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Seven days.

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You can't honestly believe this shit.


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fake and gay

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Youtube is that-a-way, faggot.
> http://youtube.com

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>they cancel Adventure Time around late November

Confirmed for bullshit.

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Ooh, looks like we got ourselves a detective.

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yeah nick jr is awesome

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/Marie Kanker/i;op:yes

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But.... what if this stuff happens? I mean I know it won't because it's posted on /x/....

But what if it does?

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Oh no, I got filtered. My poor heart, I can't take it. I'm dying.

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Obama will survive the shooting.

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Parents complaining of a cookie committing suicide on adventure time, from 6 days ago.

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holy fuck OP. Your font rendering is complete garbage.

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>they cancel adventure time around late november
This better be some fake gay prediction like all others. IT BETTER BE.

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Straight XP style. He might also be using a CRT monitor. Rendering for CRT and LCD is different.

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>mfw believed it until the Adventure Time prediction

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How are people this ridiculous concerning the adventure time thing? obviously he didn't "Attempt suicide" because it wasn't supposed to be viewed like that. The parents created their own context because they were most likely thinking of suicide. they can't take my adventure time away.

As for the other predictions, Dunt curr

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Obama doesn't get killed. He goes silent like Bush after we get a Romney/Biden presidency in 2012 thanks to rogue Electoral College electors seeking to punish the parties. It's a massive clusterfuck for another two years (Romney trying to run the country through executive order and Biden touring the world essentially asking for foreign assistance in a coup) until Romney DOES get killed (by an evangelic nutjob, after trying to, I shit you not, legalize polygamy) and Biden 'resigns' (vanishes), leaving us with President fucking Pelosi. We come closer to a civil war than we ever have (except, you know, the actual Civil War), but in the end the American people really are too fucking lazy. Federalism changes massively, 'Dumbfuckistan' becomes a real thing, given de-facto recognition as a co-federal government (rampant with corruption and run by a conglomerate of evangelical churches). Analysts warn strongly that this situation WILL lead to a Civil War within a generation, so we're all just witing to see what happens. No, we never did get rid of the Electoral College system. China is a non-issue in all of this, neutralized beginning around 2015 by their own catastrophic economic collapse. But Russia is resurgent in the arctic sea, and basically whooping our asses.

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When do you live?

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marriage is a state law though

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He lives in Fantasy Land.

>Analysts warn strongly that this situation WILL lead to a Civil War within a generation, so we're all just witing to see what happens.

My grandfather was telling me the other day how a whole thundering herd of experts were saying the same thing back in the 60s about desegregation and the civil rights movement.

Got some bad news for you all. Niggers are everywhere, even inna White House, and there hasn't been any Civil War. So much fo' dem hexperts.

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Timewave Zero confirms major event for Oct. 17-19.

Grab your tin foil hat faggots

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On the other hand, it could be said we just fell into a state of perpetual civil war. Militarized police, 8% of the population in prison, 1/3 under detention (including arrest/probation/parole).

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Did OP get v&?

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Oh shit!

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>Late at night
>Be on /x/ on my computer
>Suddenly hear russling from my closet
>Be a little scared but don't pussy out
>Slowly go near the closet
>A lillte crack is open
>Watch through the crack
>See spooky ass skelington
>So scared I popped a skelington
>There was a skelington inside of me
>There probably is one inside of every one of you

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>mfw you have no face.

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Not that I believe any of this horseshit, but I just had a weird dream the other night about Oct 17, but I kind of thought it was Oct 2017.

Where's my tinfoil hat?

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tinfoil/aluminum amplify s government signals. time to get a new hat, sah

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Adventure Time season 5 is already being worked on as we speak.

Someone who works on Adventure Time.

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go back to work faggot, manchildren watch that show

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explain, faget !

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>Implying your studio has any say in that stupid show being cancelled or not

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One thing that I have learned is to never disbelieve something out of hand, and to always act on my instincts. This has got me interested. The problem with it is that as soon as you talk about it, it becomes exponentially less likely to happen.

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>nothing about ww3
>nothing happening december 21st

Confirmed bullshit

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Seriously /x/, no wonder some faggots keep making these shit threads, there's always a number of dumb gullible idiots going "It could happen!"

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I see that you are willing to ignore this until it swims up and bites you on the ass

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Disinfo Agent.

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I really,really hate the retards who don't into divergent timelines.


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Why is that? Is there some kind of quantum entanglement with talking about something?

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Guys, ten years from now we discover faster than light travel.

I am able to tell you this because,as the test case for our new vehicle, I was thrown back in time as soon as I crossed the event horizon.

Expect it.

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Let me guess: your uncle works for Nintendo, too.

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