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You beat me up in school. You taunted me because I was different, because I was not a part of your conformist world.

You called me a nerd because I valued my intelligence above fleeting sporting ability that age will soon dissipate.

You passed me over for the douchebag, whose weapon of choice was the steroid and the fake tan bottle, then complained and acted suprised when he struck you.

You people... you people made me SICK for best part of my youth and now you DARE to come to my home territory... The Internet and act as if you are safe? As if you are welcome here? As if I and the other like myself that you have wronged would simply tolerate your presence in our domain?

How foolish of you.

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How's middle school?

I can't believe those gay ass masks are still a thing.

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The ironing shitposting is too much.

I hope you're not being serious, OP.

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Anybody else here just never got bullied in school? Admitedly I only spent 1 1/2 years in a traditionl HS but throughout middle and beyind, no bullying? No psycholigical damage or any real insane reason for never having a girlfriend? Just shy and not talkative?

Seems like eveyone is either a stud who gets chicks no problem or a mental meltdown; no inbetween.

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Cool, fag

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Heh, the pleb in the anonymous mask is wearing a hat.

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Pretty much no one gets bullied in school anymore. Nowadays bullying is

>your a nerd lol

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I saw a group of teenagers wearing those masks at work the other day

Those hardcore fuckers bought a gallon of milk and some Oreos

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How fucking autistic do you have to be OP. I mean god dam

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>You called me a nerd because I valued my intelligence above fleeting sporting ability that age will soon dissipate.

I love the idea that these things are mutually exclusive. Maybe in university when doing well in your degree or excelling at a sport takes huge amounts of time, but in high school having one doesn't mean you can't have the other. Entirely possible to be smart and also good at sport.

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>Project Chanology was 5 years ago
I feel really old.

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Most people who get "bullied" aren't even smart, otherwise they would know how to not be faggots.

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>mfw it's now considered as the "anonymous mask" instead of Guy Fawkes (who did jack shit in real life).
>mfw the only form of overthrowing/protesting this generation knows of is trough movies like V for Vendetta

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Guy Fawkes is put below a character on fallout if you google Fawkes.

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How does this guy get so much hate? He's funny as hell.

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You spent your childhood trying to act like a grown up while I was out acting like a reckless teenager.

Now we're both adults, we both have jobs and degrees, I mellowed out and left the old reckless days behind me and now we're on equal footing. You gained nothing by starting adulthood early, you sacrificed your childhood in hopes of something better and that something never came.

I won. You lost. I also fucked that girl you like.

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Good, the only reason he's even known today by more than a handful of people is because of the movie.

Better this than misinformation or glorification of a character.

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Actually it's an empirically proven fact that individuals who engage in high intensity cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis are smarter. It forcefeeds your brain a high amount of oxygen and the increased performance lasts ~2 days. The extra oxygen also promotes the development and maintenance of neural pathways, meaning that even when you aren't in that state your brain is stronger as a result. The people who valued their "fleeting sport ability" were biologically better machines than OP.

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