped.
>Before You fell in love with a horse.
>Before You came to this hellhole filled with magic and equine succubi.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>But there's no way that You would ever do that.
>The rest of You is happy with Your new life.
>You love being so close to others.
>You love pounding a horse's flank.
>It sucks…
>Because You do, but you don't.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>"Please, save her."
>The monochrome horn-head next to you actually spoke.
>Slowly, you turn and lean over to stare him in the eyes.
"Why would I do that?"
>"Because you are the only one who can."
>He doesn't break eye contact, instead meeting your intimidating gaze with his own.
"Am I some sort of Deus Ex You? The book-lendin' bitch got herself into this, she can get herself out."
>No she fucking can't.
>Not without one of You helping her.
>The one here is too cowardly, he's been like this ever since You recovered from that winged bitch making You love her.
>God, that was horrific.
>He was the one in control of this section of Your mind at that time.
>Everything was, "Fluttershy this." or "Sillywings that."
>Yeah, You had actually come up with a nickname for the whore.
>It was fucking disgusting.


>> No.9236216


*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>"I'm not an unending well of magic. If my spell fails while we are in Anonymous's mind, he will go insane."
>So what? As far as you're concerned, You're already insane.
>"If that happens, it could be you strapped to that bed."
>That IS a fair point.
>More importantly, you might have to finish that game...
>Damn it.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>You reluctantly walk over to the bed.
>The violet violator is furiously attempting to make the other you come.
>Something about being a mother, honestly, you don't care.
>You stretch out a hand towards the purple unicorn.
*Creak-eek* *Crea-*
>Her head twists towards you.
>Not her body, just the head.
>You peer into her blackened eyes apathetically.
>She has no power over you, why fear her?
>"AwAy! lET uS conCeiVe OUr CHILdreN!"
>You jab an open palmed hand into her abdomen.
>Your fingers push through her scorching bowels, allowing you to grab her womb's revolting contents.
>TwiShy gasps when you grip her horn with your free hand, and start to forcibly separate the two minds.
>"NO! LEAVE US TOgether! We can finally-"
>Her words are cut off when you fling Twilight's body limply away from the bed.
>Fluttershy is left a shapeless globule, dripping between your fingers.
>The yellow blob quickly reforms into an equine shape and begins to grind into the bed while glaring at you.
"You, stay here, and fuck, HIM."
>You point to the sniveling you in the bed.
"And you, man up. If that purple pony can remove Our brand, things'll eventually get better for you."
>The other you manages to find the last shred of courage he has, and nods.
>His mewling ceases, despite his rapist's attempts to milk another load from him.
>It's a shame none of this matters, you cannot influence Yourself on a significant level, it doesn't work like that.


>> No.9236244


>You walk to, and kneel beside, the semi-conscious mare laying on the ground.
"Oi, wake up!"
>She rolls over, groaning from the ordeal.
>As her eyes open, Twilight beholds Fluttershy finishing what they had started together.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>It's too much for the young p0ny to take.
>She vomits, disgusted by her demented actions.
>Her sobs are audible over the sound of her stomach's contents slapping across the floor.
>When there is nothing left for her to throw up, she continues to retch, her muscles pushing out whatever minute amount of liquid they can manage to find.
>Through the wheezes and gags, she tries to comprehend what she has done.
>*Gag* "I-" *Cough* "I-"
>She descends into a fit of heaving, trying to find some way to cleanse herself physically of the incident.
>Twilight had literally just mind raped You.
>You pick her up, and begin to walk to the next room.
>Through her tears and coughs, Twilight tries to choke out a sentence asking for forgiveness.
>That isn't yours to give though.
*Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek* *Creak-eek*
>She's going to hate seeing Your final partner.
>The three of you disappear in a white flash, leaving Your most monstrous relationship behind.


>> No.9236258

> ~
oh my

>> No.9236265


*Tup* *Tup* *Tup* *Tup*
>You are Twilight, currently puling into the shoulder of one of Anon's mental fragments as he carries you.
>What have you done?
>Anon trusted you, believed in you… and you raped him!
>He begged you to stop!
>The familiar smell of musty tomes reaches your nostrils, so you lift your head to survey the area.
>This was your library!
>Does that mean…
>You wipe your eyes to get a better view.
>As the teary mist clears, you can see Anon sitting near the fireplace, reading a book.
>Sleeping in his lap is… you.
>He closes his book and looks lovingly down at 'your' sleeping form, letting out a content sigh as he does so.
>His hand slides up 'your' neck and rubs 'your' ear, causing 'your' back leg to involuntarily kick.
>A soft laugh escapes through a smile, and he leans over to kiss 'your' face.
>How can he think of you like that?
>After what you-
>You wrestle yourself from 'Anon's' arms and drop to the floor, heaving.
>It's not right!
>Anon shouldn't love you! Not after what you just did…
>Fluttershy's emetic hisses of propagation reach your ears again.
>When she had infected your mind with thoughts of Anon and you being together, with a family, it felt so…


>> No.9236282


>There are no excuses for what you've done.
>You don't deserve Anon, you deserve to die alone for your sin. You deserve-
>A gentle touch on your shoulder breaks you from your self-destructive thoughts.
>Youanon has moved from his place by the fire to kneel by your side, and is looking at you with understanding.
"I- *Choke* I-"
>He pulls you into a powerful hug, his arms wringing the pain out of you.
>"It's ok, Twilight."
>Your face twists while sorrow fills every crevice of your body.
>Having grown too heavy for your heart to contain, you let out all the misery and guilt.
>For as long as you can, and as hard as you can, you stain the shirt of your loved one with your lachrymal droplets.
>Spit, laced with mucus, is disgorged onto his consoling chest.
>Throughout your bawling, he softly coos and comforts you, telling you to let it out.
>There could never be adequate words to describe your love for this human.
>He's your strength, your friend.
>You love him, with all your being.
>"I've seen everything you've been through since your arrival. I wish I could do more for you, but as it is, Our life is in your hooves."
>Twanon lifts your head to meet his gaze.
>"I believe in you, with all my heart."
>He presses his lips to yours.
>There is no lust, no sharing of breath.
>Only love, and tenderness.
>Filled with renewed vigor, you manage to stand.
>"Now that you have reached me, I can grant you passage to the next section of Our mind. Be mindful-"
>Twanon stops to laugh at his own joke.
>He quickly moves his hand to tickle your side, and you giggle in response.
>"-of the danger. Our mind is simple, but dark. Please…"
>You are pulled into another tight hug.
>Twanon buries his head in your neck, his muffled voice reverberation up to your ears.
>"No matter what happens, just come back safe."


>> No.9236320


>You nuzzle his shoulder.
"I will."
>Twanon stands and claps his hands.
>"Great! And because Twilight's safety is paramount, no offense Machina, you-"
>He points to the 'Anon' standing next to your unicorn confrere.
>"-will go with her."
>'Anon' stares at Twanon in disbelief.
>For the first time, you see him begin to sweat.
>"You know I can't beat him. Why should I-"
>The air grows heavy as Twanon gives a black look.
>"You will recover your partner, paterphobia or not."
>The library creaks, Twanon's manifest anger managing to strain the flooring.
>'Anon' reluctantly acquiesces.
>The atmosphere returns to normal, and Twanon smiles.
>Warmth surrounds you as the library fades away.
>Twanon's form begins to evanesce as well, but his voice still reaches you.
>"I love you… Twilight."
>He has just saved you from yourself.
>And it is more than ok with you.
"I love you too, Anon."
>With that, you leave Anon's relationships behind, and enter hell.


>> No.9236421

Hate mail, despise delivery, loathe post, etc.

Now you all see how shitty the second to last chapter is. I probably should have had more detail in the Fluttershy section, but I saved a lot of visceral ideas for the next chapter.

Sorry this has taken so long to write, the ending has evolved quite a bit from the original intent.

I shouldn't have to say this, so I'll put it in spoiler text, as I'm contractually obligated to have spoiler text in my posts, but Clever, please confirm my fears for this chapter.

>> No.9236461
File: 71 KB, 811x984, rarity_portrait_by_ostfront-d5ygf50.jpg [View same] [google]

Okay. Well, Akame that was a very confusing clusterfuck of a chapter. I followed it, and I understand whats going on, but your pronoun use really bothered me.

I can't think of a way to make it better, but all of the Anons and the scene transitions really threw me for a loop a couple times.

But as always, it was a good read. I look forward to the next couple parts.

>> No.9236660 [SPOILER] 
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I agree with Raritan. Your use of pronouns was confusing as fuck.
Now I'm confused as fuck.
>Pic related

>> No.9236767

That was confusing with all the Anons.

Gonna post in AiE yet?

>> No.9236884


That was something that I noticed while writing. When you have multiple versions of the same character, it gets nasty trying to pinpoint which one you're talking about.

Fortunately, that is a problem exclusive to this chapter.

Pacing was tough to get under control for this chapter as well, but with the non-euclidean nature of a mind, I couldn't think of a good way to pace things.

>> No.9236987

Unfortunately, no. I could drop a link to the Pastebin though.

>> No.9237066

Little confusing, but yeah, that's to be expected. It slowed the reading down, but it was still a good read for sure.

Pacing seemed fine to me, but I understand your concern for it. I've written a trippy dream sequence too, well, yours was a 'mind,' but c'mon, same thing and I know they can be a little odd to pace when shit's happening left and right.

You handled it very well. Eagerly waiting the final part!

>> No.9237091

And now we all await the sequel starring The Handler.

Don't you take this from me.

>> No.9237611

>Day Improv: Subtle Naming in Equestria
>You are Lyra
>Oh snap, perspective change niggers
>You're getting ready to hang with your best buds, Danon and Aanon
>You hear the doorbell ring
>Awesome, time to hang out!
>You open the door to see...
Oh, hey Tavi, what's going on?
>"Fluttershy has kidnapped Danon and Aanon, and only you are a bad enough dude to save them"
>Oh shit nigger
>You've been waiting for this day for a long time
>You pull out your trusty lyre and rush off to save your friends

>Twenty minutes later
>Your lyre is broken
>As well as the dozen or so security guards Fluttershy hired
>Unfortunately, that yellow bitch got the jump on you, and now you're chained to a wall beside Danon and Aanon
Sorry fellas. I tried?
>D: "It's all good, Lyra. You know, it could've been a lot worse!"
>A: "How? We're chained to a wall, with a rapist bearing down on us"
>D: "At least for once, Lyra isn't the only naked one in the room!"
>A: "Oh yeah, congratulations Lyra! Howsit feel?
>Sometimes you hated these two
>Before you can attempt to wiggle out an arm to hit them, Fluttershy bursts in
>F: "No words; only rape"
>She moves towards Danon
>D: "Go for Aanon first! He's sexier!"
>A: "Fuck you too, Danon"
>Fluttershy goes towards Aanon instead
>You hear a loud shot
>Fluttershy's knee bursts with blood and she falls over
>You use your magic to look outside
>There's a spider with a sniper
Thanks, Spiderbro!
>Good end

>> No.9237628
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hmm a little confusing but i gotta say it was a good chapter reguardless

>> No.9237639
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I gotta say, I laughed. Good work.

>> No.9237873
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I liked it.
Have a cot.

>> No.9238050
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Putting the finishing touches on Rarity's Dirty Secret and Piggy Belle; life and work schedule gets in the way far too often for what I'd like my time tables to be.

Thank you for your patronage.

Special thanks to BigFriendlyNinja for the continued work on the comic series as well.

>> No.9238193

this weekend i'll try to have a comic up ~ im trying to juggle a few projects lol~

>> No.9238203


I know the feeling all too well.

>> No.9239251
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[MOTHER] is always watching

>> No.9239358
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W-welcome back to bed, Anon.

It's ok...I let myself in; sis knows.

I...I really liked what Twilight made us do.

Can we....do it again?

I want to look into your eyes while you fill me up.

I love you, Anon. So, so much.

>> No.9239530


this was good, but there a few times your geentext felt like it didn't work properly. the conversations not flow right, when two lines are the same people

>> No.9239591

This reminded me of DaneBoe, which then reminded me that The Annoying Orange Show exists. Go fuck yourself dick-wash.

>> No.9239933
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Hey everyone. A Helping Hoof Part 12 is just about done, but I'm going to call it a night before I sperg out over the keyboard. Minor note of warning, it's rather hueg.

And I'll have a bigger audience when it isn't nearly 4AM

>> No.9240248
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night guys~ i leave you with a partly done request froma sing along story~ i'll be working on it today between classes.

>> No.9240518

does anyone know who wrote flutterrape the movie? I want to make a cover and print it out

>> No.9240611
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That would be Driverbang.


>> No.9240616
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Driverbang, aka "Anonymous"

>> No.9240642

thanks a lot

>> No.9240662
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>The Handler
I fucking laugh everytime...

>> No.9241327

>Rage of the Anon in Equestria
>You are Anon
>>And you're one angry motherfucker
>Apparently sunbutt can sense this and has sent one of the elements of harmony to help
>Be eating some shit cereal when somep0ny decides they're ready to embrace death by knocking on your door
>Ripping the door from the hinges you see Fluttershy hiding behind her mane with one eye scanning the ground
"What the fuck do you want!?"
>"*Eep* I...uh...p-princesC-Celestia sent m-m-me to...*mumbke mumble*..."
>She loses her train of thought as you stare daggers at her
>"I h-heard you're a grumpy guss s-so I'm here to cheer you up...i-if that's alright w-with y-you that is..."
"I don't need your fucking help! Now leave me alone!"
>She gets a sudden look of determination on her face
>"Now listen here mister! I'm gonna make you happy wether you like it or not!"
"Really nowyou maggot ridden parasitic piece of shit?"
>"You just need some love! Now don't give me any of this sugar honey iced tea!"
>She headbuts your stomach and bucks you onto your back
>"Let the healing begin!"
>Even being a raging mad asshole can't save you from
>Fucking Fluttershy

>> No.9241824

>Doing all the work in Equestria
>Everyp0ny is gone from the land
>You run around trying to fill in alk their roles
>Finally you snap and paint yourself yellow
>You start thinking of fetishes while masturbating
>Then you hear it
>Faint at first, but it gets louder
>There is a carriage approaching with "bump!" chanting from it
>It stopes and every single fucking p0ny gets out
>"Sorry Anon we forgot to mention we were on vacation."
>Fucking free time

>> No.9241829


No. I leave things the way they were, no matter how crap they are. That way, you have a certain sense of telling whether you've improved over time or not.

>> No.9242106
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And now I sleep.

>> No.9242560


>> No.9242703 [SPOILER] 
File: 21 KB, 230x230, Argentinians show their gratitute by donating to honest taxi driver Santiago Gori_11_1_1___Selected.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9242848

I can happily say that I understood that chapter.
And I enjoyed every moment of it.

Well done, Akame. I look forward to the next part.

>> No.9242848,1 [INTERNAL] 

Well look at Mr. Showoff! Sayin' he understands the chapter!

>> No.9243321

Glad I managed to make something that was at least understandable.

Abstract thinking really isn't my strong suit.

>> No.9243376
File: 1.91 MB, 400x224, 1363117208960.gif [View same] [google]


I'm having a very hard time coming up with a response for this.
The concept was very abstract and held my deepest attention the entire time throughout.
I don't really see what the problem about the supposed confusion is all about, you made the transpiring events perfectly understandable as far as I am concerned.

What I do, however, have gripes with, is the current cut-off point you opted for.
You have set a certain tone for the story and made it so that the reader becomes fully immerged in this story-arc.
Setting the final chapter apart from this one has broken that.
I don't know what you have planned for the finale but I think it would have been beneficial to tie it all together, honestly.
Although you could easily prove me wrong on that one and I'd be very glad if you did.

I also feel the need to point your direction towards >>9236282

>Your face twists while sorrow fills every crevice of your body.
>Having grown too heavy for your heart to contain, you let out all the misery and guilt.
>For as long as you can, and as hard as you can, you stain the shirt of your loved one with your lachrymal droplets.
>Spit, laced with mucus, is disgorged onto his consoling chest.
>Throughout your bawling, he softly coos and comforts you, telling you to let it out.
>There could never be adequate words to describe your love for this human.

Is that beautifully worded?
Yes. It really is.
Does it carry the emotion you are trying to convey through it?
No. Or at least, not to me.

Anyway, this was a great read with a very interesting concept and from my point of view, this is one of the better ongoing stories of the moment.

Amazing work even though it is what you have accustomed us with by now.
Lots of LOVE.

Sincerely yours,
Little bit homo

>> No.9243509

Sup guys, just stopping by to say hi and working on the last part of A Little Too Much Pie on good ol paper. That way, I can get it to you when I get back.

>> No.9243547
File: 295 KB, 1500x1500, thr.jpg [View same] [google]


>on paper

You're a real trooper.
Watch out for your powerlevels though.

In case you forgot, I totally pro-sexually LOVE you.

>> No.9243593

Why paper? You should upgrade to punch cards, much more efficient.

This is good.
Why exactly did this chapter fall a little flat for you?

>Does it carry the emotion you are trying to convey through it?
>No. Or at least, not to me.

If you don't mind me asking, what did it convey to you, if anything at all?

As for the cut off, I have trouble keeping up with a chapter if it gets much larger than ~20 posts worth. This is because I have to retain all the information from the current chapter, key info from the next and previous ones, and make sure I don't repeat myself too often.

The next chapter will tie into this one somewhat, since it is Anon's mind still.

Sorry for the massive inquiry, I just want to do better next time.

>> No.9243782
File: 56 KB, 336x267, 132623052682.jpg [View same] [google]

>Why exactly did this chapter fall a little flat for you?

>Great read.
>Suspense building.
>Some hinted foreshadowing.
>Even more suspense building.
>Sudden temporary conflict
>Even more suspense building!
>Conflict somewhat resolved
>Characterization and interaction being expanded on in great depth

"And that's all for now, guys."

You nearly had me at the tip of my seat.
The tension you build was nearly touchable.
And then you broke it up.
I'm not one to doubt your writing abilities as you are one of my personal favorites but I sincerely doubt you'll be able to rekindle that feeling of suspense immediately at the start of the final chapter.
You had me so deep into this story and then you suddenly pull me out again.
It would only aid the enjoyment I get out of this story if you would've tied at least part of the finale to this one.

>If you don't mind me asking, what did it convey to you, if anything at all?

It felt like a description.
A very good one at that.
But that scene wasn't supposed to describe anything.
It was supposed to show how deep the bond between Anon and Twilight is.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for poetic beauty that being one of the reasons why both you and getmeouttahere are amongst my favorite writers but there is a time and a place for it and that wasn't it. Or not to me, I suppose.
This is something I have never said before and most likely will never have to say again but I'd tone it down a bit on the description and just try to state it more directly for once.

It might just be me, but I was paying more attention to the way you opted to word things rather than what you actually wrote story-wise during that particular paragraph.

Keeping it simple is not necessarily a bad thing, although this would actually be the first time I came to this conclusion.


>> No.9243788
File: 27 KB, 449x475, 132623056790.jpg [View same] [google]


>As for the cut off, I have trouble keeping up with a chapter if it gets much larger than ~20 posts worth.

B-but muh walls of text...

>The next chapter will tie into this one somewhat, since it is Anon's mind still.

I know.
Or rather, that's what I was expecting.
I'm talking more about the fact that you broke the story up into something what I felt was mid-scene. You just made the first direct mention of the long-expected antagonist and right after, like not even two sentences further, you stop.

Now I won't be able to sleep until you update your story.
I'm not saying you should've completely finished the story right now, I would've just liked to have seen a bit more of the result of the previous mentioned build-up...

What it boils down to is this:



>> No.9243825

Inspiration has struck me like that of a very buxom woman! A story where Anonymous and many other Anonymous of all different stories and backgrounds and of varying degrees of have and have not come together to discuss times they were raped or almost raped.

It would be a sort of Rape Anonymous featuring all the variations of Anonymous throughout the life of FlutterRape General! It would be built by Anonymous for Anonymous just to try and work out the difficulties of living. Certainly, it would have to break boundaries of "reality" as many variations of the same person will exist in one location.

I would love to see Fluttershy find this meeting and peer in through a window and listen to the varies stories. This could likely be her fetish or possibly a deep and heartfelt realizations that she has caused varying amounts of pain without considering what Anonymous has endured. Possibly, it could just end in a massive beating spree where every Anonymous finally enacts their revenge. Furthers till, maybe every Anon gives up and it turns into a huge orgy starring Fluttershy in the finest example of reverse-rape I can think of!

I am not as skilled/busy writing something else/not insane enough for this task. I just really felt the need to share this idea.

Il est déjà arrivé! Enfin, j'ai perdu la tête!

>> No.9243874


Sounds like that bar-thingy Neb did a while ago.
Although the massive orgy-rape is very relevant to my interests.
Someone ought to do that.

>> No.9244016

Ooh I did a thing like that.
But it did not end with an orgy.

I would like to see something like this written.

No, I'm not writing it, ya lazy bums. Do it yourself.

>> No.9244062


Oh, that is wonderful news! Can you tell me the title so I may read it on your PasteBin? Thank you for your time.

>> No.9244102
File: 1.63 MB, 195x150, 1346421176967.gif [View same] [google]

There you go, friendo.

>Thank you for your time.
Your politeness is adorable.

>> No.9244349
File: 309 KB, 970x851, 1363165338184.jpg [View same] [google]

someone posted the image i requested in a drawthread.
I know its irrelevant but it makes me happy

>> No.9244498

Eppy (if that's who that really was) is one of the NICEST writers we have. I'm proud of him.

On a semi-relevant note, are any of the write/drawfags female/identify as such? I don't want to offend any femfags we have by saying they have lovely mustaches.

For some reason, women hate it when I compliment their mustaches.

>> No.9244582

>Eppy (if that's who that really was)

>> No.9244601


He's talking about the French spoilers of >>9243825

Neb, are you high again?

>> No.9244660


>On the internet
>On 4chan
>On /mlp/
>In Flutterrape

There is not enough shiggy diggy in this world for you.

>> No.9244727

Until Slashergate, I was certain that zer0 was female.

DananaStuff's name always made me think he was female.

I'm also quite sure that Raritan is a black, pre-op, lesbian, cis-male check yo priv'lij, boyo!

>> No.9244787
File: 102 KB, 600x773, Two-Sides-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-32103035-600-773.jpg [View same] [google]

I'm afraid you'll be very disappointed to know I'm NOT a lesbian.

Minor update guys. So I was just called into work, and I have to open the store tomorrow. So unless I pull some shenanigans I won't be able to finish A Helping Hoof part 12 until probably tomorrow, but even then it'll be rough.

...and here I was so close to finishing it too...

>> No.9244811


How many times do you want us to tell you this?

As long as it's worth the wait, nobody will complain about having to wait a day longer.

>> No.9244823
File: 823 KB, 200x200, 1356312204025.gif [View same] [google]

>I'm afraid you'll be very disappointed to know I'm NOT a lesbian.

>> No.9244884

I don't know if I can cope knowing that, my entire worldview has changed.

>> No.9244975
File: 699 KB, 600x600, scootaloo.png [View same] [google]


>my entire worldview has changed.


>> No.9244978


>A Black Pre-op lesbian cis-male
>Not a White Pre-op lesbian cis-male
m8. Come on.

Nigga there ain't a deadline.

>> No.9245035

Hahahaha Flutterrape circlejerk has already fallen so low that attentionwhoring, tripfagging, unintelligent, immature newfags infest your pathetic 'general'.

>> No.9245053


>A White Pre-op lesbian cis-male
>Not a white male saving up for surgical alterations towards white unicorn mare

Just how goddamn high are you today?


Is that supposes to be something new then?
You're a bit late to the party, bud.

>> No.9245076

>>A White Pre-op lesbian cis-male
>>Not a white male saving up for surgical alterations towards white unicorn mare

>Not a white male saving up for a physics induced wormhole so he can rail a white unicorn mare

>> No.9245230

>A single post
>attentionwhoring, tripfagging, unintelligent, immature newfags infest your pathetic 'general'.

Damn, bro. You have some exaggeration issues.

>Not a butt
The circlejerking ends now. The thread has been bumped enough

>> No.9245349

I love you, Raritan.

>> No.9245535

>Day Improv: The Reckoning in Equestria
>Sounds bad ass, right?
>You are Anon, master of cuddles
>Bitches don't know about your cuddling ability
>That is, until you cuddle them
>All but Fluttershy, that is
>Bitch always wanted to go beyond cuddling
>You tried once, and she tried to pull off your underwear
>Nigger, you don't cuddle naked
>You start off the day like any other
>Cuddling a body pillow
>You've gotta stay sharp; you never know when you'll need to cuddle something
>Like Mr. Bear
>He was the only creature in Equestria capable of keeping up with you
>You could cuddle seven ponies and leave them all content and warm
>You wouldn't even break a sweat
>But you needed to put everything you had into Mr. Bear
>You get out of bed and preform the 3 S's
>You then put on some boxers and head outside
>Today's going to be a cuddle day
>Nothing will stop you

>Three hours later
>Ponyville is on fire
>Fluttershy has been eaten by Mr. Bear
>Mr. Bear is also dead, so that's an interesting combination
>All you wanted to do was cuddle
>But you went too far
>You asked Twilight for a spell of cuddling, so you could cuddle from a distance
>"Just think of the possibilities!" you'd said
>She died soon after giving it to you
>Celestia won't forgive you for this
>No one will
>But you won't give in
>You'll Cuddle-Murder until you die

>And so that day, the Cuddle Master was born
>A creature of vile destruction
>Let all know fear, of his warm grasp
>For no one can survive
>The Mega Cuddle

>> No.9245641
File: 22 KB, 525x481, 3666792+_e75638419b4db7f375e46273268b3230.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9245704
File: 120 KB, 500x333, 1350323456860.jpg [View same] [google]

Well now that was just silly.

>> No.9245888 [SPOILER] 
File: 73 KB, 680x591, 1354659011757.jpg [View same] [google]

Silly's my middle name.

Not really

>> No.9245935

Is Trip your middle name?

>> No.9245961
File: 58 KB, 200x200, 1360531867639.png [View same] [google]


>> No.9245983

>The Mega Cuddle

wth did i just read.

>> No.9246016

>Name with out content
>Filling out the email field.

[email protected], I think you need to reassess your way of posting. It might not work out well for you.

You never know what kind of people might be lurking.

>> No.9246039
File: 24 KB, 400x350, 1361742987492.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9246042 [SPOILER] 
File: 29 KB, 339x551, Freaky_Fred.jpg [View same] [google]


He's right, you know.
Strange people come around these parts.

>> No.9246199


Huh, didn't expect so much response. It's Improv, I literally just write and see what happens, very little to no forethought goes into this.

That's what makes it fun

Trip? I don't believe so

>> No.9246229

> I literally just write and see what happens, very little to no forethought goes into this.
A man after my own heart ;_;

>> No.9246231

That's how I write my stories until I get an idea from the randomness that I splurge onto notepad.

>> No.9246492

>Pump up the beat in Equestriaaaaa
>You be the Anon, human in a land filled with talkin’ colored mini horses
>Living with the DJ herself, Vinyl Scratch
>She truly was a bro, especially after taking you in when your house burned down a week ago
>Damn Fluttershy, trying to see if scented candles would loosen you up
>Joke’s on her though, because scented candles made you nauseous.
>Arise from your bed
>Even before you get to the bathroom, the volume of Viynl’s daily sound was shaking the house
>At least it wasn’t country music or some shit like that
>Can’t fucking stand the stuff
>Shit, shower, and RAVE[/spoiler
>Stroll down to the dining room, to see Vinyl bobbing her head to the beat
>She doesn’t hear you over the sheer volume of the song
>Still no response
>She finally takes notice of you, and adjust the volume to a less deafening sound
>“What’s up?” She says with that impish smirk she always wears on her face
Nothing, just wanted to know if there’s any food in the fridge.
>“Uh... I dunno. Check it yourself if ya want.”
>She turns back to her stereo, remembering to keep the volume at a tolerative level.
>You head towards the refrigerator, and open it up
>Looking in, you see a few eggs and a six pack of booze
> Also a bag filled with red, blue, and yellow pills with the words ‘From Dr. Maneio’ written
>Grabbing the eggs and a can of booze, you proceed to go around Vinyl’s severely
understocked kitchen grabbing spices and the sort
>Cracking the eggs into a bowl, you mix the several spices into the yolk

>> No.9246508

Ah shit.

>Then, emptying half of the can o’ beer into a pan, you proceed to put it on heat
>Once the pan was heated, you proceeded to poach the eggs in booze
>Booze eggs, yeah!
>Just as you’re getting into the heat of things, you hear knocks at the door
>The predictability of Fluttershy’s mornin’ visits was starting to become ridiculous
>But you could have some fun with this...
Hey Vinyl.
50 bits say Fluttershy is at the door
>“She seriously doesn’t come on a daily basis, does she?”
I’m serious.
>“Bull. You’re on”
Alright, but can you watch the food? I don’t want it to burn
>You stroll down to the door and...
>You’ve just won 50 bits
>Flutterstutter’s there with her saddlebags
>“Oh, u-um hi Anonymous.”
Jesus, why do you never call me Anon?
>“B-but that would be rude...”
Not if I want you to call me Anon.
>Wait, why were you telling her this?
>Dammit, you were dragging this out far longer than needed
Alright, what’re you trying today?
>“Well, I wanted to try something new...”
>Fluttershy puts her head into her saddlebag and rummages in it for a bit
>Eventually she pulls out a strap-on
>Oh God the day of reckoning hath arrived
>“I wanted to try pegging today! I-if it’s okay with you, I mean...”
>Oh shit Nigger
>Time to pull out the contingency plan
>Moonwalk back into the house
>Grab one of the larger speakers lying around with a record player
>Snatch up a random record as well
>Go back outside with the items you grabbed
>Start setting up all of it in front of Flutterwhy
>Eventually you get all of the pieces in place

>> No.9246524

>“Anon? Um, I don’t want to interrupt, but what are you doing?”
Stand right here.
>You nudge her in front of the speaker, and put the vinyl disc in place
>Put the needle on the record and...
>The volume of the song itself is enough to blow Fluttershy’s bags with its contents far, far away
>Flutters herself was nearly blown back from the sheer amount of noise
>Eventually the song stops, and Yellow Quiet is left there, with her hair stuck up
>You creep next to her, leaning in to see if she’s fully conscious
>If you strain your ears, you can hear her breathing
>Good enough for you
>You slide on back into the house, equipment in tow.
>Dumping Vinyl’s things in the middle of the floor, you head back to the kitchen to check on you poached delights
>Only to find the entire pan on fire
>As you grab a small cloth to beat the fire to death, you can only sulk in the memory of what was to be a promising breakfast
>Heading back to the dining room, you see the vibrant mare fucking around on one of those DJ sets
>You honestly had no idea what she was doing
Pay up.
>“Hm? Oh. Yeah, yeah, I’ll pay ya soon.”
No, pay up now. I lost eggs poached in beer thanks to you.
>“Fine.” She hops out of her seat and grabs a small pouch from her room
>“While you’re at it, can ya get groceries? We’re out.”
>“Thank you kindly.” She heads back to her set.
>“You too faggot.”
>Fucking Vinyl.

>> No.9246590

That' about it. Sorry for that spoiler fuck-up


>> No.9246826

Nice little short, Gray.
I'm bobbing my head to that Kong song.

>> No.9246905

>You too faggot

Oh Vinyl. Nice one

>> No.9246911

How often can this go on?

>> No.9246925

For all eternity faggot

>> No.9246950
File: 34 KB, 600x313, 546316_512092842156685_1859927114_n.jpg [View same] [google]

>Day maximum over-rustle in Equestria..
>You shit, bathe and shave.
>You walk down the stairs and make some breakfast, and eat.
>Once you finish, you pull a chair and sit in front of the door on your patio.
>Get today's fetish over with so you can get shit done.
>Can't just leave your house without her guessing your fetish or else she breaks in and starts huffin your underwear.
>So you sit, and wait.. and wait.. and wait some more.
>It's been 3 hours waiting, and she FINALLY knocks on the door..
>You open it and look at the small yellow mare, with some sort of 5ft ceramic dildo..
>Fluttershy "Are huge cocks your-"
>You slam the door, nope.avi.
>You wait for a while in the chair to hear the sound of her trotting away.
>She eventually does.. after a good hour or so
>So you put the chair back, and walk out the door to get some groceries.

>Entering the market however, you notice that almost everyp0ny is pissed and upset..
>As if their jimmies were rustled.
>You go around and look for the tomato's, and eventually find the tomato stand.
>The mare vendor of the stand, throws a tomato at you however. She screams at you 'GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SICK HUMAN..'
>You wipe the tomato off and walk away.. what the hell is up with her?
>The same thing happens at the cherry stand, lettuce stand..
>Even Applejack, bucks several apples at you, screaming so loud you can hardly understand her.

>> No.9246951
File: 232 KB, 863x752, 1357969218526.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9246962
File: 3 KB, 240x135, images.jpg [View same] [google]

>You head over to Twilights, she slams the door in your face..
>Spike who walks past you breathes fire at you and storms off away from you.
>More and more aggravated looks from p0nies around.. you head off to RD's..
>Once you reach there, you see she's flying around her home.
Hey Rainbow Dash!
>She spots you out and immediately kicks a cloud, striking lightning at you.
>'Get away from me you creep!'
>What the fuck is going on?!
>You head home, taking shit from all the other ponies..

>You eventually reach your door, and you open it to see that your shit everywhere..
>Fluttershy broke into your place again, all of your undergarments are on the floor, nailed to the walls..
>All of your t-shirts are hung on the spinning ceiling fan..
>You sack out on the couch and wonder.. what is it you did? Did you smell bad? Did you say something?
>You eventually just take a nap and dream it off..

>You're awakened with a knock at the door..
>You check the time, it's 7:09pm,
>You open the door to see the little mare again..
What were the rules Fluttershy.. One fetish guess per day or I Percy Harvin kick-return you away..
>She hushes you and signals you to come with her.
>You're heavily interested.. so you do.
>It's pitch dark outside.. and you eventually reach a burnt out street lamp.. the silence from the walk is broken by Fluttershy.
>'Are rustled jimmies your fetish Anon? I managed to over-rustle everyone in town for your amusement! You like it?"
>The street lamp flickers on and <picrelated> appears under the street lamp..
>"Da.. ddy?"
>Maximum over-rustle activated..
>You perform a Harvin kick-return on Fluttershy, sending her faar off into the night sky..
>Fucking Fluttershy.. some serious bad feels..

>> No.9246968

Eh, you have to admit, the quality in these threads seems to deteriorate dramatically with each new thread.

>> No.9246988

>You pull a chair and sit in front of the door on your patio
>She finally knocks on the door
Woops... Anon can't be in 2 places, silly me..

>> No.9246998


It'll pick up again.
Or not.
Either way, there's no escape from the >rape

>> No.9247008

Man, why you gotta bring up bad memories? Now I'm sad


>> No.9247066
File: 59 KB, 571x515, That feel.png [View same] [google]


>> No.9247076
File: 656 KB, 1072x1782, 1355154646845.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9247521
File: 117 KB, 400x400, ytdbg32579601.jpg [View same] [google]


I'm quite confused by that clusterfuck of a chapter however I was just as confused when I watched Cloud Atlas. But unlike Cloud Atlas, I was entertained by this. Well done Akame.




Weird is the only adjective I can think of to describe this, Reaper.

>> No.9247692

Hey I got a new one

>Day puzzles in equestria
>You are anon
>Master of puzzles
>You've had a fascination with solving puzzles all your life, and that didn't change when you got to horseland
>And for that determination, you've become somewhat of a legend in this new realm of existence
>At first, pones from all around gathered to see the genius ape solve any puzzle
>They brought jigsaw puzzles, wooden assembly puzzle boxes, their version of Rubix cubes, word puzzles, and so on.
>Eventually, everyone gave up, knowing that you'd never be stumped by any puzzle they could muster
>Professor Layton would be proud
>Except one of those small equines still brought you puzzles every day
>And you very much disliked that thing
>She'd bring you puzzles just like everyone else did, but for a different reason
>She was absolutely obsessed with guessing your sexual fetish
>And she was convinced that puzzles were it, and that you just didn't know it
>And that if she found the perfect
>You'd be lying if you said you didn't take some slight offense at the situation, but you tried to be cordial

>> No.9247704

Woops forgot the trip

>"Is this puzzle your fetish, Anon?"
>She held what looked like a fancy rubix cube up to you
No, I'm afraid not, but it looks kind of interesting, so thank you.
>She cracks a big smile from making you happy
>"I'll find your fetish someday, and then you'll love me as much as I love you."
We'll see.
>Look at the box
>It's a pretty thing, that's for sure
>Ebony base with complicated gold designs strewn about it
>To a less experienced individual, it'd look solved already
>But you know better
>Begin tinkering with it
>Try to find give points to possibly turn it or take it apart from
>Finally happen about a circular, gold disk with just a little leeway around its edges, akin to a video game controller joystick, on one side of the box
>Mess with it, turning it in every direction
>Press down on it
>As a final attempt, press your finger around the edge and rub counter-clockwise
>You only rub it around about three quarters of the circle before the box pops from your hands using a mechanism and plummets to the ground
>It seperates from half of itself, rotate, and reform again, into a different shape, all on its own
This fascinating, Fluttershy
>"Uh, yes."
>The box mechanizes back to its original, cubic form
>Now another half raises up, and slowly lowers back down
>And then

>> No.9247717

Well that was rather neat, Fluttershy, if a little easy
>"W-well I-"
>She is cut off by the ominous sound of rattling chains
>A smoky fog rolls in, seemingly seperating the two of you from the rest of the world
>Suddenly, hooks shoot forth from the oblivion of the obscuring mist, digging into both of your skins
>You both scream in agony
>Strain to talk
Fluttershy, what the hell is this!?
>Gentlemanly verbal courtesy be damned
>"I UH, UHH."
>"Anonymous, and Fluttershy, we welcome you to our family." says a threatining baritone voice
W-what!? Who is that?
>A figure, a HUMANOID figure, steps out from the fog, dressed in a long, black, leather coat
>Although you're more concerned with his deathly, white skin
>And the fact that nails are sticking out from every literal inch of his fucking skull
>"Who am I? Such humility. The guest of honor, asking about ME. I would be blushing if I could."

>> No.9247726

>"You opened the box. You come with us." says another, hissing voice.
>A bald woman, with her throat sickenly held open by a sinister looking apparatus of metal wire appears from the fog.
>Two more figures step forward, one fat, with a leather jacket, and sunglasses
>The other without a face, looking as if it was melted off, except for its mouth, held wide open, revealing constantly chattering teeth
>"Yes, Fluttershy, what about the box should you be telling your beloved, Anon?" the nail-pierced man says as he strokes her head
>"W-w-well, y-you see... I kind of started assuming that puzzles weren't your fetish, so I decided to move on..."
>She continues
>"But I decided to try one last time, and got what was the best puzzle ever."
Th-That box?
>Stare at her, and then the creatures, and then her, and then the box
>They all seem to be waiting for you to say something
>Until Fluttershy speaks up
>"U-um, Anon?"
>You stare at her again
>"Is brutal, unending pain your fetish?"
>Your stare becomes of glare
No. That is not my fetish, Fluttershy
>"It will be." States the Pale skinned, nailed man
>You are both instantaneously ripped into pieces by the hooked chains


>> No.9247746

Hellraiser reference, if that was unclear

>> No.9248062

you get 10 internets and a digital high five from me good sir.

>> No.9248623


>> No.9248655
File: 111 KB, 640x480, 1346918144228.jpg [View same] [google]

>leddit meme
Yorkshire, quite frankly, I'm disgusted.
Step up your game.


>> No.9249348
File: 495 KB, 194x172, 1355247956313.gif [View same] [google]

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I can see another story or two where Anon has to deal with The Handler, and other super heroes/villains.

I cut musings into two lines so it would be easier to read. However, I can see how that created more problems than it solved. Thank you for the advice.

>> No.9249585
File: 60 KB, 238x261, 1358363100341.png [View same] [google]

Good story, i liked it
the first spoilered music was decent, but the second was fuckin awful, man. you aren't really into in this whole dubstep thing, am i right? have some quality music : http://youtu.be/TGhlmL6ZXM4

>> No.9249632

I thought someone tricked into opening that box would not be punished. Oh well, good job.

>> No.9249787


>Cookie Monsta

Pleb, pls go get some taste in music

>> No.9250559


>> No.9250910

Writefags lurking, report in. Working on anything?

>> No.9250960

But it will be a while before it gets into a postable state

Not namefagging due to no content contribution

>> No.9250986


Fuck writing. I ride alone.

>> No.9251032



Neither of those are relevant to this thread though.

>> No.9251075

Working on real life work. Recovering my strength after that last chapter.

>> No.9251625


>> No.9251738
File: 1.73 MB, 2560x1600, Delta.jpg [View same] [google]

To all those that follow Big Daddy, chapter 3 is done. It's gonna take a bit to do some final touches though, so I'll have it posted tonight.
Part 1
Part 2

>> No.9251753
File: 325 KB, 2048x1536, Flutterrape Commissar.jpg [View same] [google]

The Codex Volitant Raptu supports this action!
and I can't draw worth shit

>> No.9251895

Still going to use the damn token.

>> No.9251976

Wow, it went a lot faster than I thought. Commencing post.

>> No.9251993

>Day 4 in Equestria
>You are Subject Delta
>Things are getting strange
>You shouldn't be alive this far from Eleanor
>You need to find a way home
>Today, you were supposed to go to a pony who should be able to find out what you are
>You watch the sun's rays reach over the tree line, as you have every day that you've been here
>You push open the doors to the barn and step outside
>Making sure that nobody is around, you sit on a tree stump and unlock the seal on your helmet
>It's been too long since you've taken a breath of surface air
>The oxygen in your suit's tank is stale and boring
>You grasp the sides of your helmet and lift it
>Without your helmet's visor, you are momentarily blinded by the sun peaking over the horizon
>You feel a rush of cool air, and you take a deep breath
"Oh yeah, that's the good stuff"
>It feels good to speak
>You hear the door of the Apple house swing open, then it closes
>You sigh as you replace the helmet and lock the seal, effectively condemning you from from the outside world
>You hear a set of hooves slowly trot up beside you
>You look down and see Big Mac
>He sits next to you
>You both sit, silently watching the sun rise
>You decide you should properly introduce yourself
>Especially considering how he had the balls to try to take you on
>You reach up and unlock the seal on your helmet, breaking the silence with the hiss of air escaping your suit
>Your pull the helmet off for the second time today

>> No.9252010

>You set it beside you with a dull thunk
>Big Mac makes no move to look at you
"Beautiful, isn't it?" you ask
"After living in an underwater city for so many years, it truly is a sight to behold. The most I'd gotten was cold steel and fluorescent lights."
>You look down at him and extend your hand
"Subject Delta, or Anon if you prefer, a pleasure to meet you."
>Big Mac looks up at you and smiles as he reaches out for a hand/hoof shake
>"Ahm Big Mac" is all he says
>You both turn back and the sun fully emerges from the horizon, beginning it's trek across the sky
>You hear the door open and close again, and you don your helmet
>A second set of hooves trots up to your other side
>"Mornin' Big Mac, mornin' Anon"
>You turn and nod to Applejack
>"If we're gonna go an' see if mah friend can figure out what ya are, we should get goin' soon." she tells you
>You nod and stand up
>"Big Mac, ya can cover mah buckin' for today, can't ya?"
>"Eeyup" he stands and sets off toward the orchard
>A man of few words, that one
>Applejack sets off down the dirt road leading out of the farm
>As you follow her, your mind wanders
>If you're going to keep this suit on, you need to find a way to refill your oxygen tanks
>You'll also need drill fuel
>And a way to repair your armor, those splicers can dish our quite a bit of damage
>...and a way to clean your suit without being seen
>...goddamn, you were high maintenance

>> No.9252024

>You push the thoughts from your head when buildings come into sight
>Goddamn this town is colorful
>Goddamn those ponies are short
>Goddamn this world is weird
>You and Applejack enter the town
>As you walk, ponies either flee from the sight of you or stare in disbelief
>You hate it when they stare at you
>Applejack notices you clenching your fist
>"Now calm down, sugarcube. Try to ignore them." she tells you
>"We'll be at Fluttershy's soon. She's good with animals, so she can figure out what ya are."
>Fluttershy? Isn't she the yellow one you scared the shit out of?
>This should be good
>As you pass through the town square, a group of the more curious ponies has stated to follow you
>Their whispering is really starting to annoy you
>You decide to put a stop to it
>Without warning, you whip around and shout at the ponies, starting up your drill
>The roar of weapon is rivaled by their screams of fear
>They scatter and you scowl at them under your helmet
>They wouldn't last 10 minutes in Rapture
>You turn back and AJ is frowning
>"Ya shouldn't do that if ya want to fit in here." she scolds you
>You don't want to fit in
>You want to get back to Rapture
>You continue down the path, the forest hut now in sight
>Boards cover the door and window, a hasty barrier against the outside world
>Looks like you scared her worse than you thought
>AJ approaches the door and calls out
>"Fluttershy, ya in there? Why's the door boarded up?"

>> No.9252030

>The mail slot opens and you hear a faint whisper come from inside
>"Applejack! What are you doing out there? There's a monster around here!"
>AJ leans down to eye level with the mail slot
>"Now that's just crazy, there ain't any monsters out here. Now open up, Ah need your help with somethin'." she says into it
>"O-okay, one second." Fluttershy whispers
>You stand to the side of the door so as not to be seen
>What comes next is the sound of multiple locks and deadbolts being opened
>The door opens inward and Fluttershy stands there
>"Y-yes?" she asks
>AJ stares at her with a perfect "are you fuckin' serious?" face
>"Uh, Fluttershy, the boards?"
>"O-oh, I thought y-you could kick them down..." she explains
>AJ looks to you, "Anon, will ya do the honors?"
>Fluttershy looks confused
>You step into her view, and she freezes in fear
>You being your drill down and shatter the wooden planks with a mighty swing
>AJ follows you inside and you pick up Fluttershy, carrying her under your arm
>You set her down on a couch, then sit next to her
>The wooden frame groans from the stress of the massive weight set upon it
>"Hold up Anon, Ah got this." AJ tells you
>She trots over to Fluttershy's side
>"Oh no! Is Angel about to fall from that tree?" she calls in a fake dramatic tone
>Fluttershy shoots up from the couch but you grab her tail before she can make it out the door
>"Don't worry Angel Bunny! Momma's comin'!" she yells

>> No.9252037

>She notices she isn't moving and she lowers herself
>AJ explains the situation to Fluttershy, who refuses to look at you
>After AJ finishes, Fluttershy slowly turns in your direction, trembling in fear with her head down
>You hear her whisper something about giggling at ghosts or something
>She raises her head and looks into the visor of your helmet
>So small, so fragile, you could easily crush her should the need arise
>No wonder she's terrified of you
>She rises into the air and circles you as you stand still
>There it is again, one of these fuckin' ponies is examining you like an experiment
>She lands and turns to AJ
>"I can't really tell with that suit on him." she tells her
>Her stutter seems to have disappeared
>AJ looks at you quizically
>"He's wearin' a suit? Ah thought that was just what he looked like. Anyways, Ah gotta get back ta the farm, come n' get me when y'all finish up here." she tells Fluttershy
>As she leaves, Fluttershy turns to you and smiles awkwardly
>And then there were 2
>"Um... c-can you understand me?" she asks
>There's the stutter again
>You nod to her
>"Oh, thank goodness, that makes it a lot easier." she let's out a sigh of relief
>"Ok, you need to take that suit off so I can figure out what you are."
>She thinks you'll take off your suit and make yourself vulnerable?
>She'll have to pull it off your dead body
>You shake your head
>"W-what? But how am I supposed to figure out what you are?" she hides behind her mane

>> No.9252051

>You just shrug
>She mumbles something then looks back at you
>You shake your head again
>"Oh you're just being difficult." she says, "I know just how to deal with a difficult animal friend."
>She looks down, then whips her head back up and stares at you with an intensity greater than Big Mac could ever achieve
>Jesus H. Christ, that's terrifying
>You try to look away, but you can't
>You've lost all control over your body
>"Now... You're going to take off your suit, starting with the helmet." she commands
>You try to resist, but your arms seem to move on their own
>The seal on your helmet is broken, and you lift it off
>Even being genetically enhanced, you are no match for that damned Stare
>"Oh my..." her tail raises a little when she sees you
>You command your arms to stop, but you continue to undo the seals on your suit
>With all the seals undone, your suit falls to the ground, the metal making a loud bang as it lands
>You stand naked, your suit crumpled at your feet
>Your skin is pale from being in the suit for so long
>Fluttershy's wings shoot out with a 'pomf' and she let's out a near silent "oh my~"
>This can't be happening
>This is happening, isn't it?
>Fluttershy slowly approaches you, holding that damned Stare
>"If an animal is being difficult..." she is now less than 2 feet away
>"You show them you love them."
>She pushes against you, and you fall back onto the couch
>It somehow stays intact, despite your weight

>> No.9252062

>She maintains eye contact as she moves her head to your manhood and smells it
>It takes all of your willpower, but you manage to get a few words out
"N-no...st-stop..." you strain to get those words out
>"But I need to show you that someone loves you. And Momma loves all of her animals."
>5 days ago, you were one of the most powerful things in a city of monsters
>And now, you are about to be raped by a yellow pony that barely reaches your thighs
>She drags he tongue up your shaft, then takes your head in her mouth
>Against your will, your Little Daddy becomes hard
>She slowly lowers her head, engulfing your member
>She pulls back and releases you with a *pop*
>"Mmm~ salty." she licks her lips and takes you back in her mouth
>She reaches a hoof back to satisfy herself
>She closes her eyes and bobs faster, moaning all the while
>That's it! The Stare is broken!
>You regain control of your arms and you growl at her
>Her eyes shoot open and she immediately realizes her mistake
>Your arms shoots forward and you wrap your hand around her throat
>You lift her off of you, turning her back to you to prevent the Stare, and you stand
"When I say stop..." you're seething with rage
"YOU FUCKING STOP!" you shout at her
>She's bawling and trying to apologize
>You raise your free hand and make a fist
>You start to bring it down, intending to flatten her skull, but you're stopped mid-swing
>You feel like you're on fire as a purple aura surrounds your arm

>> No.9252077

>"What the buck is going on here?!" a voice calls out
>You turn your head and see a purple pony with a horn glowing the same color as your arm
>"Twilight help m- Ack!" Fluttershy gags as you try choking her instead
>The purple glow surrounds your hand and starts to pry it open
>You turn to Twilight, your eyes burning with rage
>You release Fluttershy and she falls to the floor coughing
>Twilight charges her horn and sends a blast of magic at you, launching you backwards
>You slam into the wall, momentarily dazed
>You need your suit if you're going to fight this one
>As Twilight helps Fluttershy to her feet, you dive forward and grab your suit
>You quickly slip your legs in while Twilight charges her horn again
>You get your arm in the drill sleeve and a blast of energy hits you
>You suddenly feel exhausted, your vision blurring and your drill arm falling limp to your side
>You strain as you slide your other arm into the suit
>You fall to your knees, struggling to lock the last few seals on your suit
>The last one locks in and you fall to the floor
>You black out while reaching for your helmet

End Day 4

>> No.9252130

Comments, critiques, complaints, etc.
Try to imagine Delta with this guy's voice

>> No.9252133
File: 100 KB, 236x238, Taxidermy1.png [View same] [google]

I like this.
Please, keep it up.

>> No.9252301 [SPOILER] 
File: 41 KB, 600x600, cantstopme.jpg [View same] [google]

I've still got a while before I'm finished with it.

>> No.9252451

Oh, you're right. Shit.

>> No.9252720
File: 49 KB, 640x462, 1363740747532.jpg [View same] [google]

Been a while since there's been a story that I wait for the next part to come out from curiosity.
I like where the plot's going, keep it up!

>> No.9252771

You're good at not having extra crap in your story. You don't have four or five posts detailing the colours of the flowers he walks past or anything like that. This is a good thing.


It seems that Anon can speak, and doesn't need the suit to survive. It's just armour.

This makes his reactions stupid. I'm fine with him coming across as retarded if its consistent. But refusal to take his helmet off and simply say "I'm subject delta. A big daddy from rapture. I was a human being, homo sapiens, and share ancestry with apes" is a bad plot point, because it has no logic to it. Not when he speaks to Mac.

His fight with Twilight? It can now be solved by talking to her.

Hell, if he understands that no means no, and can elucidate that, he seems normally intelligent. I've never played Bioshock, but I thought BD's were supposed to be big lumbering mindless brutes?
Whilst I'll still read this, you've fallen into one of the classic traps for newer writers:
making stupidity/lack of reasoning an important plot point.

>> No.9252957

Hmm... You make some pretty valid points. I'll be sure to take all of this into consideration for the next chapter. Thanks, Anon!

>> No.9254178

Wrote a oneshot, here goes..
>Day mo' money mo' honey in equestria
>Imagine a world of ponies and unicorns, and pegs
>Snap out of it
>Arise like a vampire, i.e. hands across chest, straight spine all the way up
>Shave, Shower, Shit
Wait, Fuck, lemme try that again
>Shave, Shit, Shower
Close enough
>Head downstairs and fix yourself a breakfast of fruit
>Look outside
>Sun is rising
>Hear a knock at the door
>Who could that be?
>Peer through view hole thing
Hello? Anyone there? That you flutters?
>Scratching at door
>Grab nearest chair, jam under door handle. That'll buy you some time
Not today
>Hear door being slammed
>Attempt to hide
>Door comes apart like a watermelon at a Gallagher concert
>"Bitch, I know you in here" comes a demur voice
>Piss pants
>Table cloth pulled away, and you are revealed
Well, fuck me
>"Oh I plan to, but first, where's that money?" She says, spittle flying onto your face
Umm, well, err

>The stare
I don't have it
>Bloody nose, loose tooth, probably a bruise starting to form
Can I pay you back in another way?
>Smirk forms on that yellow face
>"Are you insinuating what I think you are"
Unfortunately yes
>"I-Is being my hoe your fetish Anon?"
>Fucking Fluttershy

>> No.9254299

>Wrote a oneshot, here goes..

That's a repost

>> No.9254387
File: 10 KB, 180x180, Fat+Bastard+2.jpg [View same] [google]

Whatever noel. Its not like this guy can steal my email. Anyway, i dont even have a reputation, i already told you guys i dont have a computer so i can't even be at the same level as jchallo. According to that anon who asked me about that.

The only thing is my DEAD SEXEH BODY, i still love you bad pacing for Making That fat bastard one shot for me! Hue Pic related.

>> No.9254445


No, at this point you are far worse than Jchallo.

>> No.9254493

Sorry m8 but I ain`t gonna get in the middle of weird stuff, I already have kinda bad reputation of a shitposter and I don`t want it to expand.

and you are not a bad writer

>> No.9254544

Yea, i know

but i still LOVE ya <3

>> No.9254702
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So dr_absolute and reaper are new here huh? They seem like swell guys.

Gonna read They write more often

>> No.9255089
File: 54 KB, 500x368, tumblr_lm59ykUGSk1qj41h3o1_500.jpg [View same] [google]

Bumping it up, Garry's way! Boop!

>> No.9255175 [SPOILER] 
File: 135 KB, 645x773, 1362717531921.jpg [View same] [google]

So uh...I'm writing again; will post 3-4 stories soon (day or so. Neckbeard in Equestria, too). What did I miss?

tfw no one misses a low-tier writefag like me

>> No.9255198

>So uh...I'm writing again

Yeah, I saw you wanted to quit a thread or two ago or something...
What's up with that?

>> No.9255258

I missed you

*Shreds liquid pride as i read neckbeard in equestria*

>> No.9255373

I started Big Daddy in Equestria. Subject Delta gets teleported to Equestria. Shenanigans ensue.

>> No.9255430

>What did I miss?

>Branded by Akame got updated
>Lulu started/continued Too Many Pies
>Theseus updated Chivalry

That's actually all that comes to mind

>> No.9255478

Mostly I started this writing thing as not being serious; I had some ideas that I was like "I could do this". So I did.

Then some people enjoyed it and when it makes you feel good knowing that you know nothing about this, but others enjoy it.

I started a few things but never finished them, and other things were just awful in my opinion.

I didn't want to just quit, I want to have at least all my ends tied up first. In all honesty, I've had so much going on that I haven't been to /mlp/ in weeks.

So I'm finishing the catalog for now. I still want to write the sequel to my first story (Le Strange even made an awesome cover photo for it...I'm obliged to write it AND make it not suck glistening black eel).

But y'know, once the new season starts I'll be right back in this cesspool with you faggots...we can never leave.

I wouldn't want it any other way.

Was there ever an Au Natural update? I've been waiting on that.

>> No.9255569


We all get busy with real life from time to time.
No reason to get stressed over anything.
The only one setting deadlines is yourself.

I did thoroughly enjoy Neckbeard in Equestria, so I'm glad to see you back.

>Was there ever an Au Naturale update? I've been waiting on that.

I've been bugging Clever about it as well but he's working on Anon's Corruption first now.

>> No.9255713

Good point on that. I feel awful for really copping out on everyone at the end of NiE, real dick move on my part. He'll be a one-shoter for now though, since the story is pretty uneventful...the pasta will still be fresh and glorious though!

Weird that he never updated...when I was last here ~a month and a half ago, he said he was working on it. Oh well, I can wait.

>> No.9255756


Did you catch the part with the Twinkie-poop?
That was the latest installment.

But yeah, we've been a bit on the dead side lately.

>> No.9255850

I did actually. I left around the time the first Shrek purge happened. No offense to anyone, but it just really turned me off for a couple days, then I just fell off the face of the web.

>> No.9255908


Eh, it was funny while it lasted but now it's all ogre.

>> No.9256994

I like how you used my poster
Y'all negros are funny
Still hanging around

>> No.9257058
File: 99 KB, 900x714, 8465843516.jpg [View same] [google]

We miss you Pickle-bro.
Keep on keeping on.
Have a Spitfire

>> No.9257200

Pickle, if I send you a computer with one of those privacy-screen things on it, will you rejoin us?

>> No.9257268


>> No.9257571
File: 34 KB, 640x480, almost-got-im.jpg [View same] [google]

I've a random idea for a story if anyone wants to write it. How about a story based off of the Batman TAS 'Almost got im' Episode. Where Fluttershy and other characters sit around talking about how they almost got Anon.

Just an idea. I don't make for a good writer, myself.

>> No.9257614

That's actually been sorta done. I believe pinky was the head of the group in that one.

>> No.9257710

Really? Would you happen to know who wrote it? I'd like to read it.

>> No.9257786

It was Smudgey in his latest installment of Lucky Anon.

>> No.9257802

it was part of a story about anon being the luckiest guy in the history of ever.

>> No.9257804

I also remember reading it, I think it was called Lucky Anon

>> No.9257824

No no. It was a mobster anon(penguin) then discord as a joker equivalent, then chrysalis as poison ivy, then Sombra as killer croc.

David innzens

>> No.9258217

I propose a Flutterrape movie with Nicolas Cage as Anon, Adam Sandler as Fluttershy and Jack Black as Rarity

bring me the hate

>> No.9258353
File: 10 KB, 300x300, Murder.jpg [View same] [google]

Don't sleep tonight.

>> No.9258511

I love Nick Cage

Adam Sandler is ok too

>> No.9258647

Just imagine, "anon" being all serious and weird atst, while "flutters" makes every attemp become more crazy and "rarity" screaming out loud at every shit happening close to her and using stereotypes.

>> No.9258795

Why not Jim Carrey as Discord? Or maybe Jack Nicholson?

>> No.9258838

I propose a Flutterrape movie with Nicolas Cage as Anon,

Mary Sue

>> No.9258922

What about Helen Keller as Alicorn Twilight

>> No.9258971

>Day Improv: Fuck Real Titles in Equestria
>You are Anon
>Wielder of many a strange device
>Such as the Shishkabob- Combobulator
>Essentially a fancy way of saying "a thin pointy stick"
>You stab it through meat, and BAAM
>It's a shame the residents of Equestria don't eat meat
>Beside it is something that puts it to shame
>A feat of engineering so amazing, it brings a tear to your eye just gazing upon it
>The Coffinator
>Not only does it reference a children's cartoon show NOT about ponies (oh shit nigger), but it also makes the best
>You drool just thinking about it
>Oh sure, you'd originally been trying to make something that turned blood into a weapon
>But hey, blood into coffee works too
>You don't even normally drink coffee
>It's times like this you suspect this isn't actually coffee, but filtered blood
>Of course, neither of these wonderful devices compare with your masterpiece
>Before you can continue an awesome monologue, you hear knocking at the door
>You open it, and Fluttershy walks past you
What are you doing here, Fluttershy?
>"O-oh, Anon! A-are unwelcome g-guests your fetish?"
No, Fluttershy, now get out
>"Oh, what's this?"
>She's poking your masterpiece
>She hits the big button on the front
No! That's the Epicaga Device!
No matter! It makes every story amazing, long, and gives it a bittersweet ending
>The portal to a new story opens
>Good triumphs over evil
>You give your soul to save the world
>God Dammit

>> No.9259070

I'm bored...
List three items and I will try to make a short story with them
First one gets it

>> No.9259083

I think Carrey will be better suited for Pinkie `s role

>> No.9259093

Nicholas Cage

>> No.9259103

>Fallout Equestria

>> No.9259125
File: 222 KB, 500x451, 1357614426664.png [View same] [google]

>sacrificing soul for ponies that don't about you.
>any year

I chuckled

A death wish
leather belt

>> No.9259208
File: 12 KB, 210x230, dis face hur.jpg [View same] [google]

Toothpaste tube.
Rotten Apple.
A tripple A battery
I look forward to this

>> No.9259525

Are you still writing the story about loving the glorious white arse? it's my favorite story

>> No.9259630
File: 1.52 MB, 680x629, I Came.gif [View same] [google]


Oh God I would love to see an update of that story!

>> No.9259985
File: 80 KB, 940x851, 26645_427380730649258_2023213937.jpg [View same] [google]

Previously on A Helping Hoof

>> No.9260007

And sleep can wait.

>> No.9260026
File: 21 KB, 301x270, Fuck yes.jpg [View same] [google]


>> No.9260031
File: 731 KB, 640x360, 1363670811069.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.9260042
File: 1.88 MB, 1200x1500, 1358748802704.png [View same] [google]

>You are Chrysalis, queen of the changelings, and the mastermind of the nearly successful plot to overthrow the throne.
>And you are walking hand in hand with the key to your new plan.
>In fact, you just got done with being kissed by this significant character.
>It was pretty nice.
>You are Chrysalis.
>You were supposed to drain him of his love, and give birth to more changlings.
>To supply love to your people so that they may recover from this past defeat.
>Not…go on adventures with him to find his…loved one.
>You don’t go on adventures!
>You’re your people’s mother!
>You don’t help random strangers!
>Come to think of it, why didn’t you just turn into the pony he loved and drain him right there?
>Why such an intricate plan in the first place?
>Things are getting out of hoof, quickly.
>And you’re really in no mood to stop the ride, it seems.
>You sigh slightly.
>The two of you walk…hoof…hand in hand through the forest back to the griffon.
>This…this was not what you expected at all.
>It was nothing like the gloom and doom deception that you were used to.
>This felt…different.
>A good kind of different.
>”So…Chrys…do you know this voodoo pony or whatever?”
>Truth is that you don’t. You know of her general location, and that she exists, but beyond that you’ve never met.
”No…not really. But she’s sort of a local legend among these parts I believe.”
>”Well, that’s great. Let’s just ask for directions then. I’m sure nop0ny would ever question the only two humans in Equestria, who are both exiled from the kingdom.”
>He looks at you and smirks.

>> No.9260046
File: 1.40 MB, 256x269, 1361755535257.gif [View same] [google]


>> No.9260055

>You smirk back.
“And you just said nop0ny.”
>His face goes blank for a moment.
>”Fuck…did I really?”
>You nod and giggle slightly.
“Regardless, Anon, I know she’s in the Everfree Forest. What’s the worst that could happen?”
>You are such an incredible liar; you don't even let the fact that you're absolutely terrified slip out whatsoever.
>You don’t go on adventures. Your last adventure was conquest, and it failed.
>Mostly you stayed at the hive, spawning changelings and plotting schemes.
>This was something new.
>And newness was scary, especially if it involved a certain haunted forest that was full to the brim with creepy crawlies and evil creatures that wouldn’t think twice of attacking you.
>Yes, you were Queen, but without love, you were a pretty average unicorn as far as magic went.
>You could scare off a hungry timberwolf or something small with your magic, but not much more.
>You were probably screwed if you were to try this alone.
>But Anon’s here and he can keep you safe, right?
>You look to him, his uneasy visage probably hiding some kind of inner strength.
>A lesser p0ny…man would have given up far sooner.
>But he didn’t.
>He’s right here…with you.
>You grip his hand a little tighter.
>You were safe.
>You approach the clearing where the griffon ‘landed’.
>It was more like he crashed gracefully, but whatever.
>He also seems to be asleep, a raspy snore coming from his gnarled beak, curled into a feathery brown ball exactly where the two of you left him.
>You sigh and call out to him.
“Herny, wake your lazy feathery butt up, we’re departing once more.”
>He shifts slightly, a large yellow eye opening lazily.
>”Eh? Back already? An’ I was jus’ driftin’ off too.”
>He rises slowly, brushing a few leaves off of his wings.

>> No.9260070

“We’re headed to the Everfree. Give us a lift and I’ll consider your debt paid.”
>He blinks at you.
>”Ye…ye mean it?” he says warily, turning to face you.
>Herny was one of your finest mercenaries, but owed you a great deal of bits.
>You were eager to oblige them, as you knew exactly how to twist his beak.
“Honest. I might even forget where your family roosts. Maybe.”
>You snicker, noticing Anon giving you a rather puzzled look.
>”Do you really have to threaten him like that, Chrys? I mean, shit, he’s just flying us around.”
>You roll your eyes and flip your hair out of your field of vision.
>He wouldn’t understand, but that’s okay.
>He’s just a human, after all.
“It’s just business, Anon. It’s not like I’d actually hurt them or anything”, you whisper to him.
>It felt bad to lie to him, but you’d already come this far.
>”Yeah, well, fucking with someone’s family isn’t really funny. Just saying.”
>You shake your head at him.
“Oh calm down, will you?”
>”I ain’t gonna wait all day, you two. Daylights a wastin’” Herny says, lowering himself to the ground as to give the two of you easier access.
>Anon approaches the griffon, stops, and turns towards you.
>”You think…I could ride up front? Or whatever?”
>Herny laughs, coughing a bit afterwards.
>”I’d watch it, meatbag. I’m prone to bitin’.”
>You send him a dirty look but he ignores it, motioning for Anon to get on with his neck.
“Go ahead, Anon, it’s alright. It’s not like you’re steering him or anything.”
>”That’s a good thing because I’ve never even ridden or a horse or anything.”
>…a horse?

>> No.9260080

>Does that mean there are ponies on Earth too?
>But why are they called ‘horses’ and not ponies?
>His land is indeed strange, but…it would be nice to visit, you think.
>”You coming, Chrys?”
>There Anon is, atop the Griffon without your help, though you can tell he’s a little uneasy and very uncomfortable.
>”You ever thought of getting a saddle or something?”
>Herny turns his head nearly 180 looking right up to Anon, his beady little eyes attempting to bore a hole into the human’s face.
>”Ye’d be wise to never speak of saddles or even that I let ye ride me at all, meatbag.”
>Anon shrugs and you smirk.
>You guess that he doesn’t know that people don’t go around riding things around here.
>It was a little normal for you, as you liked to be carried around on a palanquin when you were tired of walking.
>It was good to be queen, after all.
>You climb up Herny’s leg and sit yourself behind Anonymous, making sure to scoot close to him.
>You actually weren’t used to riding things either, and even though you’d been in this form for a while now, it still took a little bit to get used to sometimes.
>You wonder idly how Anon does it.
>Humans are quite the creatures.

>> No.9260094

>You are Anonymous
>And this is the closest you’ll ever get to riding a griffon.
>Technically you WERE riding griffon before, but this time you’re the pilot.
>Except you’re not really steering him or anything.
>Well you’re not going to let that spoil your fun.
>His spine is even more uncomfortable than riding passenger, the bony old bird’s skeleton seemingly on a quest to ravage your sack.
>No amount of adjusting is able to stop its infernal quest, sadly.
>Well this was probably not going to be that long of ride, wherever it is you were going.
>Chrys is sitting incredibly close to you, behind you.
>You expected her to completely embrace you, pushing her (lack of) boobs up against your back and just making this ride THAT much better.
>Or worse.
>You were still sort of at odds with yourself about this whole thing.
>You didn’t want to be labeled a cheating scumbag, but goddamnit.
>Extenuating circumstances, right?
>And holy shit you were alone.
>You have to have someone to help you in this world.
>It’s only been a little over a month after all.
>”Where’re we goin’ Queenie. I ain’t got all day.” Herny asks, clawing at the ground impatiently.
>”Just take us to the edge of the Everfree. Preferably where nop0ny notices a griffon and two humans on a little adventure.” She calls from behind you.
>You don’t turn, but you can tell she’s smiling.
>”An’ then you’re gonna let me go, aye?”
>Let you go?
>Then how in the world are you going to get back to…what was the village called.
>Something with a K?
>”Of course you silly bird. Like I’d really hurt your clutch. Baby griffons are adorable.”
>She giggles playfully, a sound that is a bit alien.
>You figured her some kind of conniving seductress.
>It sort of looked like she was warming up to you though.

>> No.9260099

Does it work in reverse? Im starting a few fanfics about Tyrone in Equestria, raping ponies...

>> No.9260102

>Almost on cue she leans forward and puts her arms around your waist, just barely resting herself against her back.
>Just as sudden, Herny takes off in his own haphazard fashion, the liftoff shaking and rattling you around.
>You grab a handful of feathers and squeeze your legs tight.
>This was different.
>And altogether terrifying.
>Crystal seems to feel you tense up and tightens her grip on you, holding you close in a makeshift hug/safety belt.
>”Anon, you’re fine. He wouldn’t let you fall anyway.”
>You can barely hear her over the flapping of Herny’s wings.
“A-are you sure? I mean he doesn’t seem to like me that much.”
>She leans her chin on your shoulder, a slight hint of hot breath hitting your neck and causing all manner of goosebumps and blood flow shifts.
>”I like you. Isn’t that good enough?” she whispers in her bedroom voice.
>Or at least that’s what you think she’d sound like.
>Thankfully your nethers are in too much pain to give any response.
>This fucking griffon needs to put some damn muscle on him.
“I…like you too.” You respond shakily.
>She responds by squeezing you slightly harder and nuzzling into your neck.
>”If ye’d be kind enough to not get anythin’ all over me feathers, queenie?”
>He turns, glaring at the girl behind you.
>Was she…?
“Uh, Herny, watch the damn sky please.”
>He turns his beak your direction, still flying forward.
>”I don’ need ta watch th’ damn sky ta know where I’m goin’, meatbag.” He croaks at you, coughing slightly.
>Crys simply giggles.
>Herny narrowly avoids a low flying tree, causing the two of you to latch on to bird and human, respectively.
>Your stomach lurches violently as he banks hard to avoid the obstacle.
>As if the flight itself wasn’t bad enough, it had to have turbulence.
>He finally turns back, and rises into the air a little higher.

>> No.9260116

>”I was jus’ testin’ ya.” He shouts to the both of you.
>Crystal lets go of you slightly.
>”There’s a clearing over there, Herny, just…set us down. I don’t think Anon’s feeling well.”
>You weren’t really, but were trying to hide it.
>How could she tell?
“I…didn’t want to say anything but...” you whisper back to her.
>Your body tenses up slightly as Herny banks again towards the clearing.
>Yeah, there’s not much holding back if he keeps this up.
>What the hell though, you weren’t sick earlier.
>Maybe it was that mystery meat from the other night.
>Of fucking course the only meat you’ve had since coming here makes you sick.
>Herny swoops down into the small landing area, raking the ground with his talons as breaks.
>You thank him by slamming into his neck with your body.
>You complete the embarrassment by pulling out a few of his feathers.
>Crystal fares no better, squeezing your poor innards in a poor effort to hold on.
>Herny himself actually doesn’t seem to be alright with all of this, and slides roughly on his side, throwing the two of you loose.
>You don’t have time to react as you’re sent hurtling from the eagle headed taxi cab in a rough roll, your clothes just barely protecting you.
>They were dress clothes, not adventuring gear.
>Damnit Rarity.
>You stop rolling, and lie there panting, grabbing a hunk of grass as if it’d help you stay still.
>Your body is wracked with sickening dizziness and you close your eyes as hard as you can.
>If you don’t move, maybe you won’t hurl.
>Don’t hurl don’t hurl don’t hurl.
>Crystal rushes to your side, where you lay on your stomach breathing slowly.

>> No.9260137

>”Anonymous are you alright? Damnit Herny, you old bag of feathers! I swear if he’s hurt you’ll…”
>You hear the flapping of wings and a harsh chuckle.
>“Oh and you’re just going to crash land and leave us here? Oh you had better be glad I’m not feeling overly vengeful right now you stupid wretch!” She yells at the bird, her normally playful voice thick with acid.
>Herny says something to her that you don’t catch…and you think he just took off.
>Well, you’re stranded again.
>Sick as all fuck and probably cut up and bruised.
>Such is your life.
>She huffs loudly, cursing at the air quietly.
>You lay flat, scared to move.
>She walks back over to you, kneeling down and resting a hand on your back.
>”Anonymous…are you hurt? I know the ride was…less than perfect.”
>You groan in agreement.
>”Come Anonymous, we should hurry up. The forest is not a fun place to be at night.”
>You lie still, refusing to move.
>Fuck all that, you’re not about to blow chunks in front of the girl you’re falling for.
>Not a lot of options here.
>She shakes you slightly.
>It helps in a negative manner.
“Chrys…sick…stop…” you manage to mumble through a mouthful of grass.
>”Uh! Can I help? Are you okay?”
>You hear her rise and shift a little.
>”I’ll…um…go get you some water.”
>You hear her walk away slowly.
>Where the hell is she going to get water?
>Whatever, that’s not important.
>With much effort, you manage to lift yourself up with your arms, though the movement does little to quell the raging ogre in your gut.
>You need to release this torment.
>Thankfully, your body is in a good enough mood to where it is more than happy to oblige.
>After a bout of dry heaving, you finally do the deed, as it were.
>Exhausted, you rise to your feet just as Chrysalis approaches you from the forest.

>> No.9260153

>”Anon! Oh my god are you okay?”
>You sway slightly, struggling to keep your balance.
“Fine. Water?” you say, your throat making your voice sound raspy and pained.
>She kneels down to your level and hands you a little metal flask of water.
>You don’t move, simply looking at her.
>”Oh. Right.”
>She unscrews the cap and shakily offers the edge to your lips, barely tilting the tin of water.
>The cool liquid enters your mouth slowly, washing the sickening residue down your throat.
>Crystal pulls the flask away after a moment and recaps it.
>”Are you okay, Anonymous? What happened?”
>You take a deep breath and wipe your mouth with your shirt.
>You’re not feeling 100%, but it was a solid 80% at least.
>Fuck yeah.
”I’ll be alright I think.”
>She offers a dainty hand and you gladly oblige.
>You rise and flash a weak smile to her as your body wobbles slightly.
>”Looks like we’re on our own now, Anon.” She says, turning to the forest, her eyes showing a small amount of worry.
“Don’t worry Crys, there’s nothing in that forest to be scared of.”
>”I hope you’re right Anonymous. Come, I think I know the way.”
“Didn’t you just say you didn’t?”
>She motions to a little dirt path not far from where the two of you are standing.

>You are Rarity.
>And this is probably the worst idea that you’ve had to date.
>You start out from Carousel Boutique, with no real direction.
>All that you knew was that Anon was missing.
>That’s all that Raritan said that they knew as well.
>First things first though, you’re severely out of booze, and even if you didn’t have a plan, you should at least stock up.
>There’s nothing worse than a dry mare.
>You giggle to yourself as you make your way to Berry’s hole in the wall.

>> No.9260173

>Her ‘shop’ was basically a shack that seemed to be fashioned out of whatever wood she had lying around.
>She refused anyone’s help in making it look prettier, and you had to admire the girl for that.
>It was the worst looking ‘building’ in Ponyville.
>Regardless, Berry somehow kept a magnificent stock of various wines and spirits, usually ice cold.
>Berry was not a unicorn, and her talent was to create wine.
>You usually shrugged the coldness as a matter of ‘magic’ and left it at that.
>After a few moments of drunken gibberish from her side, you’re able to partake of a few fine beverages for the road.
>One travel-gallon of Cider, from Berry’s own reserve.
>You’re not quite sure where or how she managed apples away from Applejack and her family, but again, this was Berry we were talking about.
>One bottle of scotch, seemingly four years old.
>Also your favorite.
>One bottle of wine, a Riesling from the Crystal Empire.
>…on the back of the bottle it said “Brought to you straight from the Crystal Empire! I don’t even know how I got there, but their grapes were amazing!”
>…Berry went to the Crystal Empire before the lot of you even knew of it?
>There’s no possible way. This had to be some kind of made up selling point.
>Lastly you grabbed a flask of gin.
>For emergencies.
>Berry also let you try a concoction of hers on the house.
>Something she liked to call “really good stuff”.
>It was in a small clear bottle, the liquid a viscous green.
>You accepted it, but Celestia be damned if you ever get desperate enough to drink something viscous.
>…you did drink cough medicine though.
>That doesn’t mean a thing.
>That was Sweetie Belle’s fault.
>She was probably the reason Anon ran away too.

>> No.9260190

>Alright, we have our supplies.
>You fish out the gallon of cider and start sipping at it through the handy straw in the top.
>You really liked straws.
>You wonder if there was a way to make a crystal straw?
>Now that would be amazing.
>What were you doing again?
>You decide to take a stroll.
>It’s still morning, probably around 10 or so.
>Celestia’s sun is high in the sky and shining down on your brilliance.
>”Rarity…what in the world happened to you?”
>You turn and see Twilight, who seems to be carrying her own little rucksack of supplies.
>Of course, they’re books.
>But books and booze both start with Bs, and that’s brilliant.
>You giggle again.
>”…are you okay Rarity? You don’t look…uhm…alright.”
“Nonsense Twilight, I’m perfectly fine. I’m just out…what was it that I was doing?”
>She looks at the massive jug in front of you.
>”Drinking cider in public at 11 o clock in the morning?”
“Besides that, darling. I have a feeling it was…oh yes! Anon!”
>Twilight looks at you incredulously.
>”Anon? What about him?”
>Oh right, she doesn’t know he’s missing.
>Well, you’d keep it a secret for now. It seemed the lot of them didn’t like him to begin with anyway.
>How dare they treat him like that at the castle?
“It’s nothing Twilight. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got something important to do.”
>You take a long drag on the cider and start to depart the purple p0ny’s vicinity.
>”Wait Rarity, please. Can…can we just talk for a little bit?”
>You turn and lower your eyelids at her.
“What now, Twilight?”
>She levitates a book out of her sack and floats it over to you.
>”I…found a book that I think might help you a little.”
>You take the book and glance at the cover.
>”Overcoming your Addiction: The Three Step Guide”

>> No.9260219

>Is this pony serious.
“Twilight…why do I need a guide on overcoming addiction?”
>You see her eyes dart down to the large mug in front of you.
>You sip from your straw loudly.
>”Isn’t it obvious Rarity? Look at you…you’re a mess.”
>You instantly glower at her.
“Well, I certainly didn’t expect to be insulted by one of my friends on my journey. Good day to you, Sparkle.”
>You heft the book in her general direction and continue on your way, not bothering to look and see if she caught it or not.
>Some nerve on that p0ny.
>Calling YOU of all ponies…
>You take another long draught of your cider, smacking your lips together.
>Damn good cider that was.
>”Rarity…I’m sorry. Look.”
>Twilight is following you but you try and ignore her.
>”I’m just…worried about you. You’ve been distant lately and…well…”
>You take another sip, roll your eyes, and turn back to the lavender unicorn.
“Twilight, as much as I’d love to stay here and chat, I’ve very important business to contend. Now unless it’s something pertinent…”
>”Pinkie wants you to go to her party!” Twilight suddenly shouts, causing a few birds in the nearby tree to flutter away.
“…I beg your pardon? A party for what exactly?”
>Twilight giggles nervously.
>”Just…ya know. A party. To make up for the one that was so um…stressful the other day.”
>Stressful is sure one way to put it.
>But you have no time for a party.
>You take another sip on your cider.
>Or you would, if the straw would suck up any more.
>You rattle the cup and of course.
>Of course it’s empty.
>You toss the empty flagon to the side, roll your eyes again and sigh.
“I don’t have time for a party, unfortunately. I need to be going.”

>> No.9260234

>With a purple flash she teleports in front of you, startling you even though by now you should be used to it.
>She teleports EVERYWHERE.
>”Please…your friends miss you. We miss you.”
>You flip your mane dramatically.
“Miss me? Did you not just see me last night?”
>She looks a little downtrodden.
>”I mean... you haven’t spent much time with the rest of us since you and Anon started becoming a thing…”
“You’re going to tell me that I’ve ignored you?! You’re all just jealous of me and Anon! I should have known that it would have come to this. Hmph. Now excuse me, I must be off.”
>With your blood pressure soaring and your face contorted into a scowl, you stomp away from Twilight.
>However, your vision starts to undulate as your body wobbles uncharacteristically.
>Not a few steps away from Twilight do you find comfort in the grass.
>You’ve passed out.

>You are Anonymous.
>And whether your manliness will allow you to mention it or not…
>You are fucking lost.
>After the little stunt that Herny pulled the two of you found a little dirt path in the woods and started your trek in what you hoped was the right direction.
>You are beginning to think that not even Crystal knows where she’s going.
>But again, you’re not going to say anything.
>You’re in a land that is 100% unfamiliar.
>You could pretty much say that you were lost in any one location on this damn planet.
>Thankfully you still have plenty of sunlight left to trek aimlessly through this unknown forest.
>You’ve been letting Crystal lead the way.
>You want to say it’s because she’s sort of been here longer and probably would serve as a better guide.
>But you can’t stop watching her hips sway back and forth as she walks, her form fitting dress hugging her small hips graciously.

>> No.9260248

>You take a deep breath and try not to take the thoughts any further than necessary, lest your boner awaken.
>That fucker was trouble.
>There was also the trouble of stepping too close to Crystal.
>You’d get a whiff of what you guessed were some kind of pheromone based magic perfume and instantly start bonering up the place.
>Why the hell was she wearing that anyway?
>To seduce you?
>Shit it isn’t THAT difficult.
>You grin as you remember the lack of effort it took to fall for Rarity.
>She didn’t even really have to try, actually.
>You just suddenly found her incredibly attractive.
>Then your mind starts to flash of other images, such as your first sexual encounter.
>”Anon…how long have you been on Equestria?”
>Thank god.
“Uh, I think a little over a month. Why?”
>She turns and smiles warmly.
>”No reason, just chatting. Though…judging from what you’ve said that seems like an awful short time for all of this mess to happen.”
“You’re telling me. I can’t catch a fucking break.”
>”Well…you caught me. That’s good enough, isn’t it?”
>You DID catch her bathing.
>You catch yourself smiling regardless.
“Yeah, it’s proving to be my only saving grace. I really appreciate you coming with me on this crazy journey, Crystal. It means a lot.”
>She reaches back with a wispy pale hand and you grasp it, unsure of her intentions.
>She pulls you closer to her.
>”I think I don’t really mind coming with you. Being next to you is pretty nice, if I do say so myself.”

>> No.9260259

>Every time someone said something cutesy and romantic to you, you pretty much melted into goop.
>And…it seems that Crystal is really enamored with you.
>That was…you weren’t sure how to react to that.
>That’s not to say you didn’t like her as well it was…well…
>There were still the lingering feelings of Rarity lodged in your heart.
>You weren’t too keen on letting them go, but you could tell that Chrys was into you hard, and you were falling for her.
>Who could blame you, she’s human.
>She’s a really fucking weird human, but that doesn’t really mean anything.
>You were pretty odd yourself.
“I think that’s a pretty good idea.”
>She smiles and the two of you walk hand in hand, side by side through the forest.
>You know what, fuck it.
>You can be lost for all that you care.
>You grip her hand a little tighter, eliciting a smile from the dark haired maiden.
>You had someone.
>Someone that wasn’t such a selfish bitch to you, and didn’t want you just for sex.
>And wasn’t an alcoholic.
>You hang your head slightly as the thoughts drift about in your head, lingering like a foul odor.
>That’s not right.
>That’s not you.
>You still loved Rarity she was just…a little troubled.
>You try and bar the negativity from your brain and instead return to the present.
>You are lost, but you’re not alone.
>That’s significantly better than what you’re used to.
>”Anon…I’m sure that you’re aware by now that we’re rather lost.”
>Crystal pulls you out of your internal monologue.
“I’m aware.”
>”…you also realize that Herny was our only way back to Kelethin, without hoofing it.”
>You nod.
“I also think that this whole trip was probably a fool’s errand, but goddamnit I don’t really have a lot of options. What’s the worst that could happen? Ponyville is over there. I’m sure we could find help that doesn’t care about humans.”

>> No.9260272

>She smiles and rolls her eyes.
>”Ever the optimist, aren’t you?”
“I’m dead, and I’ve lost just about everything, Crystal. All I have is optimism.”
>She squeezes your hand slightly as the two of you wander aimlessly through the forest.
>”Well, I think that I recall she lives rather deep in the forest. This path should lead in her direction. Though I’ve never met her myself.”
>Even more good news.
>You sigh and continue the journey in relative silence.
>It seems like the stories about the Everfree were probably false.
>Twilight had told you that the Everfree was the most mysterious place in Equestria, where monsters and beasts of all types tended to gravitate towards.
>You think you might have seen a bunny, once.
>To be honest, this was probably the most peaceful you’ve been in your short life in Equestria.
>Or is it un-life now.
>”So…Anonymous…what do you do?”
>You cock your head towards her, suddenly in deep thought.
>The fuck did you do?
>Other than fail and die a lot, it seems.
“Uh…is nothing an acceptable answer?”
>She laughs, her slightly sing-songy voice carrying through the woods.
>”While I can believe it, there has to be something you’re good at. What have you been doing with your time in Equestria?”
>So she wants the truth eh?
“I’ve pretty much done nothing at all. Well, no that’s a lie. Recently I got a job as a masseuse but…it didn’t end well.”
>Oh fuck wait she’s going to ask you to massage her
>”A masseuse?” She says, lowering her eyelids and smirking seductively. “Wow…no wonder. I bet those fingers probably feel like magic on a pony’s body, “
>You can feel her fingers start to caress your hand slightly.
>”You don’t think you’d mind practicing a bit on me, would you?” She whispers, leaning a little close.
>Silence passes as your body tenses up slightly.

>> No.9260293

>She winks one of her bright blue-green eyes at you, and you swear you could’ve lost it right there.
>One of these moments you’ll get used to the fact that a girl actually wants something to do with you.
>”Besides, you owe me two kisses. Those aren’t cheap, you know.”
“Wait, I owe you?”
>She nods slowly, smiling all the while.
>”You stole two kisses from me, loverboy. It’s only fair I ask something in recompense.”
>Oh dear.
>You have to massage a human lady now.
>Oh man what if she gets naked.
>Goddamnit no, we’ve been good about maintaining boner levels.
>…you really wouldn’t be able to control yourself then.
>”…and since I do believe we’re about as lost as can be, maybe we should take a break. I hear some water nearby.”
>Sure enough, in the distance you can hear some water flowing.
>You were parched, for sure.
>Whose bright idea was it to not pack any food or water on this trip?
>Well, you hadn’t really planned on trekking through the forest or having griffon-based crash landings.
>So, you, of course.
>Your stomach gurgles annoyingly.
>And didn’t you just throw up?
>How the hell were you hungry?
>...because now you were empty, and hadn’t eaten since last night.
>At least you were able to solve some of life’s questions today.
>Suddenly your mind flashes elsewhere.
>What if she tries to take another bath?
>Here’s hoping for…
>You can’t say that resisting carnal urges was easy, especially when a goddess of a woman (minus the tits) is hitting on you 24/7.
>But…you knew full well that this ‘death’ business was serious shit.

>> No.9260302

>So far you figured out that only Twilight was able to resurrect you, for whatever reason.
>And if you were locked out of Ponyville, that meant you were pretty much as good as dead if something happened.
>Best not take the risk.
>Unless someone was to ferry your body to some secluded spot and kidnap Twilight Sparkle and force her to shoot her life-magic into your cold body.
>Your brain thinks funny things sometimes.
>The two of you pass through the brush, finally, and come to face with a small stream.
>Surrounded by the woods, and dotted with a few craggy rocks, the stream cuts through the forest with a slight murmur of rushing water.
>It doesn’t look more than a foot deep.
>Good, that means there’ll be no crazy sexy bath times.
>”And besides, you interrupted my bath the other day. I think we can work something out, can’t we?”
>She looks to you with a sly smile.
>Your face is red, of course.
>You’ve had a ton of random sexy nonsense happen since you happened into Equestria.
>You’d think that you’d be used to it by now.
>This place seemed to just teem with sexual undertones.
“…uh…yeah we can figure something out. Maybe.”
>She gives you a slightly puzzled look as the two of you near the water.
>As she steps into the water, her body visibly reacting to the cold, you notice something a bit odd.
>She’s not wearing any shoes.
>Has she been barefoot this entire time?
>”It’s a bit…chilly Anon…care to come warm me up?”
>Nope, your brain is still dumb.
>You sit down on the shoreline, the grass cold against your thin pants.
>They were dress slacks, not adventuring pantaloons.
>You sigh, thinking about Rarity once again.
>As you undo the laces on your boots, you catch some splashing in front of you.
>The hell is…
>She’s…she’s dancing.

>> No.9260307

>Her small feet make tiny splashes as she maneuvers about the creek in spirals, and figure eights.
>Occasionally, she would hop on top of a rock, and leap to another in a rather mind blowing feat of grace and agility.
>You watch her; slack jawed, for a good few minutes.
>She seems to be absolutely loving this, for whatever reason, her black dress’ sleeves and skirt flowing past her like tiny capes.
>You catch a glimpse of her emerald colored underwear in the process.
>Your hands fumble at the laces.
>You’ve been tongue deep in a pony’s behind, why the hell are you freaking out over underwear?
>Before you can answer yourself, your head is suddenly soaked with a splash of cold water.
>Surprised as hell, you look up to see a smirking Crystal.
>”So you think you can steal two kisses AND get a free show? Tsk tsk tsk Anon, you’re being rather greedy today.”
>You wipe the water from your eyes and huff at her, quickly undoing the other shoe.
>She splashes you again, this time just a little bit with a kick of her feet.
>You throw your boot down and rise to your feet.
>She will rue the day.
>You will make her SO wet.
>Wow really brain?
>You dry and drive the thought from your brain as you tread into the icy water.
>It’s the middle of spring and the sun is shining, yet this little creek chills your feet to the bone.
>But the running water does do your tired feet a bit of good.
>And it’d be nice to soak them a little bit IF THIS WASN’T WAR.
>You charge at the wily female, intent on tackling her into the water, but she’s much too spry for you.
>She leaps atop a rock next to you and blows a raspberry at you.
>”Awww…Anon…you can’t even get a girl wet can you?”
>Oh for fucks sake.

>> No.9260316

>You lean down and send a small wave of water up at her, but of course she dodges it, expertly landing in the water a few feet from you.
>She seemed very light on her feet, this one.
>You suddenly get a rather clever idea.
>Once again you rush at her, your heavy footfalls causing miniature explosions of water where you step.
>She rolls her eyes, and bends her knees slightly as you reach her, probably going to jump away.
>At the last second you slip a little lower and are able to grab a hold of her legs.
>You wish you could have seen the surprised look on her face.
>And then in that same split second you see the rocks on the bottom of the creek.
>You grip her calves with all your might and manage to spin mid-fall.
>Unfortunately for you, this means you land on your shoulder something fierce, the water doing little to cushion your fall.
>You think you hear something snap.
“FFFFFFFffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkk” You scream out, causing a few birds in the nearby trees to retreat from their roosts.
>”Anon! Anon what’s wrong? Are you hurt? Oh god you’re hurt…”
>You’re soaking wet.
>And in incredible pain.
>You attempt to rise, lifting yourself up with your arms, but you wince in agony as your right arm falls useless.
>You grit your teeth and pant.
“I’ll be okay…can you help me out of the water.” You reply to her, your breathing erratic.
>You reach up a left hand and she pulls you up with a bit of difficulty.
>You try your damndest to not move your arm but you still manage to wiggle it thanks to fucking gravity.
>You look over to the appendage and attempt an assessment.
>Crystal beats you to it.
>”You’re arm…it’s…not supposed to look like that!”
>Keen observation.
>It looks dislocated, but you don’t really know.
>You’re no medical expert.
>But if it was broken, then you would be able to move it.

>> No.9260332

>Fuck how do you relocate an arm.
“I…I think I dislocated my arm. Uh…do you know how to relocate it?”
>She quickly shakes her head no.
>”No I…I don’t know anything about um…stuff like this. Oh god I should find help, hold on.”
>She starts to turn away but you reach out with your other hand to stop her.
“No…don’t go. I think I can do this, I saw it in a couple movies. I’m going to need your help though.”
>She nods quickly, and you acknowledge the desperate fear in her eyes.
>You lean on her and walk slowly.
>Back to the shoreline.
>You sit down next to a rock with a little help.
>This is going to fucking hurt so bad.
”Okay…you’re going to have to bend my arm at the elbow for me, and then make an L. Then keep my upper arm straight and pull my forearm slowly outward. It should work.”
>God you hoped it’d work.
>She kneels in front of you, holding out her spindly arms.
>They’re shaking profusely.
>So are you.
>She places her hands on you, and you can feel her twitching still.
>”Is…is it going to hurt.”
>She turns to you, her bright blue-green eyes full of tears.
>You nod slowly.
>You take a deep breath, but there’s probably no way for your heart to slow down any quickly right now.
“Okay…go ahead.”
>She bends your arm, putting a small amount of pressure on your upper arm causing immediate discomfort.
>You grit your teeth.
>She makes the first shape slowly, and you close your eyes.
>Gradually, she starts to move the other direction.
>Your body immediately disagrees with this plan of action, the pain more than enough to convince you.
>You grab a handful of earth in your other hand and attempt to crush it into diamonds.
>Her gentle pace helps though, and she’s trying her best.
>Something wet hits your wrist.
>You open your eyes, squinting.
>She’s crying, muttering something to herself.

>> No.9260351

”Crys…it’s alright. I’m okay just…go on.”
>She continues, your breathing and pain increasing tenfold as your ligaments disagree with your bone structure for a moment.
>At the apex of this rotation, she turns to you.
”P-push on my shoulder. Try to push it back in.”
>You could feel your own hot tears streaming down your face now.
>With jittery hands, you feel pressure on your bicep and then…
>Something pops.
>And you feel so much better.
>Good god.
>”Did I do it? Are you b-better?”
>She’s in your face immediately as you try to move the arm again.
>It hurts, and you’re going to have to baby it, but thank god.
“You did amazing, babe, thank you. I’m…s-sorry for-“
>She doesn’t let you finish that statement as you’re immediately hugged with the force of an angry god.
>She wrapped her arms under yours, as to not hurt you.
>How thoughtful, now you’ll have broken ribs as well.
>”I was so worried! Oh my stars I didn’t know what I was doing but you were so brave and…”
“Shh shh shh…no more of that. I’m fine.”
>She sniffles looking at you pleadingly.
>”Are you sure?”
>You nod, taking another deep breath.
>Her frown starts to turn up a little.
>”Did you just call me…babe?”

>”W-where do you think she was going?”
>”And who in their right mind would turn down a party!”
>” She musta drank one heck of a doozy.”
>”Yeah I found this weird bottle in her stuff.“
>”Rainbow Dash, put that down. I’m trying to figure this spell out.”
>”What are you trying to do anyway?”
>”…just a little…okay I got it!”
>The sounds of magic fill the air briefly as the spell is cast on the slumbering alabaster p0ny.

>> No.9260371

>You are Rarity.
>Element of Generosity, and the most fabulous p0ny in all of Ponyville.
>The last thing you remember is shouting at Twilight and…the rest is a hazy blur.
>You shake your head as you open your eyes, your squiggly mane wiggling to and fro.
>You seem to be in Golden Oaks Library.
>Standing around you are your friends, Applejack, Twilight, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.
>And apparently Fluttershy decided to show up too.
>How absolutely dreadful.
>Wait, something isn’t right.
>”There you are Rarity. You took quite the fall back there.” Twilight says, with a slight smirk
“I…what happened?”
>”You just sort of passed out. But I cast a curative spell on you and it seemed to work.”
>She did what?!
>You shout to the purple p0ny, your rage beginning to boil.
>”I sobered you up, Rarity. You were obviously too far gone to listen.”
>This can’t be happening.
>You quickly look around for your bags, and see them lying next to Rainbow Dash.
>Berry’s mystery drink seems to be lying next to it.
>Fucking JACKPOT.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Twilight.”
>You shine your magic and levitate the bottle in your direction.
>However, Rainbow Dash interrupts your telekineses, swatting the bottle out of the sky.
>“Hold on there, Rarity, this is an intervention! No more drinking.”
>The bottle crashes against the wooden floor noisily.
>The green slime bubbles caustically as it attempts to eat through wood, leaving Rainbow dash to leap into the air as to get away from the volatile ooze.
“You were going to drink that?” Rainbow cries at you, appalled.
>Using the scene as a distraction, you attempt to rush to your bag.
>Maybe they haven’t got rid of the rest of the rest of your stash.

>> No.9260386

>You are soon apprehended by violet magic.
>”Get a hold of yourself Rarity! Please.” Twilight asks, approaching you.
“Don’t try and tell me what to do, Twilight!”
>You shout at her, shocking the rest of them.
>”We jus’ want to help sugarcube. There’s no reason to get irate bout it.”
>You turn to Applejack, the rage clear in your visage.
>She is taken aback slightly.
>”Wow…Rarity I’ve never seen you like this…is it because of Nonny?” Pinkie asks, the sole voice of innocence in the crowd.
“What do you know about Anonymous?” You sling her way, her baby blue eyes shrinking slightly at your verbal assault.
>”Rarity, what in the world is wrong with you all of the sudden?”
“Like you would understand. Let me go, Twilight.”
>”No, not until you own up to your addiction. It’s destroying you. Look how you’re treating your friends!”
“The same friends that watched my Anon get dragged away!”
>You’re practically snarling at this point, your emotions getting the better of you.
>But you don’t care.
>They took away your happy juice.
>And then they had the GALL to say his name.
>”And he’s part of the problem. How can you not see this?”
>She levitates a mirror over in front of you.
>You quickly fire a magical bolt and shatter it, sending glass flying.
>The others flinch to avoid the shrapnel.
>A fragment flashes by you and cuts your cheek.
“Let. Me. Go.” You snap at her, ignoring the cut.
>Twilight drops you, her pupils dilated and her face wearing a mask of pure grief.
>”Fine. You win Rarity.”

>> No.9260401

>”Are you sure Twilight? I mean…she looks like she’s gone off the deep end.” Rainbow asks, still protective of your bag.
>You approach her, your eyelids lowered, not budging an inch.
>”Just…be careful Rarity. Whatever it is you’re doing.”
>”Um…I think I have an idea of what she’s doing...” Fluttershy squeaks from behind Twilight, seemingly trying to avoid you.
>She’s not worth your time.
>Not any more.
>Rainbow relinquishes your saddlebags.
>In silence, you don them and step out of the library, making sure to slam the door behind you.

>You watch Rarity leave the library, the rest of your friends all in various states of grief and shock.
>”What the hay just happened?” Pinkie asks, breaking the silence.
>”I…I don’t know Pinkie. She’s never been like this.” Twilight replies, walking over to the new hole in her floor.
>She magics a patch of wood for the floor and sighs slightly.
“I uh…I think I know what she’s doing.” You say again, trying to be noticed.
>Twilight turns to you.
>”What in the world could cause her to act so…un-Rarity Fluttershy?” She asks, clearly saddened by her friend’s outburst.
>”You’re not going to say she’s a changeling too, are you?” Rainbow adds in.
“No…nothing like that. Um…there were some royal guards that came to my door the other day…”
>You are Fluttershy.
>And you’re actually trying to defend Rarity, the p0ny that used to be your best friend.
>Now she’s so distraught over Anonymous that…she’s acting crazy.
>That probably means one thing.
“…and…Anonymous um…escaped from Canterlot Castle. The Princess has no idea where he is and…I think Rarity is trying to go look for him.”
>”Shoot today is jus’ throwin us curveball after curveball so far.”
>”Why would she go through with this by herself? Why not ask her friends?” Rainbow says with a hint of sadness.
>Twilight hangs her head.

>> No.9260411

>”None of this is making any sense. Why wouldn’t the princess tell us? Anon is our friend too.”
“Um…I think I know that too. She thinks Anon is in league with the changelings. Disc Ward didn’t say why.”
>”Disc Ward? You mean that creepy guard that was hitting on me the other day?”
>”So hold up, yer tellin me Anon somehow escaped the dungeon at the castle, and the Princess thinks he’s the enemy now? Jus’ cause he lost his temper?”
>”That still doesn’t explain why Rarity’s acting so funny, Fluttershy.” Pinkie Pie exclaims in confusion.
“Well…she’s been drinking a lot. And she just lost Anon. So she’s probably hurting…I know I am…”
>The other four look at you like you’re crazy for a second.
>”…I’ll have a talk with her, guys. I think we goofed it up pretty hard this time.”
>”I have a better idea, Dash. Why don’t we help her find Anon?” Twilight says, cleaning up the broken glass and nonsense with a quick spell.
“Um…Disc Ward and Raritan said to leave it to them.”
>”I bet they also told you not to tell us, too, right Fluttershy?” Twilight asks, forcing a smirk.
>The others have a giggle as you shy into your mane.
>But despite all of this nonsense, you’ve finally a means to help Rarity.
>And maybe find Anon in the process.
>”I’m totally one hundred percent super duper okay with looking for Anon. He’s no changeling. He’s just silly.”
>”I’ll go too, Anon’s none too bright. There’s no tellin what kinda danger he’s got himself into.”
>”You can count me in too, Anon needs our help, and if the Princess isn’t going to send aid then we’re going to need the best of the best. Namely me.”
>Twilight rolls her eyes.
>You and the others all look to her.
>”Then it’s a deal. Dash, why don’t you-“
>”That won’t be necessary, girls.”
>You hear a voice from Twilight’s basement.

>> No.9260424

>”Oh jeez now what. Who’s there?” says the purple unicorn, rolling her eyes and trotting over to the staircase.
>A brown stallion clambers up the staircase, with a goofy grin on his face.
>”Captain Disc Ward. I’m with the COPS. We figured Rarity would try and look for Anon, since Raritan is an idiot and can’t keep his muzzle shut. And since this Anonymous fellow was in close contact with the rest of you Elements, I figured you’d also be worried about him.”
“Um…I’m sorry for blabbing my stupid mouth Disc.”
>”It’s fine, Fluttershy. I’ve sent Raritan to have a chat with Rarity. I just hope to Celestia that he doesn’t screw things up again.”
>”And…what about our plans to go find Anon, Disc, you know you can’t stop us.” Rainbow says, a bit uneasy as Disc’s gaze passes over her.
>Disc turns to Rainbow and breathes a heavy sigh.
>”No, since you’re the Elements of Harmony I can’t really stop you. But as a member of the royal guard, I can certainly help you, if you don’t mind. I can’t let the heroes of Equestria journey alone, now can I?”

>You are Chrysalis.
>Or Crystal, as the hapless Anon believes.
>” It was a...a slip of the tongue is all.” He says, still sitting down.
“My my my, Anonymous, you’ve already kissed me and now you’re wishing to slip me some tongue?”
>You really don’t know why you keep doing this.
>Any other target you’d never waste this much time seducing.
>You just keep layering more and more affection on to this affair.
>What’s going on with you?
>You know what though, you’re really enjoying this.
>You’re not about to give up your plans.
>Anonymous was key to your plan.
>And so what if you’ve got him wrapped around your…finger.
>You’re still getting used to this body.

>> No.9260440

>But…dancing in the creek…you’ve never felt so alive.
>Nothing at the hive compared to the freedom you’re experiencing now.
>You were always accompanied by guards and soldier changelings whenever you went on an excursion.
>Now, you were alone.
>Well, except for Anon.
>He blushes cutely at your remark.
>God this human was fun.
>”…just help me up will you.”
>You offer up a hand and he takes it.
>His hands are rough and worn compared to your own.
>Oh god…to feel those hands on you.
>You’re not going to give into your base urges!
>Not now, at least.
>Though to be honest, it was getting very difficult.
>He rises, his grip much stronger than yours.
>To feel him push you down and…
>Very VERY difficult.
>His dark shirt is drenched and sticks to his body.
>He wasn’t quite musclebound, and you had no idea if he was tall for his species or not.
>Regardless…this male was attractive. He wasn’t even a pony but you couldn’t help but admire his body.
>”Uh…Crystal? Now you’re the one who’s staring.”
>You shake your head and feel a tinge of blood rush to your cheeks.
“Just…thinking. It’s beginning to get late. I doubt that we’ll find this p0ny any time soon, based on the light.”
>He looks down and checks his wrist for a watch that isn’t there.
>”Oh right.”
>He was also the silliest being you had ever met.
>You figured that was the main reason you liked him.
>Everything about being a queen is always serious.
>Deciding which quadrant of the hive was to do each job, each year.
>Maintaining secrecy amongst all of Equestria.
>Finding and exploring new hunting grounds.
>It was tiresome, hard work.
>You felt less and less like a queen as the days went by.
>And you were still young.
>He looks to the sky.
>”Kinda hard to tell what time it is though. I’d wager around…what 5 or so?”
>You shrugged.

>> No.9260451

“I’ve never been a fan of time, anyways. It’s never on my side, it seems.”
>”Well, we still have a little while. Maybe we’ll find her…”
>He trails off after that remark.
“…I suppose you’re thinking ‘what if we don’t?’”
>”Well, yeah. I mean…what if all we do is stumble around the forest? This place seems pretty harmless, but forests are never very fun at night.”
>You nod in agreement.
>It was actually rather odd.
>You hadn’t encountered a single creature of note since the two of you venture into the forest.
“I’m sure we’ll figure something out, Anon. Who is going to mess with two humans in the forest? I mean, look at you. You’re packing.”
>You pat his arm lightly, but he jumps back, wincing.
“Oh Anon I’m sorry! Are you still hurt?”
>He rubs it gingerly.
>”Yeah, but I can move it still. Just, be gentle alright.”
>You can’t believe he hurt himself at your expense.
>A rocky creek wasn’t that much of a danger to you when you were in your own form.
>You had your chitinous skin to protect you
>You guess humans were a little flabbier.
>But…why would he do that?
>He doesn’t even know you all that well…
>If he was a guard of yours, you’d of made him take the blow and then…
>You DEFINITELY wouldn’t have helped him fix a dislocated shoulder.
>…it was damn obvious Anonymous was turning you soft.
>”So…uh…I can’t help but notice you’re barefoot.”
>You cock your head confusedly.
>He starts to strap on his socks and boots, doing it slowly as to not injure himself further.
“Um…yes? What of it?”
>What an odd question.
>”Just an…observation I guess.”
>He’s still avoiding looking at them.

>> No.9260463

>He stands and looks into the distance.
>”I think we’re still lost. You know, for the record.”
>You take the chance and run your foot up his leg, trailing your toes against his skin.
>Humans had nails, which you found interesting.
>You made sure he felt a little of them.
>You can feel his body shiver slightly through your foot.
>”Uh…Crys…not that I’m going to tell you to stop or anything, but we should probably get going.”
>You also notice some movement in his pants.
>You giggle to yourself.
“Lead the way, babe.”
>He rolls his eyes at you and starts the trek down the path the two of you were on earlier.
>A brief thought flashes in your mind all of the sudden.
>Maybe…this could last.

>You are Anonymous.
>And the trek through the forest is tiring you out far more than you had ever realized.
>Between the injury, your pretty horrible luck, and your now ever growing hunger, you’re starting to wonder if this was worth it at all.
>You wanted to be with Rarity, but goddamn, this is one hell of an adventure just to get her back.
>You had only known her for a while anyway, right?
>You figure that you’ve been walking for a while now.
>Maybe an hour, maybe two.
>You passed the time with a bit of chitchat, but it seemed like Crystal was keen on just holding on to you and walking.
>To be honest, that was perfectly fine with you.
>It was perfectly amazing to be able to just walk in the forest, in silence.
>Especially with a beautiful girl at your side.
>You’re starting to see an orange glow on the horizon.
>And your stomach is VERY upset with you.
>You’ve been trying to ignore it for a while now, but shit’s rough when you’ve been walking nonstop for a while now.
>And you’re injured.

>> No.9260477

“Crystal…uh…hate to ask but have you seen anything edible on the way here? Fruit or…fuck even a bunny or something?”
>She raises a finger to her chin, tapping it in thought.
>”No, actually. Are you hungry?”
“We’ve been walking for a good three hours and we’ve been on this hairy little adventure for longer. How are you NOT hungry?”
>She simply shrugs.
>Fucking vegetarians, holy shit.
“Well, I’m bloody starving and I’ve gotta find something to eat. You mind helping.”
>”Not at all. So just find some berries or something, right?”
>You nod.
“I’d prefer something a little more substantial, but Equestria isn’t really known for having McDonald’s on every block like back home.”
>She blinks at you.
>Don’t you fucking tell me she doesn’t know what McDonald’s is.
>She can’t be from such a back assward place where they didn’t even know what a McDonald’s is.
“…Starbucks?” You say, attempting another well-known branch.
>”What are you talking about Anon?” she says, shaking her head in confusion.
“Just…just drop it alright. Uh, I guess you take the left I take the right. Meet up in a little bit and holler if you find something.”
>”Uh…before you go, is fish okay?”
>Fuck yeah fish is okay.
“Yeah, if you can find some. But I didn’t gauge you much of a fisherman, Crystal.”
>She nods happily and trots off into the forest.
“Don’t be too long, alright?”
>”Of course not, babe.”
>She blows you a kiss and with a wink she disappears into the forest.
>Great, now she’s using that against you.
>You turn and walk into the woods.
>You’re not going to find anything in here.
>You could eat leaves, right.
>That’s calories…cows eat leaves.
>You’d seen ponies eat leaves.
>You look up at the trees.
“No, I think I’d rather starve thanks.”
>After a little bit of fruitless searching, you finally give up.
>Fruit would be good about now too.

>> No.9260488

>You find an old log, and decide to take a seat for a little bit.
>You needed a little alone time to think.
>So this bitch is from some place in Europe, okay. That’s fine.
>You knew some people from Europe.
>But at least they knew what McDonald’s and Starbucks was.
>She didn’t wear shoes.
>Had fangs.
>Crazy hairstyle.
>Crazy ass eyes.
>Some sort of magical perfume that turned you on.
>And of course a weird as fuck dress.
>Rarity would give her the makeover of a lifetime.
>…something doesn’t add up and you’re really not sure what to think of it.
>Well…you are in magical pony world.
>What if…now this is just an idea.
>Now bear with me.
>What if.
>Now hold on.
>What if…
>”Anooooon!~ I found something!”
>Crystal’s cry echoes through the forest, and doesn’t seem to be too far off.
>Maybe you should ask her in person.
>You don’t have anything at all to lose, anyway.
>Wait, yes you do.
>Okay, whatever, just…you’ll find time.
>Nothing was really pertinent any more, anyway.
“Coming!” You call in the direction of her voice.
>After a little, you come to the little path.
>Light is fading pretty hard, but you can still make out the dark haired beauty’s form.
>”I found a little stream and um…caught a fish.”
>She stretches out her arms and…lo and behold.
>It’s a fucking fish.
>Raw, and dead, but still.
“Wow Crystal, I’m proud of you. How the hell did you catch it?”
>She rolls her eyes and flips her hair out of her face, smiling coyly.
>”Magic, obviously.”
>You facepalm briefly, and take the fish.
>It’s not incredibly large, but it’ll do.
>Probably much better than whatever the hell was in that stew from yesterday.

>> No.9260505

“Okay, I’m going to need to find some firewood and a clearing to cook this thing. After that abomination of a stew from yesterday-“
>”You seemed to eat it rather happily.”
“-I’d rather not get sick again.”
>You give her the most neutral face you can muster.
“So come on, we’re losing light. I have a feeling we’re going to have to camp out tonight. And these wet clothes need some place to dry or we’ll probably catch hypothermia or something.”
>She nods and follows you, eagerly reaching for your non-fishy hand.
>You let her have it, and the two of you venture forth.
>Today seems to be looking bright for you.
>You may have a new, albeit confusing, girlfriend.
>And she’s actually a human(?).
>Not a pony.
>Luckily, not a little further down the path do you find an abandoned campsite, complete with a firepit.
>This is probably a pretty well traveled path, so of course there’d be campsites abound.
>There’s even a little rocky rise in the land that you could set up as a shelter with a little work.
>Time to put all those Survivorman episodes to good use.
“Okay, Chrys, since you seem to be good at finding random shit in the forest, see if you can gather up some dry shit and some wood so I can build a fire. I’ll start to set up a shelter of some kind.”
>”Um…its going to be dark soon, you know. Are you sure you’ll be okay alone?”
>Why the hell is she asking you that, shouldn’t you be worried about her?
“Well that gives you reason to hurry, if you’re so worried about me.”
>She smiles and waves, walking into the forest.
>”Whatever you say, babe.”
>You could probably get used to that.

>You are Raritan.
>But you can’t be Raritan.
Because you’re already Raritan

>> No.9260536

>So instead, you are Rarity.
>And you can feel your blood practically boiling.
>They had the nerve…the AUDACITY to accuse you of not only addiction, but that it was Anon’s fault?
>Deep breaths, Rarity.
>It’s not worth it.
>It’s not worth it.
>They’re your friends…they don’t know what you’ve been through.
>They don’t know Anonymous like you do.
>And they don’t know that he’s gone.
>You can feel the tears welling up already.
>Gotta keep it together.
>You exit the Library and…at this point it’s probably wise to just go back home.
>Anon’s probably okay.
>You look to the sun and…how long were you out?
>It seems to already be setting.
>Maybe Celestia is closing down shop early today.
>Yeah right.
>You fish through your packs and find your emergency gin.
>This seemed like an emergency.
>But it was GIN.
>Gin always made you mean and ornery.
>But it was so effective at giving you a buzz.
>You open the flask and pour a bit of the libation into your throat.
>You hack and sputter as the foul liquid makes its terrible way down your throat.
>This was horrible gin.
>You turn towards the Boutique.
>It’s going to be a long walk home…
>Oh Celestia where’s that gin.
>With a hacking gargle you manage to force down another swig.
>You wipe your mouth with a grimace.
>This isn’t working.
>As you near your home, you notice a white Pegasus standing out front.
>A white Pegasus with a curly yellow mane.
>Oh no.
>”Oh hey Rarity!”
>He excitedly trots to meet you.
>If you rolled your eyes any harder they’d likely fall you.
>You take another swig of the gin.
>You regret it.
>You gag and damn near choke on the foul liquid.
>This REALLY isn’t working.

>> No.9260561

Jesus Christ he wasn't kidding. A single month? That's just one long constant chain of events that do nothing but fuck his shit up.

>> No.9260564

>You hope the rest of your ‘supplies’ made it in your bag.
>”Disc told me you were going to go on an adventure, so he told me to help you out.”
“No adventures today. Go away.”
>He shakes his head.
>”Can’t do that, maam. Royal orders.”
>You walk by him and into your room.
>You make sure to close the door with a slam, but he seems to catch it.
“Raritan, I did not allow you into my abode. Please, if you’d kindly see yourself out…”
>”I was also told to…um…keep watch over you.”
“…Royal orders?”
>He nods enthusiastically.
>Why does Celestia hate you all of the sudden?
“Sweetie Belle, are you home?”
>”I’m in my room. Don’t open the door.”
>Well we can’t have that.
>You trot over to her room and…she’s locked it.
>Or well, she has something in the way.
“Raritan is here. He’s going to cook us supper. Would you like some?”
>”Wait, I can’t cook!”
“Well it’s not like you’ll force a lady to cook her own meals, now would you?”
>You flash your sapphires his direction and of course it works.
>…it worked really well on Anonymous too.
>”I’m not hungry.” The fillie replies.
“Nonsense, you’ve not eaten all day Sweetie. Come on out.” You call to the door, a bit more sternly.
>A bit of silence passes and shuffling of items is heard from inside.
>The door opens and Sweetie Belle steps out, looking defeated.
“Now…be a dear and help Raritan cook, would you? I’ve got a bit of business to do.”
>”We both know that’s a lie. You haven’t had a customer since Anon started living here.” She says dryly, the comment hitting you like a slap to the face.
>So you respond in kind.

>> No.9260583

>You reach out and pap her on the cheek with a hoof.
>”Ow! What was that for?” She cries to you, rubbing her cheek with a hoof.
“Now be a good little filly and help the nice royal guard with dinner?”
>”…Anon would have never let you hit me…” She whispers as she walks by, but she knows you can hear her.
>Your eye twitches, bringing forth the rage from earlier.
“You would be wise to not mention his name around here, Sweetie Belle.”
>She doesn’t even turn to you as she walks away.
>The NERVE on that filly.
>How DARE she talk about your Anonymous like that?
>You’re positively fuming.
>This is not good.
“Sweetie Belle do NOT walk away from me. What did you just say?”
>”Rarity…calm down. She’s just a filly.”
“Of course, darling. My apologies.”
“I mean…what? No, I’m not apologizing for that! She badmouthed Anonymous!”
>”So what, she’s just a kid, Rarity. Please calm down. You’re starting to scare me.”
>You nod slowly.
>Okay what in the world is going on.
>You’re sober, you know that.
>That gin wasn’t poisoned was it?
>Why aren’t you acting yourself?
>Is it because of…
“Raritan…I never asked…what is your special talent?”
>”Um…” He starts to think, bringing a hoof to his chin.
>Well his cutie mark was of you…does that mean?
>”I actually never really figured that out. I mean…it’s your face. Does that mean my talent is you? Because that’s just silly.”
“Raritan…tell me to sit down.”
“Just…do it.”
>”Um…Rarity please sit down.”
>You plant your flank on the ground, your muscles acting on their own.
>”Um…what the hoof?”
>You rise, gritting your teeth in frustration.
>Sweetie Belle is being a brat, and there’s a pony that’s special talent is quite literally ‘you’.

>> No.9260597

>You walk over to your saddlebags and pull out the merlot.
>You pop the cork with your magic and take a swig.
>This isn’t going to be nearly enough.
>Night begins to fall, and after a little organized chaos in your inspiration room to kill some stress, you sit down at the table and pretend to read the paper while Raritan and Sweetie Belle start to make dinner.
>You needed a little time to think on things, and it was amusing to watch the two of them go.
>They’re both horrible cooks.
>During their attempts to make vegetable soup, Raritan managed to cut himself twice, and Sweetie actually managed to burn water.
>It actually was on fire.
>You ran out of merlot WAY too early.
>That just left your scotch, and you were hoping you didn’t have to waste such a good drink on trying to get through the night.
>But…the alcohol wasn’t working.
>Twilight’s spell must of done something to you, because unbeknownst to the other two in the room, you were silently crying behind that newspaper.
>Anonymous was missing.
>And there wasn’t a damn thing that you could do.
>You had the idea of venturing out to find him…but what good could that do.
>You’re just one p0ny.
>And he’s probably captured by changelings.
>…or worse.
>”Rarity…um…do you like zucchini?”
>Raritan asks, breaking you from your concentration.
>You make sure to hide your eyes from him.
>You don’t want to give this guy any ideas on ‘cheering you up’.
“Yes, zucchini is fine.”
>He smiles happily and carries on, chopping away at a green squash with excitement .
>Suddenly there’s a knock at the door.
>You wipe your eyes quickly and start to go for it, but whoever it is opens the door anyway.
>”…Raritan…I’d ask you why you’re wearing a little apron with a heart on it, but I don’t really think I want to know the answer.”

>> No.9260603

>You still loved Rarity she was just…a little troubled.

Naw dude she's been a shitty girlfriend pretty much every single time she's been given the chance to.

I really dig you're writing Raritan but in my head Rarity is a cunt in this story.

>> No.9260608

>”Oh! Disc! Isn’t it cute?” He wiggles his tail in excitement.
>You feel the need to vomit all of the sudden.
“Excuse me, why are you barging into my house without my consent?”
>”Because I can, Miss Generosity. Come on in girls, I think we need to have a little pow-wow.”
>In steps Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and lastly, Fluttershy, who steps as if she’s attempting to sneak into your house.
>They all seem to be in varying degrees of apprehensive.
>”Uh…I don’t think we made enough soup for everyone.” Sweetie Belle says while standing on a stool to stir the big pot of soup they’d managed to cobble together.
>”Your daughter is adorable, Miss Rarity.”
“Sister.” You grumble through gritted teeth and glowering eyes.
>Disc Ward remains unphased.
>”Now that I’ve gathered all of you here, it’s about time I spill the beans.”
>”…oh shoot I didn’t put any beans in the soup, Sweetie!”
>”Raritan, please shut up.”
>”Alright. So you all know that Anonymous is missing from the Castle. He somehow escaped, and there were no signs of a forced entry. Now, Celestia has magic wards all over that dungeon, so whoever did it had to be rather magically skilled. We’re, of course, suspecting changelings.”
>He begins to pace back and forth, eying the 7 others in the room with scrutinizing gaze, of course ignoring Raritan.
>If he was about to suspect you as a changeling…oh Celestia help us all.
>You’d destroy him, and everything he holds dear.
>”Which means that Anonymous is in danger, or that he’s been in cahoots with them all along.”
“You have the nerve to barge into my home and-“
>You’re cut off by Raritan, as he whispers a ‘shhh’ to you.
>Stupid magic.

>> No.9260641

>”I’m not accusing anyone of anything, Miss Rarity, so please calm down. This is a matter that must be dealt with as soon as possible. Raritan and I have been scouring the town for clues and have yet to come up with anything conclusive. So the next step is to try and find the monkey himself.”
>He turns and trots over to you, his visage stoic.
>And then he kneels down on his forehooves in front of you, and Raritan follows suit.
>”Miss Rarity, if you don’t mind, I’d like to help you find your lost loved one. Miss Fluttershy informed me of what happened. I realize you’ve been through a lot lately. It’s the least that we can do. On behalf of the Royal Palace, I apologize for any grief we may have caused.”
>You blink rapidly, in disbelief.
>Here you were, thinking that this p0ny was here to spout anti-Anonymous nonsense and arrest you too for something ridiculous.
>Now you have two decorated royal guards kneeling in front of you, offering their help and…and…an apology.
>You’re in no mood to stop these tears.
>Like a river crushing through a feeble dam, your emotions are suddenly unbarred.
“I…I just…”
>You sputter and mumble as white-hot tears rush down your cheeks.
>You crumble to the ground, burying your face in your hooves as you sob loudly, uncaring for who might hear.
>”Rarity…we’re all here for you. It’s going to be okay.” Twilight Sparkle speaks up, moving closer to you.
“I’m just… I’m so sorry I…”
>”It’s alright Rarity. Get it all out. We ain’t been the best of friends lately, either.” Applejack adds in.
>”Yeah…we’ve all been too hung up on everything else to realize that…well…you kind of really like that big ape.” Rainbow chimes in, as obnoxious as ever.
>”And Anonymous is all of our friends. We wouldn’t want him to come to any harm out there anyway.” Pinkie Pie says, as you sniffle a little, trying to regain your composure.
>That just leaves…

>> No.9260650

>”Um…Rarity…I…I swear that I’ll never try to hurt you or Anonymous again. I just…want to see you happy again.”
>Activate maximum emotions.
>You wail loudly as your tears intensify.
>Your friends all gather around you, holding you close.
>”It’s going to be okay, Rarity.” Twilight speaks to you softly, petting your mane as to calm you down.
>”We’ll take our leave now. Everyone report to the Library tomorrow at 0800 hours and be ready to travel. I have a feeling that we’re in for quite the journey.”

>You are Anonymous.
>And night has fallen on the Everfree Forest.
>And Twilight was right.
>This place is rustling your jimmies something fierce.
>You’d managed to hit the jackpot on scrounging up supplies, somehow.
>Amidst the forest you found an old cart.
>You soccer kicked the thing apart and fastened together a meager shelter under the rocky outcroppings in the clearing.
>Crystal was similarly lucky, having found a bundle of hay and some kindling for the fire.
>After a painstakingly boy-scout inspired twig-tugging, you actually started a fire.
>This never worked, not in the movies and not on TV, but fuck it.
>After using a bit of the hay for the fire, you used the rest to make the bed for the two of you a little more comfortable.
>Now, you were just sitting next to one another next to the flickering flames, your fish skewered all the way through on a stick, roasting slowly.
>”So…Anonymous. I can’t help but notice that you haven’t asked me if I was okay with sleeping next to you.”
>She’s right.
>You just sort of assumed, at this point.
“Well, is it so wrong of me to assume that you wouldn’t dare pass up the chance?”
>You were starting to try and strike back at the silky seductress.
>Or at least, trying to.
>”Wow, look who suddenly thinks he’s hot stuff. Fine, then, I accept your offer. On one condition.”
>Oh shit.

>> No.9260664

>”You’re going to have to get rid of those wet clothes. You’ll catch a cold or something.”
“Look who’s talking, your clothes are just as wet.”
>”And did I ever say I WASN’T going to take them off?”
“W-wait what?”
>”What, I thought you were trying to be ballsy, Anon? Is there something wrong with sharing a bed with me?”
>You fidget slightly as she leans into you a little harder, resting her head on your shoulder.
>”Relax, Anonymous. I’m just playing with you. I know your…condition…doesn’t allow you to do anything fun. I’d hate to see something happen to you out here.”
>And with that, you’re panicking internally as well.
>Because you know that you could do something and get away with it, with her.
>As explored by Rarity yesterday, it seems that only actual penetration makes you lose your life force.
>Anything else was probably fair game.
>Thank god the smoke from this fire is making her perfume hard to smell.
>You reach out for the fish.
>Thank god for TV as well.
>Though you’d never used this skill before, and honestly you never really fished, you were able to gut and clean the fish with a piece of rock you’d found.
>Yes, you mangled the poor thing a bit, but fuck it.
>You bite into it, and find it to be crispy, dry, and nearly inedible.
>…you chew a bit and swallow.
“You still have that water?”
>”Of course.” She replies, pulling the little flask out of a pocket in her dress.
>You eat in relative silence.
>Through the crackling fire, chirping insects, and the rustling wind through the trees, you find yourself sitting a bit more at ease.
>You eat as much of the fish as you can, and throw the rest into the fire.
>You guess that’s going to have to last you a little.

>> No.9260680

>You wrap an arm around Crystal, staring off into the dark forest.
>”Anonymous…” She asks, trailing a finger down your leg absently.
>”…do you like me?” She asks, plainly.
“Of course I do.”
>A little bit of silence fills the air.
“Do…you think you could ever…um…love me?”
>You turn your head slowly and look down at the damsel.
>Her eyes are sparkling in the firelight and in them you can clearly see something you hadn’t noticed before.
>There’s a deep emotion in them that…you can’t put your finger on.
>Loneliness? Loss? Confusion?
>You turn the questions to yourself, in kind.
>You were alone, that much was for certain.
>You were accompanied by great loss, both of yourself and the girl who you loved.
>And…through all of this hardship and drama, you were confused and horribly in over your head.
>…could you ever love her?
>You really don’t think that you can even begin to start thinking in absolutes right now.
>You’ve only known this girl for a couple days.
>But…you’d also only known Rarity for a little while as well.
>And all things considered, things have gone a lot more smoothly with Chrysalis than most of your days with Rarity.
>…magical Equestrian nonsense and crazy whack-ass adventures aside.
>So you answer as best as you can.
>Suddenly you feel a strange sensation wash over you.
>It’s wholly familiar to back when you had those crazy nightmares and it felt like your body was covered in pins and needles.
>Except this doesn’t hurt…it just sort of tickles all over your body like a fine mist of water.
>And as quick as you notice it, it’s gone.
“…did you feel that?”
>You shake your head, as if it was some kind of bad trip.
>”Feel what?”
>She rises suddenly and opens the ‘door’ to your little shelter, crawling inside.
>”I’m thinking it’s high time to call it a night. Keep the flame burning, it’ll serve to ward off anything that might think us food.”

>> No.9260689

“Like what?”
>”This is Equestria. That’s not really a bright question to ask, Anonymous.”
>She has a point there, though you’d only seen pictures of the various mythical beings in one of Twilight’s books.
>Fucking manticores, really?
>”No peeking, Anonymous.” She calls from inside.
“Promise. Though technically I’ve already seen you naked.”
>You had, when you stumbled upon her bathing.
>”Yes, well, there’s that.”
>She creaks open the little wagon siding, passing you her dress.
>”Hurry up and get undressed, I’m rather cold in here.
>You set it out on a tree near your shelter, and shakily start to undo your bootlaces.
>Was this happening?
>You’d never lain with a human girl before.
>A spark of questioning enters your brain after that remark but you decide to block it out for now.
>There’ll be a time and place for that.
>You unbutton and peel off your shirt, admiring the three little azure diamonds for a fleeting moment before you hang it next to Crystal’s garments.
>Give it time, Anonymous.
>This adventure isn’t over yet, after all.
>Suddenly you hear a bestial noise from across the fire, though you see nothing.
>”Anonymous, what was that?”
“Stay here, I’m going to go check it out.”
>You look around for a stick or something to use as an improvised weapon.
>Finding a suitable branch, you wrap a little hay around the end and fashion a torch.
>You suddenly feel a little more badass.
>”Be careful Anonymous. And try not to get, eaten.”
>You roll your eyes.
>Like that’d happen.
>You’re a big ass human, what in the world is going to fuck with you?
>A bear?
>The noise intensifies as you leave the campsite, your cobbled torch casting a flickering glow in the distance.
>You still don’t see anything, but…hold on a second.
>You pause and listen a little more intently.
>…is that…

>> No.9260712

>Suddenly something large and brown catches you off guard and leaps at you, knocking you to the ground and sending your torch clattering aside, the embers quickly losing their selves to the land.
“What the fuck-“
>Is all you manage before you feel something sharp clamp down on your leg.
>You scream as loud as you can, bending in half to try and push whatever it was off of your leg, but all you feel is wood.
>The pain is absolutely unbearable, and the tree that seems to be biting you is having none of this resistance nonsense.
>You beat at the thing with your fists; your sore arm was your dominant one and is doing little in its weak state.
>You yell, trying to get her attention.
>Fuck Fuck Fuck.
>This isn’t how you die, is it?
>With that thought, something else clamps its maw on your neck.
>And everything goes black.

>You are Crystal.
>And you swear you heard Anonymous cry your name.
>Oh no, you hope he’s okay.
>You clamber out of the shelter, still nude.
>No time for pleasantries.
>Suddenly you feel a strange sensation.
>In this body, you decided to hide your horn at the base of your spine.
>And…it feels like something is tugging at it.
>As if someone had a rope tied to it, and was trying to pull at it with all of its might.
>What in the world?

>> No.9260739

“Anonymous! Where are you?”
>You sense something in the distance.
>Something intensely magical.
>Before you have a chance to go take a look at it, fear grips you like a sack of ice to the head.
>And then you hear it.
>No fire.
>No bestial growling.
>No crickets.
>No wind.
>A sudden crackling discharge of green and white energy catches your eye in the distance from the fire.
>You cast a quick little spell to give yourself a little better vision at night just in time to catch what is happening.
>An orb of white hot magic is expanding from the ground, and is obliterating the trees around it in a fast ever-growing pace.
>You hastily change back to your original form and fly as quick as you can away from the anomaly, watching from behind as the campsite and more of the forest is caught in the blast radius, the dark trees being enveloped in white, and then promptly disappearing.
>You flap in the air, a good distance away, watching in disbelief as the forest is quietly consumed by…whatever the hell that was.
>You’d never seen anything like it.
>As quickly as it started, the expansion stops, and the white dome disappears with a magical sparkle.
>You sniff the air, a sudden smell of ozone permeating the area.
>Raw magic.
”Anonymous…!?” You call out to the forest, magically augmenting your voice slightly, hoping he’d hear.
>But there is no response.
>You feel your whole body shaking as a million different thoughts scramble through your brain.
>You try and shut them all out and focus on figuring out this mystery, first.

>> No.9260814
File: 387 KB, 573x960, 581726_528922057152667_947090547_n.png [View same] [google]

>In silence you flap down to the forest, stopping right before the blast zone.
>There is absolutely nothing there aside from some rocks, all of the trees and greenery are just…gone.
>Wait…there is something, there in the epicenter of the blast.
>Throwing caution to the eerily silent wind, you go to investigate.
>Surrounded by the husk of two timberwolves, their bodies turned to nothing more than bits of firewood…
>Is Anonymous.
End Part 12

I apologize for the length.
No I don't.
It's been over a month since I last updated this story, so I apologize for anyone that was waiting on it. I hope it meets quality standards. Any comments or critique is welcome, as always.

If anyone needs to speak to me personally, catch me on my email. For now, I take my three hour nap before work. Woohoo!

>> No.9260894

I'm conflicted on what to do tomorrow at work. I can read this, or write Big Daddy 4

>> No.9260931

Write Big Daddy 4.

>> No.9261226

Anon is quite fragile, no? Overall, a good read though, if a tad stretched in the believability department. But hey, who am I to talk?

>> No.9261253


>> No.9261300

You sound like the sick mafia.

>> No.9261348

So what? Did he straight up mini magic nuke the timberwolves?

>> No.9261461
File: 82 KB, 254x284, 1361491749836.png [View same] [google]

I propose Nickleback, Justin Beaver and 1D soundtracks for the entire movie...

>> No.9261499

Absolutely marvelous, I don`t like much the idea of Anon being quite fragile, maybe because of all the dead stuff and that, but besides that, I enjoyed this round a lot

Why not Gotye ?

>> No.9261687

>Not Jean Claude van Dam as Anon, Rosie O'Donald as Flutterslut, Ian McKellen as Twilight, Queen of England as Rarity.

>> No.9261769
File: 82 KB, 367x500, skeleton.jpg [View same] [google]

I enjoy Helping Hoof, and I'm glad you had time to write part 11 Anon will eventually deliver, we just have to wait
Like Akame and Noel said though, Anon's a bit like broken glass.. kinda repels me from the story a bit.. but nothing too major.
Can't wait for 12..

>Pic related to our wait for the next part of A Helping Hoof 12

>> No.9261936

I think Internet Explorer should sponsor it, and have Twilight Fans be the movie critiques..

>> No.9262039


This is me btw >>9259070

Just figured I should probably slap my name here for credit of this monstrosity.

Sorry it took so long, you'll see why.

>Anon is in Equestria
>You wake up to the sound of a cannon firing
>Pinkie and Fluttershy are there with guess what, a fucking cannon
>"Rude awakenings from sleep aren't your fetish?"
>Asks Fluttershy
>She's so fucking stupid
That's not even a fetish!
>Pinkie hangs her head and walks out of your room
>Fluttershy follows after her
>Now that you're up, you stand and head into the bathroom to complete your morning routine
>Shit on the shave while showering
>Wait wait no
>Shave in the shit while showering
>No no hold on...
>Shower and shave then shit?
>That's not it...
>Oh wait a minute!
>After a few failed attempts and a lot of clean up, you finally complete your routine the right way
>Shit shower and then shave
>That's how you do it
>Afterwards you get clothed and head downstairs
>It's pitch black here
>In the morning?
>You take a step and the lights flash on
>In a matter of seconds you're on the ground with about 10 mares surrounding you all drooling
>You can't move
Let me go!


>> No.9262048

>It's about that time that you noticed one of these mares was actually a white and tiny feline from Rarity's place
>Stupid fucking cat
>She's still drooling
>Twilight smiles creepily down at you
>"We're going to have a lot of fun with you Anon...Fluttershy! Prepare the destructor!"
>Fluttershy yells back from far away
>"Preparing the destructor!"
>The roof to your house folds out and the sun shines inside
What the fuck is going on?!
>You are turned around to your stomach and your ass is put in the air
>The sky becomes darker
>You turn and look up
>A huge dildo with Nicolas Cage's face on it is rocketting down to you
>It's chomping it's teeth
>What is wrong with this world?
>It misses you and hits the wall
>Keeps on chomping and eats through the ground until all is left is a hole down
>A tiny light comes from it
>The light begins growing and then is sucked back in
>In a deafening screech, a blinding light, and a unbearable heat, everything is wiped away
>Except the ten of you
>All inside of a bubble Twilight has made
>She lets go of the bubble and you see the devastation the massive dildoCage nuke has caused
>Nothing is left, and if it is it's a pony or two that limp around with their flesh showing
>Like some fucking zombies or something
>You stand, no longer under the influence of Twilight's magic
I don't...I don't even...
>They are all speechless too
>Guess they didn't think that a huge Nicolas missle would do this much damage
>As they are distracted, you creep away to the nearest standing building
>Which was on one hand, lucky because it is close
>But the other hand, fucking terrible


>> No.9262056

>Because there's a whole bunch of zombie freaks here
>One looks to you
>"Hey Anon! How're you!"
>She says with a scraggly voice
>You whip off your leather belt and crack her in the neck, sending her over writhing in pain
>Guess that really is their flesh showing then...hmmm
>Oh whatever, you need to find better shelter before the massive rape party comes searching for you again
>You take off to the most secure building you know
>Fluttershy's super not so secret rape fallout shelter
>Just in case there was going to be a war she could lock you up in there to experiment sexually on you until it was over
>Crazy fucking bitch actually tried it too
>You shudder at the memory of how many peanuts she got...inside...
>But enough of the nutty humor, on with the plot!
>You come to the rape vault located under the backside of Fluttershy's hill that leads to her cottage
>But it seems there is a problem
>There's a combination lock
>Think think think...what would Fluttershy use as a lock number?
>Hmm...her birthdate?
>You try it and it's nothing
>Wait Anon you're trying to think in the mind of your rapist here
>You put in your birthdate
>Doesn't work
What the fuck is it?!
>Wait wait a second...
>You put in the day you came here
>It clicks open
Fuck yeah...
>You walk in and close the vault door behind you
>A single light hangs from the celing and illuminates the room
How does electricity even work anymore?
>Shrug it off and go over to the refrigerator in the back


>> No.9262065

>Because you didn't even get to eat any fucking breakfast before this madness happened
>You open it and see a rotten apple
>It looks absolutely terrible
>But you're really hungry man...you should at least smell it
>Oh god why are you doing this
>Holding it in your hand you take a whiff of it
>And throw up immediately
>There is a bang noise
>You turn away from the vomit to look at the vault door
>With another bang, the vault door moves again
>You hear voices on the other side of it
>Some talking about rape
>One is meowing
>They caught up to you
>Fuck fuck fuck
>You turn to the cabinet
>Flutters kept all her stuff in there...
>Twilight blasts the door down and all ten of them come inside
>They cannot see a thing since you shattered the lightbulb
>After a few moans and screams, Twilight shines her horn in the room lighting it up
>They look at you with two black slimy eels taped to the top of one forearm, a whip in the other hand, and a cattle prod attached to your crotch by a strap
>Then they look at the moaning Rarity and Pinkie on the ground, covered in their own juices
>Twilight is about to speak when you flick the whip, catch Lyra in the neck, and bring her back to you
Everybody stay the fuck still, and she won't get violated!
>They do as you hold her captive and slowly exit the vault
>You cattle thrust her and throw her vibrating body into the mud
>Dip the fuck out of there
>Ghoul ponies stay out of your way as you run through the town
>You stop in an alleyway apparently undamaged by the explosion that almost occured in your anus


>> No.9262068

>You look down to the monster you have become
>And feel somewhat strong from it...
>Hell, you faught off your rapists when they banded together
>All ten of them
>You are...a superhero...
>You climb a fire exit to the roof of a building and look down at the awful rest of the town
I am...Anon...the defender of all that will be raped...and this is MY town.
>A cluster of ponies approaches the building and look up
>One meows
What do you want?!
>Colgate holds up a toothpaste tube
>She says nothing, just does that
>In a purple blur, you are thrown to the ground
>You stand to your feet with a groan
Shit...that hurt...
>Before you stands Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Colgate, and Mrs. Cake with Opal on her back
>A skeleton rolls between you as to signal the start of the fight for your life
>Rainbow zooms at you and you double eel punch her vagoo, she is cum on double insertion and falls over
>1 down
>Applejack and Fluttershy step to the side as Mrs. Cake and Opal stand there glaring at you
>Twilight is glowing her horn
>Mrs. Cake and Opal charge at you
>Mrs. Cake gets a taste of the electric rod to the juggular and falls over shaking
>Oh shit bro hold on is she okay?
>She's foaming from the mouth
>She'll be fine
>2 down
>Opal makes a cat screech and jumps at you


>> No.9262079

>It's the ultimate cat fight for your feline virginity
>Opal is scratching the shit out of you and then moving so when you try to whip her you whip yourself
>This fucking cat hur
>She comes to your back once again and you get an idea
>If theory has it that cats always land on their feet...
>Then this should work
>You grab her and throw her to the ground
>And then jump on her before she turns her body around and can land feet first
>Anon has unlocked Hovercat!
>You soar around for a while getting used the motions it makes
>Twilight is still charging her magic
>Colgate lets out a loud scream and squeezes the tube of toothpaste
>A stream of toothpaste comes out and hardens in the shape of a sword
>You fly around with Hovercat and counter her swings with the whip
>She stabs at Hovercat and sends you tumbling to the ground next to it
>Hovercat meows it's last time before passing onto the afterlife
>You wrap the whip around Colgate's Mintcalibur and pull it away from her
>It stabs into the ground and then you jump at her
>Pinning her, you shove your fist along with the two glistening black eels, down her throat
>She gags and eventually dies from lack of oxygen
>Fluttershy and Applejack move a little distance away from each other and stare directly forward
>They point their hooves towards each other and walk in a little bit
>They say in unison
>They point their hooves the opposite way and raise a knee towards each other
No no no...
>Then they arch their bodies up and touch hooves
>There is a blinding flash of light and then you see...a fat Appleshy?
>Twilight yells out
>"Fluttershy your timing was off!"
>You grin as you approach this disgusting thing
>Grab it by it's yellow and pink highlighted mane pull back your arm


>> No.9262085

>With a surprising flame ball that is in the shape of a penis, you thrust your arm elbow deep into Flutterjack
>The eels leave you and stay inside as you pull out
>They begin eating Appleflutter from the inside out as she screams out for mercy
No...villians don't deserve mercy.
>The eels completely devour Shyapple and lay there satified
>Now all that remains is Twilight
>She's still glowing her horn
>And...sweating...and panting...
>You move to the side and see juices running down her leg
Twilight...were you masturbating to that?
>She let's off the spell and Spike is spit out from between her legs
>He throws up and then looks at both of you before running away
You disgust me Twilight...
>"What are you gonna do then?"
I'm gonna kill you.
>"mmm~Come get it big boy~"
>You rush at her to cattle thrust her in the throat like Mrs. Cake
>But at the last second she magics a triple A battery to the cattle prod sideways
>The electrical current passing through the battery and back into the battery sets the whole thing on fire
>You quickly remove it before you get burnt
You clever bitch...
>"Oh no! You won! I'm all out of magic!"
>You pin her to the ground and wrap the whip around her neck
>Begin squeezing when she squirts
What the fuck...
>You release her and she whines
What do you like have a death wish or something?
>She digs at the ground and then blushes
>"W-Well it's more of a fetish..."
>You just stand and shake your head
>Then walk over to Colgate's Mintcalibur and pick it up
>Swing it over your shoulder and turn to Twilight
Not today.
>You walk away as she screams for you to finish her
>Today was an average day


I have no idea what the fuck I am doing with my life anymore.
But I love it.

>> No.9262381
File: 224 KB, 601x601, 1357295066072.jpg [View same] [google]

Have you ever been so far even as decided to use go want to look more like?

>> No.9262440

Alright I waited. and I made something new. I hope you like it.

>Day grown men hanging out with children in equestria
>Wake up to the prodding of something
>You grumble and haphazardly slap at it to make it stop
>Such are the sacred rules of the alarm clock
>"Mr.Anon? It's 4 o' clock and you said we were going to hang out or something." Said a dopey sounding voice
>Oh yeah
>You were given some weird love drug from Fluttershy thing and did favors and nice shit for everyone
>Turns out it was a platonic love drug
>And it turns out you promised a day with this little guy uh
What was your name, again?
>Snails that you'd hang out together today
Hey don't you usually hang out with that fat colt who's good at cutting hair?
>"Yeah, but he's out on business."

>You are Snips
>and you are on business
>Drive your pair of sacred, sacrificial scissors into the heart of the great spawn of unholiness
>It screeches louder than it was already doing
>A flash of bright light engulfs the underground stone temple you're in
>And suddenly you're in what looks to be a cosmetologist school
>"Alright, well done, Mr.Snips. Here is your hair stylist license." says a teacher-looking pony
>You just sit there for a while and try to soak in what just happened

>> No.9262453

Fucking shit my trip

>Be Anon
>You brush your teeth, take a piss, and get dressed
>Don't shave because you've always been pretty much bald on anywhere but your head
>After your morning routine of lamenting the fact that you'll never have a kick-ass mustache, you talk to snails
So what did I say were going to do?
>"You mostly just talked about how great the elements of harmony are, so can we visit them today? They're kinda celebrities and you know them well."
>Yeah alright, you can do that
>You didn't really like Rarity anymore than the other horses, but you admire her skill with a sewing machine
>Thanks to the fact that you were some inter-universal passenger, you got a, you all went on some wacky retarded adventure together and now you're friends apparently
Alright, I got nothing else to do here, let's go
>You leave without locking or even closing your front door
>That's probably how snails got in
>It would also explain the hornet nests

>First up is Applejack
>You and Snails head up a trail to that farm that she and her family live on
>Notice they're not out working
>Remember it's conveniently Sunday, everyone should be off today
>Reach the door to her house
>You hear odd, rythmatic bumping and groaning coming from inside the house
>Knock on the door
>Hear a someone scrambling about inside
>The door swings open, revealing OrangeHorse looking flushed, her mane all mussed up, her hat on backwards
>"H-HEY! Anon, good to see ya! Ah am just SUPER busy today with work so I can't really talk right now!"
But it's Sunday

>> No.9262470

>She stares at you for a minute as her face begins to get a little redder
>"Did you uh, need something?"
Yeah, in a drug-induced act of kindness, I promised Snails here to take him to see the famous 'Essences of Tranquility'
>"Elements of Harmony." Snails says
Right, whatever
>"O-Oh. Well, uh, hey Snails." Applejacks cereal, part of a complete breakfast says
>There is an extended moment of awkward silence as you all just sort of fidget around
>Big Mac pokes his head out, covered in girly make up
>"Are they gone, Daddy?" He says
>Applejack whips her head around
>"NO, GET BACK IN THE ROOM!" She screams at him
>He yelps and complies
>She slams the door so hard the house shakes
>Snails blinks
>"What were they doin'?"
Well I think it's obvious, Snails
>He just stares
>You sigh impatiently
They were CLEARLY rehearsing a play

>Next up is Pinky Pie
>You and Snails are now both in ponyville square
>Make your way up to the sugarcube corner
>Open the door
No, Pinko. We're just stopping in.
>"WHO SENT YOU?" she loudly whispers into your ear, for somehow she is now behind you
Snails, I guess.
>Snails is now clutching your right leg pretty tight, and trying to conceal himself behind you.
>"I-I'm scared, Anon." He whimpers
Eh it's fine. Hey, yo, Porky Pig, calm down. We just wanted to say hi, is all.

>> No.9262485

>"OH, WELL WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY SO." She says rather loudly
>Pakaderm Patrick calms the fuck down, and sits down next to you both, although still vibrating at an incredible frequency
>You notice that her eyes are damn near blood red, her teeth are all kinds of messed up, and her ribs are poking out under her skin.
>"Are you okay, Ms.Pinkie?" Snails Asked
Special candy?
Oh. Sounds alright. Good luck with Celestia, come on Snails.
>Snails silently and closely follows you out of that place.
>You both exit and head onward on a cobblestone path
>after a pause you pipe up
She seemed a little calmer than usual.

>> No.9262497

>You two now head to Rarity's as she's the closest at the moment
>Her shop's not open, but you think she's still home
>Knock knock
>The door magically opens
>Ol' purple hair pokes her head out
>I'm afraid we're not open today, dear, but if you come back tomorrow-
We ain't here for clothes, Rarity, just stopping by to meet and greet.
>"Oh well that is just sweet of you, dearie, who's with y-" She stops and stares at Snails as soon as you realize that he's with you
Uh, him, but I guess you can see that now.
>She doesn't say anything, she just continues to stare at the young, puke-yellow unicorn, starts to breath harder and faster, and shiver
>Also there's a puddle forming behind her
>Fuckin' cheap-ass carpentry these ponies are running
>You'd know something about that
>Your shit roof couldn't even handle a little cannon fire
>You stand there for about 15 seconds, arms crossed and a stern expression on your face before Snails breaks the tension and your deep engrossment within your own thoughts of poor construction
>"...Um, Hello, Ms.Rarity. My name is-"
>"Snails! You're one of Sweetie Bell's little friends. I know of all her little friends."
Oh, well that's saves us some ti-
>"Would you like to come in, Dearie?" She interrupts while still glaring at Snails
>Walk into the shop
>You each find a seat
>Make sure to sit facing the mannequins
>You don't trust them
>Breaking your accusing stare of the faux horses, you break the ice
So what's been happening, lately, Rarity?
>She's still intently staring staring at the little guy
>Also she's sitting oddly close to him
>Must want a living shield nearby once those mannequins strike
>"...What? Oh! Well, Sweetie Bell and her little friends left for the weekend to go try and slay dragons for their cutie marks."
>That would explain why Applebloom wasn't home
>"Neat." Snails comments
>"Oh, but it's left me SO lonely..." Rarity says in a whiny tone as she brushes up against Snails

>> No.9262510

>"Th-then I guess it was good for us to visit." Snails nervously adds
>"Oh yes! It was sooo nice of you to come." she puts her hoof on his leg
>"But it gets the MOST lonely of all at night!" At this point she's pretty much leaning on him
I can sympathize with that
>That's why you released about 13 rats into your house to live there so you'd never be alone
>"Then maybe you can help me out, Dear."
>"Help with what, Ms.Rarity?" Snails says
>Silly little Snails, so naive
>She clearly wants to buy some rats off of us
>But you are a shrewd business man, and must let her think that your rats are worth your high prices
>"I was hoping you could come over for a little sleepover."
>You huff and stuff your rat pedigree papers back in your back pocket
>"I , uh, don't-"
Sure we can!
>Like hell you were leaving and innocent pony alone at night with those wretched mannequins
>"Wonderful! I'll have everything ready by 8:00 tonight! See you then!" she hops up from her seat. or Snails. Whichever was supporting more of her weight
>She pretty much throws you out of her shop with magic, while neatly placing snails on the ground and combs his hair a bit with her hoof
>While Snails makes his way over to you, you try to conceal your crying at the nasty scrape you recieved from the contact with the ground
>"Anon, what's wrong?" he asks
L-let's just go

>> No.9262520

>You tried visiting Rainbow Dash but she called you a bitch and said if you weren't buying crystal then she had no business with you
>You asked if she sold Pinky the crystal candy that she was smoking, but then she just got super pissed and stopped paying attention to you
>Said something about someone else in her territory
>Then she flew off
>You didn't know horses marked their territory

>After that you visit Twilight
>You just walk in to her house because it's a public library
>Hear crying coming from the basement
>Like any proper horror movie character you decide to investigate
>"Uh, Anon, is that a good idea?"
The answer is no, now come on.
>Continue down the stairs with your cowardly acquaintance
>You find there's a single light illuminating the basement with purplesmart fidgeting underneath it
>Also she's fucking covered in blood
Hey, crazy, what's happening.
>"Anon!? Why are you here?"
Snails decided he wanted to meet the saviors of all of existence today and you were next on the list, so we decided to invade your privacy to come and say hi.
>Snails is scared stiff at all the blood and doesn't say anything
>Maybe next time you'll take him to a sausage factory to see what happens
>Remember sausage doesn't exist here
>You make a mental note to shed some tears over that later
So what's with all the blood? ...Are you by chance making sausage?
>"N-no. I don't know what that is. I'm actually trying to fix something."
>You seriously can't get over this lack of sausage, but you work your way through the pain and choke back the tears to speak up
Usually blood implies that something is breaking.
>Chuckle and lightly elbow the still petrified Snails
Anyways, what are you fixing?

>> No.9262527

>Notice several surgical tools lining a desk she's sitting at
I wouldn't suggest home surgery, I tried it before, it doesn't work out too well, generally.
>"I can make it work."
>You notice a nub on her back covered in gauze
>The wheels in your head are a-turnin'
Didn't you used to have two wings?
>"Yes. I also used to have no wings, a state which I am trying to attain again."
>"But those wings are special!" Snails finally says
>"Special? Wanna know what's special about them? How they remind me that I'm going to outlive everything I love. How none of my friends are even close to the same level I am anymore. How nothing is a challenge anymore with the immense magical prowess I've been bestowed with without even having to work at it. That's special."
>Oh shit Snails you got your shit slapped
Oh. Well see you later!
>"But, Anon." Snails says
Shut up Snails we're leaving
>No way your are consoling a depressed girl
>Last time you did that, you tried to cheer up an ugly girl that cut herself by saying that she made others look good in comparison, and she killed herself
>No telling what a girl that's cutting off her fucking limbs will do
>Book it out of there and straight to Fluttershy's

>> No.9262532

>Arrive at Yellowquiet's
>before you can knock the door opens
>"Anon! Hello, sweetie!"
>She notices Snails
>"And you brought your fetish! I guess I was really close when I guessed fillyfiddling I see!"
>This damn horse
>Always trying to guess you sexual paraphilia
>You'd think that she was attracted to you
>But she's a pone, that can't happen
>It is that same level of trust that made you think it was a good idea to accept unlabeled drugs from her
>Not that you wouldn't do it again
That's not my fetish, fritoshy.
>("Anon what's a fetish?") Snails asks
(It's a type of strudel filling)
>"Oh, well would you like to come in me?"
>"Would you like to come in?"
Nah, we can't, Snails just wanted to meet the armaments of blasphemy
>"Hello." Snails blurts
>"Oh, um, Hello."
>More of dat sweet awkward silence ensues
>You'd be lying if you said you weren't beginning to enjoy it
>"Anon, are you doing anything later?"
Yes, Snails and I are going to a sleepover at Rarity's
>"Rarity!? You never come to my sleepovers."
That's because I'm pretty sure that bear you keep around wants to eat me. Well we'll see you later.
>"Bye Ms. Fluttershy."
>Faintly hear someone grumble "Fucking Rarity" as you leave

>> No.9262543

>It is now 8:00
>You are in what you would prefer to call your most luxurious jammies
>Silk/cotton blend with an expert gold hemming job
>You rub your pajamas into yourself while standing at Rarity's door, waiting for Snails
>Ponies are starting to stare
>You don't care
>Oh there he is, walking up with a sleeping bag
>Not long after, the Carousel Boutique's door open magically, revealing a pathway of rose petals and candles.
Swaaan-ky. Come on.
>Head on in.
>Follow the path of eviscerate plant sex organs which leads you upstairs, and you are both directed into the door to a room.
>You attempt to walk through the door itself and bump the fuck out of your nose
>Even you gotta admit that was fucking retarded
>"Heh heh."
Yeah, yeah. You'll get yours you little... mumble grumble...
>Knock on the door
>"Cooome in~..."
>Open it up, and you both are greeted with a sensually posed Rarity, dressed in a rather revealing Lingerie.
>You don't get it, as ponies don't generally wear clothes
>The same could not be said for Snails, who was jarred stiff as soon as he saw her
>"Oh, hello, Snails...~" She says in a breathy, drawn out voice
And Anon too!
>"Oh, uh, Anon, go to the next room down the hall."
>"Um, Anon?" Snails stammers as you were about to walk down the hall
Yes little buddy?
>"I don't think-"
>You excitedly shove him in the room, which the door then magically closes and you hear a latch lock

>> No.9262551

>Continue down the hall
>Admittedly, your room trail is lackluster
>Nothing but sawdust and newspaper clippings
>Reminds you of your days trying to be a hamster
>That didn't work out too well
>Had about 30 kids with some random hamster bitch and had to pay child support out the ass
>Had to fake your death AGAIN just to get out of it
>In your state of inattention, you walk straight into the door your path led to and hit your nose again
Son of a FUCK
>Hold your nose and open the door
>Notice a pone on the bed inside attempting a sexy pose
>"Hello, Anonymous...~" Fluttershy says
Hey beast-tamer
>"Uh, w-why don't you come over here?"
>You walk into the room and close the door behind you
>Mozy up next to the bed
>"Now how a-about you make a m-mare outta me?"
>Within the silence, you hear a faint voice
>"M-miss Rarity! I don't- ooohh unngh"
>Sounds like Snails and Rarity are hitting it off well
>"Anon?" Fluttershy says
Oh, right. Mare. Making.
>You adopt of ready looking stance when you realize something
I don't know what a mare is or how to make someone into one.
>"You have s-sexual intercourse with me."
Oh. No I'm nah doing that.
>"Ugh. Just take this." She holds up a large pill
Alright, more illegal drugs!
>Hurriedly scarf it down
>Wait a bit for the effects aaaaand...
>You suddenly feel weak
>Like REALLY weak
>You collapse on the bed
>Fluttershy flips you on your back
>"You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this, sweetums."

>> No.9262559
File: 108 KB, 845x946, mlp_dressdoll_by_lenaburntfire-d3ftlzw[1].png [View same] [google]

>Oh shit this is serious
>Like AIDS serious
>Try to scream
>It does not work
>She's fiddling the elastic of your jammie pants
>Oh shit oh shit oh fuck out of all the things you don't want to happen you actually REALLY don't want this to happen
>And there go your pants
>After a short segment of her nuzzling your crotch through your undergarments, she goes to take off your shirt
>And makes short work of it
>"And now..."
>You just close your eyes and try to think of England
>Thoughts of the queen give you an erection
>"I see you've saved me some time." She says as she flicks your boner through your underwear

>You believe all hope is lost when
>and Flutterrapist is knocked clean out-cold
>After a short amount of time stunned, you take the time to thank baby Jesus
>But who saved you
>In the darkness, you see only silhouettes
>They step forward revealing that it's
>It was indeed the mannequins, animated, and saving your ass and dick
Thanks a lot. I used to you guys were evil, but from here on out, you're alright by me.
>Everything turned out better than expected
>The mannequins all look at you, then the front one nods at the other two
What is it?
>One gets behind you on the bed and holds down your arms
W-what are you doing!?
>Another holds your legs
>The final one straddles you
>It tenderly places its false hoof on your lip, and traces it down your chest
>You are then raped continuously by the clothes-model horses all night
>It is horrifying


>> No.9262567


>> No.9262806

I actually have really sensitive skin, so I kind of connect better with this Anon.

But you know, that's just me.
One more spoiler.

>> No.9263029

Pretty sure the thread is close to death. Thanks to a certain fog hat posting a 46 post story.

New thread?

>> No.9263497

Gimme a sec I'm on it.

>> No.9263552
File: 200 KB, 449x401, 133231163868.png [View same] [google]


New thread ya'll!

>> No.9265329

Eh. I never did like dubstep, but my friend likes to share his taste in music by dumping the contents of his iPod into my laptop.

I much prefer: http://youtu.be/O1UzSAbMYIs or

>> No.9265944

I just can`t imagine the faces of AiE and FE if they see this. I dunno if you are gonna be mutilated, loved, or sent into another dimension to be raped by a horse.


>> No.9267469

That was fucking glorious...More.

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