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Anyone hear it? On coast to coast AM tonight?

The mysterious voice?


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more info please

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I didn't listen to the show because it was about Jesus's shroud or whatever. What happened?

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George Noory was interviewing the guest tonight Linda Stasi, and as he was asking a question, there was a real raspy low voice over George's question that said "Why did you write this book?"

After he finished the question, they both asked each other if they had heard that voice? Both heard it, but denied saying it.

It was pretty weird.

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It happened again! Just as they were going off the air and the music was playing, right as George was done signing off a similar (same one maybe?) voice said something like "write this book" or "great spark" or "great work." it wasn't as easy to make out as the first one.

My guess is that if everyone can hear it, its something at the studio level.

Listening on an internet stream btw.

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>radio show has creepy voice in background
>radio show is about paranormal/conspiracy shit
>obvious publicity stunt
>hey guys look! we have ghosts on our show!!!!
>more people tune in to listen

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Well c2c has been around 20 years and its never been known for shit like that bro.

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could be. but the show has had shows on all kind of ghost shit and this has never happened before. Coast to Coast is usually pretty professional and straight forward even in the midst of all their crackpottery.

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Doesn't mean they can't start now.
Just seems a little suspicious to me.
Maybe they got a new guy in the studio and he decided to fuck around with them.

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Its about Interwhistling
>cybernetic cut-ups are used to precognate the future and narratively shape it
>The narrative is treated as a "great work"
>the work as a whole is a recursion algorhythm for the logos and introduces a nonlinear novelty into a holographic kairos. It has glitched the digital matrix of hypostatized information and linear time to save the multiverse...

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Go home Morpheus. You're drunk.

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what do you have against Interwhistling
>a novel which which discusses langue verte and the Twilight Language which is seen as red.
which mentions
>Dreams and deja vu as subjective differential cryptanalysis
>It has applications for those esoterically enlightened but is still able to be understood by the profane

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John is not amused by this publicity stunt.

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this. And dont forget that random call in from when George jacked Arts shit.... Have you forgot about Oscar the demon that could make it past the screener?

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